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  1. Good lineup, I ‘m cool with that. Did Turner go on the DL from the last game or is he day to day?

    1. Bum

      Don’t you think the umpire is giving Lackey strikes that are to high, on the outside corner?

  2. Picking up from the previous thread.

    Dodgerrick, did you read the Bowden article? It talks a lot about the TTOP, like this passage:
    There is also simply too much data out there that says the third time through the order is when most starters get hit and give up the most runs. Twenty years ago, the spread in OPS between a first at-bat vs. a third was almost 60 points; last year that spread had expanded to almost 70 points. Therefore, general managers are building deeper bullpens, not just in quantity to get innings but also quality.

    1. Bluto

      I think Rick would say that the Cubs, the Indians, the Giants, the Red Sox, the Cardinals, and that Met’s rotations, are not built that way, and these are the top teams in baseball.

        1. Is it me or is anyone else thoroughly unimpressed with the Cardinals roster? Their infield defense is gross. I think Wainright is toast. I’ve never thought much of Leake. Lynn is coming off of surgery. They’ve got big problems if Wacha doesn’t come up big for them.

      1. Oh. The Cubs, Mets and Cardinals definitely are. The Indians too, with their multi-headed bullpen.

        BTW: Mike Trout has a higher career WAR than Sandy Koufax.

  3. Meanwhile, our prior bff Zach Lee started for the Pads today, AT Colorado:
    5.2ip, 2 hits, 0 runs, 4bb, 3k


  4. Toles hustling down the line after swinging at a low strike 3 slider and Contreras throwing error gets Utley home for an extra run! Jansen on for the 9th, let’s go!

  5. Problem now is too many good pitchers. Who gets sent down when we bring Urias up? More immediate issue, who gets sent down for Baez.

  6. That’s what I was talking about Vegas Dodger in the last thread, this is a different Dodger team! Toles ran it out in the 9th and of course, the Team Dad didn’t stop until he got to the plate. These guys don’t give up, and I dont know about you guys out there, but didn’t this seem like one of those “statement games” where even the Cubs fans sensed that the Dodgers are going to have to be dealt with in October. Stripling was bad ass again, (Good call Mark), and the bullpen looked intimidating. Like I said earlier guys, check out the silver lining through the clouds. Great National league game tonight.

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