Next Man Up!

There are no excuses.  It’s all about just getting the job done.  When Kershaw went down last year, it was “Next Man Up!”  There’s nothing different about that with Justin Turner. Justin is a very good player, but this team is deep and Chris Taylor or Logan Forsythe can play third base.  For that matter, the much-maligned Kike Hernandez can too.  While I am thinking about it, I haven’t heard too many fans moaning for Dee Gordon (.245 BA /.605 OPS) lately.  Austin Barnes is looking solid as a backup catcher and Kike Hernandez is the most versatile player in baseball whom almost everyone wants to send to AAA.  It’s ain’t happening.Yes, Kike is only hitting .233, but he is OPS’ing .798.  Joc Pederson and his .211 BA and .620 OPS is a candidate.  Do you know how rare it is to have a guy who can play anywhere and do a credible job at it?  Oh, you will say that he’s not that good defensively.  PROVE IT!  Kike is not “smooth,” but he is effective.  He’s kind of a “herky-jerky” guy, but he gets the job done. He’s better than you think defensively.Dee Gordon is finding out how hard it is to play with No Juice! Boy, did the FAZ-Bashers pile on after Dee was traded and he sure tricked the Marlins into giving him a $50 million contract.  The fact is:  I would not trade Barnes or Hernandez for Dee.  FAZ won that trade big time.  The best part is that the FAZ bashers get to shutup!As soon as Turner rounded third base, I knew what he did.  If you have ever pulled a hammy, you know the feeling.  I have only injured a hamstring once and it happened when I was 51 in a softball tournament.  My wife kept telling me to “suck it up,” but I could barely walk.  The next day, the back of my leg had a 14″ black and blue area.  The doctor said it was a Grade 3 strain and put me on crutches for two weeks… I did use them for a day, but hammys hurt!  It was a month before I could run again.  That’s probably how long Justin will be out.  Just a guess…So, Ryu looked encouraging… but the rotation is as murky as ever… and I’m OK with that.  Chris Hatcher pitched in a “high leverage” situation and delivered… oh, he’s another one we got for Dee.  People:  we have to look at the big picture and it is showing at a Ravine near you right about now.This team is built for the long haul!

Rants and Raves

  • Chase Utley is shot.  Yeah, right!  He will not play a ton, but he will deliver when he does.  Whatever was wrong with his swing is fixed!
  • Rios was 3-5 at Tulsa yesterday. He has 8 HR and is hitting .361 with .986 OPS.  He’s not a great 3B… they wouldn’t call him up… would they?
  • Ahmed is hitting .323 for Tulsa at SS.
  • Chase De Jong was optioned back to AAA by the M’s.  He was 0-3 with a 7.40 ERA.

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  1. Yep, Turner injury hurts for sure, but you’re right ‘next man up’!!
    Now this will cause a stir for sure!!! I still think Seager will eventually move to 3B someday !!! Why not give him a few reps and see see how he doe does there… Do I think he can play 3B, darn right or I wouldnt bring it up…
    Anxious to hear additional takes from AC on our MILB possibilities…

    1. This is all going to depend on how serious the hammy tear is. This is probably one of those that he could come back in 4 weeks but the hammy may impact him the rest of the year. Maybe he gets rested another 2 weeks and the injury heals a little more. Rewind for some of the other more serious hamstring injuries the Dodgers have experienced the last few years (specifically Puig/Kendrick/Crawford) and they were affected the rest of the year. JT is a different guy with a different body. He is probably not as tight as those three.
      I am guessing that Forsythe gets recalled from the DL and JT goes on it. Taylor or Forsythe can play 3rd. Kike’ should also get some playing time there. So while there is no real JT replacement (offensively or defensively), the Dodgers can compete with a quality 3B. That is going to be the only move that is made. This gives Taylor and Kike’ more time to shine and show who might be the better utility option. If the Dodgers need a couple more days for Logan, FAZ would probably bring back Eibner or SVS for a couple of days rather than trying to fill a short term roster spot with someone not on the 40 man. They do not need to bring up a minor league 3B.

  2. Next man up. We do have replacements. I bitched about Utley and Hatcher and they both looked good last night. Joc just looks lost. He is not seeing the pitches. He swung at some pitches that were not even close. I really think he needs to go down to get his swing back. Where is Segedin? He is a third baseman. I have not head anything on him.
    Yes, the starting rotation has not been solved. Can Maeda and Ryu go to the pen? I think those two are the two that will be eliminated from the starters. You may want to trade one, but not both. Hill is just not that reliable because of the blister.

    1. Idahoal

      I agree with you and AC, about Ryu now.

      It looked scary at the begining of the game, but he almost got through the sixth inning.

  3. AlwaysCompete: “I also know that Lorenzo Cain is available as a rental, and could be combined in a package with Kelvin Herrera. If you take Cain and Herrera, do you also have to take on Ian Kennedy and his contract? I have no idea what it would cost for Ozuna, Yelich, or Cain. As I hinted at yesterday, I think Rios would look good as the new Royals Kendrys Morales. Maybe Rios and Sopko?”
    If Turner is out for very long, we will need reinforcements, especially adding in the Toles loss. Kennedy is owed $49M/3yrs after 2017, right in FAZ territory. Cain would look awfully good in center right about now. Pederson looked horrible on that strikeout last night, swinging at ball three and four.
    Herrera would also be nice, but we have internal options, how about adding Moustakas instead of Herrera? Rios, Sopko, Calhoun and absorbing Kennedy’s contract seems good to me, but probably pipe. Gotta believe FAZ has KC on speed dial right about now!!

    1. I am not advocating getting Ian Kennedy. KC needs to get rid of salary, and Kennedy is that type of player. KC spent too much on Alex Gordon & Ian Kennedy, and may need the $$$ to sign Hosmer. KC wants Hosmer over Cain and Moose. I can see Dayton Moore saying “You want Cain, you need to take Kennedy”. Think Michael Morse and Bronson Arroyo. Kennedy could be moved in another trade, even if for a lower tier minor leaguer. KC is going to want salary relief or prospects.
      If it were me, I would look at what it might take to also get Raul Mondesi Jr. included. I know he is a 2B/SS, but so was Trea Turner.
      But for the record, Kennedy is a Trojan, so yes I would welcome him. However, I am not advocating such a move.

      1. A Trojan as in a prophylactic? Sorry, this Bruin couldn’t resist. Kennedy was the dickhead responsible for the Greinke injury. No Thank you.

    1. After last night’s strikeout, I would like to consider this. But probably too high of price for rental Cain. Joc still has three arb years after 2017 and as bad as he has looked it could change (See Utley). The FAZ model is depth, we don’t have much in center. Keep Joc as insurance if Cain gets hurt.

    2. I thought about that. KC might go for it. But there is going to be a bidding war for Cain and Herrera by the Nats (at least). My guess is that it will take more to get Cain (even as a rental), The Royals really do not have a CF replacement, and I doubt that the Nats are going to include Victor Robles. But I do not think the Dodgers would. They would be giving up their only true CF on the horizon. But then again maybe this is how Joc is going to be the rest of his career, and this would be the best return for him. Cain increases the Dodgers chances this year, and worry about next year, next year. This is where your baseball people really need to speak up in organizational meetings. What do they really think Joc is capable of? For some, this is where FAZ is either going to be morons for making such a short-sighted silly trade, or for not having the guts to pull the trigger to help the team this year. The ball has been set up on a tee for the FAZ bashers.

  4. I think most of us speculate on who might be moved when there is a roster crunch and we all have our favorites. Sometimes it’s not what we would do but predicting what management will do. JT’s injury settles any Taylor vs Kike debate (for now) which has been going on since ST. Maybe Joc does need to go down for awhile, I just don’t think they will do that. A lot of people don’t like Puig, but I see a change in him this year and a player about to break out. Kike will never have Puig’s talent but is a useful guy to have around and very scrappy.

    Good to see last night:
    Utley 2 hits leading off-Maybe I was wrong about him leading off
    Ryu pitching well-maybe I was wrong to rank him the #7 starter
    Hatcher with 2 K’s (5 in a row now) in a high leverage situation-wrong again
    Puig with a clutch HR to drive in 2-Maybe I was right? Leads team in HR’s, RBI’s, SB and hard hit outs (and GIDP)

    I sure know a lot less than the brain trust and support whatever they do, and root for this team no matter what. This is like last year when Kershaw went down, and the team needs to pull together as this is a winnable stretch of games for the team to make a move.

    1. Vegas

      I don’t dislike Puig, but it seems like some people treat Puig, like this is his first year.

      The truth is this is the first year he has wanted to work hard, to get better, and this is his fifth year.

      I think can be an asset for the team hitting in the back of the line up, but I just don’t think he is a very good hitter.

      Did you see the articles in Fangraphs on Puig, on May 16, and there was also an article in the Orange County Register, just the other day too.

      Both of these articles are about Puig’s hitting, and in the last 26 games Puig has played in, he is hitting 206.

      But with two outfielders down, we need Puig right now.

      1. I am still expecting HUGE things from Puig this year! One of my pre-season predictions was that Puig would have it figured out by around May 15th. Puig and Turner Ward will be talked about like George Brett and Charlie Lau.
        As Vegas Dodger stated, 26 yr old Puig leads the Dodgers in HR’s, RBI’s, SB and hard hit outs (and GIDP). Keep squaring them up Yasiel!! They will start finding holes. Oh, and can he be part of the center field solution? The slimmed down Puig kind of reminds me (in appearance only) of Willie Mays, now start hitting like him! We’ll move you up in the batting order.

        1. Boxout

          The pitchers are now throwing Puig fastballs, 68 percent of the time, and that isn’t because he is a great fastball, hitter.

    1. I agree, unless they think they could flip him, eating just a few dollars. Anybody see the Dodgers being starting pitching sellers at the deadline? Ryu/Maeda/McCarthy/Kennedy would be big hits in Seattle. They got anything we want?

        1. I like how you think. FAZ has done very well trading with Seattle. I really thought Seattle swindled AZ in the Segura trade. We could have given AZ a better package than Seattle. AZ probably didn’t want to trade with us.
          I wonder if Haniger is a possibility? Is he a flash in the pan?

  5. David Schoenfield, ESPN Senior Writer
    “Who would say no? Dealing the Nationals a closer”
    “The trade: Soto and a second-tier pitching prospect for Herrera and Cain. As good as Soto is, he’s also just 18 and a few years from the majors. He’s probably a left fielder in the long run since he lacks a prototypical right fielder’s arm. The Nationals make a huge upgrade in center field with Cain (who is a free agent) to replace the injured Adam Eaton and acquire Herrera for this season and next. The Royals get a premium hitting prospect in a system that lacks one, which they’ll need as Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas hit free agency.”
    Wait a minute KC, We can beat that offer!!!

    1. Rios and Sopko would be a better deal. Calhoun and Sopko would be a better deal. I would be fine with Rios/Sopko/Rhame. But neither deal solves KC’s CF problem, and neither does the Nats deal. Yes, the Dodgers could do better if they want Cain and Herrera.
      Maybe I just want another Raul Mondesi on the team, but I would like to expand any conversation to include him. I loved the first Raul Mondesi, so why wouldn’t I love the second. Maybe Luis Avilan will give up his #43.

          1. AC

            Another big night for you, and your guy!

            I hope he continues to win games for the Dodgers, and make you happy, at the same time!

          2. MJ, any Dodger win is a great day. If ALex pitches well to contribute, that is even better.

  6. Mark

    You are right, I have to give Hatcher credit, when credit is due, and he pitched well for us last night, in a tough situation.

    And your are right about Kike, I have maligned him like everyone else, but the last time I looked, he had a higher OPS, then both Joc, and Puig.

    When Turner went out, the first thing I thought, was that it was a good thing, that Taylor is stepping up now.

    I hope Roberts plays him at third, and plays Kike at second, until Logan comes back.

    And like I said above, I changed my mind about Ryu last night, I think he is the pitcher, that won’t be in the rotation.

    But I have to give him credit, because he managed to pitch to Stanton, without giving up a HR, but I know that was close..

    And about Joc, I just don’t think Roberts will send Joc down, especially since we are down, two outfielders.

    Kike was never really sent down for a long time last year, and he hit 190, all year.

    But I know we expect more from our everyday players, then our utility players, who get so much fewer, at bats.

    The problem right now is that both Puig and Joc, hit better in the eighth position.

    Since Puig is hitting better then Joc, I would bat Joc eighth, so he can pick up walks easier, and wait for a good pitch, and bat Puig seventh.

    I think Turner just pulled his hammy, and I think Puig also only pulled his hammy, when he was out last year.

    If a player tears their hammy, that is a big difference, from pulling a hammy.

    And I think Hunter Pence tore his hammy last year, and he actually made back, before the season was over, but that was quick.

    But I think AC is right about Turner, so I think it is only a pull.

    And about Gordon, I have never been a Gordon supporter, I was actually glad, he was traded.

    Because I thought he could never play well, on a big market team, like the Dodgers.

    I thought he was given chance after chance, to play shortstop, and he couldn’t handle the shortstop position, at the major league level.

    And he got yet another chance, to be the regular, second basemen.

    If I was Mattingly I would play the kid that filled in for Gordon last year, after Gordon went out, because he tested, positive.

    Because that kid did a good job, when Gordon went out.

    And I wouldn’t reward Gordon for cheating, to get a big contract, and I think the other kid, will hit better then Gordon, and have more pop then Gordon, too.

  7. Good win last night, with Ryu on the mound. But the Marlins aren’t good right now, so it’s not like beating the Astrios. Still the bats came alive, and we will need that with the starters being mediocre, at best. We will miss Turner’s bat, big time. He is at the top of his game, a very high place. If would be nice if we could count on 66. But…. Forsyth helps some, but not enough to make up for the absence of Turner. It will have to be Grandal, 66, and Seager to do the damage now. And the pitching will HAVE TO BE BETTER. Looking forward to see what Wood has to bring tonight. The Marlins have a few good bats: Yelich, Realmuto. Stanton is fun to watch strike out. It’s nice to see Mattingly lose. Go Cardinals.

    1. Bobbie 17

      I think we are going to miss Turner even more, because he is hitting lefties well this year, and Puig hasn’t done, the same.

      But I agree with you, it is good to beat any team, that Mattingly, manages, but I guess we should feel bad, for any team, that Mattingly manages, too.

  8. Boxout
    Haniger may be available. Gamel may be available. Both are young outfielders. Haniger was playing good baseball and then he got hurt. Gamel took his place and he is doing well. I am sure the scouts could figure out who is best. Seattle would want a starting pitcher. Ryu may be the answer. Seattle has a large Asian population. Seattle has lost their three best starting pitchers due to injury. They are hurting.

    1. I like Haniger a lot, but I think it would take someone like Wood to get him.

  9. I have never been a Puig fan. However, I think he is doing better this year. He is hitting the ball hard. He needs to stay in the line up right now. Joc is our problem child. I am sure Turner Ward is doing what he can to help. Right now I would bring Thompson up and send Joc down. I know Thompson has struggled, but he can play centerfield. He is playing better in AAA. You just cannot continue to send Joc out there. I would give Joc until the end of the Miami series. I believe they have all right handers throwing. If he continues looking bad, something must be done.

    1. I was with you until you said bring up Thompson. If by better you mean hitting .152 than I guess it’s better than .050. At this point it us unfair to expect anything out of Thompson. While I agree that Joc is the biggest problem in the lineup depending on how Gonzalez does, I don’t see Thompson as more of an alternative than Verdugo other than the fact that he’s on the 40-man roster.

      Despite Doc’s positive words about JT’s hammy, we have all seen Kemp, Puig, Crawford, and others return from hamstring injuries too fast and turn them into much longer injuries. The Dodgers absolutely can’t be without Turner for 2 months especially with a declining Agone in the lineup and Toles down for the year. I expect at least a 10-day DL stint and probably a 3 week stint is more likely. Forsythe can play 3rd while Taylor and Utley handle 2nd. Joc needs to step up or a homestand that features the stinking Cubs and Cardinals could be a disaster. As for bringing up Rios, why not? He isn’t a long-term guy so starting his clock shouldn’t be a big deal. Bring him up and have a potentially potent bat off the bench and maybe throw him a start or two. Showcase the guy. Toles, Kazmir, and Stewart could all be moved to the 60-Day DL to open up a spot for Rios.

      1. Hawkeye

        Why don’t they bring up more players, that are doing well, that are not on the forty man, roster, like Verdugo?

        1. They don’t want to start their arbitration clock for one, but also young guys like Verdugo and Bellinger need to be playing everyday. I’m not necessarily pushing for Verdugo to come up, but I don’t think it is time for Thompson yet. I do hope Thompson gets things figured out so that is an option in the future. With Rios, I don’t see the harm.

          1. Hawkeye


            And although I like Thompson, I agree with you, about him.

            He really didn’t hit that well, in the minors, and the last thing he needs to do, is sit on the bench.

    2. Justin Nicolino is a lefty. He goes tonight. Dan Straily and Jose Urena are both RHP, and they only have 1 lefty reliever, Jarlin Garcia. But the point is well taken.

      1. AC

        We faced this pitcher Nicolino, more then one time before, and we didn’t do much.

        But I think our guys are doing better in that leftie department, and we know Wood is going to do everything he can, to get us this win!

        I feel we will be ok without Turner, even though Turner has been our most important hitter, in the last couple of years.

        Turner hasn’t been driving the ball a lot yet, so I think if Bellinger can continue to step up, and Taylor does too, we will be ok.

        Because it looks like Corey has turned the corner now.

        1. MJ,
          When you asked the question as to why Corey may be struggling, I did not get a chance to respond. He had a couple of off days I remember, but I was not sure that he was actually struggling so I went back to compare Corey’s numbers this year as compared to 2016. For games played through May 18 of both years, the numbers are unbelievably consistent.
          2017 – 175 PA/ 10 Dbls/6 HR/21 RBI/23 BB/ 33 K .287/.383/.473/.856
          2016 – 169 PA/11 Dbls/7 HR/21 RBI/13 BB/27 K .290/.343/.510/.853
          2 outs RISP – .273/.429/.636/1.065
          Late & Close – .292/.320/.333/.653
          Tie Game – .341/.463/.636/1.099
          Within 1 run – .304/.404/.506/.911
          He has hit in 31 of the 39 games he started, and has gotten on base in 32 of the 39 games he started. He is playing at a comparable level to the other three top SS; Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, and Xander Bogaerts. Zach Cozart is having a career year. The Reds should move him now and get some big overpayment in prospects before he comes back down to earth. Jean Segura is also playing extremely well, but he has done this for two years now, so maybe this is who he is.
          Corey may not be playing at a MVP level…yet, but I do not think he is struggling. Maybe sometimes we expect too much from the 23 year old.

          1. AC


            And Corey getting hurt and missing most of spring training, in the last two years, doesn’t help, either.

            I am just glad he is hitting now!

    3. Idahoal

      I read your thoughts on Puig, and maybe I am being to hard, on him.

      I am glad he is doing better, but I guess I get defensive, when others seem to think, he is better, then he really is.

      And our broadcasters don’t help, when they are constantly making excuses, for Puig.

      And that is why I like Nomar in the booth, because he says exactly what is on his mind, and it is usually the truth, about players.

      Orel and Joe put a positive twist, on almost everything, they say.

      Puig is helping the team, at the back of the line up, so that is a positive for the team, so I will try to be more positive about Puig!

      1. MJ, what you’re saying about Puig may have some merit, but we can’t control what has happened in the past, both good and bad. Yasiel with the help and support of veterans like Gonzalez, Turner, and Jansen have helped him see that his career is at a crossroads. I would encourage you to listen to Ned talk about him on Dodger Talk. He and DV have had a few conversations about this very subject including last night’s show. You can listen to the podcast if you have time. I know that you’ve pointed out that he’s seeing fastballs 68% of the time. It will be interesting to see where that number is in September. I’m not surprised because I thought he was quite bad at fastballs in 2015-2016. Let’s see what the work shortening up his swing does. Also, Puig has been pretty good at hitting breaking pitches that are in the zone. If he’s chasing less, he’s going to get fastballs until he proves that he can handle them.

        1. Hawkeye

          Why does Puig have so much trouble hitting fastballs?

          I thought almost every major leaguer, can hit good fastballs.

          I have heard someone talk about Puig’s bat speed, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

          Because I know he doesn’t have great pitch recognition, but I am going to try to do better, with him.

          I will tell you one thing, Ned loves talking about Bellinger and Corey, since he was the GM when they were picked.

          He also loved talking about Toles, even though he wasn’t Ned’s guy, but I think he liked him, because he is a small guy too.

          1. It seems that he swing got long. He hit fastballs fine when he first came up. He tends to dip and be under them at times. I think the pitch recognition is improving but a work in progress. Not chasing has improved.

  10. In my opinion, the five starters should be Kershaw, Wood, Urias, McCarthy and Hill. Ryu or Maeda could be traded, but only one of them. If it took McCarthy or Hill to get a good outfielder, I would pull the trigger. I would not trade Kershaw, Wood or Urias.

    I would never trade Wood for Haniger. When Haniger comes back they will have a surplus of outfielders. If Ryu or Maeda would not get it done, I would throw in a class A player.

    1. Hawkeye

      Thanks again!

      Can you believe what is going on in the news, it is something everyday!

        1. Kennedy actually talked about Puig and fastballs tonight. He said he thought Puig was hitting them better this year because he opened his stance more and has two eyes on the ball.

  11. JT went on the 10 day and Eibner was recalled. Well I got one right. That’s one out of a million player personnel guesses.

    1. Any opinion as to why they would select Eibner? Already on the 40-man roster, maybe?

      1. The batting order below tells us why Eibner.
        Right-handed hitting center-fielder. Joc can’t hit, especially lefties and Hernandez will be in the infield.

      2. Forsythe is projected to be back by next Tuesday, so he is expected to miss the remainder of the Fish series only. They needed a RH bat off the bench (he’s actually starting tonight in CF). I figured Eibner or SVS. They also did not need to create a 40 man roster spot for only three additional days without Logan.
        JT was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain. That is usually a two week recovery, but I hope they give him three. Players seem to have a tendency to come back too soon from hamstring injuries, and the injury becomes chronic for the rest of the year. So even considering 3 weeks, there is no need to make any significant roster changes right now.

        1. Thanks for the update. 2-3 weeks is about as good of news as we could have hoped for.

  12. I was wrong last time so without further comment. Have at it.

    Tonight’s Dodger lineup vs. Marlins:
    Taylor 2B
    Seager SS
    Gutierrez LF
    Hernández 3B
    Barnes C
    Puig RF
    Bellinger 1B
    Eibner CF
    Wood P

    1. I’m not going to waste my breath on the stupid batting order and it is ******* stupid. For those who enjoy Monday and Kennedy together, I believe they are doing the radio broadcasts tonight.

  13. Let’s try:

    Prediction: Wood goes 7 innings or 100 pitches and fans 10 or more Marlins. Dodgers light up Nicolino like a penny slot machine!

  14. Based upon where he is now, MLB projects Puig to hit 24 HR with 79 RBI with a .270 BA AND .805 OPS.

    I will happily take that!

    OK, they are mere projections. Look at other Dodgers:
    Forsythe – .261/11 HR/43 RBI/.743 OPS
    Bellinger – .253/22 HR/68 RBI/.802 OPS
    Gonzo – .262/12 HR/58 RBI/.729 OPS
    Seager – .286/23 HR/79 RBI/.834 OPS
    Turner – .309/14 HR/72 RBI/.843 OPS
    Grandal – .251/17 HR/62 RBI/.784 OPS
    Pederson – .230/18 HR/58 RBI/.751 OPS

    Fantasy – take it for what it is…

      1. Mark

        The only thing you are missing, is six months dead, five months dead, and freshly dead, and, Igor.

  15. Hawkeye, what are your lineup variations? I generally agree with your takes. I just like some speed up top and Bellinger at #4 and would put Seager at #3 but Roberts does not like back to back LH. When the starter is pulled watch for AGon and Grandal to PH. (Joc is a poor pinch hitter.)

    1. I would be fine with Kike second tonight and moving Puig and Bellinger behind Guittierez., either one hitting 5 or 6 with Barnes 7th.

  16. Osuna, Stanton, and Bour look like football players. They are huge. Wood is pitching another gem. Taylor is very good offensively and defensively tonight. Nice 2 run home run by Eibner. I hope Puig is ok. Good thing we have some depth.

  17. I kinda like the Platoon opportunity with Eiber, Gutierrez and Taylor it could actually work.
    But let’s revisit some recent (and not so recent) trades:
    I mean for Eibner: Dodgers gave up double-A IF.
    For Taylor: Gave up Zach Lee.
    For Wood: Braves made trade so bad their GM apologizes for it annually.

  18. Another shot by Franchise part 2
    And that HBP on Eibner was flat out intentional. Let’s see how we retaliate

  19. Nobody had to tell Stripling to hit Stanton. He knew what to do!

    There should be no suspension!

  20. Strip just earned some major respect from the guys.

    Now hopefully that’s that and there’s no more crap this weekend

  21. Stripling missed him, evidently!

    The coolest thing that could happen now would be for Hatcher to drill him!

    That would be awesome!

  22. That was better than drilling him.

    Chris Freaking Hatchet!

    You love him and you hate him!

    1. And then Hatchet gets drilled. He sucks!

      Love Stripling for going after biggest baddest dude on team.

  23. Mattingly upset that Seager was swing 3-0 with a 5run lead in the 5th. I didn’t know there was a mercy rule in MLB.

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