No Game Thursday Rants and Raves

  • Willie Calhoun has regressed immensely since the trdae to Texas. He is hitting .276 with a .321 OB% with just 6 HR in 300 Plate Appearances.  Everyone knew he couldn’t field – now it appears he can’t hit.
  • Some former Dodger prospects are showing their worth:  Andrew Heaney and Zach Eflin are OK starting pitchers. Victor Arano is pitching well in relief for the Phillies. Scott Schebler is having a solid season for the Reds. Feel to add to the list.  I don’t have the time to search for all of them.
  • I continue to believe that the Dodgers do not need pitching. If everyone is healthy, Meada and Wood will go to the pen along with Urias and everything will be peachy.  IF they are healthy!
  • Logan Forsythe is starting to play the way I expected, but another injury and he should be released.  He has never been able to stay healthy in LA. What happens when Chase is activated Friday? They have already sent Farmer to OKC.  I’m not sure that I wouldn’t rather have Farmer…
  • Taylor, Bellinger, Puig, Hernandez, Forsythe, Turner and Barnes need to up their OPS immensely or some have to go.  Grandal and Utley will not up their OPS, but Grandal is fine at #8. You just can’t have Taylor, Bellinger, Puig, Hernandez, Forsythe, Turner and Barnes ion the lineup at the same time unless they UP THEIR OPS!
  • Here’s a stat that will surprise you:  The Dodgers are #5 in Starter ERA in the NL, just .05 behind the Cubs for 4th and .29 behind the Nats who are the leaders.  “Yes but the Nats starters have thrown more innings.”  Yes, 25 more, that’s it!
  • It all boils down to hitting better.  I think they need to try Verdugo or Toles at leadoff.
  • Brandon Morrow should never take off his pants again – it sent him to the DL.
  • Matt Kemp is the only Dodger hitter having a good season.  Joc Pederson is having a solid season, but the rest of the team is sub-par.  Well, maybe not Max Muncy, but the entire rest of the team is underacheiving as hitters.  One of two things will happen: (1) they will continue to suck; or (2) since this is baseball, we are in for one huge offensive second half!  Stay tuned…
  • There is way too much talent on this team to keep hitting like this.
  • Will the Dodgers give Grandal the Qualifying Offer?  I say yes… and he will sign elsewhere.
  • Now, the Dodgers need to sweep the Mets.
  • I meant to post this several months ago, but forgot.  This is my son’s Senior High School College Demo Tape:

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    1. Forgot about him. Certainly did not see him as a starter. He sure is not striking out people.

  1. MINOR LEAGUE UPDATE – 06-20-18 – by AlwaysCompete
    Tulsa – 7-1 Win Springfield Cardinals
    Devin Smeltzer (22) continued with a relatively hot June and his third consecutive quality start for the Drillers. In 6 IP, Smeltzer allowed 1 unearned run on 6 hits, 0 walks, and 4 K’s. Smeltzer has now allowed 2 earned runs in his last three starts totaling 20 IP. He seems to be feeling comfortable and confident at AA.
    In a trend I do not like, in his 6 IP, he threw 76 pitches and left with a 5-1 lead. Why not let him go 7 or 8? How do you expect starting pitchers to go late in the game when they are not allowed to pitch deep in an obvious situation? Karch Kowalczyk and Layne Somsen pitched the final three scoreless innings allowing a single baserunner and registering 4 K’s.
    Offensively, the Drillers were paced by 4 HR’s; 2 by Drew Jackson (7), Jacob Scavuzzo (8), and Will Smith (8). Smith, Jackson, and Cael Brockmeyer all had 2 hits, with Brockmeyer getting his 4th double.
    The Drillers now embark on a 4 game home series against the NW Arkansas Travelers (Royals) before the AA All-Star break.

    Ogden – 3-2 Loss to Orem Owlz (Angels)
    The Raptors took a 2-0 lead into the 9th after 8 brilliant IP by Starter Jose Chacin (5 IP) and Jeremiah Muhammad (3 IP). Combined they allowed 0 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks, and 11 K’s. Vinny Santarsiero entered the 9th with a save opportunity, and allowed all four batters he faced to reach base, with the first two batters scoring the tieing runs with a single and HR. Jasiel Alvino followed and proceeded to strike out the side, but not before a ground ball was booted by Jefrey Souffront allowing the eventual winning run to score.
    1B Alvaro Rubi and 2B Jeremy Arocho each had 2 hits with Rubi getting his 3rd double. OF Daniel Robinson (2018 29th round draftee from Central Michigan), getting his 1st triple.
    20 year old 6’ 3” 200 pound RHP Kevin Malisheski draws the start today.

    AZL Dodgers – 3-2 Win over AZL Mariners
    Finally James Marinan made his 2018 debut and pitched 3 scoreless innings. He did allow 4 hits, issued 1 walk, with 2 K’s. After Jose Hernandez surrendered the tieing run in the 9th, Melvin Jimenez came on with a runner on and one out, and closed out the inning including 2 strikeouts. In the bottom of the 9th, a Frank Sanchez triple and a one out single by Kenneth Betancourt scored the walk off winning run.
    Jeronimo Castro (21 year old RHP from Los Llanos, DR), just promoted from DSL pitched 3 innings allowing one run on two hits, no walks, and 7 K’s (7K’s in 9 outs…not too shabby). One of the 2 hits was a bunt single, followed by the 2nd hit, a run scoring triple, spoiling an otherwise outstanding 3 IP in relief.

    DSL Dodgers Guerrero – 4-1 Loss to DSL Red Sox 2 (Game 1)
    3B Randy Rodriguez 3-4 with a double
    2B Eynar Machin, HR (2)

    DSL Dodgers Guerrero – 6-1 Win over DSL Red Sox 2 (Game 2)
    Carlos Montilla pitched 4 scoreless innings, 3 hits, 2 BB, 6 K
    Emmanuel Mercano (19 year old RHP Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela) finished the final 1.1 IP. After 6 games and 8.1 IP, Mercano has yet to allow a run. He has surrendered 1 BB with 11K.
    1B Jose Nava – 2-4
    SS Eddys Leonard – 2-3, including 3rd double
    RF Jaime Perez (5), 2B Jesus Valdez (3), LF Andy Pages (6) each hit a HR.

    DSL Dodgers Robinson – 17-5 Win over DSL Red Sox 1
    The Dodgers scored 17 runs on 13 hits and 11 walks.
    CF Julio Enrique – 3-5 with a HR (2)
    SS Carlos Santiago – 2-4 with a double (3) and HR (1) (3 run HR)
    RF Rushenten Tomsjansen – 2-4
    DH Yunior Garcia – HR (3) (3 run HR)
    Jose Rodulfo (17 year old RHP from Anaco, Venezuela) started 4th game went 5 IP for 3rd consecutive start, allowing 2 runs (1 earned), 4 hits, 0 walks, and 3 K’s. For the year, Rodulfo has started 4 games and pitched 19 innings, allowing 3 runs (2 earned), 9 hits, 3 HBP, 3 walks, 16 K’s. He has a 0.95 ERA, 0.63 WHIP, and .138 batting average against. This might be a 17 year old to follow.

    1. AC, Regarding Smeltzer: Is this the manager or higher-ups dictating these decisions? I find it a troubling trend as well. Thank you for the report.

      1. Rudy,
        The trend is throughout the organization. That would seem to be an organizational approach rather than the manager. Now I did not watch the game to determine if Smeltzer was tiring, but he sure shouldn’t be after 76 pitches.

  2. The dodgers are probably shocked that Kemp is still healthy and toles hasn’t been needed. He missed his chance when Puig was out. I agree that it’s time to see what he and/or verdugo can do. A high contact/high obp bat atop the order seems like a need.

    1. Actually, if you look back over Kemp’s recent career, he really has not been chronically injured.

  3. Mark I totally concur about our offense and our pitching. If healthy buehler, Kershaw, hill, stack up well against other rotations with ryu and urias providing quality depth. Our problem is definitely on the offensive side. Kemp is proven to be a good hitter period but he doesn’t walk and like any hitter he is slumping right now. Turner is really the only other real hitter and he is not doing it. He may not be able to recover from the wrist problem but either way he is not producing. Muncy has been great you have got to play him until he goes cold. Taylor not the player we thought, too many strikeouts, average at best, get him out of the leadoff spot. Bellinger just not a good average hitter .270 at best with power the league has adjusted. Grandal can’t hit and never could put him 8th like you said and minimize him. You have to play him because Barnes has been awful. He is a candidate to be optioned, get some at bats to get out of funk if he has options. Puig is average who can be better at times but you can’t count on him and you can’t bat everybody 8th so bring Verdugo or Toles up. Forsythe or Hernandez, forget Forsythe I would rather have Hernandez who will get a clutch hit or a homer once in a while. Toles and Verdugo can hit for average so there is that. Unless a trade we are stuck with Taylor. How about machado and move Taylor to second or trade Taylor for machado?

    1. Trading Taylor might cure me of my dodger fandom. He’s everything I like in a ballplayer.

      1. I love Chris Taylor but I love Manny more. He’d be a nice piece for the O’s to get back for CF or SS. How about Santana, Taylor, Lux, Ferguson and Diaz for Manny?

  4. On 6/19, Mark posted this in response to a comment by a reader:
    “Yeah, the Dodgers can’t hit with RISP, so….how in the hell are they 3rd in the NL in Runs?

    The answer is YOUR selective memory.

    Move on…”

    Now, he criticizes most of the lineup.

    Actually, I agree with Mark in part. As fans we all think that our players are the best – better than those of other teams, better than they really are. The truth is that over the past several seasons, the Dodgers have had an above average but not great offense but have tried to win by preventing runs. Look at the runs scored vs. runs allowed:
    2018 – Runs scored – 339 (9th) – Runs allowed – 287 (9th)
    2017 – RS – 770 (12th) – RA – 580 (1st)
    2016 – RS – 725 (14th) – RA – 638 (5th)
    2015 – RS – 667 (19th) – RA 595 (2nd)

    If anything, the offense has scored more runs than it has in the past even though Seager is out and important players like Turner, Bellinger, Taylor, Forsythe, Puig, Hernandez and Barnes haven’t been as productive as they should be. This is largely due to the increased number of HRs, the resurgence of Kemp and Pederson, and the appearance of Muncy as this year’s answer to Taylor and Turner.

    On the other hand, the Dodgers’ MLB rank in runs allowed (9th) is the highest that it’s been since 2014 (11th). The defense is part of this – the Dodgers rank 14th in defensive efficiency this year. They are 9th in runs allowed per game. They are 17th in fielding percentage. They are 19th in defensive runs saved above average (a negative number, incidently).

    While there are several players who need to step up their games offensively and the bullpen gives me the shakes, the Dodgers’ biggest problem is that they don’t stop runs as well as they have in the past and a big part of this is player defense.

    The other interesting number is WAR by position.
    SP * 2.3 (10th)
    RP * -.5 (19th)
    C * 0.1 (11th)
    1B * .6 (7th)
    2B * -.4 (19th)
    3B * 0 (17th)
    SS * .7 (13th)
    LF * 1.0 (5th)
    CF * .7 (9th)
    RF * .5 (9th)

    So where are the WAR problems? Bullpen, 2B, 3B are all below league average.

    1. Rick

      Since you believe defense, is a big part of the problem, what is the defensive war, at each position?

      1. Baseball Reference does it by player; Fangraphs also has it by position.
        By player (BR)
        Barnes .3
        Bellinger -.4
        Forsythe .2
        Grandal -.1
        Hernandez -.1
        Kemp -.7
        Muncy -.2
        Pederson -.5
        Puig 0
        Taylor .6
        Turner -.4

        By position (Fangraphs)
        C -.3
        1B -.3
        2B -1.0
        3B .9
        SS -.8
        LF -4.2
        CF -.7
        RF 1.9

        These numbers don’t make a lot of sense to me. If Puig is 0 but RF is +1.9 and Puig plays most of the games in RF, then what?

        Anyway, you asked…

  5. If the Dodgers can get a pitcher that will make the rotation better, then I hope they try and make a trade. One or two contact hitters would be nice, move Puig, and replace him with Verdugo, and let him play.

  6. Wouldn’t want my grandson to play football knowing what we know now about brains and concussions. But then he isn’t gonna be big enough anyway. I played and I’m not all that stupid.

  7. Matt Kemp’s achilles heel was Rhianna or as Hall And Oates would say “She’s a Man Eater…
    AC – Isn’t Verdugo due for another shot???

    1. Yes. Either or both Toles and Verdugo can help. But who is optioned and who sits? Verdugo has to play everyday. That means Puig has to sit, and that is not really an option right now.

      1. Taylor is a keeper but he is currently not a lead off hitter.
        Bellinger is a keeper but he is currently not a clean up hitter.
        Kemp is a keeper but he should not play more than two thirds of the games. Rest him.
        Turner is a keeper but he currently is not a #3 hitter or a #2 hitter.
        Machado now has lousy defensive stats at short. He is a third baseman.
        Harper has been devaluing himself in his free agent year.
        Toles and Verdugo should be given a chance in RF before any decision is made to sign Harper.

  8. You could be bold and trade Puig and Taylor with prospects in a 3-way deal to get Machado.

    1. Toles RF (try him and if he doesn’t cut it, try Verdugo)
    2. Turner 3B
    3. Machado SS
    4. Kemp LF
    5. Bellinger 1B
    6. Pederson CF
    7. Grandal C
    8. Forsythe 2B

  9. 2019 (Re-Sign Machado):

    1. Verdugo RF
    2. Seager 3B
    3. Machado SS
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Kemp LF
    6. Turner 2B
    7. Pederson CF
    8. Barnes/Smith C

    1. 1. Verdugo RF
      2. Toles LF
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Seager/ Taylor SS
      5. Pederson/Hernandez CF
      6. Bellinger 1B
      7. Taylor / Muncy 2B
      8. Barnes/Smith C
      Thanks for the championship in 2018 Matt and enjoy the DH in 2019

      1. I like Bum’s line up better.

        I think Toles is to good at hitting runs in, to be a lead off hitter.

        And Mark, I think your son made the right choice to not play football in college.

        He seems to really have it together for being so young, so you have a lot to be proud about.

    1. He’s been playing 1b, 2b, & 3b at tulsa after playing mostly OF in 2017. One thing that sets him apart from the current group of logjammed prospects is his RH bat. If nothing else he’s a sleeper for next year as a super-utility guy ala keekay.

      1. Conner Joe is a late bloomer and may be a nice hitter, but I don’t know of many “super utility guys” like Kike. He can literally play anywhere and play it exceptionally. I am not sure many of us appreciate how special Kike is! I wish his BA and OPS were better, but his defense is as good as anyone I have ever seen who plays 7 positions.

        1. Tony Philip’s was my favorite utility player growing up but I dont think his defense was on par with keeks.

  10. I don’t get all the Kike love, sure he is a nice versatile bench piece and can play a lot of positions but he is not a starter at any of them. The team is collecting a lot of other versatile players in the system who have a better hit tool. Don’t tell me he just needs more AB’s, he struggles against any RHP who can spot a slider. He is already in there against every LHP and too many RHP. Sell high if other teams want him, he has reached his ceiling IMO.

    1. But nobody can defend EVERY position like Kike and he has a flair for the dramatic.

      He has 10 HR in 168 AB’s and his WAR is the same a Bryce Harper.

      I am not sure you comprehend what Kike does …

      1. Perhaps, and I respect your opinion. He is batting .226, and has a .758 OPS and his best position is 2B but they brought in Logan. He is not a SS (he is athletic enough to make plays on balls he can get to) not a 3B and not a 1B and certainly not a natural OF, and will never be a Zobrist. I like his energy and he is sometimes clutch but he is a player who needs to be platooned and is inconsistent. Every team needs a guy like him-on the bench.

  11. I think we should throw a lot of money at nolan arrenado after next season. Born in Newport beach. Could have a decade of blue skies and possibly a Scott rolen-esque career.

    1. I love Arenado, as you say from SoCal and 5 straight Golden Gloves at 3B plus leading the league in HR’s and RBI’s twice while making 3 All Star teams and a lifetime BA of .292. He has a 2.5 WAR this year and lifetime of 30. The only problem is his agent is Boras, same as Harper. He also has avoided injuries and plays almost every day.

      1. We are going to have to wait for Seager to prove he arm is a shortstop arm before we add a third baseman. Seager might be able to handle second. The Utley Rule changes the skill set needed for a second baseman. That said, Seager is a Boras client so if he doesn’t bounce back from his elbow issues, he might not be a long-term Dodger.

  12. 1. Machado has proved he is a third baseman and not a shortstop.
    2. Machado might not fit in with the Dodger chemistry.
    3. Harper is struggling.
    4. Puig is a free agent at the end of 2019 and he is basically a lefty bat which the Dodgers don’t need.
    5. Toles and Verdugo hit lefties better than Puig and last year, so did Joc.
    6. Taylor needs to move to second base in 2019 if Seager returns to short.
    7. Bellinger should spend a week in AZ working on his swing and Muncy to play first that week.
    8. Maeda is the second half solution to the bullpen.
    9. Grandal is a first half player, is a free agent after 2018, should be packaged with Puig and traded.
    0. Barnes is a second half player and he and Farmer can handle the second half.

    1. 1. Explain why you would say that. To the eye and the stats, he looks like he can play either place.“He makes every throw,” an AL talent evaluator said. “He makes every play look easy. Because of positioning and the shift, I think range is overrated now anyway. He still has elite body control, and his hands are as special as they were when he was at third base.”
      2. Again, we are talking about Manny Machado, not Ramirez.
      3. Agree – I never wanted Harper anyway.
      4. I agree about Puig
      5. Ditto
      6. I am not so sure Taylor is a good 2B. He is a good CF and SS… the best CF on the tean, in fact.
      7. Bellinger is #5 among NL 1B in WAR. If he goes to OKC it will do nothing as he kills AAAA pitchers. He needs to do what he is doing – adjust againstj MLB pitchers. There’s no way he goes down.
      8. I like Maeda in the pen… Wood too.
      9. If you trade Grandal, you are saying to the team “We are playing for next year.” And… what could you get, unless you want to send him to the Nats? Bad message for the team.
      10. I can make a case that Barnes should go to AAA. His bat has been weak all year. FGarmer has caught 2 innings this year after catching 7 innings in 2017. He has th equivalent of 1 game MLB catching experience and yhou want him as a backup catcher? There’s a reason why he doesn’t catch on the MLB level – HE IS NOT A MLB CALIBER CATCHER!

      I would trade Puig and I would trade Taylor in an effort to get Machado. The O’s would not want Puig so it would have to be a 3 or 4 way deal.

      OK , let’s get creative:

      Dodgers trade Taylor, Puig, Toles, Ferguson, Y. Garcia, W. Smith, Rios, Santana and Forsythe (balanced th $$$$) for Machado, Britton and Packman Jones.

      1. Verdugo RF
      2. Machado SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Kemp LF
      5. Bellinger 1B
      6. Jones CF
      7. Hernandez/Utley 2B
      8. Grandal C

      1. I can think of a different word than ‘creative’.
        Time for a new post before you trade away everyone.

      2. Machado is a special player. But he is not coming to the Dodgers because of that trade proposal. You would be including four of the most marketable prospects for three rentals who do not come with qualifying offers. Jones is not an upgrade, and while I like Britton, his health is an unknown.
        If you trade Ferguson, Smith, Rios, and Santana by themselves you should be able to get more than a rental. That is a better package than St. Louis traded for Ozuna, and what Milwaukee traded for Yelich. If you want to get creative why not make those the central part of a package for Realmuto, Castro, and Barraclough and include Grandal and Forsythe to balance the dollars. Dollar wise, that makes the Marlins gold for next year. And with Grandal going home, maybe the Fish can convince him to stay. He will automatically make their pitching staff better. Although I see the Braves going hard for Grandal next winter.
        Even with my counter-proposal that is trading your #7 & #8 starters. Ryu is gone after this year. And maybe Kershaw. Maeda belongs in the bullpen. Now you are down to Buehler, Urias, Stripling, Wood, and Hill (for one year). Urias is a question until he gets back into a real game. There is no one else. Stewart? White? Sopko? Smeltzer? Of course Manny Banuelos and Daniel Corcino then become real options. Or Guillermo Moscoso? Tyler Pill? Justin DeFratus? I would pull back either Ferguson or Santana and include Alvarez. If Kershaw does not opt out or is extended, then the rotation is potentially a top rotation. If Kershaw opts out and goes, then the Dodgers could look to sign Patrick Corbin as a FA.
        I have no objection to trading Puig, but if you trade Toles, where is the potential when Kemp leaves (or gets hurt? Yusniel Diaz may very well be a potential ML outfielder, but I am not all in on DJ Peters who is struggling at AA. Maybe his best value is to be included in a trade now. Diaz is probably a lesser Alex Verdugo…a good hitter for average but no power corner OF. Matt Beaty? Zach Reks, Luke Raley, and Jacob Scavuzzo are #4 or #5 OF at best, and probably AAAA players. Logan Landon (at RC)? Starling Heredia who struggled horribly at Great Lakes (except for power)?
        The Dodgers farm system is good to very good, but is bereft of any true potential impact stars. Maybe Ruiz can get there. But with the lack of power, Verdugo is a very good hitter for average corner OF. After that they are good at what they are supposed to be…depth. But when your stars start to break down, underperform, or leave via FA, who steps in? Depth keeps you in contention with stopgap help on an interim basis. The depth is keeping the Dodgers from falling off a cliff without Corey Seager, an injured JT, and with 5 out of the top 6 starters on the DL at the same time. But without Corey and a full rotation, the Dodgers are at best a 90 win team. In playoff contention, yes. But WS contention?
        The Dodgers may make a couple of trades that will keep the team in contention, but will not be game changers, and certainly no game changing rentals. They will be “outbid” by the Yankees and Mariners for JA Happ. Hamels makes way too much $$$. Outside of Machado, there is not a big name bat being discussed in any trades. There is no JDM on a team looking to sell. FAZ will not overpay for Scooter Gennett, but they will talk. They chose not to pursue Kelvin Herrera, so what does that say about their desire for other high leverage relievers? While Oakland may trade Blake Treinen, it will cost. Houston is a logical trade partner for Treinen as well as Brad Hand. They are in a position to overpay, and Jeff Luhnow will. I think the best opportunity will be for Zach Britton, but a more likely FAZ candidate will be for the lesser Brad Brach and his 1.76 WHIP. FAZ has not yet met the reliever they do not think they cannot “fix”. I would try to persuade the O’s to take Rios and Sborz for Britton. I would then immediately turn Britton into an Andrew Miller. Maybe try to add a Liberatore and Estevez for Brach. Who knows, maybe he can be fixed.
        Bottom line, FAZ will keep pushing the value of their depth (and it is of significant value), and will win or lose with what they have. You may see some Daniel Hudson, Josh Fields, and Jesse Chavez type relievers, but nothing significant.

          1. Rios playing 3b and connor joe 1b tonight. Each has 2 hits with CJ knocking his first AAA HR.

  13. 1. While I have never appreciated defensive metrics, Machado’s are bad at short.
    7. I don’t want Belli to go to OK, I want him to refresh in AZ and work on his swing. Just a reset and not a demotion.
    9. Get something for Grandal before he is a free agent. He will be no better than Barnes in the second half. Barnes has struggled but has still kept up his OBP. He is better defensively than Grandal sans framing.
    I make your trade but switch the other catcher for Smith.

  14. I know he has no speed, but what about Muncy and his ability to get on base leading off?

  15. It is to early to think about trading certain players, because we are coming off what was an enormous hot streak, where all of our players, were hitting out of their minds.

    And in these last two series, our hitting has come back to earth, and now we are having trouble getting hits, when runners are in scoring position.

    And our top hitters don’t really have any history of hitting consistently at this level, except Kemp.

    And even our top hitters have come back to earth too, with the rest of the team, in these last two series.

    And that is why it is a good idea to wait and see, what happens in the rest of June, and through July.

    Because just like this hot streak started at the beginning of June, and we suddenly saw great offense, in another five weeks, we may think much differently, then we are thinking now.

    Because in just a few weeks of baseball, things can change very quickly, let alone, in another five weeks of baseball.

    1. MJ, have to agree with your premise, it’s too early although the Dodgers have the prospects to be in on various players. I don’t think they should overpay for a rental. Brad Hand is not a rental but would the Padres deal within their division? Probably not. A lot of AL teams will be sellers but most of the NL teams will be buyers at the deadline.

  16. Trayce Thompson DFA’d by the ChiSox. Where do you go when you get DFA’d by the 3rd worst team in MLB? I guess he could latch on to Baltimore, but they need LH bats.

  17. Good look at Joc Pederon’s continuing quest to adjust and improve and how it doesn’t always lead to positive results:

    As​ a player grows,​ he learns the game…​ and the game​ learns him. It’s​ that balance​ that​ determines​ the future​​ role of a player. That process has produced negatives and positives for Joc Pederson that have come to a head this year. Obviously, given his past struggles, he’ll take it on sum, but detailing the wins and losses might help us understand how difficult it is to establish a place in Major League Baseball.

    Given the fact that Pederson is a lefty, the early loss in his career is maybe not the biggest deal. It looks like he can’t hit lefties. For his career, Pederson is 31 percent better than league average against righties, and 41 percent worse than league average against lefties. It’s one of the worst observed platoon splits in baseball since he broke into the league in 2015….

  18. The Dodgers are NOT going to trade for Machado. It’s a pipe dream, so forget about it. They won’t part with top prospects and don’t want the salary.

    If the Dodgers are in the hunt they are not going to trade key players. Really – to trade the regular starter at catcher in the middle of a pennant race? The pitchers will not be familiar with any new catcher the Dodgers obtain, and Barnes hasn’t proven that he can be the regular.

    According to metrics, Machado is among the worst regular defensive SS in baseball. He wants to play there but is better at 3B.

    If Seager doesn’t come back as a SS, then don’t plan on him being able to play 2B. He’s too tall to play there – it will be too hard to turn the pivot at 6’5″ and too hard on his surgically repaired elbow. Maybe 3B; maybe 1B. The Dodgers will certainly need a 2B in 2019 unless they move Taylor there. I expect more roster movement next offseason than last.

  19. An abbreviated Minor League Report – The position player star of the day was 2018 9th round draftee OF Josh McLain. Josh went 4-5 in his Great Lakes debut, including a double and triple. Josh was a senior this year at NC State. I can see him at Rancho before the year is out. McLain could be this year’s version of 2017 draftee Zach Reks.
    The pitching star was Manny Banuelos who won for the 8th time this year. He pitched 8 scoreless innings, allowing 5 hits and 2 walks to with 9 strikeouts. The 27 year old LHSP has a 2.88 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, and 86 K’s in 72 IP.
    Progressing – JT Chargois. JT has now pitched in 9 games, 11.1 IP. He has held the opponent scoreless in 7 of the 9 games, and has allowed only 1 BB in his last four games. JT has had only 1 bad outing…0.0 IP, 1 run on three walks, a game I saw against the River Cats. Otherwise, JT seems to be getting closer to getting recalled.
    Inf. Connor Joe to OKC. Undoubtedly to replace Rob Segedin who is on the DL again.
    RHRP Andre Scrubb and 1B Jared Walker from Great Lakes to Rancho.
    RHRP Yeison Cespedes & RHRP Luis Pan from Ogden to Great Lakes.
    Andre Scrubb and Jared Walker were the lone Loon All-Stars in this week’s Midwest League AS game, and probably went directly from the game to RC. Walker hit a HR in his first RC game last night.

  20. One other minor league tidbit…former 2nd round draft pick (2015), 6’4″ 210 pound LHH OF, Mitchell Hansen, was just released by the Dodgers. Mitch was often described as the up and coming version of Shawn Green. Not to be. I wish Mitch well, wherever he lands.

    1. That’s pretty drastic action by someone you took so high. Makes me think there’s a subplot here….

      1. The problem with Mitch is that this is his 4th year in the organization and he still cannot hit Midwest League pitching. As a 2nd round pick he should be at least at RC and probably Tulsa. It is time to move him and make room for those behind him.

  21. Of course , all prospects are also suspects. Some will make it… most will not. If 5 or 6 of the Dodgers Top 30 prospects become starters, that would be astounding. What we don’t know is who will suddenly “get it” at age 27, like JD Martinez, Justin Turner, Jose Bautista, Chris Taylor or a myriad of other late bloomers. The path to MLB is often crooked and circuitous. Most fail, but some who you think will fail make it. Even Verdugo, who has not shown much power could re-tool his launch angle and find that power he currently does not have. Who knows? It’s 50% science, 50% art and 50% luck.

  22. MT, I thought J.T. was a pretty darn good minor leaguer with his major roadblock being David Wright. The Blue gambled and won..

  23. 6

    That is the number of HR hit each year by JT until he hit 16, 27 and 21 the last three years.

  24. O K … Whatever that rebuttal meant!?!?
    Wright was a roadblock and their gamble (maybe some scouting too) paid off…

    1. It was all about the money. Typical Sandy Alderson dumbass move.-

      This is from (True Jersey) Blog:

      The non-tender deadline is a nondescript event in a long baseball offseason. Usually, clubs make the obvious decisions and not much attention is paid.

      But the Mets drew some attention when they surprisingly included utility infielder Justin Turner among the five players they non-tendered.

      On paper, Turner was a competent weapon off the bench. Limited to 86 games last season due to a hamstring injury, he he hit .280/.319/.385. He started games at third base, shortstop, first base, and second base. The versatility and production seemed to be worth the $800,000 he was projected to earn in 2014.

      But the front office had grown tired of what they perceived as a lack of hustle and decided to let him go, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The person requested anonymity to speak freely on the matter.

      When asked about the decision Sunday, Mets manager Sandy Alderson did not address Turner’s situation directly.

      “Don’t assume every non-tender is a function of money,” Alderson said.

      When he says it’s not about the money, it is!

  25. Finally, a hit with runners in scoring position. Way to go bellinger! Watching on iPad while watching cards on tv. Flaherty pitching for cards and a 22 year old stud if cards don’t wear him out throwing him 120 pitches in one game. Mark you said he doesn’t throw hard but he is hitting 94-95 pretty regular. He is one of the best looking young pitchers in the game. Wood has had a good 5 innings but pitch count getting up there. Go blue!!

  26. I was going to say yesterday “why send Kersh to the minors for a rehab start when the Mets lineup is basically a minor league lineup!”. Glad Kersh is starting tomorrow. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how Ferguson progresses thru the rest of this year in AAA.

    Oh, and Cody absolutely crushed that ball. I want this win!

  27. I think Bellinger must have heard he has to get his OPS up.

    On both balls he made contact on tonight, he hit those balls hard.

    And that last one, was a high fastball.

  28. I was thinking before the Nets came up in the 8th, why the Dodgers used Logan Forsythe to pinch hit rather than save him to play defense for Muncy later in the game. And although they managed to get out of the 8th OK, I would still like to have Forsythe playing 2B in the 9th. And that!s still true after Puig’s HR.

    1. good thought, as Muncy looked a bit shaky out there. The error happens, I get it. But the double clutch, etc on the double play ball showed he’s not comfortable out there.

      I”ll say it again: go after Brian Dozier, who’d be a rental at 2b, but a gigantic upgrade.

      1. Think about this:

        Oakland has about 16 people in the stands. A player from Oakland comes to LA and chokes (Reddick).

        TB has 3 people in the stands. A player from TB comes to LA and chokes (Forsythe).

        Minnesota has 20 people in the stands. A player from MN come to LA (Dozier). You fill in the blanks.

        LA ain’t for everyone. Ask FAZ!

      2. Bobby, not a heck of a lot of difference between Dozier and Forsythe.
        .221/.298/.396/.694 Season
        .227/.299/.414/.713 RHP
        .200/.294/.333/.627 LHP
        .235/.291/.353/.643 Season
        .244/.298/.360/.658 RHP
        .220/.279/.340/.618 LHP
        Or how about Scooter Gennett?
        .335/.370/.537/.907 Season
        .325/.367/.518/.885 RHP
        .360/.377/.587/.963 LHP
        Plus he has one more year of team control.

        1. wow he must’ve really slumped since I started advocating for him. Didn’t realize he’s down to .221!!!

  29. Corey’s brother really struggling this year. M’s are in a tricky so because they have a crystal clear path to WC2 but almost no prospect bullets left. They will have to be very creative. I could see them wanting one of our outfielders. We have plenty.

  30. Big night for tulsa. Mitch white pitched pretty well but the story was the offense. DJ Peter’s with 2 bombs and will Smith hits double digits in dongs for the year while batting clean-up.

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