It’s Winding Down

March 22, 2019

Brad Miller turned some heads, this Spring with a .348 BA and .400 OB% in 23 AB’s, but it turns out the Dodgers were committed to Alex Verdugo and had no room for another LH hitting utilityman. I am sure he is happy the Dodgers gave him the opportunity – he would have made the team had Corey Seager not been ready to answer the bell. Andrew Friedman likes to…


Hit and Miss

March 20, 2019

Not much can be said about the Dodgers that has not already been said by someone on this blog. Much is informational, even more is well opinioned, and some is of a concern nature with the regular season not yet started. It is also difficult to sneak something on this board that someone has not already posted. So, here are a few swings and hopefully not all misses. Brandon Gomes: …


Progress is Not Always Linear!

March 19, 2019

We all look at the stats and sometimes believe that the stats tell you “you are what your stats say you are,” and while that is sometimes true, players can grow in their skill set or regress. However, the progression (or regression) is not always linear. Witness one Enrique “Kike” Hernandez. About this time last year (March 15, 2018, to be exact) I wrote this, while referring back to a…


Spring Surprises and Disappointments

March 17, 2019

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We are down to 10 ST games with one week to go in Arizona followed by 3 against LAA. Two games in Anaheim and one game at Dodger Stadium. Thus far the Dodgers are 12-8-2, as if that means anything. Who have been the surprises? Offensively, Kike’ Hernandez and Austin Barnes have been red hot and IMO have established themselves as starters. Kike’…


Misc., Etc.

March 14, 2019

Andrew Toles The Dodger Beat Writers know what is up with Andrew Toles, but out of respect for his privacy (and to keep their jobs), they ain’t saying! That’s OK! Whatever it is… and I have an idea, I hope he gets to the right place soon. He still has a world of talent if he can solve his problems. Farmer, Wood, Puig & Kemp The Dodger Beat Writers also…


This $&@! Just Got Serious

March 9, 2019

Actually, my wife owns some ice cream stores (hand-packed, 15% butterfat, if you want health food, eat carrots type) and one of the most popular flavors is called This $&@! Just Got Serious. It is a smooth salted caramel ice cream brimming with rich sea salt fudge and salted cashews. Of course, Spring Training is also getting serious! With Spring Training about half completed, Opening Day will soon be upon…


It’s Not All About Bryce Harper

February 28, 2019

Have you ever been to an auction where one party was “hell-bent-for-leather” to win whatever the auction target was. The guy who wants to win at all costs is not called a “winner” where I am from. He usually overpays and regrets it later. My wife has won auctions costing thousands of dollars, only to regret it later. The winner of an auction is often really “The Loser.” Winning an…