Oklahoma City Dodgers Coaching Staff – Part 2

Jeremy Rodriguez – Bench Coach

Rodriguez will serve as the team’s primary third base coach, work with the infielders and help with defensive positioning in games. He’s the staff’s youngest member at just 29. He played five seasons within the Padres’ organization.

The former catcher was born in Burbank, California and graduated from Crespi Carmelite High School in neighboring Encino.

He was selected by the San Diego Padres in the 16th round of the 2011 First-Year Player Draft out of the Bakersfield campus of California State University.

Rodriguez played for five seasons within the Padres’ organization hitting .235 over 175 games. His last three seasons were all with the Lake Elsinore Storm of the Advanced Single A California League.

After two seasons as the manager of the DSL Padres he was signed by the Dodgers to manage the Great Lakes Loons in 2017. During the 2018 season he managed the Ogden Raptors of the rookie level Pioneer League. His leap to the AAA Oklahoma City Dodgers is a bit surprising, at least from the outside.

On January 7, 2019 Steven Douglas of LWS Baseball met Jeremy Rodriguez on the back fields of Camelback Ranch and asked him how it felt to wear a uniform that has “Dodgers” scripted across the chest.

 “It definitely feels a lot like home. Reggie [Smith} taught me the Dodger way while I was Younger, and it really helped me adapt a lot faster with the organization. The Dodgers is a first-class organization and I’m extremely honored to be able to put on that uniform each day. All the history that comes with the name is remarkable and I’m just extremely blessed to be a part of it.”

Douglas asked JRod – as he called Rodriguez – how he found about his promotion.

 “Brandon Gomes, our farm director, and I went on a walk after one of our Instructional League games and asked how I felt about being a bench coach in the higher levels.” Rodriguez continued, “I thought it was exciting news because I don’t have coaching experience in the higher levels and for me, I knew it was going to be a great learning experience. I want to grow as much as I can as a coach and getting experience at the highest level in the minor leagues is definitely going to help my growth.”

As we might expect, Jeremy Rodriguez would like to manage at the MLB level so working at the AAA level is getting him closer to that goal.

“If it’s Gods will, then it will happen. Right now, I’m just trying to learn something new every day and be the best teammate I can be. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be in the big leagues and that’s what I’m working towards.”

Travis Barbary- Manager

Eyes were opened when Travis Barbary was named the manager of the Oklahoma City Dodgers for the 2019 season. The now 47-year-old had a very brief minor league career. As a 22-year-old he played 17 games with Great Falls in the Pioneer League. That was it.

Since then he has been a Dodger for life over the past 25 years serving as the organization’s roving catcher coordinator for the past 12 years.

He has managed before but still. He was the Rookie-Level Ogden manager in 2003 and 2004. He also managed Low-A Columbus from 2005-06. He was a hitting coach in the lower levels of the system after spending four seasons as the Dodger bullpen catcher.

As a catching coordinator he has had extensive contact with two of the Dodgers’ top prospects – Keibert Ruiz and Will Smith – both catchers on the cusp of MLB.  The expectation is that both will be on the opening day roster with the Oklahoma City Dodgers on Thursday, April 4 in San Antonio.

There is more to a manager than just being a former ball player. The man who can guide young men not only to become better ball players but especially to grow as young men is all important as many of the young men do not get to fulfill their dream of MLB.

I came across two interviews that may help us understand why Travis Barbary would be put into a high-level managing position in this particular year.

First an interview by Diamond Prospects on January 5, 2017.

DP- What did baseball mean to you as a player? What does the game mean to you now?

    “As a young man, baseball was probably the most important thing in my life. I dedicated myself to becoming the best at what I did. However, looking back, I didn’t enjoy playing the game as much as I should have because I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. Now, as a coach, I try to get young players to understand that in order to improve, they have to make mistakes and learn from them. As a coach, I believe that giving a player permission to make mistakes allows them to ultimately play with more freedom.”

DP- Give a young high school player who is reading this article one piece of advice:

  “Enjoy the game. Baseball is such a hard game to play and we only make it harder by trying to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to fail. Our failures can be our best teacher. Pay attention to the game. Learn everything you can and then apply it. Be a great teammate.”

A second article was written by Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports on February 27, 2018. Perhaps some of you have read it. I had not.

Travis Barbary as we might expect has observed and worked with young catcher Keibert Ruiz since he was signed by the Dodgers and along each stop on the way.  Aware of the culture shock for the young catcher and the communication gap as he struggled to learn English and speak with pitchers on the mound, Barbary came up with a plan.  He asked the Dodgers if Ruiz, then 18, could live with him in Clemson during the winter along with his wife and four children. Keibert could learn English there. He could train in modern facilities. Brown also writes: “He could watch hours of “The Andy Griffith Show,” for which Barbary’s fondness is legendary.”

“We thought it was a great idea,” Friedman said. “More than that, it would be interesting to see Keibert’s reaction. That would tell us something about him.”

This is part of what they found out.

 “I feel really fortunate I found someone like him,” the ballplayer says in careful English. “I don’t know how to repay him. They are like my family.”    Then he adds, to be sure he has it just right, “Mi familia.”  Brown continues that the youngster started calling Travis Barbary, “Papi”, when he already has a Papi back home in Venezuela.

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  1. Good article on both Jeremy and Travis. I am more focused on Jeremy because of his Crespi roots. Other former Crespi Carmelite sports alums: RHSP Jeff Suppan, Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen (SS) (both graduated HS 1993), catcher Rick Dempsey, 3B Trevor Plouffe, current Mariners 1B Ryon Healy, and of course former running back Russell White. The San Fernando Valley Catholic High Schools have graduated more than their share of quality athletes, that have gone on to play professionally. Having all three of my kids spend 12 years of Catholic elementary and high school education (not Crespi) and all three being good athletes, I got to know the Valley Catholic High Schools very well. I am a little biased.

    1. Jeremy is certainly a high flyer and I one I expect will be lost to the system if a spot is not found with the Dodgers in a very few years. Coaches like Jeremy and the departed Drew Saylor are invaluable in the lives of young players.
      I found the Barbary information also quite interesting perhaps explaining somewhat why he became the OKC manager. That is, his connection to Keibert Ruiz. Also subliminally it might suggest Keibert is with the Dodgers for the long haul and seen to be what we as novices see.

      1. I agree that the Dodgers see Ruiz as their catcher of the future (at least until Diego Cartaya comes along). If both Ruiz and Smith land at AAA this year as was hinted above, I would suspect that Ruiz will catch at least two out of three with Smith catching the third and playing half his games at 3B, as he did last year.
        I wonder if the teaming of young international prospects with American coaches’ families for the winter is something that will become a norm instead of an anomaly. Good for Travis Barbary and Keibert Ruiz, and good for the Dodgers seeing the value in such an accommodation.

    2. One other point that I had a good laugh at was Travis Barbary’s affinity with the Andy Griffith Show. My son, who we refer to as an old man’s sole, was addicted to the Andy Griffith Show. His early high school nick name was Opie. And yes, he was also a huge Matlock fan.

  2. I have another teaming in a future article but I think they come from the goodness of the heart with their coaches.
    I remember the story of Russell Martin living with Logan White and his family during the winters as working on baseball in Montreal is not all that easy.

    1. I was never a huge Russell Martin fan, more apathetic like I am with Joc. But since the Dodgers drafted him out of a Florida junior college, I assume that he was an accomplished English speaker. Although I would also assume that Martin preferred to speak French. Living with Logan White was a smart move for baseball drills and workouts rather than at home in Quebec. But taking in an 18 year old non-English speaking “kid” to a Southern College town is pretty remarkable, both for the Barbary family and for Ruiz.
      I am just wondering since Ruiz is considered one of the next “star’s” who will matriculate to MLB, is Barbary being named the AAA manager a way to make Ruiz feel even more comfortable if he makes that jump to AAA?

      1. I was a HUGE Russ Martin fan. I first watched him as a 21 Year-old at Vero Beach. By then, he had been converted to Catcher full time. It was 2004 and my wife and son were with me for a Week at Vero Beach. They would come over to Dodgertown in the afternoon for games, but I got there early. I noticed that Russ Martin was always the first player there and the last one to leave. His work ethic was astounding. I predicted great things for him…

        His first three years as a Dodger were great, but he faded his last two and while he has put up decent numbers a couple of years, he never got back to the level of where he started. I saw him out late partying and heard the stories. I don’t know if that was the problem, but I know he wants to do well back as a Dodger. I could see him having a comeback year… if he still remembers that work ethic.

        I am not big on memorabilia. I gave most of it away. But, I have three autographed baseballs, by Garvey, Scully and Kershaw. I also have two Dodger Photos in my office. One signed by Tommy and the other by Russ Martin.
        Image and video hosting by TinyPic
        Here’s the Martin one upclose:
        Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      2. I don’t think that Travis being named the AAA manager and Ruiz on his way to AAA at some point in 2019 is a coincidence. First, they have that bond established by Keibert becoming one of his family. Secondly Travis has been working with him as the Dodgers catching coordinator since Keibert entered the Dodgers system.
        Keibert’s first year AA offensive stats starting the year as a 19-year old are better in just about every category that JTR’s starting his first year at AA as a 22-year-old by quite a bit. Defensively is where he has to improve, especially throwing out would be base stealers. Travis would know him almost better than anyone in the system and can continue his work on Keibert’s defensive skills.

  3. I want to make the point that Kaybear Ruiz could very well be a generational talent. He is not a player you would trade away… PERIOD!

    Alex Verdugo struck out 13.7% of the time in 2018.
    Will Smith struck out 28% of the time last year.
    Ruiz struck out 8.7% of the time.

    Also, Ruiz had more at-bats than Verdugo or Smith.


    Are you kidding me that you can’t project that?

    Verdugo as a 20-year-old in AA, had a 14% strikeout ratio.

    As a 21 year-old in A and AA , Tony Gwynn had a 9% strikeout rate.

    We know Verdugo has good bat-to-ball skills, but an 8.7% strikeout ratio as a 19 year-old is unheard of. Most players strikeout rates go up as the get to the majors. Will Smith’s 28% ratio might be 35% in the majors. That won’t work.

    Ruiz hit 11 HR last year, playing in a league where he was 4 years younger than the average player. He hit 6 of those HR in the last 2 months. He power is now appearing. His footwork behind the plate is very good and he is not a slow runner, while not as fast as Smith. His throwing needs work and I think the team will intensely focus on that this season.

    He is as very unusual talent who projects to produce some great results in the major leagues. There’s no way he gets traded. Believe none of that garbage.

    1. This from an article last May re: Keibert.
      “The Dodgers’ No. 3 prospect is more than two months from his 20th birthday — second-youngest on the circuit to San Antonio’s Fernando Tatis Jr. — but he’s already two levels from Los Angeles as the everyday catcher for Double-A Tulsa.”
      “Entering Wednesday’s games, Ruiz is hitting .284 with four home runs and 14 RBIs, striking out only once every 14 plate appearances, the second lowest rate in the league.”
      “The Texas League offers Ruiz’s biggest challenge yet, as the Double-A circuit is typically considered a final proving ground for prospects.”
      I think Keibert is at the very top of the no-trade list. I wasn’t pleased with the Santana trade because I felt they should have gotten more for him. I still haven’t forgotten the Pedro and Konerko trades. Letting Beltre go was a huge mistake but the other two were trades.

  4. AC – Being an alum of Serra H.S. Gardena, there have been many a gridiron battle against Crespi. Good stuff.

    1. Peter – Since my USC Trojans sign more than their fair share of Junipero Serra Cavaliers to wear the Cardinal and Gold at the Coliseum, I am very familiar with their excellent sports programs. I have spoken to a couple of Serra graduates at USC, and they are well spoken young men indicating that Serra is more than just a sports school. My favorite Serra alum is Adoree’ Jackson…well I guess 2nd to you now.

      1. I thought you were talking about J Serra in SJC. The school of Scott Boras. I didn’t realize there was a J Serra in Gardena.

    1. Quick answer is yes. Dodgers will do something else. At what level, I do not know. I would suspect one of Verdugo, Joc, or Toles is now vulnerable. But I am not very good at predicting what Andrew Friedman would do. I guess he went well past his self imposed outside LAD FA signing in dollars and years, and he is losing the #31 overall draft pick; two components that were previously foreign to him.

      1. I read total package with incentives for Pollock was $50M and doesn’t $50M have to be exceeded before a team looses a draft pick?

  5. I see Joc leaving town pretty quickly. Pollock, Bellinger and Verdugo look to be the every day outfield starters.

  6. This has to be fake, because we were told Friedman would never ever sign any hitter to a deal greater that 2/16, since he’d never done it before!!

    Edit: Bob Nightengale states the deal is 4/50

    1. I think the Dodgers are a perfect team for Pollock, because we can rest him more, so he can stay stronger all year long.

      And he does have good defensive numbers in center.

      His numbers in center were comparable to Cody’s numbers defensively in center last year.

      And that takes some pressure off Cody so he can play first more.

    2. I know, I can’t believe all the BS about Friedman won’t do this and won’t do that. Friedman has no rules. This is a good deal for us. Savor the moment and now move on to the next one. Verdugo / JTRM?

  7. According to Nightengale’s Twitter feed, the Dodgers are focusing on Realmuto next. Big surprise!

    Pollock is very good when healthy – but he has only been healthy all season in 1 season out of 6 or 7.

      1. I definitely would not. Ruiz is going to be special and he’s only 20. Compare that to JTR who only has 2 years of control and would cost more than just Ruiz.

        1. that’s assuming we don’t resign JT. That’s also assuming (and perhaps rightly so) that Ruiz is a sure thing.

          I don’t know what I’d do. I’d be much happier if Will Smith was going to Miami instead of Ruiz though!

          1. Me too. Maybe the idea is to move Bellinger to first and trade Muncy as part of a JTR deal. Something like Muncy, Smith, May, which by the way, I wouldn’t do.

      2. Not after MT hyped him up as being the next V-Mart / Pudge / Bench, without the arm of course. I’m just wondering why he isn’t ranked 1 on the catching prospect lists. MT should be making phone calls.

    1. Reversion to the mean – Pollock is due for a healthy season.
      Friedman’s next move will be to ship out Joc (no place for him now) or keep Joc and trade Verdugo in a deal for JTR or Kluber. Or, they could move Bellinger to first and trade Muncy in a deal for Kluber or JTR.

  8. I just have to say that I’m really happy about this one. He’s a true CF, so I’m curious where Belli will wind up defensively.

  9. Per Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports:
    “When Pollock broke his thumb in mid-May, he was batting .293 and OPSing .969, primarily as the Diamondbacks’ cleanup hitter. He returned in early July and batted .236 with a .704 OPS through the end of the season. After hitting 11 home runs in his first 150 at-bats, he hit 10 in his final 263. “

  10. So, we get Pollock in his age 31-34 seasons. So why is everyone clamoring negatively about signing Bryce through his age 35 on a 10 year deal?

    Pollock, Harper and JTRM. Let’s do this!

    1. 59inarow

      It is pretty impressive that Pollock almost has the exact defensive metrics in center as Cody, because not to many centerfielders can play at that level in their 30s

  11. They are saying the Dodgers are still in intensive on going talk with the Marlins, for JD Realmuto too.

  12. Now we need Realmuto and we are ready to go back to the World Series. I would include Ruiz for Realmuto, Hell Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball right now, I don’t give a damn what the shredder says. We can extend him past the 2 years, we are the L. A. Dodgers. Ruiz will probably be really good someday but let’s win now.

  13. RVS may have had an input on this decision to sign AJ. He worked with him in AZ last year before injury and may have seen something in his makeup he really likes. I am not thrilled with the road splits but anything to put Cody back to 1st is good with me. Keep in mind Andrew does not give up a 1st rd pick, $500k international money to do this unless he and the braintrust think that we get a bargain out of this. Here is an article I found on the RVS effect on AJ:https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/diamondbacks/2018/03/07/arizona-diamondbacks-robert-van-scoyoc-dan-haren-dave-magadan/404893002/

    I sure do hope Kluber is next. 3 Aces at the top of the rotation with Urias #4- WOW! that would be lights out. I would rather keep away from JTR and wait to see how Ruiz pans out unless we can get JTR with a trade of (Barnes, Joc’s prospects, and Smith). Any more and I would walk away from JTR.

  14. I am not worried about Pollock’s injury history. Most of his injuries were freak accidents. Not something that could reoccurr like hammys. Good move. I think they will continue to look at Realmuto, but only at their price. I just do not think they will trade Ruiz or Verdugo.

  15. With the signing of Pollock(after physical) it will stop all the rumors involving Castellanos, Haniger, Stanton, etc.

  16. I do not believe that Friedman will trade Ruiz, nor does he have too. Maybe Cartaya… Ruiz is very close… and maybe later this year, but certainly next year!

    I do not particularly like this deal for Pollack, but I can live with it!

    Lux, Ruiz and Verdugo are off limits in trade. The Dodgers have enough prospects and could turn Joc into a prospect too. I would sooner deal Muncy than Ruiz.

    How about this?
    1. Pollack CF
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger CF
    5. Realmuto C
    6. Verdugo RF
    7. Taylor/Toles LF
    8. Hernandez 2B

    1. The Marlins are not going to want Joc in a trade for Realmuto. They will require at least one of Ruiz and Verdugo.

    2. 4 outfielders? You aren’t playing Munchy at 2B anymore? Taylor is going to play second base. Listen to the Shredder.

      Taylor 2b
      Seager SS
      Turner 3b
      Pollock CF
      Belli LF
      JTRM C
      Muncy 1B
      Verdugo RF

  17. I do think you will see another deal or two.

    Kluber ain’t coming. The ONLY way the Indians will trade him is if they get a Top-of-the-rotation prospect back and the Dodgers don’t have one. End of story.

    1. You said the Dodgers wouldn’t give up the 31st pick for Pollock. We can’t trust you anymore. 😉

  18. Taylor now backups Pollock and Seager.
    Pederson is still in LF for now.
    If Verdugo is traded for Realmuto then who plays RF? Belli?
    If Verdugo and Muncy are traded for Haniger, Belli plays 1B, Hanigar plays RF.
    Are the Dodgers better with Haniger and Pollock added or with Realmuto and Pollock added?
    To keep Ruiz the Dodgers will probably have to give up Muncy to get either Haniger or Realmuto but I am betting it will take Ruiz to get Realmuto.

  19. AC – I was a freshman and I was on the field for the first day of varsity ball and around the cage comes Dave Nelson. My favorite HS player.. I heard the rumors and it was all true. He was a player.. One helluva player. Cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  20. Now trade Muncy for Merrifield. Belly goes to 1b, Merrifield to 2b & RH leadoff hitter, Verdugo RF, Pollock in CF. Muncy for Merrifield seems fair. Both about the same age & under team control. Muncy has more power, Merrifield is faster in position of need. Others could be added to the trade if needed. Dodgers still have options for further trades. Joc, Barnes, Smith, Alvarez , Beaty & Stewart for JTR.?

  21. Very pleased with this signing.

    Now sign Manny.

    LF Verdugo
    SS Manny
    2B Seager
    CF Pollock
    3B Turner
    1B Muncy
    RF Bellinger
    C Martin / Ruiz after ASB



    Trade Toles, and enough to get under the Luxury Tax Threshold

  22. I like the Pollock deal. Rosenthal’s argument that the flexibility and depth of the Dodgers will allow them to provide Pollock with more time off rings true to me. And it is also true that Pollock’s injuries have mostly been freakish injuries that involve broken bones. So unless Pollock has a chronic bone density problem (that would show up in a physical), I am not overly worried about his injury risk.

    I have never seen Ruiz play, but his performance last year as a 19 year old in AA, and the 8.9% strikeout rate that Mark mentioned earlier, makes it seem unlikely to me that the Dodgers would entertain moving him in any deal.

    Also, when making deals I am certain that AF is looking years down the road when the Dodgers are going to be required to pay Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, etc. So, for example, I don’t see why they would trade a player like Ruiz, when they know that before long they would be forced to pay Realmuto big $$ in order to retain him long term. That’s also why I doubt if a Harper deal is in the works.

    And that line of reasoning extends to other potential deals.

  23. Pollack just had another freekish injury. He just sprained his wrist signing his new contract. Out for ST.

    AJ is a better player than Puig when he’s healthy. It just hasn’t happened for a long time. It’s actually happened once. When the Dbags were at their best I would argue that it was just as much about Pollack if not more than Goldy. We’ve seen spurts where he just destroys the Dodgers and the rest of the league for a month or two and then the same thing happens. He gets hurt and fades. It begs the question if you’re willing to pay AJ for his post 30″s seasons for 4 years, then why the hell aren’t you willing to pay Bryce Harper for his prime into the same years that you’re willing to pay a lesser player?

    The Los Angeles Dodgers who are tops in attendance, tv money, charge a redonkulous amount of money for parking, plus concessions shouldn’t be penny pinching to stay under the luxury tax so they can save about $7 million in a luxury tax penalty.

    So far they’ve given away Puig, Wood, and CASH for a couple B prospects. Puig who makes $9.7 million at the age of 28, and they also lost Grandal. They’ve added a washed up catcher who was always overrated, Joe Kelly, and a very talented, but always injured OF in Pollack for 4 years at the age of 31 who will make $12 million per year while giving up a draft pick that will be #31 in the draft.

    I get they are counting on the maturation of Buehler, Urias, and Bellinger. Plus the return of Seager, but Seager for Machado is probably a wash. Seager most likely with a better average, but less power and we can debate who’s better defensively. I tend to think it’s Machado due to his arm. We don’t know how Seager responds though. It may take a bit of time. At this point, this team appears to be the NL West Champs again. I tend to believe the people aren’t giving the Rockies enough credit though. Ottavino is really the only guy of importance that they lost from my perspective. All be it he’s a very big loss. Anyways this Dodgers team barring any other major additions looks like the NL West Champs again not World Series winners.

    Adding Realmuto could change that for me, but I would have a hard time giving up Ruiz for 2 years of Realmuto. Last year they replaced Morrow with Alexander. Not enough. Replacing Puig with at 31-yr old Pollack could be the same result as they watch Harper sign with the Phillies or Nats.

    1. Hawkeye

      I think Corey is going to have more power, once he gets in the flow of the season, because the hip issue he had, had to affect his power.

      As you know, a lot of power is driven from the hips.

      But don’t you think Harper is going to go for a lot more, then 12 million a season?

      1. And Harper is worth more than $12 million a year. Way more. The Dodgers continue to make lateral moves around the fringes, but not go all in an trying to win a World Series. Pollock’s upgrade over Puig and Joc are marginal and not at all if he’s on the DL or come post-season trying to regain his form after being on the DL for a period of time. There’s a reason no one else came knocking on the door for Pollock and gave him big money. Bryce Harper’s down season of last year was still quite good. Pollock has never hit more than 23 HR’s and 76 RBI’s and is always injured. The question is why aren’t the Dodgers opening up their wallets for an elite player so they can compete with the AL teams. Is it the stadium renovations? If this is it, then Verdugo better be Tony Gwynn.

      1. Spend the money elsewhere. I agree with Dustin Nosler. The front office is overthinking. They should have just signed Harper to last year’s roster, moved Kemp and Wood out, and used Verdugo as a trade piece for Kluber or Realmuto. I hope Pollock has plays a great 125-130 games and is clicking on all cylinders in October, but for the Dodgers to do more than that someone else will also have to step up in a big way.

      2. You do have to take into account they are giving up the draft pick though in the overall outlook of this off-season.

        1. Hawk I agree with you 100%. This move does nothing to improve the lineup over what they had with Puig. In fact, it weakens it. They give up the 31st pick and spend big on an old man. In a couple of years, he is way over the hill

    1. 5 out of 4 people struggle with math:

      Harper – $320 Million
      Pollack – $50 Million
      Difference – $270 million

      I can’t predict what Harper will do, but I can tell you historically that contracts like that have a bigger association with losing than winning. Look back and for every good one, there are 3 or 4 bad ones. I would pay Mike Trout that, but Bryce Harper is no Mike Trout.

      1. 26 years old vs 31 years old and always injured. The $270 million difference is more than with it for a team like The Dodgers. Correct me if I’m wrong they gave Pollock a player option for a 5th year. Clear out all that money and then give it to a player who in the end has numbers who aren’t any better than what they had prior.

  24. Everyone in here wants Realmuto but no one wants to give up Bellinger, Ruiz or Verdugo. If you get the best catcher in baseball, you are going to have to give up something. Sticking with Barnes and Martin isn’t going to win the World Series . Realmuto is a five tool player with two reasonable years left on his contract. Get-R-Done……………………………

    1. I had no problem trading Verdugo. Makes it tough now with Puig and possibly Joc gone and no Harper. I like Toles and think he would do just fine but no one seems to be talking about him.

      1. Hawkeye

        I don’t think Cody is going to be playing in the outfield as much, this year.

        Muncy will probably have a drop in his numbers, like Cody did last year.

        And Muncy is going to have to have amazing numbers like he did last year, to play first that regularly.

        With Pollock’s injury history, and still questions about certain players, I don’t think we know what is coming next.

        Toles is cheap and Friedman drafted him, so we will see.

        He just has to get on the 25 like Bum said.

        I really wish we knew what these owners are taking in every year, because they are certainly raising the tickets every year.

        I wonder if the black out in LA is part of that problem too.

          1. Hawkeye

            We will see.

            I know you will miss Puig, but at least you will be able to watch him most of the time, before the Dodgers play.

            The Reds May surprise a lot of people, this year.

          2. I’m not a fan of signing a 31 year old player who is always hurt to play CF of all positions. Why they would lock themselves up for possibly 5 years is beyond me and lose a draft pick. Give me Harper or Puig every day of the week. Watch Puig’s numbers come up vs lefties next year when he’s not getting jerked in and out of the lineup for utility players.

            If Muncy plays a lot of 2B then your prediction about Cody could be right but other than Muncy flopping I don’t see it. I see an OF of Bellinger, Pollock until he’s hurt, Verdugo.

    2. Why? The World Champion Red Sox used 4 catchers last year. They hit a combined 11 HR with a .201 BA and .508 OPS. I may have been the first one to champion Realmuto, but I would not let Miami rob me at gunpoint. When you want a play that bad, that you are willing to make a dope-fiend move, you end up with Delino DeShields and they get Pedro!

      1. Hawkeye

        You know I wouldn’t have traded Puig.

        I actually didn’t think Pollock would get more then three years, with his age, and injury


        I was really surprised it was for four years.

        About Muncy, not to many players have a season like Muncy had last year, so it is really hard to do it again, with all the adjustments that other teams pitchers will be making.

        I am not saying Muncy will flop, but to play first in the majors, you have to have pretty good offensive numbers.

        Because as you know, it is a bat first position.

        And remember Cody almost had as good of a season as Muncy had last year, the year before.

        I would play Muncy at second because all these shifts, don’t make range is as big as it once was

        And half the time a second basemen is in short rightfield.

    3. I, for one, have been on the side of “No” to Realmuto, so saying ‘everyone’ is flat out wrong.
      I don’t want two years of Realmuto for Bellinger, Ruiz, or Verdugo.

      1. Why not try to extend him? You would think Realmuto would like playing in LA and going to the playoffs every year. If the Dodgers trade for Realmuto and want to keep him beyond two years, they will make it happen.

        1. If we could acquire him without giving up any of the aforementioned trio of Bellinger, Ruiz, or Verdugo it would be worth a shot.
          Danny’s mention of Joc, Smith, Barnes, plus a few extra pieces would be fine.
          They may not even need Realmuto after two years because of Ruiz and/or Cartaya getting closer.

  25. The Dodgers are better now than they were yesterday. They now have $12M less payroll flexibility for 2019 but who knows if that flexibility would have ever been used if Pollock were not signed. Toles could be the player that gets nudged out again. Hopefully he finds a spot on the 25 if not with the Dodgers then with another team. He deserves it.
    Now waiting for the second shoe to drop.

    1. Yes, it’s whether or not it’s the 31st pick in the draft for not signing last year’s draft pick or their 2nd rd pick.

      1. And they get a pick back for Grandal, projected 78-82. I’m not sure how I feel about this move, I like the player but his injury history is concerning.

        1. That’s what worries me, but statistics and probability tell me he is due for a good year.

  26. Wait until training deadline to trade for Realmuto. The longer we wait, the less time the Marlins to find a compatible suitor and the better sense that we should have regarding Ruiz’s and Smith’s capability in the upper level of the minors. I would suggest doing the same thing for any additional pitching ( starting or relieving).

  27. My sources tell me Joc is going to Miami for Realmuto, Miami is trying to get Ruiz in the deal but might settle for Smith, also Barnes might be included and 3 more lower tier prospects

      1. My source told me 3 days prior to the Farmer Trade and I knew about Pollock a few days ago as well, He told me Joc and others for JT

    1. I hope you’re right Danny. I’m not big on giving up Ruiz for 2 year of a Realmuto or giving Realmuto and extension now when he will 30 years old when this contract ends I think.

      1. Thanks Danny, appreciate you providing the info.

        MJ, not sure what you mean by third time

        Has Danny’s source opined before?

  28. People on this board know people.

    The Dodgers play it pretty close to the vest, so no one is going to be 100% right.

    I have a few connections left and sometimes they are right… sometimes not so much.

    I will tell you that some people with the Reds are sick about losing Downs and Gray.

    1. I used to get tips from agents. They are excellent sources. I knew about the Chapman trade to the Dodgers and the reversal all before they happened from an agent source. They talk amongst themselves, and they have a good knowledge as to what is in the works. I hope Danny’s source is spot on for JTR.

      1. I know someone who’s kid played for the Dodgers minors. He was a pretty high draft pick who struggled to throw strikes. His father told me that Martin was a juicer back in the day.

        1. That would not surprise me… back then, there were a lot more who were than who weren’t!

  29. There is a reason nobody signed Pollock. The Dodgers got desperate to show they are doing something.

  30. Gonna borrow a page from Mark’s book. The Joe Kelly and Pollock signings are for October, not the regular season. Wouldn’t have it been great in the World Series to have a healthy Pollock raking(instead of us striking out WRISP), or Joe Kelly setting up Kenley? Think long term, not April, May and June. All the haters on Pollock will be digging him come play-off time. I am bummed that Puig is no longer with us, but Pollock has alot of upside if you give him a chance. Think play-off time, not spring time.

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