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In the Dodger’s clubhouse, next to Justin Turner’s locker is a whiteboard that people observed after last night’s game.  It simply says “10 Wins!” That’s the simplest way to write down the understood goal of winning the World Series.  It takes 11 wins in the postseason.  After last night, there are 10 to go.  No more, no less. It’s that simple… Simple… but not easy! The thing is: these guys, at least most of them were in a position to win the World Series last year, only to have their hearts broken in the end.  That taste remained in their mouths and they carried it around like a hangover all season. It seems to me that they sobered up right before the Giants series.

Who was on the NLDS roster last year? 

  1. Baez
  2. Hill
  3. Jansen
  4. Kershaw
  5. Maeda
  6. Wood
  7. Barnes
  8. Grandal
  9. Turner
  10. Bellinger
  11. Hernandez
  12. Puig
  13. Taylor

That’s it from last year.  Almost 50% of the Dodger’s playoff roster were not on it last year.  That is a huge turnover! Alexander, Floro, Kemp, Madson, Freese, Machado and Dozier were acquired via trade. Ryu was left off the roster last year… only to start Game 1 this year.  Talk about from the outhouse to the penthouse! Then, there are the two rookies: Buehler and Ferguson and the minor league miracle: Max Muncy. Finally, Joc Pederson was left off the NLDS last year. That seems like a lot of roster turnover to me, but in many ways it is a testament to FAZ and how they are always seeing value and are unafraid of change.

The Baker’s Dozen left from 2017 are now the leaders, along with Chase Utley who is in the dugout with his brothers.  Team chemistry may or may not be overrated, but the chemistry of this team is off the charts.  Matt Kemp used to be the moody prima donna… now he’s one of the clubhouse leaders. Yasmani Grandal, Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Rich Hill.  Those six players set the tone for the rest of the team and are the collective “voice” of this lockerroom.  Of course, Kike, Mad Max and the Wild Horse are always good for some sound bites, but this is one teriffic lockerroom!  I think that they all have each other’s backs.

This team is built for the post-season and it’s not how you start – it’s how you end,are things I have been saying all year. In many respects the season was ugly, although it did have it’s moments.  The players struggled throughout the season.  This new statistic-driven brand of baseball is still being sorted out. It’s evolving… The Dodgers struggled with it, so did the Cubs… and it ultimately killed them, along with the failed acquisitions of Chatwood, Darvish and Morrow… most of whom were boat anchors on the roster. I think you will see the pendelum swing back a little from some of the extremes of playing for the long ball… but I digress.

Last night, the Dodgers scored 6 runs on only 5 hits, 3 of which were homers.  They also took 8 walks and stole 3 bases, while Grandal gunned down the only attempted thief!  What should not be lost in all of this is that the Dodger pitchers did not walk a batter while striking out 11.  It should also not be lost that Hyun-jin Ryu pitched like an Ace. Now, if Clayton and Striker can do that, the series is over. These guys reek with determination.  When you have been so close to the mountaintop or goal, only to have it snatched away, you realize how difficult it is and how sweet it is. Thse guys can smell it – just 10 more wins to go!

Parting Shots

  • It’s hard for me not to envision Kike Hernandez as the starting 2B next year!
  • It won’t be lost on most GM’s how much less productive Manny Machado is outside of Camden Yards.
  • Realize this: Clayton Kershaw WILL opt out, unless he can agree on a new deal before that.  
  • Caleb Ferguson has “bullpen” written all over him.

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  1. I think Hernandez will get a long look at second base in ST.
    I think what Kershaw does or doesn’t do in these playoffs will have a big bearing on his and the FO’s decision for both, and it all starts tonight.
    Ferguson is doing everything that is asked of him.
    The best thing about these playoffs is the giants once again are not playing.

  2. Great piece by Ken Rosenthal in The Athletic on why starting Ryu was brilliant:

    Opening with Ryu was correct not simply because the left-hander was brilliant for seven scoreless innings in the Dodgers’ 6-0 victory Thursday night, allowing just four hits, striking out eight and walking none. It was correct from every possible angle but the sentimental one, and front offices today value sentiment about as much as they do batting average.

    The practical value of Kershaw starting Game 1 instead of Game 2 in a best-of-five series was effectively zero; if anything, Game 2 would have taken on greater importance — save-our-season importance — if the Dodgers had lost the opener. As it turned out, Kershaw is in position to put the Dodgers within one victory of their third straight NLCS appearance and fourth in six years. The scenario does not quite fit the dictionary definition of “humiliation.”

    “At the end of the day, when you win the World Series, going back to Game 1, no one is going to talk about that,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told the team’s beat writers late Thursday afternoon. “So, what’s the best way to get there? That’s our responsibility.”

  3. I was thinking last as Hernandez hit the HR that he is indeed our 2B next year. No reason to search the FA list or seek a trade when we have Enrique. I also don’t think Manny will be a Dodger next year, nor do I think he’s worth what many think he will be asking for ($30 million AAV).

    If Clayton can pitch well, Dodgers hit Sanchez tonight I like what Stryker can do in the ATL. Last night was an excellent offensive game plan. Patience, get a good hitter’s count and let it rip.

    Tonight….same line-up?

  4. I thought Kike should have been the starting 2b at the beginning of THIS season! Leave him there and let him play and we have our exciting version of Baez at 2b. But we screw around, let Forsythe and his .180 average play, and then trade for Dozier and let his .190 average play. Let Kike play!!!!

    Most of you see Ferguson as a bp piece. I see him as a ridiculously good #3 or 4 starter. But either way, man does he look good out there!!!

    Ryu was dominant. Muncy was dominant. Dodgers 1B Max Muncy is the second player in postseason history to go 1-for-1 with three walks. The other was Babe Ruth. Muncy was asked if he had ever been linked to The Babe. “Besides now?” So basically we have Turner, Babe Ruth, and Manny Machado in the middle of our order. I like it.

    Now I know many on this board hate the way we play baseball. I hope they can set that hate aside for the next 3-4 weeks!!

    1. Those of us who prefer the team also learn how to do the small things to win games are now and always have been behind the Dodgers. I love homeruns as much as anyone. After Game 163, I vowed to refrain from criticizing anything until after the Dodgers parade, but I am always looking to get better. That is why I was so gung-ho on the Astros getting Gerrit Cole AFTER WINNING the WS.

    2. I totally agree with Bobby here.

      This front office not only gave Forsythe another year with the luxury tax issue, they also traded for Dozier, before they even thought of having Kike, at second.

      And Dozier has been keeping better players out of the line up, ever since.

      And to tell you the truth, I don’t know how long of a look Kike will get next year, because he is much more valuable to this team, as a super utility player.

      And like Mark said, the front office may give another player a chance next year before Kike or possibly someone on this post season roster, now.

      Because they adjust to the players that are producing at that moment, unless they traded for that player, at the trade deadline.

      And we all have seen this year, that some of the players on the roster last year, that had career years, or really good years last year, regressed this year.

      But hopefully, this front office will stop trading for players out of the American League, at the trade deadline, unless that is the best player, they can get.

      I also think Fergie would be much more valuable as a starter, so I hope he is working on an another pitch in his off time, or will do this, in the off season.

      Both Ryu and Muncy, were both big to me, last night!

      Ryu pitched the type of game we needed, and Muncy is hitting more HRs now, when runners are on base too!

      The fact he walked that many times, is why at times this year, I thought he would be a better lead off guy.

      And I can’t imagine how many more HRs Muncy would have hit, if he was in the lead off position, getting much better pitches to hit.

      But since he is getting more comfortable in the third position, I think he is just fine there now, especially since he is hitting more HRs, when runners are on base.

  5. There’s really only one way I see Kershaw opting out………retirement. I can’t see him going to pitch for another team. Money sure ain’t gonna buy him so what would a good reason be for him to opt out? As I said before when the situation first visited a few years back, “he ain’t going nowhere, he still has the same friends he had before he got more money than Bubba-Gump-Shrimp. He’s surely a 1st round HOF inductee and what other uniform would fit that bill? His agent will be playing that hand but Clayton has the say-so and his agent has already a ton of cash and will make a ton more making any deal with Dodgers. I could opt out simply for the fun of it, but he’ll still sign and play for Dodgers.

    1. I maintain that one of two things will happen:
      1. He will sign an extension; or
      2. He will opt out.

      He’s not going to retire and even if he opts out, he may resign, but 1. or 2. will happen.

      He may have a ton of cash, but he could use a couple more tons.

      1. Mark you are right Kershaw could use a couple of tons more, he still has unfinished business and Africa to complete

      2. It seems to me like it would be a good idea for Kersh to opt in, fix his back next year and be ready for another big contract after his redemption year. I can’t see him getting a higher AAV the next two years after hitting the DL with back issues for 3 years in a row.

  6. Presuming CK beats the Bravos, I wonder if we would be better off starting Rich Hill in game three on the possibility of sweeping and thus giving Buehler a little extra rest since he is still very young and has shouldered a heavy workload since entering the rotation. Make Atlanta prove that they can handle crafty, skilled, experienced lefties before giving them an opportunity to reset their strokes against a power pitcher like Walker.
    Ryu pitched the best game of his career last night in my opinion and despite MM’s poor game at SS and the plate, I expect him to make a positive difference for the Dodgers as we move forward. Rest of team played like All Stars.
    Has anyone heard any rumors regarding the medical issue regarding Kenley should the Rockies beat the Brewers and the Dodgers have to play in Colorado?

  7. I was wondering about the order of the starting rotation going forward, because last Post Season Faz was very keen to make sure Hill pitched at Dodger Stadium because they felt his curve worked better there.
    He is due to Pitch Monday in Atlanta if required, but after that it’s my guess that you won’t see him pitch on the road again.

    That is a really good question about Kenley. He wanted to go last time, but didn’t on medical advice.

  8. I thought Kenley already said, he would pitch in Colorado in the post season, if we were in a series against the Rockies.

  9. I am not sure that Kike’ should be the regular 2B because he is TOOOOO valuable as the super utility guy. I see him more in the Ben Zobrist role rather than the Javy Baez role. He has shown this year that he can hit RHP, so he should not be considered a platoon guy. He is a legit 500+ PA guy. Then again, the Dodgers do not have an internal option and Kike’ can fill that role. I think it is all going to come down to what the budget will be going forward, and what needs the Dodgers intend to fill from outside the organization.
    Kershaw is going to opt out because some team (including the Dodgers) will offer at least a guaranteed $100MM. How much past that, I have no idea how high teams will view him. While he may have been passed (and I do mean may) as the Ace, he is still very good. I can see Mark Walter approving a Johnny Cueto level contract (6 years – $120MM).

    1. I’m not worried about the Kershaw situation at all because I think by far the most likely outcome is that we tack on a few years to his current deal or rework something longer to keep the AAV down. Worst case scenario to me is that he opts out and if that happens, God be with him. I’m sure 100% of his focus right now is on getting Braves out. Then his focus will be on getting Brewers/Rockies out. And so on. 10 more wins. Nothing else matters.

  10. I have to chuckle every time I read how good many fans think Caleb Ferguson is. Two years ago there were less than a handful who even knew who Caleb was. I mean how many 38th round HS pitchers getting TJ surgery a month before the draft are people going to follow. It is because of that that I started to follow Caleb. I kept bringing his name up, and at times “jokingly” including him in the mock trades people wanted to make without giving up name players. Finally someone asked me why I kept bringing up Caleb in these mock trades, and I responded…because in two years everybody is going to know his name. He is going to be very good. He came faster than I thought he would, but there was never any doubt in my mind that he was going to be a key pitcher on the 25 man.
    I have missed on more players than I got right (yes I liked Mitchell Hansen). So when I do get one right, I am very happy fans come to cheer on that player, especially Caleb Ferguson. He is a good kid as well as a good pitcher. He is only 22 so I do not think he is going to want to walk away from starting, but he is getting more comfortable in the reliever role. I have no desire to speculate on next year yet, but my guess is that if he does want to start, he will probably be going back to OKC. However, he truly could be an Andrew Miller type reliever and stay on the ML roster if that is what he wants.

    1. AC called that back in 2016, I think, but I had never seen Caleb in September last year when this video surfaced:

      At that point, I knew what AC spoke of… but he has progressed quicker than I thought. However, unless he developes another “Plus” pitch, I do not sede him as a starter.

    2. I think Ferguson, Gonsolin, Uceta, Dennis Santana and even Robinson Ortiz are great examples of both scouting and player development.
      It’s often not just the player, but the way the player is molded and grown.
      I think.

  11. I was talking to my 9-year old son this morning about the game last night and telling him that this postseason feels like almost the opposite of last season in that last year we were looking to remove our starter as early as possible to get the pen and this year we are trying to ride our starters as long as we can before needing to bring a reliever in. Last night was a good illustration of that and I believe we will try to get 7 innings out of Kershaw tonight as well. With a strong #4 starter in Rich Hill, we can play it like this will be the one game each starter appears in this series (unless it goes to 5, which nobody wants). You have to be focused on the her and now but you also have to have a game plan for the next series as well. Ideally, we throw Buehler with a 2-0 lead and a chance to close it out. With a rested pen, all hands would be on deck. Things could start to get a little more complicated in the next round but maybe by then we have the luxury of a tandem starter like urias. one things about a guy who can throw 3-4 innings in relief is that in a blowout [either way], he can save a lot of arms and keep regular roles intact. I wish Wood would’ve closed out the game but on the bright side, it was nice to see Floro get some game action. i still think he’s a guy we’re going to need to get a tough out [via strikeout or ground ball] in a key spot more than once this postseason. good to get the first one out of the way, even if the stakes were not so high. as for jansen warming up, i’ll save the roberts-critique for others who are practiced at it.

    1. The more work Kenley gets the better he is. I would have had no problem bringing him in. When he’s off for a couple of days we’ve seen that cutter not cut over the years.

      1. fair. i hope we don’t lose wood. we need him. maybe he’s better if he’s pitching angry.

  12. Although I have been highly critical of the front office and Roberts on SBR with regard to lineup, hitting and pitching strategies I always thought we have the most talented team in the NL and maybe in baseball. It’s not been the players for the most part who have caused concern this season. With inconsistent playing time it’s been difficult for players to get in a groove offensively. Now, at least, the platooned lineups have been pretty consistent and the players know what to expect. The emphasis on situational hitting by the staff has helped as well.

    Agree that Kike should be the 2B next year and felt that should have been the case with the failure of Forsythe all season. My only concern was Kike’s ability to drive the ball and use the whole field. Lately, he has been doing that. He knows when it’s time to make just contact to move and drive in runners and when to go for the HR. This guy is so talented and has a great opportunity to be a all star in the future.

    Machado had a bad game but the umpire jobbed him in his first two AB’s. I think it might have messed with him mentally the rest of the game. He did have an error, but also made an incredible play later in the game. As we progress through the playoffs he is going to provide some big moments. He hasn’t been the superstar, carry the team type player we were expecting. But, he’s got the potential to do so. And, we don’t need him to be. A few highlight defensive plays and a couple of key hits and it’s all good. I think there is a zero chance he resigns with us. And, that’s OK. We don’t need him when we have Seager returning.

    Kershaw. Maybe, he doesn’t opt out and takes his $70M the next two years and then signs and ends his career with Texas. I just don’t think ownership wants to spend $100M+ on a pitcher that only pitches 1/2 to 2/3 of a season. I think they want to start getting a much better return on their $2B investment along with the hundreds of millions they have already spend on players ( a lot of which wasted on unwise signings). Well see. It will be interesting.

    It’s nice to see Roberts allow the starters to extend their outings in the last few weeks. With the uncertainly in the BP it has forced him to do so. The starters are good. He is letting them maximize their starts. The less decisions Roberts has to make concerning the BP the better our chances are for success. It might be the key to our first World Series in 30 years.

    1. Two low strikes will also force you to swing at balls you don’t want to swing at.. It appeared to me that Machado was trying to lay off of Folty’s two seam fastball in order to stay out of a DP. The two-seam is what was being thrown there because it will more likely get you the ground ball desired by the pitcher compared to a four seam fastball. After being rung up twice on bad calls, what did Machado do next time. He swung at a knee high pitch that turned into a DP. That’s the beauty of baseball. Little things like that. It may be why some advocate for a real umpire and it’s why I advocate for a computerized K zone. As for the error, it was going to be a do or die play with a Acuna running down the line and Machado playing extra deep. Manny rushed and made an error. With his arm he may have got him, but I’m not so sure. Either way he deserved the error, but do to Acuna’s speed it was not a routine play.
      Barring a move of Seager or Turner to 2B, I agree that Kike/Taylor/Muncy can handle 2B just fine. I have no interest in signing DJ from Colorado. I think his body is breaking down and if there’s one player on that team who most benefits from playing in that stadium, I believe it is DJ. Plus, Lux is probably two years away from taking over that position. I’m an advocate of signing Machado. Hey Manny, thinking of signing with Philly? Look at the way that team quit under that clown Kapler. Play your prime years in LA and make more in marketing in LA LA land.

      1. Mark Walter sat with Sandy Koufax last night. He wants #22 to be a Dodger for life. It will happen.

  13. AC, yes you did first mention Caleb. I think of you when I see the success of Ferguson, Christian Yelich, and Gerrit Cole! Haha, oh, and add LeClerc to that list now.

    Regarding Kershaw: anyone with his competitive fire (and I feel part of his postseason failures are due to that stubborn fire) will be internally fuming about not starting game 1. But I feel he’ll us that anger to his advantage tonight. Look for a focused Kersh tonight trying to match Ryu’s performance last night .

    I felt this series, like last year’s NLDS, would be a sweep and I think we take step 2 of that tonight.

    1. so if we sweep atlanta, would we stay with the same rotation order or would we change it?
      NLCS Rotation [assuming sweep]:

      1. If we sweep (knock on wood) Atlanta, I think we reset the rotation.

        Hill still goes 4. If it goes beyond you have K/R/B set for 5/6/7.

        What order K and R pitch will probably be based on how K pitches tonight but would not be surprised to see K pitch G1 of next series

    2. One more that I was touting…Brandon Morrow before he became Brandon Morrow. But that list is dwarfed by the players I missed on. Maybe someday I will try to put that list together as well. I still think he has a chance to be very good, but I really liked J.T. Chargois going into this year. Next year, Jesen Therrien will become my must watch pitcher.

      1. Chargois doesn’t have “IT” – whatever “IT” is. Jesen Therrien , I think has “IT.”

        1. Don’t be so quick with dismissing Shaggy. He improved quite a bit this year, and really only had one bad month (May), which could have been a precursor to his injury and June DL stint. He had a tremendous July and a solid August. 40 K in 32.1 IP. His ball moves quite a bit and if he commands it???? I still like him.

  14. I think AC has been right far to often about different players and pitchers, in different times in their careers, to chalk it up to player’s development and scouting, and how a player or pitcher, are molded.

    For example, AC was talking about Morrow, way early in the off season, before anyone was saying anything favorable, about Morrow.

    And AC even talked about the pitcher Chacin, the Brewers started against the Cubbies, in that one game play off, for the Central Division, the other day.

    These two guys are not prospects, but baseball teams saw the same value that AC saw, in these two pitchers, before the fact.

  15. Earlier, I mentioned Manny Machado’s splits at Camden Yards and Away:

    Camden Yards: 456 games/105 HR/.295 BA/.353 OB%/.534 SLG%/.887 OPS
    All other venues: 469 games/69 HR/.271 BA/.319 OB%/.442 SLG%/.761 OPS

    He’s close to a superstar at Camden Yards. Away from there, he’s just a solid player… maybe a #6 hitter.

    Can’t see him in LA next year!

  16. yeah, i’m not sold on him as a franchise superstar. however, it’s nice when he can use his arm to make an out just when you’re feeling down on him.

    1. The Dodgers needed him this year with Seager out and paid a steep price, but unless his value falls to 8 years/<$200 million, I would not bite!

      1. Although I don’t feel strongly either way about Machado, I agree with Mark, about Machado.

        And besides the numbers Mark has posted here, just look at what Machado has done against righties, since he has joined this team.

        Those numbers should make some show caution, before signing him to a big multi year contract, let alone, this front office.

  17. Josh Donaldson batting 5th and playing 3b for Cleveland today. Controversial trade due to injury/DL shenanigans. He could be an impact player this postseason.

  18. here’s something to think about: in addition to [potentially] kershaw, dallas keuchel is one of the biggest name free agents this offseason. in fact, some pretty big numbers have been bandied about for DK’s next contract. so . . . who would you rather have, keuchel or ryu?

    1. meanwhile, yu darvish rehabs his elbow while cashing his monster cub paychecks. talk about divergence of the twain [Bluto warning–this may go over your head].

  19. I agree wit J-Hair on Dodgertalk last night, we have the best starting pitching in the NL, and hopefully our bullpen holds up. My only concern is how up and down we are offensively. We can score 6 runs like last night and look good doing it, then go two games in a row and score 1 run. That is our biggest Achilles heal in this years play-offs, our feast or famine offense, which a number of you have posted that this is what FAZ built, who we are. They have been right the majority of these past few years, I hope they know what they are doing this time. Got the season in the balance with this offense.

      1. to expand, all offenses struggle at times. i mean, look at colorado’s. if we are going to go all the way, i believe the greatest barrier we have to overcome is our bullpen [and possibly roberts’ management of it]. obviously we need our offense to perform but we clearly have all the pieces we need in that area. it’s unclear whether we even have the pieces for a championship bullpen.

  20. Here are some random thoughts….

    I’m not eager to have to play the Rockies again, Go Brew crew. Kenley should not go to Colorado if that comes up.

    Clayton is my favorite ball player but I can’t see blowing more than the current 2 year commit. I hope he makes me look like a fool for doubting his future! I just worry about his body holding up. Pitching may be a younger man’s game!

    I like Manny, he’s been a good rental but I also think that’s a bridge too far financially. A WS may make him want to stay but spreading that $ to other places feels right to me

    I’d really like to see how we can keep Ryu, get him some coin but not past a 3 year deal. See younger man comment above.

    Walker can be our new legend. The legend continues Sunday….

    I hope we get more guys hitting today in support of Clayton, he deserves a win!

    Urias exceeded my expectations and I hope he continues to be solid for years. I saw one 97 on the gun. Hope there are way more in our future.

    Max is fun and assuming no DH next year, how do the pieces fit together? I prefer Cody at 1st, but yesterday’s line up (swapping Seager for Manny) seems correct.

    I thought we’d be disappointed but I am optimistic our team is built to win now. Go D’s!!

  21. Think of what would have happened if we had traded for Verlander instead of Darvish. It almost makes me sick. We missed big time on that one.

    1. If we traded for Verlander the Dodgers would be over the luxury tax or there would be some key players gone. It was never going to happen.

  22. I’m thinkin’ Kenley at Coors field is not going to be a problem. Kersh needs to put his foot on the Braves neck and put this thing on ice.

    1. I’d like to see Joe Davis in a “one man booth” just like Vin. He’s very Vin-esque, but Nomar and Orel can go away!

  23. The Red Sox have a really good start today, I hope they keep it up.

    It is a good thing the Astros gave up on JD Martinez, or the Astros would be even better.

    Sale is pitching tonight.

    Sale was another guy AC wanted the Dodgers to trade for, too.

    1. Same. And I would have dealt Buehler or Urias in a Sale trade before 2017 began. But whatever. Let’s beat Sale in the series.

      1. I don’t know about you Bobby, but most of the Dodger’s fans I know, don’t like the Yankees.

        I will take any team over the Yankees.

        And I have always liked the Red Soxs, if I would root for an American League team.

        1. MJ, I”m opposite. NYC is my fave city in the world, after LA, so I’ve never hated their teams, and always want a NY/LA final in everything. I got that in 2014 when the Kings beat the Rangers. I’ve always wanted a Yankee Dodger World Series (I became a fan in 1983, so missed the late 77/78 and 81 series).

          I also, mostly because of the Lakers/Celtics rivalry, root against Boston teams, but I would also LOVE a Dodger-RedSox World Series!

          Either way, if we do go, I think each AL team would be a crazy tough challenge.

          1. Hate em both damn near equally anymore. I used to root for the 70’s Red Sox and the Manny Red Sox to beat them but to me they’ve become the same teams different accent. The Red Sox fans are the same dillholes that root for the Patriots. I guess the names Yankees creates more dislike but not much more. Both of their fan bases think all of baseball revolve around the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry when most of the country can’t stand either.

    1. Bobby

      I am like Hawkeye, I use to root for the Red Sox in the 70s.

      Because they had never won a World Championship, for a very long time.

      And I was a teenager in the late 70s, when we got cheated out of a World Championship by Reggie Jackson, and an American League, umpire.

      In those times, I always liked the Red Sox, or Royals, when they played the Yankees.

  24. Bobby

    My favorite College basketball final, was when Magic played for Michigan, and Larry Bird played for Indiana st.

    My father always took the Celtics, and I took the Lakers.

    I have always been big Laker fan, although I haven’t followed pro basketball that much, lately.

    But I am definitely going to watch the Lakers this year.

        1. As you know, I have always liked Grandal.

          And I think having Grandal bat farther back in the line up, is better for Grandal, as well, as the team.

    1. He tried a delay steal and mistimed it. Not a big deal. Good idea if he saw something bad execution.

        1. Yeah, the hamster was working hard while he was on first base. Probably could have just done it with a straight steal earlier in the count.

    2. Apart from the licking the bat, tendency to miss the cut off man and the base running blunders I generally like him if for nothing else, his ability to take away base hits on defense.

  25. Wow! The stream I watched has about a 20 minute delay. Reddit if anybody interested
    Clayton Kershaw is still on top of the hill! Even when umpires squeeze what he has. He ain’t been dethroned yet by a damned sight. If one expects more from him then Kershaw has spoiled all eyes upon him. Simply spectacular!

    1. Some players are held to a higher standard than others. Kershaw is one of them. I was yelling throw the curve to Markakis in the first inning and when he did it was a thing of beauty.

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