Which One Doesn’t Belong?

I can’t complain about the pitching changes last night.  It all boils down to Rosscup not doing his job on lefties.  Some will complain about taking Maeda out and they will be the same ones who complained when they left him in.  Rosscup doesn’t belong.  Axford looked like he does.  His first outing was horrid (the worst of his career), but he overcame another Joc Pederson outfield gaffe to shut down the Rockies in the 8th inning and had two strikeouts in the process. He still hits 97-98 and is the type of pitcher Honey can “fix.”  We will see.

It seems to be “closer by committee” with Floro, Alexannder and maybe even Axford there (if he can pitch like last night).  Ryu will likely be back the week of August 20th and Urias was hitting 95 on the gun at RC last night.

More Stuff

  • For those of you who had Max Muncy dead and buried:  The body was exhumed.  Max is alive and well… as is Cody Bellinger.
  • Sometimes Joc is just brain dead in the outfield – I don’t even know what to say sometimes.  That’s why he can’t be in CF.
  • It should be interesting to see how Striker Buehler does today.
  • The most important thing to know is that the Dodgers are startingIn-Seat Beer Service.
  • No one really knows how long Kenley Jansen will be out.  It could be two weeks, a month, the rest of the season or his career.  You don’t mess with the “ticker.”
  • Dustin Nosler of TrueBlueLAhas a interestinmg piece on the Dodgers’ changing Bullpen Philosphy.
  • When will Manny Machado show up? So far, he’s been Clark Kent, but the Dodgers were looking for Superman.  Is this another Josh Reddick, Curtis Granderson, et al clone?
  • Logan Forsythe as a Twin:  29 AB’s/.414 BA/.469 OB%/.952 OPS – Just sayin’….
  • If you count Machado and Dozier, the Dodgers coulkd have 10 hitters with 20+ HR this year.
  • Mitch White pitched his best game of the season last night for Tulsa – 6 IP/4 H/ 1 ER/ 0 BB/6 K’s and Kasowski struck out the side in the 9th. Call ’em both up!  😉
  • These are the Dog Days – it’s where Pennants can be won and lost!


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  1. I agree that this one cannot be blamed on Roberts. FAZ gave him Rosscup and he has to use him. Their best reliever, Ferguson cannot go back to back games yet. I do not care how well Axford pitched last night, he is questionable at best. Look at his body of work post 2011. Shaggy pitched Wednesday and Thursday, but pitches best with two days off. Floro was pitching in his third game in 4 days. Alexander is now the closer and pitched every other day since Sunday. Baez? Why wasn’t he optioned?
    I do not understand why you expend the prospect capital to acquire rentals like Machado and Dozier, but do not go out and fix the one true problem the team has had…the bullpen. I have been a FAZ supporter, but you have to be objective when evaluating (from a fan’s perspective) their body of work. They have not done well with the bullpen. Last year they were committed to Hatcher and Romo and then finally called up Morrow, but had to go out and pick up Watson and Cingrani at the deadline. This year they picked up the Cup and the Ax. Maeda is a 5 inning pitcher, so why was the relief set up for him as poorly as it was? You are already committed to 2018 with Machado and Dozier so why not pick up a couple of reliable bullpen arms? They were out there. There is not a reliever that will get through waivers that the Dodgers would want. That time has passed. OKC still has Stewart and Liberatore on the 40 man. Bring them up and release Rosscup and option Baez. They certainly cannot do worse.

  2. I’ve been disappointed in Many’s offensive game to this point. When he arrived he had a .318 BA, 24 HR’s and 70+ RBI’s. Those numbers illustrated what I thought would be a huge offensive center piece and as Vin used to say our “butter and egg man.”

    I don’t think we’ve seen him come up big in a crucial RBI situation and his strikeouts have been alarming. He needs to get it going and the team, without KJ, is going to have win some games 7-3, 8-5, 10-7. Remove the BP equation from the problem and out slug our opponents will need to be the formula moving forward.

  3. Manny and Bull Dozier have been starters their whole career. Masnny wants to play SS. Just put Dozier and Machado at 2B and SS EVERY STINKING DAY! There is something to be said for status quo every day!

    1. Agreed. LAD has 45 games left, and there is no reason either player should come out until they clinch it.

      1. Agree 100%. This is the chance for the FO to get to know the players better. To see how they fit into team chemistry and play under pressure. Then they can make a better decision on what they are worth to the team long-term. To sit them makes as much sense as pitching Baez in pressure situations :).

  4. So far, everyone on this thread is correct, so I don’t need to echo them.

    AC, how good is Carlos Rincon? I see he’s owned Rancho since his call up!
    Buehler has been great the last couple starts. We could really use another great start from him today!
    If Ferguson can’t go back to back days, then he needs to be a 2 inning pitcher each time he is in there. He’s the only guy I trust that won’t implode. At age 21, I think we have ourselves a gem here!
    Cody just missed a HR late in yesterday’s game. That means his timing is getting back. Good, as we need him to carry us, because right now Manny Machado is basically a bigger Cesar Izturis at the plate. At least it’ll be cheaper to resign him if he’s just a .250 hitter with zero power, lot of strikeouts, and zero clutch hits.
    When is Corcino or Stewart or even Banuelos coming up to replace Baez???

    1. Carlos Rincon is a pure power hitter. He probably has more raw power potential than anyone in the Dodgers organization. He was actually in the Dodgers Top 30 prospect list in the beginning of last year, but tanked in Great Lakes; although he did hit 18 HRs. This year his power was down at GL but his plate discipline improved where his OBP in 2018 was .331 vs .270 in 2017. While his production is up at RC, it is a very small sample size (42 PA). But in those 42 PA he already has 7 HRs and has a .442 OBP. The Cal League is very hitter friendly, but probably more friendly to Rincon vs the Midwest League.
      To get an idea of his raw power potential, in 2017 at the Midwest League All Star HR Derby, Rincon went head to head against Vlad Jr. and came out on top. In Round 1, Rincon started slowly but managed 5 to advance to round 2. In round 2, Carlos hit 13, including 9 in the first minute to pace the 4 remaining participants; Vlad Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., and Blaise Salter. In round 3 it was Rincon vs Vlad Jr., and Carlos got to lead off. He knew he needed at least 15 to beat Vlad, and ended up with 20 easily beating Vlad Jr.
      Carlos does not turn 21 until October so he is underage for the Cal League and he has more time to mature as a baseball player. He is consistently improving in areas of need like plate discipline meaning he wants to learn. You do not ignore someone with this kind of power, so he does have a legit shot at making it to the ML, but I want to see him finish strong at RC and maybe make a move to AA next year.

  5. Brock Stewart is resisting becoming a reliever, even though I believe that is his ONLY patch to the majors. If he starts next Spring in the pen, he should get back to 95-96 MPH and could be an asset in the pen. On a starter’s path he only hits 91-92.

    1. His Ks are way down from last year, and his walks are way up. That indicates that he is not swinging at as many out of the zone pitches. The Cal League pitchers will learn to how to pitch to him, and then we will have a better understanding if he is learning to adjust and adapt.

        1. He is a corner OF and the Dodgers will be hoping that the DH comes to the NL by the time Rincon reaches it. Think Dave Kingman, Jose Canseco, Greg Luzinski.

  6. Now we need to see if Mitchell White can pitch good games back to back. On July 12, White pitched a gem going 6.2 scoreless innings, allowing 6 hits and 0 walks, with 6 strikeouts. On July 17, he followed that up with a 4.2 innings effort allowing 4 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks, with 5 strikeouts. White shows off his promise, but now he needs to do it consistently. Tulsa has 23 games to the end of the season, and White should get 4 of those starts. They are in a good position to get to the playoffs.

  7. Machado is a 4 time all star, I think he is slumping and will turn it around, I’d like him hitting 3rd where he did mainly with the Orioles, why would the Dodgers move him? You take one of the most proven hitters in the game and move him in the lineup, don’t agree with that.

    1. Absolutely, the guy is one of the best. Bat him third where he feels comfortable. Roberts is an idiot when it comes to making out a batting order. Hopefully our new manager next season, one Chase Utley, will do things right. The Dodgers should scoop up Machado for the next 6-8 years while they have the chance. Play him at short, Seager at third, Turner at first, and Bellinger in center (until Turner’s contract runs out). Also, sign up Dozier for the next 3 years.
      Just had to go through 6 stupid image identifiers to post this.

  8. 1 – Roberts is not to blame for the Dodgers’ frequently ineffective bullpen – the Braintrust is. I agree with AC 100% – the Dodgers’ biggest need at the deadline was the ‘pen and they got the Axe and the Cup. Not good.
    2 – I am frequently disappointed with Roberts’ skill as a game manager and decision maker. The decision not to hit for Maeda when they needed runs and he was already gassed is a complete mystery.
    3 – Machado isn’t going to hit better at 3rd than at 2nd – why would he? He’s either still adjusting to a new team/league/situation, or he’s in a slump, or he’s just not a guy cut out to play under the bright lights of LA – he wouldn’t be the 1st.
    4 – One of Roberts’ things is the constant lineup juggling. But I think that it’s a function of the Braintrust suggesting that he manage the matchups based on data, and Roberts is going to go along with it. The current role of a manager in MLB is not what we’re used to. The manager’s most important job to to motivate a generation of self-satisfied and self-seeking players to play a team game. They call it “communication”. The next most important thing is to listen to the front office nerds and take the data and make decisions based on the data. There’s a reason for young inexperienced managers becoming the hot thing – they are young enough to identify with the players and malleable enough to do what the front office says. Can you imagine Walt Alston or Tommy Lasorda listening to a bunch of pointy heads about how to construct a lineup, who to play, etc?

    1. DMs job is to carry out the philosophies of his bosses. Just like middle management everywhere. And it isn’t ever gonna change so…..

    2. DMs job is to carry out the philosophies of his bosses. Like middle management everywhere. And it’s not ever gonna change no matter who the manager is. It’s actually worked out rather well for the Dodgers.

  9. This site isn’t functioning correctly. Keps re verifying my identity and posts are not showing. IDK.

      1. If the Dodgers had Mike Trout and he didn’t produce like a juiced up Manny Ramirez, he’d be a bust. (still not working right)

  10. Bellinger 2-3 with 3 rbi vs. Freeland…not in the lineup.
    Joc 3-4…not in the lineup.
    Barnes 0-6…in the lineup.
    Puig .222…in the lineup.
    Doc is just itching to get himself fired (unless the nerds upstairs are controlling his strings).

  11. I would be all in for a Chase Utley type manager even if that didn’t prove winning. There’s more than winning involved. Interesting is more important than winning and it’s getting obvious nearly all of us are getting less interested as is the team. The DH in the NL will make it less exciting too. I’m not a purist and when I’m reading a book that isn’t grabbing me it doesn’t get finnished. Take out what I enjoy and I’ll likely find something else for my time.
    Filling out my name and email every time to post is really no big deal. No sweat

  12. Get hot and it’s time to sit. A lack of urgency all year long. Sit Bellinger so Kike can hit cleanup.

    1. This is the kind of crap that Roberts does. Bellinger 3 hits last night, confidence soaring, so what do you do sit him on the bench. I just get wore out with this thinking. When a guy is hot play him period. On the other hand I like sitting grandal to try to keep him fresh.

  13. Buehler after 103 pitches hit 98+ on gun. Him and stripling have pitched great in this series.

  14. AC is a savant. How in the hell can the FO ignore the BP sans Axford at the deadline. In a pennant race and you rely on Chargois to close a game in Denver. Horrible job by Doc and the FO.

  15. Unbelievable. Game lost due to bad bullpen. Sense a trend here? Only alternative? Get complete game from Buehler.

  16. This team is in trouble. No bullpen and no knowledge how to handle it if they did. Would Jansen have been pulled? If you have no confidence in Alexander, this season is in trouble. I agree with those that think the Dodgers are going to need to outslug their opponent, and I do not see that happening with Kike’ batting #4. 17 HRs sure, but only 39 RBIs.
    I am not ready to say that Roberts is done, but I do think the fat lady is tuning up, and she is starting to sound pretty good.

    1. The infatuation with Hernandez is baffling. I agree the 17 HR’s are nice but his situational hitting is atrocious. He appears to lack basic baseball acumen like hitting behind the runner to move him along, making contact with a runner on third, shortening up the swing a bit for contact.

      I’m going to throw this out there and I will admit I loved the Machado acquisition but I have been underwhelmed to this point. Dozier has been terrific. If this season turns into a “crap show” (and it just might) the pundits and many Dodger blogs will be rife with the Scioscia rumors.

  17. Roberts not only blew the game, but showed no confidence in Alexander, the closer for the month and maybe the rest of the year. Fat lady has sung on this dude, talent has saved him, absent it he is way below average and should go.

  18. A pretty nice effort flushed away by over managing. I would have left Ferguson in there, he is the one guy who can go multiple innings. In this series both Stripling and Buehler have had wins snatched from them by the pen. 2 runs is never enough at Coors and many scoring opportunities were squandered. The team played a very nice defensive game except when Muncy thought they were playing football and just about took out his pitcher. I thought Dozier, Manny and Puig made several nice plays each. Barnes calls a good game but he is lost at the plate. There has to be someone at AAA who can do better in the pen, bring up Liberatore for Cup and Stewart for multiple innings. Hell, bring up Kasowski straight from Tulsa!

  19. Why Roberts did not put Baez to pitch????? Jajajaja……this bullpen is crazy….I hope we can get playoffs

  20. Ferguson was money in the the 8th and very efficient — I was hoping they would at least let him start the 9th and pitch until someone got on. I must confess to having a hard time following DR’s reasoning, I feel for him with the options he has, but he has a tendency to get himself cornered, and then he makes bad decisions.

  21. Caleb !! Damn, I wish Doc, who I love, would have gone Lasorda and rode Ferguson in the 9th until he got in to trouble. This one hurts big time,

  22. Have to agree with the last 10 comments, something smelly is hitting the fan. The silver lining is AZ lost to the Reds again so still tied for 1st but the Rockies have to be feeling like they can beat both at this point. Rich Hill goes tomorrow and the test will be how his curve breaks in the thin air.

  23. Good and bad Maher’s don’t sway won and loss records much but this year in a race that will likely go down to the last week, Roberts incompetence may cost us the playoffs. The game moves too fast for him, it has been apparent since last year’s series. He should be a life coach not a big league manager, no fire, always politically correct. Want to throw up listening to him post game.

    Also, I realize what the organizational philosophy is but it is tiring watch hot hitters sit constantly.

  24. Believe it or not, when McMahon came up to hit I considered that maybe the Dodgers should bring Rosscup into the game. Just because McMahon homered off of him the night before, doesn’t mean that he would have done it again. I thought that Rosscup might be able to get him by using his slider (if he could throw it for strikes) given that the HR the night before was off the fastball.

    Chargois did not look comfortable or overly confident. And given that he throws hard, I was hoping to see some high fastball a little above the zone when he was ahead in the count. Would have been nice to see him change the eye level of some of the hitters, and also put in their minds that they couldn’t look for the ball down on every pitch.

    By the way, where was Floro. Any reason he wasn’t used in this game?

    If anything, we know for sure why Kenley is so valuable to this team.

    When Ryu comes back, Maeda needs to go to the pen. Maybe he could reprise Takashi Saito. Not sure what the story is with Cingrani, but the sooner he returns the better. And perhaps Urias will be effective out of the pen.

    From what I read, Ferguson was used past one inning tonight because he threw 28 pitches on Thursday night. If that’s the case, I don’t have a problem with it. His long term future is more important than any single outing.

    And one other thing. None of what happened late in the game would have happened if the Dodgers could have put up some more runs, instead of going scoreless after the 2nd inning.

    1. He’s 21 years old, now a reliever, and didn’t pitch on Friday night. Throwing 28 innings on Thursday should mean nothing when in a pennant race. If it does the bullpen should have been improved.

      1. I agree. Ferguson is the best pitcher in the pen right now, and he should have been allowed to pitch the 9th unless the doctors told DR no (which I doubt). He pitched great in the 8th, and another 15 pitches was not going to hurt his future. If it is, then FAZ is even more to blame to limit the options in the bullpen. I would have understood if he pitched 28 the night before. No, I think this is all on Roberts. Remember Roberts is the guy who lets Baez dig himself a hole and then watches him implode. DR wants so much to tell everyone I told you so about Petey. But when the new closer gives up a one out double, he brings in a pre-season waiver wire pickup to close a game at Coors. This was not Shaggy’s fault. He is not supposed to be in those situations. Shaggy is 0-4 in save opportunities.

  25. I have said many times that Roberts is not a good game day manager, but now I’m starting to think he actually thinks he is the smartest guy on the field. If I’m right, then he should take a look down the bench at the guy who just may be the smartest person on the field, Chase Utley. Love to see him manage, but he is not an FO puppet.

  26. I preferred to let Fergusson finish the game.
    Roberts, like Mattingly, is better at winning a war than he is at winning a battle.
    If not Roberts as Manager, I want AJ Ellis.

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