Flawed Hypothetical

Last weekend Mark posed the hypothetical…”OK, the deal with theDevil is this:

Dodgers win in 2019, but have a losing record and are like KC, TB or MIAMI for the next 10 years… big time suck!”

I apologize, but I just could not let it go.  So please ignore if you so desire.

I do not accept that as a plausible hypothetical.  There is no way the Dodgers are in any danger of losing like KC, TB, or Miami.  They have the largest attendance of any ML team, and their TV revenues far surpass anything those three teams could generate.  The only way the Dodgers become one of those teams is if they choose to, and I do not believe that is in any way a consideration. 

Let’s just say what is really meant.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win this year?  There are two ways to look at it:

  1. Pay for it.
  2. Trade for it.

Let’s start with the “pay for it” scenario.  Most on this site (including me) were against paying Harper 13 years $330MM.  But let’s look at this with a little more scrutiny.  Currently the Dodgers are the #4 highest AAV salaried team behind Boston, Cubs, and NYY.  The Nats and Phillies are close, but the Dodgers still top them both per Cots.

Let’s assume that the Dodgers wanted Bryce Harper no matter the cost and offered 13 years and $338MM.  That is $26MM AAV which would take the Dodgers just north of NYY but still behind Boston and Chicago Cubs.  The Dodgers AAV salary would be $224,168,333.  That seems quite extravagant except when you consider that the Dodgers year end salaries for the years 2013-2017 were as follows:

2013 -$236,872,242

2014 – $257,283,410

2015 – $291,056,310

2016 – $252,551,634

2017 – $253,633,893

Those salaries were paid at a time when the team was under financial scrutiny for debt service concerns.  But since the ownership group purchased the team, the value of the Dodgers has increased from $2B to $3B, and all pending litigation seems to have gone away. The team has made a profit for at least the last two years.  So, is there a financial liquidation concern?  If so, then perhaps they should consider selling the team to an investor group that values winning and cashing out.

Also consider that even with the AAV approaching $225MM, the Dodgers will lose nearly $72MM in salary commitments for 2020.  That does not take into consideration whether Kenley opts out since I do not consider that scenario, but it is possible.  Consider an estimated $15MM of that $72MM will have to be reinvested for increases to arbitration eligible players. That would make the Dodgers potential AAV for 2020 around $167,168,333; more than $40MM below the 2020 CBT threshold of $208MM.  That would give them ample space to potentially sign Strasburg or Sale or Cole or Rendon as FA or wait until Mookie Betts is available the year after, when they lose another $16MM.  They would have to replace Hill, Ryu, Freese, Fields, and Cingrani, but with $40MM they could buy what they cannot cover with their prospects still intact because they did not have to trade them for a bat like Harper’s.

I am not a Harper advocate so him not being signed is not a major disappointment for me.  But that does not take away from the exercise as to whether I would be willing to pay that price for the right player?  Would I even hesitate if Mike Trout were available.  The answer is I would pay it and more for the right player.  I would sell out to get that player if I needed to.  If I am willing to go all out for Mike Trout, then I am willing to go all out for the right player.  A salary commitment of $225MM is not too much if it meant that missing bat or arm.  Especially if knowing that it was a one-year luxury tax event.

Now let’s consider the trade scenario.  We are not being ridiculous and even considering trading Corey Seager, Walker Buehler, or Cody Bellinger.  JT, Hill, and Kenley are all unlikely as due to their age and salary, the return would not be worth the loss.  Kershaw is untradeable due to 10/5 rights.  What other player is untouchable?  For me…None.  For the right return, all prospects would be considered.  Would I be willing to trade…say Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech, for 3+ years of Chris Sale at a very team friendly contract?  Boston did.  Boston’s #1 and #5 prospects and their #24 (Luis Alexander Basabe) for Chris Sale.  It has been my understanding from a good source that the holdback from the Dodgers completing that 2016 deadline trade for Sale was the refusal of including Julio Urias.  I have no clue who else was considered, but the only players that were untouchable should have been Corey Seager and Walker Buehler.  I am sure that a good package of Urias (Dodgers #2), De Leon (#3) Holmes (#5), and Verdugo (#7) could have gotten it done.  They did trade their #4 (Montas), #5 (Holmes), and #17 (Cotton) for Rich Hill and Josh Reddick.  So maybe that package plus Urias (#2) and De Leon (#3) gets Sale?  I do not think it would have taken all 5, but maybe 3 and Verdugo, as long as one of the three was Urias.  Would I have done it?  In a heartbeat.  Would that have set the team back a decade?  Hardly.  Plus financially, Sale’s salary for the 3+ years was $9.15MM (2016), $12MM (2017), $12.5MM (2018), and $15MM (2019).  They would not have to have paid $48MM for Hill for the same three years.

So if the Dodgers are willing to spend or make a trade with prospects for that one game changer that changes the Dodgers into potentially the best team in MLB rather than the best team in the NL West, I would say that I would consider it KNOWING that it would not set the organization back 10 years.  The Los Angeles Dodgers have far too many resources to let one bad FA contract or one bad trade of top prospects hurt the team for a decade.  They are not KC, Tampa Bay, or Miami.  They are the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they should not be afraid to think and act BIG.

Now Hear This!

Hello everyone! This is Mark. I think LA DODGER TALK is the best baseball community on this planet. We have lots of bloggers and members who obviously have a lot of love and knowledge about the Dodgers. One thing is certain – we are all never going to agree about everything. See, even AC and I disagree about lots of stuff (he’s wrong, of course 😉 ), like today where hedoes not accept that as a plausible hypothetical.Well, I don’t accept that he doesn’t accept that as a plausible hypothetical. Ha! We can all disagree… but we can’t be disagreeable.

Maybe I started it yesterday by saying “Shut the hell up!” I was being sarcastic, much like when I call Plaschke a moron. I also frequently call myself a moron as well, but I will accept the blame for starting it. I’m, sorry, but here’s the point:

We need to all get along and show each other respect.No sniping or threats or fighting. It’s been a long time since I kicked anyone off this board, but when word wars start they often escalate out of control. Let’s just get along. Agree to disagree… and disagree without being disagreeable. Let’s keep this the best Dodger Blog on the planet. Jon Weisman (whom I count as a friend) used to post rules, but I simply say “Abide by the Golden Rule” and nothing bad will happen. Peace Out!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

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  1. Beatty could replace Freeze next year and do it at the MLB minimum.

    Urias and Stripling will replace Hill and Ryu next year and do it near the MLB minimum..

    One from May, White, Gonsolin will replace Maeda next year and do it near the MLB minimum.

    If pitchers have figured out Muncy the Dodgers have Bellinger to play first and Verdugo to play right.

    If the Dodgers prove they don’t have a very good second baseman this year they have Lux for next year and again do it at the MLB minimum.

    The Dodgers could do a few players that are MLB capable but won’t ever make the Dodger 25 a favor by trading them to a team that will put them on their 25.

    1. Totally agree Bums, there’s so many guys that you’re leaving good names out. We can’t hold onto all of them, especially the starting pitchers. You would think that other teams would like to acquire some of the arms we have. Time will tell if we can get something done at the deadline to improve the team. What worries me is losing more talent to the rule 5 draft next off-season. Hell, I’m worried that we’re going to lose a good reliever to start the season because of the roster crunch. And I’m a little concerned that we won’t start the season with the best roster possible because some of the best may be NRI’s or have options. These are really good problems to have.

      I’m especially intrigued by some of the guys that aren’t considered top prospects. One of my favorites that seems to have fallen under the radar is Kyle Garlick. He’s a local guy, great story, played a lot of CF coming up, right handed pop. Every now and then you strike gold with a non-prospect like Jeff Kent and Brian Giles. I’m sure pulling for Kyle.

      Matt Beaty and Omar Estevez are a couple more guys that look really good in the early going and I’m really excited about them.

      It looks like we have a few really big bullpen arms that could help this year. Allie is unbelievable right now, same with Schultz. Therrien asn’t even pitched yet.

      I would love to see the 3 headed monster that does such a great job in this site write a post about some non-prospects that turned into stars and solid MLB players.

      Sorry for calling Palm stupid yesterday, personal foul, my bad.

  2. Well Mark you got me to look back at the previous Post to see what happened. Looks like we experienced some road rage.

    Peace please.

  3. I don’t think 59 needs to apologize… Got home yesterday and jumped in to check out LADT and wow what a mess that was… Palmdale showing up seemed like the same day reincarnation of Keith Flint of Prodigy fame(?)…
    Hope today is more peaceful…
    I have to get my 2c in on Kersh… Damn at my age, 72 1/2, I probably won’t be able to get snapshot of myself standing next to a CK statue outside the stadium, but I hope he is a Dodger for life…

    1. Thanks peterj, but I can admit that I crossed the line saying what he said was stupid. It escalated from there. I guess it’s plausible that it’s four different catcher’s faults that Kershaw choked in the post season. Not likely, but plausible. But, I didn’t have to call it stupid. Everyone has their own opinions and we should all respect each other’s.

      I hope Kersh is a Dodger for life as well. I just don’t need management to line up the rotation so he starts game 1 of the WS.

  4. Worked my whole life, I now get to take in my first two ST games. Eager to see it all up close and personal. Nice to have a wife who’s a fan too!

    Release the hounds!

    1. Yes.

      At this point, as great as King James is, I would trade him to the Clippers for draft picks and salary cap relief and then get Randle back plus another top free agent. Randle is a free agent after this year.

        1. The lesson here is: Be careful what you wish for. Maybe the same thing happens with LeBryce Harper.

    2. Yes! Put a stick in them. I haven’t watched the last couple of games and I’m thoroughly disappointed in LeBron. Dude makes so many bad passes and phones it in on D. I would rather have Randal back. If he doesn’t attract a big time free agent this year, then this signing was a total failure. I’m not sure Ball can stay healthy and Ingram needs to figure out how to show up for every game.

  5. I was reading that Stetson Allie is NOT on the 40 man roster. Correct me if I”m wrong, but if he doesn’t make the club leaving Arizona, will he become a free agent? Or can we send him to AAA if need be?

    1. I believe he has all his options available.

      Last year Allie pitched at 3 different levels
      RC (A) 19.1 innings
      TUL (AA) 12.2 innings
      OKC (AAA) 10.0 innings

      I would expect he will start the year in OKC to continue to work on his control. He is a converted position player so early in his pitching career (this time)

    2. He signed a minor league contract and is under team control. He has not been on the 40 man so he is not subject to options. He was left exposed at the Rule 5 draft but was not selected. He will be assigned at the end of ST or placed on the 25 man (loooooong shot). I believe he is eligible to be a Minor League FA after this year and can sign with any organization unless the Dodgers protect him and add him to the 40 man before the end of the season.

  6. I would be shocked if Allie was on the roster on Opening Day, but I would not be surprised if he was on the 25-man roster before season’s end.

    1. I’ll second that motion! And every time Allie is mentioned. I feel obligated to mention Therrien and that our bullpen will be historic! I can’t get enough of Yimi so far either. So sad, no games today.

  7. Is Andrew Toles completely off the grid now ? Does anyone here know what’s going on with him, maybe there’s been some comments but I have heard a thing since, he won’t be
    attending spring training. Is he done, finished, kaput. What up with Andrew.

  8. Mark, when you call yourself a moron you’re not far from the truth. In fact, you’re right there. 🙂

    Otherwise, I have nothing to say, except that I am extremely bullish on this team, and on management’s ability to address our weaknesses. Maybe that makes me a moron , but I’ve known that for a long time.

    Finally, whatever this team looks like now, it will almost surely look significantly different come September/October.

  9. Peterj, we’re about the same age. I turn 73 in October.

    And Mark, let me take this opportunity to also call you a dimwit, imbecile, half- wit, and so on and so forth. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Clearly I’m not totally lame, given that I recognize the absolute need for multiple smiley faces. Hope three is enough. OK, let’s make it four. 🙂

      1. Bobo

        I saw something the other day that makes me think Toles is already at spring training, but he may be training in the off fields, like Corey.

        I saw someone on Toles account post, that he was with Andrew Toles, and 8 other people on the 25th, of February.

        And this same guy posted a a couple days later, that he couldn’t wait until he went to see his Dodgers play again, until the last out.

        And this same guy also posted that Dodger game on the 25th, which was the same day this guy posted, that he was with Toles, and 8 other people.

        There were other things that this guy posted, that made me think that about Toles too, so I think the Dodgers may be keeping this from the media.

        This guy was really inspirational, but I think this might not be the obvious like we thought either.

    1. I turn 73 on October 16th
      If I make it that far.

      And I want a Worlds Championship for our Birthday.

  10. No games today so I might as well ramble.

    Perhaps we’re suffering through such a long WS drought because we shouldn’t have won the 88 series. Maybe that’s the team that made the deal with the Devil. Maybe it was those 59 incredible innings at the end of that season. Maybe it was the crippled home run. There was definitely a lot of magic that year, maybe black magic? The baseball Gods have a long memory. Maybe they sent Dave Roberts here to make sure the streak of void nothingness stays in tact. Maybe they sent us Friedman to tease us and give us false hope, only to hand over critical innings to a bullpen consolation prize. Maybe 59inarow will have a different meaning in another 28 years.

    2019 will be the year we break the drought. Why not? After winter storms this year, our water drought in California is over (So much for global warming). Surely this means the drought for Southern California’s water starved baseball team will also end. This will be the year it all comes together and here’s why.

    Alex Verdugo will slap his way into the full time left field job being equally slappy against righties and lefties. He’ll play with quality defense and challenge Belli for the team lead in outfield assists.

    AJ Pollock will be the center fielder and clutch hitter we’ve been missing providing right handed balance with JT hitting 25 homers each.

    Belli will hit 38 homers for the team lead and will lead MLB right fielders in DRS, together they will form the best defensive outfield in baseball and fans will forget all about Puig.

    The infield will also hold their own defensively. CT3 will bat leadoff and K less than 80 times, with 25 stolen bases and 110 runs scored. He and Corey will form the best defensive duo up the middle since Cora and Izturis.

    Seager will do his thing. He hits 300 this year along with Turner and will join Belli in the 30+ HR club and will lead the team in doubles and RBI.

    Turner will challenge for a batting title this year. He’ll have 100 runs scored to go along with 100 RBI, just missing the team lead in both categories.

    Muncy is a 280 hitter with a 380 OBP just beating out Verdugo for the top spot in OBP. His 25 doubles and 25 homers earn him the nick name “JT’s baby brother”.

    The catching tandem of Marnes is serviceable providing a combined 18 HRs and a 340 OBP by the break. Martin’s back flares up and red hot Smith takes his place and adds 12 HR down the stretch, taking the starting job from Barnes while throwing out a whopping 55% of would be base stealers building a reputation and garnering comparisons to a young Yadi.

    Kershaw starts the season on the DL and is out longer than anyone expected. After a red hot Spring Santana surprises by taking his place in the rotation ahead of Stripling and Urias who both settle into the pen. He starts 6-0 and Santanamania is a thing at Dodger stadium. Kershaw comes back as good as ever and puts together another sub 2 ERA season. Meada is relegated to an already elite bullpen and dominates with increased usage of his split-change. Bueller dominates start to finish for 24 wins, and an ERA just above 2 on his way to his first Cy Young award. Some feel Kershaw is robbed again because his whip and ERA are both lower than Bueller’s. Ryu throws 200 innings with a 2.65 ERA winning 17 games. Pundits around baseball call him the best 5th starter in the league. Rich Hill’s arm finally falls off in late July prompting Urias to finally join the rotation for good. He streaks to win 10 straight games to end the season. Stetson Alley takes Urias’ spot in the pen and dominates leading all MLB relievers with 16.2 K / 9.

    The good guys go on to win the WS the Dodgers way with timely hitting and great pitching and defense. The Yankees faithful are in disbelief as their bombers bats are silenced with great pitching. Their starters struggle during the sweep and their overused pen wilts in October.

    1. Hey 59, you forgot to mention that we go 162-0 and then sweep all our playoff games. The nice thing about writing fiction is you don’t have people fact checking you. 🙂

      1. C’mon STB. None of those individual accomplishments are out of the realm of possibility. It just takes a little luck for all of them to happen.

  11. Houston Mitchell got it right on Bryce Harper:

    The Bryce Harper story, which I was beginning to think was a remake of the movie “The NeverEnding Story,” came to a conclusion last week when he signed a 10-year, $330-million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. And I’m fine with that.

    I’m not a big fan of long contracts. They seldom work out well. The only current player who I might be willing to risk a deal like Harper’s would be Mike Trout. But that’s a story for two years from now, when Trout becomes a free agent.

    Some fans are mad the Dodgers didn’t pry their change purse open and make a real attempt to sign Harper. Those fans are wrong. They made a real, fair attempt, offering four years, $180 million or five years, $200 million. Harper would have had the highest annual average contract in history. Those are very fair offers.

    Harper said he took the long-term deal because the Phillies were willing to give him 13 years, a no trade clause and no opt out. He wanted a deal that would put him with a team for the rest of his career, where he didn’t have to worry about being dealt somewhere and he didn’t have to answer “Will he opt out” questions. So, he got what he wanted.

    The Phillies got Harper and J.T. Realmuto in the offseason, two players the Dodgers had targeted. They are going to be a very good team this season and it’s entirely possible we will have a Dodgers-Phillies NLCS. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

    For those bemoaning the fact the Dodgers didn’t get him, it’s OK. One player doesn’t guarantee anything. Harper would not have meant the Dodgers would win the World Series. After all, they had Manny Machado last season and didn’t win. And for those upset they didn’t get another stud starting pitcher, let me remind you that the Dodgers had Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke in their primes and didn’t even make it to the World Series.
    Would it be nice to have Harper and another starting pitcher? Sure, it’s always nice to add quality players to your team. But to say this means they won’t win the World Series is just wrong.

    So, as it stands now, I still think the Dodgers win the NL West, and, going by recent history, they will make a trade at the deadline to improve the team. Two years ago, it was Yu Darvish. Last season it was Machado. Who will it be this season?

  12. MJ,
    are you secretly mailing Kool-Aid samples to everyone. It’s been getting awfully weird around here last couple of days, But fun !

    1. Bobo

      I noticed that, but that is probably because most on this site, are smarter then most think.

      And Mark wouldn’t want it any differently, because that makes it better!

      I just made a post to you above about Toles.

  13. Absolutely incredible that the Dodgers were considered a top 10 farm system on nine different lists, ranked both every preseason and midseason. They are the only team to appear on all nine of these lists.
    Also, despite that ninny at dodger_therapy claiming Friedman destroyed his arm, Julio Urias struck out three in two innings and was clocked as high as 98 mph, but he also allowed a solo homer to Evan Longoria.
    Remember Urias is two years younger than Buehler.
    Here are the rankings in question:

    1. Pretty amazing considering those top prospects that have been called up:

      2015 – Joc
      2016 – Seager/Urias
      2017 – Bellinger
      2018 – Buehler
      2019 – Verdugo???

  14. 59… I like your thinking!!!
    We just got to get there and be/get hot…EZPZ…
    I’m still wanting Belli at 1B and CT3 I’m not so sure…Still can’t figure letting Dozier go..

    1. I liked the thought of bringing back Dozier as well. It wasn’t meant to be. He played injured and didn’t perform with us. With that said, I think CT3 is the most underrated player on the 25 man. He was a 6 DRS shortstop in half the innings last year and he’s had 60 extra base hits in each of the last two years. The only negative thing I can think to say about him is he Ks too much. If he can cut those down, he’s All-Star quality and “The Shredder” loves him.

    1. I think DC has you by at least 10 years! He’s old enough to be your grandfather! 😉

      1. If I was that old I’d hang myself! I’m thinking with as much pain that comes with every year that death has something to look forward to.

        1. I would rather go the morphine drip route. If you were that old, you wouldn’t be able to hang yourself. 😉

    2. Idahoal- I will be 78 later this month. You might just be the king of the mountain.

  15. Thanks MJ.
    First I hope Andrew is ok. And I know that’s the sentiment of everyone on this site.
    Second I hope Andrew is back on the field, and ready to contribute to Dodger Blue again soon.
    Thanks for the info

    1. Bobo

      It looked like this guy was not just another Dodger fan, although he was a big Dodger fan.

      And it appeared that he was purposely holding some info back, for privacy reasons.

      And this was not the first time this guy posted that he was with Toles, and others, because there was a post from him in January, before spring training even started.

      Like I said, this guy was very inspirational, but even with that, I wouldn’t assume the obvious about Toles.

      But I do think he is ok, and at spring training.

  16. Odd that we have 60 guys in camp, and we already need a day off?? And we have another day off next Tuesday

  17. An article on Brietbart had Larry Baer incident with his wife. I posted a non-PC Fake News Report that The Giants were going to field a complete team of Illegal Immigrants and Gay Players to appease the City of San Francisco and that they would only travel to Sanctuary Cities. They would forfeit all other games.

  18. When I entered this blog, I thought I would be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, but now I realize that here are only serious and adult people here. I turned 49 in January, I think that is the reason why this blog is much better, in fact it is the best of all, because here there are no children, only people who have lived, enjoyed and suffered for this great team DODGERS !!

  19. I feel blessed that I was 12 years old and living in L A (Highland Park) in 1958. The next 5 years were fantastic. I love Baseball and I love the Dodgers.

    The worst part of being old is that I miss playing baseball. But I have a highlight reel in my head and I bet many of you do too.

    1. My highlight reel tells me how much effort I should use to throw a ball 100 feet and when I use that subconscious reel to guide my throw, the ball now only goes 50 feet.

  20. Do you remember the President’s Physical Fittness Awards? As a freshman in high school, I threw the softball 268 feet. Somehow they did not believe it and the second time I threw it 266 feet. They gave me 268.

    I used to be able to stand in the end zone and throw a baseball through both uprights in each end zone, I think I can still throw 75 feet!

  21. MT
    Well I take back my much earlier comments when I said I’d like to see you come over here and try it. Obviously you don’t have to come over here you could take any of us out right where you are. Or are you throwing stuff at us now?

    1. Bobo,

      I will be 66 soon, but am blessed with good health except for arthritis. When I read about the Dodgers going Dairy-Free a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try it. WOW! I have dropped 15 pounds in that time and feel better than I have in years. Of course, I realize I can’t take these young bucks, which is why I pack heat! 😉

  22. Listen up kiddies,
    I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the chance to win the prize for the oldest dude who reads this blog every day. Born in LA on Nov 201927 I regret hat I may not be around to see how the Harper saga works out. And, I would like to see the Dodgers win another WS. Saw the first two games of the 88 series m seats only a few feet from where Gibson’s HR landed. What a great memory. Love the Dodgers. GO BLUE!!

    1. Did you serve in WWII? You are definitely one of the Greatest Generation I spoke of earlier.

    2. Gordie,

      I think you have tenure on DC. Right on!

      You will see the Dodgers win another two or three World Series!

      Glad to have you!

  23. WOW Gordie , hats of to you.
    And you too Mark. Great going on the dairy free sceme.
    I’ll be 69 in May. Dairy free except my goat yogurt and cottage cheese every morning.
    (With hemp seeds)
    Maybe dairy free is in my future.
    This blog still keeps us all in the game regardless of our ages and athletic prowess.
    So thanks.
    The older I get the better. I was.

  24. Mark
    Reading that several of the Dodgers had gone dairy free I tried it also. I have lost 7 pounds in 11 days and feel a whole lot better. The arthritis in my hands is much much better. Who would have ever thought!

    1. It’s really amazing. I also stopped bread. I do eat Greek salads which have feta cheese (from Sheep and goats) and that causes no problems. I have arthritis in my shoulders, hands, back, hips and knees and it’s soooooo much better. CBD Oil has also helped me a lot. I’ve been on that for a year.

      1. CBD Oil did nothing for me. I have had 6 ruptured discs in my lower back. Both shoulders have arthritis now, one with rotator cuff damage. Left knee arthritis from limp due to 30 years of the back issues and neck now has arthritis, but the CBD didn’t help. It was very frustrating.

      1. Mark

        I remember those Presidential fitness tests, we had them in elementary school.

        How tall were you when you were a freshman?

        I think Bumchuck has to much time on his hands.

        1. I was 6′ 4″ as a Freshman. Never grew another inch.

          Now, I’m 6′ 1″.

          Pretty soon everyone will tower over me.

        2. MJ,
          I’m going to disagree with you. Hamchuck and Bumsrap aren’t the same person. Bumsrap is intelligent and witty. Hamchuck is not.

          1. Rudy

            That is the point!

            If you were trying to be someone else, you wouldn’t act like yourself.

            You would probably act the complete opposite.

            If you look back, sometimes Hamchuck sounds a little smarter at times.

            Also you might act like you are politically to the right too.

            You need to take a look back, because sometimes it varies.

          2. Pretty rude comment. If you only knew the true me Mr. Rudy I think it would blow your mind. MJ is correct below, I am Conservative and Progressives have labeled us in a negative light. But don’t attack my intelligence please, you don’t me. I get tired of fighting people on a sports board.

  25. Milk(1%) is my beverage of choice, at least a liter a day. No tea, coffee, alcohol ever. No soft drink. I have been attributing my good health with never a day in hospital since I was born in 1941 to milk. Now what do I do?

    Maybe it is that good water we have, eh Mark.

  26. We don’t need as much milk and cheese as we have grown up eating but it has the protein and calcium we need.

    I cut way back on carbs, especially white foods like potatoes, white rice, white bread, etc.

    One way of reducing the amount of processed meals we might eat is to check the nutrition facts and if the sodium is more than 20% DV, I don’t buy it.

    One of my joys of being 71 is to drive a golf ball farther than the young guys. I can’t throw a ball anywhere near what I used to be able to but I can still hit a golf ball.

    1. Bum,
      I’m the opposite. I can still throw a baseball nearly as far as I used to but my 9 iron and gap wedge go the same distance, as does my driver and 3 wood, as well as my 7 iron and 6 iron. So frustrating. Still can’t putt worth a damn.

      1. I can still yank one 300 yards (not as often as I used to) with my Big Bertha, and I am a decent putter. However, my in between game is like croquet! I shot a 159 my last time out! OK, Shutup already!

    2. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I don’t eat anywhere close to what I did when I was in my 40’s but I still am stuck at 230lbs. But my issue has been appetite. Losing it but still not losing weight.

  27. This has been an interesting conversation.

    Bum – we cook all of our own meals. My job is soups, quiche, stew, etc. Elaine does the high end meals. In buying food stuff we are careful with salt and absolutely avoid hydrogenated oils. We have gone, for quite some time, to grain breads and brown rice. I do like potatoes and we grow our own pesticide free. Also grow sweet potatoes.

  28. Wow. Who would of known that LADodgerTalk is really a foodies blog waiting to come out of the closet.
    We have covered a pretty broad path today. High school exploits, name calling, apologies, diets, liquor, grocery shopping , and a little baseball. Sweet.
    And oh yeah, most of us are just getting into our prime.

  29. We are missing a few. These come to mind:

    Roger Dodger (Roger Sobin) R.I.P.


    Boxout 7

    Ray Charles (aka Melton)

    Bobbie 17




    Ira Barnett

    Dino Chavez

    I wonder where everyone is and are they OK?

    1. Mark

      That is unusual that you stopped growing at that age for a guy!

      I was going to ask you how you kept your leg at a 90 degree angle right after your hip replacement.

      Because I read some people have to bring a cushion with them, to be high enough to keep their leg at a 90 degree angle.

    1. I don’t know what sense it makes to send Urias to AAA. Maybe pitches thrown there don’t count?

      1. I don’t either he is pitching well so far this spring and innings are innings. Why hold him back if he is one of your 5 best?

  30. Quick question to some of the folks on this board. Do you have a subscription to the Athletic and do you think its worth it?

    Thanks and Think Blue.

      1. Thanks AC, was debating it, I know its not a large sum of Money but wanted to see what other thought.

        I have got the Dodgers Insider magazine for years but not sure I will this year. Have tried to put thru order twice and website said experiencing difficulties….

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