Happy Holidays to All!!!

I really can’t take credit for the success of this blog, but before I tell you why I can’t, let me tell you what is happening behind the scenes:  Over the past seven days, we have had 119 new user registrations.  This blog is just blowing up with an increase of traffic and of course, I am thankful for Always Compete (“AC”) whoalways competeswith every column he writes and Dodger Chatter (“DC”) who doesn’t really chatter, but ratheroffers some deep insightsinto the Dodger Farm System.Since late last season, we have been adding dozens, 60, 90, 119 readers a week.  This is not an ad site and we do not SEO the site.  It is growing organically… for one main reason.  According to “Opinion of Kingman” who himself or herself is a new poster, it is for this reason:

Merry Christmas to all of you. Definitely the most thought provoking and intelligent thinkers amongst the Dodger blogosphere.

Welcome, Opinion of Kingman, I would play that Tommy Lasorda Rant, but it’s Christmas!  AC, DC and I do this as a labor of our Dodger Love, butyou all are the most thought provoking and intelligent thinkers amongst the Dodger Blogosphere.The credit goes to all of you. The closest thing to an ad is my company “US Water Systems” having a display ad on the home page, because I “borrow” our Web Developer and IT Director at times… without pay, so I give them a little love.If you want to wish your Dodger Brothers and Sisters a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday, here’s your chance. Take a second and tell us where you are from too. I am from Indianapolis, home of one of the Top NBA Teams and a NFL Team no one want to play in the playoffs… with a little LUCK, they could do well.The cover photo is an old Christmas Card from the Dodgers.  I don’t get them anymore…

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  1. Merry Christmas all!
    I’m a long time lurker from Washington ST.
    Great site you have here Mark! Huge thanks to you and AC for providing this to your fellow Dodger fans!

  2. From LA home of one of the best NFL teams, no home of two of the best. And one of the best, MLB teams, but you all know that. Mark thanks for giving us all this wonderful gift. It is a joy all year long come here and learn and enjoy the fellowship of the blog. Thanks AC and DC and everyone.
    Merry Christmas to you all and your families, and our DODGER FAMILY.

  3. Merry Christmas from Modesto, Ca (hence the name norcaldodgerfan). Love the blog and have been commenting for several years now. I also lurk and occasionally comment on another blog but have found it to be frequently obtuse and non-baseball related. I mean it’s a baseball blog and all too often the conversations involve food, recipe’s, favorite dining and some fairly weird Internet confessions.

    Thanks to Mark, AC and DC for keeping it real and baseball related. Wishing 2019 brings us a WS title and a Bryce Harper signing.

  4. Merry Christmas to all! Born in the Netherlands, raised in Dairy Valley, Ca, now living in Riverside, California

  5. Happy Holidays from Beaverton, Oregon. Well done AC, DC, and MT you guys always come up with something informative and thought provoking each and every day!

  6. Merry Christmas!! Born in Hollywood, and lived in the San Fernando Valley for my first 50 years. Now we reside in El Dorado Hills, 30 miles east of Sacramento, and 90 miles west of Lake Tahoe. Guess where we like better?

  7. DC.
    How do you know so much about the Farm hands living in Nova Scotia? Shouldn’t you be blogging about quohog digging or treasure hunting? Or is that on another site. Love your work .

    1. Thanks Bobo. LOL.
      I love minor league ball and don’t really know all that much. I follow the Loons games on MiLB as they are just one time zone removed from us. I also watch some Tulsa and OKC on MiLB where games are two hours later than our time. The Raptors and Quakes are three and four hours later respectively so I don’t get to follow them live all that much.
      I do check box scores for all teams the next day and and mainly write from research.
      Oak Island is only a half hour away from us but I am truly a skeptic about any treasure there.

      1. DC

        I sure would love half of the money they have been using to search for that treasure.

        I got off that ride a couple years ago.

  8. Merry Christmas from Irvine. CA

    First became a Dodger fan in 1981.

    Been reading your blog for a couple of years. ..first here, then over at Scott’s place, then back here.

    You and AC are tops.

  9. To all Dodger fans of all races, ethnicities, religious persuasions and sexes; Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah from Indianapolis, IN.

  10. Happy Holidays to all, I consider Corona Ca. my hometown, where I grew up, and I now reside in Rancho Cucamonga Ca!

  11. Merry Christmas from Illinois!!!

    As perhaps your newest member?

    Hope 2019 brings us all joy and happiness! And a Dodger WS championship!

  12. A couple of days ago I watched a few minutes of the MLB Network and their biography of Joe DiMaggio. He started his baseball career with the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. I loved the PCL. LA Angels and Hollywood Stars were on TV Sundays, double hitters as I remember. Had the pleasure of attending a few games in both parks. I was sad when MLB pushed them out of AL and SF but at least I was a big Brooklyn Dodger and Duke Snider fan. Not a bad replacement.
    I still miss the likes of Campanella, Hodges, Furillo, Snider, Newcomb. Reese was the glue but he played most of his years before I really tuned in, same with Jackie.

  13. I can’t believe the geographical area you draw from Mark. That’s testimony to the quality of the site. Happy Holidays to everyone from Porter Ranch (Northridge), apparoximately 28 miles from Dodger Stadium. Anyone closer than that? We should be able to find someone in Echo Park or downtown L.A.

      1. I’m going to be a stickler here. You have to prove residency, so unless you can submit a utility bill or some such thing, I’m going to disqualify you. Of course, I’m fairly new here so Mark or AC can override my decision.

          1. Well, 81 times a year at Chavez Ravine should entitle you to something. Let’s call it a tie.

  14. Maybe I’m the only one living in Mexico, but I know I’m not the only one who can speak in Spanish and English …. Merry Christmas and hopefully we’ve all had the fortune to be with our families, and a big hug for those who could not. But life has to continue, let’s keep moving forward that better things will come to us … No matter the money, fame, power or beauty, if you do not have health and family to fight … Congratulations !!!

  15. Mark, I didn’t expect that response, but my sentiments are genuine. The writers and posters on this blog are without a doubt the most knowledgeable out there I have actually posted before, but couldn’t remember my name or password, so started it up again.

    DC knows me. We’ve met and communicated, met up in Spring Training and collaborated at some length in the past. DC won a t-shirt on my old site by answering a trivia question if I recall correctly. I had a running Dodger blog that operated for six years, but then work intervened and I couldn’t keep it up. My employer sent me out of country for a few years and it was impossible to maintain any sense of quality blogging. I’m back stateside and I post a piece on it every now and then (and at another site as well), but I pretty much lost my readership with the three year absence. Meanwhile I’m essentially a lurker until my retirement is official in 706 days!

    LADodgertalk.com is my go-to spot for Dodger opinion on the latest news. Thank you Mark, AC and DC for your time and effort. I know first-hand how difficult it is to produce quality pieces and you succeed at that with flying colors.

    1. Lucky dog! I envy Bobby so much! I would love to have season tickets! But, I couldn’t live there couldn’t pay the taxes. I am a couple of hours from the cards, yuck. I can stomach the cubs a bit better but it is a longer drive. I am afraid the cards are going to be back in the hunt. But enough of that I don’t want to ruin Xmas!

  16. Merry Christmas from Riverside, Ca. What is Santa going to bring us this year?
    B Harper
    J Locroy
    C. Kluber

    Hopefully a combo of a few of these guys.
    I purchased my 20 game mini plan and I’m already to ring in the new year for the
    2019 World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

  17. Merry Christmas everyone. Grew up in Highland Park just over the hill from the stadium. Living in Spokane Washington.

  18. Merry Christmas from Paso Robles Calif. Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for our Boys in Blue, gonna be fantastic.

  19. Merry Christmas from the Union Rescue Mission on Skidrow. Very close to Dodger Stadium. Actually, I’m from Thousand Oaks but serving Christmas Dinner to the less fortunate tonight.

    1. There is nothing better than that. Helping those in need and those without homes. We should always try and make time to pay it forward. Not just at Christmas but year round. Godspeed!

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