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It’s fun to sit around and play GM at times.  We can make trades without compunction for Matt Kemp, Marcel Ozuna and about any other player on the planet.  In reality, almost none of those trades ever happen.  I probably suggest more trades than anyone and I cannot remember a single one that was ever made.  I guarantee you that Farhan Zaidi and Andrew Friedman have been working the phones all season and know of any potential candidates available for trade – probably some we would never think of and some that we think are available who are not!  The problem is, most of our trade proposals are “knee-jerk reactions.” Sometimes the best move is NO MOVE.We look at Matt Kemp’s batting average and salivate, but we forget what a clubhouse cancer he was in both San Diego and Los Angeles.  In LA, Kemp was moody, moping, euphoric or unapproachable, depending upon what was happening with Rihanna.  Maybe he has matured (Andre did and he was once that way), but there might be a clubhouse revolt if Kemp came back.  I speak from experience about this as this was back in the day when I was spending a lot of time around the team.  Seven years ago, I spent a 4-game road trip with the team is Chicago with a Press Pass and full clubhouse access (back then the visitors’ clubhouse was a dump).  The clubhouse tension was palpable with both Kemp and Ethier being prima donnas.  Everyone was on eggs shells.I say NO to Matt Kemp, but I would not be opposed to acquiring him.   However, the Dodgers have moved on.  He has moved on. Everyone has moved on, plus his defense is horrid… no it’s worse than that!  Here’sEXACTLYwhat the Dodgers need:  They need for Logan Forsythe and Adrian Gonzalez to get healthy. Scott Van Slyke is not long for LA.  After A-Gon went 3-4 last night at Rancho, he is apt to get called up as soon as TODAY or TOMORROW!  Forsythe is not far behind. Taylor or Forsythe need to go to LF.  Forsythe has a bout 20 games experience there, but I am sure Taylore can play it too.  That’s one for Doc to figure out.Adrian is no longer the “butter and egg man” but he can can be a very productive hitter, especially if he is at #5 or #6.  I prefer him at #6 as the Dodger’s lineup has generally been unproductive in that area.  I think A-Gon can hit 12-15 HR and drive in 80 in the #6 hole and that would be big! Puig and Pederson can’t hit lefties, but Puig is RH so do you reverse platoon him.  In RF, I think Bellinger is better as a hitter and while he is not the equal of Puig on defense, I believe he is a better option in RF.  Where does that leave Puig?  Trade bait, in my opinion.  Get me another stud reliever!

How does this look?

  1. Taylor  LF (R)
  2. Seager  SS (L)
  3. Turner  3B (R)
  4. Bellinger  RF (L)
  5. Forsythe  2B (R)
  6. Gonzo  1B (L)
  7. Grandal/Barnes  C  (L/R)
  8. Pederson  CF (L)
Doc is just going to see how the seven starters shake out.  Today will give us a big clue.  Someone has to go and if Ryu can pitch well, he might be the guy.  He has a team-friendly contract and if healthy, can be a nice back-of-the-rotation starter.  Wood, Hill, Urias and Kershaw are locks.  You have to pick one between McCarthy, Ryu and Maeda.  What a great problem to have! Puig, McCarthy, Hernandez, Thompson, Ryu, Van Slyke and Maeda could all be trade possibilities. Like AC said, Miami is a perfect place for Puig.  How about Thomas Jones or Brian Anderson for him?

Rants and Raves

  • In my opinion, Yadier Alvarez is maybe a closer.  I do not see him as a starter.  Just my opinion.  He throws 100 MPH… so…..
  • Joc Pederson looks lost to me.  I like AC’s idea of Lorenzo Cain as a one year rental.  Rios and another?
  • It was great to see Clayton get a better handle on his slider… he’s almost there!
  • Could Walker Buehler end the season in the Dodgers bullpen?

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  1. Important point to remember; none of us have a blemish worth (on FAZ’s behind) of baseball knowledge compared to the guys actually running the show.
    While it is easy to see the flaws in our team, and every team has them, and who looks good right now on other teams, we really have no idea what it would cost to acquire them. Kemp? Sure if the price is right, but it won’t be! Braves would look to bend us over, just like the Brewers must have with Braun. And Kemp must be a HUGE problem if the Padres would pay just to be rid of the guy.
    I have resigned myself to enjoy the season, knowing if a “good” deal/value appears FAZ will be all over it. We are a very good team as currently constructed, a true Championship Caliber team. FAZ is going to be patient, stick to the long-term plan and see what we got. Yes, Gonzalez and Forsythe could be just what the Doctor ordered AND the price is right. Puig, although frustrating is leading the team in RBIs, from mainly the eighth spot, it could be worse. Pederson needs to platoon, so does Hernandez, Gutierrez and a couple other guys. A couple fringe guys need to be jettisoned , VanSlyke and Romo.
    Something that tells me FAZ is doing their job, is the better internal options, depth, we have everywhere compared to last year. Stick to the plan and it will be even better next year. Get crazy, like the Lakers did with signing Mozgov and Deng and we will regret it. How would the Lakers look right now with the NUMBER 2 pick AND lots of money to spend this year or next?
    The good news is the Dodgers will go as far as the PITCHING will take them and that could be a long way.

  2. I would argue that we will go as fast as our hitting will take us. I have confidence we have, with a few bullpen tweaks, the pitching to take us all the way. My concern is whether we have the hitting to score the runs to win.

    A healthy Gonzalez and Forsyth will help. Can Taylor play an adequate CF? Would time in OKC help Joc find himself? He looks lost right now.

  3. Mark

    When you said earlier this week we have a thumper coming back, I was going to ask you, who you were talking about.

    But you are right, a healthy Agone is a better hitter, then a lot of players, in this line up.

    And he will be a great teacher, for Bellinger.

    It doesn’t look like Joc and Puig learned anything from Agone’s example, when it comes to hitting runs in, but I bet Bellinger will take note.

    I hated when Toles got hurt, but now there is a place in the line up, for both Agone and Bellinger to play, and exist, with one another.

    And when we need a tough RBI there is no hitter better then Agone, in our line up.

    The Logan, Taylor, problem will work out too.

    I hope Ryu can pitch well tonight for the team, and himself.

    He was once a very good pitcher and he takes a lot of pride in trying to get the job done, so I hope he can.

    The starting pitcher thing will work out too, and there won’t have to be necessarily any big moves, to work this out.

    It is still early, but pitchers have the highest percentage of attrition, in baseball.

    1. And I hope we can return the favor to the Marlins in this home stand, and sweep them, like they did to us last year.

      I guess the Marlins are struggling right now, and I hope we can make sure, that they continue to struggle.

      I also hope our pitchers can keep Gordon off base, and Grandal can throw him out, if he tries to steal a base too.

      The way he handled his steroid problem last year, cost us a game.

  4. I agree with Boxout, the internal options are good, probably better than the deals they are being offered. But if a trade matches up, even a 3 team blockbuster they will pull the trigger.

    Joc looks lost at the plate, no plan when he walks up there. Right now his trade value is lower than it should be as it would be on past production, nor present. And Kike plays CF when he sits so below average day in and day out. Cody could move there but who is the LH part of the LF platoon with Toles out? Maybe Verdugo but that requires a 40 man roster move. If Joc gets hot he has more value at the deadline, and I hope they sell high.

    Puig is the guy everyone has mixed feelings about but he has a plan at the plate and has been taking walks and getting hard contact. I keep feeling he is about to break out in a big way and his defense and base running are always exciting. If he gets on a roll he has even more value at the deadline, but I hope they keep him.

    AGon is ready and the lineup needs him, pack your bags SVS! Forsythe creates a different problem, too many infielders. Either Kike, Taylor, Utley or Gutierrez has to go down or to the DL or cut back a pitcher. Taylor played some CF in ST and is adequate there and hitting much better than Joc. Kike could be the odd man out.

    Bellinger needs to play most every day and play all 3 OF spots and 1B as needed. He is the protection Turner has needed all year and the guy teams pitch very carefully to.

    Roberts needs to make up his mind who his starters are and today may be Ryu’s last chance to stay in the rotation. His stuff would play in the bullpen, and they are short a LHP there. He has little value in a trade at this point, but more than Kazmir. That still leaves 6 guys for 5 spots and that leaves the bullpen short an arm.

    Please play a more regular lineup! Please don’t sit a guy who just had a big game because of pitching match ups! Please don’t sit 2 of your 3 big producers at the same time. Please don’t put out a ST lineup in any game. Please put Bellinger at cleanup and leave him there. Please don’t bat Utley lead off. Please don’t hand the ball to Romo or Hatcher in a close game.

    I still really like this team and once these decisions are made they will play more consistently.

  5. To say Alverez will be a closer at this point in his career is just keyboard finger exercise. Sure he could be a closer..he could also be a devastating number 1. We should all wait and see if his pitching matches his raw talent eventually. If it does we could have an other best in MLB number 1 pitcher. Go Dodgers.

    1. Sadly, for the Dodgers, I have been right about a lot of the starters:

      never impressed me. Alvarez is there with them… except he can throw 100!

        1. I’m not always right, but I will tell you my opinion. I like Billingsly, but he never became what I thought he would be. I was on Kershaw before he was drafted and saw one of his first professional games in Beloit, WI. I was hot on Urias and De Leon, but cooled on him as a starter and wanted to see him in the pen.

          I do confess to liking Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster, so there is that!

  6. I wouldn’t bring Kemp back at this point. If what you say is true about how he is as a teammate, the guys who were here when Kemp was won’t want him back. There will be other right-handed options in the OF come deadline time.

    Bellinger will have growing pains, but seems to be adjusting on the fly. Yesterday, Cueto made him look silly the first time up but Bellinger got him back later. Puig made hard contact every time up. Seager, Turner, Taylor, Grandal all looking good right now. When Gonzalez and Forsyth return the offense should be looking pretty good. Joc in CF is the one big problem right now – he looks lost up there. And Kike CANNOT hit righties and isn’t a good CF. When Gonzalez returns, I would try Bellinger in CF and send Joc to AAA to work some things out. LF could be a problem then of course – no obvious candidates to play against RHP. (Gutierrez could continue to platoon against southpaws.)

    They are going to have to resolve the starting pitching issues. They can’t keep 6 starters on the roster and they can’t keep stashing a guy on the 10 day DL and then bringing him back and screwing up the rhythm of the entire rotation. They should pick 5 and let them pitch. I say the 5 (as of right now) are Kershaw, Wood, Hill, Urias and McCarthy. I don’t know what this means for Ryu (DL him again?) and Maeda and I could see them optioning Urias and keeping Maeda in the rotation as an alternative.

    Romo has to go. The ‘pen should be Jansen, Baez, Avilan, Fields, Stripling, Hatcher and Liberatore.

    1. When Kike was playing center much more often, in the first year, he wasn’t that bad on defense, check his defensive, metrics.

  7. I would be completely fine with trading for Cain. I like the athleticism and that he has playoff experience. Another guy I’ve mentioned before is JD Martinez. Mark mentioned Rios but the name the popped was Calhoun. I can’t say if he would be too much for a rental. I would think both KC and Detroit would want pitching back so maybe Rios and a pitcher would work.

    1. JD Martinez is a great hitter but not a great fielder. He would be OK in LF and would give them the RH power bat that they need.

  8. My thoughts based on observation:
    * Bellinger should stay up because he will learn more and get better faster on the major league roster getting AB’s against big league pitchers and getting guidance from major league veterans (not to mention Turner Ward). Does anyone see a trip back down to OKC as anything other than a waste of time for him? The only benefit is to push back his service time clock but there are still more benefits to keeping him on the major league roster.
    * I’m not opposed to trading Puig but I am skeptical the Dodgers will get anything decent in return. At this point, I prefer the approach of patiently working with him and while his performance is not spectacular, he is still contributing.
    * I expect that we will see more call ups and we may very well see one of them make an impact similar to Bellinger. Odds are that the next one will be a pitcher. Anyone care to give a take on the next prospect to get called up and make an exciting splash? Maybe it will be someone we haven’t even talked about…

    1. One more comment:
      Brian Dozier is batting .248 and OPS’ing .781. He’s got 5 HR’s. The decision to keep Bellinger was the right one, regardless of how you feel about Logan Forsythe. I happen to like Forsythe relative to Dozier but none of that is relevant if the Twins insisted on Bellinger to get Dozier.

  9. In the Joc to AAA camp, been waiting for two years now actually. I remember when he somehow made the All-Star team in 2015 and the media hyped him up as the second coming of Barry Bonds. He was already in decline during that game and all I could do was shake my head, I actually felt bad for the kid.

    Puig right now is a better option than Pederson. So please, if we replace anyone, he needs to be out of this lineup immediately.

    Like your lineup Mark, just Puig over Pederson.

  10. First let me say that I love the trade discussions even though they are meaningless, they are fun to consider. With respect to Kemp, I was commenting on a trade proposal for Inciarte and Kemp. I doubt that the Braves would trade either. Inciarte is their CF for the next five years as he signed a very team friendly contract – 5 years $30.5M. Kemp is a big bat, but he is the only player keeping the Braves relevant in their new House. I have seen Atlanta with less than 5,000 fans in the seats (old Fulton County Stadium), so they need to be relevant. But I can see how Kemp might work for 2.5 years at an additional $10.5M per year. If the Dodgers cannot stick it to the Braves then walk away.
    While I have not heard one word about Kemp being available, there are rumblings about Ozuna. When his name was first discussed (I think by Bums), I did not think it was plausible because he was the best current contributor for a team that is looking to sell, and I am sure that Jeffrey Loria wants everything clicking so he can fleece a Jeter/Bush or Glavine/Romney buyer. But what I heard was that one (maybe both) potential owner groups may want to do a tear down to rebuild the farm system. Most believe that Stanton and his contract are not going to get any kind of return so that left guys like Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto, as potential trade pieces to get prospects in return.
    I also know that Lorenzo Cain is available as a rental, and could be combined in a package with Kelvin Herrera. If you take Cain and Herrera, do you also have to take on Ian Kennedy and his contract? I have no idea what it would cost for Ozuna, Yelich, or Cain. As I hinted at yesterday, I think Rios would look good as the new Royals Kendrys Morales. Maybe Rios and Sopko?
    Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Joc would be to be optioned when Forsythe returns, so he could go back down and work on his swing. I agree with some who have said his trade value is so low that it does not make sense to trade him, and that it might make more sense to option him to OKC. If his ego and confidence cannot handle that, then the Dodgers need to know that as well. Right now Joc is not helping the team or himself. Cody can play CF in the interim. I catch a lot of flak about this, but IMO Joc’s defense is over-rated. He is an average defensive CF, not a great defensive CF. His defensive metrics do not portray him as anything but average. I understand from Bums that Vin has labeled Joc as the best Dodger CF he has ever seen, but as sacrilegious as this may sound, I would disagree with that assessment. I still believe that Willie Davis was the best Dodger CF, at least in LA.
    I know Alveraz has had a rough go of it so far this season, but with his arm, I am not ready to push him to closer. That may be where he ends up, but many consider him to have four plus pitches, so he needs to start. I have not watched him this year to see how often he throws his off speed stuff, but if he develops the curve and change (which are considered plus) to offset his plus plus fastball and slider, he could become very filthy. He just turned 21, so he has time to mature both physically and mentally.
    I am as high on Buehler as anyone. I am a believer. He is my favorite prospect, for whatever that is worth. But I do not think the Dodgers will push him to their bullpen this year. The Dodgers are going to watch his pitch count, and unless they believe he will be a difference maker, I think they will shut him down in September. He will get a ML invite to ST, and should have a legit chance to make the rotation out of Spring next year.

    1. AC

      Can Cody play center on an everyday basis?

      I think that would be harder on Cody, and he wouldn’t be able to relax as much, playing in centerfield.

      I just think leftfield, is less stressful to play, physically.

      I agree about your analysis of Joc’s defense, he is good, but he isn’t an elite centerfielder.

      And even elite centerfielders, have to hit, some what.

      I think it would be easier for Puig to play center, and let Cody play in the outfield, where he feels most comfortable.

      Because I wouldn’t want to take away from Codys bat.

      1. MJ, Cody can play CF on a reserve basis, but not on a regular basis. Puig thinks as a CF, so he could move over, but again this is a band-aid, and not a solution. I think Joc continues to get opportunities because the Dodgers do not have a natural CF close in their pipeline. Yusniel Diaz is probably the most natural CF and he is at Rancho.
        Neither Kike’ or Chris Taylor can be a regular CF. It is either going to be Joc, or they are going to have to trade for one. Verdugo is probably not ready, and he is more of a RF than CF, but he might provide another Bellinger type spark.
        I would guess that FAZ has their scouts out looking at long term solutions, probably in the minors, and will work with what they have until they find one. Will that be Cain, or Yelich, or Ozuna, or Joc?
        I respect FAZ, but I also respect Jeff Luhnow and what he has created with the Astros. The Astros have the best record in MLB, have a strong young nucleus, and yet they are strongly looking at Gerrit Cole and Tony Watson. They will get a top of the rotation starter to supplement their already strong rotation, and a lefty reliever for late game high leverage situations. The Nats are going to get a top tier closer. I am sure the Cubs are going to get a top of the rotation starter. The Dodgers are going to need to do something to increase their ability to score runs. Right now CF is the weak link, and hopefully some of those hard hit outs by Puig will start to fall.

  11. I am not advocating this but puig has played center. If Taylor is serviceable I would just put him out there and I said if. Bellinger maybe in center with Forsyth in left? With our need on offense I would play Taylor somehow until he flames out. I would like to have seen the dodgers trade Gonzalez a couple of years ago but if healthy we have really missed his bat. He is a much better hitter than these replacements and I don’t mean bellinger(keep him) our best lineup: Forsyth of seager ss turner third bellinger cf Gonzalez 1st grandal c Taylor 2nd puig rf

    1. I said that Gonzo should have been traded after 2015 or he would not be able to be traded. They didn’t and here we are. He’s here for this year and next and I think he can be productive at #6.

      Cody Bellinger can play CF – he will be fine there – not forever, but he’s a “natural.” I’m all for sending Joc back to work on his swing:

      1. Taylor LF
      2. Seager SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Bellinger CF
      5. Forsythe 2B
      6. Gonzo 1B
      7. Grandal C
      8. Puig RF

      Solid, not spectacular!

      1. Mark

        Don’t you think that would take away from Corey’s bat?

        I think learning to adjust and hit major league hitting, is enough for Cody, to do right now.

        I agree with Therealten, Puig could handle center easily, if he had to.

        Why put more on Cody’s plate, right now?

          1. I like a balanced lineup. Bellinger is LH, Forsythe is RH, A-Gon is LH. Forget the platoons.

  12. AC, you always make me smile when you mention great Dodgers of the past. 3 -Dog was one of those guys!!! He could pick em out there and had great speed… Now of course I didn’t get to see the Duke of Flatbush in his prime, but many say he held his own with best CF trio of all time… Mick, Willy and Duke…
    Moving forward in time, folks should get a chance to see a Walker Buehler live… He’s one of those kids that go thru the minors like crap thru crow… Let him destroy AA for as long as necc. and the when he’s ready, move his show… I hope he’s in the AFL this coming year…

    1. I think the AFL will be a logical spot for Buehler. I just think with how he is being watched and monitored that they will push him to AAA, but they will shut him down in September. AFL would be a good spot for him.

  13. Interesting stuff from Keith Law on Dodger prospects.
    Before we get to it:
    1. These are Keith Law’s opinions and not mine!
    2. By posting it I don’t necessarily endorse it.
    Tim: Any thoughts on the Dodgers thought process with Bellinger? Seems like with Gonzalez out, playing him at 1st would improve the defense pretty significantly over him in left with Utley at first. Have seen several misplayed balls over at 1st by Utley/Van Slyke.
    Keith Law: I think they’re temporarily prioritizing contract (AG is signed through next year for too much money) over the best alignment of players (Bellinger at 1b, AG on the bench). If they get everyone healthy and play AG at first and Bellinger in left, then I think you’d have cause for complaint.
    Brandon Johnson : Thinking long term, do Alex Verdugo and Willie Calhoun have more value to the Dodgers in LA or as trade bait?
    Keith Law: I don’t see where Calhoun ever plays for them because he has no position. Verdugo has a very good chance to be a star or at least an above average regular, so I wouldn’t rush to put him in a deal, but Calhoun has more value in trade than he can ever have for the Dodgers.

    1. Keith Law is a genius… because that’s exactly what I said! 😉

      Willie Calhoun for Lorenzo Cain.

      1. You said Calhoun in a deal, but….
        I have been saying Bellinger needs to play first base his best position even when AGon returns. The sentence with the parathentical is not real clear but I understand Law to be saying the same.
        The Dodgers do need to make a trade for a RH outfield bat. All here have high hopes AGon will help energize the offense – I have grave doubts about that. All we have seen for the last 1.5 years is a downward trend in batting and defense, and we know about his base running.
        The Dodgers will probably put him at first but he is now a bench player.

  14. Tonight’s lineup:

    1. Utley 2B
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger LF
    5. Grandal C
    6. A-Gon 1B
    7. Pederson CF
    8. Puig RF
    9. Ryu P

    1. Mark

      Why do you think that Puig can’t hit decent fastballs?

      In an article in Fangraphs, today, they said that Puig is getting more fastballs, then every other player in the majors, except for two players.

      And two players, are not star players.

      Pitchers are throwing Puig fastballs, 68 percent of the time, in his at bats, right now.

  15. Totally agree Mark, Kemp is not the answer. All you have to do is read that book that came out about the Dodgers about 3 or 4 years ago and find out what a true diva he was. Magic had to fly from doing an NBA show back east to come back to LA and talk Kemp out of his tree because the dude was stressing about his contract or something like that. Dark days in the clubhouse. Those were the days when if you had the Dodgers by 3 or 4 runs after the 7th, they just rolled over and died. ZERO heart. This team is the exact opposite. Even when we lose, most times we at least make a late inning run. The culture has totally change in a great way. We are the Giants and Cardinals during their playoff runs a few years ago when they just kept grinding and grinding until something happened. Give Roberts credit for that. We WILL get better at that as the season progresses. Also totally agree that we need a healthy A-gon and Forsythe back. Bummer about Toles, I think we are going to miss him more that we thought. Just have to have someone else fill the spot.
    Have no idea what is going on with Joc, just his body language shows that he’s lost at the plate. Bellinger looks like a man with a plan every time he comes up, and he uses all fields. If Joc would do that, he could kick some serious ass.

  16. Watching Twins pitcher, Barrios, age 22 pitch against the Rockies. 1 hit in 5 innings. Makes Urias look like high schooler. Season stats are amazing.

    1. Do you actually have any connection to reality?

      Urias just turned 20, so he is close to a high schooler. What is your point?

      Berrios pitched 58 innings last year and tonight was his first game this year.

      He currently has a 7.23 Career ERA with a 1.70 WHIP in 66 innings.

      How does that compare to Julio Urias?

      Well, Julio Urias has pitched 98 innings… mostly at age 19. Barrios started 2 years later!

      For his short career, Urias has a career ERA that is less than HALF of what Barrios has – 3.40!

      You are looking at one game and that is really, really stupid!

      Of course, you never knew who Mitch White was either and you ridiculed FAZ for drafting him.

      Post something substantive or go away!

  17. No way Joc goes down to AAA when they can send Kike down instead. Taylor or Forsythe can handle the Kike role but they need a LH hitter for CF and Joc had over 50 taters his first 2 years. They will give him more time like they did Utley and Grandal and eventually he will get hot and hit a bunch of HR’s and THEN they can trade him! (or not, who knows?) He still is pretty bad at the plate right now, not sure what the cure is. A lighter bat, choking up with 2 strikes, dropping a few bunts, going the other way, shortening his swing, take your pick. Only other realistic option without hurting the team is Gutierrez with a real or imagined injury.

  18. Don’t let B17 get to you MT, he’s like a obscene phone caller!!! Best to let him roll another one and ramble on…

  19. B17 may be the Lavar Ball of this board. Don’t take most of it seriously, and you’ll laugh.

    Like this line: 1 hit in 5 innings. Makes Urias look like high schooler. Uhh, last week Urias allowed no hits in 6ip. Yet B17 complained. Have to laugh

  20. Holy crap, Turner hurt and it doesn’t look good. We take him for granted but he is one of the glue guys. This one will hurt bigtime. Crap,

  21. Hawkeye – you are living up to your name.
    It was his hammy – MRI tomorrow.
    Still, better than his knee…

    The “immaculate” ninth that Kenley threw was the 1st time I’ve ever seen that happen.

    JT is a big loss, but hopefully offset by Forsythe’s reappearance.
    Really pleased for Chase as I’m sure he is a proud man, and it would have been horrible for him to be Batting like he was. Not enough for him to be a cheerleader.
    Who plays 3rd in JTs absence?

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