The Dodgers Options Are Limited

If FAZ had a Mulligan, they would rescind the Logan Forsythe Debacle. I can’t criticize it because he should have been a solid player coming into his prime.  Instead he was an injured and unproductive player to the Dodgers’ doom. That would have saved them about $9 million dollars this season and right about now, they could use it, because of this:

No matter what any of the Dodger Brass says, the team will not go over the Luxury Tax Threshold in 2018.  No way! No how!  Period!  End of story!

… and frankly, I am OK with that.  I understand that… IF THEY SPEND BIG OVER THE WINTER! My idea of Spending Big would be to sign Manny Machado and DJ LeMahieu and extend Clayton Kershaw. I want Clayton to end his career as a Dodger, and so do they. My only worry is infighting among the investors, particularly between Mark Walter and Todd Boehly as well as Guggenheim Partners.  Something is going on behind the scenes and it ain’t good! I see puffs of smoke and know there’s a fire.

For the record, I feel that Bryce Harper would not be a good signing.  That is just my opinion and it’s the opinion of a guy who thought Logan Forsythe would be a good signing.  It fair to say that, but I’ve also been right a lot too.  You are free to disagree…

The Dodgers options are limited this season.  Depending upon who you want to believe (I don’t have the time nor the inclination to investigate it myself), the Dodgers payroll is between $177 and $187 Million.  $197 Million is the max allowed and if you calculate potential bonuses (which are included), there ain’t much left.  That’s why Forsythe hurts so much –it’s nothing for something!  Yasiel Sierra, Hector Olivera and Erisbel Arruebarrunea  are getting paid about $15 million.  Arrrr was Ned’s blunder, but the rest are on FAZ.  Counting Logan Forsythe, the Dodgers have close to $28 million of DEAD MONEY on the roster.

If it sounds like I am blasting FAZ, I am, but I’m still a fan.  After all, they saw fit not to trade Seager, Pederson, Bellinger, Urias and Buehler.  They acquired Chris Taylor and Max Muncy and others, so they have been pretty successful.  They even re-signed Turner and Jansen.  It’s just not realistic that they can dump any salary.  Forsythe has zero value – all they can do it cut him and let TB sign him for the MLB minimum.  Maybe Puig could be traded but with half the season gone, that would only save $5 million.

I suppose they could trade for Manny and dump Puig in the deal to match salary, but I think the Dodgers  connection to Machado is purely financial:  They want to drive the cost up as much as possible for a team like the D-Bags.  FAZ wants to make sure that if AZ gets Manny, they will have to thoroughly “gut their farm system.” That’s the smart thing to do. If they get Manny, this is their last hurrrah! They can’t re-sign him and their time is up.  However, they could win it all with Manny and a healthy team.  They would be done for 5 years after that!

The Dodgers need a lockdown reliever… maybe two.  I still have hope for Alexander and Hudson – both have shown flashes – Hudson showed it yesterday.  His ERA for June was 0.60!  Maybe he’s the guy.  He can pitch almost everyday… especially if you hold him to one inning. Another good arm in the pen would help a lot.  Those arms have been identified – I look for FAZ to do something sooner than later.

Next year, the salary cap goes up to $206 Million and the Dodgers will clear out another $50 Million plus, if Grandal doesn’t take the QO and I don’t think he will. Andrew Toles is on fire at OKC and would look really good in RF and leading off! I think he would give this team a shot in the arm and what’s with Puig’s negative dWAR?


  • Be thankful Paul George didn’t come home.
  • Willie Calhoun is just “a guy” right now.  Nothing special.

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  1. Dwar is a joke. Yes, I’m with you though. Forsythe must go. I’m tired is seeing Bellinger in the OF with Muncy at 1st base so some unproductive player can play 2B.

  2. DFA Forsythe now!!!!!! I like FAZ also but the Kazmir signing was an unmitigated disaster as well. I don’t necessarily expect you to give up your source, but you can’t drop a nugget and walk away; what’s up with your report there is something brewing behind the scenes with Boehley and Walter?

    That’s all this franchise needs is more unstable ownership; had enough of that with McCourt. If this team is going to play the FA and trade market like a small Market franchise we’re doomed. This is the freaking LA Dodgers and it’s go big or go home! It might not be successful but Magic and the Lakers are going to go big, the Rams are going big and the Dodgers settle for Tom “freaking” Koehler and Alexander as the big off season acquisitions and then won’t spend $$ or trade pieces to go big .

  3. Toles is now 12 for 22 in his last 22 at bats, and he hit a two run HR yesterday, that is included in those 12 hits.

    He is now hitting 348.

  4. Paul George should be honest and just say the extra money was too much to pass up. He isn’t winning a championship next to that chucker especially with Melo on that team. Westbrook couldn’t win a title with Durant and he couldn’t win a title with Durant and Harden. George will be and should be treated like a Clipper when he steps foot in Staples.

  5. All the other teams know the dodgers won’t go over the luxury tax so their leverage is minimal. Unfortunately now the giants are on a roll. It is anybody’s division except for the padres. The dodgers just don’t have any exceptional qualities. At best, the starters are good, the bullpen mediocre, the offense solo homer happy and once again terrible situational hitting. The astros proved last year that you can slug and make contact. The year before winning the World Series they were strikeout kings but they eliminated the problem. With Taylor continuously striking out, bellinger, kemp, Grandal, Forsythe at least kemp and bellinger provide production. This is just a very flawed team who could or could not fix their problems. Jansen might qualify as exceptional but his low strikeout rate spells trouble for a guy who can’t hold runners. Currently, I don’t think they have the horses but we shall see. Btw I would not sign Harper, I would sign machado. I don’t think the ownership will do either.

  6. This may not be the year for LAD, but it is not because of FAZ. As I wrote earlier in the week, this season’s troubles center around the loss of Corey Seager. You cannot lose a near GG SS with WAR of 7.0 & 5.9 the last two years, with an OPS of .877 & .854 for those two years, and not suffer offensively and defensively. The entire defensive lineup has changed and not for the better. And the offensive lineup is lost without that bat in the #2 hole. Muncy is doing admirably, but he is not Corey Seager.
    There are not a lot of options, and realistically, Machado is NOT one. There are some bats that will be dealt, but none that should interest the Dodgers. If the Dodgers want to shake things up offensively, then they should look to bring up Verdugo and Toles.
    There is absolutely zero reason to trade for a rental SP. The only SP that should interest FAZ is Jacob deGrom, but if and when they meet the Mets price, that will be the first time they stem away from their comfort zone.
    There are multiple relievers who are available who will not cost much in terms of $$$ or top prospects. Below is a list of relievers and their contract status:
    Kyle Barraclough (Marlins) – $1.113M (2018) – 3 years arbitration
    Drew Steckenrider (Marlins) – $1.090M (2018) – He has not hit arbitration yet (2021), and with a $1M+ salary already, his salaries are going to escalate fairly significantly which is why the Marlins would like to move him.
    Blake Treinen (A’s) – $2.150M (2018) – 2 years arbitration
    Kirby Yates (SD) – $1.0625M (2018) – 2 years arbitration
    Jared Hughes (Reds) – $2.125M (2018) – $2.125 (2019), 2020 option of $3M with a $250K buyout
    David Hernandez (Reds) – $2.5M (2018) – $2.5M (2019)
    The above 6 relievers are being bandied about in prospective trades, and I am sure that FAZ is discussing them with their respective counterparts. The Dodgers should be able to pick up 2-3 of them if they want with minimal financial impact. It may cost an additional lottery pick to have the trading partner match $$$, but that is where the Dodgers have an advantage. They have a lot of lottery tickets stuck down below.
    Per Cots, the Dodgers are currently at $181.5M in luxury tax salaries. That gives them about $15.5M of wiggle room. Maeda will eat up between $5M and $5.5M in bonus money, leaving the Dodgers about $10M salary to absorb. The remaining salary for 3 of the above should be less than $3M, giving them ample space to stay below. None of Olivera, Sierra, Arruebarrena, or Toscano count towards the luxury tax. But they are a sunk payroll cost of $17.4M collectively.
    Go get the relievers, bring up Verdugo and Toles, and see how it all works out. Maybe this team can repeat 1988.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of that, AC. I forgot that Olivera, Sierra and the Pirate (Arrrrrr) did not count…

  7. 1 – I agree with all here that the Braintrust will not exceed the tax cap this year.
    2 – I agree with AC that there won’t be a rental SP coming.
    3 – I agree with Mark – Forsythe wasn’t really a mistake. There was every indication that he was going to be a much better player than he has been. It was a trade that just didn’t work out.
    4 – That doesn’t mean that they have to keep running Forsythe out there 5 times/week to stink it up. Let Kike try his hand at 2B most days and let Old Man Utley (he keeps on rollin’ along) play 1 -2 times/ week. Bring in Forsythe off the bench if you must keep him.
    5 – Forget Machado. He apparently can’t really play SS and will cost too much in prospects.
    6 – If you assume that Kike can handle 2B, the Dodgers have 2 remaining needs: the ‘pen, and contact hitters. All of the usual suspects have been discussed for RP. I’m sure that the Braintrust will come up with someone that I never thought of. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t. They are looking for bargains so will try to fix a broken pitcher.
    7 – The Dodgers penchant for the solo HR is a combination of hitter who don’t hit with runners on base, a lack of situational hitting and a lack of guys who make consistent contact. In short, the ‘Trust like 3 true outcome guys. I don’t really see re-tooling the offensive profile of the team in mid-season but more guys who can put bat to ball are really needed. Maybe Verdguo or Toles are the answer to this, but I doubt that the Dodgers will experiment with this mid season; besides, the Dodgers have too many LH hitters who play 1B/OF already (Bellinger, Muncy, Joc) and so adding another one makes the Dodgers’ short bench even more limited. Absent a trade of someone like Puig or Joc or DFA of someone like Forsythe or Utley, the Dodgers are what they are.
    8 – Is the team THAT flawed? Remember, this is essentially the same group of guys who won 104 last year (except Seager and Morrow). The Dodgers had a number of guys who had career years last season (Barnes, Wood, Jansen, Turner, Taylor). If the Braintrust made a miscalculation this year, it is the assumption that these guys would play as well or better this year. You can’t bet on a career year every year.

    1. I agree all the way to number 7. Even though Puig is rh he hasn’t hit lefties the pas2 years so we might be just as well off with Toles or Verdugo. How about a guy like Jed gyrko of the cards. He plays anywhere on the infield has some pop and apparently the cards are not sold on him and maybe bring Mayer with him lol. I don’t know how expensive he is and he has not been as productive as last year but he could get hot. Big losses in Morrow and Seager, but Muncy has offensively performed way beyond imagination while you could argue everyone else has regressed save joc and Kiké. Kemp we didn’t have but him and Muncy more than make up for Seager on offense not defense. Ac I also had dhernandez on my radar with a lefty jace ? From White Sox.

      1. Like Drew Steckenrider,Jace Fry does not hit arbitration until 2021. But unlike Steckenrider he is making ML minimum. Fry would be a great pickup, but I have not heard one word that the ChiSox are considering moving him. I cannot see Rick Hahn trading him, but who knows. I think Dodgerrick is probably right…it is going to be someone nobody thinks of.

  8. A little late…
    Minor League Recap – 06-30-18 games
    All of the franchises won games yesterday, with the OKC Dodgers splitting a twin bill, and suffering the sole loss.
    OKC – 6-4 Win over New Orleans Babycakes (Marlins) – Game 1
    OKC used three HR’s powering the Dodgers to snap a 5 game losing streak. 2-run HR’s by Henry Ramos (6), and Connor Joe (2), and a solo shot by Kyle Garlick (10) provided the run support. Ramos and Andrew Toles each had 2 hit games. Tyler Pill started and went the first 4 IP. Pat Venditte and Brian Schlitter finished the final 3 IP with Schlitter getting the win.
    OKC – 11-5 Loss to New Orleans Babycakes (Marlins) – Game 2
    The Dodgers socked 3 more HR’s in game 2, but in this game they were not enough. Andrew Toles hit a 2-run HR (3), while Connor Joe (3) and Angelo Mora (3) each hit solo HR’s. Toles had 3 hits while Kyle Farmer added 2.
    .Tulsa – 4-0 Win over Midland RockHounds (A’s)
    Logan Bawcom started and pitched a strong 6.0 scoreless innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks, picking up his 3rd win. Brian Moran, Corey Copping, and Dylan Baker followed with 3.0 innings of scoreless pitching to finish the shutout. Zach Reks went 2-4 with his 8th double; Michael Ahmed 2-3 and 4th HR; Drew Jackson 2-4 with 17th double for the winning Drillers.
    RC – 5-3 Win over Inland Empire 66ers (Angels)
    The Bannon-Lux show continues. After Gavin Lux singled in the third, Rylan Bannon promptly banged his California League Leading 19th HR. Bannon is reported as a 3B, but is getting a lot more time at 2B. Lux and Bannon were the keys in two SS-2B-1B double plays. Jeren Kendall had the sole multi-hit night going 2-4. Bannon now has an OPS of 1.010, while Lux has an OPS of .891.
    Dean Kremer started and pitched 5.2 innings, surrendering 2 runs (1 earned), 5 hits, 4 walks, and 4 K’s. The 4 walks and 4 strikeouts were very uncharacteristic of Kremer. Jason Richman followed Kremer and registered is 2nd blown save opportunity. Logan Salow went 1.1 IP to get the win, while Zach Pop got his 6th save going the final 1.1 innings. Zach has now pitched in 16 games for RC going 23.2 innings with an ERA down to 0.38, a WHIP of 0.72, and a BAA of .156. How much longer before Lux, Bannon, and Pop get bumped to Tulsa.
    Great Lakes – 13-6 Win over Lansing Lugnuts (Blue Jays)
    I forgot how to say Great Lakes and win in the same sentence. The Loons snapped a 12 game losing streak with the win. They scored 13 runs on 12 hits and 6 walks, Every batter reached base at least once, and every batter got at least one hit except C Garrett Hope who did walk twice in 4 PA. Dodgers 2018 8th round draft pick 3B Luke Heyer went 3-5 with his 2nd double; 9th round pick Josh McLain went 2-4 with his 5th double; 1B Brock Carpenter went 2-5 with his 2nd HR and 6th double, and 4 RBI’s. OF Carlos Rincon hit his 7th HR and walked 3 times in his 5 PA.
    Edwin Uceta started and won his 2nd game. Austin Hamilton, Dan Jagiello, and Yeison Cespedes finished up to preserve the much needed win.

    Ogden – 11-2 Win over Idaho Fall Chukars (Royals)
    SS Jacob Amaya led the 16 hit attack with 3 hits. 1B Dillon Paulson, DH Ronny Brito, CF Kevin Aponte, 3B Jair Camargo, and 2B Jeremy Arocho each had 2 hits. Jose Chacin continued his strong pitching in the Pioneer League going 6.0 IP to get his 1st win. 2018 draftees Connor Mitchell (27th) and Stephen Kolek (11th) followed with Devin Hemmerlich finishing up the 9th. The final three pitchers threw 3 scoreless innings.
    AZL Dodgers – 7-3 Win over AZL Reds
    DH/OF Drew Avans (2018 33rd round draftee), led the Dodgers with a 3-4 game including his 1st triple. LF Rolando Lebron, 20 year old from La Victoria, DR), went 2-3 and stole his 3rd base. 19 year old Juan Morillo from Maracaibo, Venezuela started his 2nd game (3rd appearance), and went 4.0 scoreless innings, allowing 2 hits with 3 K’s. 19 year old Gerardo Carillo, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico went the next three innings allowing 1 run on 3 hits and 3 Ks.
    DSL Dodgers Guerrero – 6-5 Win over DSL Indians
    CF Edwin Mateo – 2-5, triple (3)
    3B Jesus Valdez – 2-4
    SS Eddys Leonard – 2-4, HR (2)
    Relief pitcher 19 year old Emmanuel Marcano, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela picked up his 3rd win. This was Marcano’s 9th game and 12.0 IP. He has yet to yield an earned run, and has compile a WHIP of 0.75 and BAA of .182, to go along with his 0.00 ERA.
    DSL Dodgers Robinson – 7-3 Win over DSL A’s
    RF Yuniot Garcia – 3-4
    CF Julio Enrique – 3-5, double (1)
    2B Hector Martinez – 2-5
    1B Luis Yaniel Diaz – 2-4
    Brock Stewart started in today’s OKC game and went a strong 6 scoreless innings allowing 6 hits with 3 K’s. Andrew Toles’ 3rd HR of the season tied the game in the 8th at 1-1. Josh Sborz is now in to pitch.
    Mitchell White starts tonight for the Tulsa Drillers.

  9. After today’s game Toles is now 14 for 26, and his two hits today, was a double and another HR.

    He is now hitting 353 and his OPS is in the 900s now.

  10. Wish I could find the stats as to who and what teams lead in called 3rd strikes. Tayor ha to be among the leaders.

    1. Just because we hit the Rockies bullpen today, that doesn’t change the problem, there was a major reason why Bud Black kept his starters in the game, as long as could, in this series.

      We have trouble hitting good pitching, or if a pitcher is having a good start.

      And the season is far from over.

  11. Good comeback win today! Great to see kemp break out again, Muncy being Muncy, joc against lefties, and Hudson after pitching 2 yesterday had a clean 8th, and the wild horse stealing a run. Disappointing, Puig against lefties, Taylor the whiff king, bellinger and Turner non-factors but you can’t do it every day. A special shout out to Hudson because I doubt any other pitchers would have even been available. I don’t know if the giants held on but if they did maybe the cards can go into Arizona and help us get into first place.

  12. Giants did hold on.

    No doubt that the Dodgers do have a problem hitting good pitching. But so does every other team. That’s why it’s called “good pitching”.

    Fact is I worry more when they don’t hit mediocre pitching, because that’s what good teams do.

    The Dodgers have recently been in an offensive funk, and for the most part haven’t been hitting consistently.

  13. 1) Agree about Forsythe; I thought he’d be much better this year, especially after a nice Sept/Oct . But he’s not; he’s worse. It’s time to sit him, trade him, or send him to the Cavs. Kike or Muncy should be at 2b every day for now
    2) we really need a bullpen arm for now. I’d definitely pay up for a strong 8th inning guy.
    3) AC, who has the upper hand going forward at 2b, Lux or Bannon? (I ask as I’ll assume Seager will be healthy enough to continue at SS for the next 10 years)
    4) MJ, thanks for the Toles stats. He deserves to be up here, but where does he play??
    5) Welcome, King James, to Los Angeles!

    1. I lean towards Lux at 2B and Bannon at 3B, but it is possible that it could be switched. Both have enough arm to make the throw from 3B, but Lux is more of a natural middle infielder, and Bannon has more of a corner infield bat. Either way, I would guess that both are very highly thought of and both are in the two year plan and could be in LA by 2020.

  14. FAZ, start a conversation with Toles, Alvarez, Diaz, Grandal, Ruiz to Marlins for Realmuto, Kyle Barraclough, Drew Steckenrider.

  15. Who owns LA?
    1. Rams
    2. Dodgers
    3. Lakers
    4. Angels
    Lakers have Showtime again. Does the LeBron signing cause FAZ to rethink Machado?

  16. In LA, it’s:

    1. Dodgers
    2. Lakers (now w/ LeBron
    3. Rams (they could ascend if last year is improved)
    4. Angels – they are working it

  17. LA also has the two biggest Knuckleheads in sports:

    Yasiel Puig
    Lance Stephenson

    Both are confounding, tantalizing and loveable scoundrals.

    Indiana could get Lance back – he has never fared well outside of Indy where he has immense family support. Of course, he has LeBron now, but I am not convinced he will adapt in LA. He is my wife’s favorite player. She has threatened to cancel our season tix. One thing is for sure – Lance keeps it interesting.

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