Flawed Hypothetical

March 5, 2019

Last weekend Mark posed the hypothetical…”OK, the deal with the Devil is this: Dodgers win in 2019, but have a losing record and are like KC, TB or MIAMI for the next 10 years… big time suck!” I apologize, but I just could not let it go.  So please ignore if you so desire. I do not accept that as a plausible hypothetical.  There is no way the Dodgers are…


What Does The Future Hold?

March 2, 2019

Well, I was going to continue with my analysis of the NL West competition, but I thought that I would comment on the this past week and what the future may hold. Most Dodger fans got caught up in all of the Bryce Harper sweepstakes (including me), but as many of us said at the beginning of the Hot Stove League, a long term deal for Bryce Harper is not…


Band of Brothers

March 1, 2019

For a while, I have refrained from saying anything bad about Bryce Harper because I knew there was a possibility he could be a Dodger. I knew the Giants would make a run at him, but I could not see the Dodgers letting him sign there. Evidently, Friedman offered 4 years/$180 million to Harper. The Dodgers pitch to Harper was to make him the highest paid player by a mile….


It’s Not All About Bryce Harper

February 28, 2019

Have you ever been to an auction where one party was “hell-bent-for-leather” to win whatever the auction target was. The guy who wants to win at all costs is not called a “winner” where I am from. He usually overpays and regrets it later. My wife has won auctions costing thousands of dollars, only to regret it later. The winner of an auction is often really “The Loser.” Winning an…


If Bryce Harper Wants to be a Dodger… he WILL be!

February 26, 2019

The real question is “Does he want to be a Dodger?” The Dodgers will want him if he truly wants that. I am not sure what a deal looks like, but between Borasssss and Friedman, they can figure it out. While I am not a big Bryce Harper fan, I believe that Bryce Harper could go down in history as one of the All-Time Great Dodgers… if not THE All-Time…


Rant & Rave Monday

February 25, 2019

RVS gets all the glory… (10 runs a game average) at least until tomorrow. The Dodgers are undefeated! Print the tickets!If you listened to the Andrew Friedman interview, you should never say the Dodgers want to be an “all or nothing” team.Why no MRI on Kershaw? Because you don’t want to know… “La, La, La, La, La, La, La” <fingers in ears>DJ Peters has added bulk and is noticeably bigger…


NL West First Look – SF Giants

February 24, 2019

Yesterday I wrote about the Padres because of the late signing of Manny Machado. The Padres have suffered mightily for many years, but appear to be on the verge of not only being respectable, but also a contender in a year or two, depending on their pitching progress. Today I suffer because I am writing about the hated Giants. The best thing about the Giants is that they are projected…


What Will Be…

February 18, 2019

There are about a 100 Free Agents who are not signed. That seems like a large number, but less than ten are really top players. The rest are likely minor league contract players. This is the list I have: Bryce HarperManny MachadoDallas KeuchelMarwin GonzalezGio GonzalezJosh HarrisonClay BuchholzErvin SantanaEvan Gattis Certainly, not all are even starters, in fact, I could make the argument that only the TOP FOUR might be difference…


Houston, You Have a Problem…

February 12, 2019

Houston Mitchell is a writer for The LA Times and covers the Dodgers. Yesterday he stated that he was trying to make sense of the Dodgers’ off-season. Houston is a wonderful writer, but he has papers to sell and he knows that many Dodger fans are not sophisticated enough to understand how a successful team is built. He and The Times understand that the average fan is underwhelmed at what…


Being a Dodger

February 10, 2019

Per JT on the Suits: “We trust them,” said the third baseman and team leader. “The front office has done a great job. They build a 40-man roster, not a 25-man roster, and that’s the biggest difference between the Dodgers and other teams.” I have been saying that for 4 years running.  AF is a master at building the 40-man roster to play in a 162-game season.  The Dodgers should…