What Will Be…

There are about a 100 Free Agents who are not signed. That seems like a large number, but less than ten are really top players. The rest are likely minor league contract players. This is the list I have:

  • Bryce Harper
  • Manny Machado
  • Dallas Keuchel
  • Marwin Gonzalez
  • Gio Gonzalez
  • Josh Harrison
  • Clay Buchholz
  • Ervin Santana
  • Evan Gattis

Certainly, not all are even starters,in fact, I could make the argument that only the TOP FOUR might be difference makers, and they are not without warts. Would I like any of those players? Sure… at the right price. Keuchel can be very good or very bad. Marwin Gonzalez is a LH Kike Hernandez… but without the glove. Harper and Machado are way overrated and the rest could be OK at the right price. Buchholz could be a nice piece in the pen, but he wants to start, so there’s nothing to see here folks… move along!

Here’s what I do know:The Padres and Phillies are more than willing to to make a dope-fiend move to sign these players. John Middleton, the Phillies owner, said that they were willing to be “a little bit stupid” on how they spend. I think they will do that. At this juncture, I would guess that Machado ends up in San Diego and Harper ends up in Philadelphia. However, it’s possible both end up in SD. Either way, those are straight-up Dope-Fiend moves!

At any rate, it seems to me that this 2019 Dodger team is just about set.A lot can or will be decided in Spring Training, but for now, Max Muncy is the 1B, Chris Taylor is the 2B and Cody Bellinger is the starting Right Fielder. Of course, Justin Turner holds down 3B and Corey Seager is the shortstop with Kike Hernandez backing him up… as well as just about every other position.

All that’s left is Catcher and Left Field. That’s not how I would pick to configure the lineup. I have different opinions, but all-in-all, I am OK with Taylor at 2B (he can play it), Muncy at 1B (probably his best position), and Cody in RF – he will be better than Puig there. LF is between Verdugo and Pederson. Pederson has to have a caddy (a RH hitter), but Verdugo shoudl be able to play against RH and LH pitchers.

The team they start with may not be the team they end with.That’s a given. I think Verdugo and Pederson will get their shot, but the fact of the matter is that the Dodgers still need another RH power bat. That is Nick Castellanos. PERIOD! Maybe Pederson and/or Verdugo will show up and show out, but if they don’t, I can see Casty being a Dodger at the trade deadline.

Verdugo or Pederson and Toles and another prospect could get that done.Frankly, I would rather have Nick Castellanos in LF than Bryce Harper. The Dodgers will start with a LH hitter in LF, but I think they will end with Casty. Write that down.

So, there are just a few days until the first game.I can’t wait. It doesn’t look like I can make it to Camelback Ranch again this years (6 years in a row). I thought I had it all planned out – a nice business and then sell it and retire. However, the business model is blowing up! Crazy fast growth! I have so many other things to do that I can’t seem to fit it in, but it’s fun and I love it! Life is good!

I will be in Los Angeles February 25th to the 28th for business.Unfortunately, there are no games then. I’ll probably be back in June or July and see a game or two. But, if you can go to Camelback Ranch, by all means do so. It’s a blast! It’s almost as good as Vero Beach… but that’s a story for another day. Here’s what the lineup could look like in August:

  1. Pollock CF
  2. Seager SS
  3. Turner 3B
  4. Bellinger RF
  5. Castellanos LF
  6. Muncy 1B
  7. Taylor 2B
  8. Ruiz C

Conventional wisdom is that Will Smith will be promoted to the Show before Kaybear, Balderdash! Smith and Pederson (or Verdugo) will be traded for Castellanos…. or not! 😉

Other Stuff

  • In case you are interested (I’m not), here are theZIPS PROJECTIONSfor the Dodgers in 2019.
  • Where is Andrew Toles? Is there a reason to be concerned? I hear conflicting reports…
  • Corey Seager is on track to start on Opening Day… unless he isn’t!

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

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  1. Last day to report to spring training is today and Toles is the only player not already in camp.

    I agree the Dodgers will make mid-season adjustments. It is too early though to know what weakness will need fixing or what opportunity will be irresistible. Casty would have been a good trade if the DH were approved for 2019 but it wasn’t.

    I hope Pederson totally changes his plan against lefties and just tries to hit every pitch up the middle or to left field and get all his home runs against righties. If not, Joc and Kike’ would make a great platoon and together give the Dodgers much more than what Casty could do alone.

    Smith will play a strong role this year for the Dodgers and Ruiz will then be the full time catcher in OK. It will be 2020 before the two truly compete for the Dodger catcher spot. Barnes might have something to say about all of that.

    1. If the ZIPS projection is accurate for Smith and Ruiz, they will be unproductive as batters in the MLB. Neither are sluggers and their OBP are barely over .300. In fact, if I’m an impartial observer viewing the ZIPS projections, I see the Dodgers losing a lot of steam this season, both batting and pitching. Not impressive numbers on those charts.

  2. Another very interesting article, and by the way, thanks for the 68’s draft link, I definitely think it’s the best one so far, and not just from Dodgers, but from any other team ….
    And on what the first 4 could be different makers, my personal opinion I would say that only the first 3…

    Good morning for all of you!

  3. WTF is the Joc to ChiSox all about? It seems very strange to me since Toles is MIA and it isn’t their style to just hand the job to Verdugo. Do the Dodgers have another outfielder lined up?

    As far as Castellanos goes, his best OPS was last year at 854. and his DRS was -19. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep Joc and Kike in a platoon?

    Right now, Belli, Seager, Muncy and Joc are the lefty bats
    Kike, Turner, Marnes, Pollock, Taylor are righty bats
    The lineup looks very balanced
    Do we really (still) need another righty bat?

    1. The additional bench pieces – Freese (R) and Verdugo (L) also balanced.

      OF still feels not quite right (a little contrived) to me but will see how it plays out. Maybe it’s that 1/2 the outfield is made up of infielders (Bellinger and Kiké ) — I still think of them both as infielders

    2. I would tend to agree with you, 59. I don’t see the FO signing Castellanos given their MO. But, without the committment to Verdugo and Toles, it could be a safer bet to sign Castellanos and not platoon Joc/Kike. Pollock will be a major decider if this team soars or sinks. With a mediocre season, the FO could have mud on their face for Pollock and not going after some proven vets. Blue collar hitters are rare on the Dodgers. Turner is our only blue collar guy with Muncy backing him with the power. No one expects Seager to put in a full season at top level. I am optimistic that they can pull off a new philosophical approach to hitting, though. My optimism is a bit shaky in general, right now.

      1. I’m not convinced Harper is a “proven vet”. He’s had great seasons but has also had some not so great seasons. If Pollock is injured and misses most of the season, it is a risk that didn’t pay off. Harper is also not a sure thing. At his price one could argue it is a greater risk.

  4. Good Morning. I am tired of defending this front office. This team is worst without Puig and Kemp and that nonsense trade with the Reds. As well as the last trade before this that this FO made with the Reds where they handed Peraza for nothing and was a terrible trade. This team needs to Sign Harper or Machado and this cheap owners need to do show this is a big team if not they wont win the WS. Boston Spent and they won. If it was not for Machado , Puig, Kemp, etc the Dodgers would have not made the WS. You can criticize Puig all you want and defend this FO for trading him but he is one of the very few players that had clutch moments and showed up . As far as i remember Jensen, Kershaw have always been terrible in the post season most of the time. Puig in the last 2 Octobers carried the team. Forget about Verdugo , just sign Harper or Machado as soon as possible and stop playing games like this is Tampa or Oakland. Do something.

  5. Verdugo has not proven anything at Big League Level and maybe has not been giving a chance but he is not proven and seems to have a bad attitude too so i am not sure he will be good. He has talent and could be a contact hitter and better than Joc for sure but is not a fact. This FO has failed to land Realmuto, Kluber, Sign any FA. The dumb Zaidi thankfully gone gave stupid contracts to his friends Macarthy , Kazmir, Anderson all worthless pitchers and with zero guts for pitching. Always injured and mediocre stats. Instead of going to the big star this idiot always signed mediocre players until last season that he got Machado and when he traded for Darvish who was terrible in post season and not that good during the season but did had a couple good outings in first rounds of playoffs. I am not convinced Kelly is the solution he has been terrible inconsistent in his carreer i think they should have signed more BP arms because Jansen has been so inconsistent and giving home runs every outing.

    1. Man, I could have sworn just about every baseball pundit picks the Dodgers to win their division and most predict another World Series appearance.

      I guess I was wrong. The sky is falling – we are doomed.

      1. Mark I understand they predict but that means nothing! U can predict the world is ending, but is it??? And that doesn’t mean they will get to or win the world series! ! And yhat is what matters, not winning ur division

        1. Sure you can predict the world is ending, but can you get 8/1 odds on it?

          The prediction that the Dodgers can win their division and make another WS is not some off the cuff prediction. Based on Vegas odds, it’s the most likely possibility in the NL.

          Doesn’t mean it will happen. But a substantially greater chance it will then the world ending.

      2. Mark,
        I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but when you are playing in a weak division, your chances for success are greater. Plus winning your division is a sign of success in itself. The WS takes a special team to win it. The Dodgers have not manifested that ‘specialness’ yet. In 2017, we approached that mark. We went on a run that I have never seen before, or at least can’t remember them ever doing. Then they nose dived. They were on track for the record books but they couldn’t sustain that kind of momentum. It was a burst of brilliance. A team like Houston outlasted us, out managed us, and was overall the better team.

        The Dodgers have never exhibited that ‘fight’ on a consistent basis. Last year was another example of this. They were putrid for long stretches last season. Arizona tanked and gave Colorado and the Dodgers a chance. The Dodgers fought for that division title and got it. They didn’t fight Boston the way they needed to. So, no WS ring for this club. Do you really think they have managed to put together a club of fighters? They have numbers but they are not the Warriors with 5 All Stars and all the skill in the world. You need top players to win a WS these days. Numbers can only get you so far.

        Having said that, I am still not in on Machado or Harper, but the FO will not spend the bucks it takes to get the top talent, so we will continue to struggle to get our division title and WS attempts. This team is not good enough to win the WS. Machado was not good enough to get us a win in the WS as we saw. One could still argue that the product the FO is fielding is a success. But if the WS is the only measurement people want to use for success, then there is a problem.

        1. I’m not sure how you know that before the 1st ST game has even been played. The ’88 Dodgers were not favored even after they made the playoffs. You never know who peaks at the right time and runs the table. I do wonder if they have done enough, fair point but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

    2. Carlos, I am going to agree with you to some extent. The FO has not delivered the Big Name FO and this year AF should have brought in Harper no doubt about it. Building on his talent at $25-30 mil a year was a no brainer. Jeez JT is at that age right now and all the fans here applaud the re-signing of him at his age. But NOOOOOO, signing Harper was a bad deal. But other than that the FO has brought two World Series appearances. It was Roberts who bumbled his way through them. He should have been let go and a real leader brought in, but what else is now.

      It is obvious that MLB is colluding against the players right now to avoid long term contracts.

  6. That report on Dodger com was written at 1pm western time, and Bill Plunkett of the OCR said everyone was at spring training at 3pm western time yesterday.

    And when Plunkett said that, Toles wasn’t one of the last to report to camp.

  7. Remember our biggest weakness last year, was not hitting when runners were in scoring position, not hitting HRs.

    I rather see our players do that consistently then hit a bunch of solo HRs, that are just filler for our offense, and make our run differential look better then it really is.

    And being able to hit in those situations, is going to be the key against good pitching in the post season.

    I hope Cody gets back to doing this after working with our hitting instructor, because Cody not only hit well in these situations in 2017, he did that in the last couple innings in games, in the clutch.

    Although Cody was not as bad as some, in these situations last year.

    Corey and Turner can’t be the only players able to hit in these situations, because if we get to the post season, pitchers won’t be giving these guys much to hit.

  8. So many doubts, pretty funny actually. Hear this from Dodger fans often. Friedman and Roberts seem excited. Some of this angst from Dodger fans probably is more about the Dodgers not signing Harper or trading for Kluber. Hey, I will miss Puig, he was fun to watch, but he couldn’t hit lefties. Does anybody really think it would be a good idea to keep him in his walk year as a part of a platoon? He was already making noise about issues with the front office thinking. Not playing regularly when he was looking for a big contract wasn’t going to cut it. I will miss Kemp. He pretty much saved the Dodgers in the first half of 2018. The Dodgers simply had too many outfielders. Good, bad or indifferent they had to do something. Maybe Joc Pederson is on the trade block or maybe he isn’t. But he has power and I think the team is afraid to trade him because he continues to improve. Plus he goes deep against some pretty elite pitchers. I have a hard time understanding why some fans undervalue AJ Pollock. He’s a game changing player and several Dodger pitchers have said they are glad they don’t have to face him any longer. He can play center and lead off, something the Dodgers haven’t really had in awhile. Yes, he’s had some freak injuries, but that’s pretty much what they’ve been, like Turner getting hit on the wrist at the end of spring training last year. Not much you can about those type of impact injuries. The Dodgers have the deepest starting pitching in baseball and the bullpen is far better than what they had starting 2018, when they blew game after game in the first couple of months. Injuries can always change a season, but the Dodgers, thanks to depth, have been able to overcome the last few years. Friedman and Roberts are excited. You can hear that excitement in interviews. So why the doubts? Spring is for optimism, not pessimism. We’re not talking about the Detroit Tigers here. Maybe Pollock said it best. When he played in Arizona, they hoped to win and make the playoffs. In LA? They expect to win and go deep in the playoffs.

  9. From Friedman, we are not sure when Toles will arrive, but he has been in contact with our organization, and he has our full support.

    1. A White Sox blog resurfaced the Pederson trade talk but it is a non-story everywhere else. The article on Toles mentioned that the reason Joc wasn’t traded might have been due to Toles limbo.

      In either case the two teams were said to never have been close to agreement on the players.

      Toles can still be a heart warming story. I wish him well.

      1. I already said that I doubted that trade talk, because I thought it was just talk, because the White Sox and Dodgers share the same complex in spring training.

        With Toles, it sounds like a family issue, because the Dodgers said out of respect to Toles’ family, they were not going to comment on this again.

      2. I have been advised that it was closer than many want to think. There were four players discussed, LHRP Jace Fry, RHSP Carson Fulmer, LHRP Aaron Bummer, and lottery pick 3B Bryce Bush. Not all 4 but some combination. But I also heard that the Dodgers love Joc’s ability to hit RHP and were not willing to give that up.
        But if you like gambles Jace Fry and Carson Fulmer could have been just that. Fry could be that player before he is, and Carson Fulmer, a former 1st round pick and former Vandy teammate with Walker Buehler may very well just need a change of scenery. He may have come up to soon and expectations to replace Chris Sale could not possibly be lived up to. He was selected before Buehler in the same draft and was considered the better prospect at that time.
        But with Toles’ personal issues, the likelihood of Joc going anywhere are not very good.
        AF was interested in both Fry and Fulmer. Fry is arb eligible in 2021 and FA in 2024, while Fulmer is arb eligible in 2022 and FA in 2025. Fry has two options remaining and Fullmer has one. Both could be special and both could be busts. Both are well worth a risk, but I think Joc is too much for that duo.

        1. Toles has a long history of Problems. This nothing new with him. IMO this is pro sports and inexcusable to miss spring training like he did. Dump this dude asap.

          1. Hanchuck

            You have no idea what the issue is, but the Dodgers do, and he has all their support!

            And by the way, Roberts said today was the voluntary date to arrive, and this Saturday is the mandatory date to arrive.

  10. I read some of the comments on here and then see some of the same observations on other sites, and it has to be frustration that the Dodgers did not win it all in 2017 or 2018. Because I keep reading that the FO has not done enough to help the team this year (more so on other sites). I still have no idea what the budget for AF is, but it has to be somewhere near the CBT threshold of $206MM. Right now, they are at $198MM and if Kershaw and Maeda max their incentives, the Dodgers will go past that threshold without adding anyone at the trade deadline.
    The Dodgers committed 3 years and $93MM to Clayton ($31MM AAV), $18MM QO to Ryu, 3 years and $25MM to Joe Kelly ($8.3MM AAV), and 4 years and $55MM to AJ Pollock ($12MM AAV). They already have $19.3MM committed to Jansen, $18.7MM to Hill, and $19.0MM to JT (all at $16MM AAV). And that is not enough? To some, no.
    Many want another $31+MM to Bryce Harper for 10 YEARS, and Bryce has had all of one outstanding year, and one very good year, and the rest not so much. He is a very good player, but I do not see him as THE DIFFERENCE, and certainly not at his cost.
    Machado? Been there done that. Next!!
    JT Realmuto – If anyone believes that 2 years of JTR is worth May, Lux, and either Ruiz or Smith, I am extremely grateful that you are not the GM for the Dodgers.
    Pirates wanted Ross Stripling for one year of Francisco Cervelli. If anyone feels the Dodgers missed there, see comment above on JTR.
    I agree with Dodgerrick on Yan Gomes and at the time thought he would have been a good pickup. It is possible that the Dodgers did not want Gomes unless he came with Kluber or if they believed they could be patient and wait out Miami for JTR. Could have been a miss, we will never know how much of a consideration it was.
    I have read that the Dodgers should have tried to sign Nate Eovaldi. 4 years $67.5MM for a pitcher with two TJ surgeries. I think the Dodgers would have talked to Eovaldi for a high AAV contract for 2 years, but not 4.
    Joe Kelly (30) was less expensive and younger than both Zack Britton (31 and 3 years $39MM) and Andrew Miller (34 and 2 years at $25MM), and less expensive than Jeurys Familia. Of the four, I might have considered Familia at 3 years $30MM, but he was willing to take less and go back to NYM. If Kelly can come close to duplicating what he did in the post season, he will more than earn his $8.33 AAV.
    I was a strong advocate for JDLM, and I do think they missed out there. I would have liked a consistent strong defensive everyday 2B to combo with Seager. However, I will defer to AF who thinks that CT3, Kike’, and Muncy will produce equal or better numbers at a far less cost. And yes, I do believe finances had a strong consideration for 2B. The three combined are less than DJLM. I remain a DJLM fan and would have loved to see him in Dodger blue rather than NYY pinstripes.
    How many would have spent $140MM+ for 6 years for Patrick Corbin. The Dodgers have enough LHSP, and Corbin made it clear that he wanted East Coast. (preferably NYY, but DC is close enough).
    Keuchel? Kimbrel? Any of the Gonzalez’ (Marwin, Gio, Carlos)? Josh Harrison? If you are GM, WHO?
    The Dodgers NEED to rely on their farm system. That is where they will look for their stars; Kershaw, Buehler, Jansen, Ryu, Joc, Belli, Stripling, Ferguson, maybe this year Verdugo. Since they were in the Dodgers farm system via trade, I think I can include Barnes and CT3. So, if they can pick up more prospects like Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray, all the better. They will continue to add where they need, but it will be complimentary players like Pollock and Kelly, not prima donnas like Harper. AF will undoubtedly spend $30MM AAV again, but it will be home grown, and it could very well be when Corey Seager becomes a FA.
    Everyone knows how I coveted Corey Kluber. It did not happen. We will never know what the cost of Kluber was. Next!!
    Pitchers and catchers have reported, so it is now time to get behind this team as it is. They are the jewel of the NL West and have every right to claim favorite status for the NL crown going into the season. We have no idea yet who will be needed at trade deadline. But we do know that AF is not afraid to pull the trigger at that time if need be. If there is a difference maker available, I think he will absolutely go for that player. We also know that AF will not mortgage the future. It is indeed a good time to be a Dodger fan.

    1. Agree about JDLM.

      I wonder if they were still in the Harper running when he signed then pivoted to Pollock once they knew they were out.

      Adding JDLM would’ve solidified the infield.

      Another theory is Muncy could be asked to play more 2b than we expect.

      1. There are undoubtedly reasons we haven’t even thought of as to why the Dodgers did not sign JDLM. I know they were interested, just not enough to pull the trigger

        1. The luxury tax!!! You realize kazmir and sierra are on the books until 2022. I think AF is starting to see daylight in the next 2 years where the Dodgers should get on much better financial footing. After the trade, some dope fiend Cuban signings, and some more bad contracts in Anderson, McCarthy, kazmir I don’t think AF is willing to make a big move. The Dodgers are too close to a sustainable financial level to go for the big splash now. So, no Harper, machado, arenado, etc. I can see down the road trying to sign bellinger, seager, buehler, etc as been his pattern in signing kershaw, turner, Jansen, etc. I am really surprised he went for pollock who he might we’ll regret but hopefully not! Btw I know joc can’t hit lefties but he was a righty killer in my mind. He needs to be in shape though as he has been less than well conditioned at times. I just root for seager to come back that would go a long way for dodger success.

  11. Koehler getting injured without throwing a pitch was unlucky last year as well.

    I’m really optimistic. This is the best Rotation I can remember, and if Baez & Kelly can get the ball to a rejuvenated Kenley, then the BP should be fine.
    I said last year that he was carrying too much timber, and it looks like he’s addressed it.

    Catcher remains the the only major concern for me.

  12. Yep, this is going to be a looooong week. I didn’t know anyone was so passionate about Jose Peraza, who by the way was acquired by the same front office just 6 months before the trade that sent him to the Reds. How can you argue with a guy that calls the front office idiots after winning the division 6 straight times (a record) and back to back World Series? Some people just choose to thrive in misery.

    I will give you this Carlos. I would love to see them acquire a top talent. My guy is Harper with Kluber a close second. Actually, I would rather have Trevor Bauer than Kluber because I would rather have a guy on the way up in his career than on the way down. And to tell you the truth, I would rather have Arrenado or Rendon than Harper. So, at this point I would wait it out and see what’s available at the deadline.

  13. With all the prospect lists starting to pop up, it’s a nice look into recent IFA signing. The Dodgers have been limited in what they can spend, but seem to be spending it really, really well.
    Uceta was signed in 2016 for just (relative just there) 10K.
    Carillo in ’16 for 75K.
    Robinson Ortiz in ’17 for 60K.
    Alex De Jesus and Jerming Rosario in ’18 for 500K and 600K.
    Carlos Rincon for 325K.

  14. AC & 59 – Well put gentleman… AC you advocated JDLM and I said why not Dozier for another go at it.. I’m big on D up the middle and hope 2B will be OK with Muncy or whomever…
    It will be several weeks of Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda rants & raves…
    Watford my Man – Keep the faith with Barnes… I gotta feeling…
    I too hope all is well Toles and hope to see him soon… And yes, what a story…

    1. I think Barnes may surprise a few people this year too.

      Because he really didn’t start the season healthy last year, and since Grandal was so hot at the beginning of the season, and Grandal and Kemp were carrying our offense, Barnes was lucky to get more then 4 at bats, a week at the beginning of the season.

      And sometimes Roberts would still pinch hit with Grandal when he was so hot, and give one of those four at bats, Barnes would get a week.

      And I don’t care what kind a hitter you are, other then Manny Mota, it is hard to get in a hitting rhythm and be able to make all the adjustments pitchers are making, with only 4 at bats a week.

        1. Rudy

          I didn’t know that, but the Giants had some pretty bad seasons, even after they won it all, the year before.

          And they haven’t been good for the last few years, but three World Series, in the short time the Giants did that, is not an easy thing, as we all know here.

        2. It is to bad we didn’t play them, in one of those post season series, that would have took it to another level.

    1. Three-year window.

      If we don’t win it during that time they may lose me.

      Hate to be fair-weather but this group won’t be around forever.

      1. The new CBA in 3 years likely will make long term contracts even more of an anchor if it increases salaries in a player’s younger years.

  15. I just saw a page on Trout talking about the Phillies.

    Can you imagine if the Phillies sigh both Harper and Trout?

    I don’t think 59 could take that!

    1. I definitely think Trout is headed to Philly if he doesn’t stay in Anaheim.

      He’s a South Jersey boy, still has deep family roots there, is a passionate area fan (Sixers and Eagles…)

    2. I would rather see the Phillies sign Trout than Harper. Trout grew up a Phillies fan, I couldn’t begrudge him for that. Harper is a different story. He’s from Las Vegas and played a lot of youth baseball in California. Furthermore, he’d be signing in the same division as the team that brought him up and a worse team at that. If they get both and win a World Series, than yeah, I’ll lose my sh*t. If we win one before that happens, I won’t be bummed for the Phillies. Especially if they dump Kapler before that happens. Trout’s still an Angel for the next two years unless he’s traded. Hopefully we’ll win 2 WS before he becomes a Philly.

      1. What if the Phils sign both Trout and Harper and Machado. The worst possible thing is for the Padres to sign Harper and Machado.

  16. Sorry Mark, but I don’t agree with trading either Joc or Alex for Castellanos. Both guys imo are much more valuable the him. Just to get a RH bat is no reason to trade the popular Joco or the young and rising talent of Verdugo. Castellanos. They didn’t want Harper, didn’t want Machado, settled for Pollack and now you want Castellanos? We can do better by just waiting.

    1. Agreed! That would be an overpay. I don’t think they will overpay for a guy who will be a free agent next year. I think it is more likely that Casty extends with Detroit.

      1. Joco is a firecracker in the clubhouse. Players and fans love him. Can’t be understated. Power is top notch.

    2. Maybe Mark is not impressed with 18 for 83 when runners are in scoring position.

      That may be popular with you, but that is not popular with many!

      1. Joc has shown improvement in cutting down his swing. Remember, fans seemed to love the swing for the fences approach the Dodgers took and all the strikeouts it produced, and with the low RISP avg. Don’t always blame the player but the coaching style and plan. Joc is clutch. Alex is untapped. Casty seems run of the mill. That may seem exciting to many like you, but not me. I still think if AF refused to go for a stud like Harper, why the heck bring in mediocre like Casty

        1. Joc has hit like this since Mattingly, and Mattingly never told him to hit like that!

          And I would hope after four years, he has improved.

          Check out his numbers from 2016, he had a better season then.

          He had a good World Series in 2017, but he is not clutch.

          18 for 83 isn’t clutch, and he hasn’t been good in these situations in his career.

          And I don’t know anyone that follows baseball serious, that like all or nothing hitters.

          There is nothing exciting about watching a hitter strike out or walk, more then anything else.

          And the Astros got rid of every all or nothing hitter in their line up, and then won the series the next year

          I agree with you about Verdugo.

          And anyways Friedman is going to expect every hitter in this line up, to hit in these situations this year.

          1. Clutch in the World Series when everyone else is striking out, up comes Joco. That’s when it counts. Also, well if you also go by WAR and MONEY. No comparison.

      2. The Dodgers taught these kids to swing wildly for the fences on all pitches and then you question their RISP. You and Mark, I don’t know, but were you friends of that strategy??? I was not. DR and and FO were the culprits and now we seem to have a change in course. But Joc seemed to have started to change that late last year when he cut down on his swing with 2 strikes. Plus, he is clutch especially in the big games. Verdugo is still an unknown. I wouldn’t get rid of those to for a middle of the road player like Casty. Would YOU

        1. Firstly, DR and the current front office, wasn’t here when Joc was in the minors, or was a rookie, so that is not true!

          He is not clutch in big games, he had one good seven game series.

          19 of Joc’s HRs last year, were solo HRs.

          You can talk all you want about the front office and DRs, but everyone else on this team last year, didn’t have those type of numbers in those situations.

          And some didn’t even have more then a year in the majors.

    3. And maybe Mark is thinking ahead, and doesn’t want to hold on to a player, that never has had two good seasons in a row.

      It is better to trade a player at their highest value, that has been more inconsistent, then consistent.

      1. Let’s see what he does this season I say. Toles is a Flake and should be dumped, so we need Joc. Wait until mid year at least.

      1. Your passive aggression gave you away again.

        I didn’t believe those kind words you said, because I knew you were the first to bring that stuff up.

        You just can’t help yourself, because of your obsession.

        You make up silly and absurd scenarios, like Muncy is competing for leftfield.

        Just because someone wants to see others in left, instead of Joc.

        And this wouldn’t be the first time you went this far,
        and not just here either.

        I knew the 18 for 83 would draw you out.

        You might fool others, but not me!

      1. NRI Outfielders
        Ezequiel Carrera
        Kyle Garlick
        Paulo Orlando
        Cameron Perkins
        DJ Peters
        Shane Peterson

        Peters is still a prospect getting a taste of the MLB side. Others are org depth with some MLB experience IIRC

        1. Someone on another blog suggested Carrera & Orlando as potential 5th OFers in LA if needed. I just dont see it. Who is still out there for a $1 mil?

        2. Edwin Rios apparently logged 17 games in LF last year at OKC. Not sure how it went but his bat should play in the big leagues, so there’s that. He’s on the 40 man roster

        3. I believe Carrera, Orlando, Perkins and Peterson are out of options. Orlando could turn some heads but another LH hitting OF. I want to see what Beaty can do as well and Jake Peter. Would Adam Jones take a couple million?

          1. I would look into it but to me it has to do with our plans for 2b. If Taylor plays 2b then we might have an opening for a rh of. If muncy plays 2b then Taylor is needed in lf. So many moving parts. I want one more rh bat.

  17. If I remember correctly 7 of Joc’s solo homers were leading off the game. Not a bad way to start a game!

    1. what about the rest of the games? Leadoff HR’s don’t usually win games. Getting on base consistently, then being a threat on the bases, is what makes one a leadoff hitter. Joc is out of place leading off. We need speed and base stealing threats.

      1. HR’s are never bad. Who else is going to lead off besides Joc? Muncy’s about the only name that comes to mind. The most important stat for leadoff batter is OBP. Muncy will probably lead the team. BTW, I like Verdugo but he needs to make the team before he can lead off.

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