The Winter Meetings Are Upon Us

I was going to analyze the Dodger Bullpen today, but WOW, they have a lot of bullpen options…. so since I am not done, I will do that next week.   I will not be surprised if Friedman adds another bullpen arm or two, but it’s very likley the Dodger bullpen could be great next season without any additions. The bigger question is: “What will happen at the   Winter Meetings?”  We may never know, becauseWhat Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!What we do know is that we are underwhelmed by what has happened to date.This is where deals are done, free agents are signed and a variety of trades are made… or not!  It’s hard to predict where this market will go. I do think that the best offer Bryce Harper will get was the one from the Nationals for $300 million.  I would not pay him that and I am almost certain that Andrew Friedman will not pay him that.  I still think he ends up back in The Swamp (D.C.)! I also think Machado is going to have difficulty breaking $200 million and even at that price, there’s no way I want him back!Now that Eovaldi and  Corbin have signed, there could be some interest in some of the Dodgers’ starting pitchers, like Wood, Stripling, Maeda or Hill. Out of about 100 Free Agents, only 15 have signed.  There’s a lot of action that can happen… but will it be at the Winter Meetings?  We shall see.Even though the Dodgers have the best starting pitching staff in baseball, they could trade for  Corey Kluber or Treavor Bauer – You can NEVER have enough pitching.  However, if they acquire either one, I believe that two of the aforementioned Dodger starters will also be traded. Couldn’t the Phillies, Yankees, Braves, Orioles, et al use a Hill, Maeda, Wood or Stripling (I would not trade Stripling easily). We should also find out who wins the Yusei Kikuchi Sweepstakes soon. I have no idea of the Dodgers level of interest…Las Vegas is probably a perfect place to have the Winter Meetings, especially the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (hopefully there are no active shooters).  The last Winter Meetings I attended was in Indy (which by the way, is now one of the Top 10 Convention Cities) .  Here’s a link to Part 1 of a video I did of it (in case you have not already seen it):    WINTER MEETINGS – INDY     I do miss De Jon and Logan… but am thankful that Friedman is in charge.  Andrew did try and retain Logan as he had a lot of respect for him.I hear they are lined-up waiting to throw big dollars and a multitude of years to Yasmani Grandal… NOT!  My. how far he has fallen! 1 year- $5 Million?  What will Friedman do (WWFD)?  We haven’t a clue!

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  1. With Kershaw’s star beginning to fade, I think we could use another bonafide star. A legit threat to break the game wide open with one swing. LA thrives on stars. I know super stars don’t always translate into championships, but they do make the game more fun to watch. It was frustrating to see guys like CT, Dozier, Joc, Barnes and even at times Puig, flail away at pitches down in the dirt. We need someone else besides JT to be a legit threat to opposing pitchers. Kemp’s not the answer, maybe it will be Seager? I don’t want a dope-fiend move, but man, the threat of a JD Martinez or Stanton type would be awesome in the middle of the line-up… Friedman, make it happen!

  2. Friedman- let’s get moving, being methodical and slow everytime does not always work. There are other smart people in the room!!

    I don’t feel this team as it is currently constructed is anymore then NL West Champs at most. Too many wildcards, Seager coming back and being our everyday two hole hitter, Jansen reverting to form after heart surgery and a down year, Muncy even coming close to last year’s magic, the pen not being just a bunch of average relievers some good and some bad, yes we are deep with starting pitching but beyond Buheler there is a lot of unknowns and injury candidates, catcher does not need to be talked about unless we are content with .220 and no power, and still see a hole at 2nd and player’s who can hit lefties??

    Please Friedman stop playing roulette and betting long shots and start betting some favorites this weekend. Get it done!!

  3. Unless the Dodgers can trade Puig and/or Wood, then there will be no money for any significant free agent or high dollar trade. But who is going to give back game changers for one year high salaried players? The Dodgers are going to have to include players like Stripling, Ferguson, Santana, May, Smith, Ruiz if they want to get anyone back that can help this year. Right now, for me Lux would be the only untouchable prospect because the Dodgers have nobody behind him that can replace him on that ladder to MLB. Do they really need both Smith AND Ruiz?
    As Adam is describing the current state of the LAD roster above, there are a lot of holes to fill with no money available to sign via FA. They cannot all be filled with trading marginal players or one year players like Puig, Wood, or Hill.
    So how can Friedman satisfy all Dodger fans if he cannot trade any of your favorite players, and mind you those favorite players change from fan to fan? While most on here would not be upset if Joc were traded, Bums would be. I like Alex Wood more than anyone on this site, but even I would like to see him moved. I want him moved because he cannot help the Dodgers as a swing man, and I would rather see him start for someone else. But he has limited trade value, so maybe Friedman holds onto him as a just in case depth pitcher because he has more value with the Dodgers in that role than he would bring back in a trade. Puig? How many have said they do not want to see Puig traded at all. Some do not want to trade Muncy because of what he did last year, never mind that it may be a one year thing and he will never have higher trade value.
    So unless you are okay with trading the true prospects and not just marginal players that no team really wants (because they have them to), the Dodgers will sign a back up catcher and some questionable relievers and call it a Meeting. I would want Kluber and Realmuto, but it is going to cost more than the proposals that I have seen floated.

  4. Damn Mark!!! Really??? Maybe you folks in Indiana weren’t effected !?
    ” Las Vegas is probably a perfect place to have the Winter Meetings, especially the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (hopefully there are no active shooters). “

  5. Interesting comments on Grandal. If true (1 year 5mil) is that because owners just don’t want to shell out those big bucks Grandal was looking for, or do those same owners value the total package; pitch framing, game calling, throwing out runners (all very good), brick glove, a big bat that disappears for long periods, and a total inability to do anything with the bat except swing for the fences (something to be desired).
    Was Freidman hoping Grandal would decline the QO?

    We don’t need Grandal back even for one year – I think the Dodger ship has sailed, but its a rather scary proposition to have Barnes as your starter.

  6. Who saw Friedman trading A-Going- Going,-Gon, Cashmere, B-Mac and Culberson for Matt Kemp last year?

    No one, that’s who!

    Who expected Kemp to make a difference and be the Comeback Player of the Year?

    Only one!

    Be patient. Friedman at Work!

  7. I think both Mark and AC are right here, so I would not assume anything.

    But I also know these constant rumors can test everyone’s patience at times too.

  8. The BASE has spoken… A close friend of my family lost his 2 grandkids at that concert…
    No bait… Just fact..

    1. I was not making light of that – we lost a person we know too. Just a reminder of what has happened in the past sometimes causes copycats to act again and it’s worth remembering that.

    1. Don’t let the doorknob hit you on your way out!

      I’m already over him, but he has very little trade value…

      1. The problem is that Puig has very limited trade value unless you package him with a desired prospect or pre-arb player (preferably pitcher) that most do not want traded anyway (including Andrew). It will be hard for people to believe how little he would bring back in return if traded by himself. His $11MM+ projected salary for one and done is not what most teams are looking for. No non-contender will want him which limits his market even more. Then you need to find a contender that needs him, not wants him, but needs him. I do not think that is Cleveland because they appear to prefer Verdugo who is left handed but with 6 years control. They need a RH bat but not one at $11MM+, and certainly not as the headline for Kluber.
        Other than Cleveland there are no other likely AL teams. Not Boston (salary strapped), not NYY (not LHH), not A’s (waaaaaaay too much money for a one and done), and not Houston who always look for multi year control.
        Which NL contender would deal for Puig? I can see him as a NYM but only as a secondary piece. San Diego would blow the socks off anything the Dodgers could offer for Thor, and NYM are not going to do anything without giving the Pads the final shot. Why would they? Preller is easier to negotiate with than Friedman. I think it is possible for Atlanta, Atlanta needs a RF and they have Cristian Pache a year away. So Puig would be a nice pickup for them, but the return would be minimal. They might be able to get Markakis to come back for one year at a lesser rate. Not the Nats, not the Cards, not the Cubs, not the Brewers. Other than maybe Cleveland, NYM, and Atlanta, all for minimal return, who would trade for Puig? There has to be a match for there to be a trade.
        I fully expect to see Puig in RF for LAD next Spring.

    2. That’s some lazy ass journalism. Puig has said nothing of the sort and has publicly stated that he was on board with whatever it took for the team to win. Labeling him as disgruntled is bullshit and typical of national journalist just trying to pump out old stories rather than doing any real research or talking to beat writer. Puig has stated that he knows he needs to improve vs lefties and feels that he can do it. Come postseason the platooning of Puig stopped because he was the one outfielder they could count on and he wound up with some big hits off of lefties. Like I said lazy-ass journalism.

      1. No one cheered on this teammates last season more than Puig. It’s a bullshit story. I bet Puig was no more “disgruntled” than Kemp, Taylor, Joc, and Bellinger. My bet is less so. I’m not listing Kike because he should be overjoyed by the amount of PT he got while not hitting lefties.

        1. Yes! Thank You! But, that’s who Puig is. You love him or hate him, there’s no in between. On the plus side, at a minimum he’s a productive hitter, has a cannon for an arm, get’s to balls that most don’t get to. Takes extra bases that he has no right taking. He’s absolutely exciting and entertaining. On the negative side of things, he get’s thrown out a lot on the bases and at inopportune times. Bat disappears, at times. He misses cut-offs trying to throw out guys that he has no chance on. He gets injured a lot. He’s an enigma, but a really fun one to watch. Truthfully, he’s probably my favorite player. But, he isn’t untouchable and I would trade him for Kluber. I definitely wouldn’t give him away. And I wouldn’t trade him just to give that spot to Verdugo.

          1. I do not love Yasiel or hate him. I am fine with him in RF next year for LAD. But if he is traded, I will not lose any sleep. He is a good player, a good Dodger, but he is far from untouchable. I am not as sure that he is a better cheerleader than Joc. And if that is a primary criterion, then Joc will also remain a Dodger until he becomes a FA.

        2. You are absolutely right Hawkeyedodger regarding Puig cheering on his teammates. He was usually one of the first out of the dugout raising his arms or towel. I loved him for that. I would like to see him be the starting rf next year.

          1. My point is the entire team not named Turner or Machado weren’t thrilled about all The platooning. It was well documented that Roberts had a sit down with everyone getting them all on board. Puig vocally on board and showed nothing but support. Just a bullshit article. Dylan Hernandez puts out one piece today about why he shouldn’t be traded then another speculating that he may have been unhappy. Using the word disgruntled was a poor job.

  9. Back to Winter Meetings… IMO it will be a good vacation for the Dodger FO and as AC said maybe we get a B/U catcher…
    There’s always one of my last chance favories, ST… Around the 3/4 mark as players go down we trade… You come to us!!!
    Last but not least IMO Mr. Boras and dope fiend contracts have ruined the Hot Stove season for all of us…

    1. Regarding the article:

      Well the musical chairs with the Dodger lineup drove this fan crazy. Why would it not drive Puig crazy. Can’t fault him on that, although he is an enigma (loaded with talent, short on results).

      Notice the guys who did not platoon: Turner & Machado – allstars
      None of the rest are all stars, Bellinger getting closer but not yet, Muncy’s one year does not make him one, and Kemp is on the downhill side of his career.

      This Dodger team could use a Realmuto, or a Harper

  10. Sources: Still “in” on J.T.Realmuto: NYM, PHI, SD, ATL, TB….not as aggressive but “in” are LA, COL, Milw, Hous, CWS

    That’s from Jim Bowden’s twitter.

  11. Friedman has announced that the Dodgers will not be replacing Zaidi this Winter. I think there are enough brains in the building.

  12. Interesting commends! What should the Dodgers do and what will they do? I don’t see any long-term contracts being given so I don’t see Harper in Dodger Blue. I don’t see JT Realmuto being acquired given the huge asking price when Smith and Ruiz are probably one year away. There are several cheaper options for a good defense catcher to share with Barnes. I don’t see Jose Abreu being acquired when the Dodgers have Bellinger, Freese and Muncy. With Seager coming back and with Turner, the infield only needs a 2nd baseman like DJ LeMahieu but there are several others who would cost less. Should the Dodgers pick another starting pitcher? Maybe, if they can move Woods. Kershaw is no longer the pitcher he was a couple years ago and so another ace would be good to go with Buehler. What should the Dodgers do? In my opinion, trade Kemp to an AL team and pay ½ of his salary; trade Woods; trade Muncy as he will not come close to last year’s magic, trade Pederson or Toles or Verdugo or Puig, and get a good starting pitcher and prospects. I hope both Verdugo and Puig remain, but value is required to get value. It will be interesting to see if any significant moves are made before mid-February. I would like to see Bellinger at 1st for most of the year and have Freese start about 40 games. I would like to see Muncy gone if only to get Bellinger back to 1st. Muncy belongs in the AL where he can be a corner infielder and DH. I like to see the Dodgers acquire a good CF who can hit and run. Except for Bellinger, there is none in the lineup. Puig and Verdugo and Toles and Pederson are all corner OF’s. Keep two and move two. The outfield I would like is Verdugo, Pollock and Puig. There are several other combinations that would be great. Keep Chris Taylor and R Hernandez for their utility value.

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