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I don’t know how to react to last night’s game. There was so much bad that happened and a lot of good.  It is easy to concentrate on the 2-out walk to the pitcher followed by a grand slam HR.  However, Buehler followed that by retiring the next 10 batters, including 4 strikeouts.  It is entirely plausible that without that walk to Newcomb, the Dodgers shutout the Braves for third straight game.  It would be very understandable that Buehler was still thinking of the walk to a pitcher when he squared off against Acuna Jr.  Nobody knows what was in his head at the time. The offense did not stop working with a two out two run single by JT in the 3rd.  CT3 hits a two run HR and then Max Muncy hits a solo to tie the score. The key inning was the 6thwith Matt Kemp starting it with a ground rule double.  Bellinger does his job by getting Kemp to 3rdwith less than 2 outs.  Unfortunately, Kike’ hits a ground ball right to Charlie Culberson who made a perfect throw to the plate and nailed Kemp.  That did not take the wind out of the Dodgers sail, but that year-long problem by not getting key hits with RISP was ever present. What was also ever present was that the bullpen did not come through when they needed to. Freddie Freeman hits a HR on the first pitch he sees from Alex Wood, and the Braves get that 6-5 lead they do not give up.  I am not going to make excuses that Alex is not a reliever, he just made a bad pitch to a good hitter who happens to hit LHP very well.  Madson, Baez, and Alexander followed and did pitch well.  Hopefully that will better play out as the playoffs progress. Brian Dozier gets a pinch hit single in the 8thand gets to second on a wild pitch, was stranded when Puig grounded out.  Joc Pederson leads off the ninth and wins a great battle against Arodys Vizcaino with a 10 pitch AB that ended in a rocket single to RF.  The question was did he hit it too hard.  That issue went away with a walk to JT.  Max Muncy comes up and goes 3-0 before striking out, and Manny Machado strikes out on a couple of bad pitches.  Dozier then followed suit with a strikeout to end the game. All in all, the Dodgers had runners in scoring position in the 6th, 8th, and 9thand could not get them home.  They were 1-9 overall with RISP.  I choose not to get too wrapped up in that scenario during the playoffs.  There will be plenty of time to discuss this after the downtown parade in LA. Most, if not everyone, knows that I am a huge Alex Wood fan, and it hurts that he gave up the HR.  Would the Dodgers have been better off with Josh Fields as a reliever?  I do not know.  Woods did not give up many HRs, and generally pitched to soft contact.  But he got hit hard in this game.  Will Wood get the ball again in a high leverage situation?  I doubt it.  The playoffs is not the time to build up confidence. Machado and Bellinger had horrible nights, but then again, both will have other opportunities and one of their next ABs may be a game winner. Atlanta is going to throw Foltynewicz in Game 4, and since he only threw 50 pitches in Game 1, he should be sufficiently rested. The Dodgers counter with Rich Hill.  Hill is a different pitcher once Chase Utley advised him as to how he was tipping his pitches. The Braves had problems hitting off-speed pitches in Games 1 and 2, and Hill seems to be a good counter to Foltynewicz. Let’s hold off on the negatives.  We can all come up with a bucket load.  Let’s keep positive thoughts and hope they get all the way to Atlanta; Hill pitches 7 scoreless, Jansen closes out the 9th, and the Dodgers head to the NLCS for the third straight year.  This team is resilient.  When it looks the most bleak, that is when this team kicks it into gear. GO BLUE!!  

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  1. Another positive is that the Dodgers have had very good results with pinch hitters lately.
    Cody’s error and resulting throw to third base were big in that inning but Buehler will just have to settle in and bail his fielders out as they bail him and all pitchers out.
    His work after that inning was definitely a good sign. If it didn’t bother him that tomahawk chop forces me to turn the volume down or off. It is absolutely the most annoying thing in all of baseball for me.

  2. I think or at least hope Bellinger works on his stance over the winter. The erect stance worked for him in his rookie year and that probably has made him cling to it.
    Taylor is swinging way too hard and is upper cutting too much. Yes he did hit a home run but the pitcher put the ball in maybe the only location that Taylor could hit the ball. He is a low ball hitter as is Puig.
    Manny is also over swinging. He is still young and this is the first time he is experiencing playoff intensity. He still has time to have a big post season.
    Wood, Stripling, and Stewart lost something and were not as good as they are capable of being. Hopefully it is only a temporary ailment and not something that would require major surgery. All three can be awesome. Every pitcher has given up a home run in relief. The game was lost when Newcomb was walked.
    With Joc stranded on third base, his streak of 8 consecutive playoff games with a hit and a run came to an end.

    1. Since the All-Star Break, Bellinger has hit .285 with a .369 OB%. That’s over 3 months. He has not been hot lately, however.

      In that same period of time, Joc Pederson has hit .250 with a .303 OB%, but he has been hot lately.

      The difference is that Joc hit .170 against LH pitchers this year while Cody hit .226.

      Both players need work over the winter.

  3. 9 wins to go and 7 teams left. Could see both numbers reduced today. Dodgers need to come out sharp. Perfect guy on the mound. The comeback showed heart last night. Good to taste some blood in the mouth.

  4. Courtesy of The Athletic:
    “Without men on base in the regular season, the Dodgers were baseball’s best offense. Their .791 OPS was 52 points better than the National League’s next-best team: the Brewers, their NLCS opponent if they can advance. But with men in scoring position, their OPS fell to .760, 14th in baseball, 53 points behind the NL-best Braves.

    The playoffs are a new, smaller sample with the same results. The Dodgers have three hits in 23 NLDS at-bats with runners in scoring position.”

  5. I have heard a few fans blaming Dave Roberts for the Dodgers’ loss last night and I am going to have to say that is some really dumb $hit! I watched about a minute of a video blaming Roberts for the loss which has to be one of the most moronic things I have ever seen. What a waste of bandwidth!

    Buehler could have went another inning… maybe… but what if Doc had left him in and he game up a HR? Bringing Alex Wood in made prefect sense, even though it didn’t work. Let me list the reasons:

    1. Two LH Batter were up in a row and in case you don’t know, Wood is LH’ed!
    2. The last time Wood faced Freeman, he struck him out.
    3. Alex Wood had not given up a HR to a LH hitter all year… until last night, when he hung a curve.
    4. In 170 Plate Appearances, LH batters have only gotten 8 extra base hits off Wood (all doubles).
    5. Alexander was the other option, but he tends to walk a few hitters. Wood was the best option.

    It made perfect sense… but it didn’t work. Alex didn’t execute like he normally does. That’s not on Doc.

    That said, Vizcaino was filthy last night. He is so wild, that you have no idea where the ball is going, and he’s going to walk a lot of batters, but he’s very hard to hit. Hopefully, he won’t be effective tonight after about 30- pitches last night.

    The good thing is that the Dodgers pen should be fresh. This is a MUST win, Rich Hill!

    1. I have had my differences with Dave Roberts, but to blame him for last night is insanity. Buehler gave up the walk to the pitcher with the bases loaded and two outs before the granny. Is it Doc’s fault for starting Buehler? Was it Doc’s fault that Puig, Machado, Dozier or Belli, did not come through? Was it just blind luck that Dozier and Joc got PH singles in the 8th and 9th? Because it could not have possibly been a good strategical move. Some people say they are Dodger fans, but do not like anything about them. They hate the FO, the hate the manager, they hate most of the players, but they are Dodger fans??? I do not mind criticism. it is healthy. But just disdain for everything that goes wrong and find blame is crazy. IMO those people want the Dodgers to lose just to say I told you so.
      Outside of his teammates and family, I doubt that there was anyone more sick about the Freeman HR than me. But it was the right move. It was Wood that hung the curve, not Doc. S#@* happens. In case some have not noticed, Freeman is a pretty good hitter. I think he is going to get his share of MVP votes.

    2. Good take Mark and post AC. There was plenty of blame up and down the lineup last night, but I had no problems with the way the game was managed. An error by Bellinger, a walk by Buehler, Grandal should have called a curve ball when he was trying to find the zone. Bat AB’s by Bellinger, Machado, Kike, Taylor, Puig do all the way up and down the lineup after the game was tied. I think Max may have swung at ball four on the 3-1 pitch. Machado had a terrible AB. Puig didn’t drive a guy in with two outs. Kike didn’t get a guy home with a runner on 3rd and 1 out. Taylor got himself out with the bases loaded when he swung at ball 3. Bellinger’s AB’s were terrible all night long. They lost as a team, but they know they gave that game away and should be ready to hit today.

  6. The way we battled back after being down 5-0 bodes really well for today. We come into today not with the feeling of “Atl beat us’, but “we should’ve won that game”.

    I like our chances today (I liked them yesterday as well, but oh well). Let’s finish this. I trust our guys.

    Mark, I saw comments about blaming Doc on the other site and then I saw there as a video; I didn’t even bother because I didn’t care to know “why Doc was at fault.”

    However, yes, Wood did strike out Freeman last time, but in his career Freeman is hitting over. 400 against Wood. Either way, it didn’t work. Let’s get it today.

    1. Actually, Freedie was hitting .384 against Alex before last night, but all were singles, and he was hitting .500 against Scott Alexander.

      BTW, the reason Doc was at fault is because second-guessers are never wrong! It’s no wonder that site is a ghost town.

  7. And Watford, re your post on the last thread, you are correct. Bellinger looks clueless out there. so far.

  8. Normally, Cody would bat against a RHP, but he is only 1-6 against Mike Foltynewicz and he could use a breather, I think. It’s a tough call, because he can break out at any time and he’s an elite base runner, and a plus defender, error aside.

    1. So we can’t question the mighty Dave Roberts? No second guessing the manager ever again huh? Just smile and say nothing but positive and sunshine and never question authority. Aweomse.

      Look, I love Roberts and think he’s a great manager for his leadership capabilities, but bringing in wood to pitch was a dumb move. The reason is because wood has not been pitching well for a while now. Other than an inning in San Francisco series, he’s hardly pitched. He’s nowhere near the same pitcher he was last year, but I’ve never liked Alexander and his lack of a strike zone so it’s a toss up.

      The Dodgers are a good team but they have a couple of fundamental flaws that everyone should be able to see. It’s flaws that may very well prevent them from winning the world series. The lack of baseball fundamentals is the issue here, i.e. being unable to move runners over and not making enough contact. Too many strikeouts.

      There’s no reason to bash my site though just because somebody has a differing opinion. Nobody has a disdain for the dodgers. We all want the Dodgers to win. We’re all Dodger fans. This is the playoffs and emotions run high. You better believe when they lost last night I was cursing the rest of the night. This isn’t rainbows and fairy tales. Open those eyes.

      On a final note, some of the guys over here who post have said some nasty things about you Mark. I have never engaged as you and I are friends. There is no reason to bash my site.

      1. damn bro. talk about taking it to the extreme. Yes, we can “question the mighty Dave Roberts.” We can “second guess the manager”. We can “question authority” and no, things aren’t “positive and sunshine”. I”d say everyone who’s ranted and raved on this site all year has bitched about the lineups, our bullpen moves, the platoons, etc. ALL YEAR LONG!!! But my lord, unless you’re a 12 year old girl, that was the most immature beginning to a post I’ve read in a long time.

        Having said that, I love your site (except for the nonsense fighting between certain posters all year), and I read it every day. I read it before I read this one. I’ve posted more here because there’s been more traction here. Nothing personal; it’s only Dodgers. I know MJ posts on your site as well quite often, as I read it every day!
        4 weeks ago, Mark wanted Dave Roberts fired. I thought that was nonsensical. DodgerRick continues to provide evidence of what you mentioned : our failures to get key hits, manufacture runs, and too much feast or famine. Everyone who watches this team knows how frustrating they are and how anti-clutch they are. I’ve been posting on a Dodger facebook group I’m in about how anti clutch and anti-SUPERSTAR Manny has been since he got here. People still defend him. But look at the facts? Did I trust Muncy up in the 9th? yes, but he didn’t deliver. Did I trust Manny? HELLLLLLL NO!!!!

        1. I’m really just defending my site and writers Bobby. Thanks for your kind words though.

      2. Scott, I like your site and while I don’t post there I do read it and the comments as well. We are all Dodger fans and have a common goal. This year has just been a bumpy ride but the team is more than capable of getting back to the WS and perhaps more. I have vented often but now it is time to circle the wagons. Go Blue!

      3. Scott,

        #1. I am not bashing your site – just observations about a video and comments;

        #2. I have already dealt with certain liars on your site, but I would never let someone talk that way about you or anyone else on this site. In fact, I booted someone from your site who was talking disrespectfully to MJ. We can all disagree here… and we do, but I won’t allow our commenters to be belittled.

        #3. Most commenters are fine, but an occassional a-hole can wreck a site! We don’t allow that here.

        1. Noted Mark, on all of the above. Maybe I’ve been too nice in general and need to occasionally use the ban hammer. Never been comfortable with it though. I guess i’m too sensitive these days. There will be big changes coming at my site after the World Series.

          1. People here can disagree and I may disagree back, Bobby can even call me “nonsensical.” However, I won’t allow character attacks. I’ll stop there…

      4. He didn’t bash your site.

        He had some pointed criticism of a video criticizing Roberts and blaming him for the loss, calling it a “waste of bandwidth.” He never mentioned your site by name. In fact, I never would have made the connection if not for one of your readers over there citing what Timmons said to stir s$$t up. All you really have left over there are a few bitter, angry trolls. Mexi-whatever was trolling.

        Timmons and AC have been criticizing Roberts all season long. I think they’ve even said at some point they wanted to see Roberts go. Their point is that Robert made the right calls last night, the players just didn’t deliver.

        There’s no drama. No need to create any.

        1. Patch, a voice of reason. AC and I were talking the other day about missing your input!

          1. Hey Mark! I still pop in fairly regularly. I’m mostly content to read the good takes from you, AC, D-Rick and others. Maybe I’ll opine if I feel I have something I can pipe in about.

  9. i love day baseball but i think it’s ridiculous that the two best baseball days recently have both been Monday early games. there’s something wrong with the scheduling if we come out of a weekend and now immediately play two games [featuring both of last year’s WS combatants] before most people are even done with work. /rant

  10. First, I mentioned that I would have kept Buehler in the game longer, but I never put any blame on anyone.

    Because when Buelher was taken out, there was already two outs.

    All year, we have had problems when runners are in scoring position, and our numbers in these situations when there is 2 outs is even worse, so I didn’t think that was a good enough situation, to take Buehler out of this game.

    Because Buehler was pitching well, and had control of this game at that time, and I didn’t think the odds were good for us to get a hit, in that situation.

    And I don’t know how anyone is blaming Roberts or Wood, when this team was only 1-9, when runners were in scoring position, last night.

    The Braves were actually 1-1 in these situations last night, and that is a compliment to Buehler and our pitchers, that the Braves didn’t have many chances, like we did.

    This is not Manny’s first time in the post season, the Orioles were in the play offs when Manny first came up to be the Orioles third baseman, and they were in the play offs, not to long ago.

    Remember when the Oriole’s manager never used the best piece the Oriole’s had in the bullpen Britton, a couple years ago.

    That was the season some were considering Britton in the Cy Young talk, that year.

  11. I think Cody’s error was the key to the game last night. If he doesn’t make that error or if he doesn’t compond it by throwing to third and letting the other runner get to second it changes everything. We would have pitched to Culberson because there would have been a runner on first. Even if we walk him (as we did the pitcher) the bases would have been full with the pitcher up. Throwing to the correct base is so important, ask Puig.

    1. Completely agree. That error was the downfall. It was great to see the team rebound, but a loss is a loss. Hopefully today will give us a better ending.

      1. After he kicked it Cody should have thrown to 2B and kept the force in order and then no IBB. Maybe Culberson would have come through, we’ll never know. Walking the pitcher on 4 pitches (Newcomb had the lowest BA of all ML players this year!) was bad, and Grandal just kept calling fastballs. The ump gave him a high strike on the 3-0 pitch to Acuna, in retrospect it would have been better to walk him there instead of a center cut fastball that resulted in the GS.

    2. it’s like he’s a 1b playing CF 😉

      max muncy really disrupted the heck out of our team

      i still say i’d like to see him in LF next year [muncy]

  12. On the large sample size my 3 favorite Dodger heroes are probably the main reasons Dodgers made it to the post season for most of this last decade but I’ve read some things downright insulting to those players who gave us most hope. 1stly of that large sample is Clayton Kershaw who’s likely to be inducted the 1st round into HOF. But some at this site have expressed they don’t even want him with Dodgers the following seasons! Geez! 2ndly is Kenly Jansen who has the record for most Dodgers saves in the history of the franchise but somehow some voice how he can’t be trusted The 3rd would be Justin Turner, though he’s quieted those who just didn’t like his red hair or whatever but didn’t even want him given a chance while he blazed to elite status. However far we will get in these post seasons I credit those 3 the most. They’re not my only heroes on the team, just the ones I’ve defended the most. Nobody’s perfect and nobody ever did their best as there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

  13. Ugh. Grandal back in the 5 hole today. Now there is some to complain about when it comes to Roberts.


  14. Before last night’s game I expected the Dodgers to sweep. I an surprised that Buehler lost his mechanics and his release point. After what he did in Game 163 I figured he had ice water in his veins, but he was cranking his fastball in at 99 and not the 95 – 97 we usually see, so he was overthrowing. I was surprised after he walked the pitcher with the bases loaded that they didn’t make more of an effort to slow him down. After throwing 2 more fastballs high and away at 99 to Acuna, I figured he’d groove one and he did. This is part of his learning curve and it was one of the things that cost the Dodgers the game.

    The Dodgers were 1 for 9 RISP last night with 2 GIDP. They had 7 hits and 9 walks. Machado looks really horrible up there – he swings at a lot of bad balls. So does Puig.

    In Game 2 they had 5 hits, 3 walks and were 1 for 6 RISP. In Game 1 they had 5 hits and 8 walks and were 1 for 7 RISP.

    The fact is that they can’t expect to shut out the opposition every night. Someone has to start to hit with runners on base, but this is the team that they have had all season and it is folly I suppose to expect them to employ situational hitting in the postseason. It’s been interesting to listen to John Smoltz. It’s plain he doesn’t enjoy the all or nothing approach employed by most of the Dodgers but he really likes watching Turner hit. Turner is the only guy who seems to understand the need to change the swing with 2 strikes, with 2 outs or with RISP.

    By the way, I guess this makes me a naysayer too but as John Adams observed, “facts are stubborn things”.

    1. I almost always like your takes, well researched and stated. This is who they are, how they were built and how they are managed. I will take the good with the bad and I think it’s fair to point out the bad and still be a die hard Dodger fan. Now let’s silence all the tomahawk chop nonsense and celebrate on their field today! Hill is capable of spinning a gem-with him we will know early. If he has curve ball command he could go deep. Run the pitch count up on their starter and get into their bullpen.

    2. i realize that these two concepts are related but to me it’s not so much that we are “unclutch”; it’s more that we don’t excel as a team at situational hitting. we are pretty good at hitting homers and getting on base but stringing together these events is a bit tougher. for example, we need to go all the way back to our last inning: max muncy had a 3-0 count and we had two runners on base with no outs. that’s a situation that is highly in the offense’s favor, even with a closer on the mound. not only didn’t we score, we didn’t even come that close. we went out with a whimper and in retrospect, max muncy wasn’t the ideal guy to have up in that spot. but you can’t pinch-hit for one for one of the best hitters on the team, especially against a rhp. we’re not that great in specific hitting situations. turner is and freese looks like he might be, but i’d almost see barnes up there bunting than see another K by bellinger. extreme reaction i know but that 9th inning last night is what worries me going forward. we get guys on but then the opponent hunkers down and we’re screwed. in close games, this can be a fatal flaw.

  15. Hawk, while I agree about Grandal batting 5, who else can we put there? Bellinger looks lost. Puig cant ever deliver with a big hit. And Kike has like 1 hit this series himself. Let’s hope 1 of them can get a big 2 run hit today.

    1. I’m putting all of those guys before Grandal when it comes to hitting 5th. Bellinger as bad as he’s looked got a runner over last night and has the speed to leg one out. Puig who I prefer 6th had been on base and hits righties. Kike who I like 8th has a history of positive post-season performances.

      1. Honestly when it comes to October I hope for a walk with Grandal. Let’s hope he runs into one today.

    2. I rarely have issues with the batting order. Just hit whereever you are!

      Here’s a gem from Houston Mitchell:

      They do seem to fail a lot in the clutch. They were 13th in the 30-team majors in batting average with runners in scoring position this season, and 29th with two out and runners in scoring position. So yes, it can be very frustrating watching them leave the bases loaded. I get frustrated when I see players come up and swing for the fences instead of just trying to put the ball in play. But keep in mind something else:The teams with the best offense often are among the league leaders in runners left on base simply because they have more runners on base than the teams with a bad offense. So, it’s not always just an inability to hit in the clutch.I’m not going to sit here and say the Dodgers are a great clutch-hitting team, I just want everyone to look at the big picture too.

      So, there is that!

        1. … except for the fact they have scored 14 runs in 3 games!

          You are counting “cummulative” at bats. The Dodgers are actually 1-15 with RISP as a team for the series.

          The Brewers who won their series were 7 for 28 with RISP against the Rocks. However, they scored 13 runs, while the Dodgers 14 runs. RISP is only part of the story.

  16. I am not a Roberts fan, I think he is a poor game day manager,( actually his last 4 games have been really good) but last night was not on Roberts.

  17. Career Win-Loss Percentage

    Walter Alston – .558

    Tommy Lasorda – .526

    Jim Tracy – .527

    Joe Torre – .533

    Don Mattingly – .551

    Dave Roberts – .589

    I’m just sayin’ he’s not bad for a poor game manager!

    1. As I recall you disliked Donnie Ballgame and his W – L % is better than everyone’s but Roberts’ and Alston’s so how good a measurement is this? Could a better game manager have done better with the same team?

      Alston and Lasorda did it over 20 years without the type of support (or orders) that Roberts has. Are you implying that Roberts is a better manager than Alston since his % is better?

    2. That was not your opinion a month ago when he was a moron and an idiot and you wanted him fired.

  18. It was definitely not Roberts or Wood’s fault last night. If Walker gets the pitcher out and/or if we go just 2-9 WRISP… we win that game.

    I would have loved for WB to stay in there until the 7th… but it’s the right call to pinch hit for him in that spot, it just didn’t work out for us.

    Machado and Bellinger are a huge concern right now… both need to be in there, but both have looked terrible at the plate this series.

    Definitely not a fan of Grandal hitting 5th… mostly because it’s a spot in the lineup where you’ll have one or two guys on and two outs a lot of the time and he just strikes out too often. But like Bobby said… who else can we put there right now? I think Kemp is probably the best option there… but he’s not in the starting lineup.

    Hoping they can take care of business today… the rotation would be set up perfectly for the next series if they do.

  19. My big fear re today, if it’s a close game, is a too-well-rested Maeda and Kenley coming in. They’ve not worked in a while!

    1. Rich has been getting squeezed all day. That called ball four on his curve was just atrocious.

  20. Rick,

    Cummuative at-bats are if the Dodgers load the bases with no outs and Bellinger, Machado and Turner all strand them there, it’s 9 runners stranded (3 x 3), but in reality, it’s only 3! Not 9.

    1. I didn’t mention men LOB; it’s hitting with RISP and that’s 0 for 3. It’s not cumulative. It would be cumulative if we were talking LOB (3 and not 9).

  21. hill for 6, maeda for 1, ferguson for 1, jansen to close?

    starting to think the score might hold

    after a crummy day, advancing to the next round would be a nice elixir

  22. Suzuki, of all people, gets a 2 out hit. Joc couldn’t. Hill wasn’t expected to. Difference in the game.

  23. Unreal! Routine DP ball. Infield hits and Hill getting squeezed into throwing one down the middle for Suzuki.

  24. Ok, who said he didnt want Madsen on the NLDS roster???? Oh, it was me.

    Great job there! May have saved the game for us!

  25. Our feast or famine offense is once again rearing it’s ugly head. Making ok pitchers look great. C’mon guys, work the darn count!

  26. That was a professional ab by Freese. They don’t do that often enough. Plus Culberson almost got that.

  27. That is the reason I thought taking Freeze out that soon yesterday, may have been a mistake.

    Because he is the only other guy on this team besides Turner, that can hit in these situations well.

    And Freeze has even splits against both lefties and righties.

  28. Acuna just missed that. Dangerous coming middle-in to him.

    Hope the Dodgers don’t go into offensive hibernation as they often do.

    1. Brooklyn, he JUSTTTTTT missed hitting that ball about 500 feet wow!

      We need more runs. As I said earlier, Kenta and Kenley could be rusty, not having pitched in so long!

  29. Bobby, we’re in agreement. I want more runs. When the other team is down it’s time to be relentless, and step on them.

    1. I can speak for much of America when I say I don’t want to listen to that damn tomohawk chop again. I’ve always hated the Braves in the 80’s and on. I forgot how much until I had to start listening to that again.

        1. We can thank Deion Sanders for bringing that with him from Florida State when he played for both the Braves and Falcons. I always hated listening to it and forgot just how much until the last 2 games.

      1. Bobby

        I think that is an excellent idea, especially with the rest our bullpen guys, will be getting, this week.

  30. I expect the Dodgers to win. But I am taking nothing for granted. A 4 run lead is not insurmountable.

  31. I expect the Dodgers to win. But I’m taking nothing for granted. Four runs is not an insurmountable lead.

    1. That’s ok… I think it needed to be said twice :- )

      A four run lead in a closeout game is definitely not insurmountable.

  32. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I did not want to be clairvoyant. Still not taking anything for granted, and as I noted yesterday, I’m assuming anything.

    As we all know, it ain’t over until it’s over, or until the Fat Lady sings.

  33. Just so John Smoltz knows. “Irregardless” is NOT a word. It’s just plain “regardless”.

  34. The Brewers will be a tougher challenge but the Dodgers are playing as well as they have all season. It will be interesting to see how they set the rotation. I thought Madson on the roster was a good call, he looked cool as a cucumber today in a bases loaded 1 out situation and delivered with 2 popups.

  35. Well now that was nerve racking fun. BIG game from Machado. He was clutch when he needed to be. David Freese continued his post season clutch play. He sure looks good as a RH bat off the bench and a periodic 3B for JT with a very affordable option. Big pitch to Duda by Maeda after the monster foul. Kenley huge non-save save.
    The Dodgers were 2-6 WRISP; Freese and Machado. Big miss by Joc with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs. Joc had a tough day today, but Friday is another day, just as today was another day for Manny after a bad game 3. Kenley seems to be heating up. Pitch velo got up to 96. Faces the tough top of the lineup and gets them 1-2-3 with a K of Freddie Freeman. That is a great non-save save.
    Now that the Dodgers have reached the NLCS for the third consecutive year, we can savor this victory for a couple of days before we speculate about a NLCS roster. The Brewers are going to go through Christian Yelich and their bullpen. It is a tall order, but very doable. In the 7 games played between the two teams, when the Dodgers scored more than 2 runs, they won all 4. When they scores 2 runs or less, they lost all 3. The Dodgers scored 48 runs in 7 games, while the Brewers scored 25, The Dodgers scored 23 more runs, but only won won 4 of the 7. I think this is the epitome that run differential does not guarantee who the better team may be.
    Tremendous NLDS with some outstanding pitching, and dare I say…some clutch hitting. And the closer may have been resurrected.

    1. AC

      I am curious how good is the Brewers bullpen?

      And how well did they do, in this last series.

      Because all I heard was how good the Brewers bullpen is, when I watched some of the games.

      1. One thing that has stood out to me and even when we played them last is that Moose has made them a much much better team. I’ve never been a big fan of him as a player, but he’s been very important to them. I think the Dodgers having 3 lefties helps neutralize Shaw’s power. I would go Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu and then decide if you want to go with Hill or not for game 4. Ryu has been deadly at home. Let him pitch there game 3.

  36. There’s an insider on truebluela who’s hinting at urias starting game 4. Not sure what would happen to hill.

  37. This is a good sign: Machado hit the ball hard all night. According to Statcast data, Machado authored the four hardest-hit balls of the night, with exit velocities of 104 mph or better in each of his first four plate appearances.

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