Just Wait Until Next Year…

I hate saying that! It was a bitter loss… one that I am not likely to get over… ever! Early in Game 7 I blamed Roberts for leaving Yu Momma in for more than 3 seconds, and maybe that had an effect on the Dodgers psyche, but when you only score 1 run and are 1-13 with RISP, you can’t win.  End of story! Justin Turner hit .160 in the World Series.  Cody Bellinger and Yasiel Puig each both hit below .150 and Austin Barnes hit .174.Logan Forsythe hit .278 and Joc Pederson hit .333.  Other than that, the Dodger hitters really sucked for the series. If it is any consultation, the Dodgers went to the World Series while winning 5 staight division titles and never “blowing it up.”  The Astros did it the usual way: they blew it up, accumulated prospects, sucked for a few years and then Won it All, just like Sports Illustrated predicted back in 2014.We can blame Doc, but without Doc, this team doesn’t get to the series.  Second-guessers are never wrong.  I did not agree with his every move, but when hitters don’t hit, you can’t win.  Houston did not win Game 6 because they did not hit.  The Dodgers did not win Game 7 because they did not hit.  It’s as simple as that! We can hash and re-hash what happened, but the fact of the matter is that it is over.  Houston is the World Series Winner and we have to wait until next year.
  • If Kershaw had pitched deeper into games and not blown a big lead…
  • If Kenley had saved the game he blew…
  • If Doc had let Rich Hill pitch deeper…
  • If FAZ had not put McCarthy on the roster…
  • If Yu Darvish had pitched like he did in the NLCS…
  • If Chickens had lips…
Lot’s of “IFS” – Move on.  There’s nothing to see here.Right about now, we just need to take our mind off the World Series and look ahead to 2018 and beyond. Here are a few ideas I have about Dodger personnel looking forward:

Front Office:

This is the strongest aspect of the Dodger’s franchise.  After starting in time for the 2015 season, they have advanced the team every year while building a winning farm system and culture.  The Dodgers were in the World Series because of Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi – they didn’t lose because of them. The future is bright and this will not be the last time the Dodgers make the World Series in the short term.The Dodgers have lost Jeremy Zoll and Gabe Kapler from the Farm System and will be on the lookout for another dynamic person to fill that job. I believe they will go outside the organization for this hire, but Drew Saylor could possibly be a candidate.  This is a vitally important job.  It hurts losing Gabe and Jeremy but that’s what happens when you have a successful system. Som eteam will make a run at Farhan Zaidi, but maybe not this year! I know this loss will stick in his craw for a long time.

Field Staff:

I think Dave Roberts could be the best Dodger manager… EVER! But he’s not perfect and he is smart – he will get better.  It is rumored that Rick Honeycutt will be out as pitching coach, but that may or may not be true.  It is possible that he could be placed in charge of the entire Pitching Staff in the organization.  Kind of like “President of Pitching.”  I have no clue if that is true or who they would look at as a replacement.  Bob Geren could possibly get a manager’s job, but most are filled, so he may be back.  I would guess that the rest of the staff will be intact.

Catcher:Austin Barnes

With the emergence of Austin Barnes, and the fact that the Dodgers have Kyle Farmer, Will Smith, Keibert Ruiz and Conner Wong at the ready or nearing ready, Yasmani Grandal becomes expendable. He is still under team control and is a high quality catcher who can bring a nice bounty on the trade market.  I expect the Dodgers to shop him, but the cost will be high! Someone will likely pay the price and Austin Barnes will be the catcher next year. Yasmani could be “bundled” with some of our excess outfielders or a pitcher or two.

First Base:Cody Bellinger

Forget how horrible he looked in the World Series, Cody Bellinger will be just fine.  Well, not “fine” – he will be a superstar! Defensively, he’s the best 1B in baseball, but he’s a 22 year-old kid and he got smoked in the World Series.  He will learn and adjust.  The bigger problem at 1B is “How do the Dodgers get A-Gon to get gone?” That’s the real trick. Maybe he is unable to play.  He doesn’t even look like the same player he was last year and I can’t see him getting surgery and re-habbing to play. At one time I thought he might have a future with the organization, but after what has recently transpired, I doubt it. I do not think A-Gon will be on the roster next year.

Second Base:Logan Forsythe

The Dodgers hold an option on Logan Forsythe next year and will exercise it, without question. Logan Forsythe will be the Dodgers’ second baseman in 2018, but that will be the end of his run.  I expect a “career year” from Logan next year.  Chase Utley will retire.  I hope the Dodgers bring him into the front office or coaching staff in some capacity, but his run is over. I wonder if Gabe Kapler will try and recruit him to Philly as a player/coach?

Shortstop:Corey Seager

Corey Seager is one of the top three shortstops in baseball.  Nothing else to say. He will have an ax to grind next year.  He needs to work on that low and in pitch, just like Cody. Kike Hernandez is a viable replacement as is Charlie Culberson and then there is Tim Locastro. The only question is:  what is the deal with his back?  Is it a one-time strain or is it chronic?  A chronic back problem could initiate a position change to 3B, in which case Justin Turner would move to 2B and Logan Forsythe would be non-tendered or traded. That would mean that the Dodgers might be in the market for a shortstop since I do not think any farm hands are MLB ready.  Zack Cozart is a free agent and might accept a 3-year deal, but his career year might drive up the price to where it is not practical. Of course, there is Charlie Culberson who filled in admirably for Corey in the NLCS.  Let’s just hope that Corey is fine and is the Dodgers’ shortstop for the next ten years.

Third Base:Justin Turner

Justin Turner has 2018 and maybe 2019 as a regular third baseman.  If the DH comes to the NL, the JT is the Dodgers man, but for 2018, you can write in his name at 3B. Maybe after 2018, the Dodgers will look at Manny Machado to play 3B, with JT moving to 2B after Logan becomes a Free Agent after 2018.

Outfield:U Pick ’em

Andrew Toles should be back and Alex Verdugo could be ready next year.  Then, there is Joc Pederson who saw his stock rise with his play in the World Series. The fact that all three are left-handed is a thing.  Chris Taylor is the Centerfielder – he is very good and should get better. He’s an ideal leadoff hitter who should continue to improve in all phases of the game. Another lefty, Andre Ethier sees his contract expire this year.  He should retire as a Dodger.  Maybe he has a future in the organization. Curtis Granderson will also be gone.Finally, there are Kike Hernandez and Yasiel Puig.  Hernandez is looked at as a “super utilityman” because he can play anywhere… especially SS, but a lot of people are dismissive of his offense.  Me? I think there is a possibility that he could be a huge offensive force in the future. Quit laughing and listen to this:Through age 25, JD Martinez was a utility player who hit a grand total of 24 HR in 899 at-bats. At age 25, Kike Hernandez has accumulated 28 HR in 836 AB’s.  At age 26 Martinez worked on transforming his swing much like Justin Turner, Jose Bautisa and Chris Taylor have and grew into the player he is today.  The Dodgers could go out and sign JD Martinez or they could let Kike Hernandez grow into a player like JD. I am not saying that he will… but he could!  You have to at least consider it.Then, there is Giancarlo Stanton who drives a Brinks truck.  The Marlins have made it clear that he will be traded.  The Dodgers at least have to consider that idea. A lineup that includes Stanton would be formidable. Lots of moves would have to be done to make that happen.  It’s a long shot, but the Dodgers have the money to make it work. A trade for him woulds likely have to be a 3 or 4 way deal involving Grandal, Verdugo, Hernandez, Pederson and a couple of pitchers. Oh, and then there’s the money in the Brink’s Truck that has to be delivered to him.I do salivate thinking of this lineup:
  1. Turner CF
  2. Seager  SS
  3. Turner  3B
  4. Stanton LF
  5. Bellinger  1B
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Forsythe  2B
  8. Barnes C
The Dodgers paid over $100 million to players who had little to no impact on the field this year:
  • Adrian Gonzalez – $22.357 Million
  • Andre Ethier – $20.0 Million (Including buyout)
  • Carl Crawfish – 21.857 Million
  • Alex Guerrero – $7.5 Million
  • Scott Kazmir – $17.667 Million
  • Olivera, Arruebarrunea and Kemp – About $13 Million
Crawfish, Ethier and Guerrero come off the books this year.  Arrrrr comes off next year along with A-Gon. That’s nearly $50 million in salary THIS YEAR.

Starting Pitching:Kersahw, Hill, Maeda, Ryu, Buehler, Wood

I am sure that the Dodgers will try and get Clayton to extend his deal this winter rather than wait until after the season. If he won’t extend, then there is a chance he could be traded, but it’s not likely. He’s mostly snakebit in the playoffs.  This year, he had a 4.02 ERA and a 0.89 WHIP. Those numbers do not compute. I think FAZ would like to keep him a Dodger for life, but at what cost?Yu Darvish should not even be considered as a free agent signing.  His mental makeup is not what they need.  Alex Wood will likely be in the rotation, if healthy, as will Rich Hill. Kenta Maeda’s contract will keep him as a starter and Hyun-Jin Ryu will be another year removed from surgery.Other starting prospects are Brandon McCarthy (if he can EVER be healthy), Scott Kazmir (stick a fork in him), Brock Stewart (he profiles as a bullpen arm to me), Julio Urias (maybe in September) and Walker Buehler. I think Walker Buehler could spend a month or so in the minors at the start of the season, but he’s a keeper.

Relief Pitchers:Jansen, Cingrani, Stewart, el Gasolino, et al

This is where it gets dicey.  Yimi Garcia could be back after missing last year due to TJ surgery.  Of course, Kenley Jansen will be the closer, but Brandon Morrow will be sought as a closer by several teams, including the Cardinals.  The fact that he pitched in all 7 World Series games drives up his price.  As a closer, he might get 4 or 4 years at $$10-$12 million per year.  The Dodgers can’t do that, but they might do $28 million/3 years.Brock Stewart could be an outstanding reliever next year. Tony Cingrani will be back, but Tony Watson may get a better deal elsewhere.  Wilmer Font should get a look-see if they keep him on the roster and Ross Stripling needs better control. Then there is Luis Avilan, Josh Fields, Grant Dayton, Adam Libertore, Edward Paredes, and El Gasolino (Pedro Baez).  Maybe Kenta Maeda would re-do his contract and become a reliever.  That would strengthen the pen, but they better plan on LAM (“Life After Morrow”)  – he’s going to get some big money as a closer, but FAZ will be looking on the scrap heap for more arms… and they will likely find one… or three.Also, don’t forget about Yasiel Sierra and other minor league pitchers who are rapidly developing.

Goners:Gonzalez, Ethier, Granderson, Kazmir, Watson, Gutierrez, Grandal and Utley

Prospects to Watch in 2018: Walker Buehler, Yasiel Sierra, Trevor Oaks, Alex Verdugo… and maybe Mitchell White

There is a lot of work to get done.  FAZ will meet with the staff soon and formulate a new plan. The Dodgers fell one game short – I am sure the players hate it more than we do.  This can be a stepping stone… or a stumbling block!  It’s their choice.

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  1. All good takes to start the off season. Maybe a surprise move or two that no one expected. FAZ should have added credibility with fans. Let the games begin.

  2. Good takes Mark! I agree that Grandal should be moved this off season and he has value. I am intrigued by Stanton, that would be a big move but some salary has to be shed to make it happen, and the Marlins want prospects. Ryu has some value too and is on his contracts last year. Someone might take McCarthy, he is a wild card. AGon and Kazmir have almost no appeal. Joc raised his stock but maybe the Dodgers keep him around like Puig and see if he can win a job next spring. Toles returns from a serious injury but is a nice player. I do think Forsythe comes back but he has some value too. The Dodgers need another big bat but should not blow this team up to get one.

  3. Well, I cheated and saw the topic you were writing so I started to put my thoughts together on what I thought the 2018 version of the Dodgers will look like. But first…I stated from very early on this year that this team was built to dominate in a 162 game environment, but what they would do in a playoff series was the unknown. FAZ went out and traded for Yu Darvish to be a legit #2, and really did not give up all that much. Willie Calhoun may be very good in the future, but it never would have been with the Dodgers. The problem was that the Dodgers did not need Darvish to get to the playoffs, they needed him IN THE PLAYOFFS. They toyed with his mechanics and near the end of the season, Yu looked like the Darvish of old.
    The plan worked in the NLDS and NLCS, but failed on the biggest stage. I have heard all of the “reasons” as to what happened…slick baseballs, Alex Cora got Darvish’s tell for his slider and he was tipping his pitches, he is not mentally strong in the big games, etc. It is probably a bit of all of the reasons. But the biggest problem was mechanical. John Smoltz showed in slow motion as to where Darvish’s hand was on the ball on his delivery…underneath. You try spinning a ball from underneath rather than on top. You will not last long in MLB. But why was he pitching like that? Darvish certainly knows that. We learned a little more about Darvish when he said that he was concerned about hitting Yuli Gurriel. That tells me all I have to know. He is getting on the mound for Game 7 of the WS, and he is concerned about hitting a batter who made a racist gesture towards him. That is where his head is at? He is worrying about Gurriel and his mechanics go all to hell? Darvish supporters can spin that all they want, that it was only about 1 batter, not the game. The fact that it was a consideration tells me that it was in his head. Does anyone believe that Justin Verlander would be concerned about hitting a batter for any reason? Don Drysdale is frowning big time from up above. Yu thinks he deserves Stephen Strasburg money, but who is going to even give him Jordan Zimmerman money? Although I will not feel sorry about him making $100M instead of $175M. I would rather take my chances with bringing up Walker Buehler and Trevor Oaks and waiting for Julio Urias.
    I am not sure that I go all in on Roberts perhaps becoming the best Dodger Manager ever. I am a little partial to Smokey Alston. In 23 years, Alston took the team to the WS 7 times winning it 4 times. In Lasorda’s 20 years, he took the team to the WS 4 times, winning it twice. All that said, I am a Doc Roberts advocate for today’s game. After Donnie Baseball, he is exactly what the team needed. Yes he made some questionable decisions. So did Casey Stengel, Sparky Anderson, Alston, Lasorda, Bobby Cox, Jim Leyland…Doc does not second guess himself. When it is over, it is over. Learn and move on.
    One change I would like to see is finding one – two pitchers besides CK who can pitch 180-210 innings. If pitchers do not lengthen their game during the season, you cannot expect them to go longer in the post season. I do not like pulling a pitcher the first sign of trouble. How can you tell about the makeup of a pitcher if they are not allowed to suck it up and pitch themselves out of trouble? I think Alex Wood may be able to do it, but there is not currently one other Dodger SP that shows that ability. Not Hill, Not Maeda, Not Ryu, Not Stewart, Not Stripling, Not Buehler… The first three should be in the 150-160 range. In 12 full seasons in MLB, Verlander has pitched at least 200 innings 10 times. That is why he can pitch a 124 pitch complete game in the ALCS and then pitch very well three additional post season games.
    I judge a trade based on the reasons at the time, and Darvish was seen as someone who could team with CK to form a formidable 1-2 punch for the playoffs. It just did not work. I would do the trade for Darvish again, but I would not re-sign him.

    1. Agree with what you wrote and particulary so about Darvish. The only comment I would add is that Verlander did look good but had no wins as the Dodgers got to him and if they hadn’t pooped their pants a couple of times much of the talk would be about Verlander not getting the job done, just as some talk about Kershaw not getting the job done. That’s baseball.

      1. I use Verlander as an example because he was a late season trade as was Darvish, just a more expensive one. While it is true that Verlander did not beat LAD in the WS, it was not because he pitched poorly. It is because he was out-pitched by Rich Hill and the bullpen in both games except for the Kenley blown save in Game 2. Again hindsight being 20-20, IMO the Dodgers would be having the parade if they picked up Verlander instead of Darvish.

        1. AC

          I totally agree with you about Verlander, and wins are not a good way to evaluate a starter anyways, because a starter’s wins, are also based on the run support a starter gets, for there team!

          I don’t think Verlander ever had a no decision or took a loss, in this post season, after his team gave him a six run lead!

        2. Also remember Verlander didn’t get hot until much later in the season. Thus, the August 31st acquisition.

        3. Totally agree, but the price went down at the deadline and the Dodgers had already traded for Darvish. With the Tigers kicking in $10M and Verlander waiving his 2020 option and the way he was pitching in Aug. plus how he shut down the Blue in Detroit he was the better option and would be a strong #2 for the next 2 years. He would have made the difference in the WS and Darvish did not.

    2. AC

      I think you should read the article about Darvish in the LA Times, the day after game, because, I thought that article was pretty good.

      And there was a lot of other info in the Times that day, and actually, former Dodger Tim Leary thought Darvish was tipping his pitches.

      Leary used the example, that the Astros third baseman looked like he knew Darvish was going to threw a curve, and that is why he went to third base, on that pitch, but that is only one example.

      I agree with you, that we need three starters throwing more innings, not just Kershaw.

      Not only because that prepares the pitchers better, and gives them more endurance, both mentally and physically, but it makes a better balance, with the innings, between the starters, and the relief pitchers.

      I think they started resting these starting pitchers way to soon this year, because they started resting these starting pitchers, at the very beginning of the season!

      The starters are not tired at the beginning of the season, and actually these starters, need to stick to a routine, and to build off every start they make, to get there command down, and improve throughout the season.

        1. Hawkeye

          In Darvish’s article in the LA Times, he said he couldn’t throw any of his off speed pitches in his first start.

          And he said he was working on getting his off speed pitches back all week, before his last start.

          He said he got some of his off speed pitches breaking, where he could throw them for strikes, but he really didn’t have any command with them, and they were not big league quality pitches, that would fool a major leaguer.

          He also said after his first start those World Series balls, were slick.

          And if the balls are slick, maybe because he couldn’t get a grip like he normally could, he couldn’t throw his pitches, like he normally would.

          And if a pitcher can’t get a good grip or feel for a ball, it is going to be hard to throw the pitches, a pitcher, normally throws.

          Darvish was throwing his off speed pitches so well, before these different balls.

          And he didn’t blame the balls for it, but he was throwing his off speed pitches well, before this series!

          I don’t think it was mental like some think.

          I think he knew in his bullpen sessions, he wasn’t throwing quality off speed pitches, so it was natural for him, to fear he couldn’t pull his start off.

          Someone else, probably should have started that game, since Darvish was having trouble throwing his off speed pitches in his bullpen sessions, four or five days, before his start.

          I don’t think the moment was to much for him, I just think he knew he wasn’t able to throw his off speed pitches, like he normally did.

          That is just normal.

  4. I think just based upon what we saw in the post season it is 75/25 Grandal will not be back. I think the FO likes the much more athletic catcher in Barnes and will look to move Grandal for some pitching. They will probably pick up a veteran catcher to serve as a back-up, but Grandal is set for a significant pay raise and the FO is moving to get this team under the luxury tax.

    Chase Utley and Andre Eithier won’t be back and Agone is set to make $21+ million. I think the FO will look to shed that contract if possible. If not, they may just “eat” that contract (Crawford) if it makes sense.

    This team is moving to the cost-controlled business model at many of the positions with youth as its cornerstone. Seager, Bellinger, CT3, Keekay, Joc, Toles, Barnes, Walker, Stewart, Stripling, Farmer, Culberson, Verdugo et al with a mix of some veterans like Kersh, JT, KJ, Forsythe, Maeda, Ryu etc.

    I’m sure the baseball pundits and agents will link the Dodgers to a number of free agents this off season, but I don’t look for the FO to make a major splash in free agency. They may be active in the trade market but I believe we will start to see a regular graduation of minor leaguers to the big club with players like Verdugo, Locastro, Buehler, White etc

    Would love to see Giancarlo as a Dodger, but I don’t see that happening.

  5. Well stated and much the same as I would expect the off season to go with the one exception being that FAZ will usually pull a surprise out of the bag somewhere along the way.

  6. With the talk of trading Grandal, can’t help but thinking the Mets might be a good trade partner. Don’t know if it would be enough or too much but Grandal, Pederson and Alvarez for DeGrom maybe

  7. Forsythe’s option was going to get picked up even if he hadn’t played well in the post season. If Taylor moves back to 2B Forsythe can spell 2b, 3B and play in left. Recommitting to Joc or signing a free agent to play CF and moving Taylor back to 2B are likely the only ways FAZ will trade Forsythe. I can definitely see FAZ trying to tie a pitcher to Grandal, Pederson or Forsythe in a trade. I agree Seager’s back is worrisome but if he needs to be moved off short why not move him to second until Turner is gone? If I remember correctly Turner’s defense doesn’t rate very high at second. I don’t see Stanton or JD Martinez happening. If FAZ wants to bring in a RH left fielder they more likely to trade for prospects that they can turn around and send to say Oakland for Khris Davis or Miami for Ozuna.

  8. Seager’s back may be a problem. That is why you need to keep Culbertson. By the way, Culbertson is a very good ballplayer. I like Forsythe at second. He is a grinder. I just think we can do better than joc in left field. Trade Joc and Grandal for a good relief pitcher. Especially if we lose Watson and Morrow. We really have good starting pitchers for next year. It is the bullpen that we need to look at because of maybe losing Watson and Morrow.

    I most certainly would keep Kike and Culbertson next year. Those two guys are very good bench players. We really do not lose much when those two come into the game.

      1. Come on, everyone knows that a Junkyard Dog is a grinder by nature!

        Clutcher? No so much.

        Get with the program. 😉

  9. I too am intrigued with Stanton in the middle of that lineup. I read a couple of articles that the Marlins are looking for a Justin Verlander type deal – mid tier prospects and the receiving team assumes the entire contract. As weird and dumb as it may sound Stanton’s deal may seem decent once Harper, Machado and other superstars get their FA contracts.

    1. Crawfish comes off the books this year and saves $21 million

      Ethier saves $18 million

      If they don’t pick up Forsythe’s deal, they save $7 million

      Grandal would get $8 million in arbitration, so if they trade him they save that.

      Gonzalez, Kazmir and McCarthy come off the books after 2018, saving another $45 million.

      The Dodgers can afford to tank on his contract. Taylor would go to 2B and Kike and Toles would platoon in CF.
      If the Dodgers take 100% of the salary, they should be able to get Stanton for Verdugo, Alvarez and Diaz – all Top 5 prospects and the Dodgers will not miss any of them.

      1. Taylor 2B
      2. Seager SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Stanton LF
      5. Bellinger 1B
      6. Puig RF
      7. Barnes C
      8. Toles/Hernandez CF

      Keeps Stanton away from the Idiots in No Cal and the Dodgers remain a force.

      1. I wonder if a Stanton trade would include A-gon. His money goes away in 1 year so would not be a long term problem for the Marlins. Would give the Dodgers some 2018 salary relief and remove Stanton’s long term contract from the Marlins books

        1. That’s a great idea, but I don’t think they would take it all… maybe half. Maybe McCarthy? That would be $12 mil.

        2. AGon is a 10/5 and has a full no trade clause. I think he takes his $21M and stays in LA. He is not going anywhere.

  10. Kershaw, Hill, and Wood are ok as the first 3. It looks like Hill’s blister problem is under control. Roberts has to let these guys pitch, not pull them the 3d time through the lineup. Of course, the game situation dictates the decision. Remember all those games we won when CK was on the DL? Maeda is an ok as #4. A trade for a tough SP would be my first priority. Take a look at Tampa Bay and see what they have. Odorizzi? Tampa breeds tough, solid players. Not always great but mostly very good. I would make a deal with TB. They will want some of our “yoots.” I would give them hitters but not our best young pitchers. Verdugo et al for Odorizzi sounds good. TB has some other starters that would also fit the bill.

  11. After losing the 7th game, I felt futrado and sad, I think we all were. But now you can see that this was a great season where we enjoyed an extraordinary team full of “brave” players. This team has a great future and it is very exciting to watch them play. I hope they can return to other world series (the season is very long and in the playoffs a play can change everything). I think it’s time to make a cold point of view about the improvements that can be made:
    FAZ are very intelligent people who have built a great team, based on the analysis of numbers and taking statistics to the maximum, they are largely responsible for having reached the world series, but also having lost it – I disagree with Mark in the language of if we win FAZ wins and if we lose the players lose- analysis of the statistics are very important for baseball now, but I do not agree to use them 100%, because whoever they are are human beings no robots. Statistics show us probabilities. If a player that day has diarrhea or has quarreled with his wife or has a personal problem or not slept well or if on the contrary that day the player is especially motivated the statistics do not work. A manager must have a strategy according to what he sees and perceives in the game and not only the statistics.
    I think it was FAZ and its statistics that got HILL out in the 4th inning because even though he was pitching well, the statistics said he could not face the lineup for the third time. According to the statistics, Pederson could not hit, and now the boy was so motivated that he was the team’s best hitter.
    Roberts is a great motivator, a great person who execute the plan very well and keeps the team happy, but he is not a good strategist. He makes changes according to the computer to the FAZ plan but not based on what is happening in the field. I think he is not a good strategist because he is not allowed to make decisions. I believe that he must continue in the team and for the next years and what he must learn is to also make decisions based on what he sees and perceives in the field.
    Barnes: Excellent patience when he bats, youth and future and he must be the next cacher. I think he should improve in the high of foul, in not exaggerating in the frame and in being a better guide for the pitchers.

    Bellinger: he will be the next rookie of the year, they have a great future and can be a super star, he is very fast and agile. 2018 must improve in knowing how to play first base in having more experience. He must learn to hit the opposite side to have more contact with the ball and to be more effective with runners in scoring position.
    Forsythe: excellent play offs I think he won the title in those games. It should be more consistent during the season.
    Seagear: must improve in being less aggressive and hit the curves better. I think it’s better third base than SS.
    Turner: excellent, the best Dodger player. You have to be aware that you stay healthy
    Outfield: Toles, Pederson, Puig, Taylor, Executioner. Taylor was the second best hitter on the team. He can start as a starter in the centerfield but I think he needs to improve even his reading of the hits and I do not know if he has the arm for that position.

    Agone did not contribute in 2017, he has been a great player but he was hurt. If he went to Italy because it was a tantrum then he should not return in 2018. If he is not changed or discharged then in February, if he is healthy he will have to fight and win his position, now he is a banking player.

    We need feal a second starter, we need a setup, I think morrow will not come back, we need a RBI producer, and that’s it.
    Already strangers the games of the Dodgers, I hope that soon it is April of 2018.
    Come on, dodgers.

    1. I agree that Roberts needs to be less “scripted” but I think he was in the playoffs. An inch either way on any of about 10 plays and the Dodgers would have won. I don’t think anyone is at “FAULT” – It is what it is. As humans we want to blame someone, but sometimes we have to accept the fact that it’s a crapshoot!

    1. Walker Buehler.

      Trevor Oaks

      Mitch White

      Julio Urias

      All could see the rotation sometime next year. We need to do what TB did – Grow your own starters!

      1. Buehler and Oaks I agree. White gets the Walker Buehler preview to MLB in 2018. I just hope that Urias gets healthy enough to provide relief in September next year.

  12. AC made a very good point:

    We did not need Darvish to get to the playoffs.

    We needed him to win the playoffs. Kershaw let us down in one game, but Darvish blew us up!

  13. Darvis was the key factor to lose. Hitters did not hit but even was enough for win 3 games because, we had an hitter hero in each game but Darwis was factor

  14. Now that I can get past my depression of losing Game 7 and the way it went down. I can think more clearly. My top 5 takeaways from a great season.

    1. Instead of being bummed about the outcome, let’s get excited about the step we took. A couple of plays here and there and we are planning a parade. What a great and stressful ride the last two weeks have been. Only one team can win, and the Astros did deserve it, even though that is hard to say.
    2. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades! Breakout seasons by Bellinger, Taylor, Barnes,Puig finally pulling his head out of his kister. Don’t forget we got Toles coming back, and a full season with Walker Buehler and who knows what it going to surprise us next year coming up in the minors.
    3. Wasn’t a real Kike fan until this year. Gotta keep this guy. I agree with Mark, he could be a real force in a few years.
    4. Don’t flog me for this, and I love the guy, but it’s time for someone with a set of brass balls to suggest to Kershaw that he should change his approach going into 2018. He can no longer just will his pitches to put someone away, he is not a young man anymore. Everybody including the batboy knows his first pitch is going to be an attack strike, and if he doesn’t get the call, the 2nd one will be another attack pitch. Really think by mixing in his curveball, which can be devastating, he can throw off the pattern that hitters know about him. Not saying he’s washed up at all, but he needs to be saved from himself sometimes.
    5. Last of all, I know it’s fun talking about guys we can get this offseason, and of course Stanton is the sexy pick, but let’s not forget that we won 104 games with our lineup this year. I’ll say it again, 104 GAMES! And we all know it could have easily been about 10 more if Roberts would have kept his foot on the gas. I really feel that lineup wise, with the exception of shopping Grandal and dealing with the Agon issue, we look strong as hell next year. If Turner Ward can work his magic with Joc like he did with Puig, get him to come into camp about 10 pounds lighter and start going to left field more often, we can be downright scary without Stanton. I will take a bunch of Junkyard Dogs who love to scrap and claw over having The Man in the lineup that can hit 95 home runs in one season.(Yeah, I know, chicks dig the long ball). I really think FAZ will not do a whole lot of major shopping this year as far as the starting lineup goes, becuase they don’t really have to. The pitching is another story, we can talk about some other time.

  15. I noticed some complaints about Turner hitting .160; his World Series cumulative OBP was .323 and in the 7th game was HBP, HBP, singled, and popped up. Kinda hard to get a hit when the pitcher hits you.

    It seemed pretty obvious to everybody that Darvish never had his good stuff from the first pitch.

  16. I do not believe that the Dodgers will sign any high end FA pitchers. They are generally not a great return on a very high investment. Can the Dodgers get another starting pitcher capable of throwing 180-210 innings via trade? Unfortunately there were too many teams that believed they had a shot at the playoffs and are not about to sell their top 1 or 2 pitchers. Will the Brewers make Zach Davies, Chase Anderson, or Jimmy Nelson available? How about Marcus Stroman from the Blue Jays? I do not believe that Chris Archer is an Ace, but he is a 200 IP and high K pitcher. Can they coax Jacob DeGrom out of NY? Is Matt Harvey worth a risk or Julio Teheran or even Cole Hamels? The Astros took a chance with Charlie Morton that worked out well. The point is, there are options that FAZ will search out without obligating $100M+.
    Is there a potential high OBP person out there? With Ronald Acuna ready to go, Ender Inciarte is a potential trade target. Inciarte can play CF and Taylor can move to LF. I know some are, but I am not a huge Khris Davis fan. He has never hit above .250. He has power (43 HR), but struck out 195 times in 2017. What would it take to get Tommy Pham out of St. Louis or Trey Mancini out of Baltimore or Aaron Altherr out of Philadelphia? Or do you take a chance and let Alex Verdugo start in LF. Again there are options that will not take the Dodgers over the luxury tax threshold.
    Just like the hitters needed to do, we need to be patient to see what develops on the Trade Rumors. Or we can always start our own what if rumors. Those are always fun (at least for me).

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