Happy New Year 2019!!

Since I wasn’t sure if Mark had wifi access or not, on behalf ofLADT, let me wish everyone aHAPPY NEW YEAR. 2018 was not my finest year for positive sports results.  Not only did the Dodgers fail to win a WS for the 30thconsecutive year, but my Trojans had a less than .500 winning percentage and missed a bowl game (and still retained their head coach????), and my Packers just got trounced during the year; a year ending with a 31-0 shutout loss to the Detroit Lions.  Now that is embarrassing.  On to 2019!!My New Year’s resolutions are attending an LA November parade, the Pack on their way to the 2020 Super Bowl, and the Trojans winning the College Football Playoffs.  Now the likelihood of all three occurring is…well I do not think computers can figure that high.  So, I will settle for a November parade in LA.Resolutions are rarely kept.  But if I keep it short term, maybe I can be more successful.  For me, I do not care what Friedman does, I just want him to do something to give me something to write about.  Sign Harper, Pollock, DJLM, Herrera or…trade for Kluber, Realmuto, Castellanos…Just do something.  Even if it is a bad FA contract or bad trade, at least that will give us something real to talk about.  Some will say what a great move, while others will question the mental health of Andrew Friedman.  Shane Peterson is not that exciting, and I already devoted two paragraphs to him.  I am sure there are more minor league FA signings coming so I can comment on those as well.Clayton Kershaw Resolution– I will win the final game of the 2019 WS with a complete game shutout.Corey Seager Resolution– I will start in Game 1 of the 2019 season, hit for the cycle, make all of the plays, and continue for another 150+ games.Max Muncy Resolution– My resolution is to improve on my offense and defense and become a legit MVP candidate.Joc Pederson Resolution– I am going to be learn how to hit LHP to somewhere north of the .250 this year just to prove Bums right.Alex Verdugo Resolution– I am going to lead MLB in OF assists and never to miss a cutoff throw.  Oh, and I am going to hit .320/.370.Cody Bellinger Resolution– I am going to get that 40th HR and get that 100th RBI.  I am going to challenge Ender Inciarte for CF GG.JT Resolution– I am going to beat out Max Muncy for the 2019 MVP and make everyone forget about Nolan Arenado.Austin Barnes Resolution– I am going to throw out 42% of would be base stealers and outhit JT Realmuto.  I will also become the new king of the frame.Rocky Gale– I plan to hold Will D. Smith and Keibert Ruiz off until 2020.  I need a full year to go towards my pension.Andrew Toles and David Freese Resolutions– We plan on being the best RH and LH bench in MLB.Walker Buehler Resolution– I am going to legally change my name to Striker for my favorite blogger, Mark Timmons.  And I am going to win my first CY award.Kenta Maeda Resolution– I plan to start 32 games and pitch 200 innings to max my contract.Rich Hill/Hyun-Jin Ryu Resolutions– We plan to start no less than 28 games and pitch no less than 150 innings.Caleb Ferguson/Ross Stripling/Pedro Baez/Dylan Floro/Scott Alexander/Tony Cingrani/Joe Kelly Resolutions– We plan to shut AC up about trading for Jose Leclerc.Kenley Jansen Resolution– I plan on not pitching for more than one inning per game in the 2019 WS, and save the first three wins before Claytons WS clinching complete game shutout.CT3 Resolution– I plan on striking out no more than 100 times and becoming the best leadoff hitter in MLB.Kike’ Hernandez Resolution– I plan on becoming the new JD Martinez proving Mark Timmons right again.From me to you…HAPPY NEW YEAR, and here is to another year on the best Dodger Blog on the internet, thanks to each and every one of you.

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  1. Happy New Year Dodger fanatics wherever you may be.
    Those resolutions seem more than reasonable

  2. Happy New ! I have Wi-Fi and am sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean enjoying the sun and warm. I predict that all of those resolutions come to pass. Well, even that is optomistic for me, but if half come true, the Dodgers could be in pretty good shape.

  3. Happy New Year everyone! I like AC’s designs for his teams aspirations this year, but not all the teams he desires championships for. I would love to see the Dodgers, Rams, Bruins, Kings, and Lakers all win championships in the same year, and then LA would be forever known as “Title Town USA!” Now the odds on that are way beyond calculations! But we can all dream right? Blessings upon you all this year!

  4. …”.I do not care what Friedman does, I just want him to do something to give me something to write about.”
    I second that. Then we can stop making up stuff.
    AC’s resolutions indicates Taylor will be the full time second baseman. Good, I am glad that’s settled. Barnes, Taylor, Turner to drive lefty pitchers crazy.
    Happy New Year everybody, you too Bobby.

    1. Taylor batting leadoff will solve some problems for sure! I can’t wait to see what the hitting gurus do to improve the swing and miss.

      1. Taylor would have to cut down on his K’s dramatically to be a good leadoff hitter. Last year he K’d 178 times. If he had cut that down to 100, he would’ve been a .300 hitter if he converted those 78 K’s to hits only 25% of the time.

          1. I was talking about his 2018 numbers. Even his SB numbers were down from 17/21 to 9/15. I have NO ISSUE with his 2017 numbers.

          2. That link went to 2018 numbers.
            Taylor and Pederson has over 500 at bats combined in the lead off position and their combined numbers did not suck.

          3. Bums. Joc’s 300 OBP batting leadoff does suck. Taylor’s .343 was acceptable. Looking back it seems like Doc made a mistake batting Joc leadoff as much as he did. I think we also had some Forsythe batting leadoff last year as well.

            Taylor batting leadoff full-time in the upcoming season would solve some problems if he can get closer to the .370 number. I really like CT3, and hope he breaks out again. I still think that good defense up the middle is an ingredient to a great team. Having a former shortstop at second base is more appealing to me than Muncy over there for sure, IMO.

            But, there still a lot of work to be done this off season. We still have too many Starting Pitchers, 3 open spots on our 40 man which also includes Brock Stewart, Rocky Gale, Yimi Garcia, the Beaty/Rios redundancies, a need for right handed pop and at least one better outfielder, and another catcher. There’s gonna be a lot of new faces in town.

            I really thought there would be some more dominos falling after the Kyle Farmer trade. This offseason is really sloooowwwwww.

        1. The .300 obp did suck but the lines put up by Taylor and Pederson did not suck
          Pederson: .239 .300 .534 .834
          Taylor: .260 .343 .447 .790

  5. Dave Roberts – I will trust my hitters to face same handed pitching and trust my pitchers to face opposite handed hitting. I will let my starting pitchers pitch further into games especially when my bullpen in taxed.

    Happy New Year from windy Huntington Beach!

    1. It was crazy windy here in Irvine.

      Taylor in the leadoff spot? Ok, let’s hope the new hitting coach can work on that, but what about Verdugo? Sure, as a rookie he’s gonna have to get comfortable, so hiding him in the 8th spot will help, but from all accounts, his contact skills are the best in the organization. Not sure about his baserunning. I’m sure AC can offer some feedback here.

      Here’s a New Year’s resolution for Timmons: fix the site so I can write using proper paragraphs. 🙂

      1. Verdugo is not known for his speed, which is why he really doesn’t profile as a CF even though he played mostly CF in the minors. He has the gun for RF, but not the power. For those reasons, I really don’t like him and hope he’s trade bait. If he’s still on the team come April, he probably starts the season batting low. If he becomes what Mark thinks he is, he probably bats second eventually because of his high contact / slightly above average speed combo. He could bat leadoff if CT3 turns back into a part time player. But, I’m not a big fan of your fifth or sixth fasted guy batting leadoff. CT3, Bellinger, Seager, Hernandez are all faster, probably Barnes too.

  6. If all those resolutions come true, they win 130 games. I’ll take that!

    Happy New Year from the heart of enemy territory, Frisco. (I can say that ‘cuz I live here).

  7. Happy New Year everyone.

    Someone said the other day that when Friedman made the trade with Cincinnati he should of had the other trade already line up. Be it for Kluber, Harper or Realmuto. In an ideal world that is true. However not many things are that easy. I am sure the Cincinnati trade presented itself to Friedman and he had to make the decision to take it knowing he did not have another trade lined up. However, the trade does give him the flexibility to make another trade. I do not think Harper is in play unless the Dodgers want to go over the luxury cap. He is not a difference maker anyway. Friedman will not make a dumb decision. It takes two to make a trade. If the other teams ask for too much, he will walk away.

  8. Bum

    I don’t know why you keep posting that list, because it doesn’t mean much at all.

    Many of those players on that list have many more at bats then Joc has, and they are facing both lefties and righties unlike Joc.

    On that top ten list Joc only has an OBP higher then rookie Ozzy Albies, and Joc’s OBP is 300, which isn’t great.

    And actually Taylor is above Joc on this list, and if this list really meant that much, Taylor would be a better lead off hitter, with his speed anyways.

    But like Richie mentioned, Taylor had his issues with strike outs and other things last year, and that just shows this list is not what it seems to be.

    And this list looks more like it is a list of RBIs by lead off hitters anyways more then anything else.

    And Joc was 18 for 83 when runners were in scoring position last year, so that list of RBIs is very deceiving because Joc’s numbers when runners were in scoring position last year were not good.


    But 19 of his HRs were solo HRs, and that is probably why he is where he is on this list, along with the RBI count, and because he had much less at bats, then most on this list.

    1. MJ, that list can be sorted anyway you want by clicking on the category at the top of a column. All I have ever said about Joc is that I like him, otherwise I post stats that show that he is better than some would like to believe. When a person roots for a player, they are probably more aware of that players strengths and weaknesses. I am aware of Joc’s weaknesses.
      There are players that I haven’t fallen in love with but other than me saying Puig was a human battery ram, I haven’t dissed them. We all know CT3 had K issues and Cody struggled with high pitches and ones that broke down into his feet. I know everybody knows this so there is no reason for me to harp on it. Both of those players are athletic enough to be awesome. So is Joc.

      1. Bum

        I know it can, but when someone pushes your post, the first thing you see is Joc listed fifth, and your claiming because of that post, that we got a lot from our lead off position last year.

        But a lead off hitter’s first job, is to get on base, anyway they can, as you know.

        I don’t see Joc as the athlete that Cody, Taylor, and Puig are, but most on this team are not the athletes, these guys are.

        But Taylor doesn’t have close to the power Joc has either.

        And you have to remember Cody didn’t play more then a month at AAA, and he doesn’t have four years in the majors like Joc has.

        But personally, I think Verdugo is going to have to be our lead off hitter, to get the best from him, from the numbers I have looked at.

        But I know we have to wait and see how this team jells next year, to see what we have.

        And like AC said, you have been on a roll lately, so who knows.

        Things never turn out like we think they will, once the season begins, anyways.

  9. Happy New Year to the LAD Talk community! Let’s bring AC’s resolutions home this year! I’m on board. Just think of all the things we would have to talk about!

  10. I will miss Wood, Kemp, and Puig but I am not sad that they have moved on. I am maybe pleased that Grandal is gone. All of them helped the Dodgers win.
    If I could make one trade this off-season it would be for Mitch Haniger. I would not hesitate to trade Maeda and Verdugo to get him. Seattle just signed the Japanese pitcher that was recently posted by Japan. Maeda and Yusei Kikuchi would be a good pairing and both should fit in the Seattle community well. Maeda could put Yusei Kikuchi under his arm and be a great mentor.

    1. Sign me up! I would trade Haniger for Verdugo and Maeda. I certainly would, but not if I was a Mariners fan.

      1. I think that would be a fair trade but if not, then Friedman can add players.
        Most of my trade proposals include players like Verdugo who some have said is so awesome. Then those same people (you are not included) say he isn’t enough to get a trade done. It’s my way of playing games with, in this case, Verdugo praising.

    1. I believe that the Mariners have said that Haniger is the kind of player they would like to build their future around. Not exactly the same as saying he won’t be traded. I remember that a few years ago one of the L.A. media asked Farhan if there was any chance Dee Gordon would be traded. His answer was “Dee is our second baseman.” A day or two later he was a Marlin. Farhan didn’t lie, he just didn’t exactly answer the question that was asked. Add me to the growing list of Haniger fans.

  11. Happy New Year Everyone

    This will be a great year for all of us.

    I believe that Andrew made the Farmer trade to clear payroll and roster spots. Idaho Al is right about Andrew not having a trade or trades already worked out. But he had multiple discussions with multiple teams with a variety of possible outcomes. This is how he operates. He will pull the trigger when the time is right and he can do the best moves possible to improve the team. I can’t even begin to know what he might do, But I KNOW he will do something substantial. He thinks big and he thinks out of the box.
    Give it time and I think we will be quite happy with the results.

    Have Patience and no one can hurt you.

  12. Rose Bowl much like Rose Parade–
    Huskies can’t get on track.
    Huskies can’t make the turn.
    Huskies are all smoke.
    Huskies aren’t All-Aboard.
    Huskies rode the chew chew train.

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