What Happens After Corey Seager?


What do the Dodgers do now? Personnel wise –NOTHING.  FAZ needs rely on what they have developed.  They have shortstops that can play at the ML level, although certainly not at the Corey Seager level.  Other than Francisco Lindor or Carlos Correa, there is no other comparable SS. There is absolutely no reason to make a trade for a rental like Manny Machado.

But let’s be realistic. Losing JT for the 1stmonth hurt.  It reminds me of when A J Pollock was lost to the DBacks in 2016.  That did not end well for them.  Paul Goldschmidt is their star, but Pollock is their glue.  Losing Seager would be like the DBacks losing Goldschmidt for the year.  Seager is the star, but JT is the glue.

I do think position decisions will become interesting.  Short term questions…


Who plays SS – Taylor? Kike’?  Valera?

Who plays CF – Taylor? Kike’?  Joc?  Verdugo?

Does Verdugo get a full audition in RF?

If Verdugo plays well in RF, what happens to Puig?

Can Verdugo/Kemp/Puig all coexist and get enough AB’s to justify Verdugo being on the ML roster?

Do you switch Toles with Verdugo when Toles comes off the DL?

Do the Dodgers give JT another week to rehab to make sure he is ready to go? There is no urgency for him right now.


I think a decision needs to be made foronefull time SS. That is not a position to be platooned.  If the decision is Taylor, I think an argument can be made that Kike’ and Joc can make a competitive platoon in CF.  I would have no objection if Valera got a long look at SS and CT3 stays in CF.


Realistically, it is going to be very hard to come back from 9 games back against a very good DBacks team…but not impossible. To believe the DBacks will fold is fantasy IMO.  While the Giants did in ’16, I think the DBacks are built more soundly than the Giants were.  With Bradley and Boxberger at the back end of the bullpen, that automatically makes them much tougher than the ’16 Giants and their pathetic bullpen.  Patrick Corbin is coming into his promise.  Matt Koch looks like a keeper and a very good #5 (now #4). The DBacks rotation was already pretty strong with Zack Greinke, Robbie Ray, and Zack Godley in the first three slots.  With Ray on the shelf for a bit, it looks like Kris Medlin will get his starts for now.  He is currently penciled in against Gerrit Cole on Friday.  With Goldschmidt starting to heat up, they really do not have a lot of weaknesses to exploit.  They also have shown a willingness to spend at the deadline.


I do not see the Dodgers being buyers at the deadline. Will they be sellers?  We will know more after this week.  Do the Dodgers start to push their youngsters?  Does Gavin Lux get pushed to AA?  Does he stay at short or begin a transition to 2B?  Do Yusniel Diaz and D J Peters get pushed to AAA?  Do Mitchell White and Dennis Santana get moved to AAA?  Caleb Ferguson?  Josh Sborz and Shea Spitzbarth?  Do they dare push Will Smith or Keibert Ruiz at this time?  Do Yadier Alvarez and Jordan Sheffield begin their inevitable transition to the bullpen?  Does Kenta Maeda?


If the Dodgers do become sellers, who is in play?

  1. Jonathan Lucroy brought back a huge package for the Brewers in ’16. Do the Dodgers move Yasmani Grandal? I am generally not in favor of trading for frontline catchers at the deadline as they need time to acclimate to their new pitchers. But if the Nats climb back into it, will they make a play for Grandal? The Nats may not have what the Dodgers need, but maybe there is that Robbie Ray or Kyle Hendricks buried in the Nats system. If there is, I trust FAZ to be able to find one. The Dodgers will be done with the Nats for 2018 after May 20, so discussions could begin sooner rather than later. Especially while Grandal is hitting extremely well.
  2. Hyun-jin Ryu will be wanted by some contender, and the Dodgers could get something approaching what they gave up for Yu Darvish. Not quite at that level, but just below. Left handed starters? They are at a premium.
  3. Will July be the time to put Alex Verdugo full time in RF to see what he has? If so, then Puig becomes available. He should be able to generate a good return, especially with one year of club availability. What Verdugo shows will go a long way to determine if the Dodgers will truly be in on Bryce Harper.
  4. Logan Forsythe? I do not see a lot of demand for Forsythe. Right now he would be a defensive replacement for a contender. Certainly not a priority for any contender.  I suppose he could become a platoon player with Daniel Descalso at AZ. Descalso cannot hit LH pitching (except Adam Liberatore), and Forsythe cannot hit RH pitching. It could be a good fit. But I do not see any other potential contender needing a 2B who is not very good at hitting RH pitching.
  5. Kenley Jansen could become a big play. If FAZ believes they may have overpaid for Kenley, maybe they try to recoup the cost and get something in return. Maybe the Dodgers have saved Kenley for some other team’s October.
  6. Rich Hill? See Ryu and Jansen above. I still believe that Hill can win a big game.
  7. Matt Kemp? It will definitely cost $$$. But he is not a long term solution, and he might bring back some lottery pick of value depending on the amount of $$$$ the Dodgers are willing to include.
  8. Clayton Kershaw isNOTgoing anywhere. He needs to retire as a Dodger, and I truly believe he wants to as well.


Those are the questions that are percolating in my head, and I have my opinions. The Dodgers have held on to their kids, so let’s see what they got.  Let’s move up the ETA timelines by a year for many of them. Let’s stop blocking them with career minor leaguers.  To start, put Buehler in the rotation for good.  I would like to see what Diaz can do at AAA.  I think pushing Santana to AAA makes more sense than Guillermo Moscoso or Tyler Pill holding him back.  Let’s get Mitchell White, Dustin May, Morgan Cooper, and James Marinan in the rotation somewhere in the organization.  Let’s see what Sborz and/or Spitzbarth can do at AAA.


Let’s finish the DBack series and see where the team is after that, and then start a plan.  Do they pull out the stops and go for it in 2018, or start thinking about 2019?



OKC – 5-4 Loss to the Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals)

Justin DeFratus started and complete 6.0 IP, surrendering all 5 runs on 8 hits, 2 walks, and only 1. DeFratus was followed by C. C. Lee and Yimi Garcia who pitched 1.0 scoreless inning each.

The Dodgers pulled within 5-4 in the 7th, but could muster a 9thinning single erased by a double play ground ball to meekly end the game.  Tim Locastro went 3-3 with 2 doubles, and catcher Cael Brockmeyer went 2-4 with a double.  Rob Segedin hit his 3rdHR on the season.

OKC still boasts a PCL best record of 18-5.


Tulsa – 1-0 Win over the Arkansas Travelers (Mariners)

The game went into the bottom of the 7tha scoreless tie.  Logan Landon led off with a ground rule double and went to 3rdon a Luke Raley ground ball.  Landon then scored the only run of the game on a sac fly by D J Peters.

But the story was the combined 3 hit shutout thrown by starter Frank Duncan who went 6 innings, followed by Dylan Baker, Corey Copping, and Josh Sborz with 1 inning each. Sborz picked up his league leading 5thsave with 3 K’s and 1 HBP.

The Tulsa Drillers now have a Texas League best record of 15-9, and find themselves 1.5 games up on the Springfield Cardinals in the Texas League North.


Rancho Cucamonga – 2-1 Win over the Modesto Nuts (Mariners)

Zach Reks’ 2 out 2 run triple in the 6thproved to be the decisive runs for the Quakes win.  Of course some Dodger organization failure to come through with RISP also was present.  In the 7th, the Quakes loaded the bases with 1 out, and 2 ground balls later the inning was over without pushing an insurance run across.

But this night belonged to the RC pitching of starter Dean Kremer (6.0 IP), who allowed 1 run on 4 hits, 3 walks, and 9K. Patrick Curry (2.1 IP) and Andrew Istler (.2) finished the game for the Quakes, with Istler notching his 1stsave on the season.

Offensively, Rylan Bannon went 3-3 with a walk, Reks went 2-4 with a double to go along with his triple, and 1B Hamlet Marte also had a 2-4 night with a double.

The win brought the Quakes record to 12-14, but only 1.0 game behind the Lancaster JetHawks (Rockies) in the California League South.


Great Lake Loons – 15-2 Loss to the Quad Cities River Bandits (Astros)


This game started off poorly and went downhill from there. This game featured a pair of 1stinning grand slams for the River Bandits; one of starter Max Gamboa, and one of reliever Andre Scrubb.  Gamboa started and pitched .1 inning, but not before allowing 7 run (6 earned), on 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 HBP, and 1 K.  In Scubb’s 1.1 inning, he allowed 4 runs on 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 HBP, and 3 K.  Devin Hemmerich went 2.1 innings and only allowed a 3 run HR, with 2 hits and 2 walks.  The game ended with catcher Garrett Hope mopping up with 1.2 hitless shutout innings, with 1 K.

Offensively, the Loons lone bright spot was a Nick Yarnall 2 run HR in the 6th.

The Loons continue to struggle and have a Midwest League record of 7-15.


Starting Pitchers:

OKC – Tyler Pill

Tulsa – Devin Smeltzer

RC – Andrew Sopko

GL – Wills Montgomerie







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  1. Thank you for the write-up, AC.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when I go to bed after the 6th inning (that’s not even the sad part) and know in my gut that when I turn on the computer in the morning I will learn that the Dodgers lost yet another lead. It is the complete opposite of the positive feelings I had the past two seasons, never doubting they would end up winning the game.
    Like yourself, AC, I have many more questions than answers, but my enthusiasm level toward this current team is less than zero.
    If they can get a bundle of goodies for Kershaw, with the intention of re-signing him in the off-season, I’m all for it. But I wouldn’t let him just walk.
    Signing Machado during the off-season, playing him at SS, and moving Seager to 2nd could be something to look at.

  2. Last night was a game they should have won, Kershaw left with a lead. The Snakes have Ray, Walker, Delgado, Lamb and Souza plus Shelby Miller out injured, no one is going to feel sorry for the Dodgers injuries.

    I would put Taylor full time at SS, they have plenty of OF’s. Valera is a switch hitter so can be plugged in where needed but an Utley/Valera and Farmer/Muncy platoon could suffice until Forsythe and JT are ready. It’s way too early to blow up this team but the brain trust seems more willing this year to give the kids a look and see what they have.

    The next month will be a test for the entire organization, they need to pick it up, way up and stay close to the leader as Az is not built for the long season and will not keep up their level of play. My glass is still half full.

  3. AC

    Once again, are you sure you don’t write for the Times?

    But anyways, I think everything you said, makes good sense, and should be addressed.

  4. I agree with Vegas that it is too early to blow up the team. I also agree with Rudy that I do not get the same vibe with this team as I did with last year’s team. Still too early, and things could change.
    The DBacks will be getting Delgado back soon, as he is due for his 3rd rehab appearance. Lamb is getting closer to a rehab assignment. With a 6 game lead over the field, and tied for a ML leading record, there is no urgency to bring him back sooner. Souza’s and Ray’s return are unknown, and Walker is done for the year. Nobody is having a career year for the DBacks, so the start hardly looks unsustainable.
    The big difference between the two NL West teams, and this year’s Dodgers’ team compared to last year’s Dodgers’ team resides in the bullpen.
    Diamondbacks’ Relievers
    12-12 Saves/Save Opportunities
    .189 Batting Average Against
    1.01 WHIP
    1.85 ERA
    6 HR Allowed
    Dodgers’ Relievers
    4-8 Saves/Save Opportunities
    .260 Batting Average Against
    1.47 WHIP
    4.77 ERA
    17 HR Allowed
    The DBacks have a 9 game lead on the Dodgers, and 8 of those games can be found in the SV/SVO differential.
    The DBacks have used 9 relievers, while the Dodgers have used 13. The highest ERA for a DBacks reliever is 2.53, and the highest WHIP is 1.5 (Bracho with 4.0 IP). Of the 13 Dodgers’ relievers, 9 have an ERA greater than 2.53. 8 of the 13 Dodger relievers have a WHIP greater than 1.5.
    Will the DBacks’ relievers continue at their current pace? Doubtful. Will the Dodgers’ reliever trends continue? Also doubtful.
    2 more games against the Snakes, and then off to Mexico to face the Pads. Day off and two more against the DBacks. And then….The Reds.

    1. Good points AC. Az is on pace for 117 wins, that is not sustainable, but they are doing all the little things well right now and have won every series they have played so far. I’m not sold they are as good as they have shown or that the Rockies and Dodgers are this bad.

      LoCastro is really playing well at OKC and has the element of speed in his game. He might help more than Valera at this point. Sborz got his 5th save last night along with 3 wins, both leading his league. He has 19 K’s in 14 IP with 5 BB. Promote him to AAA and see if he can continue the pace. Hudson has been a big disappointment so far but can’t be sent down without possibly losing him. Toles could help but will need some time to get his swing back.

      Someone needs to step up and stop the bleeding, a sweep leaves them 11 back and a split only 7, that is a huge swing in the standings heading into a series with the Padres.

      1. LoCastro would be a good choice, but only if Roberts starts relying more on the running game, something he hasn’t shown a tendency to do. It was an element I thought he would bring to the ball club when he was hired on.

      2. Vegas

        I agree, they should let Toles play in some more games in AAA, before coming up, to get his timing back.

        I would also play him in center, so he can get some reps in center, before he comes up too.

  5. We could always trade with Atlanta for that underrated SS – Charlie Culberson.

    If FAZ knew Corey was struggling with his elbow, why throw the cheap CC in with the Salary Dump?

    1. We have better options at SS – I think Faz did that to get him more playing time out of respect for what he did in LA. There’s no way he would play much for the Dodgers.

  6. Baltimore headed for 100+ losses. Good time to make a trade. Fans already unhappy.
    If Taylor starts looking like 2017, he can do it at second. His hitting stats for some weird reason suffer when he is in CF. And, no, that truth has nothing to do with Pederson.

  7. Injuries and fatigue are very real factors in MLB. If you don’t have the depth you are especially likely to be affected. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if at some point Arizona has a serious losing streak. It wouldn’t surprise me (much) if the Dodgers went on a serious winning streak. There is a lot of season left. Lets see what happens.

    1. I like it. Maybe a play-in game for the right to play a one-game WC contest will be the force that propels us all the way. Don’t give up. Never give up.

  8. I want to predict that tonight Ryu has a fantastic game, and the Dodger offense opens the floodgates . Tomorrow we are all smiling and one big happy Dodger family. Can I want to predict that? GO DODGERS!

  9. Who are the better Short Stops than Culberson?


    Just saying that it was a strange decision to trade away our only legitimate back up SS, when we knew Seager was injured.

    BTW – Culberson was quite Clutch compared to some of the others.

  10. After Liberatore blew the lead last night I chose to roll over and go to sleep. I knew it was over. I’ve been wrong about plenty, but this bullpen didn’t look good to me on paper going into the season. A cast off from the Twins and Royals were not going to more than make up for Morrow. I get why the Dodgers weren’t going to give Darvish big money with Buehler and hopefully Urias waiting in the wings, but letting Morrow walk was a big mistake assuming he stays healthy.
    Is there a reason to deal for Machado? Absolutely! Doesn’t mean it’s the right decision though. Would a healthy Turner and Machado get the Dodgers back into it is one of the O’s bullpen pieces were sent along? They’ve come back from further odds in 2008. They looked dead during Puig’s rookie year. Had a terrible April last season. The Dodgers would have to feel strongly that they could keep Machado after the season though. The team isn’t going anywhere with this bullpen though. Baez is terrible. Alexander has no idea where the ball is going. The odds are long and dealing depth for a potential rental might be a terrible idea, but there is a reason.
    I’m pro-FAZ and Roberts, but a good part of this mess is on them. They threw away at least 3 games by not having Jansen ready and the bullpen they put together is on them this year which has blown additional games. As for the Bellinger benching, it seemed like a bit of Cody being a sacrificial lamb. I watched it live thinking to myself, “why wasn’t that a triple?” Then I also came to the conclusion that you never make the 1st out at 3rd especially when you’re losing. Kudos to Grandal, but if you told me in March that he would be our #3 hitter, I would tell you that we are in deep shit.

    1. I can’t confirm (yet) but I have info that Kenley was experiencing some sort of arm issue before he reported and was being held back because of that. Then he had the hammy issue which set him back further. I know we don’t know the full story or really what the story is…

      I know a lot of people have blamed Corey’s non-surgery and Jansen’s late start on FAZ, but ask yourself “Why would they do that… UNLESS he gave them an indication?” I’m still digging…

      I just know that just about everything anybody does right now is wrong!

      1. That would make more sense than the he pitched in October non-sense so let’s hold him back.

  11. Well Hudson is terrible and always has been. Why are all these other teams getting rid of him. Faz went for the blue light special in Alexander and so far it is not working but maybe he gets it together. Jansen and Kershaw costs us the World Series last year so maybe Kenley is hurt. But it seems annually we come out of the gate not ready. It probably doesn’t matter too much but Roberts embarrassing comments about finishing first. How hard are the dbacks laughing and motivated when we can’t beat the Giants much less the dbacks. The front office is not going to go over that luxury tax and at this point why would you. I don’t see us winning one in Arizona but maybe the padres. The big concern I have been thinking for a while is that our farm is over
    Rated. Buehler, Verdugo, probably mlb ready but after that nobody appears close(not counting urias) it seems other teams like the cardinals are bringing up arms daily throwing high nineties. How about Koch from Arizona where did he come from? Our bullpen has killed us but we have not exhibited any real strength in any area. It’s a long season but I am just not sold that we have the talent or the motivation with this team as it is currently constructed.

    1. Just so I am clear, stuff like this is all crap because the farm system is overrated?

      Despite graduating Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager and Julio Urias and trading away Willie Calhoun over the past two seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers still have a top-five farm system.

      Walker Buehler now earns top billing and he should get a longer leash after being brought along slowly in his first full season back from Tommy John surgery. He has electric stuff and legitimate ace upside, while he could also contribute out of the bullpen in the short term.

      Alex Verdugo might never have corner outfielder pop, but his hit tool is as good as any prospect in baseball and he has an absolute rocket for an arm in right field.

      Breakout seasons have vaulted Keibert Ruiz and Mitchell White ahead of Will Smith and Yadier Alvarez for the title of top catching prospect and No. 2 pitching prospect in the system—though both of those players still earn a spot inside the top 10 as well despite down seasons.

      Yusniel Diaz might be next in line for a breakout.

      The 21-year-old landed a $15.5 million bonus in 2015 and he hit .292/.354/.433 with 23 doubles and 11 home runs between High-A and Double-A.

      Pitching prospects like Jordan Sheffield, Dustin May, Trevor Oaks and Caleb Ferguson would be prized arms in most other systems.

  12. Ok I trust you know. I hope so it just seems Buehler and Verdugo are ready but guys like Alvarez, Sheffield are backing up and I don’t know where white and may are. Trevor oaks is not in our system and not off to a good start with Kc. Our Great Lakes team is off to a horrid start. Oklahoma City is playing great, Tulsa and Rancho are in the thick of it. I yield to those who know best on this topic so I just wanted to be reassured so thanks.

  13. Any thoughts from the folks here about ‘speculation’ that Toronto may come to the Dodgers about their SS Heckavarria??? I would give that some serious thought… This guy is smooth as silk with the glove… Take care of a problem for years to come… Yes I do appreciate great D up the middle…
    Or we wait on FA Machado…

    1. that would be interesting, but how much of an overall upgrade is he over CT3, both offensively and defensively.

  14. Hechevarria broke in with Toronto but is now on the Rays. He would be a rental, UFA in 2019 and has a cap hit of $5.9 M this year and has a lifetime average of .256 and OPS of .638 and lifetime fielding % of .980. He has no power but does get some doubles and triples. I would take a hard pass.

    Baez and Hudson kept the Dodgers in this game. Cingrani a bit wild but sitting 94 with his fastball gets a scoreless inning. With Ryu going out early with a possible hip injury the rotation is in serious flux. Time to make Buehler a more permanent addition, at least he is healthy. We are going to see a lot more kids this season.

  15. Man, Verdugo looks like a pure hitter. Even that double play he hit into last time was a shot hit right at the 2b.

    Don’t take him out of the lineup!

  16. Why can’t Jensen hold a runner on first? Runner now scores from 2nd on hit to left! Fly out for win.

  17. Kenley still doesn’t have much, if any “cut” on his cutter. If he’s unable to find that, both he and the Dodgers are in trouble.

    Agree about Verdugo. The kid is a natural. Has he swung and missed anything.?

  18. Well that tasted real good but it was only a bite. Time for full servings coming at us! I wonder if they could of designed Ryu’s leave just to show Baez he’s really better than he himself believes. At any rate it was what put some fight into this team and it tells how getting over the top ain’t too far of a climb.

  19. This is probably the best thing that could of happened to Baez. He had no time to think. He had to pitch like a starter and use all of his pitches. In fact his change up looked filthy. Now if he can take what he learned to pitching one inning. He needs to be a pitcher and not a thrower.

    Verdugo needs more playing time. He looks like a hitter. He uses all the field and has good speed.

    It is only one win, but that is how you start.

  20. Anyone else despise ‘fielder’s indifference’?
    I’d like to see Kenley lose around twenty-thirty pounds. Maybe his painfully slow time to the plate would improve and base runners wouldn’t run so freely on him.

  21. Yeah. I hate ‘fielders indifference’! I just don’t understand it. And it almost always seems to nearly bite you in the butt. The object is to 1) keep the opponent from scoring, and 2) Score more than your opponent.

  22. Developing effective offspeed stuff is obviously critical to Baez. But I believe that last night was the first time this year that I saw Baez hit 97 and 98. And I still haven’t seen 99 and the occasional 100, 100+. Could it be that stretching him out a bit further last night helped bring out some of the velocity that’s been missing?

  23. NL West key stats:
    1) LA……BA: .243-OPS: .715
    2) SF…….BA: .243-OPS: .689
    3) AZ…..BA: .235-OPS: .737
    4) SD…..BA: .229-OPS: .669
    5) Col….BA: .226-OPS: .695
    1) Az….. ERA: 2.90
    2) SF:…..ERA: 3.88
    3) LA…..ERA: 3.94
    4) Col…ERA: 4.32
    5) SD….ERA: 4.54

    Az is doing this on their pitching. Other than Peralta and Pollock their lineup is not producing. The pitching is starting to break down as well. A win today to get a split on the road would be huge.

    Verdugo being a leftie with speed will get his share of infield hits. He take his walks and makes hard contact and does not K much. It’s way early but he could hit for a high average with gap power and be a future batting champion, I see why the brain trust would not trade him.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today recalled right-handed pitcher Yimi García and infielder/outfielder Tim Locastro from Triple-A Oklahoma City, while optioning infielder/outfielder Breyvic Valera to OKC and placing left-handed pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu on the 10-day disabled list with a left groin strain.

    García, 26, will make his return to the big league mound for the first time in two years after recovering from right elbow surgery, which he underwent on October 25, 2016. The right-handed reliever appeared in eight games with the OKC Dodgers this season, posting a 3.52 ERA (3 ER/7.2 IP) and striking out seven batters without issuing a walk. The Dominican Republic native, who missed the entire 2017 season, has gone 3-5 with one save and has posted a 3.12 ERA over 76 career games (one start) in three big league seasons with the Dodgers (2014-16). He has held hitters to a .215 career average in the Majors, including limiting left-handed batters to a .186 mark, and has also struck out 81 batters against just 12 walks in 75.0 big league innings.

    Locastro, 25, has appeared in 21 games with Triple- A Oklahoma City this year, slashing .342 (25-for-73)/.448/.507 with 20 runs, five doubles, two triples, one home run, six RBI and five stolen bases. The speedy utility man has seen majority of his time in center field this season (13 games), but has also appeared in left field (five games) and at second base (two games) with the OKC Dodgers. Locastro saw his first career big league action last year with Los Angeles, appearing in three games and going 0-for-1 with a stolen base. He split the majority of 2017 with Double-A Tulsa (96 games) and Triple-A Oklahoma City (31 games), posting a .308/.383/.454 slashline with 31 doubles, four triple, 10 home runs, 40 RBI and 34 stolen bases in 127 combined games. Over six professional seasons with the Blue Jays (2013-15) and the Dodgers (2015-18) organizations, the Auburn, New York native has hit .295 with 96 doubles, 18 triples, 25 home runs, 177 RBI and 148 stolen bases along with a .375 on-base percentage in 500 career minor league games.

    Ryu, 31, exited last night’s contest against the Diamondbacks after 1.1 innings with a left groin strain. The South Korea native has started the season strong going 3-0 with a 2.12 ERA (7 ER/29.2 IP) and limiting the opposition to a .154 average, while striking out 36 batters against 10 walks in six starts.

    Valera, 26, has appeared in three games with the Dodgers this season over two stints, going 0-for-3 with one walk.

  25. My opinion on some of the questions asked by A C.
    1 Valera
    2 Taylor
    3 Yes
    4 If Verdugo is playing well when Puig comes back I would move Verdugo to center, and Taylor to second base.
    5 No, that is why Taylor moves to second.
    6 Toles stay’s at OKC until the Dodgers are sure Kemp’s run is over,( he is 10 for 40 in his last 15 games.) and Toles can play every day
    7 Give Turner as much time as he needs so when he does return he is playing at 100 percent.

  26. Nice job by Verdugo so far. I would also move him to CF when Puig comes back but I would let Joc and Kemp platoon if Puig can find his swing.

  27. Anyone else having problems getting the game on MLB.com??

    Says game is Blacked Out

  28. A balk & 2 Wild Pitches is always gonna help.

    Must see this through now.

  29. It was great to see another team’s bullpen implode. That was the DBack’s 1st blown save of 2018. Great back to back games for the Dodger bullpen. 9 different relievers used, 11.2 IP, 2 runs (1 earned), 7 hits, 3 walks, and 10K. Jansen 1st back to back save opportunity, and he came through.
    On to Mexico.

  30. That’s more like it. Don’t bury us just yet. Looked like the 2017 team last night and today, scrapping out hits and taking bases. There is light….

  31. I am totally shocked and also totally elated with the dodgers winning the last 2 games of the series. What a gut check on everyone’s part. This was a bunch fighting for survival. We need turner back in a huge way which is quite an understatement. A black hole at third is hurting us. Hopefully turner can come back productively and healthy. One thing for sure his leadership will help. Overall the bullpen deserves great applause for the last 2 days. With turner and the pitching staff being effective the dodgers can compete but there are a lot of ifs that must fall the dodgers way. But celebrate today because they battled to beat the odds.

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