Rant and Rave Wedenesday

  • Last night had a happy ending, but it looked bad for a while as Rich Hill gave up 4 runs in the first three innings.  He threw 103 pitches. 75 of which were strikes, and his curveball was amazing.  It really was a good outing and the two HR were (in my opinion) just one of those things. Hill pitched a strong 6 innings and kept the Dodgers in the game.  It was good to see the 5-6-7-8 hitters score 8 of the 11 runs.
  • I think I have figured out how Doc makes up his lineup:  If a guy is slumping we know how he stays with them, and stays with them, and stays with them… and then when they get hot, he sits them so that other guys can get hot, or so that they don’t cool off.  It’s like Verdugo who had 2 hits on Monday, so he sits him. It’s maddening…. I know – it makes no sense!  That’s my point.  I used to be his biggest fan, unlike Donnie Ballgame whom I never liked from Jump Street!
  • Turner, Machado and Freese = back-to-back-to-back doubles, and then Kike with a single, Taylor with a hit and then the hardest-hit single… ever by Yasmani = 6 runs scored!  It doesn’t always take a long ball, guys.  Watch and Learn!
  • I think that David Freese can have a big impact on Chris Taylor – CT3 needs to change his approach on two strikes and Mr. Freese is guy who can teach him that.  Freese is going to help this team a lot. He is going to be a huge weapon off the bench.
  • Brian Dozier continues to dooooozzzeee while Manny is hitting well. 
  • After being out for two months, Josh Fields returned and looked rusty. It’s just his first game back, so I can overlook the fact that he needs to add 3 MPH on his fastball. His fastest was 95 – when at full strength he can hit 97-98.  I like what I saw last night . It’s a start! How he feels today will tell the tale.
  • If any pitcher deserves the name “Bulldog,” it’s Pat Venditte.  He is ambidextrous, and to top it all off, he throws with both arms. Who knew?  Anyway, he inherited a bases loaded, no out situation and you could just see the “steely resolve” in his eyes. He likely has no shot at a Post-Season Roster spot, but what a story!
  • I have no idea if Kenley should should travel to Denver or not.  I have never played baseball there, but physically, I cannot tell any difference. Back on the farm, we always knew that if a horse threw you off, you got right back on.  This is different!  It’s his heart.  His doctors and Kenley will make the choice.  I’d like to think that Baez, Floro and Madson are now better prepared to close.  Yes – Pedro Baez.  I see a new look out there. 
  • Let’s hope Austin Barnes gets untracked – he’s much better than this.
  • 2018 in MLB = the lowest Batting Average for all of MLB since 1972!
  • Keep on Trucking!


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  1. The last time a starting pitcher gave up 4 runs was August 18, and Rich Hill was the starting pitcher that day as well. He is giving up too many HR’s. In his last 4 games he has allowed a 3 run HR to LHH Kyle Seager, a 3 run HR to LHH David Peralta, a 2 run HR to LHH Jay Bruce, and a 2 run HR to LHH Michael Conforto. The team has lost two of those games and won two. Draw your own conclusions as to whether he represents a strong starting pitcher. Throw away the HR’s and he is outstanding, but those 2 and 3 run HR’s are a problem when pitching for a team that scores too few runs in too many games.
    I have questioned lineups and in-game moves by Doc Roberts on multiple occasions over the last month or so. But I have never referred to Roberts as a dumbass, nor would I ever. I do not pretend to know more baseball than Roberts, but as a fan of the LAD since they moved west, I reserve the right to question why he does the things he does. I guarantee you that FAZ’s questions will be far more piercing than any of ours on a blog. I have more respect for Roberts as I believe he is his own person and is not a puppet of FAZ. But if it is a voice of reason to never question a manager, then I will never have a voice of reason.
    David Freese was an outstanding acquisition. His 2019 option is for $5MM, and I believe that FAZ will strongly consider him as a big RH bat off the bench, and someone who can replace JT on occasion.
    Mark believes in Pedro Baez more than I do. I have been fooled on too many occasions where Baez was pitching great, only to fall apart AGAIN. I am also not sure that Fields is injury free. His shoulder is still a question. We have no choice but to hope Floro, Madson, and Baez are late inning high leverage closer or setup relievers. But I sure would be more confidant in Familia, Kela, Pressly, Brach, or Leclerc. (I know, let it go).
    I hope the HR will loosen Barnes up a bit and get him to swinging the bat again.
    Yes, the Dodgers play the lowly Mets again today, but they face Zack Wheeler, who I think is finally healthy and is starting to become the top of the rotation pitcher both the Giants and Mets believed him to be. I have stated that I would like to see Wheeler in a Dodger uniform. His last start against the Giants was outstanding. In particular, in his last 7 starts he has accumulated 46.0 IP, or about 6.1 IP/start. During that time, he has 50 K and 9 BB with a 0.98 ERA.
    Go Blue! Win the series.

      1. I don’t remember you calling Roberts a dumbass…a bucket of hammers, sure. A dumbass would be a compliment when compared to some of the names I have called myself.

        1. AC

          I don’t take Mark or Al serious, when they call Roberts names, because I know they don’t mean it in a bad way.

          Mark is only trying to represent a lot of people’s frustration with the team, here.

          And Al is just frustrated, when he says that too.

          I am more like you, I do get frustrated, and I will voice it, but I am not one to call people names, not because I am a saint, I am just not that person.

          But I don’t think Roberts makes all those line ups on his own, like some.

          Because Orel has said on the broadcast more then one time, that Roberts and his bench coach, meet with the front office, and make these line ups, far in advance.

          And they work each player’s days off through the year, I believe too.

          And they go over the moves in the bullpen in advance too.

          I don’t think it is written in stone though.

  2. I was hoping there would be something written up on Roberto Clemente on this day. Even though Dodgers let him slip through their fingers it’s not really sad he landed with Pirates. A great story with so tragic of an end. It’ll never completely end as today in Clemente’s namesake Justin Turner is Dodgers awarded choice in honoring him. Anybody could certainly do much better than me in forming the right words about Clemente. So I’d enjoy reading something of the subject from the more gifted.

  3. As Will.i.am would say “It’s a new day”…
    I’ve got alot to be happy about, with my Blue in a pennant race and my beloved Fighting Irish beating Big Blue…
    LAD 1 game at a time…

  4. I was listening to MLB.Radio this AM and my conclusion is that the following pitchers will get these deals:

    Keuchel – 5 years/$130 Million – Age 31-36
    Corbin – 6 years/ $160 Million – Age 30-36

    Any takers?

    Plus, give up a pick…

  5. Today’s game will likely be like Monday’s game. The Mets throw a tough pitcher against us, so it won’t be so easy for us to score. As the case with Wood Monday, we’ll need Ryu to be sharp vs this avg lineup, and get us to the Mets bullpen where we can take over.

    I agree that Baez looks fantastic out there this month. Last night was further proof: the trio of dummies let a bloop fall for a double. Yet Baez isn’t fazed and gets out of that jam easily. Good for him. However, as AC said, we’ve seen this too many times. Baez is unhittable , but the moment we need him the most he’s not so unhittable. I feel like Charlie Brown running after the football, and Baez is Lucy who’s holding that football.

    Today’s a rightie, so expect our leftie hitters to be thrown in the lineup. Hopefully someone listens to all of us, and let’s Verdugo lead off today (and for every game in Denver).

    If it’s up to me, I tell Kenley to enjoy the weekend off, and we’ll see you Monday in Cincinnati. No need to risk that heart issue again, and it’s time for our bullpen guys to man up.

    1. Agree on Kenley.

      I have NEVER seen Baez look this good, this long. He is much more poised. He will have a bad outing again. They all do, but I want to see what he does the next outing after that!

      Tonight should be Ryu’s best game of the year.

      1. you said what I forgot to add in my comment: after Baez has a bad outing, how is his NEXT outing?? That will tell us where his mind set is!

      2. You do not have to go too far back. From Opening Day 2017 through August 2017, Baez pitched in 55 games, allowing 42 hits and 22 walks with 52 K’s. His ERA was 1.79. He had 18 inherited runners and only 2 scored. He had 22 holds, 2 blown saves, and a 3-2 record. I remember Baez being included in AS talk. He lost it in September, and never did get it back.

      1. He was effectively wild… but effective. He has been good the last 2 or 3 times out. Last time, he pitched an “immacualte inning.”

        1. thank you. he seems to be one of those “one bad pitch” guys who can look pretty good until they give up a dinger. as you said, i’m sure most of that is lack of command. i haven’t given up on him yet. alexander and ferguson look like locks if we make the postseason. i suppose rosscup would be competing for the 3rd lefty role but would likely lose out to wood [if moved to pen] or even urias/cingrani/?

  6. Back in July I was hoping personally that LA might acquire Beltre, but I never saw any rumors about this happening. (I did see suggestions that he might go to Atlanta.) I was surprised to read yesterday that LA did inquire but that Beltre was not interested in leaving Texas.

    His decision makes sense. He wants to play in Texas another year, and presumably he will represent them on his Hall of Fame plaque. But it would have been great to see him return to where he should have been all along. Freese doesn’t bring the sentimental element, but he has performed quite well thus far, both at the plate and in the field.

      1. Try again.
        Go to Dodgers site – Schedule – September 3. Click on left box, then to video and scroll down to Bellinger replay.

  7. 1. Joc Pederson (L) LF
    2. Alex Verdugo (L) RF
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Max Muncy (L) 1B
    5. Cody Bellinger (L) CF
    6. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    7. Enrique Hernandez (R) SS
    8. Brian Dozier (R) 2B
    9. Hyun-Jin Ryu (R) P

    1. Machado out? Hell, why not. Two multi-hit games in a row. It’s time to sit him. Pennant race smennet race. Unless he was injured on his awkward slide at the plate this is why Roberts gets called a dumbass by some on this board. Having tomorrow off isn’t good enough I guess. Grandal back in the 6-hole to boot.

    2. I would put freiser in first and muncy in second or Toles in field, bellinger in first and Kike in second

  8. I am beginning to believe Dozier is not going to be much help in September. I like him, but just not hitting.

    My son, who is a Dodger fan has told me twice this season , he is glad I am not the manager. I still love him. He think Kershaw will be with the Dodgers because he will not get more on the open market. I agree.

    The way the Dodgers played last night reminded me of last year. No one was trying to win it with a HR. They were getting a hit and passing it on to the next player. This has been a frustrating year. Maybe it will end the way we all hope.

    1. Al

      I don’t understand why Dozier warrants a start almost every game.

      He is hitting 202 since he joined this team, and hitting 222 overall.

    2. I don’t think these guys are consciously going up there all season and just trying to hit HR’s. Players look for balls they can drive and put their swing to it. I just so happens that certain players like Grandal, Kike, Joc, and Dozier have all or nothing swings that won’t translate into a decent batting avg. I will say that Joc has improved in this area but we still see a sub .250 batting average. A lineup full of guys like that makes it look like they are only swinging for the fences.

  9. Kuechel & Corbin – combined 11yrs. @ 290M..
    Ludicrous Monoply money… I am sure glad I don’t have a couple of young kid who dig going to the Ravine…
    I wonder if Kersh and the front office already knows what he’s going to do??? So much I think hinges on that… Shoot, I wish he’d pull a Tony Gwynn and stay with us… Wishful thinking on my part…
    P.S. Here we go MJ… MLB salaries = Money by Pink Floyd (one helluva group)

  10. AC, after 2 innings, I understand what you mean about Wheeler. Wow he’s throwing hard with absolutely perfect control! He’s 28. If he’s a free agent, I’d be very interested in signing him!

    1. I look forward to someone else paying him next year. $16 million a year for his “butter finger, passed ball catching” and woeful offensive game, sans a HR once in awhile, can be paid by some other sucker. We’ll put those precious dollars to good use in Kershaw, Harper, Machado, LeMaiheu or a combination thereof next year.

    2. Not good… it looks like he needs about two weeks off.

      And is it just me or does Grandal look like he’s been trying to break in a few different gloves over the last two months. He had this funky red and blue one last month… he kept dropping balls that were thrown to him, so I was originally happy to see that he changed gloves. It’s a different glove tonight, but unfortunately the same results.

  11. I just don’t get the lack of urgency with these lineups. There aren’t a lot of games left. It isn’t time to give a guy like Machado a day off just because they have the next day off especially with Jansen not going to Colorado. You pull and 35/100 guy from the lineup to play a .225 hitter and weaken the defense. Machado makes the catch the Kike didn’t.

    1. It honestly makes zero sense… unless he tweaked something sliding into home last night.

      If he’s healthy… he needs to be in the starting lineup today.

  12. Dodgers’ bats doing nothing – 9 Ks in 6 innings.
    Ryu ineffective; Madsen hasn’t pitched well since donning the Blue. Not surprising -he had a 5.28 ERA before he got here. They acquired him, the Cup and the Ax in lieu of actual good relievers.

  13. I just realized Dozier is hitting .202 for LA (not sure if that includes today’s game, so he could be under. 200 by days end)

    1. Bobby

      I was wrong about Dozier’s average since he was with us.

      His average since he joined the team is 196, and that doesn’t include tonight’s game, so he is hitting even lower.

    1. Put the ball in play something is going to happen (hit, fielding or throwing error, beat a throw to first base) continuing to not put the ball in play with K’s (the Dodger way) and you struggle for runs and only score on a long ball. Right now they have three runs all on HR’s.

      I realize this is the new baseball, but I’ll take some tough “grinder” AB’s over an occasional long ball. This team needs offense in the worst way

  14. The Mets have 14 hits through 7 innings. Let’s check in on how ridiculous they’ve been and… only two balls over 100mph, Conforto’s single and Plawecki’s double, have been hard-hit.

    1. That’s what happens when you put the ball in play and don’t K all of the time – some of them bleed through and result in baserunners.

  15. Taylor leading off the 8th inning with the Dodgers 4 runs down should have been thinking of one and only one thing, namely getting on base. Instead he went up to the plate swinging for the fences, an d struck out for the 160th time. If he’s back next year he needs a new plan.

  16. Met’s 14 hits, Dodgers 3 hits, that is what is ridiculous!

    The Dodgers only had one runner in scoring position!

  17. Take a page from Mark a few months ago. Nothing to see here folks, let’s move on to Colorado. Bury the body.

  18. We may be the one’s getting buried this weekend if we can’t find some clutxh batting and hitting. Honestly the last time we we played a solid series was At Atlanta in the second series out of the break. A lot of average things below average baseball since.

  19. Sorry for all the typos, but my point still stands. Rockies just went ahead and we are likely staring at a 1 1/2 game deficit. They have the advantage in my mind despite what Fangraphs says. Fangraphs believe we are still close to 80 percent favorites to win the division but I beg to differ, eye test tells me otherwise.

  20. After going 16 and 26 to start, I could only dream about being in a position to have one good road trip and likely get in. And yet here we are 1 1/2 out of the division and 2 out of the wildcard and playing both of those ball clubs in the next week and half. Go Dodgers,
    Please don’t suck!!

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