Max Muncy – A Year Later

It’s been a year since I first wrote that Max Muncy should be considered the LH hitting 2B (01-02-18).  Most did not pay attention, but Max sure did take off in 2018.  At 27, Max slashed .263/.391/.582/.973 propped up by 35 HRs in 481 PA.  He has never shown that kind of power before.  The closest he came was in 2013 when he hit 21 in the California League (A+) and 3 more in the Texas League (AA).  His next double-digit year was 2017 at OKC with 12. Now comes the discussion.  Is Muncy is perennial 30+ HR guy or is he a one-time wonder?  Do you keep him as the full time 1B, or do you sell high?  Cody Bellinger, a much younger and more prolific career power hitter, hit 39 as a 21-year-old rookie.  He followed that up with 25 as a 22-year-old 2ndyear player.  I understand that nobody is comparing Max to Cody, but the point is that it is much more difficult to follow up after a big power year.  Pitchers get to know hitters weaknesses. Max hit well with RISP, .293/.422/.576/.999, but not so much with 2 outs and RISP, .178/.383/.311/.694.  Max has a good feel for the strike zone, as he does have a lot of walks.  However, with someone who has a great knowledge of the strike zone, he still struck out 27.2% of his PA.  He also was fairly balanced hitting RHP slightly better than LHP. Max is not a plus defender, although he is not that bad as some make him out to be.  Therefore, Max’s value comes predominantly from his HR power.  This is borne out by his ISO of .319 and BAbip of .299.  ISO measures raw power = Slugging less batting average.  His previous years are nowhere close to that ISO.  His ISO is other worldly and is probably not sustainable.  His low BAbip combined with his high ISO indicates that he is the epitome of an all or nothing hitter. Does all that mean that I do not want Max Muncy in the lineup?  Not at all. But to compare his one year with multiple years of Castellanos is not fair either.  Castellanos has performed well over an extended period of time and seems to be getting better each year.  Castellanos is 18 months younger than Muncy.  I would project that Castellanos has a better chance at duplicating or bettering 2018 statistics than does Muncy. If Muncy was included in any trade, Friedman should sell high.  If he is not, I am okay with that as well.  Max is a valuable player who can play multiple positions, and I do not think he is a strict platoon player.  He will need to give way so David Freese can get quality AB’s., but otherwise, Max should be a regular.  I just do not expect him to duplicate his 2018 season in HRs. Another reason why some are not too against trading Max high is because of…Phil Plantier, Bob Hamelin, Kevin Maas, Joe Charboneau, and Warren Morris, others who have come before with big break out seasons only to fizzle shortly thereafter. Phil Plantier– As a 24-year-old in 1993 hit .240/.335/.509/.846 with 34 HRs and 100 RBIs.  He dropped to 18 HRs in 1994, and never hit double digit HRs again. Bob Hamelin– As a 26-year-old in 1994, he hit .282/.375/.599/.987 in 375 PA with 24 HRs.  He never duplicated those numbers but did come close in 1997 with 18 HRs.  He was out of baseball after 1998. Kevin Maas– As a 25-year-old in 1990, he hit .252/.367/.535/.902 with 21 HRs.  In 1991 he hit .220/.333/.390/.723 with 23 HRs.  He followed those years with 2 very mediocre years, then 1 year in MiLB , and then 67 PA in 1995 and was out of baseball. Joe Charboneau– As a 25-year-old in 1980, he hit .289/.358/.488/.846 with 23 HRs and 87 RBIs.  He then had a total of 210 PA over the next two years and then out of baseball. Warren Morris– As a 25-year-old in 1999, he hit .288/.360/.427/.787 with 15 HRs and 73 RBIs in 581 PA.  He followed that up in 2000 with a .259/.341/.343/.684 and 3 HRs.  The next two years he totaled 116 PA but did have somewhat of a resurgence in 2003 when he hit .272/.316/.373/.689 with 6 HRs.  He was out of baseball after 2003. Are these players evidence that Max cannot follow up with a solid 2019?  Not at all.  However, it is evidence that one year does not make a perennial 30+ HR guy, or a perennial regular in the lineup.  He started later in his career.  And sometimes it may be wise to sell high.  But with Puig, Kemp, and Grandal all gone, I am fairly comfortable that Max will find himself somewhere in the lineup come March 28 vs Arizona DBacks. 

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  1. Nice post AC! I’ve been banging the drum for Max a bit, my glass is more than half full he can sustain his production. I remember a wild armed 3rd baseman that moved to 1st because of his bat named Steve Garvey, who became a pretty good 1st baseman with time at the position. I’m not factoring in a drop off, just quoting actual stats from the season he just had. He will make major league minimum in 2019, how do you trade that? 1 more stat: Max was 4th in OPS in all of baseball against RHP and 9th in all of baseball against LHP.

  2. Unless some too good to be true offer for Muncy comes in, there is no way he should be traded, not after a season that he just turned in. His contract favors the FO, his production, power, and versatility in his fielding, make his someone to hold on to till proven useless, and I don’t think he will be useless. I like the way he bats and stands in. 2B and backup 1B, plus PH. How can you ask for more on the contract that he’s on.

  3. I have been the poster boy for trading high on Max starting mid-season last year. Based on the hype some have made on Verdugo, ie second coming of Gwynn, one would think the Angels would consider a Verdugo and Muncy trade for Trout. Trout’s contract expires after 2020 and earns about $33M annually compared to $1.2M combined for Muncy and Verdugo and much longer controllable years. The Angels could make that trade and have money for Harper.

    1. If the Angels had the money to spend on Harper without Trout, why wouldn’t they just spend it on Trout who is a far far far better player than Harper? Trout has an AAV of $24MM but will earn $34MM the next two years. If Harper is worth $300MM then Trout is worth $400MM. Over a ten year period, that would average to about a 1.25 WAR per year. Seeing that Trout has averaged a 9.1 WAR (63.8 over those 7 years) vs. Harper’s average of 3.9 (27.4 over the same period), there is no comparison between the two. Trout is all production not hype. Let’s not even bring up defense as you cannot begin to compare the two.
      If the Angels were smart they would wait until Harper signed and then one day later sign Trout to an even larger contract. Just like #22 should retire as a Dodger, #27 should retire as an Angel. Also just as Kershaw can go back to Dallas in the offseason to his home, Trout can go back to NJ to his home.
      Muncy and Verdugo for Trout??? Come on, even you do not believe that is a fair trade just to free up $$$$ to spend on a player that is not in Trout’s universe.

      1. If Verdugo is indeed the second coming of Tony Gwynn, I might want to keep Verdugo over Trout. Gwynn hit over 350 a whopping 6 times! He led the league in hitting 8 times!!! He even stole over 30 bases 4 times. 15 times an all-star. 5 gold gloves, 7 silver sluggers. I think we keep him if he’s gonna be Tony Gwynn. Unfortunately, I think he’s more like James Loney.

      2. AC, I am just playing games with those that hype Verdugo and Muncy.
        I do those kind of things more than people realize.
        Sometimes I just play along with another’s proposal as if brainstorming rules were used. In those cases, i would not necessarily make the trades I added to the conversation.

    2. Angels need pitching, so include Maeda and need to replace Trout’s star power so it will require Joc, along with Muncy and Verdugo. Add another couple pitching lottery tickets.

    3. I think the Angels would say no if the Dodgers trade offer was:

      Muncy, Verdugo and the top ten prospects in the Dodgers system.

      Trout is ridiculously great.

  4. I think it would take a lot more for the Angels to trade Trout for just Verdugo, and Muncy.

    1. I saw this earlier this AM and did not know what to make of it. He sure seems to be having a break out season in Australia, but he is 27 who has never made it past the California League in MiLB. He spent 4 years in Rookie Ball. That is not to say that a light cannot come on for a 27 year old. I am assuming that he is going to learn to become a reliever, as he has been a starter for most if not all of his professional career. It is not a bad strategy to take the best out of any professional league, and while it would make a great story, I do not see Markus in a Dodger uni this year. But I will be pulling for him.

      1. I’m not sure how to rank the ABL compared to our minor league ball. I would guess it is between AA and AAA. Dodger fans might remember that Aaron Miller had success in the ABL and retired after that Australian season ended. He was awarded the Sambat Champion Slugger of the Year Award and also the Helms Award as the League MVP in 2014. I always thought he was mishandled by the Dodgers.
        I don’t think he can possibly be in MLB this year. However, if he truly found his niche then he can start taking some steps in that direction. Apparently he has a good change up. I do expect he will have to make it to MLB as a reliever if he is to make it to the big time.
        It has the makings of a feel good story and we can always use those.

  5. I believe Harper will end up back in DC. The Dodgers will not trade Verdugo and no one is going to trade much for Muncy. If you traded Max now you would be selling low. Every GM wonders if he can keep it up. The Dodgers have to keep him. Low risk, high reward for the Dodgers.

    Haniger? Lux, Verdugo and Muncy might not get it done. Forget about it.

    Castellanos would be an overpay but the Dodgers could get it done. I believe he’s a game changer on this team.

    They can get by for a while with Barnes and Whoever is ready for a while. AC’s suggestion of Joc in a deal for Casty makes perfect sense to me but what does Detroit think? That’s the key.

    My sources tell me Joc is not highly regarded. Not smart and not a hard worker. His Dough Boy Body speaks volumes.

    If they get Casty, Bellinger goes to 1B and Max goes to 2B. If not, Max stays at 1B and Taylor and Joc platoon.

    Friedman is not done but right about now everyone is trying to rob him.

    Sitting on sum beach somewhere sipping something. Service is sparsdic. Back Sunday night.

    1. Agreed, Joc is not smart but manages to throw to the right base and run the bases well, conservatively, but well.
      Agreed, Joc has a dough boy body type but he is strong. Not sure if he can lift enough weights to become chiseled.
      Make up your mind. You say you used to have sources but don’t anymore but from time to time you tell us what your sources tell you.
      Grandal never hit your promised 40+ home runs. Joc might soon be gone but he outlasted your guy.

      1. My sources are not inside the Dodgers anymore. But I know a few scouts.

        Yasmani still has 40 HR potential but I am done with him.

        He still is One of the Top Catchers in baseball

  6. After just reading what Harper and Boras are up to and about the Marlins refusing to budge on JTR and Cleveland perhaps not moving Kluber or Bauer it seems the Dodgers are at an impasse for all of their targets so far. The catching market is down to a few vets and Grandal is holding firm, the plan can’t be Rocky Gale and Barnes, can it? There are a lot of bullpen arms still out there and a lot of true 2B also, is that where the team looks to improve? Do they care if they improve? I think they do care but will not make any dope fiend moves. It looks like more tinkering around the edges so far. Will they just add Matt Weiters or Mesoraco for 3-4M, DJLM or Lowrie for 2-20M and a bullpen piece (pick one) and head to ST? Or move Joc plus Stewart and Rios/Beaty for Casty?

    1. That’s why Friedman has not done much. No dope-fiend moves.

      Smith and/or Ruiz may be ready soon. I am OK with Barnes and Gale. Austin will not be the Barnes of 2018.

    2. As everyone knows, Casty’s value is only going to get lower, as the season progresses.

      So what does that tell you about what Friedman is thinking?

      I have no idea what other teams are looking at Castellanos, myself.

      I do know almost every young hitter that spent some time with the Tigers in the last five years, have came out of the Tigers, being a much better hitter.

      It was Cespedes before JD Martinez, and is Castellanos the next young hitter, to really explode?

  7. Unless other teams become realistic in their trade expectations I would not be surprised to see the Dodgers start the season without any significant additions. If there is to be additional free agent signings, it will probably be later when the time crunch hits the FA’s and they still haven’t signed. There may be some movement as we start spring training but right now things seem to be at an impasse. I don’ t view this as Friedman’s fault. He created maneuvering room with The Farmer Trade. If nothing is available this off season, I creates flexibility for moves this summer.

    I would still prefer to see the addition of an impact bat, but it has to be a reasonable deal. I do think we can go into the season with the current roster and remain competitive in the division. The additional pieces we need are for a deep post season run. I would still prefer to see them as early additions so they can settle in, but it take two parties to deal.

  8. Robertson to Phils , 2 yrs/23 mil with a club option for a third year. I would have gladly given him that to pitch for us but I guess he wanted to stay on the East Coast.

    1. The Phils are still the favorite to land Harper. They are becoming relevant with the additions of McCutcheon, Segura, and Robertson. They also are potential landing spots for Kimbrel or Britton, and at least one baseball pundit has them as the favorite to land Keuchel. I still like the Reds for Keuchel, but would not be surprised to see him in Philly. This could get interesting.

      1. Let me start by saying I very much respect your opinions AC, but I would be shocked if Keuchel signs with the Reds. Someone will offer him more $ and why pitch in a bandbox with a team that’s not going to go to the playoffs for awhile. You can have the Reds, I’ll take the field.

        1. There is just a lot of chatter with the Reds. Keuchel is a ground ball pitcher and should pitch fine in that bandbox. It really is not that different than Houston’s stadium. I have never heard Keuchel connected to the Phils. The Brewers were the other team that seemed most connected to Keuchel. Both Philly and Milwaukee’s stadiums are hitter friendly as well.
          Giving me the Reds and taking the field. That’s not very good odds for someone without any insider knowledge.

          1. I try to always have the odds favor my side. 🙂 Problem is the other guy usually won’t make the bet. Kind of like when Andrew offered the Marlins Rocky Gale even up for Realmuto.

  9. Remember that salary dump of Kemp, Puig, Wood, etal? Looking more and more like that’s what it was. I was hoping for more, but it smells and looks like that is not the case.

    So Cleveland and Miami, and Detroit apparently want too much, and Freidman wont depart with Verdugo or Ruiz (to get value one must trade value).

    One player added to the BP, no 2B, no C (sorry, Barnes is not the answer), no RH bat. Heading to ST soon with Barnes at catcher, Muncy at 2B(?), a rookie in RF (?), and utility players everywhere for Roberts to pretend he’s another Casey Stengel.

    Looking like a playoff team in the Stan Kasten Atlanta model, but not a WS championship team. Not sure I can watch this again. At least Puig was entertaining.

    1. Great take! Totally agree. I thought we probably had something lined up after trading Wood, Puig, Kemp and Farmer for a box of chocolates. But, the longer the cold weather carries on, the more I wonder if this is what we’re gonna get. –
      The facts remain the same. 3 open spots on the 40 man, payroll room created, the need for RH Power, 2B, C, OF? Still too many starting pitchers. There’s no way we’re done. I’m not opposed to settling for Pollock and Dozier to add balance to the lineup even if that means Barnes and Gale at C. I’m not out on Harper until he signs elsewhere.

    2. You will get in trouble if you do your taxes like you are doing this: Penciling in the bottom line and working back.

      Plus it’s just plain silly that you think Friedman would do that. It’s high comedy.

  10. Mark

    You have to keep your stories straight, is every team afraid to trade with Friedman, because they think he will pick their pocket, or is every team trying to rob him.

    Have you at least, reached your drink quota yet?

    1. Just read the Marlins want Bellinger or Albies plus other top prospects for Realmuto. I’d say they are trying to rob the Dodgers and Braves. I also do know that other teams fear the Dodgers brainpower and money. I’m talking about the whole organization.

      1. Mark

        It isn’t every other team’s fault that the Marlins didn’t get enough for their outfielders.

        They are crazy if they think two years of Realmuto is worth Cody!

  11. Last year most of us were complaining about all the platooning. Although I think part of the Reds trade was a simple salary dump, I think another part of it was a player dump. Wood wasn’t going to start and he wasn’t a viable bullpen piece. Good-bye. Apparently they really want to keep Verdugo and make him a starter. Good-bye Kemp. They had no confidence in Farmer as a catcher. Good-bye Kyle. That leaves Puig. Only one year left on his contract and very closely tied to Turner Ward. Maybe AF decided he wouldn’t handle the new Van Scoyoc hitting theories and the last thing they wanted was an unhappy Puig. Good-bye Yasiel. Even if they don’t get Harper/Castellanos/Haniger, they’ve cut down their options in the outfield which should also lead to less platooning. If they do pick up an outfielder, that will definitely lead to another outfielder going (I’m guessing Joc). I’m sure Friedman had real interest in Kluber and Realmuto but not enough to make a stupid trade. Last I checked, you need two teams to do a transaction. We may still sign a second baseman, a catcher, another reliever, a guy named Harper, but first and foremost (and a number of you may violently disagree with it) they wanted to remove Kemp, Wood and Puig.

  12. There is still going to be platooning. Right now I can see Joc/CT3 or Joc/Kike’ in LF. 2B is not settled, and there could be a platoon at 1B with Muncy/Freese. I am not advocating it, it is just set up that way for now. But I do agree that the trade of Kemp/Puig/Wood/Farmer was more than a salary dump.
    The OF is opened up for Verdugo, and the Reds probably desired 1 year of Puig over two years of Joc. That does not make sense to me since the only LH bat in the OF is Jesse Winker. My guess is that Joc could have played CF in that bandbox. The alleys are not nearly as large as they are in LA. Or as you suggest, Puig was not considered a viable option by Friedman with all of the uncertainty, and the Dodgers did want as much salary gone as possible.

  13. Phillies Sign David Robertson
    Yankees, Troy Tulowitzki Agree To Deal
    Angels Sign Jonathan Lucroy
    Mariners Sign Yusei Kikuchi
    Twins Sign Nelson Cruz
    Blue Jays Sign Matt Shoemaker
    Nationals Sign Anibal Sanchez
    Athletics Sign Mike Fiers
    Cubs Sign Kendall Graveman
    Rays Sign Charlie Morton
    Mariners Acquire Domingo Santana, Send Ben Gamel To Brewers
    Reds Acquire Kemp, Puig & Wood From Dodgers For Homer Bailey, Prospects
    Dodgers sign Kelly.

    1. don’t forget
      Dodgers sign Kershaw
      Dodgers sign Ryu

      not saying this is all I hoped for, but to be fair, those are two pretty good pitchers even though they have some injury history

        1. way too many, ST won’t come soon enough !
          (my apologies to Kevin Quackenbush – tho he was only signed to a minor league contract. don’t remember that they offered him a ST invite tho, memory is hazy on that. Shane Peterson was offered a ST invite IIRC, so there is that)

  14. I hear a lot of Andrew Freidman not making “Stupid Trades” or not paying too much, or other such descriptions. Fair enough, but maybe just maybe A. Freidman values his prospects much higher than they are actually worth – at least it seems so when trying to deal for an all-star catcher or a multiple Cy Young winner (by definition they are worth more). None of us know the details of those talks, but one BP piece and one salary dump so far this off season? Come on Andrew, you can do better than that.

    They sure didn’t get much for Puig and Wood – is that indicative that other teams don’t value those players as highly as the Dodgers did.

    If you save all your prospects until they are ready – you wait another year down the road, and with a very good team (the Dodgers the past few years), needs go unaddressed, utility players become starters and in the playoffs those needs are exposed and utility players play like utility players (with few exceptions).

    And while we wait for the maturation of the highly rated prospects, the all-stars age (Turner, CK, Jansen, etal).

  15. I just met a “person of interest” from an organization I won’t name. We had a few drinks and talked. Opinion is all it is but he said he was shocked the Dodgers tendered Puig and more shocked they were able to trade him. He is also very high on the prospects the Dodgers received. We discussed a lot.
    1. He thinks Casty is a soon to be superstar and Detroit wants paid for that.
    2. He thinks Buehler will be better than Kershaw.
    3. He thinks Kershaw will be relevant to the end of his contract
    4. He doubts that Seager will the the Ss he once was.
    5. He says the league found holes in Bellinger and Barnes. Cody adjusted quickly. He think Barnes will too.
    6. He hates Kike.
    7. He says Lux is the real deal and Kendall will be our of baseball in a year.
    It’s fun to brainstorm with insiders.

      1. He thinks Kike is not serious. He thinks Corey will lose range and have to go to another position. He likes Corey’s bat.

        1. How does someone make a statement like “Corey will lose range and have to go to another position” without seeing him play after the surgery? Maybe the injury precluded him from having better range before the operation. What is his range going to be limited to? 1B? Or maybe just DH because he likes his bat. The kid turns 25 in April. Let’s at least watch him thru ST before we make a judgement as to whether he should start looking for another position. I personally would give him much more time, but before someone can say he will no longer have the range, they have to at least see him play in multiple game situations.
          Maybe the Dodgers should just go sign Iglesias to play SS since Corey will not have the range. Am I being a sarcastic SOB? Absolutely. I have no problem with people not liking certain players. That can be debated all day long. Bums makes it a career defending Joc. But I have no patience for people who just make stuff up and expect people to believe it. Has this guy seen his medical chart? Has he seen his workouts? My guess is that he did not like him as a SS before the operation, and prefers Machado at SS. I have not talked to him, but that is what I believe. Makes as much sense as someone saying a player lost range before watching him play.
          Heck, I will go along with Singing the Blues claim that Friedman offered Rocky Gale straight up for JT Realmuto (although in jest). I’ll go along and say that I heard that when the Fish came back and said that they would do the deal if it was for Connor Wong instead of Rocky Gale, and Friedman turned them down.

          1. AC,

            I am hoping that Corey makes a full recovery. For about 3 years I maintained he would stay a SS while others said he was a 3B. I had my doubts about his returning to SS but I have heard nothing but good and if Friedman was worried he would get insurance.

          2. AC

            I think Corey is going to have more power, after getting his hip fixed.

            Because of the reason you said.

            He had been playing with this issue for a few years.

            He is going to feel better then he has for a while.

            I was seriously injured at Corey’s age, and I got more out of life then most, with the injury I had.

            So I never bet against the human spirit, and under estimate how well a young person will heal.

            And I think Corey is stubborn enough and has the drive, to prove everyone wrong, so I think he has a better chance then most think.

            Hang in there, I still believe too!

          3. How many people said Corey was to big to be a shortstop in the majors?

            He is use to people telling him he can’t do something.

        2. Must be an old-school guy who thinks you have to walk around expressionless on the field (eg. Mr. Utley) in order to be taken seriously. I think Kike’s upbeat outlook adds a lot to the clubhouse and I’ve never seen any indication that he’s a flake when it comes to his baseball career.

          1. I love Kike. This guy was probably late 40’s so he not some crusty old dude. This is why Friedman has so many advisors. No one is always right. You just try and get to the right consensus.

  16. I think I”m the only person on this board that is still high on Kendall. I guess we’ll all find out this upcoming year!

    1. The biggest indictment on Kendall was in the Atheletic where it seemed he was hell bent on doing it his way. He is evidently not too coachable. He certainly has a lot of skills.

    2. Make that two, he has all the tools especially his speed, defense and arm and only needs to cut down his K’s and make more contact to use his speed. This was all known coming out of college and he fell to the Dodgers even though projected to go in the top 10 picks. They moved him from GL to RC and will probably move him along to Tulsa for this year so he is being pushed. He is a true CF if he can just hit enough to stick in the bigs. His glove is major league ready right now IMO.

    3. He seems to have all the tools except the most important one, to accept instruction from those who know more than you do. Maybe he’ll have some time with Van Scoyoc this spring and a light will go on.

      1. Agreed and I will add at one time that was the knock on Verdugo too coming up through the club ball and high school circuit with ‘one of those dads’. Kendall played college and as a high draft pick he should be pushed. He is potentially a Billy Hamilton with more power and a better arm-potentially. AA will be a very big test this year, a big jump from high A. DJ Peters, another OF being pushed should get to start in AAA next year and will be another big test. Both players could benefit from the club’s new approach by cutting K’s and putting the ball in play more, the power will still be there.

  17. When I get back I have a post about how sometimes the best addition is by subtraction. While I don’t believe for a minute that the Farmer trade was a salary dump, I do believe that it alone could make the Dodgers better.

    The Tigers and Marlins will likely have to come down. It’s not just Friedman who is not trading for Realmuto and Castellanos… it’s everyone. The same ones who are calling him cheap would call him a dumbass for paying a dope fiend price.

    1. It wasn’t just a salary dump, it was a dump of OF redundancy, blockage, disruptive or unhappy personalities, expiring contracts…and it freed up salary, too.

  18. Verdugo & Seager will be like having 2 new players.
    Kelly is a big plus for the BP, and hopefully he and Baez can lock down the 7th & Bth, and Kenley can return to his old self.
    I think the Dodgers do little else, and see where they are at the TD.
    I’m not sold on Machado or Harper. Wait for Arenado.

  19. Good stuff Watford my Man – I’m keeping my fingers crossed on Seager, Jensen and of course I’m a big Verdugo fan… (Now if I could see Toles a good share of the OF platoon)…
    Maybe grab a catcher before ST…
    Arenado would be sweet in 2020…

  20. Some commenters have mentioned that maybe we value our prospects higher than do other organizations and you have to give up quality to get quality. I think Friedman has had a very good record with regard to the prospects he has given up and their subsequent success or failure for other teams. So at this point I’m going to trust him to make those decisions. He refused to trade minor league prospects Seager or Urias or Buehler or Bellinger when others asked for them. Those are all either past or potential future All Stars and I say that based on their MLB performances. It seems as though he now wants to hold on to Ruiz, Verdugo and Lux. Let’s see how that turns out. That said, if Realmuto, Kluber and Harper are not going to happen, we still have a large stable of prospects who could be traded, many of whom would be desired by other teams. The front office still has plenty of time before the start of the season to use that prospect capital to get top notch (if not Cy Young winners or All Star catchers) players in return. Players who haven’t been mentioned by Bob Nightengale or Kenny R. or Morosi or any of us but whom the Dodger front office has formulated as Plan B. Give them a little more time.

    1. Yes, but sometimes you HAVE to trades the stud prospects for stud MLB player. For example, I would have dealt Urias as a centerpiece of a Chris Sale deal.

      1. There’s no denying Sale is a stud. The only question is what would the other pieces have been. If it had been Urias and Bellinger and Buehler……………………….no thank you.

        1. I heard from a very reliable source (take that as it is), that the Dodgers were very close to picking up Sale at the 2016 deadline, but the requirement to include Urias was the stumbling block. I have no idea who else was included and agreed on, but I do know that FAZ said no when Urias’ name was added. At the time, it very well could have included Cody, but I have no idea.

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