Carpe Diem!

This Has Been Best World Series Ever…. Especially After Tonight!

Justin Verlander was tough, very tough – he pitched 6 innings of 3 hit ball while striking out 9 and walking zero.  The three hits were timely and gave the Dodgers a lead that the bullpen would not relinquish! Morrow and Maeda were nails and Tony Watson held his own, but Kenley “Freaking” Jansen closed out the final six outs on just 19 pitches, 18 of which were strikes.  The Dodgers only had 5 hits themselves and none were any bigger than Joc Pederson’s Big Fly in the 7th inning. Boy, has Joc come full circle or what?

When I saw last night’s lineup, I thought “That might be the lineup we see Opening Day 2018.”  Joc Pederson could be in LF, Austin Barnes behind the plate, Logan Forsythe at 2B and Rich Hill as Opening Day Starter while Clayton rehabs from surgery.   Just a fleeting thought! Logan Forsythe will be back and I predict he will have that “Career Year” for the Dodgers in 2018. He will look nothing like this years’ model.  But, we will talk about that later.

Last night was truly a Team Win.  Here the Dodgers are: on the verge of Destiny with the #3, #4 and #5 hitters  hitting .130, .167 and .167 respectively.  It’s not like they have not had big hits, but there haven’t been many. In the World Series, the Dodgers are hitting .208 with a .285 OB%.  The Astros are hitting .242 with a .306 OB%, but the Dodgers have outscored them 33-29!  The hitting has been spread out and it has been timely!

Surprisingly, the Dodgers have a 4.53 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP while the Astros have a 5.24 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP. Go figure! It’s interesting to look at all the stats, but none of it matters right about now.  All that matters is what happens between those lines tonight.  Darvish will start, but at the first sign of a problem, like a HR or a runner reaching 2B, he will be yanked and Alex Wood will get a shot.  Maybe Darvish will pitch like he did against Chicago when he gave up one run in 6.1 innings.  I just know that it will be everyone and the kitchen sink!

We may even see Rich Hill again for an out or an inning.  Morrow and Jansen will be ready as will be Cingrani and Maeda and you can rest assured that Clayton Kershaw wants an opportunity for Redemption in Game 7.  These are the guys who “brung” us – we have to play ’em! The Astros aren’t going to roll over an die – they will be fighting and scratching too.  I have no idea who steps up and does what, but it’s time. Carpe diem!Someone  or someones must seize the day!

It’s a Gunfight at the OK Corral, ‘er I mean Dodger Stadium:

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  1. You are right it was a team victory. The defense was outstanding. JT and Bellinger were very good. I do not think we talk enough about the defense.

    You may be right about Joc. He certainly has done well in the play offs. Maybe he can get something through that thick skull that hitting to LF is ok. He is a slow learner when it comes to changing. Turner Ward needs to adopt Joc next year like he did Puig.

    You are right about Forsythe. He is a grinder. So is Barnes. So is Taylor. Those are three guys who complement our stars very well.

  2. The worry over the skin of the World Series baseball continued last night. Verlander and Jansen each threw several balls out of the game based on their feel, with Jansen once firing the ball toward his dugout with visible anger. “Yes, I fired it,” he said. “I’ll keep my thoughts [on the ball] to myself for now, but I’ll just say anybody with common sense can see what is going on.

    1. I’ll say it: Rob Manfred and his minions ordered “slicker” balls for the World Series so there could be more offense. Chicks dig the long ball!

      Frankly, as long as both teams play with the same balls, I have no problem with it.

        1. The Dodgers might have been no-hit by Verlander if he had a better grip. Shoot, Hill may have still been pitching this morning if he got a grip!

  3. McCullers, followed by Morton and Keuchel on one side and Darvish on a short leash followed by Wood and the entire kitchen! This will come down to who handles the pressure and executes. Dodgers are a better team at home and Astros are a much worse hitting team on the road, big advantage Dodgers. I believe a tight hard fought win for the Blue but it could be a blowout too as the Astros looked really tight last night and were feeling the spotlight.

  4. Insane. We’ve all been rambling on with our mostly goofy comments and predictions since March.

    Now we’re here, game 7 of the World Series. I will be there. I’ll think of all of you if we can pull this off!!!

  5. Pulling hard for a win tonight and I think they will get it done. I did call for Dodgers in 7 before the series started but admitted to those around me if I wasn’t a long time fan I might have actually picked the Astros to win it all. I’m glad we won last night to make it here and think this has been a truly amazing and entertaining WS. Glad the team we all follow and support is part of it. Win or lose, there will be a lot to talk about what a fantastic year it has been. Two great teams in this WS and I believe we will face each other again and hope we will be doing so as the defending champs. One more great game and let the celebrations begin. Go Dodgers!!!

  6. It is on a different path than I expected, but here we are…Game 7 of the 2017 WS. I have been bombarded by colleagues that have no allegiance to either team, but are enjoying everything about this WS. Some have commented to me after Games 2 & 5…”Well, you have to admit that those were great games”. My reply is, “No they were not, the Dodgers lost”. Therefore tonight I am hoping for a repeat of the NLCS Game 5, a blowout Dodger win. It may not be exciting for baseball fans in general, but for Dodger fans, it will be the most exciting game since October 20, 1988.
    Often times it is the least expected player to come through in a World Series. I repeat that I am indifferent to Joc Pederson as a player, but I could not be happier for him. He has been routinely blasted by many throughout the Dodger blogosphere for his 2017 performance. However, regardless as to what he does tonight or whether he is a Dodger for 2018, Joc will always have this World Series to remember. Somewhere out there Bumswrap is yelling at his computer…”I told you so.”
    Let’s hope that Seager, JT, Bellinger, and Puig join the party tonight and blow it open early.
    Unlike many, I am expecting Darvish to pitch as he did in September and against the Cubs. I think Game 2 was the aberration. Regardless as to how classy he handled the Gurriel situation, he is human, and I got to believe he will be a little more motivated. But if not, Alex Wood will be available, and Kershaw. Maeda/Morrow/Jansen should be fine. Just picture the Astros hitters as Cubs.

    1. AC

      I feel and agree, with everything you said!

      There was actually an article I read, about how this World Series, has brought baseball back on the map, because it has been so exciting, for everyone, who doesn’t have an allegiance to these two teams!

      I am also expecting Darvish to return to the Darvish he was, all post season long!

      He has been working with those World Series balls, in his bullpen work, since his last start!

      And I am happy for Bum, because I know Bum has been loyal to Joc to the end, and Bum is a good soul.

  7. This is the best World Series that I can ever remember, however my opinion will change without the game 7 victory. Darvish on a short leash, Alex Wood first one out of the pin and Maeda, Morrow , Kershaw and Jansen in the waiting. Go Blue

  8. I’m not a win/lose guy. Best outcome for this series woulda been teams
    declared co-champs after six.

    Why not spread the joy?:-)

    1. I vote No to that!

      Never Surrender!

      Kind of surprised to see you here DD, but you are welcome.

      1. I knew you’d cuddle up to that idea, Mark!:-)

        Process guys and product guys. Never the twain….

  9. I don’t get it with Bellinger. When he made the adjustment and started hitting the other way he had success. And then last night and in his first at bat tonight he’s trying trying to hit everything out of sight, when all he needs is a hit. Seager also is not adjusting to that low inside breaking ball. And he also has a lot of success when he goes up the middle and to left field.

  10. *sigh*

    Well Yu. The last two games you’ve pitched have most likely cost you millions upon millions of dollars.

    How ’bout a little fire? How ’bout getting mad at that Gurriel squinty eye thing? How ’bout lasting past the 3rd inning of the biggest game you’ll ever play in your career?

  11. This loss is not on Darvish. It’s on Roberts. I was screaming at the TV to take him out in the first inning. It should be 2-0, not 5-0!

    I love Doc, but that was dumb. You don’t do that in Game 7!

    1. Over the years, seems one of the hardest things in the game is for a manager
      to remove a “quality” starter early, even in the postseason. Dave’s failure
      (and I agree it was one) has been made by some of the managerial greats.
      And he seemed all this series to zig when he shoulda zagged. Deserves much
      credit for the amazing season, but I’m still not gonna hire him to manage my
      team in the fall. I wonder how much arm Alex Wood had left, because Yu
      would not have been my first choice to start this one.

      His sweating face in the first was not a good sign on a mild night, and the
      kids’ wild swings in the bottom of the inning, with a great chance to tie it,
      sorta forecast the game for me. Turned it off for a few innings, then watched
      Cody flail again in the 5th, 6th? – and that was it for me. Better season than
      I imagined in the spring. But still very doubtful bang for buck by this FO.

      Initial guess would be they spent three bucks to get to this game for every
      one the guys in Houston did over the last few years.

      I was not a fan of the acquisition (but, to be honest, I was not a fan of the
      Astros getting my countryman Verlander, either):-)

      Nice story about Yu in yesterday’s Times increased my wishes he would do well.
      But the sweat on his face at the start on a high 60-degree night I took as a bad sign.
      Then the kids in the bottom of the first swingin’ for the downs when they had a fine
      chance to erase the deficit

    2. You wanted to take him out after 1 hit? The scored 2 runs on 1 hit because of Bellinger’s boneheaded play. I believe you, but then they shouldn’t have started him at all then.

  12. Other than Yu’s starts in the LDS and LCS the rest of his work (regular season and WS) has been rather pedestrian to down right horrible.

  13. 4 hit batters.

    I don’t care if it’s accidental.

    Come inside on the Astros.

    Doc, watch and learn. AJ takes his guy out BEFORE he gives up any runs.

  14. I agree with Mark on this one.
    Darvish shoulda been hooked in the 1st, especially with everyone available out of the Pen.

    Seagar & Belinger have been easy outs.

    1. Watford

      Darvish was having trouble throwing those World Series balls, in his last start.

      He practiced with them in his bullpen sessions, maybe he never got the feel of those different balls.

      And he felt obligated to start, and didn’t tell anyone.

      His last start, was the shortest start of his career, so it isn’t like he has done this twice, in his career.

      I don’t think it is his nerves, he was fine before the World Series, and apparently, these World Series balls, were different from the other post season balls.

      We are even lucky to be in game seven in the World Series, when one of our aces can’t protect first, a four run lead, and three an additional three run lead, in one of their starts.

      And when the other ace, suddenly isn’t able to control there command, in two starts, from the on set of both starts, after pitching so well, in the other series.

      1. I guess that’s a possibility, MJ. Maybe his particular right hand was the worst
        kinda fit for that particular ball.

        But I noticed, in the few innings I watched, that Charlie Morton for one,
        had his “A: stuff….

        1. And one more thought (make it two!:-). Back in July, even before the deal for Yu,
          I found it hard to imagine a Dodger starter who could win you two games
          in a seven series. Even after the deal, I found it just as hard. Hence my skepticism,
          when so many others had the Dodgers with the trophy.

          And how would Cory and Cody do at the end of the marathon?

  15. Watford, that includes some hard hit balls right at people. Pederson groundout in first inning was hit hard, Taylor’s lineout with runners on, and Puig ball hit on the line with a couple of runners on. Could definitely have done better, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have a break or two.

    Just 3 bloops and a blast from getting this thing tied up.

    Have faith. Mark already told us this is Destiny’s Dodgers.

  16. The Dodgers lose, 5-1. Houston wins the World Series. They were the best Dodgers team in a generation. This defeat will sting all winter.

  17. I wonder what Bobby paid for the seats for this nongame 7. Not even worth what paying the babysitter would of cost.

  18. That was pretty tough to watch. At least I don’t have to listen to Buck or Smoltz for a long time. Great season with a tough finish. Take away the 5 given up by Darvish and it’s a 1-0 win. Congrats to Houston, now I’ll cry myself to sleep.

  19. Great season guys. Time to see fordward . Wait few days and now..doing an analysis player by player, managers and FAZ..

  20. Absolute great World Series. A shame the Dodgers lost but they lost to a team just as good. I thought Darvish would have the game of his life tonight and bring a win home. Congratulations to the Astros, they are a deserving champion. Dodgers had a fantastic season and fell just a sliver short. Better to have tried and failed than not got there at all. No excuses need to be made. Looking forward to the off season and building and even stronger team for next year.

  21. With Ethier, Crawford and others coming off the payroll, the Dodgers will have some flexibility to make moves over the winter. I know what some of the possibilities are, but I trust that FAZ understands all of the variables, and will make the moves necessary to take this team to the next level.

    And everyone on this team that remains next year will benefit from this experience. As for Roberts, his strength isn’t in-game moves, but he is instead the motivational force that helps drive this team. The Dodgers probably feel crushed right now, but you can rest assured that the team’s resolve will be ever stronger going into 2018. The 30 year drought, I believe, will end next season.

  22. Many will blame Yu and perhaps deservedly so, but of all the reasons why we didn’t win the WS was our complete and total offensive letdown from the big four of Seags, JT, Cody and Puig. Some of them may have had a hit or sac fly or even a HR (Puig and Cody in game #5) in an AB here and there, but collectively the team had a horrible series offensive performance with RISP.

    Cody, and to a lesser extent Corey, will have to close that off speed inside pitch hole that is big in their AB’s. Appeared to me the Astro’s exploited that weakness many, many times during the series. Cody and his 17 K’s with 6 consecutive over games #6 and 7 looks to be a big discussion point for the pundits all offseason.

    Look forward to checking in from time-to-time during the hot stove league and look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on who they think the Dodgers will trade, let walk and acquire.

  23. Love Roberts but two decisions of his cost us the series;

    In game 2, he has Utley start at second base. I was surprised to see that as defense was going to be important against Verlander. The ball Redick hit was something Forsythe would have caught and Houston would not have scored their first run

    Game 5, listening to Morrow rather Stan sticking to your plan. I could see having him warm up with Stripling coming in as insurance but bringing him in when he never pitched 3 days in a row was a clear mistake.

    1. In the spring, I said I could understand keeping Chase, though I did not
      like it.

      Said I hoped he would not see the field in the second season.

  24. Wait till next year is a lot more valid with this team. And with lots of money coming off the books after this year, and Adrian Gonzalez coming off after next year, the Dodgers will have greater flexibility to fix what has to be fixed. And our younger players will benefit from this experience and will also have an additional year of physical maturity. Let’s not forget the ball that Bellinger hit to the wall in the bottom of the ninth in game 2. Add a little physical maturity, and that’s a walk-off, and there never is a game 7.

    There were a number of things that could have changed game 2, but for me the main reason the Dodgers lost that game was because Kenley missed his spot up and in, and the pitch to Marwin Gonzalez flattened out over the heart of the plate.

  25. Yes Kenley missed his spot but those things happen (just ask Velander about his pitch to Joc). What bugs me are the things we can control. Roberts made a few mistakes. All managers do. But the two I mentioned were critical.

  26. Lesson from the last few years of playoffs: there are probably no “unhittable”
    closers in October, not to mention November.

    AJ reacted very well to the lack of his.

    Dave went by the “safe” 6-out method:-(.

  27. Just a couple of things. We had a good season. We really are pretty young.

    The mental make up of Darvish is concerning. He just does not seem to like the bright lights. Kershaw, Hill and Wood are all three pretty darn competitive. So is Ryu. Darvish just cost himself a lot of money.

    Seager and Bellinger just could not lay off the slider low and in. They are young. They will figure it out.

  28. Astros deserved the win last night. It hurts, but what can you do. My only gripe is with Cody. The camera always caught him looking at the iPad after each at bat which led me to believe he wanted to see what he was doing wrong in real time. What happened? Where were the adjustments? I felt I was watching Freaky Friday and Cody and Joc switched bodies.

    Our bats went cold at the worst time. Time to regroup and come back better and badder. The more I think about it the more I want Stanton batting 4th. While I’ve been critical of Puig this season he has warranted another season in blue IMO.

    Darvish stated last night he wanted to remain with the Dodgers going forward and I’m open to it if he gives a discount which I think he will being a prideful man. We also need to resign morrow as I think he has found his place at this point in his career.

  29. There is no denying…this one hurt. Shame on me for truly believing that Yu Darvish would pitch a great Game 7. I was so wrong on that…probably thinking with my heart. However, I thought all along that Darvish would get a quick hook, and Alex Wood would come in, followed by Kershaw and Morrow/Jansen. Darvish should never have been left in to pitch to Springer a second time. Once he walked McCann to lead off the 2nd, he should have been pulled. It was obvious to everyone (well maybe not everyone) that Darvish had zero command of his pitches, and his slider was not effective at all. He couldn’t get McCann out to start the second inning after getting him in the hole 0-2.? Hinch had no problem pulling McCullers with a 5-0 lead. If Darvish, and his agent, truly believe he is worth Stephen Strasburg dollars, they are delusional.
    But as bad as Darvish was, the Dodgers offense was just as bad. Corey and Cody are going to continue to struggle if they do not learn to read that inside curve ball breaking down at their feet. I am still shaking my head with Seager’s 1st inning K. The pitch started out at his knees, and was going down the moment it left McCullers hand. If he lets it go, it is ball 4. The NL saw exactly how to attack both LH hitters from their RHP. There is a reason why they had reverse splits. I do have every confidence that they will adjust going forward. JT, Puig, and Barnes picked a bad time to go into a group slump.

    1. AC

      Like you, I thought Darvish would do a good job last night, because that last start he made, was the shortest start of his career.

      I thought because Darvish is a veteran pitcher, and he had pitched so well, in the other post season games, that his last start, was just an off day, for Darvish.

      About our offense, the Astro’s hitters in the first inning, gave our players a text book example, on what they needed to do, after Taylor hit that lead off double.

      I thought our players, were going to do the same thing, that the Astros hitters did, in that first inning, to get an easy run, after Taylor had that lead off double.

      I thought both Corey and Cody would make sure they put their bat on the ball, and hit a ball to the right side, to move Taylor over.

      Much like the Astros third baseman did, to move Springer over, and the Astros third baseman, had no problem, giving away his at bat, to get Springer over.

      But they both Corey and Cody flailed away, and struck out.

      That was one time that Corey could have went after the first pitch, and hit a weak grounder to the right side, like he had been doing, but he struck out.

      I thought maybe because Corey has that bad elbow, that may be the reason, that Corey, hasn’t hit many balls, to the opppo side, in the post season.

      Because this is the first time that the other team, has had a pricise defensive shift, on Corey.

      After Darvish wasn’t able to pitch, I was thinking, we just didn’t get what we needed, from both of our ace starters, in this series.

      Darvish let us down in two games, and Kershaw couldn’t hold a four run lead, and when he was given another three runs to work with, he couldn’t protect that lead!

      We were really lucky to get to game seven, after our quote two best starters, gave away three games.

      I know everyone isn’t happy about the way our offense performed last night, but our offense has performed pretty well, at times in this series.

      After Kershaw let the team down, and when Kenley wasn’t able to get a save, our offense did a pretty good job, to try to win those games.

      And the team offense came alive in the sixth, in that one game we won in Houston, when Wood pitched.

      Except for the first start Kershaw made, which was a very good start, both Wood and Hill, out pitched, our ace pitchers, in this series!

      Was it just nerves that made Darvish not be able to perform in his two starts, or is it the different World Series balls?

      It is just mind boggling that a pitcher like Darvish, couldn’t even pitch well enough, to help us, have a chance, to win these two games!

  30. Kershaw and Darvish 1-3. That’s the reason for the defeat. Hitters typically don’t hit in the WS. Pitching is too good. I’m not laying this on our hitters. It’s the 2 Aces that lost this series. Especially CK in game 5. He had rest and runs and still didn’t get it done. Pitching behind by 5 runs in relief isn’t the same as blowing a start in the WS. It’s hard to say when the team will be back to the WS. As CK said last night, it’s not easy getting there. We need better starting pitching. Guys who can be relied on to go 6-7 innings every start. Going to the bullpen in the 2d inning is a manager’s worst nightmare. He shouldn’t have to resort to that. I wouldn’t touch Darvish. He hasn’t been much good since TJ surgery. My guess is he is 1-2 years away from recovery. Stick with CK, Hill, Wood, Maeda, and Ryu and hopefully find another stater in the organization. I still want to see Stripling start. Shitty end to the year. We handled Keuchel and Verlander and still lost. It’s on CK and Darvish.

        1. Bluto

          How did Kershaw first protect a four run lead, and what did he do, after he was given another three runs?

          Kershaw was given 7 runs to work with, and he couldn’t protect a 7 run lead!

          This is nothing new, and his four innings yesterday, after we were five runs down, means nothing!

      1. That may be true, but 3 out of the 4 games started by Keuchel and Verlander were quality starts, and only1 out of 4 games started by Kershaw and Darvish was a quality start. Rich Hill matched Verlander in both of his starts, although not as many innings. Being pulled was not his choice, and may not have been the best choice…at least in Game 2.

  31. After Darvish gave up those runs seemed like the wind was dumped out of the Dodgers sails. And their bats.

  32. Total team loss this series. Darvish was great in the NLDS and NLCS and terrible in the WS. I would make that trade every time. Who knows why he failed in the WS. I have a hard time believing he choked after the playoffs, but it is possible. Beltran and others indicated he tips his pitchers when he grabs his slider. If so, our coach should have caught it. Maybe he choked, maybe it was the balls. Maybe he just had two bad games. Who knows, he will be the top free-agent pitcher on the market. I wouldn’t want him for 5 or 6 years, but I would still want him.

    The offense looked like it was pressing games 6 and 7 in my opinion. McCullers had nothing last night and they didn’t score off of him. JT started chasing which is unusual from a guy who walked more thand K’d this year. Seager and Bellinger did the same. Puig’s numbers weren’t good for the WS but he was having more disciplined AB’s than the 2-4 hitters. The Dodgers top 5 hitters had to produce and did at moments, but for the most part did not in the WS.

    The biggest moment of the WS was the HR Kenley gave up in game 2. It happens to the best of them. They lost the game. If up 2-0, Roberts doesn’t have to burn up Maeda in game 3 after Darvish left. A Stripling or McCarthy can be used.

    Clayton? One great start and one clunker with a good relief appearance. Front office? McCarthy didn’t belong on the roster. Doc? Some moves could certainly be questioned too. It was a great season and beating the Cubs was awesome. It hurts because it feels like we gave away games 2 and 5. There are plenty of good reasons why the Dodgers were in that position to win it all and plenty of good reasons whey they blew it. Not just one or two players.

    1. Hawkeye

      From the beginning of both Darvish’s games in the World Series, he looked like a pitcher, that was already ten runs down.

      He was pitching defensively, and it looked like he had no confidence that he could make his pitches.

      And he did say he had trouble with those World Series balls, after the first game that first game.

      Do you think before he ever took the mound in these two games, that he knew he was having trouble with his feel with these different balls, and because of that, he knew he couldn’t make his pitches?

      Because he pitched so well in his previous post season games, it seems really odd to me, that he would suddenly have a bad case of nerves, because those previous games were important games too!

      Because he is a veteran pitcher, and those two starts, are the shortest starts, he had ever had in his career.

      And maybe he didn’t want to let his teammates down, so he thought he would give it a go.

      Hawkeye I love you, but I don’t agree with you, about Kershaw!

      Kershaw, he was first given a four run lead, and then a three run lead, to work with, so actually he was given 7 runs work with, and he couldn’t do the job!

      And what he did yesterday, is a little to late, so it doesn’t mean a thing.

      And the other aces in this series, were never given 7 runs to work with !

        1. Hawkeye

          Game one counts, but look how many good innings, did Verlander pitch in the post season this year, and he is older then Kershaw?

          Kershaw is the highest paid pitcher in all of baseball, and he has a history of not coming through, after the team gives him, a big lead.

          1. The team won eight of his last nine outings in the playoffs. Game 1 was one of the best outings a pitcher could have. It seems like you’re willing to give Darvish a pass because of the balls but not Kershaw when the slider is his most important pitch Honestly, I don’t care what he’s paid. He’s earned every penny. Verlander has zero WS wins in his career and didn’t throw better than Kershaw in Game 1. Look wher Kershaw ranks in quality starts for post season. He’s not going to be sub 2 ERA against the best teams in baseball. He had 5 starts this post season coming off a back injury and they win 4. That’s a .800 win pct.

  33. AC you are right about the first inning. We had bases loaded and no runs . Seager and Bellinger strike out. That set the tone for the entire game. If we would of broken through in the first inning it would of been a different game.

    I also thought there would of been a fast hook on Darvish. I really thought he was finished after the first innng. You could see Darvish looked just like he did in game three. He was pitching defensively and not attacking. I sincerely hope we keep Ryu.

  34. I have no problem with the Dodgers making a run at Stanton, although the cost in players (both in prospects, and some on the current 25-man) and would almost certainly be high. That’s something for FAZ to evaluate. As for taking on his salary, that’s also something that FAZ will also need to evaluate. In any case, they are the only ones with enough information to make an informed decision.

    I’ve also read that Miami may also be interested in unloading Dee Gordon as well. That’s something I could support, considering the following:

    – Gordon hit over .300 again this year, but still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to getting on base overall. But if Turner Ward is really as good as he appears, then I believe he would have a chance to get Dee to buy into the a much more patient approach at the plate.

    -I don’t necessarily think that Dee would fit at leadoff for the Dodgers, since I’m extremely satisfied with Taylor in that position. However, I think that Dee’s speed, with a more patient approach could play up very well in the 8th position. He’d certainly be an easy runner for the pitcher to sacrifice over to 2nd or even to 3rd. And I like his speed, no so much for stolen bases (although I have no problems with stealing bases, when necessary), but for his ability to go from first to third, or put more simply, his ability to get us another 90 feet in various different ways.

    -In addition to Gordon buying into Turner Ward’s program, I would hope that he would also enthusiastically buy into Doc’s program, much like Puig has.

    Of course, I also like Logan Forsythe. However, with the addition of Gordon I believe he would become expendable, especially given that I believe that if his option is picked up by the Dodgers, he will earn $9-10 million next year. If the Dodgers were still able to fit him into a viable role with them along with Dee, I would have no problem with that.

    At this point, I have not looked very extensively at what free agents will be available over the winter, and therefore, everything above is just preliminary. Other possible names to consider are Jake Arrieta, Yu Darvish, and J.D. Martinez. And maybe there are others, since I currently have very little knowledge of who is available, and what will be the prices.

    There are clearly Dodgers prospects to be considered. However, who those prospects are will depend on who might be made expendable over the winter. And of course, if the Dodgers do anything, it might include current players like Joc Pederson, Kike`, etc.

    Whatever the Dodgers do this winter, they clearly need to address both the offense and the pitching (both starters and the pen). And I think what the Dodgers do this winter will tell us a lot about how hard they intend to push for a championship in 2018.

    Regarding hitting Stanton in the cleanup spot. At this time I don’t think that it much matters. Just having him in the lineup lengthens it. If anything, I would like to see Stanton hitting behind Cody. Got a feeling that with additional experience and maturity. The specific order of the lineup is less important than it’s the sum of the players that comprise it.

    Getting tired, so I’ll leave it at that.

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