Review of the Non-Tenders

Well we are now in December, less than one week away from the Winter Meeting, and the Dodgers have Kevin Quackenbush and Adam McCreery.  So, I guess the Dodgers are all set.  Andrew & Co. addressed the bullpen, what else can anyone else want? I have been scouring the internet to catch word that the Dodgers pulled off a trade for JT Realmuto or Corey Kluber.  Or if Andrew signed any big FA, medium FA, or even a lowly catcher FA.  Nope – nothing yet? Well just in case, Friday was the tender or non-tender day, and as far as I can tell, there were nearly 40 players that were non-tendered.  I believe the list below is a fairly comprehensive list, but I am sure that I have left a couple of well deserving players.  
Catchers (4)
Chris HermannAstros
Caleb JosephO’s
James McCannTigers
Juan GraterolReds
1B (4)
Justin BourPhillies
Samir DuenezKC
Matt DavidsonChiSox
Jordan PattersonReds
Infielders (6)
Ronald TorreyesCubs
Tim BeckhamO’s
Yangervis SolarteToronto
Chris OwingsAZ
Jonathan SchoopBrewers
Wilmer FloresNYM
Outfielders (6)
Gorkys HernandezSFG
Avisail GarciaChiSox
Billy HamiltonReds
Bubba StarlingKC
Robbie GrossmanTwins
Aristedes AquinoReds
RHSP (4)
Mike FiersA’s
Kendall GravemanA’s
Matt ShoemakerAngels
Shelby MillerAZ
RHRP (10)
Matt BushTexas
Ricardo RodriguezTexas
Adrian SampsonTexas
Hunter StricklandSFG
Cory GearrinA’s
Blake ParkerAngels
Jason AdamKC
Andres MachadoKC
Alex WilsonDetroit
Brad BoxbergerAZ
LHRP (5)
Zac CurtsTexas
Luis AvilanPhillies
Xavier CedenoBrewers
Dan JenningsBrewers
Sam HowardRockies
 This has to be a magical time for Andrew Friedman.  Look at all of the non-tendered relief pitchers.  He and his computers are going to be working overtime to find someone who just might fit.  He is probably sitting at his desk rubbing his hands together all the while saying Oh Boy, Oh Boy, oh Boy! On this list, James McCann, catcher, is someone who will draw some interest.  He allowed 5 passed balls and threw out 36% of potential base stealers, as the primary catcher for the Tigers. However, he is a negative pitch framer which will diminish his value to Andrew. With CT3 and Kike’, along with Muncy, I cannot see why even Andrew would pick up any of the six infielders, who are really utility players and none that are at the level of anyone currently on the Dodgers roster.  All six are ML infielders and should find another ML home.  If any of these can be signed at the minor league level, that is certainly plausible. The only OF that interests me at all is Bubba Starling.  He is a CF who is ML ready with his glove right now but has never hit.  He is 26 years old and is a former 1stround pick by KC (#5 overall).  He was considered by many to be the #1 prospect in the MLB 2011 draft.  He was also considered the #12 QB in the nation as a HS senior.  He was hurt most of last year, and I can see him as a possibility.  If Andrew can get him to sign a minor league contract with an invite to ML camp that would be something that I would be in favor.  I have to believe that someone is going to take a chance on him and stick him on a ML roster. The Dodgers do not need any mid to low tier starting pitchers. Now for the relief pitchers (other than closer Jansen).  Relief pitchers currently on the 40 man: Scott AlexanderPedro BaezJT ChargoisJosh FieldsDylan FloroYimi GarciaAdam McCreeryJosh Sborz Starters who are relieving: Yadier AlvarezCaleb FergusonDennis SantanaBrock StewartRoss StriplingAlex Wood Stewart is not going to be with the team.  Adam McCreery and Yimi Garcia are potential DFA.  Fields has an option.  And a host of others could be traded as complimentary players.  It is easy to see why Hunter Strickland could be desired for late inning relief.  But I have heard he is not the greatest clubhouse presence, which I believe led to his being non-tendered.  The player I would consider above the others looking for a magical bounce back year is Blake Parker.  Parker was very good in 2017, and just so-so in 2018.  He doesn’t throw hard, but he lost some velo from 2017. He may be someone to take a long look at. For LHRP, other than Tony Cingrani and Scott Alexander, who are as safe as anybody, Caleb Ferguson and Alex Wood are the only other LHP who may relieve.  However, Caleb could be sent back to OKC to start, and Alex may be traded.  Xavier Cedeno and Dan Jennings are two LHRP that I am sure Andrew will look at.  He may even look at taking another shot at Luis Avilan. It has been suggested that with Farhan Zaidi now with SF that there might be less reluctance on SFG’s to making a trade with the “hated” Dodgers, at least for this year.  One pundit has suggested Joc for LHRP Will Smith straight up as a trade that would help both teams.  One SFG that I would have to consider is a player that I thought was ready to take off last year.  He started off as hot as anyone in the game and then got hurt and was never really the same for the year.  He went on the DL twice.  He was a potential non-tender but signed a $3.45MM 1-year contract.  He has one additional arbitration year.  There, I will say it.  Yes, I like Joe Panik.  Not nearly as much as DJLM, but I do like Joe Panik.  Maybe there is a program for me that I need to consider that someone can suggest.  Just like Matt Duffy took off once he got healthy and left SF, I think Panik will do the same. It is just some silly conjecture while we all wait for whatever is going to happen…if anything at all. 

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    1. Is he willing to sign a minor league contract with a Spring invite? He really hasn’t pitched in two years. He has shown a lot of unfulfilled promise. Someone like Tampa Bay or Oakland might take a chance on him. Maybe the bullpen is his final chance, but he just turned 28 and I can see him still trying to be a starter. Pitchers like Andrew Miller have to hit absolute bottom before they realize they need to make a change. Has Shelby Miller actually hit bottom yet, or will failing as a starter for a Tampa Bay or Oakland push him to that level. I know if I were GM for a contender, I would not hold a spot on the 40 man for him. But then again nobody has called to ask me to be their GM. They do not know what they are missing.

    1. When writing this my thought was relievers other than closer on the 40 man. I just wasn’t clear. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing in out.

  1. Heard this morning that Segura is going to Phillies. Don’t have the details yet, but I imagine that rules him out as an option for the Dodgers.

  2. Matt Bush!!! Now there’s a young man (32) who’s been thru hell and back…Have had the pleasure to talk to him in regards to his recovery and would hope he gets yet another shot…
    AC you got the place blowing up… Like letters I sent to Santa Claus when younger for things I wanted…
    IMO Stanton would be a great add and coming to the Blue would restart an already productive career…
    Last but not least, please free Toles before he ends up back at Kroegers bagging groceries…

  3. The Mets have an interest in Kluger. I don’t. He is 33, has pitched 200 innings in each of the last 5 years, has lost a little off his fastball in 2018, and has had back to back flops in the 2017 and 2018 playoffs. He has 3 years remaining on his contract that pays over $17M annually.
    I like and prefer Syndergaard. Cleveland needs outfielders and it was suggested that they might trade Kluber for Verdugo. So, how about Kluber to the Mets, Syndergaard to the Dodgers, and Verdugo to the Indians?
    Now for that righty bat. Muncy, Stripling, Maeda, Hernandez or Taylor to Seattle for Mitch Haniger.
    3B Turner
    SS Seager
    RF Haniger
    1B Bellinger
    LF Pederson/Kemp
    CF Taylor/Hernandez/Toles
    2B The player received in another 3 team trade involving Puig and Wood until Lux is ready.
    C Barnes/Farmer/Smith
    2019 = Buehler/Kershaw/Syndergaard/Hill/Ryu
    2020 = Buehler/Kershaw/Syndergaard/Urias/Fergussen/May/ Santana

    1. Syndergaard is an injury waiting to happen. He has had injury concerns the last two years. Kluber is a two time CY winner, and was 3rd last year. He threw 215 innings in 2018, the most in the AL, including 2 complete games and 1 shutout. He had 3 shutouts the year before (one of his two CY awards). Doesn’t look he is slowing down. Knowing that he will not be pitching 200 innings with LAD, how good might he be with 170-180 innings?
      When was the last time Kluber was injured. Syndergaard has been injured the last two years. And you really believe that Syndergaard is less of an injury risk?
      Kluber does not have three years remaining on his contract. He has one year with two one year options. Apparently his GM and former agent believes that Kluber is a better option than Syndergaard.
      I am not sure who suggested that Cleveland would be interested in Verdugo for Kluber. First, Cleveland will not accept Verdugo straight up for Kluber, and two, it is far more widely reported that Puig is the one that Cleveland covets because they need a RHH OF.

      1. If the Indians would take Puig instead of the less expensive and longer term Verdugo than by all means trade Puig instead of Verdugo. Is Puig really a righty hitting outfielder? No he is not. A guest on MLB Network said Cleveland mighty be willing to trade Verdugo for Kluber. Would it take more? Maybe. Should that be the reason to not identify the key players in a trade proposal? Let’s leave the detail for the experts.
        The Dodgers have the pitching depth to gamble on the health of Syndergaard. If Honey can tweak his windup to better hide the ball and if he can convince Syndergaard to use his 4 seam fastball more and his sinker less, Syndergaard could again be an Ace.
        AC, we both made our case with Kluber, mine against and your’s for. You said he is signed for only one year and has team options for two more years. Would you trade for Kluber if you didn’t intend to take those options? If not, what’s your point?

        1. I would trade for Kluber with the intent of exercising those options. $17MM /year for a two time CY winner who has pitched 200+ innings 5 consecutive years. If he does not get hurt or suck, then LAD has a bona fide Ace for $17MM for 1 to 3 years. The other two active multi CY winners (Kershaw & Scherzer) are all making much more than that and Scherzer is older. I would count on Kluber being less of an injury risk than Kershaw. If he does get injured, then do not exercise the option. One year of $17MM and $1MM buyout. Done.
          I would never go into a transaction believing that the pitcher is going to get hurt when there is no history of that pitcher getting hurt. You would never make a trade. What about Scherzer? Would you walk away from him for $17MM for one year and 2 option years because you like Syndergaard who cannot say the same about staying healthy?
          You and I just have a difference of opinion on Syndergaard. I would suspect that his GM and former agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, who knows him better than you and I, feels the same since he has already stated that he is looking to trade for Kluber and then trade Syndergaard away. Draw your own conclusions. It’s okay, we can just agree to disagree on our perceived value of Noah Syndergaard.

      2. Why do the Indians need a RHH OF and we don’t? And isn’t Puig essentially a left handed hitting outfielder because of his splits the last two years? BTW – MLBTR says Puig doesn’t make sense because he only has 1 year of control.

  4. It looks like the Segura trade is coming to fruition. The latest has Segura and Juan Nicasio going to Philadelphia for Carlos Santana and JP Crawford. This is a home run for the Phillies. Segura for SS and Hoskins goes to 1B. Now that Hoskins is out of LF, it actually sets the Phillies up for Bryce Harper. The Phillies will be absorbing an additional $27MM of salary over 4 years, which will reduce to $22MM-$23MM depending on Crawford’s 1st two arbitration years. Although he is a potential non-tender when he gets to arbitration in 2021.
    Santana would appear to be a mid season trade chit. JP Crawford seems to be a weak hitting utility infielder at this time. He is only 23 so he still has time to develop.
    Saving $22MM-$25MM over four years seems to be of little consequence to a MLB team. But it is not my money. If the Dodgers wanted Segura, they could have easily offered Matt Kemp and CT3 for Segura, which would be better for Seattle. The Milton Bradley attitude comparisons seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I also doubt that he would have waived his no-trade to LA with Corey at SS. But who even knows if the conversation ever took place.

    1. I’m thinking the Mariners will come out on top on this trade, dependent on the prospects they obtain for Santana at the trade deadline.

  5. BTW, I’m still not fearing the Padres, but I will sit up and take notice if they sign Kikuchi. I think he’s going to be good.

  6. I’m not so sure I wanted Roberts back. Segura for Santana and JP Crawford? WTF? Is DiPoto trying to get fired again? What a sad day for the Dodgers.

    “Keeping Doc as our leader on the field was a top priority this offseason and now that we’ve accomplished that we are excited to collectively shift all of our focus to doing all we can to bring a World Championship to our passionate fans,” said president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman in a statement announcing the move.

    Friedman better have something up his sleeve because Cano / Diaz or Segura sure could have helped the Dodgers in the upcoming year. Returns for both of these deals seem underwhelming. I know that having Roberts on a lame duck option wasn’t ideal. Locking up your manager provides the illusion of stability to incoming free agents, so I’m assuming / hoping that a free agent signing is in the works. Otherwise, what’s the point of prioritizing Roberts over roster additions?

    I’m beginning to think that next year is going to be more of the same. Too much platooning, not enough bullpen, lot’s of transactions on the edge of the 40 man. Out-managed while trying to exploit platoon advantages. Is it too early to start drinking on a Monday?

    1. I posted this last week and I have more confirmation now:

      Segura is a clubhouse problem… I’m stopping short of the word “Cancer.” He’s evidently not a good teammate. We don’t need guys like that.

      In response to your last question:

    2. Man, you are tough to please. We are headed in the right direction after years of mismanagement. This is actually a very good time to be a Dodgers fan and there are only a handful of organizations that wouldn’t trade places with us. We will essentially be close to co-favorites to win it all next year. Don’t mistake activity for production, and all we see around us is one desperate team selling assets off a sinking ship. That doesn’t mean we need to partake. As for the free agent market, the longer we wait the better. Patience is a virtue in baseball negotiations.

      1. You are absolutely right, we are in a way better place than we’ve been for decades. Just not a big Roberts fan and this off-season is boring so far. I’m being uncharacteristically impatient, thanks for talking me off the ledge.

        1. I think the Freese contract re-working was the writing on the wall that this was going to be a conservative offseason. Hell, even franchise icon Clayton Kershaw only got one more year added on to his contract. I’ve given up on Bryce Harper [Machado was never an option] and still await the addition of a catcher. I’m assuming we have multiple offers out there are are waiting on word from someone, whether by trade or free agency. We don’t really HAVE to do anything and I think that mindset makes us let the market come to us. I would hope if there’s a player out there we really like [LeMahieu?] we are aggressive enough to lock him up. I do agree with others that we will not outbid ourselves so in some ways we’re destined to come up short due the “It Only Takes One Madman GM” theory. I’m eager for some action and possibly trades. I think we have some imbalances that need to be addressed. Verdugo needs to start, for one. Maybe we’re prioritizing moving Puig, which I’m not sure I agree with after all we’ve been through.

  7. Official Press Release


    The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced that Dave Roberts has agreed to a four-year contract to manage club through 2022. The announcement was made by Dodger President, Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman.

    “Keeping Doc as our leader on the field was a top priority this offseason and now that we’ve accomplished that we are excited to collectively shift all of our focus to doing all we can to bring a World Championship to our passionate fans,” said Friedman.

    Roberts, 46, has piloted the Dodgers since 2016, leading the club to three consecutive National League West division titles and back-to-back NL pennants in 2017 and 2018. Following his first season managing the Dodgers in 2016, he was named the National League Manager of the Year and last year became the first Dodger skipper to lead the club to the World Series in consecutive seasons since Tommy Lasorda in 1977 and ’78. In 2017, the club won 104 games, tying the franchise record for victories in a season. Since joining Los Angeles, Roberts is 287-200 (.589) overall and his 287 wins are tied for the fourth most all-time among skippers in their first three full seasons. He is also the first Los Angeles Dodger manager to lead the club to the Postseason in each of his first three years.

    “When I was hired to lead this team three years ago, I said at the time that managing the Dodgers is truly the opportunity of a lifetime and I feel the exact same way today,” said Roberts. “We’ve worked hard to develop a team and culture that will put us in position to win the World Series every season, but we still have yet to achieve our ultimate goal and that is what drives me each day. I want to thank Andrew, Stan Kasten and our outstanding ownership group for believing in me and keeping me in Dodger Blue, a uniform I’m so proud to wear.”

    Roberts, who is of African-American and Japanese descent, became the Dodgers’ first-ever minority manager and the 10th manager in L.A. history on Nov. 23, 2015. He is the fourth L.A. Dodger manager to play and manage for the franchise, joining Tommy Lasorda, Bill Russell and Glenn Hoffman. As a player, Roberts was the Dodgers’ starting center fielder from 2002-04, but is best known for his dramatic steal of second base in the ninth inning of Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS for the Red Sox against the Yankees, which ignited Boston’s historic comeback from a 3-0 series deficit.

    Roberts grew up in the San Diego area and graduated from UCLA, where he played baseball from 1991-94 and became the Bruins’ all-time stolen bases leader (109). He and his wife, Tricia live in Southern California with their son, Cole, and daughter, Emmerson.

  8. The Braintrust has mostly made adjustments at the deadline (or thereafter) rather than making a lot of moves before the season. While there are a couple of obvious things that need to be addressed, I don’t expect there to be much action now.

    Think about it – the Dodgers played Barnes as the starter at C during the past 2 World Series. I think that means they have more confidence in him than we do. Maybe they only sign a member of the International Brotherhood of Backup Catchers and go with Barnes as starter. If it doesn’t work they adjust at the deadline when it’s cheaper and they can get a rental without adding salary to the base.

    They will also bring in flotsam and jetsam from the waiver wire, the minors or the injured and try to make them relievers to build the bridge to Jansen. There will be guys no one has ever heard of or thought about. Then maybe make a move at the deadline.

    Since they have options at 2B, they may make no changes at all there.

    They have surplus players in the OF or SP. Maybe they trade from the surplus to get what they need, but don’t expect much in the way of change.

    Not a huge fan of Roberts, but not surprised by the extension. He’s the perfect Braintrust manager – he’ll do it their way. No prior management experience, young, a good communicator – just like Cora, Baldelli, Boone, Kapler, Bell and many others. They don’t really want someone with an opinion or a track record – they want a motivator, a communicator. The Braintrust will supply the brains and ideas.

  9. Good move locking DR up for awhile. He’s not perfect, but he’s better than most. I like him.
    Heck, we could always be like the Marlins, who, because of a hard of hearing assistant G.M., signed Dixon Machado instead of Manny Machado. “Wrong Machado Joe!” “Crap, I wondered why it was so easy.”
    AC another great post! I was still trying to get my mind around yesterday’s post, and now you’ve given me a lot more to chew on. Makes it hard for me to get any work done! Please keep up the great work and keep our minds churning until the Winter Meetings, when we can divert our attention to the day after day rumors that never bear fruit.

  10. This Segura trade to the Phillies had a very noticeable slant towards the Phillies already. Now the M’s are including in addition to Nicasio (salary dump), but also a decent serviceable 27 year old LHRP, James Pazos. Pazos is pre-arbitration so it has nothing to do with salary dumping. He had 50 IP in 2018 with a 2.88 ERA and 1.240 WHIP. He allowed 28% of inherited runners to score (32 IR and 9 IRS). It sure seems that the M’s wanted Segura out. It might be interesting to see how Segura and Kapler work together. Curiouser and Curiouser.

    1. Seattle HAS to be getting a top 100 prospect back. It’s the only way this makes sense. They are trying to stockpile as many prospects as possible in hopes of somehow “catching up” to the rest of the farm systems.
      But, in my opinion it’s a strange way to go about it. Just because you have a bunch of prospects doesn’t mean they’ll any good. You need an organization-wide emphasis on player development to keep the pipeline flowing. It’s like Seattle is just trying to buy a pipeline ready-made.
      I predict this will not end well. Could be five years of bad baseball in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

      1. Hmmm. So far Rosenthal is just saying Segura/Nicasio/Pazos for Crawford/Santana.
        Either Seattle really likes Crawford or they really don’t like Segura/Nicasio’s salaries.
        As a fan, tying a good player to a bad contract would make me mad. I guess Crawford is the “top prospect” in this deal.
        I see Seattle fans talking themselves into hoping that Crawford turns into a cornerstone player, but the reality is this deal is going to antagonize a lot of them. Nicasio is a straight dump but I believe Pazos was one of their better relievers last year.

          1. Totally agree. They decided they had to move him. Maybe NBC should do a Davis/Gruden vs. Dipoto/Servais Battle of the Unloved Tag-team Challenge. This is currently closer to Enron than Astros.

        1. Sherman is saying it’s those five names listed above.
          Wow. Seeing reaction that this is the worst trade ever. Hyperbole but it reeks of pure desperation . “If you take Nicasio, we’ll throw in Pazos.” And Seattle looks to have overplayed their hand on Crawford, unless he turns out to be an actual productive big leaguer.
          Dipoto is going to lose the fan base with this one. Is there any way the Commish would step in? I mean, this is pretty blatantly bad for the sport.

        1. OK, I know this isn’t the real world but take a look at [old friend] Carlos Sanatana’s contract he signed before last season started. It is not remotely team-friendly for the M’s:
          3 years $60 million total
          2018–$15 mil + $3.33 signing bonus
          2019–$17.5 mil + $3.33 signing bonus
          2020–$17.5 mil + $3.33 signing bonus
          2021–$500k buyout or $17.5 mil club option
          He was once very good but has always been a bit one dimensional. Elite pitch recognition but defensively challenged. Now he’s property of Seattle [trade him for Kemp!] until he isn’t.
          Seattle is reforming their roster, sure, but into what exactly? This is ugly. And it’s likely to get worse.

  11. Maybe the most profound statement uttered today on the Roberts deal: “They don’t really want someone with an opinion or a track record” ???
    Seattle deal is puzzling to say the least.. I used to watch J.P. Crawford play HS ball over in Lakewood Ca. and have followed his minor lg. career and painfully what we have here is unfulfilled promise…

    1. I watched him at Lakewood too. All flash, no substance. Thought he was over-rated then, he’s been over-rated ever since. Turn him into a pitcher. This trade was crap for Seattle. Segura must be a piece of work, or maybe DiPoto is.

  12. We have all heard how the players feel about Doc, but I read something today that went above and beyond as far as I am concerned. When Kenley Jansen awoke from his 5 1/2 heart surgery, he heard Doc’s voice who drove from San Diego to be at Jansen’s bedside after getting out of surgery. Jansen was touched. I doubt that makes him a better decision maker on the diamond or dugout, but it sures says a lot about him as a person.

      1. I know that most of you guys on this site would want to tar and feather me for saying this, but I am stoked that Doc is back. Yes, I know that some of his in game moves have come back to haunt his ass, but as more than a few of you elder statesman on this site have said over the last year or so, he put alot of faith in crucial times in certain players to perform (Kersh, Kenley, against the Astros), Kersh and Kenley and other guys in the 2018 post season)that didn’t get the job done. Alot of the moves he made, if the players that he brought in at that certain part of the game had performed, we would be calling him the second coming of Tony Larussa. Didn’t happen, and now we all think he sucks. I call bullshit. This guy has gotten us nothing but success the last 3 years, and my son and I were talking the other day about all the tool bags that called in during the season on SportsTalk LA with Roggin and Rodney and were so friggin clueless when they trashed this guy. Bottom line is this. Alot of the bandwagon Dodger fans the last 3 or 4 years are totally spoiled by us going to the play-offs year after year. They weren’t around during the Fox and McCourt years when a couple of Fox knuckle heads traded Piazza, one of my favorite players, or Depodesta letting a young and studly Beltre walk away. Roberts is part of a new trend where, love it or hate it, but get used to it, the manager is more of a communicator and people person to the players, building them up, encouraging them to do better, instead of going Lasorda on their ass and reading them the riot act. Doc is an Ace at communicating with his players, and as AC just posted, he is totally invested in them. Can’t believe he went and saw Kenley, that says alot about our manager. Don’t forget, Lasorda lost his first two World Series and was always ragged on for wearing his pitchers out, so every manager has his warts. Doc is learning by his mistakes, and he will get better by that. I am really really curious to see how he runs a game now that Farhan is gone. How much influence did Zaida have on Doc’s lineups? Gonna be interesting.

        1. Roger, your last sentence says it all. How much of an influence did Zaidi have on Doc/lineups/pitching matchups…etc? Doc is an intelligent man. Rudy tells me that a UCLA education is actually quite good. I have always had my doubts, but we will go with that. Doc knows the game, knows how it should be played, and is seemingly loved by his players. That goes a long way. I hope that he uses his eyes this year more than just analytics. I think that was the difference between Hinch & Cora vs. Doc. How much of that was dictated by Zaidi? We will see.
          I know I am more than willing to go in with an open mind and be supportive of a man who led the Dodgers to two consecutive WS, even though he came in 2nd best in both. At the same time, I do reserve the right to question game decisions, and I will do so before the play occurs. We will never be able to determine what the better decision was because only one happened, but griping about baseball decisions keeps the season lively.
          Believing that Corey Kluber is going to be a Dodger in 2019, now that makes the off-season lively, and messes with Bums. The only thing that would make it worse for Bums would be if Kluber were traded for Joc.

  13. I can’t speak for the validity of Segura being a cancer, but I do know that he had to bury a child his last year in Milwaukee. Having said that, he’s been moved quite a few times now. I remember when he was dealt to Seattle thinking I wish the Dodgers had him at 2B.
    Dipoto sure butted heads with Scioscia in Anaheim. He makes more trades than anyone too so I have no idea what the truth is when it comes to Segura. I do know that he shows up and does nothing but rack up base hits on the diamond.

  14. Interesting thread from Kyle Boddy who runs Driveline, the baseball development company:
    Most – if not all – MLB teams drastically underestimate just how far behind they are the Astros when it comes to a unified scouting and player development system, especially the latter with regards to investment.
    It is staggering how far behind the median MLB team is.
    The Dodgers are probably #2. They spend untold amounts on R&D staff and analysts, and yes, “computers.” This kind of spending is not subject to the salary “cap” and for some reason MLB teams haven’t yet figured out that they should divert payroll to these efforts.
    Players asking for data to get them better and coaches not having it.
    Players asking for data to get them better, getting it from an intern, and getting yelled at by a coach.
    Coaches who think bat sensors measure launch angle.
    Improperly calibrated Trackman units.
    Best path forward: every player should have a plan from the org that details how they can contribute to MLB roster, no matter how small the chance is. When you tell your uncle, he says “duh, of course.” When you tell a baseball insider, they say “lol no chance.”
    This makes such obvious, obvious sense to the average fan and you probably all assume it exists. Literally maybe 2-3 organizations have a plan like this and the rest have no fucking idea why anyone gets better.

    1. The only thing I wonder about is the fact that the Astros have allegedly cut out a bunch of scouts. They are almost totally relying on analytics and have just about cut out scouting… while the Dodgers are still highly invested into the human factor.

  15. Other than the Mariners finalizing the Cano trade, and finalizing the Segura trade, the rest of MLB was sleeping. Elsewhere:
    1. Dodgers extend Dave Roberts thru 2022
    2. Angels announce coaching staff
    3. Giants hire J. P. Ricciardi as an advisor
    4, Marlins sign Pedro Alvarez (1B), Dixon Machado (inf) & Deven Marrero (inf) to minor league deals.
    5. Braves sign Pedro Floriman (inf) to minor league deal.
    On Tuesday, December 4 at 8:00 AM ET, the Seibu Lions will post LHSP 27 year old Yusei Kikuchi, who can begin negotiating with all 30 teams. Scott Boras is Kikuchi’s agent, so he will probably take all 30 days that are available to decide. This will not be a quick decision as was Ohtani last year.
    Some very exciting baseball news. Without Jerry Dipoto what would concrete news would we have to digest. I can only read what every team needs to do before next season, and who they should sign or trade for so many times. One pundit has Kikuchi and Syndergaard going to San Diego, another has Syndergaard going nowhere. One pundit has NYY trading Gary Sanchez to the Fish for Realmuto, another has him going to Houston, and another has him staying until August trade deadline. Now Kluber is off the table and Bauer is the projected Cleveland pitcher to be traded. Who knows what happens tomorrow.
    Very little discussion on Harper and Machado. The only news on Corbin was that his brother (as best man) brought out a NYY hat at Patrick’s wedding for the best man speech to try and convince him to sign with NYY. Keuchel has been linked to Milwaukee and Toronto, but nothing real.
    Bottom line, it is just dead in the baseball world. Maybe I should just make something up and see where it goes.

    1. Perhaps just running up the price for whoever does sign him. I don’t believe that Harper will ever wear The Blue.

      1. I’d be surprised as well. But I have to wonder, would Magic make a trip just for a head fake? Maybe Magic just wanted to go Vegas and can now claim a business expense.

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