Pure Junkyard Dogism!

The Dodgers shut out the Cubs on World Series Ring Night!  SWEET!!!!  I think the team decided they had seen too much partying by the Cubs at their expense. This team wants rings of their own and knows they have to take it and they took it last night.  Yeah, they are Junkyard Dogs.

  • If Chase Utley just hits .200 he is worth it.  Did you see him score from 1st on that error?  If respect is money, he’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined.  Actually, I think he will be an offensive force THIS year as well. It’s been a slow start after a hot Spring, but he will be fine.
  • I predicted 100 innings each for Wood and Stripling this year and I stand by it.  I really, really like both of them. This is an elite bullpen with great depth.  Baez is ready to come back.  Fields will go back down unless there is an injury.
    • Stripling:  6.1 IP, 1 ER, 10 K, 1.42 ERA
    • Wood: 5.2 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 5 K, 1.59 ERA
  • Brandon McCarthy – this is the guy FAZ wanted… and finally got! The first two years in Blue were a waste.  Maybe he makes his detractors pay now…  He is 2-0 with a 1.54 ERA.  He is in great shape and has worked hard.  He is getting stronger by the game. McCarthy detractors will say that he is going to get hurt.  Whatever! All I know is that he pitched six very strong innings last night as he outdueled John Lackey.
  • The Dodger hitters are still slumbering.  They will awaken soon enough.
  • Luis Avilan looks like a keeper.
  • Fearless Prediction:  The Cubs will wish they had rotation depth before the end of the year. Have you been paying attention?  Arrietta’s velocity is dropping….
  • Around the league – Matt Cain is rounding back into form while Shelby Miller still is struggling

Minor League Report

  • OKC BOX– Won 5-2
  • TULSA Did Not Play
  • RC BOX– Won 11-2 – Mitch White is a man among men as he still has not been scored upon in his professional career… in 31 IP! He pitched 5 last night, allowed a hit, walked one and struck out 6.  Getting White has to be the biggest heist since 2003 when the Central Bank of Iraq was robbed for a billion dollars.  Istler pitched 2 scoreless to end the game. The Loons had 17 hits, led by Diaz and Sandoval with 3 and 2 each by Mejia, Estevez, Peters and Landon..
  • GL BOX– Won 3-2


Today’s LA Dodger Game Talk


  1. Forsythe  2B
  2. Seager  SS
  3. Turner  3B
  4. Puig  RF
  5. Van Slyke  1B
  6. Grandal  C
  7. Thompson  CF
  8. Hernandez  LF
  9. Ryu P

All LH hitters except Ryu and Seager.  Brett Anderson is a very good pitcher when healthy.  He has pitched 5.2 innings and has a 1.59 ERA. When he was with the Dodgers I said he was no chump and he still isn’t.

Game Notes

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  1. I can’t think of a game this year where the Dodgers pitching staff got lit up, or one where the bullpen truly faltered (aside from a rare Kenley blown save). The pitching staff is one of, if not the best in baseball. I don’t think that’s a surprise. What is a surprise the Rockies current status as the top pitching team in baseball. The Rockies? I don’t know if that will last. I don’t think the Dbacks are going to continue playing at a 7-2 level. I hope the Giants continue to flounder. Some trends that might continue:

    I’m starting to think McCarthy might be back. I don’t think there was a question about his stuff, and Tommy John surgery doesn’t mean you lose velocity, in fact pitchers often come back stronger. The Dodgers signed him to that contract because they understood that the peripherals were there. He was one of those rare pitching specimens whose velocity actually increased past the age of 30, and he showed he was a different pitcher in his stint with the Yankees and Dbacks. I have a feeling that he’s going to be one the team’s most valuable starting pitchers – maybe #3 on the staff. I hope he does because I’d like nothing better than to throw that in the face of the FAZophobe detractors who have hammered that signing since day one (sorry MJ, but you’re not the only one).

    It’s great to see Stripling and Wood pitching well. To pick up a little where Bluto and his article left off, I think with these guys we’re seeing an example of the FAZ philosophy of depth playing out. There have been discussions here about six man rotations as a way to preserve a pitching staff. In a way this is somwhat similar in concept but different in application. Stripling and Wood are what you could call flexi-starters. They can start and give you four or five innings, or they can be inserted to coincide with the third time through the opposing team’s order and give the team two or three innings. Because you have that depth, you get quality innings from all of your pitchers and the traditional starter’s role is actually now comprised of two guys who can get the team through the seventh. With all of the belly aching from detractors about the Dodger starters not going five innings, that’s by design, and if you have the depth to insert someone in the fifth who can give quality innings, it’s smart. Starting pitcher workhorses who are expected to pitch seven innings, aside from the team’s ace or number two, are a thing of the past. The Giants are looking like fools for paying Jeff Samardzija 90 million to be a mediocre #4.

    I’m a little iffy on the hitting. In the back of my mind I keep thinking about Braun, but I don’t want to give up prospects and I don’t like his contract. …and I don’t like his age, …and, for that matter, I think he’s a scumbag; not just for the doping, but for the fact that he destroyed the reputations of guys who simply collected his pee in a cup.

    1. Dodger patch

      No problem, I give credit, when credit is due.

      All of the pitchers pitched really well.

      I think our offense is stagnant, because it has just been so cold in this series.

      And I know others who don’t live in California, will say that that isn’t really cold.

      But I think Baseball is a sport meant for the summmer and the Heat, especially when it comes to hitting.

      1. Sorry everyone, but I have to give credit to Toles, for smashing that third pitch off Lackey, into the rightfield bleachers.

        He hit that hard, and he seems to be gaining a little confidence, when he is up to bat.

        He had five pretty good at bats, last night.

        Our players need to advance our runners, into scoring position, and have good at bats.

        If a player is down on the count and can’t get a good bat on the ball, they need to try to at least, hit to the right side, or hit behind the runner, to advance the runner, especially when hits and runs, are hard to come by.

        And if Agone, or Grandal, could have just done that last night, we might have had a second run score, in that first inning.

        Agone is usually good with runnners on base, so I can’t beat him up, but our other hitters, must try to think on offense, as a team, in these tough situations.

        I think the decision to put both Stripling and Wood, in the bullpen, was a really good idea!

        Stripling has really impressed me, since the regular season began.

        I wasn’t sure about him, after the post season, but he has been nails, in tough situations, and with very tough hitters.

        I remember when he struck out Arrenado, and he is tough hitter, to strike out.

        I hope McCarthy can continue to pitch like that, and I don’t want to be negative but that is just one game, but I would love for him, to prove me wrong.

        I do agree he had really good stuff, last night.

        But I have heard other people say, that a couple of the Cubs hits, would have went out, if the wind wasn’t blowing in, and I don’t know if that is true, but that has been McCarthy’s,biggest problem.

        He has pitched really well, for four or five innings, then he will give up, a gopher ball.

        But I don’t want to say anything more, about that.

        I just hope they can hit Anderson hard today!

        And I hope any of our hitters that gets these extreme shifts, will take advantage of Anderson, and bunt down the line, to get a hit, against the shift today.

        This is a perfect situation for something like that, with Anderson on the mound.

        Remember when three Rockie’s players in a row, bunted on Anderson, and made him work hard?

  2. Despite missing out on early scoring opportunities, the strong starting effort of Brandon McCarthy and the team defense of the Dodgers carried the team to a start to finish tarnishing of Cubbie WS rings. Utley’s hustle, on what appeared to be just an ordinary toss to 1st base to record the K, provided the all important insurance run that let Jansen to close out the 9th. Return of Thompson from OkC is just one more example of the depth advantage the franchise possesses and strengthens the flexibility and defensive capacity of the outfield defense. Addition of Baez, return of Hill, and Wood’s move back to ‘pen moves pitching from very, very good to excellent. Expect Ryu will outduel Anderson today and hitters to erupt early. Go Dodgers.

    Starting Friday, we need a strong closeout of rest of April’s schedule to set us up for what appears to be a difficult May and June schedule . Want to thank my daughter and son-in-law for tickets to Cincy for last 2 games against Reds over Dad’s Day weekend in June. Too early to know who will pitch but hope to see Kershaw pitch. Every Win Counts.

  3. Pitchers have more movement and break on their pitches in a cold damp game. Add a wind that blows in and good pitchers that can put the ball where they want it will make the game a pitching duel. Excellent game to watch on TV, not so much fun to see in person.
    Keeping Kike’ and bringing up Thompson tells me that FAZ and Roberts want to recognize seniority. That doesn’t mean that anybody will keep their spot on the 25 or 40 for that matter, but it will trump small sample size, spring training stats that don’t match up to historical stats, and whatever else goes into their recipe.

  4. McCarthy has great stuff. Every pitch has movement. Now just stay healthy.

    When I look at the farm system, the depth, and the 25 players we have in the bigs, I cannot understand how anyone can Say FAZ are idiots. Many still do. Their plan the whole time was to be competitive now while building depth and the farm. They have done this in three years.

  5. Score one for the “sick and infirm”!

    McCarthy looks great! Leads the team in victories and sports a impressive 1.50 ERA. I know it’s only 12 innings, but you have to start somewhere. Stripling another TJ surgery survivor also looks great, what movement on those pitches. This is the guy that almost got to the majors in 2013/2014 before suffering his injury, again it’s early but the 1.42 ERA puts a smile on my face. Very happy for both these guys!

  6. According to my calculations, the Dodgers could have a 2018 and/or 2019 payroll under the Luxury Tax cap, thus resetting the penalty schedule and avoiding have to put the tax, at best, or not also have the pay the incremental percentage penalty that is the budget crippler IMO, at worst.
    This accomplishment would be the greatest challenge to be overcome by FAZ since their arrival given where this team was financially just five years ago. Given the fact that 2019 is being viewed as the greatest free agent class to ever reach the market, the team’s ability to compete on a level market is impossible to over-estimate. Large market teams won’t have the advantage of the Dodgers facing a dollar for dollar penalty which increases both their short-term and long-term cost for talent. Small market teams won’t have their budgets subsidized by the penalty dollars of the Dodgers that make it possible for them to offer salaries beyond their actual financial wherewithal.
    This can be done even if the Dodgers sign a front line starter in the $20-25M annual salary range and give all of the team’s pre-arb and arbitration eligible players substantial increases in the upcoming seasons. It will require that we don’t pick-up the 2018 option on Ethier or resign Gonzalez after the 2018 season.

    1. Sorry for typing problems in 1st sentence. Should say the following after the word schedule in LINE 2.
      … and avoiding having to pay the tax at best, or not having to pay the incremental percentage penalty that is the budget crippler IMO, at worst.

      Thought I’d be able to edit post but could not do so.

  7. I saw Anderson beat SF @ AT&T

    He is good on a going day but hittable when not.

    He is also a dough ball.

    Don’t like the all RH (not Seagar & Ryu) lineup, but this is the new Dodger way so gonna have to get on with it.

    Good game time today!

  8. MVP last night was Stripling. McCarthy was good, for him. But a lot of pitches and too many walks. Heads up for Friday: Grienke v Kershaw. Watch them pitch to each other. Grienke has said he wants to see how nasty Kershaw is. Kershaw probably feels the same. The most fun at bats will be in the # 9 hole.

    1. I was impressed with McCarthy but I agree with you Bobbie – I would give the game ball to Stripling. It’s really easy to pull for him. He came on in relief and was nails. After AGON’s error, resulting in the tying run at 2nd base, Strip battled John Jay for an 11 pitch AB and got him looking.

  9. I tried this before but somehow got deleted. MVP last night was Stripling. McCarthy was good. For him. But too many pitches and too many walks. Heads up for Friday: Grienke v Kershaw. Grienke says he wants to see how nasty Kershaw is, and Kershaw probably feels the same way. The most fun will come out of the #9 hole. 27 K in the OKC game, 16 by the good guys. Must have been getaway day.

  10. Utley’s slide was late and risky. He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt. Maybe a good thing that the pitcher was covering for some reason. The catcher should have been there?

    1. Chase has been known to break a leg – usually someone else’s!

      Can’t block the plate anymore. Chase sets the example for these guys.

  11. Then there is this:


    If we don’t get him the Giants might.

    By the terms of Braun’s no-trade clause, the Dodgers are one of six teams that can acquire him without his permission. That is due to change on May 24, when Braun will attain 10 years of Major League service — and the complete no-trade protection that comes with 10-and-5 rights.

    I would offer McCarthy (now that he is healthy), or Ryu, Calhoun and Verdugo for Braun. That should do it.

        1. Yes, it’s all spin, IMO.

          No way the Dodgers make a move this early. It’s 10 games.

          The definition of SSS, and dealing from a position of weakness.

  12. I agree with dodgerdenny, it’s a huge priority for Dodgers to get out of luxury tax neighborhood in 2018. According to my calculations, shedding Guerrero, Ethier and Crawford will get them close. I’m sure FAZ also wouldn’t mind getting rid of McCarthy, Kazmir or Gonzalez before the start of the 2018 season.
    I don’t see Braun happening unless it is mainly luxury tax neutral in 2018. Braun is at $19M/yr through 2020 (total $76M). Brewers taking someone like Kazmir, and his remaining $32M at $16M/yr would do it. Brewers still save money and they would get some NICE prospects.

  13. Dodgers hitting .208 against lefties in early going. Dodgers 5-4 thus far; 1 -3 vs lefties, 4 -1 vs righties. Dodgers face lefties in 3 of the next 5 games (not counting today).

  14. Well that was weak! 1 for 24 with RISP during the series. Braun with his current .214 BA and 4 RBIs would fit right in!

    1. Sure glad FAZ never pulled the trigger on any of the LAdodgertalk board proposed trades for Braun and Villar. Villar after 39 ABs has a .179 BA and .200 OBP. Flash in the pan??

  15. 2 and 4 road trip to Coors and Wrigley is no disgrace, 5 of the 6 games were low scoring for both teams. The Dodgers pitching has been good, the bats inconsistent, fielding ok. Roberts is going to use everybody, all hands on deck!

    Great match up tomorrow with Greinke and Kershaw, including when they bat against each other. I think Kershaw deals and Greinke gets roughed up a bit. A solid home stand would get everyone a little looser, they are playing a bit tight right now.

    I like the idea of a Braun trade, Faz could say we are doing everything we can to hit LHP, but perhaps they are holding out for the right deal. I’m sure the Brewers want Wood but Dodgers prefer a higher salaried pitcher to go back plus the right prospects. I would be ok with Toles going as well and some lower level guys. Maybe they would value SVS or some other redundant piece like Hatcher or Fields.

    1. I dahoal

      I do too, but remember he is hitting in the lead off position, and that is harder to do, then the seventh and the eight positions.

      He is an agressive hitter, and that isn’t ideal for that position in the order.

      His last at bat, in Wednesday’s game, looked pretty good, because he hung in there for quite a few pitches, maybe he is growing.

      I didn’t see most of today’s game, so I don’t know about that.

      But from what I have read and heard, on the post game show, I didn’t miss much.

      Really his stats is as good or not better, then some of the other players, that have more then a couple years, in the majors.

      But right now stats are not stable, because one or two hits, can change stats drastically right now, both in a good and bad way.

      By the way, don’t let anyone get you down.

  16. It wasn’t an uplifting two series, but it was not devastating. Questions that were there in the beginning of the season still remain. No answer for LH pitching, and how many starts will Hill and Ryu get this year? I am still optimistic on Hill, but admittedly I am not sold on Ryu. Apparently it is not just the velocity, but it his command. His fastball has no real movement, and he leaves it our over the plate. This is also supported by his pitch speed being well below league average, his spin rate below average, and his exit velocity well above league average. He needs movement to be effective. He has not gone 5.0 IP for either start. He was just not a good pitcher for his first two games. Will he get better? Who knows? How long do you go with him? Stripling and Woods are ready to step in.
    The players who are supposed to be crushing LH pitching just do not seem to be doing so, other than Forsythe (6-17, .353) and Turner (7-18, .389). Gutierrez (3-12, .250), SVS (2-12, .167), Grandal (2-13, .154), Kike’ (1-8, .125), Barnes (0-4, .000), and the King…Yasiel Puig (0-15, .000). The lefties are doing better against LHP led by Joc (4-7, .429), AGon (3-11, .273), Seager (4-18, .222), and Toles and Utley are a combined 0-3. There does not seem to be any reason to remove Joc from the lineup. Right now he is having more problems against RHP (3-17, .176). Forsythe is also struggling against RHP (2-18, .111).
    I do not know what the answer is, but I do not believe it is Ryan Braun. The only RH hitting at OKC is Segedin and Dickson. Dickson is not on the 40 man, so that would require a personnel move.
    The strength of this team right now is the bullpen.
    Avilan – 4.0 IP, 2H, 1BB, 5K, 0 ER, (0.00 ERA)
    Fields – 3.0 IP, 1H, 1BB, 6K, 0 ER, (0.00 ERA)
    Hatcher – 7.0 IP, 6H, 1BB, 8K, 1 ER, (1.29 ERA)
    Stripling – 6.1 IP, 4H, 0BB, 10K, 1 ER, (1.42 ERA)
    Woods – 5.2 IP, 3H, 6BB, 5K, 1 ER & 1 Unearned, (1.59 ERA)
    Romo – 3.1 IP, 2H, 1BB, 3K, 1ER, (2.70 ERA)
    Jansen – 3.1 IP, 5H, 0BB, 3K, 2 ER, (5.40 ERA) 1 Save
    Baez is going to be activated tomorrow, and I would guess that Mark is correct and Fields will be optioned to make room. But Baez will need to perform because Fields has been very good.
    For Great Lakes today, Dustin May had a good game #2. 4 IP (37 pitches – 25 strikes), 0 R, 2 H, 2K. Mitchell Hansen was finally assigned to Great Lakes. Not a great debut 0-5, 2K, 4 LOB. 19 year old 2B, Moises Perez (assigned 4-10-17), had a 3 hit day, and is now 5-11 (.455). The Loons lost today 6-3.
    For OKC, Alex Verdugo had a 3 hit day, and is now batting .417. Bellinger got his 2nd HR, and batting .393. Chris Taylor is starting to warm up with a 2 hit day, and is now batting .280. Calhoun had 1 hit and is batting .346. 2 out RBIs included Bellinger (1), Dickson (2) and Taylor (2). After starting 0-3, OKC has won 4 out of the last 5. Masterson went 5 IP(69 pitches – 45 strikes), gave up 2H, 1BB, and 5K, and got the win. It was not a save situation, but Brandon Morrow finished the last inning (13 pitches – 8 strikes), 0 runs, 0H, 0BB, 2K. OKC won 8-1.
    Yusniel Diaz got a 2 out RBI in the 1st inning for RC, and is warming up. Caleb Ferguson started the game as he pitched last year. 3 up and 3K in the 1st. He is starting to look more comfortable in the Rancho rotation. This will be a Gameday activity for me tonight.
    Bring on Greinke.

  17. Totally against Ryan Braun. I know he might seem like the big present under the Christmas tree, but we need to stay the FAZ course and keep using our own guys and bring up studs from AAA if needed. No need to panic against the lefties, if that’s our only problem we are way ahead of alot of other teams. Look around at all the other divisions right now, nobody is running away with it. Big thing about Braun, I just dont think he would fit the clubhouse culture that we have going. He reminds me of some of the earlier Dodger Divas.

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