Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…

Today’s the day we have been waiting for.  It seems like forever.  It seems like 30 years to me… But, today the Dodgers statrt the final leg of the journey to the World Series.  Did I mention that 30 years was enough already?  We have had so much analysis that we now feel paralysis.  I’m ready to wach the games.  I’m ready to see what the roster is.  I’ll keep the roster updated.  

Thank You

I do want to take a minute and thank all our loyal readers and commenters – I really appreciate your input, passion and support.  I started this blog back in the early 2000’s and then shut if down for a year around 2016 because it wasn’t fun with all the in-fighting and arguing.  I finally figured out that I had to get rid of the bad actors and when you have a site full of straight-up Dodger fans, it becomes a joy again.  I think this site is unique because we have a very diverse group of people all over the World who come together as a community and it is a joy for me to be here again. Additionally, there is a whole lotta’ knowledge here with this bunch. As we start this very important chapter in Dodger Lore, maybe you can take a minute out of your busy day and postGo Dodgers!and tell us where you are from.  I think this could be pretty cool. You can say more if you like.  I know that thousands read this blog every day, but don’t post… and that’s OK.  Just let us know where you are.  Godspeed!

Arizona Fall League Report

The Glendale Desert Dogs lost 10-9. Cody Thomas hit #3 and was 0-4, but scored a run. Keibert Ruiz hit #5 and was 1-3 with a run scored, and RBI and 2 BB. . Errol Robinson was 2-4  with a double and 2 RBI to go with a run scored. Andre Scrubb started the 10th inning and was the losing pitcher as he gave up two runs, neither earned, on an Errol Robinson throwing error.

Bowman Hitting Challenge byDodger Chatter

The sixth annual Arizona Fall League (AFL) home run derby is scheduled for Saturday, October 13 beginning at 6:35 MST at Sloan Park at Mesa,  the spring training home of the Chicago Cubs. Fans attending the event will be treated to the Bowman Hitting Challenge.

The event was born and raised by Bowman Baseball Cards back in its inaugural season in 2013. This year’s sponsors include Bowman Baseball Cards, Rawlings, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Big AZ Promotions and Zinger Bats.

To call it a home run derby is perhaps a misnomer although home runs are certainly important in the final tally in the contest. However, the challenge is to do much more than hit home runs.

The Bowman hitting Challenge features 30 young sluggers, one from each of the 30 MLB organizations participating in the Arizona Fall League.

Like the MLB all-star home run derby the hitters face live pitching but unlike the annual slugfest prior to the MLB all-star game the home run is not the be all and end all. The contest includes some twists and turns as well as other opportunities for the hitters apart from the home run. In theory, at least, the contest could be won without hitting a home run although that might be most unusual.

  • Each batter has two minutes to hit off live pitching.
  • Points will be awarded for home runs on a sliding scale of difficulty valued between 100-500 points.
  • Participants also can accumulate points by hitting a variety of targets placed around the playing field with a batted ball.
  • Hitters will be penalized for foul balls.
  • Batters must bunt the first four pitches at targets.
  • Following each two-minute hitting period, the batter will be given one free swing at the Bowman Bonus Ball placed on a batting tee.
  • The Bowman Bonus Ball is worth double points.

The hitting targets include:

  • Bunting targets
  • Bowman oversized baseball trading card targets (3)
  • Eye Promise Batter’s Eye
  • Moving human sphere (Zorb ball)
  • Pepsi Power Alley triangle
  • Rawlings Factory Store ball bucket pyramids
  • Sports Chalet trampoline (jumping outfielder)
  • Title Boxing inflatables sponsored (3)
  • Zinger Bats vertical bat targets

Fans pay $8.00 to not only watch but participate in this hitting challenge. When targets are struck by batted balls, fans in the stands have the chance to win prizes. These prizes include baseball cards, gift bags, autographed items, event tickets, gift cards from area merchants and Arizona Fall League merchandise and admission tickets. Once inside the gates of Sloan Park, fans pick up their entry in the Lucky Number Booth and are then entered for a chance to win a prize as targets on the field are struck by the various players.

Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager represented the team in 2013 and responded with 1,050 points including a monster shot on his last swing. He did not win the competition taken by  catcher Pete O’Brien with  1,575 points.

During the 2015 challenge Dodger outfielder Jacob Scavuzzo emerged as the winner by scoring a 50-point bunt hit, a 200-point home run and a 300-point home run. He also hit two balls off the 300-point Bowman cutout in the infield, a 700-point knockerball in the outfield and the final 800-point shot off the inflatable target in right field.

Oddly enough players find hitting the final ball off the tee the most challenging part of the competition and it sometimes comes down to the bonus ball on the tee to win the contest. Jacob Scuvuzzo did just that in 2015 striking a 400-point target for double points.

“That money ball, everybody’s trying to be the guy that hits the home run because it hasn’t been done before,” Scavuzzo said of the tee shot. “I luckily hit it off the end a little bit and it wound up hitting the target, and that wound up sealing the deal for me. I’m pretty happy with the way that worked out.”

I would expect Cody Thomas to be the Dodger player but would also be more than happy with Jared Walker. I will keep this updated – D.C.


Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has a piece that is a very interesting read, entitled:  Rosenthal: Get ready for managerial chess matches unlike any other in postseason history

UPDATE #2 – NLDS Roster

Pedro Baez
Walker Buehler
Caleb Ferguson
Dylan Floro
Rich Hill
Kenley Jansen
Clayton Kershaw
Ryan Madson
Kenta Maeda
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Julio Urias
Alex Wood

Austin Barnes
Yasmani Grandal

Brian Dozier
David Freese
Enrique Hernandez
Manny Machado
Max Muncy
Justin Turner

Cody Bellinger
Matt Kemp
Joc Pederson
Yasiel Puig
Chris Taylor

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  1. Matt from NC, was in ATL for games 3 and 4.

    Was at the WS game 1 and 2 last year. Hope to be again.

    Go Dodgers!

    Mark, I met you back at Vero Beach the last year the Dodgers were there. Rarely post, often read…..

  2. Bruce from San Jose, California.

    First started going to Dodger games at the LA Coliseum.
    I’ve been to a WS game with Koufax on the mound, and was at the game where Tommy John blew his arm out, he threw a pitch and continued to walk straight into the dugout.

  3. Doug Abbott from Rochester, NY. This is by far my favorite Dodger blog. A nice mix of fact and conjecture! Always entertaining – even when Mark gets a little edgy.

  4. Born in Burbank, lived in Toluca Lake, Encino, Woodland Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village. Now taking up space in Beaverton, Oregon.
    30 years is waaaaay too long of a wait.

  5. Started following the Dodgers in 5th grade during Fernando’s rookie season, remember Dodger fans making confetti out if napkins at Dodger stadium in the final game against the Astros. I remember hearing the cheering in Mr French’s room when Monday hit the home against the Expos.
    I remember the Dodgers coming back from 11 games in 82 to battle Torre’s Braves. This was Sax’s rookie year
    Of course I remember 88
    Good to be a Dodger fan again

    Grew up in OC…live in Irvine
    Thanks Mark for creating a great community here.

  6. Well golly-bob-howdy it’s time for Dodger baseball!
    Born in Glendale Ca. and now living (more like diminishing) in world infamous Barstow Ca. Actually this town is a lot nicer to live in than anyone would think possible.
    Mark, on another note I was wondering if you have had any dealings with Blue Water Energy? It seems they’re in the desalination business too. As well as many other things. I just received a check from them for $0.07! For what exactly I can’t claim I know other than for a natural gas well shares which I’ve been getting slipped the pickle for several years. If 7 cents doesn’t suggest things aren’t right in Oklahoma, then……. oh well. Guess becoming civilized means getting bent over.

  7. Mike, Modesto, CA (Giant’s Country). Born in Long Beach, life-long Dodger fan. Vero Beach three times CBR 5 or 6. Playoff games each year for the last 6, not sure I can make one this year.

    Met Tommy Lasorda and Mark Cresse in SF when they visited my older brother in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment when co-workers wrote Tommy a letter and he decided to visit my brother in the hospital. Tommy is a wonderful human being and I’ve got stories that I don’t think would be appropriate to share here, but trust me Tommy is “one of a kind.”

  8. Born in India, but been in the good ol USA since I was 5. Currently live in Santa Clarita (near Six Flags Magic Mountain).
    2nd year as a Dodger season ticket holder (and 15th as a Laker season ticket holder)
    Dodgers won the World Series on my 17th bday, Oct 20, 1988. Greatest gift ever!
    This Oct 20, my 47th, I”ll be at Lebron’s home opener UNLESS we’re in the NLCS game 7, in which case I’ll be home shitting bricks.
    Became a Dodger fan in 1983
    First game April 1984 and we lost 6-4 to SF in 10 innings. I’ve hated SF since
    Best game: 1993. Beating SF 12-1 and kicking them out of the playoffs
    Worst game: World Series game 7 last year. No explanation needed

  9. Go DODGERS!!! – Huntington Beach, CA

    Mark, I really like reading your site, keep up the good work! I especially like how emotional you get. 😉

    It really feels like the hitters are just on the verge of getting hot. Can’t wait for 5 PM. I’m especially excited for my cheap seats at the end of the horseshoe in RF Reserve. Just want to be there!

    I’m not a robot!

    Eage Rock, Ca. (5.1 miles from Dodger Stadium )
    So much fun being a Dodger fan and a ladodgertalk family member.

  11. From Houston Mitchell:

    For a couple of years now, I have been railing against Pedro Baez, wondering why the Dodgers keep him. But something mystifying has been happening the last few weeks: Baez has been the best reliever on the staff.
    Since Aug. 13, Baez has pitched 21.2 innings, giving up seven hits and six walks while striking out 22. He has an 0.42 ERA.

    1. he’s looked great, minus that pitch to Ocuna in Game 4 which Ocuna just just just missed hitting 500 feet to left field. But I’ll take it!

    1. Get out of here with your baseball news 😉

      Net effect to me is a little more pressure on Ferguson and especially Wood.

    2. I hope I am wrong, but I do not like it. The Dodgers now have, Urias, Wood, Maeda, and Ferguson who are starters in the pen. It is a totally different prep process for a starter than it is for a reliever. Wood has not shown that he is a competent Loogy which seems to be what he is being asked to do. Maeda has done well, but I do not see him being able to duplicate it in back to back games. Urias is a complete unknown. At least Ferguson has done it for the past several months, but he is never asked to go back to back games. It is 7 games in 9 days, so there are bound to be times when relievers are going to be needed for back to back, and maybe even back to back to back. Let’s hope the Dodgers get out to big leads and the starting pitchers go at least 7.

      1. I lean the same way AC. However, I’m guessing there are a couple of factors. The need for a long man and the Dodgers don’t see Wood as a long man right now. Could Alexander be hurt? He’s been back to not really knowing where the ball is going. Not as bad as earlier in the season, but I am tired of watching him walk batters. Could Urias been so dominating during an intersquad scrimmage last week or that they feel he must be on the roster? With 8 relief pitchers, what are the odds that they will need him to go back to back? Slim. They don’t trust Stripling. Nor do I. Alexander and Floro have been the go to guys when they’re looking for a DP so that is a bit concerning to me. I guessing Alexander is a little nicked and the Dodgers want a guy who can go multiple innings if there is an extra innings game. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad they didn’t leave Dozier off the roster. I think Dozier vs Hader is going to be a match up we see a couple of times this series.

        1. Yeah, it’s like they really wanted to get Urias on the roster and couldn’t really find a person he could replace. Alexander SHOULD be a core member of our bullpen but he can also be unpredictable and struggle with his command. We’ll see how it plays out but my first reaction is that it makes Wood’s role that much more important. Maybe giving up a homer to one of the best hitters in baseball [Freeman] shouldn’t prejudice us too much against Wood. But his first appearance this series will be closely watched.

          1. Alexander does not have swing and miss stuff like Urias does, and this could be great experience for the youngster. Urias has a really good move to 1st if they try to run on him too. Alex is a nice DP guy but has had control issues-can’t walk your only batter if you are a loogie! I think Wood could be the long man of the lefties just in case.

  12. I’m a lurker. I found this site earlier this year after years of commenting on another site. I love it. It’s much better than “Cats.” I’m going to comment here again and again.

  13. Dodgers should pitch Buehler in the 1st game, he is the only unhittable pitcher on the staff. Maybe one of the best in baseball. If not use him in the second game so he can start 2 games. Kershaw allows to many home runs which means they start the series by losing the first game.

  14. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, and lived there for 52 years. For the last 16 years I have lived in El Dorado Hills, 30 miles east of Sacramento. I attended my first Dodger game at the Coliseum in the 1959 WS against the Chisox (Game 4). A game that Larry Sherry won and became my first Dodger hero. I have been to at least one WS game the Dodgers have played since, except 2017. I hope to remedy that this year.

    1. He was my favorite player too. But It was his name more than anything. Yeah remembering my dad paying to park on someones front lawn because parking was sure a mess for Dodgers games at The Coliseum. Also remember seeing the Angels their first game at Dodger Stadium, though don’t remember who they played against.

  15. Dodger fan since I asked my father why the man in the picture was so sad…Ralph Branca on the steps. Locked in forever with Johnny Podres in ‘55. Read you everyday, never commented before. Thanks for making it all evenmore enjoyable. Go Dodgers from Syracuse, New York.

    1. Bill -I am locked into that seventh game in 1955 also. Duke and Campy with back to back bunts leading to a Gil Hodges SF to score a second run. My absolute all time favorite game. Loved 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988 but nothing topped 1955 for me. Maybe this year will also be close.

  16. Dave from Thousand Oaks, Ca. My daughter attends the same high school Yelich graduated from, Westlake HS.

  17. Born and raised in Westchester (near LAX). I have lived in Santa Clarita since 1974. A Dodger fan since they moved here in 1958. Many memorable games in the Coliseum.. Roy Campanella night, game 5 1959 World Series game with Sandy pitching, and all those Wally Moonshots. Watched them build Dodger Stadium and attended some great games there as well.
    Mark, thanks for providing us a nice place to share our passion for Dodger baseball. I really felt that last year was finally the one to make us world champs. But, just as optimistic this year.

  18. Go Dodgers…. Born in Giants country (Mike), Turlock, and only a few of us were Dodger fans. My father was a Giant fan, and the worst argument we ever had was when Juan Marichal hit Johnny Roseboro with a bat. He took Marichal’s side and I argued for Roseboro. Grew up a Brooklyn Dodger fan and Roy Campanella became my idol because I was a LL catcher (continued through college). I couldn’t wait to see him in person, but his accident happened just before they moved west.
    I use to listen to Jerry Doggett and Vin Scully broadcast the games on KFI which I could barely get up in the valley. Saw my first Dodger game in the Coliseum (Drysdale against the Giants). Was going to college in St Paul, MN when we played the Twins in the 65 WS and a few of us California guys went down to their hotel and met the Dodgers. Got several autographs which I have now passed on to my daughter.
    Live in Santa Maria (not far from Los Osos, Dionysis) and continue to enjoy Dodger Baseball. Go to spring training every year as it is only a 10 hour drive.


  19. Go Dodgers! Raised in Jupiter, FL, now living in South Carolina near Columbia. A Dodger fan since 1951 (Remember Bobby Thompson). Got used to “Wait til next year” This can be that year!

  20. Born in the Netherlands. Immigrated to the USA when I was 5. Raised in the Artesia/Dairy Valley (now Cerritos) area. Now live in the Riverside area. I have been a die-hard Dodger fan since 1958. I attended my first game in 1959. Don Demeter hit a triple in that game (Vin Scully said he “galloped” around the bases). Since I was a tall gangly kid (like Demeter, but without the coordination), I dreamed of the day that I too could gallop. But alas, that was never to be.
    Mark thank you for keeping this blog alive. I know it’s a labor of love for you and I appreciate the time you take to keep us up to date on Dodger news. I read the blog most every day. I don’t always have time to comment, but I enjoy the interaction between the bloggers. I also appreciate the input from AC and DC.
    Let’s get 8 more and celebrate big time this year!!

  21. Greetings from Watford, in the suburbs of London.
    In 1990, aged 24, I spent a year living and playing in Venice Beach.
    I fell in love, unfortunately not with a woman, but with Baseball and particularly The Dodgers.
    Ramon Martinez was my favourite, and I took job delivering cars all of the US.
    Got to see the Dodgers play a double header in the old Fulton County Stadium. We lost both.
    I watched the Dodgers play in lots of venues in my travels through 40 different states.
    I have been over a few times, most recently three years ago, when I flew to SF for the Division clincher.
    Thanks to MLB.com I can watch whenever I want (no blackout problems here).
    Last October was the most tiring time I can remember, as I tried to watch all the splay Off & WS games live.
    Let’s hope I’m tired again this time round.

    Fingers crossed for tonight.

  22. Raised in NJ, but have spent most of my adult life in Bethel, Vermont. Saw my first Dodger game vs. Giants at the Polo Grounds in the spring of 1957. Never made it to Ebbets Field, nor have I been to Dodger Stadium, though I saw many spring training games at Vero. Started reading “LADodgerTalk” a long time ago. It’s my favorite.

  23. I’m tired of seeing how the years go by and not being champions, since 81 I love the Dodgers, a greeting to all of you, from Mexicali, Mexico !!

  24. I’m beginning to get hyped about seeing Urias in the postseason. Like, really hyped. I wonder if we could give him the last three innings in a game that we maybe had a decent lead in. Just have him bring it home and rest up for another appearance in a few days. And is it just me or is Caleb MF Ferguson our new #1 man out of the pen?

  25. I have been a Dodger fan since 1963 and went to my 1st game in 1967 (.75 cents for a kid in the OF bleachers and it was bat day!) I went to every bat day until they went to the tiny ones. Spent 30 years in San Gabriel Valley in LA then Tacoma, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and in Las Vegas since 1999. Dodgers -170 for the series and -160 today on the road. Brewers are +140 for the series and Boston a slight favorite over the Astros. I am rooting for a rematch with Houston and a little (ok a lot) of revenge for last year. Boston scares me a little more with Sale and the bats but they are two heavyweights and should be a great matchup! With the Dodgers and Rams playing lights out and the Lakers reemerging on the scene it’s a great time to be an LA sports fan! Thanks for the blog Mark!

  26. Altoona, PA. Home of the famous Horseshoe Curve. First time commenting. I own a small juice bar and will have the game streaming live in downtown Altoona if anyone is in the neighborhood lol. –James (Mike Piaza was my favorite player)

    1. My Grandfather Is From Altoona. “T” Will. We Never Asked Him What The “T” Stood For. My Wife Is The Dodger Fan In The Family. Our Daughters Root For The Mariners. I Fish And Hunt. But Not At The Same Time.

  27. I think I disabled the Captua Sign In Screen. Let me know if anyone has any issues logging in.

    1. Maybe that’s why you have so many different users commenting today! It’s like the United Nations in here 🙂

  28. Great idea with the intros Mark!

    I am Adam from Phoenix, Az. I have been a fan since birth as my Father was from Los Angeles. He dragged me to the Ravine on countless occasssions as a youth to see our Dodgers but by 1981 I was begging to go. I did have a momentary lapse of reason before the start of the 1981 season and gave up on our Dodgers and bought an Astros trash can. The Astros had won the division by a game the year before and I was at the follow the winners stage of life. Blue showed me, won the first half in 81’ and then the World Series, ironically beating the Astros in the first round of the playoffs. I was thankfully hooked for life, been a diehard ever since. Perhaps too much at times, could not even watch games 6 and 7 last year followed on my phone because I was too sickened first from game 2 then game 5. However I realized this year if you cannot enjoy the ups and downs and remember it is just a game, all be an important one, then maybe your fandom is too great. Despite my realization I still lapse often into madness when the Dodgers fail.

    Anyway this intro was a little long winded, sorry, love the Dodgers and this site. Great job Mark, AC, and DC. Dodger talk is #1.

    On a side note Urias being added shocked me, a roll of the dice truly, that will either be genius or not. Alexander is the safer play and as AC said must be hurt.
    Go Dodgers, let’s do this!!

  29. Poway, California. Down San Diego way…

    Been watching Dodgers baseball since 1970. Billy Grabarkewitz, Willie Crawford, Wes Parker were my guys as a kid.

    Let’s get it done this year guys!

  30. Born and reared in Southern Illinois where everyone else was a Cardinal fan.
    Became a Dodger fan in 1948 because Jackie Robinson was exciting.
    Retired from the University of Miami.
    Lived the last 11 years in San Jose, Costa Rica.
    I read ladodgertalk daily.

  31. I suspect Alexander is not quite right but if he is, then someone has a gut feeling. He hasn’t allowed a run in 14 of his last 15 appearances so Urias is a bit of a surprise. I’m OK with that as I am not big on analytics. Back in 1955 we all expected Don Newcombe or Carl Erskine to lead the charge in the WS. They didn’t. Johnny Podres, Clem Labine, Russ Meyer, Roger Craig, Don Bessent picked up the slack. It is impossible to predict which player/s will do the unexpected. I wouldn’t be surprised if Julio had a multi-inning performance, or Caleb if needed.

    1. This is the lineup I predicted yesterday. Let the Brewers play their match up games it isn’t like our players have to be platoon players.

    2. So, Bellinger is the one regular LH hitter who gets to start against a LHP. Maybe his speed is the deciding factor. I know Roberts likes athleticism. Can you imagine trying to control Puig on the bench? I’d give him a monster lollipop or something to keep him occupied.


    SpokaneBob from where else Spokane Washington.

    Grew up in Highland Park/ Eagle Rock area. Just over the hill from Dodger Stadium

    First game 1958

    Julio had filthy stuff when he closed out a game last time he pitched. Good Move!

  33. Pitching prediction:

    Kershaw 6 ip
    Baez .1 ip
    Wood .1 ip
    Floro .1 ip
    Ferguson .1 ip
    Maeda .2 ip
    Jansen 1 ip

  34. Bellinger was on the radio here yesterday and said he prefers to play the outfield over 1b because it allows him to use his athleticism more.

    1. Well, the CF job appears to be his heading into next season. Also, logic dictates that if a player is good enough to bat 3rd in the first game of the NLCS, he is worth $6 mil of tomorrow’s money. Freese is here to stay.

  35. Picking up Freese’s option has to be a done deal, he can help keep Turner rested in the regular season and platoon with Muncy at first. I do hope Muncy is allowed to play some against lefties next season as he has not shown enough poor stats to warrant a strict platoon yet. Also his defense seems to have improved as the season has went on.

  36. Go Dodgers!!! Therealten from carterville Il. Lifelong Dodger fan. Mark I don’t know if you cut me off or what.

    1. What do you mean “Cut you off?”

      We are neighbors!

      … and if I cut you off, how could you be here?

      Did you do something bad?

  37. I have been a Dodger fan since I was 12 living in Canada rooting for Brooklyn’s Duke Snider, Peewee Reese and the boys. Favorite player, Sandy Koufax. Now residing in Roseville, Ca. I love this site. It is first place I go to get my Dodger news after pouring my morning coffee.

  38. Kenny Landreaux is my favorite Dodger of all-time. John Tudor second. Third is a tie between Charles Johnson & Todd Hundley. Love the switch-hitting power catchers. Always lived in coastal North Carolina, home of my beloved Tar Heels. I became a Dodger fan in 1981 and I’ve followed them ever since. May the road rise to meet you . . .

  39. One more Dodger fan:

    My wife. Immigrated from the Phillipines 52 years ago at age 3. Former Giants fan. I turned her from the darkside!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  40. Idahoal
    Meridian, Idaho.
    I have not posted much lately. I Found out I have cancer in August. They caught it very early. The good news is that at my age I will probably die of something else besides cancer.

    Go Dodgers.

  41. Go Dodgers!!!
    Originally from New York but moved around much of my adult life. I have lived in San Diego, Columbus OH, and have now been living in LA for the last 20 years. I used to be able to walk to dodger stadium from my old apartment… which was just as amazing as it sounds. I watch around 150 games a year and I have the grey hairs to prove it!

    I don’t always comment on blogs. But when I do, I prefer commenting on LA Dodger Talk. I think it’s easily the best online community for Dodger fans with mild to moderate personality disorders.

    Thanks Mark!

  42. I want to thank Mark for a great site. Also AC and D.C. For great information. I go twice a day and read what all the posters have to say. I love the posters who disagree and yet do not call others names. Keep it up.

    1. Al – really saddened to hear your news.
      Life is a bitch sometimes.
      Let’s hope the Dodgers can cheer you up.
      Wishing you the best of luck.

    2. Al

      I am sad to hear that, but I am more happy to know that you will be around, for a long time!

      Take care my friend!

  43. Arriba los Dodgers cabrones!!!
    Hermosillo, Mexico
    Grew watching Fernando “el toro” Valenzuela with my Granpa and dad.
    I read this page almost everyday, specially when they win!!
    Hoy macaneamos a los Brewers!!!

  44. I have been thinking about when they use Urias and I think it will be sooner than later. For example, if Kershaw only goes 5, then bring in RH Baez for an inning. I would have Urias getteing lose in the lockerroom in the 5th, so that late in the 6th he could start warming up in the pen. As a starter, I surmise it might take him a little longer to warmup. Then, let him rip, 7, 8 and maybe 9. I could see him pitching in 3 games and giving the Dodgers 5-8 innings. That could be huge.

    Insofar as the decision to put him on the roster… if it works out, it’s good, It it doesn’t, it’s a bad decision. Indecision may or may not be part of my problem….

    1. I thought that he figured this out a week or two ago and would be on the NLCS Roster…

      Not sure why he isn’t!

  45. Mark I like the positivity on Urias’s usage and his stuff is good enough to make your scenario play out. However being out for so long could also rear its ugly head, leading to him being a negative factor. Hope the stuff plays over the long layoff.

    Worry about Gonzalez a little, getting too him early will be key. We hit him a bit in 2016 when he was with the Nats but wasted a lot of opportunities. Need to not waste early chances tonight, Milwaukee wants game 1 and will likely empty the pen if they get an early lead. Let’s render that impossible.

  46. Oh sorry forgot to add this to my last post: wish you well IdahoAL, glad they caught it early, and though I don’t know you my thoughts are with you during this time.

  47. Right now on milbrewertalk.com, BrewerRick is posting a stat: Brewers 0-3 already with runners in scoring position. You can’t win this way!

  48. Some Great Names on here today:





    But the winner is: BigBadVoodooDaddy

  49. To the Brewers BP already, but the 3rd inning was suboptimal. Hope we can crack that code and shut up the pundits about the Brewers much vaunted BP.

    1. That’s on Grandal. He buckled his knees on the curve. It should have been called again after the foul ball.

    1. That’s the worst I have ever seen Grandal look behind the plate. He is too good to play like that-get your head in the game! Yas will probably make up for it by trying to hit it out on every AB.

      1. He’s a choker every October. I had hope for him this series because he’s always hit the Brewers well.

    2. Mark

      We are really lucky to get through that inning, with only two runs scoring.

      That is how we need to look at that!

  50. Could not agree more, inconsistent to say the least and what a surprise seeing Kershaw’s history with this umpire

  51. Nothing new with Grandal or Kershaw. Well I guess Grandal is actually much worse tonight but he always seems to have a passed ball at an inopportune time. Kershaw well he gave up a homer to the cardinal pitcher to start a big rally. I think Kershaw has now given up the third most homeruns in playoff history behind Andy petite. That may be wrong but suffice it to say he has given up a bunch. Now he can’t get the 7 and 8 hitters out. Turn out the lights!

  52. They gave in to Kershaw’s ego and let him go #1. Has he put 2 really good games together all season? I’m with Mark, let him opt out, he hurts us having to respect his past.

  53. I love Kershaw but if he opts out I would not get in a bidding war. He no longer has a strikeout pitch, his shutout against the Braves was a mirage and the post season narrative will continue to be written that he “shrinks” on the bug stage.

    The freaking 2 inning start for the Brewers and an effective BP game for them will allow the pundits to claim Counsell is a genius. Don’t get me wrong Kersh needs to be in Cooperstown with a Dodger cap, but he is not worth anymore than the next two years at $34 million. He’s just not that kind of investment and as Al Campanis used to say “you’ve got to get rid of a player before they lose it” (something like that!)

  54. He will opt out even if he is and in game 5 also, the right move would likely to let him walk, but I still see he Dodgers offering like 4/125 mil.

    How about some competitive at bats similar to what the Brewers have done all night, are we scared of this pen?

  55. Not at this has anything to do with the outcome but…replacing Freeze in the 4th inning is asinine.

    1. I thought it was too early too but it worked vs Atlanta and Muncy is one of the best fastball hitters on the team.

      1. That’s true… but Muncy strikes out way too much. I would start Freese every game this series and bat him in the 3 spot. He’s a much better contact hitter, he’s batting .321 vs. Lefty’s and .273 vs. Righty’s, and he’s a much better fielder as well.

        1. Having Freeze in the line up, is like having a second Turner, in the line up.

          Val really Fonzie?

          How about Laverne and Shirley?

          1. That’s funny… I almost went with The Big Ragoo, but I didn’t think anyone would get the reference.

    1. Val

      Who is Shirley’s sometime boyfriend.

      I wanted to post their opening words to their theme song, but I wasn’t sure of the spelling.

  56. Dang,, I guess we got old time first strike Kershaw instead of LDS soft out slider and big time curve Kershaw. Everybody talks about Kersh choking in the postseason. Love the guy, but he is his own worst enemy. The whole league knows that he is first pitch strike every time, and if that’s a ball, next pitch is strike for sure. For some reason, and I love the guy, his competitive ego still tells him he can physically over power hitters, instead of channeling his inner Greg Maddux at this stage in his career, and pitch instead of throw. Kind of like gettin hit on the back of the head by a two by four and still diggin it.

    1. He’s not been out-managed his players have been out playered. When your catcher can’t catch, commits a catcher interference, and your #1 SP doesn’t have a strike out pitch any longer you can’t say he was out-managed.

      Team is too reliant on the long ball for runs and in the post season you’re going to get nothing but flame throwers. That’s not on Doc it’s the FO that put the roster together.

    2. Counsell knew he had him when the lineups were announced because Doc is so predictable. On the other hand, it might have worked if he still had 40 on the roster.

  57. The thing that has got Kershaw in trouble in past is his falling in love with his fastball.

    As for Kershaw opting out, I have long contended that the Dodgers should not re-sign him if he does. The $30-35 million annual salary could be better spent on multiple other players.

    1. I hope he opts out. Next year:

      1. Buehler
      2. Urias
      3. Chicken Strip
      4. Hill
      5. Maeda or Wood (trade one)

      1. Roberts couldn’t handle the pressure so he started Kershaw, not the best pitcher.
        Posted 12:18 pm before game 1

        Dodgers should pitch Buehler in the 1st game, he is the only unhittable pitcher on the staff. Maybe one of the best in baseball. If not use him in the second game so he can start 2 games. Kershaw allows to many home runs which means they start the series by losing the first game.

  58. As we all build the funeral prye, dont forget, we win tomorrow and the Brewers home field advantage is gone. Just steal one guys…

  59. If it’s any comfort, the 1959 Dodgers lost the first game of the WS, and then went on to win in 6 games.

    And there have been years when the Dodgers won after losing the first two games.

    And while this one doesn’t look good, I’m not ready to say that it’s over.

  60. Rudy Byrd said both things I came here to say: losing Freese was stupid and Doc is being outmanaged. Good news is the whole team (except for Machado) is playing like shit so it probably doesn’t matter.

  61. Great AB by Kemp, terrible AB’s by Kike and Bellinger. They were both trying for HR’s. This game is far from over and the team cannot figure out Hader so at least he’s done and probably won’t go tomorrow.

  62. Down 5 runs and Joc is swinging at 3-1 breaking ball off of a lefty. Poor discipline there. They need base runners. They look like the inexperienced team.

    1. MLB grades umpires all year long and you would think we would get the best there is on the big stage. After-all there is only two series going on and you only need 12 umpires. Last year Bill Miller and this year Scott Barry. Bring on the electronic umpire….I’ve seen enough.

  63. Smoltz was right. Turner was swinging at pitches up and out of the strike zone all night. I think he also did some of that in the Atlanta series. Need him to return to his normal disciplined self.

    Win tomorrow and go home 1-1. At the very least we got to see their entire bullpen, and if anything they were not invincible.

    Wade Miley has pitched well against us this year, but somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my mind I recall that there have been times when the Dodgers had his number.

  64. Moral victories mean nothing at this point in the season, rarely mean anything during the regular season.

    Bottom line Our best hitter needs to show more discipline, our catcher needs to catch the ball, and Robert’s needs to show more patience with Mr. Clutch, his bat might have helped late. I say must win tomorrow, obvious statement of the year.

    Finally good news is we do t get homer plate umpire Berry until game 5, hope he is cashing a large ticket right now on Brewers +170, Vegas Dodger please get footage of this so we don’t have see him ever again.

  65. Sorry I’m late to the party.

    Born in Burbank, 1st Dodger game at 3 in 1959. To Orange County at 5, Sacramento at 14. Live in Rocklin (the suburbs of Sac) now.

    Dad was from Brooklyn – his Dad and uncle took him to his 1st game at Ebbets in 1938. His Dad was a fan before him so our family has been Dodger fans for almost 100 years.

    Possible silver lining to this game – the Brewers blew out 2 important bullpen pieces (Hader and Woodruff) and they probably won’t be available tomorrow. But – if the Dodgers’ advantage is in starting pitching then the starters have to pull through for the team to win or there’s no real advantage at all.

  66. In retrospect, Doc should have started Ryu or Buehler. Clayton pitches better when he has a chip on his shoulder or is under siege. He has been my favorite Dodger for 10 years, but (I hate to say it) I hope he opts out and the say “Goodbye.” To win it all, the Dodgers will have to do it in spite of him. I would give Ryu to Qualifying Offer and maybe he will take it, but I let Clayton walk. There are too many good arms in the system to tie up $35 million on a guy who can’t carry a team. If you pay a pitcher $35 million, he better be able to win the Cy Young. Back when Clayton was capable of Cy Young, he still couldn’t carry the team in the playoffs. I am sad about it, but it is true.

    Now, let’s move on and win this series in spite of Clayton.

  67. I agree Mark, he has been my favorite Dodger for years. Like I posted earlier, I think he cant get out of his own way, and refuses to change his approach like Maddux did later in his career. The hitters obviously have a book on him, and have adjusted. Kersh for some reason is not adjusting back and it’s killing him. With that said, we played horrible last night,(who would have that the JT would strike out that much?), and still almost pulled one out of our butts. We showed that the Brewers bullpen is hittable, so give the damn ball to Ryu and let’s get one today. I think we might see a pretty pissed off Dodger team today, knowing how bad they all played.

  68. This has got to go down as one of the worst team performances by a supposedly experienced and talented team. Horrible defense, pitching, and hitting(turner) and front office (urias). You can’t play much worse, the whole team has got to be furious at their total ineptitude. I totally agree with mark on Kershaw and said so a long time ago. Roberts didn’t have the balls to start his best pitchers. Having said all that I say turn the page and due to the embarrassment(if they are) they should refocus and be determined for game 2. However, listening to some of the Kershaw, Grandal, Taylor comments I don’t know if they get it. I didn’t see anything on turner but he should be most embarrassed because he is better than that. Kershaw nah he is just who he is.

  69. In my opinion Clayton won’t opt out. Who else will pay him $35M a year for the next two years? He may get a much reduced contract for a longer period of time but that is questionable now. I would not be surprised with early retirement for him. I really admire him as a person and have appreciated his work over the years. He no longer is “the guy” and has not truly adapted to his changing skills. He is young enough, smart enough, and still has “stuff” so he could become a new pitcher still capable of good work.
    For whatever reason he can’t handle postseason play when the pressure is on. When his team scores 4,5,7 runs for him a win should be automatic. I am not sure why the rotation for the Atlanta series was not followed with the Brewers. Maybe it was the ego thing.
    When the discussion was held regarding Clayton and Sandy and who was the greatest, I always asked who would you sooner have start a WS game for you? Would it be Clayton in his prime or Sandy in his prime? Don Newcombe had the same difficulty in postseason play as does David Price. As Johnny Cash would say, “I guess things happen that way.”
    No good to dwell on it now. As you say, the Dodgers now have to win the series without Clayton as the #1 horse in the stable. I hope there is still time for Clayton’s redemption this postseason. I truly hope I can say in the end that I was wrong about him.

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