Dodgers Trade Kemp and Buehler for Ryan Braun

April Fools Day is Upon Us although some morons wrote that a day earlier.  Relax, it’s not happening! Braun would save the Dodgers  $4or $5 million a year over Kemp, but with an additional year added.  I don’t see that as an upgrade and the fact of the matter is that a Happy Matt Kemp can be a real force on this team, and we have already seen that his fielding has improved… undoubtedly due to the loss of 40 pounds, better conditioning  and better positioning.  I can’t see Braun coming to LA. He’s more brittle than Kemp.

Rants and Raves

  • Kenta Maeda looked dominant with 10 strikeouts in 5 innings. He is certainly not going to pitch past 5… maybe 6 innings, but that’s OK if he pitches like that.
  • The Dodgers didn’t hit much last night, but they got 5 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks and 2 errors by the Giants – they made the most of what they did.
  • Kyle Farmer is playing 3B much better than last year! His is moving much quicker and easily!
  • The pitching has been outstanding.  After three games, the Dodgers are next to last in MLB in hitting with a .131 BA, but they are number one in pitching with a 0.67 ERA. It’s only 3 games and don’t expect either stat to persist. I know – it’s early.
  • Last night, I watched Ross Stripling shaking his hand a couple of times after pitches… like his fingers were tingling.  Just an observation… maybe it’s something… or not! At any rate, he did his job as Maeda’s caddy for two innings.
  • El Gasolino came in and actually threw some sliders, which were effectively mixed with his fastball.  It’s a fresh start.  They will keep him in low leverage situations for a while to build his confidence.
  • Scott Alexander has a shot at becoming the 8th inning guy, along with JT Chargois.
  • The Dodgers need to get their hitting shoes on – even Ray Charles can see that.
  • Look for Justin Turner to return around May 15th.  I’m not a Doctor… but I play a (water) doctor on the internet.  😉
  • Adrian Gonzalez is hitting .429 with a .556 OB%.  I guess they got rid of the wrong 1B.  That Bellinger dude will never amount to anything! 😉
  • Rich Hill goes tonight on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN as the Dodgers attempt to get back to .500.
  • The Dodgers received their Championship Rings last night, but I am more interested in the one they get for the next level.


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  1. Early days, but the Starting Pitching has been Stellar, and Hill & Ryu haven’t thrown a pitch yet!
    If that Rotation can remain healthy, we are in for a good season.

    A couple of worrying things for me are,
    Corey’s elbow. I’m not convinced he’s ok yet,
    Secondly, Cody. Hope we are not in for the Sophomore Jinx with him.

    Happy Easter one and all.

  2. I was thinking Easter, not April Fools Day when I read your headline earlier this morning, and without coffee! Got me good.

  3. He is risen, all my Dodger brothers. So much to be thankful for on this day. My soul , my heart, every breath I take, belongs to Him.

  4. Well the Braun for Kemp trade may have been April Fool, but the Dodgers did make a trade today with the Cardinals. Dodgers 22 year old RH hitting OF, Johan Mieses, for 26 year old switch hitting 2B, Breyvic Valera. The Dodgers traded from their strength for a position of need.
    Mieses is a good hitting OF who may have peaked at Rancho, or he just needs more time. He played well at RC in 2015 and well enough in 2016 to start the season at Tulsa in 2017. He seemed overmatched in AA and was re-assigned to Rancho on June 29. He proceeded to hit .353/.411/.707/1.118 at Rancho and was promoted again to Tulsa on August 3, where he hit only slightly better. For the season his slash line at Tulsa was .160/.246/.347/.593. He was very young for AA, so there is time and probably some patience needed for him to fully develop. He has good power potential and has been assigned to the Cardinals Advanced Class A – Palm Beach (Florida State League).
    The Dodgers needed a 40th for their 40 man, the Cardinals designated Valera, and the Dodgers made the trade. Valera is “a contact-hitting specialist, Valera walked more than he struck out across more than 1,000 Minor League games, over which he also played seven defensive positions (not pitching or catching). The 26-year-old Valera was ranked the Cardinals’ No. 30 prospect per MLB Pipeline, and was targeted by club officials as a dark-horse candidate to make the club after appearing in five late September games last season.”
    Valera is 5′ 11″ 160 pound career minor leaguer. Last year at Memphis he hit .314/.368/.450/.819. For his 8 year minor league career, he has slashed .303/.359/.386/.745.
    Per MLP Pipeline Scouting Report:
    Since signing out of Venezuela back in 2010, all Valera has done is hit. He’s finished seven of his eight summers in the Cardinals system with a batting average over .300 and his .314 average in 2017 topped the system, leading to his first big league callup.
    Valera really knows how to hit and really knows the strike zone. That’s led to a career average in the Minors of .303 to go along with a .359 on-base percentage heading into 2018. The switch-hitter has more walks than strikeouts in his career and has the confidence to have tough at-bats against any level of pitching. There isn’t power to speak of, though he can find the gaps. An average runner, Valera has increased his positional versatility over time, showing he is capable at three infield positions as well as the outfield. He has good hands, solid range and outstanding instincts that allow all of his defensive tools to play up.
    That defensive flexibility will be crucial in order for Valera to get more big league time. He’ll have to move around as a utility man to get at-bats, but few doubt he’ll hit if given the chance.
    This is a good deal for both teams, but I have a feeling that FAZ may have uncovered another good one.

  5. Per Eric Stephen at TrueBlueLA;
    “So far the Dodgers are just hitting .131/.202/.167 as a team yet have outscored the Giants 5-2 so far in the series, winning just one of the three games. The Dodgers’ 11 hits are tied for their fewest through the first three games of the season in the last 111 years.

    The 1970 Dodgers were the other team in franchise history with just 11 hits through three games. That team went five games into the season without a home run. The last Dodgers team to go four games without a home run to open a year was in 1991.”

  6. 1. Chris Taylor (R) CF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    4. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    5. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    6. Enrique Hernandez (R) 2B
    7. Joc Pederson (L) LF
    8. Kyle Farmer (R) 3B
    9. Rich Hill (L) P

  7. Well, they aren’t beating the ball like a rented mule, but they are ahead and the pitching is outstanding.

    It appears that they are giving Hill a longer leash this year.

  8. The Dodgers traded Minor League outfielder Johan Mieses to the St. Louis Cardinals for switch-hitting second baseman Breyvic Valera, who will be optioned to the Minor Leagues.
    Someone much more informed than I called it a swap of upper-level depth for a raw power lotto ticket. Valera is a competent, versatile INF, insurance during Turner injury. Mieses has big raw power (& butt), his cut has natural lift, but that swing takes a while to get wound up & he’s very K prone

  9. This is much better! With so many lineup options, can’t we leave Joc out of it?

  10. I don’t care about the first 2 games. That crap will happen periodically during the year; we just had it happen to us right away.

    I’m more excited that the bats have started to wake up in time to go to AZ and take the series from them. That’s more important, as they’ll be better than SF this season.

  11. If someone told you before the series the Dodgers would outscore the Giants 14-2, the starters would go 8, 6, 6 and 5 with the only run coming off Kershaw and the entire bullpen would put up 10 goose eggs with the only run scored off Jansen would you have been happy? I have seen Roberts taken to the woodshed for all manner of things by posters on multiple sites and I just shake my head-would you rather have Kapler in charge or Donnie? It’s good to see a blow out win so everyone can RELAX! Happy Easter and thanks Blue!

  12. There’s your 10 run inning minus one, Mark.(Ok it wasn’t in one inning, but we will take it!) Giant fans are singin’ the blues on their blogs. Damn that’s sweet.

  13. Dodgers split series with the giants, nuts.
    Pederson doing what he does,0 for 4
    My report card for Roberts for the series, C

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