Happy 4th of July Everyone

I’m off to go boating with my daughters family today… so this is short! My wife and youngest son are doing a 4th of July event with their ice cream trucks and my oldest son is in Long Island today. So, it’s just me…

Fireworks at Dodger Stadium have been cancelled due to the Dodgers smoking hot bats!

Max “Freaking” Muncy should own 2B. With Gold Glove Caliber players at 1B, 3B and SS, you can have one weak link if all he does is rake. Mad Max should be an All-Star as should Kemp.

Before the season started I hoped that Kike would be a regular and said he might he 30 HR is we was.  He is and he might.

Clayton went 6 last night  and Doc says the reins are off for his next start.  His velocity is climbing back up.  He was throwing strikes and I think he will get 1 or 2 MPH back.  He hit 92 several times last night.

Striker Buehler threw three innings and struck out 5 last night at RC.  Allegedly he will get one more rehab start.  Actually, they are stalling his clock!

I’m rooting for my Favorite Dodger – Rich Hill today.

Alex “Freaking” Verdugo is now hitting .346 with a .907 OPS after going 3-4 last night.  He now has 7 HR which is 1 more than all of last year.  Maybe the power is starting to come.  It’s going to be hard to keep him and Toles down.

Puig, Pederson, Toles and Verdugo.  Two of those players will not be on the team August 1st!

Player to watch: Drew Hutchinson.  He’s still only 27 but has won 31 games in MLB. He went 6 and allowed 2 hits last night for OKC.






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  1. Watching Kersh last night, and thinking about how much better he can be for the rest of the year, I’m even more convinced I’d go all in on Jacob DeGrom. Kersh isn’t a 1 anymore, and he’s never been a 1 in October. Buehler maybe can be that 1, but we don’t know yet. I don’t like not having an ace or 2 come October. Bullpen is key, but so is a #1, and I think DeGrom can be had. Clearly we have 7 outfielders capable of starting on our team, so send a couple to NY since they suck as part of a package for DeGrom. We have a few arms in the minors that can be sent to NY; DeGrom is one of those late bloomers, but he clearly has 5 years of dominance left.

    Forget Machado, we need a 1

  2. Wish Dodgers would of handled Rox pitching as well as they’re handling Pitts. Good pitching does cool down hot bats. Dodgers competing though. Can’t ask for much else. And they are entertaining. This 4th of July thing scares my dog and cat. Plus its bone dry where I live. There is actually a $1000 reward for illegal fireworks in Riverside county CA. And even the safe and sane kind are illegal here. I don’t need an extra 1000 that much though. Lots of people round here do though. Lots of poor folks around here. Never recovered from the last recession.

  3. When I wrote back in January that LAD had their left hand hitting 2B in Max Muncy, even I never expected what he has done. He is no worse than Daniel Murphy than Daniel Murphy at 2B, and his bat more than makes up for any defensive liabilities. Leave him at 2B, keep Belli at 1B, and platoon Joc and Kike’ in CF. Who knows if the clock will ever strike midnight for Max, but ride it as long as you can.

    1. Totally agree. I don’t think anybody can keep this pace but Murphy suddenly was great for a couple of years before being injured. You have got to ride the wave as long as possible. I also agree with bobby that we need an ace. It is agonizing watching Kershaw try to recover. He won’t opt out now unless he is willing to take less money. It looks like he has just lost at the age of 30. Surely not but he declared himself healthy. Was he trying to convince others so he can opt out? This is so frustrating and disheartening for him I am sure. Who knows maybe he can get healthy, we make the playoffs, and good fortune falls on him in the playoffs.

  4. Degrom would clearly be a welcome boost to the rotation. He’s a legitimate ace, and together with a healthy Kershaw (who knows if that will actually happen?) would provide the Dodgers with a formidable 1-2 pitching punch in the playoffs.

    And Machado would give the Dodgers offense a big boost, not only based on his own production, but also by the added protection he would provide to the rest of the lineup. How could any pitcher attempt to pitch around anyone in the current lineup if Machado was added to it.

    With the Dodgers also looking for bullpen help, there’s no doubt that they are going to be forced to surrender significant talent from the farm system and probably from the current 25-man roster.

    I’m not going to suggest any individual trade proposals, since there are innumerable variables, including how management views the current level of talent in the organization, including recent draft and international signees.

    Whatever the case, FAZ has a much firmer grip on the talent currently available and going forward. And only they know how willing they are to dip into free agency this coming offseason.

    I have no doubt that the Dodgers will make moves. The only question(s) is how many and at what cost. For that, I trust that FAZ has a firm grip on a strategy for now and going forward. I’m just waiting to see what happens, for quite honestly, I don’t have a clue as to what they are planning, and I also understand that what the Dodgers do will to some degree be based on what their competitors do.

    And as unlikely as it seems, I wonder if it’s possible for the Dodgers to offer a player like Machado a long term deal lucrative enough to convince him to skip fee agency.

    I also wonder if the Dodgers can’t unload at least a part of Logan Forsythe’s 2018 salary, given that half of it has already been paid. Probably a long shot, but not impossible, I think.

    For the most part this post is extemporaneous, and I can’t say that I’ve put a ton of thought into it. So feel free to rip it it apart. 🙂

    1. I want to ride with the guys we have. I’d rather bank on urias and buehler than any new guys. And I’m greedy and want to keep the premium prospects. If there’s a deal to be had that doesn’t touch our core group of prospects I’m for it. I suppose I’d change my view for a controllable starting pitcher but we’ll see. I fully expect some more front office magic. I mean, matt Kemp? Nobody saw that one coming. (Except for that one guy on fangraphs who predicted it exactly in a chat.)

  5. Good news from J. Morosi:
    Sources say the Braves are interested in Manny Machado but presently are more focused on controllable relievers, for whom there could be a buyers’ market.

        1. Come to think of it, oregon state/Arkansas wasn’t exactly big market either.

          1. AC called out Muncy, long before anyone blurted out, his name.

            And Bobby was the first to adopt Muncy, to be his new favorite player, and yes, I meant, Junkyard Dog!

  6. I agree big time with AC. Keep Muncy at 2B as much as you can until he cools down, if he ever does. He takes veteran at bats, walks if he has to, and like JHair and Nomah say, has a very simple swing, not to complicated with a bunch of moving parts. I know we all want the sexy Machado trade, but the eye test is Muncy is hitting lights out right now, so you ride that wave into shore for as long as you can. Also, look at the age of all the guys who are hitting bombs right now. Only Kemp and JT are over 30 I believe. That young core is taking off right now, we don’t NEED Machado, he would just be nice to have. What we all are on agreement on is the need for a couple of shutdown arms in the bullpen, which I bet my bottom FAZ dollar they are going to get. May have to give a little to get, but there are at least 4 or 5 shutdown arms out there that could get us in the World Series. Do what the Royals did when they won it a couple of years. They had that 3 headed monster of a bullpen, where if you weren’t a head by the end of the 6th inning, you were screwed. Still calling the shot that Machado is a smoke screen for FAZ doing something different. These guys are hugely unpredictable.

  7. The Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired RHP Dylan Floro, minor-league RHP Zach Neal and international signing bonus pool space from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for minor league RHPs James Marinan and Aneurys Zabala.

    1. I would expect these are the types of deals we will see this year, and that’s ok. Then again Faz is known to spring a surprise now and then. Who goes down to clear a 25 man spot for Floro?

      We are all seeing Max Muncy become a major league regular before our eyes. I love his AB’s the last 2 weeks!

      Joc and Kike may never see full time status but man there is thunder in those bats!

      Utley has no role except team dad and LH PH while Forsythe has no real role at all but is a sunk cost. The ONLY justification is team chemistry so they better work on defense and PH at least until Sept call ups.

      Really like the way the starters are coming back from injury and stretching out. Wood seems to have found it.

      1. Yep. You nailed it on this trade. Under the radar. I like it. Can’t miss what you never knew (marinan).

        1. We’ve also had both the guys we acquired before, so you can’t be too excited about what you already had.

    2. A nothing burger trade. Floro will probably join the pen while I think Yimi is a good candidate to go down. All I heard was Zabala had an electric arm and Marinan was one of our big draft choices. Apparently, the brass gave up on both because they got nothing in return. Probably could of gotten both guys for nothing off waivers…again. Must be thinning the minors for new drafts.

  8. Doc said Juio Urias threw a bullpen session in AZ 2 days ago, and touched 91mph

    Great news

  9. Admittedly, I am a MiLB nut, but I am not fond at all of the latest trade. Picking up questionable talent off waivers for lightning in a bottle is one thing, but to trade the #4 2017 draft choice and a potential hard throwing reliever for two pitchers that were so well thought of that they were released in some fashion by the Dodgers in the last 9 months makes no sense to me.
    Dylan Floro is nothing more than Yimi Garcia, Adam Liberatore, Edward Paredes, Scott Alexander, J. T. Chargois, Pat Venditte…in other words another non high leverage middle reliever with a 1.404 WHIP. He has a batting against slash line of .275/.325/.401/.726.
    Zach Neal is nothing more than AAA starting pitcher, and they already have Manny Banuelos, Drew Hutchison, Tyler Pill, Justin DeFratus, and Daniel Corcino as non prospect
    pitchers starting for them at OKC.
    Neither of these guys are who the Dodgers need for a pennant run, and they gave up a very young high draft choice, and a huge relief lottery pick. Now if they needed the additional international bonus $$$ to be able to sign Cuban OF Victor Mesa, then I am more than OK. But it looks more like FAZ is re-interested in Dylan Floro. And if this is all FAZ can get for a #20 prospect, it may indicate what other teams think of the Dodger prospects.

    1. AC

      Could this trade be about saving money?

      I saw a post that said this trade was just about money.

      And they are dealing with restrictions, with the luxury tax.

      1. If it is about $$$ then it is International Bonus pool money coming to the Dodgers. Neither of the two pitchers the Dodgers traded are on the 40 man, much less high cost salaries to move. I do not know who the 25 man roster substitute will be but it will probably be a major league minimum salary just like Floro is. No change in contracts at all. I suppose it could be Garcia who has a $630K salary which is $85K less than Floro, but that is no reason to trade your #20 prospect and last year’s #4 draft pick.
        FAZ chose to trade James Marinan and Aneurys Zabala so they could DFA Daniel Corcino and replace him with Dylan Floro.

  10. Happy July 4th Guys.

    Let’s hope the Boys keep rolling.

    Mark, like you, Rich Hill is my favourite Dodger. No ego, no excuses, no bullshit.
    The way it should be.

  11. Watford, you stole my thunder… Everyone have a great and SAFE July 4… Volunteered a couple of these affairs at my local hospital and the ER was an ugly sight…
    AC…Would Muncy be eligible for ROY??? What a great story thus far…

  12. Mini Minor League Report:
    Rancho Cucamonga 4-1 Win over Inland Empire 66ers (Angels)
    I am spending more and more time with the Quakes these days. They got hot at the end of the first half and won the first half California League South Division. They just completed a five-game sweep of the 66ers, and won for their 8th consecutive win. They have started the second half with a 11-2 record and in 1st place with a 4-game lead.
    Walker Buehler pitched 3 shutout innings and surrendered a leadoff triple to start the 4th. He was pulled after the triple. Austin Hamilton relieved Buehler and allowed the sac fly, but retired all 9 batters he faced. Andre Scrubb pitched 2 scoreless innings, and the 3rd choice for closer, Michael Boyle, pitched the final frame for his second save.
    Gavin Lux led off the bottom of the 1st with a HR (9), and added a double (18) going 2-4 with 2 RBIs. 1B Ed Yarnell also went 2-4 with a double (6) and 2 RBIs. Jeren Kendall also hit a double (15).
    OKC 4-0 Win over New Orleans BabyCakes (Marlins)
    Drew Hutchison started and threw 6 scoreless innings on 2 hits and 2 walks. He was followed by Joe Broussard, Pat Venditte, and Brian Schlitter who each pitched a scoreless inning to complete the 3-hit shutout. What was interesting to note was that the 4 Dodger pitchers completed the shutout on 101 total pitches. Very efficient.
    Offensively, Alex Verdugo went 3-3 with a double (16), and HR (7). Henry Ramos went 2-4 with a double (15) and HR (7). Kyle Farmer also contributed a double (8).
    Tulsa 9-7 Win over Frisco RoughRiders (Rangers)
    Parker Curry started and went 5.0 innings allowing 1 run on 2 hits, 1 walk, and 5 Ks. One of the two hits was a solo HR. The Drillers to a 9-1 lead into the 8th and Dylan Baker surrendered 2 runs to make it a 9-3 lead in the 9th. Baker gave up a walk and a single to open the 9th, and Baker was replaced by Brian Moran. After a force out, Moran hit a batter to fill the bases. After a strike out, Moran surrendered a grand slam to bring Frisco within 2. He then gave up a single and walk, forcing another pitching change. Stetson Allie got the final out to preserve the victory.
    The Drillers had 16 hits led by SS Errol Robinson who went 3-6 with a double (11) and triple (1). DJ Peters went 3-5 with a double (15) and HR (16). Peters is now in a tie for the Texas League HR lead. Michael Ahmed went 3-5 with 2 doubles (6); Luke Raley went 2-4 with a double (9); Zach Reks 2-4.
    Great Lakes 2-0 Loss to Fort Wayne TinCaps (Padres)
    The bright spot for the Loons was the return of Melvin Jimenez. Jimenez returned to pitch for the first time since 6/10, and pitched 3 scoreless innings allowing 2 hits with
    4Ks. Jimenez does not turn 19 until 7/23. Roman Cuadrado went 2-4 with a double (12).
    The Loons lost 12 straight, then won. Now they have lost the last 3. This is turning into a lost year for the team. I am still going to monitor the team for good individual performances.
    Ogden 10-6 loss to Idaho Falls Chukars (KC)
    The loss broke an 8-game winning streak. The player of the game was Gersel Pitre was just reassigned to Ogden and went 4-5 with a double, and pitched the 9th inning scoreless.
    28/SS Jeremy Arocho 2-5; LF Daniel Robinson 2-4; 3B/SS Jefrey Souffront 2-5.
    AZL Dodgers 10-5 Win over DSL White Sox
    This will be remembered by me as the last game pitched by James Marinan for the Dodgers. It was not a great outing, but he is just a 19-year-old. But the Dodgers have another PLAYER WATCH pitcher:
    21-year-old Jeronimo Castro 6’4” RHP from Los Llanos, DR. He went 4.1 IP, allowing no hits with 6 Ks. For the season, Castro now has 10.1 IP, allowed 4 hits, 1 run, with 0 walks and 19 Ks. He has a 0.87 ERA, 0.39 WHIP, and .114 BAA. This is his first season in the US. He may be older for the AZL which counts for his accomplishments, but with 0 walks and 19 Ks in 10.1 IP is pretty good to warrant further monitoring.
    2B Kenneth Betancourt went 3-4 with 2 triples (3). 18-year-old 3B/SS/2B from San Carlos, Venezuela;
    SS Albert Suarez 2-4 with 4 RBI’s. 18-year-old from San Pedro de Macoris, DR.
    DSL Dodgers Guerrero 4-3 Win over DSL Pirates 1
    DSL Dodgers Robinson 6-4 Loss to DSL Astros

  13. I just don’t understand the Marinan deal to Cincy. Ac how do you find out how much international money we get? I just don’t understand losing a highly drafted 19 year old being traded for near nothing value.

    1. It will be reported. I just have not seen it yet.
      3rd round draft pick John Rooney signed for $565,740. That is about $27K above bonus slot. 10th round pick Deacon Liput also signed for$134,300 which was $2,500 below the bonus slot. That leaves J.T. Ginn and Michael Grove with $185K below the bonus slot values to get signed before Friday.
      The bonus paid to Deacon Liput was somewhat of a surprise.

  14. When Muncy flew out to center and Hill was then thrown out at the plate, I believe that it was only the 2nd time this year Muncy had hit into a DP.

  15. Some of you may disagree with me, because JT was not hit on purpose, but I would bring Rich Hill out next inning and drill the first batter (in the butt, not the head). You have to establish a precedent! “You hit ours–we hit yours.” It’s that simple.

    1. Agreed Mark. Hill was taken out after only 73 pitches, WHY?? Certainly he could’ve pitched one more inning.

  16. What the Heck happened between Hudson and the 1st base ump? Hudson looked frustrated.

  17. It’s clear to me that Hill was taken out after all of his base running, and because he showed some discomfort after his slide into home plate. Dodgers also have a day off tomorrow, making use of the pen a bit less problematical.

  18. I think they need to send Garcia and paredes down. Both are homer prone. Paredes was lights out against lefties but not now. Floro will take 1 spot. I’m guessing it will be one or the others spot. Floro has not given up homers but he has more hits than ip. He sounds like another Goeddel to me. Goeddel did a great job initially but you knew it wouldn’t last. Cingrani needs to get back.

  19. Sweep! Come on cards! Ogden Raptors with 22 runs tonight. That’s some fireworks!

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