Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

That phrase was popularized in the United States by Mark Twain (among others), who attributed it to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. It seems that there is a stat for everything and we all have our own opinions.

I voiced my displeasure with Dave Roberts not playing Yasmani Grandal last night after his breakout game against the Reds on Wednesday. Many other Dodger fans voiced the same displeasure over Roberts lineup choices.  Well, the Dodgers scored 9 runs with that horrible lineup.  Maybe it really isn’t all about the lineup after all. It’s not going to get any easier as Striker Buehler is going against Jack Flaherty tonight. Flaherty has been pretty consistent all year.  With him it’s all about “pitch count.”  His last two starts have only been 5 innings each due to pitch counts.

The Dodgers lead the NL in runs scored but St. Louis is only ten behind as they have been the best hitting team in the NL since the All-Star Break.  They are much like the Dodgers: lots of HR and strikeouts:  The Cards have just 50 less K’s than the Dodgers.  #1 in runs scored and #1 in pitching ERA – they should have 90 wins, but they don’t.  Forget all that – these last 15 days of the season will tell the tale.

Houston Mitchell of The LA Times had a classic quote yesterday on the use of statistics:

Well, one of the problems with stats is that I can find a stat for pretty much everyone that makes them look like one of the best players in the league, or one of the worst. That’s why I always encourage you to seek out as many stats as you can find about a player and team and make judgments based on all of them.









I’d like to give you some advice, but Houston Mitchell said it best::

It’s what we have talked about all season. I get so many emails from readers filled with anger and rage after losses. They call the team a bunch of losers and choke artists. But here’s the thing. The Dodgers aren’t out of it yet. They are making it difficult for themselves, but they still can make the playoffs. I don’t know if they will. You don’t either. If they do make it, I don’t know if they will win the World Series. You don’t either. There have been teams that have won 84 games and won the World Series. There have been teams that have won 116 games and got knocked out before the World Series. Anything can happen, you just need some guys to get hot.

What I would recommend to some of you is that you don’t let each game linger in your mind. If you are still seething over a Dodgers loss more than 10 minutes after the game ends, then you are doing it wrong. Calm down. Relax. If being in a playoff race isn’t an overall enjoyable experience for you, then you may want to find something else to do with your time. It’s not worth the stress. There are fans of other teams that haven’t made the playoffs in years. They’d love if their team had won one division title recently, let alone five in a row. So, if you are angry, spend some time with your friends. Hug your significant other. Play with your kids. Pet your dog. But you can still ignore your cat, because cats are evil and were sent here from an alien planet as spies.

Rants & Raves

  • You know I like Kike Hernandez, but is he really a better CF than CT3?  Not that either one is a bad choice…
  • I hereby declare the Brian Dozier experiment officially over. Injury?  Old age? Hot lights of LA? He should not be on the playoff roster – I take Utley over him. Too bad – he’s a great guy, but this is a bottom-line business.  You can’t “hope” that he gets untracked in a pennant race.
  • CT3 has changed up his swing… especially with 2 strikes.  If he can get hot it changes the whole lineup.
  • Austin Barnes is returning from the grave.
  • Clayton struggles against the Cards… specifically the Cards in St. Louis where he has a 3.78 ERA.  Most of the damage is coming on the first pitch as the Cards are jumping on it, because they know the first pitch might be the best pitch they get from him.  I think that calls for an adjustment.
  • Caleb Ferguson is a important part of this pen. He has the guts of a Cat Burglar. 
  • How well the Dodgers’ bullpen fares is going to be determined how well Kenta Maeda and Alex Wood adapt to their new roles as “high-leverage relievers.”  Neither of them love it, but it’s for the good of the team.  I think both can for a L-R version of Cleveland’s Andrew Miller – It could be “light’s out” or a “Chemistry Killer” – It all depends upon their attitudes.  Both want to start.  
  • For those who care, Logan Forsythe is hitting .274 with a .679 OPS as he as skidded back to the bottom.  He won’t get much of a deal next year.  1-year/$1.5 million?
  • While we are talking about former Dodgers:
    • Josh Reddick is hitting .239 with a .689 OPS – kind of like he did for us.
    • Willie Calhoun is hitting .250 with 1 HR and 9 RBI in 76 AB’s.  Not impressive…
    • Frankie Montas has a 3.96 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP and is no longer a strikeout pitcher with 43 in 62 IP.
    • Of course Shebler and Peraza are doing good for Cincy, but they had no place to play in LA.
    • Just a few old friends…

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  1. To me, playing a player the next game after his hot game is not only a gambit to help the team win the next game, but also to give the hot player a chance to “groove in” what he is doing right.

  2. Hence we get ‘Disraeli Gears’, album released in 1967 by the rock group Cream headed up by Ginger Baker and a young guitarist by the name of Eric Clapton…
    Sweet… When R&R was R&L…
    It’s Walker time in the STL…

    1. One of the great albums of all time. I still have it on vinyl. I have already declared my favorite guitarist to be Eric Clapton.
      You forgot the most dysfunctional person of that trio…Jack Bruce.

      1. Dysfunctional yes, but amazingly talented!! I can’t imagine anyone comparing to Eric and Jack when they started jamming together!!

        1. Clapton before Cream was in The Yardbirds. The Yardbirds replacement for Clapton was Jimmy Page.’ Or so I think. My recollection ain’t what it used to be as facts are becoming less so as time is turning me into a dino.

  3. Rockies are in SF this weekend, and our bff’s the Giants have lost 11 in a row. That means they’re ready for a win or 2! Perfect time to take 2 of 3 this weekend .

  4. A note on a couple of prospects, from the Insider:
    For Tulsa, Dodgers №2 prospect Keibert Ruiz has been at the center of both wins, collecting a walk-off single in the bottom of the 10th inning in Game 1 and then hitting a score-tying RBI single in the bottom of the ninth in Game 2. He also hit a solo homer in the first inning on Wednesday.

    Ruiz is 12-for-31 in the postseason. №6 prospect Gavin Lux hashit safely in his first seven postseason games for Tulsa, going 12-for-29 at the plate.

    For Rancho, right fielder Cody Thomas hit a grand slam in the fifth inning in Wednesday’s Game 2 and №24 prospect third baseman Cristian Santana hit a three-run homer in the seventh.

    -Both teams are one win away from a league title.

  5. totally agree with orel last night saying freese’s at-bat could be a season defining hit. with the right talent and the right approach we can be hard to beat. as always it comes down to execution.

  6. It’s interesting that you left out perhaps the most important paragraph of Mitchell’s article:
    “The Dodgers are what they are: A team that hits poorly with runners in scoring position and which usually gets solid starting pitching but has a very erratic bullpen. Just when you think someone is going to step up and be this year’s Brandon Morrow, they fall apart.”

    You can always argue about the numbers, but the won-lost record doesn’t lie. The Dodgers are exactly .500 against everyone in MLB if you leave out San Diego (12 – 4) and Texas (4 – 0) as Mitchell points out.
    “Let’s break down their record a little more.
    Against teams .500 or better: 48-41 (.539)
    Against teams under .500: 31-26 (.544)
    Before All-Star break: 53-43 (.552)
    After All-Star break: 25-24 (.510)
    One-run games: 21-21 (.500)
    Home: 39-36 (.520)
    Road: 40-31 (.563)
    March/April: 12-16 (.429)
    May: 14-14 (.500)
    June: 17-9 (.654)
    July: 16-10 (.615)
    August: 14-13 (.519)
    September: 6-5 (.545)”

    The team has had 2 good months (June and July) that pulled them back into contention but they have played mediocre baseball in all other months. They just aren’t that good this year – you can look at all of the stats but the won-loss record doesn’t lie.

  7. They played a very good game on offense as a team, last night.

    Can our leftie line up do the same is the question, along with Puig.

    I am with you Mark, Taylor is the better centerfielder, but Kike’ has played there, more.

    I would play Taylor more in center, so he gets comfortable, because he has more speed then Kike, and a longer reach.

    Your also right about Dozier, but Roberts will still continue to play Dozier, even if it doesn’t make sense, much like Granderson, and Reddick, but hopefully, after Granderson and Reddick, he plays Dozier less.

    This is nothing new with Kershaw, when it comes to the first pitch.

    But with his drop in velocity, he can’t continue to make these type of mistakes.

    Let’s see if our leftie line up along with Puig, learned a little on offense, from our rightie last up, after last night.

    Because the line up tonight must me better, because we are facing a better pitcher, tonight .

    1. Also per discussion last night between Orel and Joe D., comparing who had the better arm, Machado or Puig, one of them said that CT3 needs to be in that discussion because statcast had one of his throws with more velocity than any other Dodger throw targeted. I do not recall the MPH, but I was certainly surprised with the comment. CT3 and Belli are considered the fastest players on the team. Put CT3 in CF, work in the offseason with him to tone down his swing and lower his launch angle so he might be able to barrel up more balls, and the Dodgers have their CF and leadoff hitter. But they need to win this year first.

      1. I was really excited to see his double to right center yesterday. Shows that he’s getting last year’s swing back, and not sticking with this year’s HR hitting contest swing

      2. AC

        I thought Puig’s throws, was almost as much about how quick Puig releases his throws, and not as much about the velocity, on his throws.

        Because Puig throws more like an infielder, or a catcher, then an outfielder.

        1. I like Taylor a lot, but I don’t see him as a pure hitter.

          I see him more as an utility player, and an all around athlete.

          But I see him as utility player, that is in the line up more often, then not.

          I think his swing is to hard to repeat, and that is why he has not done as well, this year.

          I think he will work hard as always, in the off season.

          But I don’t know how much better he can get, because hitting, is a talent, in itself, as everyone knows.

          He didn’t have a smooth swing when he first joined this team, even before his break out year, when he was not hitting with power.

          So I don’t know how much better he can get, when it comes to hitting

          But I think he is a good enough athlete, to play center, and lead off, if he can play smartly.

          It is his speed and athleticism, along with his confidence, that makes him, a good centerfield.

          I just think we have two other more pure hitters on the roster, that can also play center, too.

  8. I have been very careful to say that I have never believed the Dodgers were out of the pennant race. I will never accept defeat until they are eliminated. But that does not mean that we fans cannot be disillusioned from some of the play and strategy. We cannot trade for players, we do not make up the lineup, and we do not play. All we can do is complain when things go bad, and complain as we see them. None of us have as much information as the decision makers do. I have never been someone to follow without question. Maybe that is the auditor in me, but as a fan, I reserve the right to complain. People have different words…embarrassed, frustrated, disappointed, pi**ed off. But it is all the same. We do not give up our being a fanatic because the team does poorly. Maybe the disappointment shows that we may care too much.
    I keep reading that the Dodgers have the best talent in the NL, and yet there are 5 teams with better records, with only 15 games to go. How can that be? Either they do not have the best talent, or there is some outside factor influencing the game. I have stated before and will reiterate…this is a three pronged problem; front office decisions, field management decisions, and perhaps most important, the players themselves. Baseball is a game that requires a team of individuals who work best as a unit. Many teams have tried to put the best group of individuals together, but they could not function as a cohesive unit. I do not think that is true with this group. They truly have very few All Stars, but they do have a good group of plus to plus plus players, that when they play as a unit is tough to beat. But when a player (or players) tries to be the “man” and go above and beyond their abilities, the team element suffers.
    FAZ went out and got the best position player available, trading some very good minor league talent to try and make up for the loss of Corey Seager. Something they cannot do.
    JT is the glue, but Corey is the engine that keeps the machine going. He is not replaceable by Machado or anyone else. Maybe Machado makes the team better, but he has not so far. These last two weeks is when he needs to audition for his $300MM, by getting hotter than hot. He needs to carry this team. That is why he is in LA. But FAZ ignored the one true weakness this team has…the bullpen. Kudos for Machado; a lot of questions with the lack of urgency for the bullpen.
    Most of us have chimed in on the poor lineups and game management from Doc. I will add…in our opinion. If any of us have a better baseball decision making ability, we would be managing/coaching somewhere in the professional ranks. But we armchair managers (and GM’s). Admittedly last night worked when it should not have (per the stats). I still would have started Muncy over Dozier, and I would still find a spot for Bellinger, but that is me. Doc got a win last night, so he deserves some credit (or at least less abuse). I know Barnes got two hits, but Grandal might be getting one of those hot streaks where he can literally carry the team. Again IMO, Grandal should play 4 out of 5 games down the stretch, Dozier should be on the bench, and Bellinger should be in the lineup for the rest of the year. Apparently Caleb Ferguson is becoming a late inning high leverage option, along with Floro. He got back to back games on Wednesday and Thursday.. I cannot be happier for Caleb. I was very glad to see Doc let Jansen get himself out of the trouble he got in. I think Doc has pulled the pitcher too early at times. You bring a reliever in to get the team out of trouble, but you cannot trust the reliever to get himself out of a jam?
    But the one element of the triad that has the most impact is the player. Players need to adapt and adjust. Not wholesale changes, but making sure they are approaching the pitch the same way, that their head stays down, that they have their hands and hips coordinated.
    Hitting is muscle memory, and when the player gets out of whack, it is his job to figure out how to get back to what was successful. Overswinging and pulling off the ball is not going to get it done. Study the tapes, and work with a coach to get you back to what has worked.
    I complained early and often about CT3 and his inability to consistently put bat to ball, especially in the leadoff spot. But something seems to have clicked, because he appears to have more control over his swing, and the line drives are starting to happen. I would much rather have a .280 to .300 hitter with a .370 OBP at the top of the lineup than someone who can hit 25 HR’s. Tone it down, and play within yourself, and voila, the Dodgers have a leadoff hitter. Joc goes hot and cold, but that double down the left field line Wednesday against the Reds was fantastic. If he can stay within himself, he would improve dramatically. Bellinger does make adjustments. He is going up the middle more often, and we do know he has power to left-center when he stays back. But his kryptonite is the breaking ball down at his back foot. He cannot go the other way with that pitch, but his swing dictates hitting a low inside pitch for pull power. What he needs more than anything is pitch recognition. If he can stay off the pitchers pitch low and inside, the pitcher will need to adjust and Belli can then pull away. Orel mentioned last night that something clicked for Grandal when he was in the cage with assistant hitting coach and something clicked and he started to hit like he did in July. But he adjusted, and has the ability to carry a team.
    While I believe the players are in the most opportune position to take advantage of the situation and take control of this pennant drive, I am reminded of what my son told me after his streak of 12 straight at bats reaching base ended (10 hits, 6 XBH). He told me what people in the stands or listening on the radio do not truly understand, is how hard this game is to play. I was standing at the stadium in Pawtucket after a game when my son had an ofer, and an obnoxious fan walked up to him and asked him why he did not get a hit. My son does not have a filter (like his Dad), and he responded… Can you stand 60′ 6″ away from a pitcher who throws 95 with spin and actually see the spin? Well I can, and I still fail to get a hit most of the time.
    Okay now it is time for the Dodgers to win at least 10 of the next 12 and go into SF with the Division won.

    1. excellent post. everyone is entitled to his opinion, but i think there is some faulty reasoning involved if many are so quick to give up on a core member of last year’s team (Taylor). seeing the team perform last night gave a hint into how dangerous we can be if we are clicking on all cylinders. personally, i thought taylor/turner/machado/freese/kemp was a pretty bad-ass first five in the lineup.
      we really do have more options than roberts knows what to do with. and the players suffer by not knowing whether they’ll play or have the first part of the game off.
      maybe the bulk of this year’s under-performance does inevitably fall to the front office who, forced with staying under the tax limit, skimped on certain areas while overloading in others.
      and maybe we can make all this null and void by going on a hot streak and going into the playoffs primed and ready.

  9. The Mesa brothers (Cuba) have now been declared free agents by MLB. Victor Victor Mesa and Victor Mesa Jr. are the sons of Victor Mesa Sr., a legend in Cuba beisbol. The Dodgers have the 4th most International bonus money available but it may not be enough to get Victor Victor. Victor Victor is the prize, who at 21 is projected to be at AA next year as an offensive and defensive threat with immense speed. The Orioles and Marlins have the most bonus money and are in the best position to sign Victor Victor. The international cap is a hard cap, and a large dollar team can no longer just overspend to get the players they want. So the Dodgers need to trade some prospects to get additional international money to be in a position to “bid” on Victor Victor. Diego Cartaya is a prize, but Victor Victor is THE prize.

  10. AC – You hit it out with that one… I wish I could put my thoughts out there like you…
    I will say again and again after reading daily rants from folks on this and other blogs, “folks this not an easy job that these 25 guys go out and do for a living”… Do you think really that Dozier, Machado and others just say “screw it”, I got my money…
    Lets not forgot, this is a sport that deems you a damn good/star player if your successful 3 out of 10 times..
    Your last lines about your son summed it up AC…
    AC it’s times like these where I need my music and lil time with my wife fishing to handle this race were in…
    P.S. and don’t get me started on Steve Winwood…Damn…

    1. Here’s a good couple of paragraphs:

      “It’s baseball. It’s a roller coaster,” Kemp says. “You have one good week and the next week you suck, and then you come back and you’re good again. Then you suck again for three weeks and then you’re good again for two months and then you suck again. There’s not a lot of people that can just consistently be really, really good at baseball.”

      If it sounds like something a wise old veteran would say, you’re not far off. Cody Bellinger has praised Kemp for his mentorship over the course of the season. He and Puig have reconciled, Jansen going so far as to call them “brothers for life” this spring. In July, Kemp was named the winner of the Dodgers’ Heart and Hustle Award, given by former players to a player on each club who “demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball.”

  11. So…. The Dodgers could sign Victor Victor and Junior if they had enough Internationl Signing Bonus Money. Miami has a lot… and maybe they want to sign Victor el al too, but who wants to play for the Marlins?

    So, trade Keibert Ruiz, Andrew Toles, Edwin Rios and Yadier Alvarez for JT Realmuto and their International Signing Bonus Money. Then sign Big Vic and Little Vic.

    Realmuto can hold down the fort until Cartaya is ready. It’s an overpay, but it ‘s worth it IMHO!

    … and I love Ruiz!

    1. you win

      in reserve: kemp, verdugo, dozier, utley, taylor, freese, barnes, toles, farmer, locastro, gale [not sure if those are right]

      this september baseball is really nothing like the regular season

      we could have a pinch-hitter every inning if we wanted

  12. it’s possible that this game tonight is between the last two teams competing for a playoff spot.
    in the AL, boston/cleveland/houston/new york/oakland are essentially locked in. in the NL, atlanta/chicago/milwaukee/colorado all look pretty solid.
    i guess a lot could happen between now and the end of the season, but i’d feel very good if we could just wipe out STL before we set our sights on the NL West.
    cleveland at houston is the one match-up that’s almost assuredly set.

  13. No more Cubans for a while please. Cuban players signed by the Dodgers:
    Onelki Garcia
    Yasiel Puig
    Alex Guerrero
    Erisbel Arruebarruena
    Yusniel Diaz
    Omar Estevez
    Hector Olivera
    Pablo Fernandez
    Yadiel Alvarez
    Starling Heredia
    Ronny Brito
    Carlos Rincon
    Oneal Cruz
    Yasiel Sierra

    There may be even more, but other than Puig, none have made the Majors. (Puig joined LA in 2013 but was signed in 2012 so we are talking about a 7 year period here.) Diaz got us Machado so that’s good. Most have been huge disappointments. So either they stop signing guys from Cuba (even guys named Victor Victor) or theyare more careful about whom they sign or they do a better job of acclimating and developing the guys that they do sign. But so far the Braintrust has wasted millions of dollars on players from Castro Island and gotten little in return.

  14. Joe Maddon’s brother called me today and after we talked business for a while, I asked him if the Dodgers play the Cubs in the NLCS, can he get me some good tix in Chicago?

  15. I think a little more perspective on the Dodger “Cuban Ballplayers” is needed.
    1. They are not all Cuban. Starling Heredia, Ronny Brito, Carlos Rincon, and Oneal Cruz are all from the Dominican Republic. Should the Dodgers stay away from signing players from the D.R.
    2. Only Puig played at the ML level? Not true. Maybe not long and not well, but Arruebarrena, Guerrero, Garcia, Olvera, all played MLB. Maybe Dodgerrick does not think that is an accomplishment, but how many draft choices make it to the Show?
    How convenient it was to not mention that Hector Olivera brought Alex Wood and Luis Avilan to LAD. Now I know Dodgerrick does not think Alex Wood is a ML starting pitcher, but there are many of us who do.
    Oneal Cruz brought the Dodgers Tony Watson who they should have re-signed.
    As Mark indicated many of the players mentioned are still prospects.
    Starling Heredia – 19 – in Ogden. He needs maturity, but he is 19.
    Ronny Brito – 19 in Great Lakes – Defensive whiz who has found a bat and a bat with some pop. He should be at RC next year. At High A as a 20 year old.
    Carlos Rincon – 20 in RC – In 126 PA, he hit .327/.427/.818/1.246 with 15 HRs and 35 RBI’s. He will start at RC but should move up to Tulsa.
    Omar Estevez – 20 in RC – .263/.315/.400/.715. Led the California League in doubles and was #3 in RBI’s as a 20 year old. He should be in Tulsa to start the year.
    Yadier Alvarez – 22 in Tulsa – A ton of talent who most baseball pundits said was worth the $16MM he was signed for. He is immature and feels entitled, but at 22 and a multi-millionaire from Cuba, maybe JUST maybe he needs some more time. He seems to be taking to his new role as relief pitcher very well, and if something clicks, he could be in LA next summer.
    I do not know what to expect from Yaisel Sierra, but neither does anyone outside of the Dodger organization. He may be a high priced bust, but not yet.
    Should the Dodgers quit on the Latin ballplayers because they are not at the ML level at 19 or 20? Not everybody is a Vlad Jr., Yoan Moncada, Jose Abreu, Alex Fernandez, Juan Soto, Eloy Jimenez…Some take time to mature and develop.
    Because not all draft choices make it, should the Dodgers refrain from the draft? Zach Lee was a mistake, Mitchell Hanson was a mistake. Jordan Sheffield? Jeren Kendall? I am not going to go through all of the botched 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft picks, but maybe 10% of the annual draft picks ever make it to MLB. And most of those were like my son who was a 26th round choice and only had 13 ML AB (14 PA). But they did make it and they did help the organization with their organizational depth to allow the future stars to percolate. Maybe Dodgerrick does not value organizational depth, but those of us who value the minor leagues (outside of the obvious stars), do.
    When FAZ took over, the minor leagues were in shambles. They needed players and they needed them fast. In 2015, the only way was to sign international players. Just like you cannot judge a draft class a bust because only 10% ever make it, you cannot judge 14 international players a bust with 5 who did make it, at least one that definitely will (Yusniel Diaz) and several others that just might. What is FAZ supposed to do instead of signing international players. They get criticized for scouring the waiver wires. They are constantly in the 20’s for the draft, and the likelihood of a line of top MLB players is not very good..
    Should the Dodgers have passed on Diego Cartaya, or is it okay to sign someone from Venezuela but not Cuba? A couple of other Latin players left off the list…Dennis Santana, Gerardo Carrillo, Cristian Santana, Keibert Ruiz, Robinson Ortiz, all on the Dodgers Top 30 prospects which is rated at least 10th in MLB. Or Melvin Jimenez, or Julian Tavarez, or Elio Soto, or Orlandy Navarro; all legitimate prospects to make it to the ML.
    If it is only the Cubans you have a problem with, then let’s pare the list down to only Cubans (9). Garcia, Puig, Guerrero, Arruebarrena, Olivera, Diaz, Estevez, Alvarez, Sierra. 5 of them made it to MLB, 1 definitely will (Diaz), and two have a good shot (Alvarez and Estevez). I am not sure about Sierra. So 8 out 9 (a realistic projection) is a bad developmental outcome? If 8 out of the top 10 draft picks made it, most fans would be ecstatic. At least those that follow the minor leagues. And the scouts would be getting huuuuuuge raises. Some only care about the 25 on the ML roster, some of us care about all of the players, especially those that will be on the 25 man at some point. Maybe not All Stars, but ML nonetheless. So if the Dodgers can sign Victor Victor Mesa, I would hope they would do everything they can to get a 21 year old who will immediately become the best CF prospect in the organization and play at AA next year. Maybe Mesa can become the Dodgers version of a Gurriel (yet another 2 Cubans who have made it).

    1. I forgot to add one other Latin player. Is Julio Urias a bust? I know he is not Cuban, but neither were several of the Latin players included in the post.

    2. I wouldn’t add Kendall in that list of former first round picks who haven’t made it. Dude’s in his first full year and still has room to grow. If he has these stats at this time in 2019, then it may be discussion.

      1. Yes, Kendall has a lot of room to grow… man, a lot of room!

        I do admit that after his first year, I thought Lux was a bust, but Lux was a star compared to Kendall’s stats. I do not see any hope for Kendall. If he improved 30%, he’d still be bad. Maybe you can’t tell, but I am really down on Kendall. I think it was a wasted pick.

  16. Bert Campaneris
    Jose Canseco
    Jose Cardenal
    Aroldis Chapman
    Yoenis Cespedes
    Mike Cueller
    Tito Fuentes
    Yasmani Grandal
    Orlando Hernandez
    Raisel Iglesias
    Minnie Mendosa
    Kendrys Morales
    Tony Oliva
    Rafael Palmerio
    Tony Perez
    Cookie Rojas
    Diego Segui
    Luis Tiant
    Zoilo Versalles

    All Born in Cuba

  17. Anyone watching this game Tulsa game? This is by far the worst feed I’ve seen all year. It’s like watching a game in the early 80’s

  18. 2 of my faves (and hopefully 2 mainstays in the Dodger rotation for the next 10 years) are on the mound today: Buehler and Dustin May. May pitching very well so far in this clincher, and Buehler looks kind of ok himself

  19. How about the CS of Potts by Ruiz to Lux? Perfect pitch to throw a runner out, but so what. He still had to make the throw.

  20. I’ve gota say, I wasn’t sure if I’d let Buehler pitch there, or go t Alexander vs Carpenter, but Buehler showed big time mettle in that inning. Excellent excellent outing!

    NOW, if it’s 2-0 going to bottom of 9, who comes out?

  21. Damn, our next ace. If we make the play-offs your talking Kershaw, Bueller and Hill. I am down with that, Bueller is a friggin beast.

  22. It took this game to know that about Buehler guys?

    I was one of those people that was upset when the front office drafted a pitcher that was hurt, until Mark explained why it was a good thing.

    I don’t think Puig likes sitting much, with those two HRs off a rightie and a leftie.

    We needed that extra run for Kenley!

      1. I like that Roberts let Buehler pitch the 8th. The kid was still hitting 99 late
        3 Hits with 2 dingers. One off of a lefty. Puig must sit tomorrow then. He’s been solid since the bad April. Silly for him to sit for Kike ever.
        Grandal in the 5 hole. I just don’t get it. Two hot streaks a year with a year end fade. We’ve seen it for 4 years now. Bat him 7th or 8th.

        1. Hawkeye

          That is what I was thinking after Puig hit those pitches out, off a rightie and a left.

          I don’t think Puig likes sitting on the bench, and watching Kike and Verdugo, playing right.

          And normally I wouldn’t want Puig trying to go home there, but with this team’s problems with runners in scoring position, and with Joc up, that was the right thing to do.

          Buehler never surprises me, because he has the tools and the will, that makes a good pitcher.

          Every time I see him pitch well, I think only if Buehler was this far along last year, because if he was, we would have definitely won it all.

  23. That last pitch by Kenley made me happy that there isn’t an electronic strike zone. Pitch was way inside, not even close to being a strike. Still not confident when Kenley comes in. He no longer induces the swing and miss like he used to.

    Great game by Buehler, and Puig too.

    I used. to be a Joc Pederson supporter. But his inability to make adjustments (thought he was for a while) has me thinking like Val9000. Just go away. The occasional HR just isn’t enough. Time for Verdugo to take his place.

    1. Brooklyn

      I thought the same, about that last pitch Kenley threw too.

      Looked like that umpire was ready to go home, because that umpire had been very consistent, all night.

      Which is a good thing.

  24. Tulsa beats the San Antonio Missions (SD) 5-2 and takes the Texas League Championship. Dustin May was not great, but was good enough and got the clinching win. Shea Spitzbarth and Layne Somsen pitched 4 scoreless innings to preserve the victory. Gavin Lux was again the hitting star going 2-4 with a HR and walk. He got a hit in all 8 playoff games, with 5 doubles and 2 HR’s. He is ready for AAA next year and could get a call next September. Ruiz did not get a hit tonight, but he had a tremendous playoffs as well, and he looks to start the season at OKC as well.
    Congratulations to Manager Scott Hennessey and the Tulsa Drillers for a great 2018 season.

  25. Lux the Dodgers 2b next year? No, probably a bit too early but just like Seager did I can see him being a late season call-up and inherit the position from a veteran ala Seager from Rollins.

  26. Not wanting to jinx it, but the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes are leading the Visalia Rawhide (DBacks), 6-0. Nick Yarnall, Cristian Santana, and Donovan Casey each hit solo HR’s and Jeren Kendall hit a 2 run HR. Isaac Anderson is pitching the game of his career with a 1 hitter and 1 walk, with 7 K’s in 6.0 innings. John Axford is coming in to pitch the 7th in a rehab assignment. GO QUAKES. Let’s see two League Championship victories tonight, and three for the year.

  27. Very good news to wake up to.

    AC/DC have certainly made the Minor Leagues much more interesting to me.
    Great job guys, and keep it up.

    This is going to the wire….

  28. One of my most disliked players esp. after the “Don’t look at me” game, is going for the Midgets today!!! You go Bum!!!
    And the Blue, all we got is today!!!

    1. Every time I see Buehler pitch a good game, I think only if Buehler was this far along, last year.

      Because Buehler seems to have more will to win, and the strength, to put his team on his back, then a lot of veteran pitchers do.

      And I don’t see him as being to thin, like some scouting reports say, that it would affect his durability.

      Because he doesn’t seem to have to put as much effort into his fastball, and other pitches, that Kershaw has to, so I see Buehler holding up much better, then most scouts thought.

      Both Buehler and Puig put the team on their backs last night, and that is a good thing, because without their performances, we probably wouldn’t have won that game last night.

  29. Rancho 9-1 win over Visalia Rawhide (DBacks)
    Well the Dodgers should get three more arms today, After 6.0 stelar innings by Isaac Anderson, John Axford pitched 0.2 innings but gave up the sole run on a 2 out walk and double. Axford was replaced by Logan Salow to get out of the 7th. Tony Cingrani pitched the 8th allowing 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. Yimi Garcia pitched to two batters in the 9th getting both out and with one being a strikeout. Parker Curry finished the game with the final out. Axford, Cingrani, and Garcia will probably join the team shortly.
    The offense was led by Donovan Casey who went 4-4 with a triple and HR. Nick Yarnall went 2-3 with a double and HR (his 2nd in the Championship series). Cristian Santana (2) and Jeren Kendall (1) also hit HR’s for the victorious Quakes.
    Congratulations to Drew Saylor and his California League Champions, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.
    I cannot believe it is over, but the 2018 minor league season has come to an end. All 6 U.S. based teams made the playoffs, and three ended up champions of their respective leagues…AZL Rookie League Dodgers, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (California League A+), and Tulsa Drillers (Texas League AA). Now let’s see if the Los Angeles Dodgers can join them. GO BLUE.

    1. Great stuff, AC. In a perfect synthesis of why we follow the minor leagues, former #1 prospect walker buehler looked as good as a young pitcher can look last night. I’m still recovering from that 94 mph cutter on the corner he threw.

  30. Speaking of Cubans, go back to 1955 and remember who made that great catch of the Yogi Berra drive down the left field line. None other than Sandy Amoros! Without that catch the Dodgers probably wouldn’t have been the WS champs that year. The Dodgers also had a slick fielding SS from Cuba named Chico Fernandez who was blocked by some guy named Pee Wee Reese.

  31. What both Turner and Manny, just did, is a good example why trying to work counts, is not necessarily a good thing.

    Both Turner and Manny swung early in their counts, because most good hitters, don’t wait around and try to work counts, they swing at the first few best pitches they get.

    And Turner and Manny are much more equipped to hit when they are down on counts to pitchers, then the rest of our line up.

    This is especially true, if this front office insists on having a one dimensional line up of average and below hitters with pop next year.

    Because those type of hitters, are are just not in the same class, of hitters, that Turner and Manny are, so they shouldn’t be getting deep in counts with pitchers, unless a pitcher is having command problems.

  32. Doesn’t everyone love to hear the Boo Birds in St. Louis, who some say, are the best fans in baseball, boo, every time Puig hits another ball out!

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