Going on the Offensive

February 22, 2019

I often border on the offensive… however, that picture is pretty cool: Orel Hershiser and Russ Martin. How many teams have two starting catchers who can play several other positions? Russ Martin is a catcher who can also play LF, 3B, SS and 2B… probably 1B as well. Austin Barnes, who is also a catcher, can also play 2B or 3B. Now, I am not saying they are Gold Glove…


Dodgers 3K Play-Off Plan

October 3, 2018

Actually, the Dodgers don’t have a 3K play-off plan, at least that I know of, although they would take it if it happened. Perhaps I should say when it happens. We have all heard of 3M and 3D as well as 3R which is a recycling motto – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Some of us will remember another 3R. For those too young, the 3 R’s referred to reading ‘riting and ‘rithmetic  …


Favorite Dodgers

May 8, 2017

I would like to take a different approach for this post.  Sometimes we need a little levity.  Bumsrap has been a strong fan/advocate for Joc Pederson, and Mark has been a huge fan/advocate for Yasmani Grandal.  I am not the biggest fan of either (other than being a fan because they are Dodgers), but I am a big Alex Wood fan. I was also an unapologetic fan of Zach Lee….