Projected OKC and Tulsa Rosters

We have bandied about a potential LAD 25 man roster, so now I want to take a shot at a possible 25 man roster at OKC and Tulsa.  One thing we have learned is that FAZ really wants players who can conceivably be called to LA if needed at AAA.  At times there may be a player that has advanced quick enough to move to OKC without a real opportunity to advance to LA during the season.  Currently there are 30 on the OKC roster, and that does not count Yimi Garcia, Kyle Farmer, and Andrew Toles.  I still believe that Farmer stays with the LA Dodgers at least until JT comes back.  It is strongly rumored that Yimi will start the season on the DL so that he can stay in AZ and work to get stronger.  That would leave Toles to move to OKC making the roster 31. There are 17 pitchers on the roster, including Dennis Santana (22 in April).  I do not think he is ready for AAA as a starter, but he was not added to the roster without reason.   Santana has apparently passed both Josh Sborz (24) and Andrew Sopko (23), and with the Santana promotion, both Sborz and Sopko will probably return to Tulsa again where they reside on the roster.  After spending the final month of 2016 at Tulsa and spending all of 2017, maybe the sheen on their prospect star is fading just a bit. 

OKC Dodgers

Starters (5)Walker Buehler (R)Brock Stewart (R)Dennis Santana (R)Henry Owens (L)Manny Banuelos (L) That would put Zach Neal in a crowded bullpen as a long man. Relievers (8)Pat Venditte (S)Joe Broussard (R)Edward Paredes (L)Adam Liberatore (L)Yaisel Sierra (R)Zach Neal (R)CC Lee (R)Jordan Jankowski (R) Stetson Allie (R), Dylan Baker (R), Luis Ysla (L) all seem more appropriate at lower levels at this time.  Cesar Ramos (L) will undoubtedly get some consideration over Neal, Lee, and Jankowski.  One of the four will also be a DFA casualty once Yimi Garcia comes off the DL.  All four of Neal, Lee, Jankowski, and Ramos are vulnerable if Spitzbarth, Copping, and Moran are considered for advancement.  Catchers (2)Rocky Gale (R)Shawn Zarraga (S) Either Gale or Zarraga will end up a DFA casualty if/when Farmer is optioned to OKC. Infielders (5)Edwin Rios – 1B (L)Jake Peter – 2B (L)Max Muncy – 3B (L)Donovan Solano – SS (R)Tim Locastro – 2B/SS/CF Utility infielder/outfielder (R) There does not appear to be any room for Angelo Mora who is on the OKC roster or Errol Robinson who is on the Tulsa roster. Outfielders (5)Andrew Toles (L)Alex Verdugo (L)Henry Ramos (S)Matt Beaty (L) – Corner Utility infielder/outfielderTravis Taijeron (R) This is a very heavy left hand hitting lineup, but they are all ML ready and deserving of AAA.

Tulsa Drillers:

Starters (5)Yadier Alvarez (R)Mitchell White (R)Caleb Ferguson (L)Josh Sborz (R)Andrew Sopko (R) Relievers (8)Corey Copping (R)Brian Moran (L)Shea Spitzbarth (R)Michael Johnson (L)Daniel Corcino (R)Karch Kowalczyk (R)Layne Somsen (R)Dylan Baker (R) It does not appear that there is a spot for Stetson or Ysla, but I do believe that the Dodgers do want to consider them both.  They could get some time at Rancho. Catchers (2)Will Smith (R)Keibert Ruiz (S) Garrett Kennedy could be a third catcher and Smith could play 3B or 2B on occasion.  But I think it is more likely that he goes back to Rancho to back up Connor Wong.  Paul Hoenecke could be spending some time on the DL until things sort out. Infielders (5)Peter O’Brien – 1B – (R)Drew Jackson – 2B – (R)Mike Ahmed – 3B – (R)Errol Robinson – SS – (R)Angelo Mora – Utility infielder – (R) Outfielders (5)Yusniel Diaz – (R)DJ Peters – (R)Jacob Scavuzzo – (R)Kyle Garlick – (R)Luke Raley – (L) Tulsa has the look of a very strong and experienced team, especially with a strong rotation and bullpen.  Since FAZ likes experience at AAA, it is likely that they will make judicious use of the DL and extended spring training.Just as OKC is LH hitting dominant, Tulsa is RH hitting dominant.  I have not seen where balancing the rosters is a high priority in placing the prospects.  So it does not seem likely that prospects will be moved up or down because of RH hitting or LH hitting. 

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  1. I inadvertently left out Rob Segedin. Since this was a fun game of conjecture, I will keep my projections as they are and consider Segedin starting the season in extended spring training.

  2. Looks like OKC could give some of the ML teams a run for their money. Like Jayne Mansfield said, It’s great to be stacked.

  3. Is it me, or do Lux and Kendall look really little up there at bat??

    Either way, fun to see the future getting a chance in the big stadium lights.

  4. Lot of thinking on that one AC. There just seems to be too many players for a given level. Both teams look strong.

    Interesting that Pete O’Brien was claimed by the Dodgers last June. He did a lot of catching in his first few years. A second round selection by the Yankees in 2012.

    I expect Anglo Mora will have to start with the Quakes. Seems like a good, versatile player.

    I expect Michael Ahmed will have to make a move this year if he is to make MLB in a utility role. After mid-June in 2017 he was on the DL.

    1. There are waaaay too many players. That was the point I was trying to make a while back that sometimes it is not the ML player that is blocking, but also the organizational minor leaguer. But I cannot knock one of those organizational guys since that is how my son stayed in professional ball for 9 years.
      I agree on Ahmed. This has to be his year. I watched him on MiLB TV last year and he does show promise. Whether that promise materializes into a ML player, this year will go a long way to pave the way.
      I suppose that Mora could drop down to Rancho. I think a lot will depend as to where FAZ and Brandon Gomes thinks Omar Estevez is in his development. But if Mora is a legit prospect, 25 may be a tad too old for A+ ball. Although I think Estevez had a fine year for a 19 year old at Rancho, he might be more comfortable starting out at Rancho before beginning the climb. I think he will be managed/monitored the same way as Yusniel Diaz was last year. Diaz could have started at Tulsa, but instead started at Rancho, later to be promoted where he truly blossomed at AA.

  5. I am looking forward to following many of the players on OKC and Tulsa this year. Looks like a lot of talent on OKC so if Baez, Font, Alexander, and Pederson continue their spring training performances help is just a phone call away.

  6. It looks like it is between Thompson and Farmer for the last spot. I bet they keep Thompson. Joc is on the team and Toles is going down. They do not believe in ST results. It really must be hard on the farm kids to know you out played someone and you are sent down. Management has always done it this way. You play yourself on or off the team in the regular season.

    1. Idahoal

      Why did they tell the players, it was a competition to decide who plays left in spring training?

      If they don’t believe in spring training numbers, actually Toles had a better year then Joc did, last year.

      And why say it is a competition, and after Joc loses the competition, try to help Joc win the competition, by not starting Toles in seven of the next eight games, and give Joc most of those starts?

      And that didn’t even work, because Joc still has not done anything.

      I really got sick of listening to Orel try to make the case, that Joc deserves to be on this team.

      Because everyone knows Joc does not deserve to be on this team.

      Orel should have just said they wanted Toles playing everyday, instead of trying to make Joc’s case.

      And Toles and the other players, should have not been told it was a competition, to play left.

      If I was Toles, I rather be told now, so he can make his arrangements for a place to stay, in Oklahoma.

      Why should he stay any longer, and continue this farce, because that is what this was!

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