Big Week For Amateur Signings

This figures to be a big week in the amateur signings for the Dodgers. Today starts the 2018-2019 international players signing period.  Reportedly to have signed a multi million dollar contract is 16 year old Venezuelan Catcher Diego Cartaya (BA #3 Int’l Prospect).  Also signing were 16 year old RHP Jerming Rosario from Bani, DR (BA #23 Int’l Prospect), and infielder Alex De Jesus (not in BA To 50).  From Baseball America:


Diego Cartaya, Venezuela, Catcher

Born: Sept. 7, 2001 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 200 | B-T: R-R

Scouting Report:Cartaya has represented Venezuela at international tournaments since he was 10. That extensive game experience shows in the way he plays with a high baseball IQ well beyond his years, with a well-rounded skill set for a catcher. Cartaya projects to stick behind the plate with the potential to develop into an above-average defender. He has a plus arm and a quick exchange, with pop times in games in the low 1.9s. He blocks and receives pitches well for his age, showing good flexibility, agility and defensive instincts. Cartaya’s baseball acumen shows on both sides of the ball. He has a short, quick swing and focuses on driving the ball to center and right-center field in batting practice. He’s a polished hitter for his age with a sharp handle on the strike zone, recognizing pitches and not chasing much off the plate. Cartaya’s hitting ability and plate discipline should make him a high OBP catcher who can hit toward the top of a lineup. His power is mostly to the gaps now, but with his size, he could grow into average power once he gets stronger and gains a better awareness of which pitches he can turn on to drive with authority. While catching at the MLB international showcase in February, Cartaya reached out to receive a pitch in anticipation of throwing to second, but the batter’s swing struck him on the left elbow and he was wearing a sling after the game. He has since rehabbed and is back to normal catching and throwing again. The Dodgers are the favorites to sign Cartaya, who trains with Alexi Quiroz.


Jerming Rosario, Dominican Republic, RHP

Born: May 8, 2002 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 160 | B-T: R-R

Scouting Report:Many of the best pitching prospects in the game today who are from the Dominican Republic signed for small bonuses. It’s difficult to know which pitchers will see their velocity spike, stay healthy and remain in the starting rotation. Rosario separates himself from his peers is the Dominican Republic as an athletic righthander with the arrow pointing in the right direction on his stuff, possessing the attributes to project as a starter with a three-pitch mix and solid strike-throwing ability. Rosario throws 88-91 mph, with quick arm speed and plenty of space left on his skinny, projectable frame to fill out and throw harder. Rosario’s 79-82 mph changeup is advanced for his age, throwing off the balance and timing of opposing hitters. He sells it well by repeating his arm speed, with good action and separation off his fastball. His curveball is inconsistent, but at its best it shows sharp bite and good depth. The Dodgers are likely to sign Rosario for a bonus in the mid six figures. He trains with Franklin Ferreras.


I am sure there will be others to follow.


Fridayis the final day that teams can sign their 2018 amateur draft picks. There is an exception; a College senior can sign up to next year’s draft.  The Dodgers have not yet signed (or at least announced the signing) of their top three draft picks:


#1 RHP J. T. Ginn (High School)

#2 RHP Michael Grove (West Virginia)

#3 LHP John Rooney Hofstra


College senior #10 drafteeDeacon Liputhas not signed, but he has very little leverage and figures to sign at some point. It would make no sense for him to hold out until next June.  If he wants to continue his baseball career it will start with the Dodgers and probably sign for in the $7,500 range.


It actually may be difficult for the Dodgers to sign all three of the top 3 because of the limited amount of bonus dollars available for them. I would think that #2, Michael Grove will be the toughest to sign as he figures to be able to go back to West Virginia for one year and look for 1st round money in 2019.  Whether he wants to start his professional career now, or try and max his signing bonus will be the determinant factor.  Ginn has a Mississippi State scholarship waiting and he could choose to go in that direction and come back in three years.  Of course that is three years of potential injury and poor performance.  I think the Dodgers will go over slot to sign him, but how much is the issue.  Rooney figures to be the easiest to sign, but I am sure the Dodgers are waiting on him to see how much it will take to sign #1 and #2 before they finalize their offer.


We will know by Friday whether the Dodgers have their top 3 picks or not. Besides draft picks 1-3 and 10, the Dodgers have 9 other unsigned draft picks from 11-40, all of whom are HS or JC players and probably will end up back in school.  But we will know about them by Friday as well.


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  1. 2018-19 Lakers RPM Projection
    Lonzo Ball 77 34 -0.2 2.1
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 78 33 1.0 0.2
    Brandon Ingram 77 34 0.1 -0.5
    LeBron James 78 36 4.6 0.4
    Julius Randle 78 27 0.3 -0.6
    Kyle Kuzma 78 28 0.6 -0.7
    Josh Hart 78 20 0.9 -0.3
    Lance Stephenson 78 20 -0.3 -1.8
    JaVale McGee 78 15 -0.3 0.1
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        1. Randle sign’s with Pelican’s. His agent did him no favors. Same agent as Paul George’s agent. Lakers wanted him to stay on a 1-yr deal. He got 2 for $18 million from Nawlins with an opt out after 1. The Lakers aren’t’ going into next season with Zubic and McGee as their centers. They aren’t’ done. Boogie? Rondo signed to push/mentor Lonzo.

    1. Bum

      That is for sure, that going to be one fun team to watch, with Lebron, and all the Laker’s young talent.

      I can’t wait!

  2. I read somewhere today that John Rooney had signed. Mark or AC or anybody with inside scoop what has happened to Mitchell white?

  3. It is entirely possible that somebody knows that John Rooney has signed or has agreed to a contract amount, but I have not seen anything official on it. The Dodgers like to publish a picture of the contract signings for their top drat picks. It is also like the Dodgers to sign the players and postpone the announcement until the last day.
    With respect to White, I have not had a chance to actually watch White this year. My understanding is that since he came back from the pre-season injury that he has not been able to gain command of his pitches. His walk ratio is way up to support that. With loss of command, pitches seem to leak out over the plate, and no pitcher is good enough to pitch around this problem. The increase in hits and exit velocity support that. It is also possible that the injury is still present.

  4. Smack dab in the middle of the season as well as between 1st and 3rd in the division as well as in my poverty. All of that is leaps and bounds better than my love life, of which the odds are probably 1 in a million that will improve. So I still have a chance of finding true love again! But I’m much more confident in the Dodgers oddswise. So c’mon Dodgers, win and help me forget my car troubles!

  5. Thanks for responding. I had such high hopes for white I just hope he is able to recover. He is so young and talented I can’t help rooting for him. It also helps that he is a Dodger. I will be rooting for the Dodgers, cards, and rocks tonight. Go Dodgers close on first place tonight!

  6. If the Dodgers are going to lose prospects in upcoming trades than I hope it’s for bullpen pitchers and deGrom, losing prospects for a rental ( Machado ) is just a waste of prospects as deGrom and bullpen pitchers will help the team more then Machado. It will take a ransom to get deGrom but for this year and after he may be worth the loss, especially if Kershaw opts’s out.

    1. I think moving muncy to 2b makes Machado [even] less likely. Relievers for sure are the way to go. Offense is just going to have to be enough.

  7. The Dodgers ink three more international prospects (via @BenBadler): SS Ender Avendaño, and RHPs Jeremi Rodriguez & Rafael Tua — all from Venezuela.

  8. I am sure every one has seen the trade rumors that the Dodgers as well as the Red Sox are checking in with the Marlins for Barraclough, Steckenrider, and Adam Conley. I have already stated that I believe that Barraclough and Steckenrider should be on the short shopping list, but I did not include Adam Conley, which was silly of me. Adam Conley is a left hand version of Tom Koehler, and to a lesser degree, Joe Blanton and Brandon Morrow. Conley is another converted starter that I am sure FAZ looks at as another cheap opportunity to try to get solid relief from a failed starter. Why spend good prospects on Barraclough, Steckenrider, and Treinen, when you can spend a lottery pick or two on Conley. FAZ has never shown an affinity for name relievers, and I do not know why they will start now.
    In another mark against the Dodgers getting a name reliever, Detroit’s Shane Green just went on the DL with shoulder soreness. There were a number of teams that were checking on Greene, including the Red Sox and Astros. I did not consider him anything special, but apparently baseball people do. Now there is one less high leverage reliever to be included in the trade pool. And it looks like Britton is nowhere close to being effective right now. Maybe he is going to need all winter to properly heal, but he is not a closer or late inning high leverage reliever right now. That probably leaves, Treinen, Barraclough, and Familia as the closers who are available for late inning relief, not necessarily closing, for a number of top contenders. I see FAZ nabbing a couple of Conley types and letting the top relievers go to the other contending teams.

  9. Seriously, I will open up if someone wants to write on a regular basis.

    The same is true for

    1. The NBA salary cap is too much for me to rap my head around. Or at least I haven’t been willing to invest the time. I used to know the Colts roster, salaries, and cap situation inside out. Years ago some women came into the the Colts Pro Shop half complaining, half joking about all the Freeney jerseys and that they needed more Bratzke’s. Being the arm chair GM that I am, I let the woman know Bratzke would be a cap casualty soon. Of course little to my knowledge I was talking to Mrs. Chad Bratzke.

        1. Lol! And the CEO probably still got some ridiculous bonus on the way out the door.

  10. With the signing of Diego Cartaya, could the Dodger be enticed to trade Ruiz, Alvarez, Diaz and Sheffield for Barraclough, Steckenrider, and Conley… or two of them for Ruiz, Alvarez and Sheffield? The Dodgers will throw in Verdugo and Barnes if the Fish throw in Realmuto and take Grandal.

    Put Realmutto in that lineup and add those three relievers and ….

      1. To elaborate, we dont need to touch our catching situation. Let grandal play out his contract. Combined with barnes, we are still above average at the position. And with smith and Ruiz in the wings, forget about it.

  11. Ruiz won’t be ready until 2020. Smith may be backup worthy next year. I am a Grandal fan, but Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball.

  12. The BANG BROTHERS are at it again continuing what they did in June, back to back jacks. I don’t care what Muncy does defensively as long as he keeps hitting like this.e have our 2nd baseman for the rest of the season

    1. agree with u there. His offense at the 2 hole is fantastic. He can be Steve Sax on D for all I care!

    2. With all the shifting that they do. How bad can it be. I’d be most worried about the pivot but there aren’t any take out slides anymore.

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