The Slime Art of Second-Guessing

OK, you all likely know what happened last night:  Joc Pederson drove in the first run against Zack Greinke. Hyun-Jin Ryu had pitched 7 strong innings when Roberts pinch-hit for him with Kike Hernandez.  On a 2-2 pitch from Greinke, Kike jacked the ball out of the stadium to tie the game at 2-2.  Next, Dylan Floro played the role of set-up man and shut down the D-Bags in the top of the 8th inning to set the stage forRed Beard the Pirate’shome run in the bottom of the 8th. Finally, the beguiled Kenley Jansen came in and acted like… well, Kenley Jansen, to slam the door on the Snakes.

It was all about execution.  But right now, I am going to give you a lesson in the “Slime Art of Second-Guessing.” It’s not a Fine Art, it’s Slime Art, and we all do it. It’s easy as fans to second guess moves Dave Roberts makes or question his lineups, but it’s really all about execution and I am not suggesting that Doc needs to be executed!  It’s about executing what you need to do to advance the team.


What if Doc pinch hit for Ryu, and Kike struck out?  Then, what if Floro gave up a run in 8th and JT hit his HR in the bottom of the 8th to tie game, followed by Kenley giving up a 2-run home run in the 9th to lose the game?

If that happened everyone would be lamenting “what an idiot Dave Roberts was for pinch-hitting for Ryu who was cruising”. “What a stupid move to bring in Floro and everyone knew Jansen is toast.”

Second-guessers are never wrong, which is why I try and avoid it.  I have advocated firing Dave Roberts, not because of his moves, but because of lack of execution by the team and I know you can’t fire the whole team, so the Manager gets the ax.  That is obviously not happening and I have every expectation that Doc will lead this team to the Post-Season.

When players execute like last night, no one says “Doc is genius.” But, when they don’t execute, so many say “He’s and idiot for that move.” Maybe he’s neither an idiot or a genius, but do you understand that second-guessing is really a “slime-art?”  It’s simply about players executing!


  • John Axford is throwing again and should be back this month.  Hopefully, he can pitch like he did in his 2nd and 3rd Dodger appearance.
  • Julio Urias came into the game for OKC in the sixth inning and walked two batters while retiring one. No word on his velocity, but that was his first relief appearance.
  • Chicken Strip looks to be pain-free and will likely be activated today.
  • Verdugo and Toles were not in the lineup for OKC last night, as they were likely on a plane to LA.
  • Ryan Madson has the ability and experience to help the Dodgers bullpen.  He can still hit 98 MPH on the gun.  This could be interesting.
  • David Freese is a professional hitter, hitting LH and RH pitchers about equally.  He also has lots of Post-Season experience and has played at a high level when there. He will be on the playoff roster.
  • Kike Hernandez likes the bright lights!
  • Will Chase Utley be on the playoff roster? Will Matt Kemp?
  • Here we go:  September will determine it!

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  1. I’ll leave all the hirings and firings to the knowledgeable base of LADT…
    I’m liking Freese and Madson!!! Of course I really liked Reddick and Forsythe… Damn good thing I don’t drink anymore!!!
    I’ll just shout out again to the masses, “What we have here is a Good old fashioned Pennant Race”!!! Buckle up and enjoy…

  2. CT 0 for 3 welcome to David Freeze….oh yea you won’t be playing much and you might want to to watch a professional hitter who will be assuming your AB’s.

  3. It is about execution, but your supposition is that the lineup or player changes do not have any effect on the outcome…or execution. I think that it does. Cause and effect are very much part of baseball. Two outcomes cannot be proved because there is only one cause and effect, and any secondary cause cannot be calculated.
    It isn’t second guessing when the comments come before the event. Many on this site have questioned all RHH lineups, taking hot hitters out while playing a platoon, early removal of pitchers, pinch hitters in odd situations…and all before the result is known. Is there anyone on here who can justify taking Kike’ out of Thursday’s game? Kike’ is one of the hottest hitters the Dodgers have right now and is hitting RHP. It wasn’t that Belli did not execute, it was that IMO and before the result, that Kike’ should have stayed in and Belli should have hit for Taylor (the on deck hitter). The result may have been the same. We will never know. But again IMO, Kike’ and Belli give the team a better chance than Belli and Taylor, and I thought so at the time.
    I did not question removing Ryu after 7. 86 pitches seems to be his max right now. He got to 93 in April, but most of his good outings are between 85 and 90 pitches. Right now the setup guy is between Floro and Alexander, so who else is Doc supposed to bring in? Jansen is the closer so he has to keep getting up on that horse. Doctors say his heart is fine, so he just needs innings. Nobody knows what would have happened if Ryu pitched the 8th, and Doc’s moves were all logical and with good reason.
    Managers get paid a lot of money to make correct decisions (judgements). They need to be held accountable for the results of those decisions. I keep hearing and reading that the Dodgers have the best talent in the NL even without Seager. So why are they not running away with a mediocre NL West? Somebody needs to be held accountable. Either the talent is not the best, or Roberts is not putting his best 8 out on the field.
    It is not that I think Doc is a bad guy or even a bad manager. I do think that after 3 years he should be making better game management decisions. I do not think he has grown. It is either he has not grown as a game manager or that he is a puppet of FAZ and sabermetrics. I do not think the latter, so obviously I think it is the former. Should he be fired, that is not for me to say as none of us have all of the pertinent data to make that kind of decision.
    We all have opinions, but we are also all Dodger fans and want what will give us a parade in LA.

    1. I agree with AC on this one, especially when we know that Roberts and the front office, are suppose to be making decisions, because of the numbers.

      We are just looking at the numbers and watching the players perform, and using our common sense.

      And some of these line ups, and the decisions they are making, don’t make sense, when it comes to the numbers, and sometimes with what we are seeing on the field too, game after game.

      And if the team was doing well, then we wouldn’t have a point, but they have not exactly performed as well, as they should, like AC said.

      But Mark is right in the sense, that we are not always right about the outcome of the team, or a player, every time we complain about this.

      But either is Roberts and the front office, and that is their job, but no one always makes the right decisions.

      But you would hope the professionals, were making the right decisions, most of the time.

      And it is natural for fans to question decisions, especially if the team is not doing well, because the fans just want the team to do well.

      But sometimes it looks like they are not even looking at the numbers, and not paying attention to what some of these players are doing, game after game.

      And after all, baseball is the thinking game, of all sports.

  4. It was an easy decision to take Ryu out after 7 strong innings. He pitched a great game but for today’s starters 7 innings is about max. The surprise was putting Floro in but I don’t know that he had any better options and maybe the most fresh arm. That would have been my question why Floro? Fortunately it worked out but not without the ultimate drama. I just think kike likes the bright lights. Other than turner I like him with the game on the line. He might have struck out but Roberts only had one choice really and he didn’t try to throw a lefty bat out there. Where would we be without turner? Everybody knows the answer to that question. If anything the dback manager should be second guessed for leaving Greinke in the game. Maybe his bullpen was overworked. Here we are needing Kershaw to produce!

  5. Great game last night. I wonder how many D-Bag fans are blasting Lovelo for leaving Greinke in, sound familiar guys? Gotta love Madsen and Freese, both good veterans with a ton of play off experience. Going to need both of them in the play-offs, good picks.

  6. People are always complaining about how we dont develop relievers in the minors. What if Melvin jiminez is that guy.

    1. Doing a real quick and dirty comparison of him and edwin Diaz of the m’s. Diaz was 22 in AA when his transition from starter to reliever began. Hes now 24 and a weapon. Jiminez is 18 and in rookie ball. While hes started before he gets used far more in relief. Keep an eye on him as we dream of homegrown shutdown relievers. Not sure how their stuff compares.

  7. Two more Dodger affiliates make the playoffs, one is on the verge of being eliminated, and one is in the championship game tonight. Tulsa and Great Lakes both qualified with wins yesterday. Tulsa used a very well pitched game by Ben Holmes in their 8-1 win over NW Arkansas (KC). Holmes 7.1 IP, 1 run, 5 hits, 2 walks, and 7 K’s. I will be watching Holmes in the AFL. He could be another FAZ find. the offense was led by Keibert Ruiz 3-5, with Jackson, Peters, Ahmed, and Reks all getting 2 hits.
    DC may have a write up on the Loons playoff clinching 3-2 victory, but for now, Carrillo went 5 innings allowing the two runs, but Stephen Kolek, Austin Drury, and Melvin Jimenez pitched the final 4 scoreless innings for the win. Romer Cuadrado and Hunter Feduccia each had 2 hits.
    OKC is 1 loss away from elimination, after their 8-2 loss to Colorado Springs. Kyle Lobstein did his part by pitching 6 scoreless innings. Urias, McAllister, and Sborz proceeded to give up 8 runs in their two innings of work to secure the loss.
    AZL Dodgers lost 2-0 to the AZL Cubs to force a game 3 in the championship series. The championship game will be played today.

  8. Roberts is a genius………if we win tonight, and tomorrow. If that happens I’ll crown him superior genius elite. Tie this next one up Dodgers! Then it’s only looking forward!

  9. I guess for me it boils down to when you are setting your lineup based on the other team, and playing the odds with platoons, a manager is playing to not lose. I would rather have a manager putting his hottest and best 8 out on the field and say now beat us. I want a manager who knows he can win with his best 8. He plays to win. And yes I hate the prevent defense.
    Go out there with your best and if you lose, tip your hat to the other team. But if you try to play matchup and do not have your best out on the field and lose, you open yourself up to second guessing.
    1 other point. If you do not question Doc’s moves and it is the execution, then why do you say that Doc is as dumb as a bucket of hammers?

    1. Well, I do question some of his moves…. a lot of them… and your point about an all RH lineup may be valid … especially against certain pitchers. He frequently ignores the sabermetics, and the hot hand to go with some bizarre lineup. I don’t like that, but my main reason is that I think his leadership is in question. See, I just think when things are going bad, you can question his decision-making, but I was just illustrating that there were some decisions made last night that could have led to different results. .. that it is up to the players to execute… and the manager really looks dumb when they don’t!

      … and some days, he is dumber than a bucket of hammers… but I like the guy! Maybe not as manager…

      1. I understood your point. I was just trying to give you a hard time. I did not get my smiling emoji to work.

  10. I had no problem with Roberts hitting for Ryu in the 8th. Fortunately, it worked big time. It doesn’t take a genius to make that move.
    At some point we have to trust the bullpen to do it’s job if we are to go to the World Series. They, either, do their job now and in the future or it doesn’t make any difference anyway. No reason to hide from the situation, Madson, hopefully, will add to some stability to the pen.
    Faz was on the pregame either last night or the night before. At the end of the interview he stated the strength of our depth and being able to have a different lineup every night was our advantage. So, if their was any doubt who is making out the lineups that kind of answers it. As I have stated before it’s not the way to win a championship. You have to play your best night in and night out to be successful. And, especially, now with us fighting for a playoff spot. Right now Taylor, Barnes, Kemp and Pederson should not be playing regularly.
    My lineup
    LF Verdugo
    3B Turner
    SS Machado
    CF Bellinger
    1B Freese (hits both RH and LH pitching about .280) /or platoon Muncy
    2B Dozier
    C Grandal
    RF Puig

  11. It’s September 1st and by now, I think a few things are apparent:

    1. Kike Hernandez actually hits RHP better than LHP, so what is with the platoon and playing him against LHP? FAZ knows that – Doc ignores it.

    2. Joc Pederson is absolutely clueless against a LHP – he should only face righties.

    3. Yasiel Puig crushed RHP, but should never play against righties.

    4. Matt Kemp has been horrid since the All-Star Break. How long do you ride with him?

    5. Chris Taylor also has reverse splits against LH and RHP. He’s actually much better against RHP.

    6. It appears that Max Muncy hits both LH and RH pitching, but he has not received the opportunities against LHP. If you believe the stats, he should be in every game.

    These are things I know and FAZ knows, but Roberts ignores. I don’t know where Freese fits in, other than the bench, but this is the best lineup against LH and RH pitching:

    Against LHP:
    1. Muncy LF
    2. Turner 3B
    3. Machado SS
    4. Bellinger CF
    5. Hernandez RF
    6. Freese 1B
    7. Dozier 2B
    8. Grandal C

    Against RHP:
    1. Muncy LF
    2. Turner 3B
    3. Manny SS
    4. Bellinger CF
    5. Pederson RF
    6. Freese 1B
    7. Dozier 2B
    8. Grandal C

  12. I have said many times, I think Roberts is a very poor game manager, my feeling is not based on his decisions that work or the ones that don’t work, it’s on making the same decisions over and over with the same outcome. It’s on starting games with lineups that do not give the Dodgers the best chance to win, It’s about playing bench players almost as much as the regular players. It’s about running out of players or getting very close because in his one batter and done style he loves to play with the bullpen he doesn’t see the possibility of extra innings. If I were a regular or should be a regular I would not enjoy playing for Roberts, if I were a sub I would love playing for him. Let’s see what September brings.

  13. If we do in fact get there, I give a big tip of my hat to Mr. Kemp and Mr. Grandal. Without them we’d of had no chance. That ball hitting Turner’s wrist almost took us out and we never reached any surplus of wins. Now every win is needed and Dodgers really could pull this one off as a whole team. I really believe! CHEERS!!!

  14. I happened to see that call when it happened. Like so many other balk calls,
    it was almost undetectable, even on replay.

    If major league ball has a problem with “deception”, why are catchers allowed
    20-40% of some games to pull/push their gloves into a more advantageous
    position for s strike call bu humans who have a hard enough time determining
    a strike without that extra dance step?

    And why does MLB keep deceiving us that any/most humans can consistently
    distinguish a moving, darting baseball, in three dimensions at great speeds,
    as a ball or strike. NO ONE impacts a game like the helpless human behind the
    plate. Use the electronic zone; its mistake ratio CAN be improved. Let the
    home ump be in charge of pacing the game, and getting the primadonnas like
    Herrerra of the Phils to focus and stop keeping the nation waiting on their
    self-serving antics

  15. It seems there were no surprises, maybe some other player will be called later

    ”The Dodgers today recalled Kyle Farmer, Tim Locastro, Andrew Toles and Alex Verdugo from Triple-A Oklahoma City, while activating David Freese (#25) and Ryan Madson. They also reinstated Zac Rosscup and Chase Utley from the 10-day disabled list”

    1. Rocky Gale might join the Dodgers on Sunday, Dave Roberts said. Team would need to make 40-man roster move

  16. As for managers: same old same old. Some of the best guys record-wise and
    championship-wise are not the best in-game guys. One or two of you may
    recall I often suggested the Ds find something useful for Donnie to do during
    the actual games:-). (And see how surprisingly well he has the predicted-to-be-
    woeful Marlins actually playing most days). The best guys are the marathon guys
    who can keep a team mostly focused, mostly pulling the oars at the same time.
    Tommie was a bad, bad game manager a lot of the time, but a very, very good
    MLB manager. No surprise that his best work was in a year when the bullpen
    man by man, was excellent. He couldn’t mess it up!!!

  17. Bellinger should be in the lineup darn near everyday. Freese wouldn’t have been needed if our so -called lefty killers were doing their job. Now Bellinger and Muncy are sitting because another player had to be worked into the lineup.

    1. Hawkeye

      I agree with everything you said!

      Muncy actually has better numbers then Freeze, against lefties.

      And Cody has been hot, and he is valuable to this team, anywhere he plays on defense.

      And actually both Freeze and Kike, don’t have good numbers against Conroy, and Kike has had a lot of at bats, against Conroy.

      And we know if Kiké doesn’t have good numbers against a leftie in our division, he doesn’t see Conroy well.

      But I know he has been hot lately, but so has Cody!

      And Dozier has not hit lefties well, since he joined the team.

      And you know how they play these players this front office gets at the trade deadline.

      They keep them in the line up, even when they are not producing.

      And lefties are hitting Conroy for a better average this year, then righties.

  18. Freese 167 vs Corbin bellinger has been hot but I guess that doesn’t matter to Roberts. Freese is just another ave hitter. I hope he goes 4-4 but unlikely to be any kind of upgrade. Maybe him or dozier can get hot and play over their head for a month.

    1. I looked at Freeze’s numbers in August, and they were not good.

      But like Mark says, we just never know.

      This is a brand new month, I just hope we win.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today recalled infielder/catcher Kyle Farmer, infielder/outfielder Tim Locastro and outfielders Andrew Toles and Alex Verdugo from Triple-A Oklahoma City, while activating infielder David Freese (#25) and right-handed pitcher Ryan Madson. Los Angeles also reinstated left-handed pitcher Zac Rosscup and infielder Chase Utley from the 10-day disabled list.

    Farmer, 28, will make his second stint with the big league club this season after appearing in 32 games with the Dodgers hitting .238 (15-for-63) with four doubles and eight RBI. He has done damage off the bench for Los Angeles this year, going 6-for-16 (.375) with two doubles and four RBI as a pinch-hitter. With Triple-A OKC this season, the Atlanta, Georgia native has posted a .288/.333/.451 slashline with 24 doubles, one triple, seven home runs and 36 RBI in 79 games.

    Locastro, 26, has appeared in eight games with Los Angeles this season, with his last appearances on May 13 against the Reds. In 83 games with the OKC Dodgers this year, he has hit .279 with 61 runs, 23 doubles, two triples, four homers, 25 RBI and 18 stolen bases along with a .389 on-base percentage.

    Toles, 26, returns for his second stint with Los Angeles after appearing in seven games with the Dodgers batting .261 (6-for-23) with four runs, two doubles and four RBI. The speedy outfielder has appeared in 71 games with Triple-A Oklahoma City this year, posting a .306/.345/.461 slashline with 17 doubles, one triple, seven homers and 39 RBI. Over the past three seasons, he has appeared in 86 games with the Dodgers, combining for a .290 batting average and a .805 OPS along with 14 doubles, eight home runs and 35 RBI.

    Verdugo, 22, has appeared in 14 games with the Dodgers this season over two stints with the big league club, posting a .280 (14-for-50)/.345/.440 slashline with seven runs, five doubles, one home run and three RBI. The clubs No. 1 rated prospect by had another great year with Triple-A OKC, as he was named the Pacific Coast League’s Mid and Post-Season All-Star and was also selected to the 2018 All-Pacific Coast League team. In 91 games with the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the Tucson, Arizona native slashed .329/.391/.472 with 44 runs, 19 doubles, 10 home runs, 44 RBI and eight stolen bases. His batting average ranked the fourth best in the PCL, while also ranking among the league leaders in on-base percentage (11th) and OPS (12th).

    Freese, 35, was acquired by the Dodgers from the Pittsburgh Pirates prior to the 9:00 p.m. PST deadline last night and in 93 games for the Bucs this season, he hit .282 with 29 runs, 10 doubles, one triple, nine home runs and 42 RBI along with a .780 OPS. The veteran infielder has put up very similar splits against both right-handed and left-handed pitchers, hitting .284 (31-for-109) against southpaws compared to a .281 (36-for-128) mark against righties. Defensively, he has appeared in 54 games at third base and 15 games at first base this year, posting a combined .977 fielding percentage.

    Madson, 38, was also acquired by Los Angeles yesterday from the Washington Nationals and in 49 relief appearances with Washington this year, he has 2-5 with four saves and has posted a 5.28 ERA (26 ER/44.1 IP). The Long Beach native has been a member of two World Series championship clubs (2008 & 2015) in 13 Major League seasons with the Phillies (2003-2011), Royals (2015), A’s (2016-2017) and Nationals (2017-2018), posting a 61-48 record with 91 saves and a 3.45 ERA in 731 games (18 starts).

    Rosscup, who missed the past 10 games with a left calf strain, has appeared in eight games with Los Angeles this season going 0-1 with a 6.75 ERA (5 ER/6.2 IP) and striking out 10 against just one walk. The 30-year-old tossed one rehab outing with Triple-A OKC on August 28 against Iowa, striking out one batter and issuing one walk over 0.2 innings.

    Utley, 39, has been on the disabled list since August 2, missing the past 26 games due to left wrist inflammation. In 69 games this season, he has posted a .240 batting average along with 10 doubles, one triple, one home run and 14 RBI. The veteran infielder has been clutch off the bench this year, going 13-for-29 (.448) with three doubles, one triple and five RBI as a pinch-hitter. His 13 pinch-hits and .448 average as a pinch-hitter each ranks the second best in the Major Leagues.

  20. Why is puig in the lineup? He doesn’t hit lefties and his defense has not been anything to crow about this year. Him and kemp are double play candidates with runners on. I would definitely rather see bellinger in there. It appears Roberts just refuses to play his best players. I love kemp but if he has gained twenty pounds back I would dfa him or use him as a pinch hitter only until the season is over. I am shocked that he starts Hernandez since he hit a homer last night and has been hot. He may not do anything tonight but at least he is going with a hot hitter.

      1. No but I trust it must have been a good one if your asking? He is capable and at first killed left handed pitching. Maybe tonight will be the night when he gets hot. He was heating up and then had the oblique injury which set him back. The dbacks are either very smart or fortunate. When they have a deadline deal like jd martinez he hits over his head and now they pick up bucholz not at deadline who is pitching like drysdale.

        1. No doubt he’s struggled vs lefties. He hasn’t gone back to the stance he had vs the Angels which led to a HR then the oblique injury. Kemp needs to sit in my opinion. He’s been a black hole in the middle of the order.

  21. I’m not too worries about Austin… it’s just your standard 5 month slump. I’m sure he’ll break out of it soon.

    1. No, but I would have pinch hit for Barnes with second and third. Everyone knew what he would not do and that is drive in a run. All those players on the bench and Roberts just refuses to recognize the urgency. We may not get another chance. Kershaw and wood are almost identical pitchers now. They can pitch well but little margin for error. In big games typically give up the homerun ball with few strikeouts. He has pitched well but this feeble offense and his penchant for giving up the homer is a losing combo.

  22. There have been 11 runs scored in 1st 3 games of Dodgers-DBacks series. 10 have scored on HRs. 5 solo, 1 2run HR, 1 3run HR

  23. When do you think the Dodgers will figure out that lefties are hitting Conroy better?

    And I bet his slider doesn’t affect leftie hitters, like righties.

    I hope by the next time we face Conroy in that last series against the Dbacks, this year.

    1. And the majority of his hits have been flares, bloops, or broken bat hits. Freese should be taking his AB’s not Bellinger’s.

  24. Hoping for some late-inning magic, but this is a disappointing offensive performance in one of the biggest games of the year. Hat tip to Corbin — he never gave in and let the Dodgers get themselves out.

  25. I continue to be unimpressed by Robert’s urgency or in game management. Why is Kemp or Barnes in there in a game this huge when both have been anemic, one all year and one since the break. And why wasn’t more righties in there against Corbin, he has reverse splits but Robert’s ran out his usual lefty lineup that has done absolutely nothing all year!!

    1. Kemp needs to sit and it made more sense to hit for Kemp the inning prior than Puig in the 7th. Puig has hit righties and has always hit the soft tossers

  26. As I noticed, and probably a lot of others as well, and Hershiser confirmed, Matt Kemp does not appear to be able to hit anything with a wrinkle in it. Apparently the league figured out that he was crushing fastballs in the first half, and Kemp hasn’t adjusted.

  27. I take full credit for that Matt Kemp shot. If I don’t make my previous comment, it never happens. Looks like he hit a breaking ball that sat over the heart of the plate. Or maybe he made the long overdue adjustment. Now let’s get some more.

  28. You only get a few games like this every year — so much fun when your team pulls it out against all odds. Thank you Dodgers for a most enjoyable end to the evening. I feel so happy for Kemp — he has looked so lost — what a great moment for him.

  29. I’m not sure that Freese could have made that play on Kike’s throw . He’s right handed and would have had to back-hand that ball, nor does he have the wingspan of the left-handed Bellinger.

    Can’t figure out why Kenley went to the slider on that hit by Ahmed. I know he’s used it before, but in that situation Ahmed looked like he could’t touch the cutter.

    1. That’s what Grandal called for, just didn’t get it down enough. Guess he could have shaken him off.

  30. Hate to say it but most of the fans on here are really spoiled! I am very glad you all don’t run the front office or manage the games. Kenley is back, and Doc’s faith in some of his players pays off. The team is sitting in a real nice place and is starting to believe. Meanwhile the Rocks and Snakes are feeling the pressure big time. Just relax and enjoy people, this is what we all wanted: tied for 1st and the team starting to gel. They have won 7 of 8 and after tomorrow catch a break with the Mets at home. I like their chances Sun with Buehler going as well. Way to go Matt, I guess it’s a good thing you were not on the bench tonight. The past does not equal the future!

  31. My guess for Sunday’s line-up with a RHP going for the D-Backs.


  32. I’m not sure that the first game with the Mets will qualify as catching a break. Yes, the Dodgers haven’t lost a game to the Mets since 2016. But in the opener of the series I believe they will be facing deGrom. They’ve beat him before, but given the way the Dodgers have been hitting, it won’t be easy. Besides, I take nothing for granted, and that includes beating the Mets.

  33. Mets are actually playing better, the key to that series is getting to their pen, the three Mets starters we are facing have all been very good lately, with Degrom being historically good. Wood will have to pitch like he did in Texas, just one of his two or three run quality starts may not be enough. Feels like a trap series, win tomorrow and 2 out of 3 versus Mets would be golden going into the House of Horrors/Satan Field.

    Will Kenley go to Co? The doctors may have a say and where we are in the standings may be the deciding factor if Doctors clear him to go.

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