Is the Third Time a Charm?

I set out today to write a “tongue-in-cheek sarcastic column on how bad the Dodgers were as a team and a critique on each player. After a few minutes, I realized that as much as I tried, I could not be that devoid of reason. There was no way I could even make up a way to devalue this team. I’m dumb, but I am not that dumb! Well, maybe I am… but I digress!

The Farmer Trade

It has became pretty clear to me that the following is absolutely true:Agree with it or not,there was no future for Wood, Puig, Kemp and Farmer with the Dodgers and frankly, the Dodgers wanted to rid themselves of Kemp, Puig and Wood. Farmer was collateral damage, but he would not have made the roster anyway.

Matt Kemp was a feelgood story and I even predicted it, but his WAR (or lack of it) showed his real value. The Dodgers felt like they had to unload him… but it wouldn’t be easy. They were not going to re-sign Wood or Puig and did not want to offer them the Qualifying Offer next year (for fear they would take it), so they packaged them all together and took back Homer Bailey’s salary which gave them the ability to sign AJ Pollock… oh, and they got two every good prospects back in the trade. Time will tell how good, but both have high ceilings.

For writers to continue to parrot like a trained monkey that it was just a salary dump just shows a lack of comprehension of what really happened. The media (well, just a few morons in the media) say it over-and-over, but sometimes people just need to learn to think for themselves. We know that Yasiel Puig was a locker room problem and we are pretty sure the front office wanted him gone… LIKE NOW!

Alex Wood would not have been happy in the pen, so without a good attitude, he was a liability… and bullpen guys who make $9.7 million are elite – he wasn’t. The Dodgers likely have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball (if you don’t agree, readTHIS) and a crowded outfield already, so these were natural moves to improve the team. The Dodgers could have just not offered arbitration to Puig and Wood (that would have been a pure salary dump), but they would have still been stuck with Kemp at a higher AAV than now, due to the Home Bailey trade. The Trade was actually a stroke of genius.

The Dodgers were able to sign Pollock with the savings and to top it off, the Dodgers got two very good prospects (Friedman is always trying to improve the farm). Essentially, trading Wood, Puig, Kemp and Farmer netted the Dodgers two very good prospects and the ability to sign AJ Pollock. You can think what you want about AJ – maybe he will miss the season, maybe he will play 80 games – maybe he will be an All-Star. All three things are possible… we shall see what happens. Personally, I think this team is due for some “good luck.”

AC has written many times that the Dodgers would not go over the Luxury Tax Threshold in 2019 (I was not quite so sure, but was reasonably convinced), so if you expected more than Pollock, you are simply delusional. Guggs said they would not pay the luxury tax! Barring catastrophe, this is a 95 Plus win team this season and anyone who says otherwise is very jaded, biased or subject to arrest.

The 2018 Red Sox started the season with the same team as the 2017 Red Sox… except for JD Martinez. They added Steve Pearce and Nate Evoladi at the deadline but Martinez was the only change from 2017. The Red Sox improved from within… one-year-over-the-other. Maybe you can’t see it, but I can. I can see several players on the Dodgers improving, starting with Bellinger, CT3 and Barnes.

In my opinion, minus Puig, Kemp, Wood and Farmer… the Dodgers are a better team. Add in Pollock, Kelley, some rookies and incremental improvement… and the Dodgers are a MUCH better team. Some services have them as a 100 win team. According toKen Gurnick of, Andrew Friedman said this:

“We just felt it healthy and good to bring in different guys at times,” he said. “The most important thing for fans, are we in position to win a World Series, and I think we are. Time will tell. We have a chance to be an elite team.”

Friedman didn’t rule out a spring acquisition, especially considering the quality and quantity of available free agents, but stressed that “I actually really like our team. We really have no weak spot on the roster.”

“I really like our projected 25-man and the depth we have behind it. That said, it’s not in our DNA to sit back and think the roster is on lockdown. We always have conversations and are thinking about things. If we do something, we’ll feel that much better.”

Friedman knows that history will judge him. Friedman knows that he has to get this team back to the World Series. Friedman knows that he has to win it! I like the quote:“We just felt it healthy and good to bring in different guys at times.”He said a mouthful right there… without actually saying it. When new guys come in “old guys” have to go. You can draw your own conclusion from that.

It is undisputed that the Dodgers traded away some good players… and I will enjoy watching them on local TV and a few trips to Cincy. Friedman knows he has to get back to the World Series and he felt he needed some different soldiers to win the war. I am not saying Farmer, Kemp, Puig or Wood are bad guys, but after deliberation with his manager, coaches and Front Office Personnel, he pulled the trigger and believed that even if he did not do anything else, he improved the farm (he’s always looking to do that) and got better. In my opinion, he made the team a lot better.

Maybe someone like Molly Knight will tell us what REALLY went on with Puig, Kemp and Wood. Time to write another book? “The Best Team Money Can’t Buy”  There you go Molly, I’ve got your title.

Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers are on a mission.Kenley is medically cleared and healthy and about 25 pounds lighter. He is going to work hard this Spring to be ready. Rich Hill is also changing his training routine because he has always been a slow starter. The team is changing the way they do things because it’s insanity to do the same things over and over and expect different results.

Pedro Moura of The Athletic(pay site) has a great article on Kenley today. I’ll tease you with this:

Kenley​ Jansen spent last February tossing footballs across the Camelback​ Ranch clubhouse,​ practicing​ his chipping​ with​​ a portable golf set and walking on a treadmill. He did not throw a pitch in a baseball game.

On Wednesday, the 13th day of this February, Jansen threw his sixth bullpen session of the nascent year, checked his signature cutter’s spin rate and set off for the gym to do more cardio work. Twenty-five pounds and a shirt size slimmer after a heart scare and the worst season of his nine-year career, Jansen arrived in Arizona invigorated by a new perspective.

“I wasn’t as motivated last year,” Jansen said. “I’m saying it now because I see how motivated I am now. I thought I was OK last year. Now, I accept last year, I accept two years ago. Now it’s go time.”

Turner Ward helped the Dodgers, but it was time to move on, just like Friedman said “You bring in new guys.” The team is mostly intact, minus a few and with a few additions. The hitting approach is changing. The Front Office wants fewer platoons – you learn from your mistakes – you change – you evolve. That’s what is happening this Spring. Maybe, just maybe, the third time IS a charm!

There is nothing more powerful than the human spirit… especially when you have 40 guys, rowing in sync and on a mission, with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

Photo of Dodgers meeting in the Locker Room at Camelback Ranch, with Credit to Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers
Photo credit: Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

Lots of good photosHERE

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  1. Because Kershaw wasn’t Kershaw until he came up with a slider, my dark horse candidate to have a big breakout this year is Fergusson. I think he will perfect a third pitch much like Kershaw did and be Ace like.

    1. I’m excited about this year because I think we have a nice mix of established players and rising prospect talent. Ferguson belongs in the middle group [along with D. Santana and possibly Verdugo) of guys who have already made the show but have not had a chance to fully show what they have. I’m curious to see what we do with Ferguson to begin the year. Assuming the needs of the big club come before a prospect’s ideal development curve [or they align at best], I could see us either using Ferguson as a LH reliever–possibly multi-inning–or sent down to AAA to fine-tune his starting pitcher’s repertoire, with an eye toward a 2020 rotation spot.
      In any event, Ferguson is potentially key piece for us in 2019 and it would be great if, like you said, he breaks out and forges his own path in the organization. He was rushed up last year but more than held his own. Assuming Cingrani, Alexander, & Urias [another unknown quantity] are ahead of him, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ferguson spent a lot of 2019 in AAA.

  2. I do think the Dodgers have the deepest quality starting rotation in MLB, but I am still very skeptical that they have a 4-man rotation that is better than the Nats, Cards, or Mets. I am not nearly as concerned about Cubs, Phillies or Rockies, and certainly not the Brewers. I am also not as concerned about the projected 4-man rotation of the BoSox, NYY, Houston, or Cleveland. That is why Corey Kluber would have been a perfect addition, but you cannot get what Cleveland will not give. There are no other SP available that will make the LAD rotation any better, so they can move on.
    I remain unconvinced that Bryce Harper is the missing piece to solve the WS puzzle, and certainly not at the price tag he is asking for. I do agree that baseball wise, he would make the team better over the 162-game season. Right now it looks like Joc/Verdugo/Toles/Kike’ in LF, AJ in CF, and Belli in RF. That is plenty good enough to get to the playoffs and then someone has to go off. Joc nearly pulled it off two years ago.
    OTOH, to outright say that the team has no weakness is not credible. Weakness is always a term that is easy to get out from under as long as you believe in your players. If the Dodgers do not have a weakness at catcher, then none of the MLB teams has a weakness at catcher. To imply that because a team can throw 2-3-4 different players at 2B and consider it not a weakness also means that no team has a weakness at 2B. If you cannot throw out the same SS/2B duo game after game, that is a weakness that cannot be covered up because of depth. Maybe CT3 takes 2B and doesn’t look back.
    To say the team has no weakness is just spin to say they do not yet know how all of the questions turn out.
    With that caveat, there are no players available now that can make the team better at a reasonable cost, including what has been a weakness the last two post-seasons…the bullpen. I know there are skeptics, but I do believe that Joe Kelly can be a difference maker. I do not believe the skeptics are giving Kelly enough credit for a light going on and eliminating his slider and concentrating on the 4-seamer he can crank to 100, 2 seamer with considerable sink, and a big moving curveball. There is enough depth in the organization to get to the trade deadline if another lockdown is needed, and this time I hope the FO has learned that they do need that lockdown reliever to get through the playoffs. Right Nate Eovaldi?
    I like this team to start the season as is, and then observe and determine if there is anyone available at the ASG that can take them over the top. It is hard to forecast who that player will be as we do not even know which teams are contenders and which teams are pretenders. Last year there were 11-12 NL teams believing they had a legit shot at the playoffs. Even the Giants believed they had a shot. If the Mets are out of it early, will that make any of their Big Three available? I cannot see how Cleveland cannot stay in it, but if not, both Kluber and Bauer could become available. The Dodgers do not need a back of the rotation starter. They have more than enough of them. But #1 or #2 or at the very least a #3 could be a difference maker come playoff time. For relief, would Texas consider trading Leclerc, or the Twins consider trading Taylor Rogers or the Bucs (Kela or Rivero) or the Reds (Iglesias)? I have no clue what JDM type might become available, but maybe Nick Castellanos could be this year’s JDM.
    I do not care whether the Dodgers win 95 or 100 or 105 wins during the season. I only care that they win the NL West and then win 11 more games in the playoffs. It is how the 25 man stacks up for those 11 wins that will determine if there is any weakness or not.

    1. I think our rotation is more than fine and not really a concern entering the season. However, after the top three [Kershaw/Buehler/Ryu], there is a little wishful thinking that Maeda & Hill can both pitch well and produce enough innings so that our bullpen isn’t taxed.
      One thing I would love to see this year is the [further] rise of the multi-inning reliever, guys who can come in whenever [say the fifth through seventh innings] and put up zeroes or keep the game close. Assuming the top part of the bullpen will be mostly one-inning guys [Jansen, Kelly, Cingrani, Baez, Alexander], maybe we can stretch out the other parts so they can fit that mold: Stripling, Urias, Floro, Yimi, Ferguson, Santana seem like good candidates.
      Fields I think will be traded or released.

    2. Exactly AC

      And hopefully we can wait until the trade deadline, to better access any weakness we might have.

  3. Spot on AC…
    It’s so damn good seeing Chase Utley in a Dodger uniform at ST… Now all I need to see is Manny Mota on his bike and all will be good..
    Stay healthy young men and lets get at it!!!

  4. Wow, baseball is back. At least in the digital media department. There was so much to read this morning, my head already hurts. We’re still over a week from our fist Spring Training game which will feature an AB or two from SOME of our projected starters. Still a lot of time before games count. From the looks of things we still have another month or so to debate the value of Wood, Kemp and Puig vs Pollock and Kelly. Whether or not Bryce Harper is the guy who would or would have put us over the top. The thing is, all the projection systems already have us at the top. When you add a guy like Harper, you have to look at the difference between his production and the guy(s) he’ll be replacing. Right now, that looks like the Joc/Kike platoon or Muncy, or CT3 as Harper could move Belli to first and Muncy to second, or replace the platoon in left. The unscience of baseball would also have to quantify his effect on the lineup overall. After all, it isn’t just as simple as subtracting the platoon’s WAR from Harper’s WAR to realize the difference. Sometimes adding a player creates a synergy that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. If not Harper, to put us over the top, then who? If you don’t have a good answer for that, how can you possibly think the FO should have done more? Our best position player prospects are Lux at 2B and K-Bear/Smith at C and Verdugo in OF. Talk about having your bases covered. Our best prospects directly correspond to our biggest question marks, which also happens to be the positions with the greatest amount of spring competition. Overall, this is an envious position to be in. Sometimes you need a little luck for things to work out. Hopefully, this will be our luckiest year. Put this team on paper against our last Championship team and I would bet on this team being much better than that team. Let’s hope it works out that way. Until then, be happy. We are favorites and have the money and prospect capital to improve the team along the way. I’m still hoping for Bryce as he only costs money. It’s not like that’s gonna have any effect on me personally. I mean, how much more can they possibly charge for beer and hot dogs. I never consume more than 2 or 3 each anyways so It’s not gonna break me to bring him along. Sure hope we get a little luck swing our way. But, this deep and talented team is in a envious position any way you look at it.

  5. Pete – when you heading down to Camelback?
    I’m very jealous. Have a look at Ruiz and let us know the timeline…..

    1. Watford, interestingly enough, some critics are projecting Smith to be ahead of Ruiz in a possible call up. I always thought that Ruiz was the guy that was tagged for the future, now I’m not so sure reading some of the comparisons. Maybe AC/DC could chime in with the latest reports.

      Also, some think Verdugo will not be a starter in the OF. They tag Joc, Pollock, and Bellinger in RF. Personally, I can’t see this. I think Cody should be at 1B with Verdugo starting. I’m not even convinced that the LF job will be Pederson’s if Kike is not at 2B. I just don’t want Joc to leadoff. We’ve been there, done that. Doesn’t work for me.

      Some project Muncy either at 1B or 2B. We are much stronger with Cody at 1B. I’m willing to give Muncy the benefit of the doubt at 2B because of his bat and speed. I don’t relish these decisions that the FO will have to make. I do like to see real competitions take place and less platooning which the FO seems to be promising us. SS/2B should be a stable duo, not a rotation for daily play.

      1. Mark is on the record predicting Ruiz will arrive before Smith. While that’s a BOLD prediction, he could easily be right. Smith is older and has more experience and is definitely more advanced defensively right now, so it might depend on what the team needs are. Smith is also more versatile and could someday play some 3b or even 2b. Ruiz looks likely to grab onto the C position when he’s ready and not let go. We are blessed to have those two in the org.

      2. Jeff- I probably should defer to AC on this one. However, from my point of view there is no need to rush Keibert but he most definitely is seen as the future catcher. That has not diminished a bit. Perhaps as early as next year depending on how things go at AAA. He will be 21 until July 20.
        Smith is three years older and has had three years of college ball at Louisville. I expect he is seen as more physically and mentally ready for MLB. He will be 24 in March. Right now he is considered to be ready for MLB with his catching skills. He has thrown out 42% of would be base stealers in the minors. Additionally he has played at others positions such as second (11 games) and third (57 games). He may play up as well as Martin and Barnes because he has played other positions, and why not with Keibert right behind him.
        The test for Smith will be to hit. He hit very poorly against right-handers (.085 small sample) at the AAA level although quite well against right-handers (.266 with power) at the AA level.
        The test for Keibert, a switch-hitter, this year is to strengthen his catching skills , not that they were weak for a 19-year-old in 2018. From what I read he is working on foot work and a quick release to compensate for a good but not outstanding arm. Both catchers are acknowledged for working well with pitchers and calling games.
        I don’t think Keibert has lost any steam as he pushes up the ladder to MLB. I think Smith before Ruiz to MLB is just the natural order of things.
        This from Ken Gurnick: ” At 23, Smith is three years older and presumably more polished as a college player, while Ruiz might have a higher ceiling but hasn’t played above Double-A yet. So realistically, Smith will arrive first, but seeing them both in Major League exhibition games will help answer your question. MLB Pipeline ranks Ruiz as the Dodgers’ No. 2 prospect and Smith as No. 5.”
        This from Corey Seager :” Roberts on Keibert Ruiz seeing time in @MLB this year. Said it’s unlikely and they are looking at the longer view with him. Said Will Smith could catch in @MLB right now but needs improvement offensively. ”
        This from AF – Friedman said catching prospect Will Smith has the defensive tools to compete for a Gold Glove.

        1. I agree that Smith will reach MLB before Ruiz, but Ruiz is the future. Smith will come up as a backup and should excel defensively, but his offense thus far lags behind Ruiz’s bat to ball skills. Smith could very well be a better defensive version of Grandal. Both have pop, both have bat to ball concerns, but Smith is a better catcher with a better arm. Grandal is more experienced. Smith will do just fine defensively and might generate some pop when called. The Dodgers are in a good position with having two solid catcher prospects just about ready. In the games I have watched Smith, I agree with AF – he has the defensive tools to be a gold glove. But Ruiz MAY (not certain) have the tools to emulate Yadi Molina. What is not to like about the future of Dodger catchers.

  6. Nice post AC, I will be watching the competition at second base and catching,but left field might be the position to watch in ST, Pederson, Toles, and Verdugo, I think Verdugo must win this position in ST or go back to OKC which will not end well for Verdugo or the Dodgers so I´m hoping he wins the position or gets traded. I also think if Toles is given the playing time he might outplay both Pederson and Verdugo. Let´s see what happens.

  7. Watford – heading to ST for 3 games starting St. Patrick’s day.. I’ll be watching the young catchers for sure… Life is good…

  8. I’m as confident in this team as anyone, and expect another deep playoff run this year. Partly due to the current squad, and partly due to our ability to make another big splash in July. But to claim that this team has no weak spots r question marks is comical, and completely based on faith (and maybe medical marijuana) and not based on facts.

    We currently have 2 guys at cacher who hit .200 last year. Sure it’s reasonable to expect improvement, and both have shown they can be much better than what they were in 2018. But common sense says until they prove 2018 was was just a horrible year for both, there is some question there.
    Muncy was great last year, and maybe even better than CT3 was in 2017. But it is reasonable to ask if he can do it again, since 2018 was the only time he’s been this good. If he regresses to .250, and 24hr, it’s still a good year, but nowhere close to 2018. CT3 regressed after his breakout year, and it’s conceivable that Muncy could too.

    Corey Seager is coming off of 2 major surgeries! We all hope he’ll be fully healthy by June. But is reasonable to worry about him a little bit.

    Kershaw’s been injured 4 straight years. His fastball has been down the last couple years. He’s the biggest superstar choker of all time in the playoffs. And just because he worked out hard in the offseason doesn’t give me automatic hope that he’ll be throwing 95 again. Can he reinvent himself as a harder throwing Greg Maddux? Let’s see. He’s still a very good pitcher, but is he a co-ace come October?

    Bellinger regressed in 2018. Pitchers found his weak spot and exposed him, yet he still hit 25 hr. We hope he’s learned and grown. If not, then he’s a good, solid player. If he’s learned, then he’s a superstar. I”d bet he’s better in 2019 than 2018, but let’s see.

    Pollock is an all star player who has always had freak injuries happen to him. Can we honesty be confident that he won’t get injured again running into a wall or diving headfirst into 3b? I hope he’s healthy, because he’s a big time player. But it is fair to question how many games he will play.

    Having said all that, I feel that our pitching is soo good (I”m 100% confident in this staff and bullpen) and we have so much more talent than anyone that we will run away with the NL West (barring some serious injuries). If some of the question marks pan out, we’ll be in the hunt for home field advantage in the World Series. I personally think our “question marks” aren’t HUGE question marks. I think in a worst case scenario we have some good players, but in a best case scenario we have a lot of great players and can be the best team in baseball.

    1. I think those are all fair questions.

      About Kershaw, I hope he has realized less is sometimes better then more.

      Because if he doesn’t practice moderation to a point , he might leave himself vulnerable to another injury.

      Because like you said, velocity is not always guaranteed, the harder a pitcher works.

      I hope Kershaw makes that adjustment that you talked about, because that is really the thing that can extend his career.

  9. Some time before, I stated that I was okay with pat for starting spring training. Seems sometimes gut and eye see the same place as do the sabers. Without the use of stats I feel really good about 2019. My main worries are health and DL stints. With Turner, Jansen and Kershaw all healthy I have nil for fears. Good energy is contagious and those three bleed good energy. I see the whole team on the same page. It’s pretty nice reading that page. CHEERS!!!!

  10. If they DH has to come I would like it to be ‘at the host’s choice’ of which the host would have to simply state it’s choice enough ahead of whichever game to allow the opposing manager time for preparation. That should satisfy all as it would me anyways. There’s too much to let the non DH lineups to just become a thing of the past. Who could complain of such a ruling?

    1. There was no way the Dodgers could bet on Pollock without having all that depth in the outfield.

      I have no idea what kind of arm Pollock has, but I wonder where Cody feels the most comfortable in the outfield.

      I think center is the easiest field to judge a ball off a bat, if a player has the speed to cover the area.

      I was hoping Cody would get more innings in at first base this year, and we would give Muncy a shot at second.

      But that could still happen

      Because like Mark says every year, these things always seem to work their way out eventually.

  11. State of the game:
    One quirky result slash anecdote from a recent Jayson Stark survey:
    One red flag that arose in the voting: The Reds’ end of the Puig/Kemp/Wood deal got just two votes in the Best Trade balloting. But the Dodgers’ end – which was mostly an addition-by-subtraction-of-Puig/Kemp – also got two votes.

  12. Anyone know what Chase Utley is doing at camp, is he at camp? I assume he is a motivational piece, or dropped Kiki off. Will he play an official role with Dodgers this year?

  13. Saw it somewhere that Utley was at ST but can’t find source. There is an LA Times story today that he is joining the front office this week in a yet to be defined role

      1. Doesn’t matter as much with pitchers. Jerks who strike out a lot of batters are welcome in any clubhouse.

      2. A lot of teams need pitching and this might be the tipping point for Cleveland to trade Bauer for an outfielder and a lesser pitcher. I have no idea who the other team might be.

          1. Bum

            You know I never make suggestions for trades, so I have to leave the rest to you, and Palmdale.

            I do think Bauer has pitched better then Kubler, in the last couple years.

            But I don’t know that for sure, so I would have to leave that for AC.

          2. Bauer has only two years of control vs three for Kluber and last year was his first exceptional year. I don’t see AF giving up Verdugo in a deal for Bauer. He would make an excellent replacement for Puig as the guy in the clubhouse who would drive all the others crazy.

  14. Singing the Blue.

    I don’t know if you know this, but Bauer is 4 years younger then Kluber.

    And I believe even for Bauer it is going to take quite a bit more, then one good prospect.

  15. Bauer vs. Kluber. I will leave it up to the Dodgers’ talent evaluators as to which one they prefer, I.e., if they’re even considering either one. Clearly Kluber has the accomplishments, but Bauer is younger, and was, I believe, the 3rd overall choice in the 2011 draft, and if memory serves, was the top rated pitcher in that draft. So clearly he has the potential to be a #1 or #2. Question is, have all the lights suddenly come on, and is he ready to break out and fulfill his promise? Not having watched him on a regular basis, I can’t answer that question, but maybe the Dodgers can based on their scouting. Depending on the cost, I would probably like to have either one.

    1. You are correct that Bauer was the #3 draft pick in the 2011 draft. But he was the #3 pitcher selected in the draft. His UCLA teammate, Gerrit Cole, was the #1, and University of Virginia LHP Danny Hultzen was #2 (Seattle). HS RHP Dylan Bundy was #4, Nice year for pitchers. Only Hultzen has been a bust thus far. After two shoulder surgeries, he has yet to make it to MLB. He is now in the Cubs organization.
      I prefer Kluber but would welcome Bauer as well.

  16. To get Bauer or Kluber would take a similar cadre of players to that required for Realmuto.

    When you already have the best starting pitching in baseball, why gut your farm systems like that?

  17. I wasn’t saying Bauer isn’t a very good pitcher, only that I’m not sure AF would want to bring in that type of personality at this point. When you look at Martin and Pollock, real grinders, and you compare them with Bauer who is admittedly very intelligent but a total smart ass, I think Andrew would have real hesitation in bringing that type of guy on to the team right now.

  18. Regarding Bauer:
    1. The Dodgers would have to find $13M in payroll space or exceed the CBT threshold. Would they do that for one year?

    2. Cleveland might want to trade Bauer now more than they did a week ago but their demand will not decrease.

    3. The Dodgers have plenty of pitching and already could have a good 8 man rotation.

    4. I don’t like to uproot a player after he has already reported to spring training. Trades happen but it seems very player unfriendly to wait this long to make such a trade. However if a player could make some team’s 25 that wouldn’t make the Dodgers 25, they might be happy to be traded. Toles, Stewart, Fields, Rios would be examples. The Dodgers would want to include Hill I would think because of payroll. It would take more.

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