Did The Dodgers Turn The Page??

It was actually an encouraging game for the Dodgers as a team. CT3 got on base on 4 of his plate appearances.  Plus he actually got a stolen base.  Puig had a 3 hit night.  The Dodgers actually got a sac fly.   After the third inning they stopped chasing Corbin’s slider and worked him to where he was gone after 5.  Baez is proving to be a good low leverage reliever in the 6thinning or earlier.  Good for him. Every team needs one.  Scott Alexander entered the 7thwith runners on 1stand 3rdwith 2 outs, and got Ketel Marte to ground into a force out.  Then in the 8th, Alexander got a 1-2-3 inning with 2 ground outs and a K of Descalso. And Kenley Jansen may now be rounding out of his Spring Training to record his 6thsave in a 1-2-3 9th. Kike’ had a tough night both offensively and defensively. They all have them. And Cody had a tough night at the plate.  He missed more than a couple of very hittable pitches with runners on base.  But on this night, the rest of the team picked up Kike’ and Cody and the Dodgers got a big win.  Not quite reminiscent of 2017, but closer. If Kike’ reads the ball better off of Nick Ahmed’s bat, Alex Wood could have had his 1stwin of the season.  But to his credit, Alex nibbled all night on the corners but was not getting the calls.  More importantly, he did not give in and try to find more of the plate. Nomar was great at describing how good Wood’s location was, and while maybe he wasn’t getting the call, he should continue to paint, and hopefully he would start to get the call or the batters to chase.  All in all, this was a good team win. Did this game trigger a turn the page moment? On Saturday May 21, 2016 the Dodgers lost their 2ndconsecutive walk off game to the Padres and fell to 21-23.  That was their 4thconsecutive loss and 6thout of 7.  They beat the Padres in the series finale and faced the Reds in a 3 game series at home, which they swept.  The DBacks are not the Padres, and the Reds are coming in for four.  Maybe it is a stretch for comparisons, but close enough for me. The 2016 season continued to be a struggle so much so that after a loss on June 26, the Dodgers not only lost to the Pirates and fell 8.0 games behind the Giants, they also lost Clayton Kershaw for the next 74 days (62 games). They tried to replace #22 with Bud Norris.  Yet when Clayton pitched again on September 9th, the Dodgers were in 1stplace in the NL West leading by 5.0 games.  The Dodgers won 3 of the 5 games Kershaw pitched in September, and they went on to beat the Nats in the NLDS, only to lose to the Cubs in the NLCS.  The Dodgers accomplished this with a rotation of McCarthy, Kazmir, Norris, Urias, and Maeda and such stalwart relievers like Louis Coleman, Casey Fien, J. P. Howell, Baez, and Avilan.  Ross Stripling and Brock Stewart started and relieved during this period. The Dodgers are 8.0 games back, and will soon be getting back their heart and soul…Justin Turner. Will Kershaw be out for a while?  I have read conflicting reports so it is hard to say.  But a rotation of Wood, Hill, Maeda, Buehler, and Stripling is better than the one two years ago.  If the Dodgers sweep the Reds as they did 2 years ago, they will climb back to .500.  The Dodgers have been horrid to this point, but the season is not over, and hopefully there is no quit in them. Will Doc and FAZ continue to generate questions?  Of course!! That is all we fans can do.  We cannot get out there and play.  So the questions will continue with the losses, and with the wins for some.  I question why CT3 is leadoff, but I also agree with those who ask…who else?  That appears to be a flaw in the structure of the team, but we can leave that for another set of losses.  In the meantime, let’s just hope that the team has turned the page. 


 Not much positive in yesterday’s games. Both OKC and RC lost, and while Great Lakes won their game it was not pretty. OKC lost for the third consecutive game, 7-2 to the Memphis Redbirds. Manny Banuelos was bested by RHP Jack Flaherty (Cards #2 prospect behind Alex Reyes).  This was Manny’s worst outing of the year.  Donovan Solano and Kyle Garlick both had 2 hit nights, with Solano hitting his 1stHR on the season. Rancho lost 1-0 to the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres). The good news in this game was that Dustin May pitched 5.0 scoreless innings, walking 1 and striking out 9.  He tossed 72 pitches (48 for strikes). Jason Richman allowed an unearned run for the loss.  Jeren Kendall threw a runner out the plate.  The other good news was that Gavin Lux continued his streaks with a single giving him a 12 game hitting streak, and ran his streak to 25 games for reaching base at least once. Great Lakes beat the Beloit Snappers (A’s) 6-5. Edwin Uceta completed 4.1 innings allowing 3 runs on 3 hits and 1 walk with 6 K’s.  Uceta’s downfall was a solo HR and a 2 run HR to account for his three runs allowed.  The Loons garnered 9 hits, 2 each by Brayan Morales and Brandon Montgomery, including his 3rdHR.  Morales stole his 16thbase.  The LA Dodgers as a team has 12, the same as Jeren Kendall.  Mitchell Hansen made his 2018 debut and went 0-4.  I still pull for him.Maybe Mark can insert one of my favorite’s…Bob Seger’s Turn The Page.Here you go: (from MT)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzGpLcQDDyM 

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  1. Two wild pitches, a sac fly, and a hit batter aren’t exactly setting the house on fire but at least it led to a W.
    Cody’s misses are troubling. Maybe a visit to the team eye doctor may be in order.
    A sweep would be nice, but remember Miami and San Diego. We need to quit playing down to our opponents and take charge.

    1. When the team only has 12 sac flies on the year, I will take the remote sac fly. I have been soured so much lately on their play, I need to feel good about a game. If all we have is hope, then we need to latch on to it when we can. Hopefully the Reds will be the elixir the team needs. They get the Fish again next week.

    2. Cody hits almost 100 points lower against LHP. In fact the entire rightie lineup against LHP has not worked.
      In addition Taylor and Puig have reverse splits.

      1. So outside of Kemp, there is very little offense against LHP again this year. As far as any other help, it will depend as to which JT rejoins the lineup…the 2017 version or the 2016.
        2017 – LHP – .380/.477/.704/1.1181 vs. RHP – .295/.386/.451/.837
        2016 – LHP – .209/.303/.337/.640 vs RHP – .305/.356/.563/.919
        Career – LHP – .271/.352/.429/.781 vs. RHP – .298/.364/.469/.833
        In all fairness to Kike’, he did not get a chance to hit against MadBum this year.

  2. Stuff from around:
    Some people are very high on this guy alert:
    Dustin May had his strongest start since returning to Rancho Cucamonga from injury. he struck out nine over five scoreless innings (72 pitches), while walking just one, lowering his ERA to 3.12 on the season.
    That said, the other day a guy I am actually bullish on, Dennis Santana, walked none and struck out 11 for Tulsa, (6IP, 1R, 83 pitches) It was his second 10+K game of the season, and the sixth time in seven starts that Santana has allowed < 2 runs.
    Scott Alexander continues to progress in his effort to relearn throwing strikes since getting optioned to AAA Alexander has pitched four scoreless innings with five strikeouts and a walk.
    Logenhagen has a top 23 prospects, FINALLY. Has both Ruiz and Will Smith in the top 5. Interesting is this observation of his:
    He (Ruiz) scores well on several teams’ minor-league framing metrics, which is becoming the most important aspect of catcher evaluation for a growing number of teams.
    Not that anyone cares, but I love Longenhagen:

    1. keeping alvarez 3rd is just lazy. he didn’t specifically say it was a re-ranking but one would have to assume it was based on its appearance at this point in the season. Santana, white, & may have all moved past alvarez on the pitching prospect chart. it’s almost not even up for debate. I realize rankings are always controversial but this one seems careless.

        1. none taken. I like him a lot. certainly more than john sickels. i’m a longtime baseball America guy so I’ve always liked their evaluators the most. AC & David Hood also do outstanding work. always room for debate.

      1. I agree with Bluto than Logenhagen is an exceptional talent evaluator, and he is certainly better than most bloggers (especially me). But IMO Logenhagen’s list is built on Future Value, meaning the player’s ceiling. There is no question that Yadier Alvarez has the arm to be an All Star top of the rotation starter, where as White, May, and Santana have mid-rotation ceilings. If they develop into their God-given talent, Alvarez would be the better prospect. However, that is not always (probably rarely) the case. I personally like Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and David Hood as talent evaluators. They have a tendency to base their lists on where there talent fits right now. That is why Callis and Mayo have Alvarez lower in their lists, but still Top Ten. Because of the problems Alvarez continues to experience, it will be interesting to see where he ends up on the mid-season lists. While I am not as high on Keith Law, he also looks more to where the player fits currently, and he is very well respected.
        Another player that Logenhagen writes about is Robinson Ortiz (his #20). Again, there is no denying his talent, but I find it hard to list an 18 year old pitcher in the top 20 who has only pitched 37.1 innings in the DSL. I am not saying Logenhagen is wrong, it is just more emblematic of his emphasis of Future Value.

        1. that’s a good explanation. although if that’s the case then kendall should be higher than 12th based on potential. while we’re at it, diaz at #11 seems quite low as well.
          consensus as I read it has buehler/Verdugo/ruiz top three in some order. to me, Santana has done enough to cement himself towards the top, but really there’s a group from #4-#12 that’s really quite interchangeable based on personal preferences.
          last one: Sheffield at #10 is a stretch . . .

          1. There is also the question of how far do you drop someone who is either off to a poor start or injured? The Dodgers tend to hold certain players aside for instruction/conditioning and that might affect their quantifiable performance on the field. The best analysis combines stats with the eyeball test, as well as in-the-know chatter that most us of here aren’t privy too. Alvarez might be an absolute monster and it’s just a matter of ironing out some flaws in his delivery/mindset. We just don’t know.

    2. I like him too:


      “Caleb Ferguson: Why am I not a top 100 prospec? .33 era at AA as a 21 year old after being the california league player of the year last year. I know “don’t scout the stat line” but at some point you have to pay attention to performance especially when people says he has a 55 curve, 50 fastball, developing 45 change

      Eric A Longenhagen: Who said Ferguson had that pitch mix (hint: it was me)

      Eric A Longenhagen: And that’s a pretty fringey mix

      Eric A Longenhagen: But yeah, he’s pitching his ass off”


      “Captain Jack Sparrow: Hey guys, saw your Dodgers rankings yesterday, and was wondering if Robinson Ortiz’s upside is really that high? Haven’t seen him ranked that highly elsewhere. Once again, thanks for all the work you guys do

      Eric A Longenhagen: When I’ve seen him he’s 90-94 with two 55 secondaries and command. He’s 18. That guy goes in the second round. We have 40 FVs on guys like that. He belongs on the list, I was just lucky enough to see him in person last fall, otherwise its tough to know he even exists other than looking at DSL stats.”

  3. Puig sure has a lot of catching up to do. I’m glad he began the journey last night.

  4. Regarding yesterday’s Athletic Cup discussion, the Cards just ordered some bullet-proof Armored Nutshellz.

  5. Logenhagen is entertaining and a great writer. He’s a good talent elvaluator, but I don’t see him being better than Keith Law, the guys at BA, Sickels, Callis or Mayo. On talent evaluation, style does not trump substance with me. He gets paid because he is an exceptional writer and a talent evaluator. I used to keep a file on each player and what each analyst said/predicted about them.

    The bottom line is: IF these guys were THAT good, they would be working for a MLB team making a lot more money. It’s like the guy who teaches you how to beat the stock market or buy Gold. If he were that good, he’d just be doing it and not selling the method.

    I take it all with a grain of salt.

    Mark Appel is a guy almost everyone projected as a #1 or #2 starter and he’s now out of baseball. I was shocked by how high he was rated because he never passed the “eye test” with me. I appreciate all of the writers who cover prospects, but I have to say this: AC/DC and I have over 200 years of experience and while we are not infallible, we ain’t bad! We’ve seen a lot… and our prices are excellent!!

    I would have hard time making a Dodger Top Ten Prospect List right now. Since he is in the majors, Buehler has to be off of it and I think I would rank Ruiz at, or near the Top now. Verdugo has to be there as do Santana, White, Diaz, May, Lux and Wong, but if you value talent, Kendall and Alvarez have to be there too. Peters and Will Smith have to be there too. It’s hard to rank them in order, but Ruiz and Verdugo both have to be in the Top 2.

  6. Every game is important, but it is not necessarily imperative that the Dodgers win tonight, or that they sweep the Reds. Both would be a step in the right direction, but for me what is important is what the Dodgers do over the next 50 games or so. Starting to play good winning baseball and sustaining it is what’s most important to me.

  7. Was watching the Tulsa game, on and off (on when Ferguson was pitching and off when we batted)
    Man, Ferguson has excellent placement of his pitches! Today, with 81 pitches, 6ip, 5 hits, 1 run, 0bb, 8k. His ERA ballooned from .32 to .54.

    Perhaps it’s time to move him to AAA?

    1. They just moved up Ariel Hernandez and Josh Sborz. They both pitched in the OKC game tonight. Relief is now getting a step closer.

  8. My lord, has Bellinger lost his bat speed? Or does he need new contact lenses? He’s swinging right thru pitches he should be depositing over the centerfield fence!!

    1. I’d like to see anyone hit a pitch moving like that…

      Mahle has filthy stuff! Control? Well…

  9. Runners on 1st and 2nd , 1 out. Clean up hitter does nothing. Bases loaded, 2 outs. Dodgers manage 1 run (again). Puig continues to do nothing.

    1. 3-4 last nite… although not great, but he just got back. He just needs to stay at #7 or #8. Don’t move him up.

  10. 1st and 2nd, no one out. First 2 hitters in lineup fail to move runners up or knock them in.

  11. Mahle will be gone soon enough…

    Let’s see what their pen has.

    If he had control of his pitches, he would be the best pitcher in baseball. Soooooo much movement!

  12. Sorry to put one of my favorite guys down, but Cody looks way off and searching. Both times he came up in the early innings with multiple guys on base who walked with the Reds pitcher totally struggling, and he pulls a Seager and swings at the first couple of pitches. No patience what so ever. I think he’s pressing big time, last year he crushes those pitches. Can’t wait until JT (Yoda to the Dodgers lineup) get’s back. Mark nailed it. Seager and Cody may be the stars, but JT is the glue, and we all under estimated his value as a teammate to this lineup. Don’t care if he goes 0 for his first 20, just having him back is a relaxing feeling.

  13. By the way, Mark, if the rotation and schedule hold up as is, we’re due to get Walker Buehler on the 21st

  14. In addition to Ariel Hernandez and Josh Sborz getting the call to AAA, there were a couple of additional promotions:
    Logan Salow (P) and Nick Yarnall (1B) were promoted from Great Lakes to Rancho.
    Zach Reks (OF) – Promoted from Rancho to Tulsa

  15. I can’ believe our continuous offensive ineptitude. We lost this game in the first 3 innings, So damn painful to watch.

  16. Enough is enough, this offense is hard to watch and pitcher’s like Baez even more difficult. Hernandez, Sborz or PV are much better low leverage options at this point. I realize our front office is not going to do anything and likely that is the right decision. I feel very pessimistic right now about this year, shocking after 37 games but this team’s play has done that.

  17. Offense is quite frustrating.
    I watch very few games, just follow online.
    How does Taylor look at the plate?

  18. Hitting with RISP:
    Kemp – .462 BA/1.157 OPS
    Utley – .353/1.127
    Grandal – .357/1.103
    Seager – .364/1.101
    Muncy – .222/1.017
    Pederson – .381/.985
    Puig – .286/.714
    Bellinger – .256/.685
    Barnes – .133/.680
    Farmer – .167/.551
    Hernandez – .211/.524
    Taylor – 162/.422
    Forsythe – .091/.322
    Verdugo – .111/.222
    Locastro – .000/.000

    Why is Taylor batting 1st?
    Why is Bellinger batting 4th?
    Why do we want Logan Forsythe back?

  19. Dodger relievers are second in runs allowed in the NL (75). Only the Marlins are worse.

  20. Turner Ward doesn’t survive this “crap show” we call an offense. The regresion of CT3, Bellinger, Puig and the lack of development in Joc and Barne’s offensive game is going to get someone fired.

    After reading Doc’s post game comments and the benching of Bellinger two weeks ago in SF you’ve got to think his comments about players failing to make adjustments were directed to Bellinger and CT3. Bellinger struck out twice last night on key RBI situations and CT3 looks lost at the plate.

    This season has been unbelieveable. Doc pushed all the right buttons for tow years minus game 7 of the WS but this year he seems exasperated/frustrated with some of his players that he’s using the Mattingly playbook and calling them out in the media sans their names.

    I love what Cody did last year and I want him to be a superstar but I’m wondering if his “entitled” attitude is wearing a bit thin. I don’t know if he has an “entitled attitude” but it sounds like they’ve tried to work with him and he continues to have a huge hole in his swing and/or his timing his off but his K rate is something Doc has seen enough of.

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