It’s Hard To Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up!

That quote is attributed to one George Herman Ruth and I wholeheartdlyagree! In the 1928 World Series, he hit .625 against the Cardinals.  I guess he was one “Hot Babe.” What does that have to do with tonight’s game?  Absolutely nothing!  I’m just trying to lighten up the mood here and keepThe Truth Hurtsfrom calling me a whiny bitch (which I think he did).

A skeleton walks into a bar and says:  “Give me a beer and  mop.”  The bartender says “What’s the matter, can’t you hold your liquor?” But seriously, Folks – It has all boiled down to one game. THIS GAME.  Win and you play one more for all the marbles. Lose and go home. It all boils down to this.

I do know that Justin Verlander will be very difficult beat, but I also know that the Dodgers have a steely resolve and have been on a mission all year.  This is what they have played for.  I don’t think they will do any less than lay it all on the field.  The talking is over.  Rich Hill needs to pitch the game of his life and the Dodger hitters need to be prepared to hit fastballs in the zone.  The pen is gassed but they have to suck it up.

Someone may step up when we least expect it!

I got nothin’…

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  1. That’s the spirit Mark! Win or lose though, it has been an incredible season…one that all Didgers fans should be proud of and happy about. Hoping for the best still.

  2. I kid I kid!! Gotta agree with the not so good feeling heading into tonight but let’s give them hell and enjoy it while we are here, who knows when we will be back! Go Dodgers….

  3. Agreed, Mark, I got nothing, especially after Game 5. Spent all of yesterday working with my kid driving around trying to recover emotionally from all the drama of the night before. Tell you what, I saw them interview all the guys after that game, and to a man, especially Puig, they seemed almost kind of defiant if defeat, like “Hell no, this is far from over.” Yeah, Verlander is a beast, and what is he, 9-0 since the Astros got him, but guess what, he’s going to go down one of these days, why not tonight? Our offense picked a perfect time to start clicking again, I will put my broken record back on, “These aint the Kemp and Ethier Dodgers” back in the day. Kind of like in Tombstone at the train station,”You called down the Thunder, here it is!!! You tell’em I’m comin’! I’m comin’ and Hell’s comin’ with me’!! This team will simply not give up and spit the bit, they have 9 lives. When we get to Verlander,,all bets are off. Plus, can you even imagine being at Dodger Stadium tonight?!?! That place will be ready to explode, and we always seem to find a way at home. Can’t wait, just got a good feeling about this one….

  4. Astros came out of Yankee Stadium and won two in a row. Dodgers can also!!


  5. Yeah Mark, that’s what I’m talkin about! Astros called down the Thunder that is Dodger Stadium tonight, and they got it! Gonna be off the frigging chain! I think the stress for the Astros might be too much too beah, as Doc Holiday would say. Starting to get pumped. Where’s the damn Halloween candy bucket? Let’s get this started!!

  6. CF Taylor
    SS Seagar
    3B Turner
    1B Belinger
    RF Puig
    LF Pederson
    2B Forsythe
    C. Barnes
    P Hill

    Good luck everyone tonight.

  7. Just love watching Rich Hill.
    Especially when he stepped off the mound so the crowd had more time to boo Gurriel.
    So awesome.

  8. I think I remember chasing another time or two in this series.

    Can’t argue with the decision to remove Hill in this situation. Now just have to hope that Morrow has something left in the tank.

  9. Correction. I think I remember “JT” another time or two in this series.

    Let’s hope getting out of that inning inspires the Dodgers to put up some runs.

  10. I don’t know if I can take any more of this.

    When Seager hit that ball to the fence, all I could think about was the one that Cody hit to the wall in the 9th inning of game 2. And when the Dodgers couldn’t add a 4th run in the 8th, I had bad memories of Dodgers failure to add a run in the 8th in the same game 2.

    But, all’s well that ends well. Now let it end well tomorrow.

    1. If Darvish pitches in the game tomorrow like he did in Houston, the Dodgers are going to have a long day!

      1. I believe we will see Darvish at his best tomorrow and the Astros won’t know what the heck happened.

  11. That was a good example that Verlander set for all. I was glad to see Jansen follow through with the same routine. He might not have done that without the emphasis that V put on it.

  12. Good for Joc! I think he’s a knucklehead too and he’s come up big. I bought my son an overpriced autographed Joc batting helmet at Spring Training after some serious arm twisting by my son. His performance has been surprisingly to most of us and uplifting to my son.

  13. I told you guys!! Astros called down the Thunder, and we took care of it at home. Just had a feeling that Verlander wasn’t all that., We did a great job of jacking his pitch count up and getting into the bullpen. Now, all bets are off, and I am spit balling that we start Darvish on a short leash followed by Wood, with Kersh and the kitchen sink it necessary. What ever it takes , drive a stake through the Stros heart and let’s end this!!!

  14. Hill has been our best pitcher in this series, good for him. And, yes, Joc has been a very plesant surprise.

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