Andrew Friedman’s Plan to Tank

Most of you aren’t privy to this, but FAZ has decided that instead of signing a former Number One Draft Pick like Bryce Harper after this season as a free agent, they will just tank… go 0-162 and get their own for free.  That will save the team $400 million.  Winning  is overrated anyway! Come back next year – this season is over! These guys could jump out of a boat and not hit water.

If you believe that, I have some swampland that you might enjoy.  Baseball is maddening some days.  Giancarlo Panik saddled the Dodgers with back-to-back 1-0 losses to open the season.  The good news is that the Dodgers pitching has been outstanding, Kenley Jansens diminished velocity notwithstanding (more about that later). It’s just that the Giants pitching has been “outstandinger.” I made that word up.

Alex Wood looked the part of a #2 starter which should cool the talk that the Dodgers need another Top-of-the-Rotation Starter.  No they don’t – if anything they need Justin Turner’s bat.  They obviously miss it, but there are no excuses.  You do or you don’t do. Last year, the Dodgers scored 14 runs on Opening Day and then got shut out the next day.  Go figure!

There Were a few (very few) High Points and that did not include Logan Forsythe’s three errors.  I know some Dodger fans are trading him as we speak.  It was just one of those nights for him.  He might not have 3 errors the rest of the season.  He has a great glove, although last night he did not flash it.

Actually, Joc Pederson lost both games for the Dodgers – he should have hit a home run in the teams last at-bat both days.  Blame it on Joc… it’s his fault.  Andrew Toles would have hit two grand slams and the Dodgers would be 2-0, instead of 0-2.

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp made a nice running catch in the corner – it wasn’t spectacular, but I don’t think he makes it last year with a 40 pound monkey on his back. If he can do that the Dodgers will be OK… now if he could just hit!

Alex Wood

He was simply outstanding.  He is not trying to overpower hitters…. he is just pitching.  1 hit in 8 innings and no walks.  That is outstanding! He is topping out at 91-92 MPH instead of 95-96 like he did early last year.  He was good last year – very good, but he might be better this year.  If Kershaw and Wood can each give the Dodgers 190+ innings, that will be BIG!

Chris Taylor

His bloop single prevented a perfect game.  I’ll take it.  Way to spoil history, Chris.

Yasmani Grandal

He has looked very good behind the plate this year.  He looked good with the bat in game one. He is a player who could have a breakout year, along with Kike and Yasiel.

OK, turn the page – there’s nothing to see here folks… move along! This is nothing that a 10-run inning can’t cure! Finally:  Is Kenley Jansens’ diminished velocity the result of a late start (designed deliberately to keep him fresh at the end of the season) or the result of an arm issue.  It’s too early to jump to that conclusion, but his velocity is greatly diminished.  Dodger fans await with baited breath!

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  1. Yaz had a good offensive game one but beyond that every position player has looked horrible through the first two games. We will be alright, but my biggest worry is after 20-30 games we see a prolonged slump from Cody and Corey what it might do to their mental state.

    It’s obvious the book on both of them is get them to swing and miss on slow stuff inside and on the hands. Cody has to make an adjustment and perhaps shorten up a bit with two strikes expect off speed and in. He also needs to work to go opposite field and lay down a bunt on the defensive shift. He looks very pull happy to me.

    Hate losing, but especially hate losing to the Giants. The bats have to get going and we can’t wait for JT to rescue us, it starts tonight against Holland. Lets not make him look like Koufax. Win a freaking game so we can start to remove any doubt that the team is suffering a WS hangover.

  2. The Giants fans are out in force, with their gloating. I remind them that you guys know how to pitch now, but how will you be at catching in October. They laugh and acknowledge that this is their October and to let them have it.
    I am NOT surprised about Alex, and was predicting these kinds of outcomes since he came to LA. What I am surprised about is that he was allowed to go 8 innings. Only 90 pitches helped that out.
    Doc says his bench is going to play early. Utley started yesterday, Barnes starts today. Farmer should get a start at 3B today or tomorrow, and Joc will get a start tomorrow.
    I remember discussions about Kenley’s diminishing velocity last year, especially near the end of the season. I have no idea if it has been too much usage the last couple of years, or if not enough pitching in ST. I suspect it is a combination of both. I find it interesting that Doc did not pitch Baez in that situation last night. Not that I think he should have, but it is a situation where Doc has pitched Baez in the past and trusts him.
    The offense has to show up today, right? Either Corey or Cody have to hit the ball hard today, right?

    1. You called Alex Wood, AC. I have always liked him but was worried about him holding up. However at 91-92 MPH I think he can stay healthy. He looks like our #2 and that’s good!

  3. I was listening to MLB Radio this AM, and for those who want Chris Archer because they think he is a workhorse, consider this:

    The third time through the order, the league hits over .300 against him and OPS’s over .850!

    No thank you!

    1. I was a proponent of Archer to begin the season, but am not a proponent of a deadline trade for him. His value is his contract, innings eater, and character. He is not an ace, but I think he is an upgrade over Ryu. While the third time through the batting order may not be pretty, he does pitch 200+ innings, and that can save bullpen arms for a team that relies heavily on the pen over a 162 game season. But I am not ready to put him in a post season rotation when he only has 2 very short relief appearances in two 2013 playoff games.

  4. Before we all jump off the proverbial cliff, let’s just take a breath and know from all of our years watching baseball, how streaky things can get, both winning and losing. Like Mark said, which is so, so true in baseball, “nothing that a 10 run inning can’t cure”. On Sportsnet after the game, both J-Hair and Nomar were commenting that the Dodger hitters seemed to be pressing to make something happen, and that leads to bad habits. This too shall pass, we will be fine, but how about the PITCHING?!??!! Is Alex Wood a stud or what? Outside of Kenley, bullpen looks great. Also, got to give Cueto credit, he was moving the ball all over the place last night. This will change also as the season progresses. Patience grasshoppers, patience. It only hurts more because it’s the %$#@!@%!!Giants!! If it was the show Pads or the Marlins I wouldn’t really care, but of course I’m surrounded by Giant fans up here in Paso Robles so I get to hear about it. Please get me a W this weekend so they will shut up.

  5. These have been a tough two games to watch, batters taking too many strikes and swinging for the fences, but the pitching side has been great. Blach has given the team problems in the past and twilight games are always tough on the hitters and Cueto is a smart pitcher. Holland and Stratton present an easier challenge but Cory and Cody already seem to be pressing and it could spread to Puig and Kemp if they don’t start to put some hits together. Hitting is contagious and it starts with Taylor, he needs to set the table. We have a deep lineup that is tough on a pitcher but so far we are making the Giants staff look like world beaters which we all know they are not. I got a bit concerned during the FWY series that the hitters were not quite ready but I think Roberts has done ok and has not over managed, he is going with his main guys and trusting them to make adjustments which I believe they will, starting with today’s game. Having said that I have rarely seen 3 worse at bats than the 9th inning last night with Utley and Logan taking a called 3rd strike and Joc popping up the 1st pitch.

  6. Wood could have pitched 9 innings if not for four errors behind him. Roberts is managing like he did when the losing streak occurred. He does not value each game he is managing for the 162 games. I know another guy who did that he is managing in Miami. It’s a long season but we are looking like last years cubs. Going to the World Series can cause a lack of passion but don’t tell the royals that. A win today could start a streak! Go blue!!!

  7. The trends (I’m not sure that 2 games constitute a trend but I’m counting the end of last season) that concern me are:
    1 – Has the league figured out Bellinger and Seager? As to the former, Watson struck him out in the 8th last night on a slider to his back foot – the same pitch he couldn’t lay off in the Series. He sure looks like he has a hole in his swing. As to the latter, he almost always swings at the 1st pitch. Every play-by-play guy has figured it out and opposition pitchers have too. He has to be more selective on the 1st pitch.
    2 – You have be worried about Jansen throwing 88/89. He should have pitched more than 3 games this spring.
    3 – I saw a lot of swings and misses last night. The Giants’ pitchers are not that good. Too much swinging at stuff out of the zone. I have to wonder if Roberts’ strategy of not playing his key guys much this spring is the culprit.

    1. I truly think they do not care and want to be fresh at the end of the season. April could be a tough month.

      Cody and Corey will adjust… give it time.

      1. You think they do not care and are preparing for six months down the line? That’s just nuts. I’ll blame your odd rationale on jet lag.

  8. Corey isn’t playing tonight, how is he going to get his timing to hit?

    He is our best hitter, when Turner is out.


      1. Rudy,
        I think you are putting too much weight to what I said. DodgerRick posted that maybe Kenley maybe should have pitched more in spring training and that “I have to wonder if Roberts’ strategy of not playing his key guys much this spring is the culprit.”

        And, THEY DO NOT CARE insofar as having Kenley pitch more this Spring or playing the regulars every game. It’s not that they don’t care about winning… they do. They just don’t feel that everyone should be 100% ready now and playing everyday. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT EVERY BATTLE (GAME). They want to win the WAR!

        They could have had Kenley 100% game ready now, but they don’t care about that. They want him fresh at the end. OTOH, maybe Kenley and Corey have arm issues…

        I am beginning to think that.

        1. Mark,
          I understand your logic but tell that to the hundred-thousand fans in attendance the past two games who paid good money to watch their team try to play their heart out. Maybe upper management should just refund their money and tell them to come back around August when it really matters. Cliche on the way – Every game matters, be it in March or October.

  9. Ok Mark, it wasnt a 10 run inning. but it sure feels like it. Let’s all EXHALE!!

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