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Andrew Toles

The Dodger Beat Writers know what is up with Andrew Toles, but out of respect for his privacy (and to keep their jobs), they ain’t saying! That’s OK! Whatever it is… and I have an idea, I hope he gets to the right place soon. He still has a world of talent if he can solve his problems.

Farmer, Wood, Puig & Kemp

The Dodger Beat Writers also know the inside story on why the Dodgers were so eager to get rid of Puig and Kemp… and maybe Wood, so much so that they took back Homer Bailey and released him… while munching on the money! Of course, they got two prospects whom many scouts are very high on, but that is a story for 3 years from now. One can only guess why the Dodgers couldn’t get more than they did for Kemp, Puig, Wood and Farmer. The idiot bashers say “Friedman should have gotten more.” Yeah, he could have got a lot more – he just decided not to so the morons would have something to talk about… and those idiots do. I’m sorry, but I can’t suffer those fools. We all know where they are.

A.J. Pollock

Pedro Moura of The Athletichad a great read about AJ Pollock. His only issue is staying healthy, but when healthy, even Bryce Harper is not better. Here’s an excerpt from the Pay Site (and worth every penny):

“It’s almost like he does everything really, really well, but almost like people don’t take notice of it,” Goldschmidt said. “So it’s the advantage of watching him every single day and seeing the work he’s put in and how he’s improved. Sometimes, it can be taken for granted, but when you see him on a daily basis, he’s as good as anyone.”

Statistics confirm that assertion. When he has played, Pollock has been about as good as anyone. Since his 2013 rookie season, he has averaged 5.5 WAR per 650 plate appearances. During that time, only 16 players have played regularly and logged more value per plate appearance.

Since his rookie season, Bryce Harper has been worth 4.6 WAR per 650 plate appearances. Manny Machado? 5.4. Of course, those two are 26. Pollock is five years older, and his contract is worth about one-sixth of theirs.

Allen Webster

Allen Webster, once part of the $200+ million salary-dump trade between the Red Sox and Dodgers in 2012, has come back from Korea and touched 98 mph and now, two years off Tommy John surgery, is interesting the Cubs.  I always saw him as the equal of Evoaldi…

Striker Buehler

It turns out that Buehler was not being “slow-walked” this spring. His arm did not feel right.Ken Gurnick of Dodgers.comwrote this:

Walker Buehler’s throwing session on Wednesday was overshadowed by the revelation that he came to Spring Training with an arm that “didn’t feel right,” making the likelihood that he’d be ready to start Opening Day “a little far-fetched.”
“My arm didn’t feel like it was moving the way I wanted it to,” said Buehler. “It’s not a pain thing, really, more like something doesn’t move perfectly. And the way I kind of work, I want everything to work correctly.”

Buehler and the club had been insisting he was being “slow-played” this spring because of last year’s spike in innings, but the story changed on Wednesday, first with manager Dave Roberts conceding the injury before Buehler threw two innings of batting practice, then Buehler confirming it.

“Hangover stuff from last year,” said Buehler, who added that he had discomfort from the start of his offseason throwing program. “Kind of comes and goes. I wasn’t feeling good often enough. Nothing scary, nothing alarming. Just wasn’t right.”

Now, some of the morons I talked about earlier are saying: “See, Friedman and Roberts lied to us.”I won’t even dignify that with an answer! Of course, they are not going to tell you! Geeeeezzzz!

Last Night’s Game

The Dodgers were cruising to a win last night whenLordy, LordyCabrera and Parker Curry snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. If there were any questions about them, they were answered last night.

Chicken Strip tried to push it to 4 innings and failed, but his first three were very good. Kenley gave up a couple of hits but looked OK after that.Machine GunKelly looked healthy and Yimi Garcia looks more and more like an 8th inning guy. Logan Salow needs to learn to throw strikes…. as does Cabrera. Back to the drawing board for them.

Russ Martin looked healthy and popped one out, as did Cody and Kike. Is this the breakout year I have been predicting for Kike? Just asking… CT3 looked very good early and now looks like he left his glasses at home, while Brad Miller looks to be a very solid pickup. The Dodgers have so many options…

Today, we get to see Kyle “Babe Ruth”Farmer (.407. 1.038 OPS) who is smoking hot in the Cactus League and some are reporting, may be the starting catcher for the Reds. Finally, we may see Matt Kemp (.375. 3 HR) and the Batlicker (.348). Alex Wood (27.00 ERA) has had back issues all spring and is shut down after 1 inning. My source tells me it may be serious.

The Reds are going to be a fun team to watch, but they already had some locker room issues before the trade. I still think the Dodgers are a better team without Kemp and Puig. Addition by subtraction. Matt Kemp has lost the weight he gained during the season last year and is again playing for redemption. I don’t dislike either guy and will root for them…. except today. Sometimes change is just needed for everyone.

One final thought: It’s just Spring Training, but the Reds will be trying to win. The Dodgers are just playing…

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  1. Geez Mark, did you really start out with “I know something you don’t know” twice to start this post? Spill the beans dude! Stripling likely would have got out of the 4th. But, Roberts wanted to bring in Vazquez again so he can “Roberts” for the second time this week with a walk to the first guy he faced and a wild pitch to give up a run. Way to go Roberts and Vazquez. I don’t need to see anymore of those guys that have no shot at making the team for the rest of the Spring. But, when NONE of your starters are built up, I guess you need to burn some innings.

    You’re right about what we got back in the Reds trade. Puig and Kemp have destroyed all the trade value they may have accumulated over their career with all of their shenanigans. I would like to hear the scoop, but you seem intent on holding out on us. Only a team in the Red’s position (crappy with fans that are staying home) could afford to take on those guys. Maybe they’ll be able to hold it together for a year so they can get paid again, but ultimately the didn’t fit on the Dodgers any longer.

    If Bueller and Kersh are indeed damaged, they need to treat them accordingly and are doing the right thing. Strip, Maeda, Ryu and Hill can hold down the fort. While Urias looks the part as someone who’s ready to join the rotation, I don’t want them to jerk him around by having him start, stop and start again. They should be resigned to letting him pitch out of the pen as a long reliever and build him up at the end of the season to get him ready for the post-season. That leaves Stewart, Santana and Ferguson as likely candidates should they need another starter while Bueller and Kershaw are in the infirmary ward. Stewart IMO, needs to focus on being a reliever. Ferguson can probably spot start, but I think Santana is the better of the two as a starter right now. Or, you can pull a Boss move and give the best guy a shot, add Gonsolin to the 40 and let him start his rise to fame. The problem is, you may not be able to pull him out of the rotation once you put him in.

    CT3 has a hole in his bat! Get him a new bat and he’ll be fine. Kike must have trained with Barry Bonds this off-season. I’m skeptical, because he’s just so hyper, jittery, goofy like he’s on the spectrum or something. But, man he looks good. Like he looked down the stretch before he disappeared in the post-season.

    I’m starting to worry about Muncy now. Belli might need to start breaking in his first base glove.

    It was nice to see some offense last night. I cringed a little when Muncy and Taylor each K’d with men on first and third to end the inning. Three errors by Manny’s backup plan aided the offense and we went back to the long ball. Belli crushed a ball right at Alonzo before leaving the yard in his next AB. Kike Bonds did his thing and a vintage Martin shot capped it off. I swear it felt like deja vu watching Martin pull his hands inside the ball and pulling that pitch to LF. I really like the ABs we’ve been getting from both catchers.

    Pederson’s average is 100 points lower than Verdugo, but his OPS is 100 points higher.

    1. I have no inside information. I just know that Toles has a history of anxiety disorder… much like Zack Greinke. I do not think we should assume the worst. Greinke quit baseball and came back after getting it under control.

      On Puig and Kemp: It is what it was!

    2. Pederson was off to his usual slow start and has been heating up. Others are cooling down. I will repeat, the competition for playing time is between Pederson, Verdugo, Taylor, Hernandez, and Muncy and not just between Pederson and Verdugo.

      Pederson is the left fielder and if Muncy doesn’t start repeating his first half of 2018, Verdugo will be the right fielder. Based on what I am seeing and not on my hopes and fantasies, Joc looks like he will have by far his best year this year.

      1. Weird I see the opposite with Joc, he hasn’t looked good at all during spring besides his xbh, he has looked like he only has one type of approach and swing, he isn’t making adjustments mid at bat, he doesnt really have a plan when goes up to the plate, against lefties he looks defeated before a pitch is even thrown. In the OF he has had a couple balls so far this spring land within catching distance but due his lack of speed and reads resulted in runs, use yesterday’s game as an example. I’ve watched every single ST thus far and he hasn’t impressed, also he has like a 45% k rate right now

    3. 59, HR + BB push the OPS up. It’s a tricky rating that doesn’t always tell you the details.

      1. Jeff

        You know we agree about that, because an OPS is not measring what hitters really do in the clutch, when runners are on base, or in scoring position.

        It also isn’t taking in the fact, that some of this production, comes after games are already over in the fifth inning, or sooner.

        And that is exactly why our team offensive run differential looked much better then it really was.

  2. Here’s my bold prediction for the day: Cody Bellinger will receive some MVP consideration after the 2019 season. I think this could be his time. Even when he slumps, he still has has his defense and speed to fall back on. Keeping his head on straight might be the biggest challenge. Big year ahead.

    1. Well hell, I’ll throw my bold predictions for the upcoming season:
      Walker B. will get Cy Young consideration…
      Corey will get MVP consideration…
      Joc will be around until the price is right to trade…

  3. Taylor is one of of the very weak links in ST that could be a starter come opening day. Hopefully, this will not happen as he is really stinking up the joint once again. He is not producing much, so far. Muncy, so far, is not seeing the ball well. He, Taylor, and Joc, have terrible stats this ST. His defense has been good. Taylor’s has not. 3 E’s at SS this ST, so far. Miller is far better on defense than offense. Thole does not belong on the field and neither does Curry. He’s not related to Steph, either.

    This game would have been won if it was not a ST affair. Our team looked good with a comeback win featuring 3 HR’s. Bellinger looks strong. Pollock could be our leadoff man. Kike is a lock!!! Loved Martin’s HR.

    I’m really looking forward to the end of the auditions.

    1. Was the error on Taylor his or Freese’s? The announcers wondered. Also Muncy could not hang on to a throw from Joc. Is not Shortstop the position that garners the most errors? Thoughts anyone?

  4. A GREAT, great podcast preview of the Dodgers featuring the great Sam Miller and Andy McCullugh (and Ben Lindbergh) should be listened to and can be found here:
    They touch on:
    1. the Fantasy Football league article that McCullough wrote.
    2. The Dodgers depth
    3. The irrational hatred/distrust of Roberts from a vocal segment of the Dodgers fan-base
    4. Kershaw’s decline
    5. Jansen’s heart
    6. The departure of Zaidi
    7. How the Dodgers have found success by “throwing players” at problems.

  5. 1. I have zero problem with FO not disclosing any arm ailments. What I do not like, is knowingly telling what is seemingly a lie. Don’t say anything. How can you be believed if you are constantly not telling the truth? Why shouldn’t we all just believe “It’s just another story to cover something up.” The story is now out that Buehler’s arm just did not feel right. So it’s not being hidden to the other teams. Why not just say that up front? Just like with Kersh, he will pitch when we (Dodger and medical personnel – not fans) are all convinced that he can do so without further damage. What good does it do when you tell the fans that they (Kersh, Buehler, Seager) will be ready on Opening Day, only to walk it back on Opening Day because they are not ready. If you do not want to lie, just don’t say anything. Neither Kershaw or Buehler have pitched in a ST game, and the Dodgers cannot even get their SP to go four innings after 3 to 4 outings, but Kersh and Buehler will be good to go in 2 weeks with no Spring appearances so far.

    2. I still have no objection to the Farmer trade. I wish them all well. However it sure feels as if there was something other than salary that drove this transaction. Fans are not entitled to know what goes on in the clubhouse. That is the player’s sanctuary. So how Puig, Kemp, and Wood were received by the players has to stay with them. There is always going to be conjecture/speculation, and that drives a lot of discussion amongst us fans. But neither the FO or the players owe any explanation as to how any of the three were received in the clubhouse. couple years back, we heard from Andy Van Slyke who apparently heard from his son, Scott, about Puig’s antics. That was not at all acceptable to the players and was roundly condemned.

    3. What is the status of Corey Seager? I know I do not believe that he will be ready by opening day.. We were told last year that his 2017 injuries were behind him only to find out that he needed not just one but two surgeries.

    4. I have never cared about results in ST games. I do watch for players who are apparently on the cusp of starting or on the roster. Bellinger, Pollock, nor JT were playing for a starting role. They were already locks, so they were free to get comfortable and work on little things. CT3 and Muncy were penciled in as starters at 2nd and 1st, but neither should have felt comfortable about their starting spot. Kike’ has clearly outplayed CT3 both offensively and defensively, and if ST means anything, Kike’s should be the opening day 2B. Kike’ – .375/.400/.750/1.150 – 3K – 3 HR – 11 RBI – 32 AB (most on team). CT3 – .179/.233/.286/.519 – 11 K – 0 HR – 3 RBI – 28 AB. How does Kike’ not get the starting 2B position.

    5. Neither Joc or Verdugo have distinguished themselves from the pack, so Muncy should still be safe at 1B with Belli in RF. But wouldn’t it have been nice to have that RH bat in the OF (Giancarlo Stanton?) or 1B (Jose Abreu?)? LF is still wide open, and neither Joc or Alex seem to want to take the reins (as Kike’ did). Joc – .179/.273/.500/.773 – 13K – 2 HR – 3 RBI – 28 AB. Joc has five hits – 3 doubles and 2 HRs. Verdugo – .280/.269/.400/.669 – 4K – 0 HR – 4 RBI – 25 AB. How does a player get an OBP less than a BA? I do know mathematically, but how does that happen? Muncy – .172/.314/.241/.556 – 10 K – 0 HR – 4 RBI – 29 AB.

    1. AC, On point #1: The only other factor is whether the player wants anyone to know. There are HIPPA laws involved. I’m not saying that is it, but it could be.

      1. I understand there are HIPPA laws, and if that is what the issue is, okay. But then don’t say anything. They weren’t slow walking Buehler because of some perceived overwork from 2018. It didn’t make sense when it was said. Credibility just seems to evaporate the more one skirts the truth. Did Kersh waive HIPPA laws when it was announced that his arm just did not feel right?

        Just out of curiosity since the point has been raised, once the player is placed on the IL, did they waive HIPPA laws? Or is just advising that the player is injured and is not one the roster for the next 15 days (at least) not breaking HIPPA laws? The Dodgers could simply have said that Buehler is getting his work in and when there is anything else to report, we will. Maybe Dodgerrick can chime in on this.

        Doc has said that Kersh, Buehler, and Seager will all be “ready” by opening day. I guess it is possible for Seager, but I do not see how either Kershaw or Buehler can be “ready” by opening day. They are Starting Pitchers and do not have nearly enough time in the next 12 days (after today) for them to get them ready to start by opening day. They cannot hide behind “ready” being a relative term. Just don’t say anything. “When there is something to report, we will”. Let those that want to infer something let them. It does not change the true situation. In this case, Buehler’s arm was just not right and needed more time to work it out.

        1. AC this is why I am constantly disgusted with the Roberts blather. He goes on and on only to change sometimes in the same interview. I don’t know why the Dodgers don’t have medical personnel to give updates on players. If hippa is the problem then as you say just don’t talk. Roberts is the worst to deliver this news. I find it hard to rely on anything he says. We will be lucky to see seager by May. I hope I am wrong but if he can’t get in a spring training game…..and Buehler that was just out and out lying. Roberts may be a great communicator but he has no business talking about injuries.

          1. Why would anyone hang on the words of the FO or mgr? There is so much deflection that goes on in the world of sports. Personally, I’m only interested in the games and the actual production of the players. The rest is a waste of time.

      2. If it were Hippa laws, no one would ever know anything about a player’s injuries, or drug test failures. You can file your Hippa conspiracy under Not Applicable.

    2. AC,

      #1. I love that this is now the Farmer trade! He’s, arguably, the least consequential player involved.

      #2 McCullough references the desire to get rid of players who didn’t align with the flexibility mentality in the Effectively Wild Podcast referenced above.

      1. AC

        I am not saying this to knock Verdugo, but maybe Verdugo is not as confident, as he seems to be.

        And because of that, he is not staying within his game.

    3. As far as antics go, we seemed to be past all of that stuff. Seems pretty simple to me. Three guys weren’t happy in their roles, maybe rightly so for Puig and Wood. Building the best 40-man roster also made for a crowded roster and some unhappy people sitting on the bench. Some would argue Kemp was the team MVP the first half, but couldn’t get on the field the second half of the year. He hits a HR his 1st AB of the World series, but then sits for the likes of Kike. Puig getting reversed platooned all year, hits 5 HR’s in 24 hrs then is back on the bench for a moronic platoon. He hits a big HR off of a lefty in the World Series and wants to play every day. Wood has a similar story. He’s been a quality pitcher who had a big 2017 and a big WS outing in 2017. He feels he belongs in the rotation. They all sucked it up for the stretch drive, but these guys want to play and the especially want to play going into contract year. The Dodgers chose to avoid the same problems . Hopefully it works out for the best.

      1. Hawkeye

        I just thought of you, because there is an article about Puig today, in Sports Illustrated

        1. Puig’s got a case of verbal diarrhea going on. While I agree with his clumsy assertion that Roberts(and Zaidi) did a terrible job during the World Series, this whole I didn’t play my hardest in LA BS is non-sense. It sounds childish. What’s he going to do run into more walls, dive more often, try to take more extra bases. I’ve watched him play and I’ve watched him work at Spring Training. He’s sour he got traded, and maybe rightfully so, but he should just go take care of business on the field.

  6. FYI,

    Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have announced multiple changes to the All-Star Game, the trade deadline, pitching usage and roster construction. More importantly, they have announced that the sides will soon begin negotiations regarding more significant changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement — including substantive changes to the game’s financial arrangements — earlier than expected, with the possibility of an extension of the current CBA as part of that.

    The major changes are as follows:

    As of this season there will be a single trade deadline on July 31, with the August 31 waiver trade deadline eliminated;
    As first reported last week, the All-Star Game “Election Day” format will officially come online;
    “Subject to discussions with broadcast partners,” inning breaks will be reduced from 2:05 to 2:00 in local games, and from 2:25 to 2:00 in national games;
    The maximum number of mound visits per team will be reduced from six to five;
    There will now be a $1 million bonus for the Home Run Derby winner, aimed at getting the biggest names to participate;
    Beginning in 2020, a three-batter minimum for pitchers — though that is waived if the pitcher ends the inning — and an expansion of the active roster from 25 to 26 players will go into effect; and
    Also beginning in 2020, regular-season rosters will expand from 25 to 26 players while September rosters will contract to a maximum of 28. There may likewise be limits placed on the number of pitchers on each roster;
    Subject to input from a joint committee aimed at looking at new rules, beginning in 2020, the minimum placement period for pitchers on the Injured List will increase from 10 days to 15 days, and the minimum assignment period of pitchers who are optioned to the minors will increase from 10 to 15 days

    1. “while September rosters will contract to a maximum of 28. There may likewise be limits placed on the number of pitchers on each roster;
      Subject to input from a joint committee aimed at looking at new rules, beginning in 2020, the minimum placement period for pitchers on the Injured List will increase from 10 days to 15 days, and the minimum assignment period of pitchers who are optioned to the minors will increase from 10 to 15 days.”

      That will be called the Friedman Rule. Some say he “abused” the DL. He simply played by the rules. How is that abuse?

      1. I kinda wish baseball would deal with this stuff sometime other than right when the season is about to start. It takes the focus away from the game on the field and I’m already tired of reading about the rules/rule changes/etc. We all like baseball because it is a near-perfect sport, a child’s game that just gets better when played by extremely skilled individuals. Think about chess: there are rules but the best games don’t ever include any notice of them.

      2. I like that both sides are already talking and agreeing on some things. Bodes well for continued good working relationships and for avoiding a strike.

  7. …”OPS is not measuring what hitters really do in the clutch, when runners are on base, or in scoring position.” ……Does it matter when and how runs are scored? Yes, it would be nice to loop or slap a single with a runner on second but if power hitters produce those missed RISP opportunities are less often clutch time because they are less often needed to win a game.

    ….”It also isn’t taking in the fact, that some of this production, comes after games are already over in the fifth inning, or sooner.” …. Hits with RISP also come after games are already over in the fifth inning, or sooner.

    1. Runners in scoring position can also be hit in, after the game is already over, but that is not measured in OPS, and that skill is under valued, especially in this all or nothing baseball mentality right now.

      Firstly, pitchers pitch much tougher when runners are in scoring position or on base, and because of that, not many HRs are hit in those situations, and not often.

      The idea is to be able to do both, not one extreme, because it is much easier to stop all or nothing hitters, then hitters that can do both.

      And it does matter more, when a hitter can hit in the clutch.

      Baseball is a game of adjustments, and because of that, hitters do need to adjust because pitchers on the other teams, will be adjusting too.

      1. If a hitter can’t produce in important times in games, how important is their production?

        It is just another number that doesn’t mean that much, by itself.

  8. I watched MLBN for five minutes at lunch today and Al Leiter was talking about the Marlin’s “Core Four [or Five]” and it got me thinking about who our “Core Four [or Five]” are:

    [In no order]

    1. Bellinger–I’m leading with youth here, both for team control issues and the aging curve.
    2. Buehler–Fingers crossed he’s healthy.
    3. Seager–Fingers crossed he recovers fully.

    4. Kershaw–Clearly we’ve seen his peak, but the team still needs more from him.

    5. Jansen–Weird to have a reliever here.

    ??? Turner/Pollock/Maeda

    Making this list makes it clear how important it is for some combination of Verdugo, Ruiz. May, Gonsolin, Lux, Peters, White to make it big.

    (Edit: It wouldn’t be that strange for Keekay to end up the year as one of our five best players)

    1. I do not think you can list your core players without including JT. The three core players for me would be JT, Corey, and Buehler, with Belli and Kersh absolutely vital for complete success.

      1. You’re right. Turner has to be there. There was a time in 2017 when Taylor was in consideration but I guess the league caught up to him. Make mine Belli/Seager/Turner/Kershaw + Jansen. Hopefully by the end of the year we realize Pollock should’ve been on the list.

        1. I can’t wait until we see Corey again!

          I know he won’t be on right away, but I wouldn’t be surprised, if he was either.

          Because he has never had an easy spring training.

          He has missed most of the last three spring trainings, but he came out of two of those three spring trainings, ready to play in the regular season.

          I am only being cautious with Corey, because of what he has went through the last couple years.

          We have talked about Verdugo’s hit tool, but Corey has hit second, from the time he was first brought up.

          And as you know, Corey has made it look much easier then it really is.

  9. Fun Fact: Noah Syndergaard was traded for R.A. Dickey. Multiple other players were involved, including Josh Thole.

  10. If Jerry Dipoto called Andrew Friedman and asked for Edwin Rios, I wonder what we could get in return. On top of all his other obstacles, I’m thinking Rios has now fallen behind Matt Beaty on the depth chart.

  11. The Reds should change their name to the Cincinnati Dodgers>

  12. Mark, I just got back to Illinois. I been through Indy twice this week. I was expecting at least some acknowledgment from you. Typically you reach out to people on ladodgertalk but no response. No requirement to do so but it would have been a nice touch.

    1. I did I told you to stop by and I would buy you a beer or coffee.

      I thought you weren’t interested. What else can I do.

      1. I am at the Pacer game but I will send chapter and verse later.

        You said you were coming through Indy

        I said stop by.

        I did not hear back

        I am not a stalker.

          1. Ok Mark I see that now. I posted about 10 and went to bed. I never went back to that article. Thanks for the invite. I think that is very classy on your part. Obviously, we are all very opionated but in the end we all have the Dodgers in common. It would be fun to meet with any passionate dodger fan. Btw I just saw cingrani is out. It doesn’t seem he will be able to overcome his injuries. That is a shame because he has great stuff.

        1. Sorry, I missed that I guess. I appreciate the offer I would love to meet you in person sometime. I am retired but I am teaching and coaching for a private school nearby. We were on Spring break this week. I was just ragging you anyway trying to get you fired up a little. Btw, I read many blogs daily and you are kind of “popular” on one. This blog is definitely the best but I glance at others because I love the Dodgers so much. I like ThinkBlue next probably.

  13. And so it starts. Tony Cingrani will be on the IL to start the season due to shoulder soreness. It is the same “injury” that curtailed his 2018 season. He is shut down for at least two weeks and then they will re-evaluate.

    1. We are looking at cingrani who will be on the Il and the following who are likely: kershaw, seager, buehler, so could be another slow start. Opening day lineup: lf joc, 3b turner, rf bellinger, cf pollock, 1b muncy, 2b kike, ss taylor, c barnes, p ryu

    2. Ferguson gets his spot, although they were talking about using Cingrani as a LOOGY so maybe someone else is in play?

      1. Ferguson has not looked good this ST. They will probably wait till close to the opener to decide who is going to the IL and who is being put on the 25 man roster.

  14. Wow, a lot going on today. Sorry I missed it. I actually had to work hard today. That happens every now and then.

    Thanks MLB for screwing Friedman and the Dodgers! All the roster and DL rules are related to Friedman doing his job better than everyone else.

    Can’t we just screw the PC “IL” and just keep referring to it as the “DL”?

    Of course Cingrani is injured because injuries don’t just cure themselves. Do you hear me Clayton? Time to see the surgeon.

    Sad lineup today in a sad 3-3 tie to the Dodger Dodgers. Get it? Because they all dodged being on the Dodgers.

    Kike has earned 2B, unless the unthinkable happens during the next 2 weeks. They should both get a lot of reps seeing how one of them is going to be the shortstop to open the season.

    Will I get lucky enough to see Clayton, Walker or Corey play in person on Saturday, or should I come early so I can see them running on the back fields?

    And lastly, the Dodgers definitely have a core of 5 players. Corey, Cody, JT, Kersh and Bueller. If everyone had to trim 1 or 2, they would all have someone different who wouldn’t make the cut.

  15. Dustin May has allowed one hit in three scoreless innings. Two strikeouts. He hasn’t allowed a run in 6 innings this spring. This morning, Dave Roberts said he wouldn’t be surprised if both May and Tony Gonsolin reached the majors this season.

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