Pumpkin Nights or NLCS Game 6

Pumpkin Nights vs. Dodgers Baseball.  That was my choice last night.  Do I go with the family to see a festival of lights made from carved out pumpkins with various themes or do I stay home and watch Game 6?  Well today they have a mechanism that allows you to record television shows, so you can watch them later.  So, as you can see by the picture, I chose to record the game and go spend quality time with my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons, and come back after the event and watch the game.


Unfortunately for me, I kept getting alerts during the evening advising me of all of the bad things going on in the game.  It was not fun watching the game knowing how the game ends.  But I needed to press on.


Before I left for Pumpkin Nights, I got to watch the Dodgers half of the 1stinning live.  The game got off to a positive start with leadoff hitter David Freese hitting a HR for a 1-0 lead.  Then I left and the Brewers teed off on Hyun -jin Ryu.  They batted around to score 4 runs on 5 hits in the bottom of the 1st.  So, after 1, the Dodgers were down 4-1 with a nemesis, Wade Miley, pitching against them.  The Dodgers had a look in the 5thafter a Freese double scored Brian Dozier for his 2ndRBI on the night, making the score 5-2.  As it turns out, Freese was the only one with a RBI on the night.  After a walk to Muncy, the Dodgers brought the tying run to the plate…twice.  Neither Justin Turner or Manny Machado could continue the rally, and for all practical purposes the game was over after the top of the 5th.  Jesus Aguilar had a 3 hit – 3 RBI night.  Maybe Machado should worry more about making contact than hitting Aguilar’s leg at 1B.  It seems to have awoken a sleeping giant.


Ryu could only go 3 innings, so it was left to the bullpen to keep the Dodgers in the game.  Urias, Wood, Floro, and Ferguson were very good.  Not so much Maeda or Hill.  The Brewers only used 3 relievers and Josh Hader was not one of them.  They did not need him as the Dodgers did not get another hit after the 5th.  Only one baserunner on a HBP.  The Dodgers had 5 hits and 9 strikeouts.  This was not a good night for the Dodgers.  But it is only 1 game, and neither the Dodgers or Brewers have done anything yet except get to a Game 7.


The season has now come down to one game.  Game 163 deja vu? It is a repeat of Game 3…Buehler vs Chacin.  It is very hard to predict which Chacin the Dodgers will face.  Will it be the pitcher the Dodgers trounced 21-5 or the pitcher who beat LAD in Game 3?  Will Buehler be the pitcher in Game 163 or the pitcher in NLCS Game 3.  I am comfortable in believing that Buehler will pitch a memorable game and the Dodgers will prevail.  I am going to hold on to that thought until Game 7 starts and watch the Dodgers beat the Brewers at their yard.


Tonight I have another dilemma.  Both the NLCS Game 7 and the USC game is on at 5:00 PM.  But I will not tape the LAD game.  That did not work out too well for Game 6.  It looks like I will be recording the Trojans for a later viewing, after watching a Dodger champagne bath.


Let’s go to Boston.



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  1. Well I actually blame myself for last night’s loss, I got into a fight with my girlfriend and she like to jinx the Dodgers when we argue. It seems to work more often then not so i apologize to the site. And to her for whatever my part was, now take back the jinx gf as we need positive feelings towards our team.

    The obvious things needed tonight, are more bat to ball, early runs, and playing with some confidence and energy. Again seemed like we were the ones facing elimination last night. Go Blue, don’t get much bigger then this!

  2. David Freeze or Max Muncy?, David Freeze or Max Muncy.?…. I just can’t make up my mind! Oh, there was so much wrong with the Dodgers last night I can’t really pick on any one individual. But that question keep rattling around in my brain….David Freeze or Max Muncy?

  3. Got to keep Brewers from having any inning as bad as the 1st inning was for Dodgers in game 6. I hope if things start looking bad there’s a mind get Kershaw in there. All hands on deck! When Brewers bring in Hader Dodgers should bring in Jansen. Or so is the current thought inside this skull. I admit I haven’t thought that through very deep and I’ll have many other thoughts due to the panicking I’m suffering following last night’s loss. I hope I fall in love all over again with baseball tonight. At this moment it’s killing me.

  4. Two things:
    Does Buehler pitch the gem he is capable of, or a stinker?
    What bats show up; The ones who produce, or the swing and miss little leaguers?
    Not a lot of confidence either way with Jekyll & Hyde

  5. AC – no choice between Pumpkin Nights and Dodger Baseball. I would choose Pumpkin nights every time! I love the Dodgers, I love watching a Dodger game, but there is no replacement for family time. That’s an experience and memory that will keep on giving. In fact, I don’t ever recall having a family time where we discussed meaningful memories, where we discussed sitting around and watching a Dodger game. However, Pumpkin nights and the like come up all the time.
    One game to go – we rely on a rookie pitcher in an extremely hostile environment. We have an offense that’s running 2 cylinders, and other than that we’re good to go. Things are looking good for the boys in blue.
    After watching the last 6 innings of last nights game, I have to say that Dodger fans are blessed to have Joe Davis announce their games. At times I think I would rather have a root canal without novacaine than have to listen to Joe Buck drone on and on about how good the Brewers are, how smart Greg Counsell is and that the Brewers are going to win game seven simply because they didn’t have to us Hader in game 6. The man, and his cohorts are insufferable!
    Final note about last night, I thought Urias looked very strong and composed in his one inning. I understood the situation, but I would have liked to see him go another inning or two.

  6. The Dodgers do not do anything easy this year. From the beginning of the year when they fell nearly ten games back, to needing a weekend sweep of the Giants just for a chance at a NL West Championship, and then Game 163. Each time the team had their backs against the wall, they somehow found a way to fight through to play another game. The last “must” win game was Game 163 and Doc turned to the new Kid…this one named Buehler. It worked for Game 163 so I have a lot of confidence that he persevere yet again and throw a dandy. I also just do not see Chacin getting as wide a strike zone as he got for Game 3, and this time the Dodgers bats will jump on him. This Game 7 is going to end up a Dodger victory.

  7. I have confidence that the kid will throw a dandy, not so much in the Dodger bats showing up. Those bats (showing up or not showing up) have been the story of the season.

  8. Let’s face it, we have some big holes in our lineup. The catcher position, Taylor, Belli, and the pitcher’s spot. Right now they are not producing consistantly and it is hard to win with only 5 batters out of 9.

    I will be keeping an eye on both USC and the Dodgers just like you Mark. My daughter is even worse, she used to work at Oregon and they are all on at the same time so she has to choose between three.

  9. JT, Machdo and Muncy have to produce tonight. Not expecting much out of Joc, Bellinger, Barnes et al, but JT, Machado and Muncy will have their RBI opportunities and MUST come through. If they don’t win tonight we get a start on the off season which will include the purging of the roster and coaching staff to include all or a combination of Grandal, Machado, Ryu, Puig, Turner Ward and probably Honeycutt.

    I think Doc survives unless he is frustrated with the much speculated FO line-up machinations and decides he’s had enough. Some fans expect the FO to fire Doc but no manager is getting fired after taking the team to the NLCS three years in a row. If he’s gone it’s because he has decided to leave.

    Lets win game #7, win the WS and let that roster stuff sort itself out in December. We got this!!!!!!!

  10. It sure looked like the Brewers hitters knew what Ryu was going to throw in the 1st inning. I don’t now if he was tipping pitches, but they sure were ready for it.

  11. I suspect that whether or not Joc is in the lineup tonight will depend on whether or not he develops any stiffness or whatever as a result of getting hit on the wrist last night. Not saying that this is going to happen, but if the wrist got considerably worse overnight, could he be disabled and replaced, for example, by Verdugo?

    Given that for the most part Austin Barnes has not hit, I wonder if we might see Grandal in tonight’s staring lineup given that a righthander is starting.

    Otherwise I’ll just hope for the best. I don’t have a clue as to which Dodger team will show up tonight.

  12. At least hopefully tonight, Turner will be hitting second like he normally does.

    I know both Turner and Manny didn’t get that big hit when runners were in scoring position last night, but it is hard to keep Turner down that long.

    I looked at Muncy’s numbers in this series, and he has struck out 10 times in 18 at bats, so he has not been getting it done, either.

    When we have Turner and Manny hitting back to back, a pitcher can pitch around them, much easier.

    And the way Muncy is striking out in this series, he is not providing much protection for Turner and Manny, and he shouldn’t be hitting second, either.

    And Cody is not being patient enough, to provide that protection on the other side of Turner and Manny.

    It is to bad the Dodgers refuse to have Freeze hit against righties, because I think he can be patient enough with Chacin, to not give him any easy out.

    Because hitters have to be more patient, when it comes to Chacin.

    And Freeze had even splits against both righties and lefties, before he was traded to the Dodgers, and unlike many on this team, Freeze will hit the ball the other way.

    And Adam, I don’t want to hear that Ryu was tipping pitches after we are eliminated, so we have to win this one tonight.

  13. J-Hair was livid last night on the Dodger post game show that we took Freese out after he hit a bomb and a double. I agree with Hairston, you gotta leave that guy in the WHOLE game this time. He has been there, he can handle the pressure. Also, if you read some of the articles on ESPN and MLB, we may as well pack it up and clean the clubhouse out, because they all got the Brewers and their 8 time Cy Young reliever Hader winning tonight. All of a sudden the Brewers offense is a powerhouse and Counsell is a crafty manager. Amazing what one victory will do to the media harlots. I would love for us to smoke these guys tonight and have Joc or Kike hit one of their postseason bombs off of Hader to shut the media and the cheeseheads up.

    1. Yeah… it’s been really tough for me to watch Doc take Freese out early in all of these games. You just wonder what game he is watching and why he thinks Muncy who’s a worse defender, has no previous post season experience, and who is batting .167 with 10 strikeouts in the nlcs is the better player to leave in there for the entire game.

  14. I don’t care as much that they lost game 6… it was more the way they lost it. Regardless of what happened with Ryu… the approach at the plate from most of the players for most of the game was just awful.

    And maybe it’s true that they only had the “single them to death” mentality in game 5 because of the time of day of the game and the shadows that they were going to have to deal with on the field. But however they got there… they should have realized right then that that was the best approach moving forward against this team and any other team they might face in the future.
    Hopefully they’ll take that same approach tonight that they did in game 5… I think it’s the only way to win a game 7 on the road against the type of pitchers that they have lined up.

  15. Well it’s come down to this.
    Certainly after the disappointment of last night, it feels like momentum and home field is certainly against us.
    However, if I had to chose a Starter it would be Beuhler, and Baseball has a funny habit of biting you in the arse, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Hader gave up the winning hit.
    JT, Manny & Max has some horrid ABs last night, I fancy them to turn things around.

  16. I am never going to give up on JT or Machado. For all the negative press he has been getting, Machado is still a lethal offensive weapon. I would prefer Freese to Max.
    Thinking of Joc’s HBP last night, and JT’s and others earlier in the series, when was the last time a Dodger pitcher “retaliated”?

    1. AC – I thought the same thing myself.
      I know he’s being Booed at every AB, but Machado is the only Dodger to have given a bit back, and has my admiration for it.

      1. JT, Machado, Dozier, & Freese, all HBP before Wood finally plunked Kratz last night, and then Joc gets hit and again nothing.

  17. I assume that since he’s in the lineup, that Joc’s wrist is OK.

    Smoltz has mentioned it numerous times, I’ve noticed it, and so probably has just about everyone in this site. And that is that JT has been uncharacteristically going outside the strike zone and swinging and missing high fastballs. And although I don’t recall hearing anything about it, it appears to me that Muncy has been seeing a heavier diet of braking pitches.

    Definitely would like to see the Dodgers’ hitters hitting away from the shift, especially with runners on. Do enough of that and sooner or later you will probably see some pitches in your wheel-house.

  18. Totally agree with Mark on the Jeckyll and Hyde thing. This team has been so unpredictable this season, it’s been like a box of damn chocolates. While this line up doesnt really turn me on much, and I still wish Freese was in there, we could turn around and score 7 runs in the first 3 innings, or have Chacin pitch a complete game shutout. We are somewhere in the middle of that. Probably the most difficult Dodger team to read in years for me. Nothing makes sense this year, either good or bad. I have no idea what to expect, except the usual Joe Buck irritation. Really like Smoltz, he is right down the middle. He would be great paired with Joe Davis. Buck just makes me want to vomit sometimes.

  19. I’m not too sure that there’s much left to say at this point. We all know how the Dodgers have played this season. They’ve been wildly inconsistent, offensively-proficient only when hitting lots of solo HRs, bad in the clutch and yet they’ve won when counted out many times. This has been as strange a season as I can remember. While I am hopeful that the Dodgers will still win I fear that they won’t. Their best chance in many ways was last night. They had momentum after Games 4 and 5 in LA, seemed to figure out that they could score without the HR, had a much better pitcher on the mound in Ryu against Miley, and and could force the Brewers to wear out their bullpen.

    Instead the Dodgers have a rookie on the mound in a Game 7 (and one who lost his 2 previous post-season starts) face the Brewers best starting pitcher while on the road, have lost their momentum forgot how to score without hitting a HR, and allowed the Brewers to win without deploying their secret weapon, Josh Hader. The cards are arranged for them to lose tonight, but this has been when they have won all season.

    Do they have another improbable victory in them?

    1. Hawkeye

      I agree with you about the high fastballs.

      If an umpire is not calling those pitches, the hitters shouldn’t swing at them, until an umpire does.

      Why did they suddenly change the middle of our order, and have Turner hit third again?

      We didn’t win yesterday when that was the line up, and we didn’t win against Chacin the last time we faced him, when this was the same exact line up, too.

  20. From the Wine Spectator:
    One producer to look for this year is Red Stitch, which took quality up a notch in 2015 with its Napa Valley bottling (95, $105). The label is owned by former baseball major leaguers Dave Roberts and Rich Aurelia, who met as teammates for the San Francisco Giants.

  21. Everything is seemingly stacked against us, but Vegas continues making us the favorite. However and I definitely know the line is not always reflective of who Vegas thinks will win but at what line will money be evenly distributed, thus reducing their risk/exposure. However today I declare them correct, that they do know who will win , thst Dodgers -112 is spot on, the run line at 8 is spot on, the final Dodgers 5 Brewers 4, see all you in Boston!!!

  22. Everything is on the line tonight and isn’t this where all fans want to be? A lot of good teams are already watching at home. So while nervous I am also pretty damn bullish they can do it! 1st Buehler needs to find his inner bulldog/striker and 2nd they need to take out Chacin who will throw strikes early and make you chase if he gets ahead. They need to be aggressive early in the count if they get their pitch. Late go the other way or take your walk. All hands on deck it could be a wild one. They probably have to see Hader too so it’s crucial to get an early lead.

  23. Let’s do yesterday in reverse. Yesterday Dodgers take 1-0 lead on 1st inning HR, and then go on to lose. Today it’s the Brewers with a 1st inning HR and 1-0 lead.

  24. The key AB may have been Taylor’s. A guy on 2b, no outs, the 8th and 9th guy coming up. Not only does he not get a hit or knock in the run, he doesn’t even move Puig up. This allows Chaciin to pitch to Barnes and then he pops up. They lost the momentum in the inning and blow 3 chances to knock in the run with RISP.

  25. I hate it. Puig leads off with s double, and the Dodgers can’t get him in. Horrible AB by CT3. That’s a situation where you try to hit the ball to right field. You might get a hit, and if not you might move Puig over to 3B.

  26. Buehler needs to make better use of his breaking pitches. As hard as he’s throwing the Brewers are making good contact on his fastball. Not in every pitch, but often enough.

  27. JT just missed hitting that out. Looked like it was off the end of the bat. Maybe Manny can get him next inning. I might be wrong about this, but I think Manny has taken Hader deep. Might have been this season when he was playing for Orioles.

    Where are Buehler’s breaking pitches?

  28. Let’s get to Hader this inning, not a god just mortal last I checked, JT was on that pitch. One run off him would be so huge!

  29. Puig had the right idea his first time up. Go to right field. Puig hits too many ground balls when he pulls.

  30. Kike overpowered there. Need to get Hader out of the game, if I’m Counsell he gets another inning. Maybe the squirrels will find another nut. Buehler is not pitching like a rookie tonight.

  31. Walk Yelich and pitch to Braun… it’s a no brainer.

    And then it’s just a matter of deciding whether Walker or Madson pitches.

  32. When Puig was up I was telling him to hit the ball to right center, and not to pull the ball. Well, I guesss he didn’t exactly pull it (left center).

    Now it’s up to the pen. And of course I’d like the Dodgers to tack on runs, preferably a bunch.

    1. He’s always been a good curve ball hitter. Maybe that little confrontation with Jeffress baited him into throwing a strike.

    1. Every family has their black sheep with all due respect to Andy and Jeff. Someone here knows whom I am referring to. 😉

    1. I know Kersh has done it before in the playoffs… but him not being used to relief work makes me a little nervous… especially if he comes in for the 9th.

  33. That’s the second time in the last couple of outings that Kenley used his slider to strike out a hitter. Hasn’t done much of that this year.

      1. No Cody had a great turns even he no hit..Ballinger play very well this serie..but kike take many bad turns …I hope he increases in WS go DODGERS

  34. Wow. I hope those baserunners end up not mattering. 2nd and 3rd, 0 outs, don’t score. Bases loaded, 1 out, don’t score. And then with 2 outs, forget it. Why can’t the Dodgers knock in RISP?

  35. AC made me feel better today. I shut off all the noise. Checked in here before the game and he was right. It’s only fitting that this year’s team goes 7 games.

  36. We will more turns for Freeze.. and madson. Baez, jensen great serie..turner machadio, muncy better hit in scoring position

  37. One Final Thing:

    If you think FAZ is an idiot and if you think Roberts is an idiot:

    The Dodgers have been to the World Series 2 years in a row,

    No other team has been.

    YOU are the idiot!

    Nuff said!

    1. I didn’t agree with pulling Buehler tonight but like I said the other day it takes a little luck. He got lucky with the Urias move.

      1. Chris Taylor should be our fulltime lf. Just like keekay should be our fulltime 2b. Our depth is amazing. Kemp and joc off the bench. Freese and dozier too. Bring on boston.

  38. Great win Dodgers!!!! It was a team win! Bellinger was mvp but it could have been Taylor, turner, Puig, machado etc. so my point is was a team effort!! It has certainly been a grind but a victorious grind! So exciting to be going to the World Series! Congrats to all dodger fans and the great dodger organization!

  39. Here are 8:53 pm, it’s time to go out and celebrate, the first drink will be in honor to you Mark and of all of you…. Cheers!!!

    1. Sadly, this married guy with two young sons is turning in. Be safe out there. When we win it all I will go nuts. Believe it.

  40. Woo Hoo!!! It was never going to be easy with this team. Now we just need 4 more wins!

    And I will be sending my cardiologist and bp medication bills to 1000 Vin Skully Ave – Los Angeles 90012.

  41. Hell yeah dodgers, my 5 to 4 prediction was wrong they decided to make it 5 to 1.

    On to Boston, game 1 is big, understatement of the year.

    Roster changes? I am sure there will be at least one but I don’t see where the upgrade would be, Alexander for Wood, but I think Wood is he better play as we will likely need his length at some point.

    Looking forward to extensive breakdowns from our resident experts, off to the bar to celebrate some more and try to somehow get to LA next weekend.

    On a side not this one means a lot to me, but I am really happy for Idaho Al, I know he is dealing with something way bigger then baseball, hopefully our success can give him a small break during this tough time, don’t really know you but my thoughts and prayers remain with you.

  42. Congratulations to all of us! The people on this board are all diehards. This year has been quite the roller coaster ride. I stuck a fork in this team twice this year but kept coming back for more. No matter what happens next. 6 division titles and 2 NL pennants are a real accomplishment.

  43. Cody wins MVP but Puig and CT3 had better numbers. Dodgers pitchers had 14 K’s and no walks! There is a hole at catcher the Red Sox may exploit. Doc deserves credit but still makes me say WTF several times a game. World Series here we come baby!

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