Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard

After yesterday’s game, the Dodger’s record sits at 7-5 this Spring… not that it means absolutely anything. So far a few things have caught my eye, other than the fact that Joc Pederson looks totally lost:

  • Cody Bellinger, Austin Barnes, Kike Hernandez and Daniel Castro (who?) look locked and loaded.
  • Ross Stripling and Rich Hill are being stretched out.
  • There are way too many arms for the bullpen… thus the news about Josh Fields, who isn’t exactly “Chopped Liver.” In three seasons with the Dodgers he was 8-2 with a 2.61 ERA. When he gave up a run it was often on the long ball. He had 16 big flies hit against him in that time, but his 2.61 ERA plays up in just about any bullpen… except the Dodgers. He might garner a low level prospect! He will also be 34 before the end of this season…
  • It’s been over two years since Yimi Garcia had his TJ surgery. I think he is ready to be a lights-out reliever.
  • Floro and Chargois are on the bubble and even if they are good, could be caught in a numbers crunch!
  • MLB. RADIO was talking this AM about Craig Kimbrel signing a 1-year $25 Million deal with the Dodgers. That’s a total rumor and does not originate with the Dodgers. I doubt he would do it… or that the Dodgers would do it, but you never know.
  • I listened to Ross Stripling yesterday who is now embracing his role as a spot-starter and long reliever. He actually sees how valuable he can be. This is a concept Alex Wood could not (or would not) grasp. Chicken Strip said this:“I think you just kind of get used to the ambiguity. It used to probably really bother me to come in and not really know necessarily what kind of role you’re even battling for. I get built up, but do I even really have a chance to be a starter? Now, I know where my value is — the ability to be like the Kiké of the pitching staff.”
  • For this decade, Russ Martin was ranked as the #3 Best Catcher in Baseball byMLB.
  • Carlos Rinconjust missed being a Dodgers Top 30 prospects. He sits at #31. This could be amake-or-breakyear for him. He’s a big RH Power hitter who has hit 43 HR the past two years. Like Peters, he is strikeout machine, but he bears watching.
  • I do not see how the Dodgers can keep Julio Urias off the team at the start of the season. He is the talk of Dodger Camp. He was once a kid when he first showed his immense talent. Now a man, in the best shape of his life and throwing harder than ever at 98 MPH, he has no business in the minor leagues. The Dodgers need him to help win games… like right now. He has Ace-Stuff. As a rookie, in 2016, he was very, very good, now he borders on great. This is a guy who will likely win a Cy Young at some point. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • If Clayton is healthy (and it looks like he is trending that way), Buehler, Urias and Kershaw could make a devastating trio at the top of the rotation.
  • Dave Dombrowski of the Red Sox, when asked if his team went backward after losing Joe Kelly and likely Craig Kimbrel said that it 9is a young team and that they could (through growth) be better than last year. The Dodgers also have some young players who could experience some of the same incremental growth. I’m talking about Seager, Bellinger, Barnes, Taylor, Kike, Buehler and Verdugo.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

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    1. Agreed on Garcia. We should go for Kimbrel for one year provided he is healthy. I love Jansen but if he had performed better in the World Series we wouldn’t need him. Martin nah! Urias is a guy we need now! I’m starting to get the feeling Roberts is going to slow mo early again. Incremental growth should be expected. Always catching up late somebody has to work around here.

  1. Welcome back. I miss your daily posts during Spring Training, during the Season and during the Hot Stove.

  2. I agree with MT’s comment regarding Floro and Chargois. Yimi will be in the BP when camp breaks and look for Schultz to perhaps get a spot on the 25 man roster. That means Floro and Chargois will have to come up with a “mystery” ailment (assuming they are out of options) or be lost on a trade or DFA.

    Could the Dodgers also break camp with Stetson Allie in the BP? At 100 MPH he’s going to miss a lot of bats or do they send him to OKC and use him later in the year? Will Joc get traded?

    1. Schultz, Floro and Chargois all have options left.

      Jansen, Baez, Kelly, Cingrani, Garcia do not.

      Stripling and Urias are destined for the bullpen if Kershaw is healthy. Leaving one more open spot, two if Kershaw starts off on the IL, three if they decide to do something weird with Urias like extended Spring Training.

      There are so many variables to try to predict what will happen with the pen. A great “Problem”?

  3. Just got home from attending my first two ST games. Observations: after a day off, the Dodgers looked dead flat against the Indians. Dick Mountain was the exception, looked good on the mound and it was fun to watch Jansen take an inning. Joc, Jansen and Turner look svelt. Fun watching the kids I don’t know play. The new kids struggled fielding and Camelback is quite a wonderful place. The bar however is a bust! Wildly expensive, a lame pour!

    Then to Tempe to watch my two favorite teams. Trout is a beast, Albert a dude! The Dodgers looked great, Kike standing out. Fun to see JT play. The 3rd base play the night before looked like high school! Ross S. Looked solid but got touched up a bit in his second inning. A huge difference in the facilities! Food is better at Tempe, the crowd cordial.

    Final comment is the Dodgers have way more pitching depth than the Angels right now! Hope to visit again next year and left Camelack with a $45 Spring Training hat!

    1. I’m glad you had a good time. I love spring training. I have gone every year for many years. I strongly recommend it for everyone. Camelback is a beautiful complex but I actually like watching games in the smaller stadiums. Salt River, Peoria, Goodyear, Surprise and Sloan are easier to get in an out of and usually have better seats for less than Camelback.

      This year I sat directly behind Doc next to JT’s wife at Salt River. The kids got autographs from Verdugo, Lux, Beaty, Joc, Cody & Doc. It was awesome!!!

  4. MT – Thanks for a great video… Got the juices flowing along with my coffee.
    I think #3 MLB is gonna have to wait for an opening… Barnes is on fire…
    Somewhere in that building at Camelback behind LF (I assume) after each game Roberts and coaches discuss their roster… This year probably the most difficult decision making I’ve seen in a long time…
    So many pitchers, so little time!!!
    Off the wall MT, I’ve recently started using CBD oil for a little insomnia after shutting down my oxy regimen and and the arthritic blues… The cost though is quite hefty her in SoCal… Whole dropper for joint pain ???

  5. I was just saying that Julio looked pretty thick. He really filled out. I can’t wait to see those big 3 in the rotation together. Bummer, that they’re always on a pitch limit and all have already had significant injuries.

    You can add Joc, Toles (the forgotten man) and Muncy to the list of young guys.

    How good is this pen gonna be when you have to dump a guy like Fields?

    Floro and Chargois each have an option left. The pen is stacked all the way back to OKC and at some point they’re gonna need to make room for Allie.

    Speaking of the bullpen. Alexander looks ready to take a big step forward this year.

  6. Some, including Kershaw himself, over reacted to his early setback but his bounce back and Barnes early offensive production should give us all much more confidence in this team.

    There are a few players that aren’t yet hitting but aren’t flailing away either.

    Is there a team that is really thin in relief depth that would trade an elite reliever for solid relief depth?

    1. Is that you, Hamchuck? (joke) 

      I actually like the idea of Kimbrel at 1 year and a high salary. I don’t think any team would look at him differently next offseason if he were “just” our 8th inning guy and not racking up the saves. If he gets guys out, he’ll get paid regardless of what inning he pitches.

      Kimbrel at 1 crazy expensive price is a LOT SMARTER than Harper at $45mil a year for 4 years. Kimbrel can go on vacation during June and July for all I care. Be there in Sept and then Oct. His presence in October will have a greater impact on our quest for the ring than Bryce Harper (and I wanted Harper).

      If it costs us a 3rd round pick, who cares. The ring is more important than a 3rd round pick. We have a top 7 farm; we’ll be fine.

      1. There is concern that Kimbrel has lost speed on his fastball plus no one knows for sure if, when he was doing poorly, it was due to him tipping his pitches as has been suggested.

      2. Bobby

        That was very convenient on how fast Bum showed up last night, right after I questioned Hamchuck’s or Bum’s alter ego’s phony sob story.

        Get his name right, it is Bumchuck, but I am not kidding about that, like you are.

        But I did like your joke!

    2. We’ll see about Kershaw if he overreacted if he can manage crank it up over 89 MHP. I’m not that optimistic after the shoulder stiffness and the fact that he hasn’t pitched yet. I’m also at least a little concerned that Bueller hasn’t pitched yet and Seager hasn’t played. Looks a lot like last year when we came out of the gate very slowly.

      We open at home this year against the two teams that put us behind the 8 ball last year. Both teams look worse, a lot different at the very least. But, we don’t look like we’re tracking to be full force to start the season.

      1. I once threw a ball that exceeded 100 mph. It was accelerating at 32 feet per second squared.

        1. I once threw a ball as hard as I could, made it stop completely in mid-air, then return to me exactly where I stood. –Sir Isaac Newton

        1. I know there has been a lot of rain this winter and that is never good but is it the track surface, medications, over racing and training? When the Big Cap and San Felipe are postponed that’s a big deal as is the BC. It’s sad but the Sport of Kings is slowly dying off as are the fans. Horse racing needs new and younger fans as does baseball.

          1. I agree that racing has lost a lot of its luster and needs an infusion of young blood (and money). The old money is dying off.

      1. They’ve been covering Santa Anita a lot on the morning news. It seems to be a combination of surface, rain and drugs and a statistical “cluster” of injuries. PETA is all over them right now and will be detrimental to the sport.

        I’m not really a big fan, just because the crowds are so seedy. But, it’s fun to watch those beautiful and graceful creatures up close.

        1. Ha ha! I prefer the clubhouse atmosphere to the grandstands and there is the ‘Turf Club’ for the true blue bloods. Rudy, that’s a good point about old money. Need the Bezos’s and Zuckerberg’s of the world to buy some good broodstock. PETA has their points to make but horse racing is a lot more humane to the animals than the Rodeo circuit for instance.

          1. I used to go to Hollywood Park all the time and also Los Al a little and Santa Anita the least [although it was the “nicest” of the three]. I never really thought about the plight of the animals but it’s clear now that they are being run too hard for them to handle. My wife is active in the greyhound adoption community and there have been huge advances in the greyhound racing-banning movement; many states have stopped doing it and overall it has fallen away severely in recent years. As everyone knows, those animals are treated merely as commodities to be bought and sold and when their time is up they usually are just killed [often through anal electrocution–think about that]. I’m no advocate but it’s hard not to see the similarities between horse racing and greyhound racing, especially with all the deaths happening. Betting on the ponies is something I used to do all the time [$2 exacta box to begin with]. Now I play the stock market and only humans are harmed during that contest.

          2. We used to have a nice little Horse Race Park right down the street from me in Bay Meadows San Mateo. Then the corporate greed and city scum decided to tear it all down to put in Condos and Business Parks. Right when we have the time to take a wake down the street to watch the horses it’s all gone. In fact, there is nothing left to do on the Peninsula, but buy overpriced cold coffee.

    1. It will be interesting to follow. I like increasing the size of the bases. That is a new idea I haven’t heard before.

      Keeping two infielders on each side of second doessn’t sound too limiting. I like that one as well. Hell, I like all of them.

      1. Me too, change is good for the game IMHO. Also moving back the mound 2 feet was interesting.

      2. The only rule I really like is the TrackMan strike zone because the umpires are horribly inconsistent.

        Moving the mound and making the bases bigger is a hard no for me. I don’t want to artificially increase the offense. What’s next, getting rid of wood bats? Limit the size of player’s gloves? Juice the balls, lower the fences, use jetpacks. Play some blurnsball?

        I don’t mind the 2 infielders on each side of the bag rule, but I would like it better if players would just stop hitting into the shift. I hate the base size rule. I like the occasional contact and hate the Posey and Utley rules. Stop Nurfing the sport.

        1. If I had to pick only one change it would be electronic balls and strikes no doubt.

    2. It’s about time for robo umps calling balls and strikes, but moving the mound a full 24 inches seems rather drastic of a distance. Some Cy Young winners might never adjust and the fastball will make or break chances of off speed pitches even useful in their arsenals. I would think 12 inches a big enough step. But it is a test so we’ll see.

  7. I agre with you Mark on Urias. Let him pitch 5 innings or 90 pitches and then pull him. He seems to be stronger and better before the injury. If he needs to take a start off for rest we certainly have Stripling or a spot start for Goslin and others. Urias needs to be on the team.

  8. I haven’t paid attention to horse racing since these guys were riding:
    Bill Shoemaker
    Laffit Pincay Jr.
    Eddie Arcaro

    1. Bum

      You are so full of it, you are Hamchuck!

      You used that exact name on another site last year, and that is how I remembered that name!

      You came over to that other site last year, because Joc was in a big slump, and because of that, people were talking negative about Joc.

      And you used this exact same name Hamchuck, to try to go other people that talked negatively about Joc, and you only showed up, when Joc was not doing well!

      The reason you did this over on that other site, and here, was all about Joc, not Toles.

      All of this, is because you are obsessed with Joc!

      And because you are so obsessed with Joc, you don’t like when others think, Verdugo, Toles, or anyone, should get a chance over Joc!

      And almost that same day you said that about Toles, you also made up a absolutely absurd scenario that Muncy was in the competition for leftfield, with Joc, and Verdugo.

      You are a very passive aggressive person, so you use other means at times that are not as obvious, to try to protect your Joc.

      And this is because you can’t stand any player, or person, that you see as a threat to Joc.

      And you purposely have not been rooting for Joc as Hamchuck lately, because of the obvious.

      And now that you have been caught, you have tried to do everything you can, to try to make everyone believe you are not Hamchuck.

      You have purposely tried to make Hamchuck look as the complete opposite of Bum, yourself.

      That is why you have tried so hard, to try to make Hamchuck look not that bright, and not write that well.

      And you have at times, tried to make Hamchuck lean to the right politically too.

      Last night in your first post as Hamchuck, you had Hamchuck write an incomplete sentence on purpose, because Bum would never do that!

      And then you tried to use that pity story last night that you just made up!

      Mark didn’t say it wasn’t you, he just said it wasn’t your usual IP address , and most everyone on here, including Mark, know it is easy to not allow someone see the site, your posting from.

      It was funny last night, when it seemed like Hamchuck was trying to protect Bum almost more then himself too.

      Especially at the beginning of that fake sob story, when he claimed, he wasn’t Bum’s alter ego.

      Does alter ego sound like a word that Hamchuck would use, after Bum has played him down, to not being that bright?

      And wasn’t it funny, on how fast Bum showed up right after I questioned his Hamchuck sob story, last night?

      Bum you might think you are fooling everyone here, but think again, because the people on this site are smarter then you give them credit for.

      But maybe that is why you made up that sob story, because you know like me, a lot of people on this site have a good heart too.

      And shame on you, for trolling everyone on this site, with Hamchuck, or should we just combine the name, to Bumchuck.

        1. To follow Bobby’s humorous line of thinking, maybe MJ, Bums, and Hamchuck are all the same person :0).
          In any event, this madness needs to stop.

          1. Everybody (except Mark, I think) uses fake names!

            Who cares if they use one, two or fourteen!

            It’s all fake!

        2. Yes, this is confusing. MJ is actually starting to concern me a little.

          Aside from a few harebrained trade scenarios Bum is one of the most inoffensive posters here. I find it beyond reason and probability that he would create a fake persona to troll just MJ by criticizing some player who barely played for the team.

          Come on MJ, this is getting cringey. …btw, I’m both Bum and Ham.

          1. Dodgerpatch

            First, this only looks out of the way, because this was a response to what Bum said at the end of the thread last night.

            Bum would love you to think he is that same guy, but it isn’t true, when it comes to Joc.

            And if you were really paying attention here, you would know that Bum is obsessed with Joc.

            And if you read what I wrote, I didn’t say it was about any one player.

            Because it is any player that Bum thinks might take Joc’s place, or someone would like to see another player get that chance instead of Joc, like Verdugo too.

            And I am sorry you feel that way, because what I am saying is the truth.

            And believe me, I wouldn’t go this far, if it wasn’t the truth.

            Take a look at the end of the thread last night, that is what I am responding to.

            You will see, that Bum conveniently showed up, right after I responded to Hamchuck’s fake story.

            Your smart enough to know that not everyone are what they appear to be.

            And I just don’t think that is cool, especially to Mark.

            And like I wrote below, this is not the first time Bum has pulled something like this on this site, because of Joc.

            He clogged the site down last year, with some nonsense, because he didn’t like what people were saying about Joc.

            I’m sorry to say, Bum is not what he appears to be, all the time.

            And I guess you are not as aware as some, on how obsessed Bum is with Joc.

            That is really what this is about!

        3. MJ is losing his mind over this. I don’t love Joc. I don’t love Verdugo. I don’t love Toles. The only one in the outfield that I really like is Belli. The rest I don’t care if the trade them or keep them. MJ seems to think there is some sort of conspiracy going on here like Russia. I tried to explain last night and Mark has answered that with the IP address. I don’t what else to say. He can go on ranting, but please leave me alone.

  9. Like Mark, I was thinking the same about Kike’, Barnes, and Cody.

    And like we often hear said in spring, I hope these guys save some for the regular season.

    All three of these guys, have been doing everything right when they are in the batter’s box, situational hitting, taking their base if a pitcher gives them first, and just hitting well, in general.

    Kike’, Barnes, and Cody, came to spring training ready to hit, and I bet all three of these players put in some hard work in the off season, and that is good to see.

    Mark is right, a team can never have to many good arms, but at least if these guys don’t make the 25, they know they might be called up any time in the season, because Oklahoma is just a call and plane trip away.

    After 59 brought up Toles today, that reminded me after I put out the word on what I thought might be going on with Toles the other day here, later that same day Toles name was switched out for another name, after being out there, for about ten days.

    But the same post still remained on both different accounts.

    Mark often talks about the many different people he attracts to this site, and I think this Toles thing, just makes Mark’s case.

    You never know who is reading this site, or is posting on this site either.

    1. I am definitely not either, I was only reponding to something Bum posted last night, at the end of that thread.

    1. If that’s the same preview I read earlier, we are officially their favorites for winning the 2019 World Series. Three people picked us, two picked NYY & HOU, and one picked BOS.

      We got this.

  10. Where did this kid Cabrera come from. I know it was the first inning he pitched, but he looked pretty darn good. Big kid. He had good control, and threw hard.

    1. Don’t get too excited about Cabrera. He’s 27, has been with four different organizations (A’s, Tigers, Marlins, Giants) and is listed in Baseball Reference as………………………………..are you ready? Relief Pitcher, Shortstop, Third Baseman. Seems to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, as the old saying goes.
      On the other hand, you never know when you might find lightening in a bottle, as another old saying goes.

    2. And by the way Bum, this is not the first time you pulled something on Mark’s site, because of your obsession with Joc.

      Last year, you put a bunch of nonsense on this site, and made a big log jam, that people had to try to get through, that slowed the page down.

  11. Attn: A.C. and Tim Locastro Fans… The kid is tearing up ST and I saw he made two great catches in RF A couple days ago..
    Santa Anita, the only place where windows clean people… Horses suffer from excessive inbreeding and if truly checked they would banned for life in the MLB..
    I suppose if I bought a thoroughbred hose I’d call it Canseco!!!

    1. Palmdale

      I love what your wife is doing in the greyhound adoption community, I bet that is real rewarding for both of you.

      There is a reason if you spell dog backwards, it is God.

      Dogs don’t have a long life, but they make a profound mark on our life’s.

      There are not many who can practice unconditionally love like a dog can, and does.

    1. great idea. I also think PalmDale and 59 need to take one. Me beginning to wonder…….

      1. It reminds me of the old Dustin Hoffman movie, Who Is Harry Kellerman And Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?

    2. SC – I have my Ancestry History on if that helps. I worked on it for years and traveled across the country to do research. I did not find a Bumsrap anywhere

  12. Hamchuck, Bum and MJ… Take a deep breath and mutter:
    I know you are but what am I ???

  13. SCDodgerFan,

    Bumchuck is not that good, if you have watched him enough.

    Hamchuck is definitely Bum.

    You should have seen how fast Bum showed up last night, to protect himself, after I called Hamchuck on that fake pity story.

    Bum made a post right after my response to Hamchuck last night, and the timing was quite convenient.

    But since you brought up a DNA test, and it is Bum’s obsession with Joc that is causing his identity crisis, why don’t we ask Bum to take a DNA test, to see if he is Joc’s father, or some how related to Joc.

    And for those who didn’t read above, Mark never said it wasn’t Bum, he just said it wasn’t Bums usual IP address or site.

    And as everyone here already knows, including Mark, it is easy to get around that.

    1. I’m thinking that spoofing you’re IP address to fake a comment on a blog is a little overkill. Especially doing it without knowing that Mark is looking at that sort of thing.

      1. 59

        I appreciate your advice, and I would think the same, but I know your a smart guy, so I will leave that to you.

  14. OK, here is what I know:

    MJ ‘s IP Address shows that she is near Ontario, California

    Bumsrap’s IP Address shows he is near Biddleford, Maine

    Hamchuck’s IP Address shows that he is near San Francisco, California

    MJ’s IP Address has recently changed. The other one was in Ontario as well.

    I am very confident – but not 100% – that everyone is who they say they are. I do not think HamsRap and BumChuck are the same, but I can’t say 100%. I only wonder why MJ’s IP address Changed recently?

    1. Thank you FBI Director Timmons. Now can we move on please. Bum it would help if you broke your silence.

    2. Most IP Addresses are assigned by your Internet Service Provider. The device you use as a gateway to the Internet uses DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to get it’s IP Address assignment from a pool of IP Addresses. Once the address is assigned, it comes with a lease (a period of time before your device has to check back in for an IP Address). If your device remains online when the lease expires, the server will issue the same IP address. If there is an outage, or your device is offline when the lease expires, someone else might grab that IP and a subsequent IP address from the pool will be assigned to your device.

  15. MJ is legit because she knows of Naugles and Del Taco in Corona. And she’s one hell of an investigator.

  16. I have had people in the past change their names and mask their IP addresses, but they usually slip up now and again, and I figure it out.

    I have had some change their names to troll or bait others, but I am wise to that. I have one guy change his name 5 or 6 times in an effort to troll others. He was a terrible human being and I kicked him off under every name.

    We currently have one commentor on the board who has used 6 different monikers. He has always been a good citizen and never trolled anyone, so I don’t know why he changes his name so much, but it doesn’t matter since he is not a troublemaker. He can tell you if he wants, but I won’t rat him out and I won’t answer questions about who it is, but it is not HamChuck, Bumsrap or MJ!

    1. There’s a NY Giants’ site I read occasionally, and comment on once in
      a great while. I somehow always seem to misplace or just forget
      my user and pass, so I end up with a new one most times. Nothing
      sinister, just aging brain:-).

      I gotta say, over the last few years, I have learned NOT to underestimate

  17. C’mon Mark. Fess up. There are no readers of this blog. You just make all the comments under various different names to amuse yourself when the water business is a little slow.

  18. Someone asked yesterday how much CBD I take. I take this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It is 16.67 mg

    I take a half dropper morning and evening. It’s a multi-level marketing thing and my brother give it to me at his cost which is $60.00. I was buying it at Fresh Thyme, but it was not as strong. This is allegedly water-based which allows better body absorption… is their story!

    1. You should just smoke weed, it’s a lot cheaper and mixes well with Scotch. But, my knees still hurt, I just don’t notice as much.

  19. While we try to figure out who’s really who on this board:

    Our new expensive 8th inning guy says he hurt his back standing too long while cooking Cajun food

  20. So Bumsrap likes Joc, seems to like him alot. That’s ok isn’t it ?And why all the paranoia? Seems weird. And what if, I say if, Bums wanted to drift into fantasy and assume another name, would that be ok too? And what if Hamchuck was really Hamchuck from S.F.
    And, who’s on first? What if that would be Muncy, would that be ok?
    Bums, I had an Uncle from Biddeford Me. I’m originally
    from Brunswick. That’s the truth.

    1. Bobo, I live in New Hampshire just west of Portsmouth where we hang out the most. We get our Internet connection from Metrocast. My wife and I were born and raised in Southern California and we moved to Oregon in 84 and then to Arizona in 97 and then to NH in 2009. We plan to return to the Northwest and the Pacific Time Zone this summer.

      1. They love their baseball in New England! I visited Portsmouth one Spring for work. In the bars, they would switch over Basketball Playoffs to watch early season Red Sox games.

  21. The problem with MJ’s accusations is that she keeps saying Hamchuck is a poor writer and that should not be tolerated.

    Hang in there Hamchuck. Don’t let MJ chase you away.

    1. I take umbrage to being called a poor writer. MJ has not shown any evidence of literary brilliance.

    1. LOL. yes that is not a good shape the last my Doctor told me. In fact, yesterday, I had to get my leg examined, so he said get on the table, so I stand up and sit and the table Moans in Agony. Both my wife and he look and he asks, “I guess you have gained a little weight”

    2. Talk about shape, Turner and Muncy look much more fit than last season. Turner finally got a haircut! Haven’t seen a blown play by Muncy, yet. He hustles. Good to see Pollock connecting. He should help immensely. I think it’s time to start cutting way back on the bullpen players. Lots of dead weight. Santana looks lost.

    1. Mark

      Don’t make me laugh, you know I live in Ranch Cucamonga, and I have no idea why my IP address would change.

      You know I am barely computer literate or should I say, IPhone literate.

      I know your a smart man, but I also know your a very busy man to, and because of that, you don’t have the extra time, to devote to these shenanigans.

      And I didn’t see anything in what you said, that exonerates anyone here, so I don’t know why anyone here thinks differently.

      But I hope they continue to act out, because it only makes it more apparent.

      I have faith that you will eventually catch them, because your right, these fools will either slip up, or vanish.

      But I also know Mark you don’t need an IP address, to see what is happening, because your no fool, and either am I.

      1. What would you have us do???? Send mark our Driver License photo ID’s to prove our identity? Hell, you don’t need them to vote for the President of the United States, yet you demand proof of life from a guy named Bumsrap in Maine and a guy named Hamchuck in California. Like the Pres. I am willing if Bums is willing 🙂

        1. Bill Russell

          Thank you for your support!

          Your right, I do know Naugles and Del Taco.

          And you got me right, and I don’t have to say a thing, because it is so apparent.

          And guess who has to work even harder, not me!

  22. Joc must have heard all of the talk about him today, that was a nice swing and way out in right!

    1. He still sucks and doesn’t deserve to start or hit leadoff. I’ll just call it a brain fart on the part of the FO.

    1. It shows you are in the LA area… probably Irvine.

      I am a novice at this, but I have two guys working for me in our IT Department who could give me your address… unless you are masking it. I choose not to do that. It’s too creepy!

      Am I close?

  23. You know what guys, as a fan I totally miss Puig, but watching A.J. Pollock tonight, damn, this guy is a gamer, never takes an at bat off, after a homer, he takes a walk. He is what we didn’t have last year, He is Chase Utley 2.0, I love this dude. Great pick up, just keep his ass healthy.

    1. It could be that “all out” play that gets him hurt all the time. Why though, as kids did we never get hurt with gopher holes and stones in the outfield when were running around like maniacs.

  24. The House of Representatives passed a measure condemning Hate against all forms of hate, even against Bums and Hams, Rap, and Chucks. So one should think about that before making negative comments about these characters.

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