Meet Pedro (Petie) Montero

In a previous article I included a brief sketch of Pedro Montero who was promoted to the Tulsa Drillers for the 2019 season serving as the Drillers bench coach. As mentioned, Montero is a high energy, excitable young man who has an infectious effect on the players he coaches. In fact, with any young players with whom he makes contact. It is difficult to see him without a smile on his face.

Known as, “Petie”, he had a very brief baseball career as an infielder- primarily at shortstop – playing two seasons in an independent league. In 2008 he played for the Long Beach Armada and in 2009 for the Victoria Seals. Both teams were part of the now defunct Golden Baseball League.

Following that he was out of baseball but not out of contact with baseball. During his time away from the game he worked with the Monterey Park Fire Department and trained as a paramedic at the UCLA Paramedic School. His connection to baseball was with Reggie Smith Athletic and the Reggie Smith Academy where he trained as a youngster and served as an instructor for many years. The two forged a lifetime relationship even sharing rides to the facility in Encino, California.

As a sidelight to his time with Reggie Smith, his mentor had a special request for him back in 2010. A Spanish speaking youngster by the name of Roberto Ramos came to the academy and Reggie was is need of a translator. He asked Montero to help out with a strapping youngster from Hermosillo, Mexico who had come to attend high school in the United States. Montero and the young first baseman hit it off on first meeting.

That young man was/is Roberto Ramos who played with the California League Lancaster JetHawks in 2018 before his transfer to the Rockies AA franchise in Hartford, Connecticut. It is the same Ramos who took the 2018 California League Home Run Derby prize beating out Rylan Bannon who was then with the Quakes

However, the Home Run Derby is not the story. Montero had Ramos live with him for over a year while in the US so he could help him with his English, mentor him in baseball, and adjust to a new culture.

Roberto Ramos explained.

“Petie is one of the reasons why I am here, along with Reggie. He basically took me under his wing and took care of a young kid that was in a different country and away from his family. He made me feel comfortable. I owe him a lot.” 

Montero did not go unnoticed and in 2017 was hired by the Dodgers as a coach working both with the Dominican Summer League Dodgers and the Arizona League Dodgers.

During the 2018 season he served as the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes bench coach, coached first base during offense as well as being in charge of defensive charts and positioning of defenders. Before his transfer to Hartford, Roberto Ramos and Petie Montero could be seen in a single photo during Lancaster/Rancho Cucamonga games. Roberto playing first base for the JetHawks and Petie, his mentor, coaching at first base for the Quakes. Beyond those incidental meetings on the field, they have stayed in close contact.

Montero speaks both English and Spanish fluently but has another unique characteristic. He could be described as hyper in his motivation before games and during games. He is the master of the hand shake, high five, fist pump and other derivations of all three that are specific to individual players. Those more exclusive handshakes are developed to fit a certain player based on personal characteristics or baseball incidents.

Brian Brown of CSUF asked Montero which handshakes were his favorites during the 2018 season.

“My favorite one is the squat with Eric Yaveronne [Minor League Performance Coach]  I think that’s the number one because the boys, they’re all about it. It’s kind of one of those energy boosts for them. The other is the one with Omar Estevez. We kind of added to it as the year has gone along and there’s a whole thing behind  it with Gibbs from NCIS and giving him a smack on the head with Dinozzo and it’s kind of where we added to our handshake.”

Petie Montero will start his third season in the Dodgers organization in 2019 moving along with some of the players he coached with the Quakes during the past season. A season in which they won the California League Championship together. He learned of his promotion last fall much as his close friend Jeremy Rodriguez did when he learned of his promotion to the OKC Dodgers as their bench coach.   

I was in instructional league when Brandon Gomes came up to me and we were at the cageson the major league side at Camelback Ranch. He  said “I just wanted to let you know that you will be going to Double-A to be the Bench Coach”.

How did he feel about the announcement? I expect it might have come as a bit of a surprise to Petie but not to his mentor Reggie Smith. Was there a special handshake? We don’t know but more are on the way to go on full display during the 2019 season with the Drillers.

 “Very excited to continue learning new things, especially on the analytical side that I can bring to our players and staff to continue our preparation and growth. It is still amazing to be able to wear the hometown jersey that I grew up being a fan of. Especially with the history of this organization and wearing the same uniform Reggie once wore. I know how important the Dodger way is!”

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  1. Nice post DC! It,s encouraging to see the Dodgers have men like Petie work in the organization. Junkyard dogs with a smile and enthusiasm! Thanks for providing us with the deeper insight.

  2. We had some formatting issues this morning. It wasn’t DC – it was the site and I think it is fixed.

    I listened to an interview with Raul Ibanez of the Dodgers and it is easy to see why he is held in such high esteem. I wonder if Friedman might be considering making him the GM? This is a very, very smart guy!

    1. I have always thought the same. Very intelligent and personable and has the respect of the players. I know (I read actually) that the Cubs were trying very hard to pry him away from the Dodgers to be Madden’s bench coach.

  3. This is shaping up to be a huge week in LA!!

    1) Rams in the Superbowl
    2) Dodgers still after Realmuto and/or another stud
    3) Lakers pursuit of Anthony Davis

  4. Everyone is crazy about the 25 man roster and the CBT. So much so, that we aren’t always giving credit when credit is due. The Dodgers are instilling an organizational culture as a way to develop players successfully and instilling in them the right way, the Dodger Way, to play baseball as previous generations of Dodgers were taught.

    When I was a kid, one of the books we had on our bookshelves was this one…
    Although I don’t remember all the details, and at the time I didn’t understand the significance of it, over the years I recall many references to the Dodgers Way.

    Mike Scioscia instilled the Dodgers Way into the Angles for years. They were well known for at least one aspect of the Dodgers Way, and that is smart and aggressive base running. It seems the Dodgers are trying to get back to their roots. I really like the fact that they picked up Dino Ebel as he represents another return to these roots and is often credited for the Angels base running. This is maybe another reason why Puig is gone. They are going to make sure they have guys that can get behind the program.

    Anyways, this off season has been great. We didn’t yet get that generational talent free agent. But, we did replace a knuckle head with a heady, aggressive and gritty, right handed bat and center fielder. We didn’t get another closer, but we did get a gamer that throws fire, will pitch at the back end of games, or anywhere else and for multiple innings if need be. We resigned our own generational talent and ace. We brought back another sometimes devastating lefty starter on a QO. We added under the radar possible future pen aces with high upside. We didn’t sign a veteran second baseman as many wanted, but it turns out that we have a top 5 at the keystone already on the roster. We’re still trying to improve at catcher, but have a suitable bridge to our most stacked minor league position.

    The point is, there’s a lot to like about this team and they are always trying to get better. The point is, they are being smart and not pulling knee jerk moves. The point is they are instilling a way to play baseball and getting players to buy into that way.

  5. I’m sorry I’m trying to stay positive but I do not feel the daughter’s are going to make an impact whatsoever with Harper or JT sorry it’s just what I feel, any thoughts??

    1. Will the Dodgers sign Harper or Realmuto? I doubt it. They are probably in on the conversation I suspect. They would probably get either or both if the price were right. By being involved though, they will make someone else pay more. That is good.

    2. Like AC likes to say, it takes two do dance. Or maybe that’s what MT likes to say. Either way, the Dodgers are dealing from a position of strength. Strangely enough, there isn’t as much interest as you would anticipate for both of these guys, so staying in the game on both is a smart move and a good position to be in. Many teams have moved on from JTRM by already signing a catcher. What the hell are the Braves gonna do with McCann if they trade for JTRM? It’s reported that the Pads and Dodgers are leading the pack for him. This makes little sense for the Padres as they already have 2 pretty good catchers. Will JT make them better? Probably, but are they ready to contend before his contract runs out? Nope. The Pads have asked for a window to negotiate an extension, but the Marlins have already said they aren’t going that way. No me, this means the Dodgers are the best suitor, and the reason the Pads remain in that category is because their farm is stacked. You never know what’s gonna happen, but we are still in it and we have insurance in case it doesn’t work out. Showcasing KBear at FanFest is sending the signal that we’re not desperate to make a deal.

      With Harper, it looks like the Nats, Phils and Dodgers are the teams in the mix. The Dodgers were the first team to court him. Then he went on his tour to get offers to drive up the price. Maybe he really wants to be a Dodger, being from LV he’ll be close to home. Maybe he hates playing the freezing cold in April. Maybe he’ll come to the realization that it might not be so bad to get a high AAV with a shorter term and a chance to win every year.

      Ultimately, the Marlins have to make the call on JT and Bryce has to make the call for himself. Hence, it takes 2 to dance. Be happy with the fact that we’re still playing the game and have enough resources and flexibility to make the deals. You’ll be happy in 5 years that we didn’t do something stupid, like the Phillies predicted they will do. It sucks that we haven’t won the big prize in over 30 years. But, it doesn’t suck that we’re competitive every year. I am greedy. I don’t want to sell out for 1 WS. I want multiples. I want a dynasty. I don’t want to be the Braves of the 90s and I sure hope that Stan Kasten is better this time around.

      I still blame mostly Roberts that we don’t have that Championship right now. Kersh also has to take a lot of the blame. I can’t stand that the best pitcher on the planet layed an egg each and every post season. I hate the fact that we settled on a reliever last year instead of getting a stud. Hopefully lessons learned and this year will be different.

      1. 1. I question if Harper is willing and able to play Dodger baseball?
        2. I think Realmuto is willing and able to play Dodger baseball.
        3. I think Haniger is willing and able to play Dodger baseball.
        4. I question if Machado is willing to play Dodger baseball but is able.
        5. I think Taylor is willing and able to play Dodger baseball but I worry he won’t repeat his 2017 season ever again.
        6. I think Smith will be much better at playing Dodger baseball than Ruiz based on speed and defense.
        7. I think the Dodgers should wait to make a big trade until mid-season to see what they have in Verdugo, Barnes, and to see which Taylor they have and to give Seager a chance to prove he can play short again. But, it is never safe to trade for a catcher mid-season.
        8. I worry that if Verdugo is traded for Realmuto and if Pollock breaks a bone that the Dodgers will miss Pederson if he is also included in a trade. Belli needs to bounce back against lefties and Muncy needs to prove he wasn’t a one year wonder.
        9. I still miss AJ Ellis and with all the great Dodger coaches it would seem there are few spots for him in the organization but I hope they find one for him.

        1. Dude, I’m just keeping hopes alive for Harper and JTRM. One is money, the other is prospects. You might be right about Harper, he’s a u know what. (Don’t want to offend little peterj.) But, the lineup would be un-godly by adding those two. I know it probably won’t happen, just like you know that Hanniger isn’t gonna happen. Where are you gonna get the prospects for both Hanniger and JTRM? And I keep wondering why anyone on this site even thinks he’s available. We know JT and Harper are. Anyways, just me dreaming and wishing they would pull a boss move instead of being good enough.

          I agree with pretty much everything you said, except maybe 7 for the reason you stated. It sure looks like JTRM will be traded before the season starts. You aren’t going to be able to get him, or someone as good as him mid season at the position. You can probably improve RF mid season if Alex fizzles, but I don’t know for certain who will be available.

  6. I was driving in to work today and listening to SiriusXM today and they were talking about the Padres stacked Farm system. They currently have 10 guys in the top 100……that’s 90%. The Dodgers have dealt from a position of strength and I may be a little greedy, but I want more than our 4 in the top 100. We do not have a GM right now and instead of Raul Ibanez, how about Logan White? I am sure he left to get a pay raise, however he helped built us up to the product we have on the field today. Bellinger, Kershaw, Joc, Seager, Kemp, Gordon, Martin and etc why not bring him back? We did a professional courtesy to draft his son 2 years ago.

    1. I consider Logan White a friend, but he’s not qualified to be a GM.

      The fact that the Padres have 10 of the top 100 speaks to where they have been drafting because of having 8 consecutive losing seasons. They draft near the top every year, while the Dodgers, who have won 6 consecutive division titles, draft near the bottom.

      … and it’s 10%, not 90%.

      1. Logan is great at picking players to draft. IMHO, he favors the quality of a players family and upbringing over metrics and other than Friedman wanting to create his own team, I think that is the reason White decided to leave when he had the chance to join San Diego.

      2. 10% is what I meant. Why do you say Logan is not a fit? It was brought up by a beat guy this week that Kasten stated at Dodgers FF that it benefits the Dodgers staying under the CBA, was partly due to having the most paid out to scouts and etc. Not sure if we are getting smoke blown up our butts or what.

        With the fact we don’t have to pay a GM we should go in on another player ie. Kluber, Harper, or JTR to get us over the hump in the WS not necessarily the NL. We need to stop thinking like the west coast Rays:) We go over the CBT this year then send Joc elsewhere for prospects to replenish a potential JTR trade. The CBT penalties are minimal for going 1 year over. I must say if Ruiz is part of a JTR trade I say “No Way!”

        1. Logan was a good farm director. He had a penchant for high school players which are much harder to project, so while he had a some good players drafted, he had a share of swings and misses. Logan was asked to stay, but had an opportunity to work with his old mentor and could not pass that up. He just is not a GM.

          When did the West Coast Rays have a Payroll of $200 Million. You lose any credability when you say stuff like that…

          GM’s don’t make THAT much money. The Dodgers will go over only if necessary.

          The Indians want way too much for Kluber.
          I like JTR under the right terms (no Ruiz).
          Unless Harper signs a 7 year deal, it’s a dope-fiend move.

      3. Mark

        If I was the Marlins, I would be thinking the same about the Padre’s prospects.

        When was the last time the Padres produced a pretty decent major league everyday player.

  7. Damn I thought 59 was done ranting, raving and needlessly throwing in a douche bag comparison!!! Nope, no chance… Back on the Doc or Kersh did it diatribe… Put the glass dick down and move away from the table…

      1. Peter was bingeing Breaking Bad on Netflix and got carried away. It’s a meth or crack pipe.

  8. My biggest worry for next season is Seager’s recovery time. So far no one is talking about it. The latest report I saw is that he is still hitting off a tee and hasn’t made any throws to first. I think there is a good chance he isn’t ready to start the season and may not be back to helping the team for a while.

    The main thing we need from Corey is his bat so even if he has to play another position – like 1st base – he is still very valuable. I’m wondering if the Dodgers might be thinking about Machado as insurance for Seager.

    1. I’m sure they thought about Machado. With the signing of Pollack for CF, I suspect they think Seager can play short in the long run with Belli at 1B.

      I think plan early in season may be CT3 at short like last year until Seager is ready to play everyday.

      I see Muncy as likely 2B and Kiké as super utility for IF as plan to start season.

    2. He is throwing from 120 feet and says he has had no setbacks. They are taking it slow. He may very well not be ready for the Season Opener.

    3. Bum

      I agree on 2, but you would think most any young player would be willing to adapt to a successful program like the Dodgers have, not to mention an iconic organization like the Dodgers are.

      But Friedman will never commit to long to any player, that thinks he is bigger then the team, it’s self.

      On 5 I am not sure either, I like Taylor as a player, because he is such an athletic player, and he is not afraid of hard work.

      But even with the most athletic players, they tend to have trouble with hitting, even though everything else comes so easy, for them.

      Because like everyone here already knows, hitting is the toughest thing to do in sports.

      Puig was never able to hit like he once did, but he got incrementally better each year, and he had a really good post season last year.

      But with all of that, hitting never came easy for Puig, and he was probably the most athletic player we have had for sometime, especially for his size.

      It looks to me, that Taylor’s swing is hard to repeat, because it is to big, opposed to compact.

      And because of that, it looks harder for Taylor to be able to adjust, and repeat his perfect swing.

      It seems to me, that Taylor does not have the upper body strength and size, to swing that big away from his body, and at the same time, be able to have good bat control, and repeat his swing properly.

      Taylor does not have the same forearms that Garvey had, and I don’t think Taylor has the upper body of a linebacker either.

      And I don’t think Garvey ever had to put that much effort into every swing he did like Taylor, either.

      With Muncy, it is going to be hard for Muncy to repeat what he did last year, because he had a really good year.

      And it is always hard for any player to have another career year, let alone, an obscure player like Muncy.

      Because Muncy is no longer an obscure player that has only had a couple cups of coffee, at the major league level.

      And because of that, every pitcher in Baseball or very aware of Muncy, and they will be ready to try to make the different adjustments on Muncy, this year.

      But to me, Muncy is much different then Taylor, because his swing actually looks more compact then Taylor’s.

      Maybe that is because Muncy has the upper body strength to control his swing better, and a good eye, to make the adjustments.

      And like Vegas has said more then a few times, Muncy is the guy we want up at the plate, if we are facing top velocity, like the closer the Mets traded for.

      Remember the contact Muncy made with that closer last year?

      So hopefully Muncy put the hard work in, in the off season, like most once obscure players, often do.

      And Muncy saw a lot of good curve balls, also suggested by Vegas, to be ready for all the adjustments that will be coming his way.

      About A.J, I have read from some who are not in the clubhouse, that the front office and A.J. had some kind of falling out, but as I already said, these are not exactly credible sources.

      1. Preach it MJ! Did you know Max Muncy has a role on the remake of Magnum PI? It’s actually Zachary Knighton but his resemblance to Max is uncanny!

        1. Vegas thanks!

          I didn’t know that, but I will take a look.

          I haven’t seen Muncy since he lost weight.

          I wonder how much faster his sprint speed will be.

          Because he was surprisingly faster then anyone would think.

          He might be the second baseman that we need, like a few of us, talked about.

          He is a very likable guy.

      1. Dud

        Good to see you!

        Check out Machados numbers against righties, when he was on the Dodgers.

        I bet it will surprise you.

  9. MJ,
    IMO he is more than likeable.
    Compare his last year’s line with Bryce Harper’s and tell me who you’d rather have in the game. To me it’s Max all day.
    Yes I like Super Max.

  10. MJ.
    Yes, we do. I know that you like me, likes Andrew Toles. I believe Toles could have brought a lot to the Dodgers game last year that was very much missing. I hope he gets the chance to prove himself this year, and I think the Dodgers would greatly benefit from it.

  11. Bobby – I’m a big fan of Toles and hoping he could find a platoon spot in LF…
    Right on with your proclamation of a big week in L.A…
    Took me awhile to go back to the Rams after that woman packed up her bags, killed her old man and split to St. Louis… All that being said I don’t bet against the Pats…
    A.D to the Lakers ??? Lonzo can go but I’d hate to lose Kuzma…
    16 daze till P & C report…Sweet

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