No Way to Sugarcoat This

A couple of days ago, when the Dodgers won 21-5, I reminded you that you should not get too high – that it was only one game! The 14-0 debacle last night is also only one game, but if I were you I would be very worried right about now.  Losing to Verlander 2-1 is no shame, but losing 14-0 with the offense being MIA is a sign that these guys may have quit… and I mean mentally! This has “trainwreck” written all over it and does not bode well for the future of this season. There are several issues:

Dave Roberts Has Head Where The Sun Don’t Shine

I have never been a big lineup guy.  Well, what I mean by that is that I have ideas of where players should hit and how a lineup should be constructed, but so does everyone else.  It can work many ways. There is usually no one right answer. Should Manny hit #2 or #3?  Does it really matter?  I think #2, but others think #3 and I have no argument about that.  What I do disagree with is the continual use of sabermetrics to fashion a lineup according to the matchups.

Recently, the Red Sox picked up Steve Pearce to be a RH power hitter against LH pitching. He is a platoon player, for the most part. On August 2nd, he started against a LHP and ended up hitting three (3) Home Runs. The next day a RHP started, but Alex Cora, the Red Sox Manager had Pearce’s name in the lineup. In the interest of full disclosure, Steve destroys LH pitching, but he’s not bad against RH pitchers either.  The fact is: he is a platoon player, but started the next day after hitting 3 HR out of his normal platoon, was not lost on Alex Cora.  He knew Pearce was hot… and damn the statistics, sometimes being hot trumps the stats!

Do you hear me Dave Roberts?  Way too many times this season a player has a great game… only to sit the next one! I have a label for that: IT’S A FELONY STUPID MOVE THAT WILL ULTIMATELY GET YOU FIRED! Geeeeezzzzz!  I am not going to belabor this point, but sometimes, when a  player is in “THE ZONE”, you need to let them stay hot!  Damn the statistics!  The power of the human spirit trumps statistical analysis.  I am all for sabermetrics, but maybe players just need to be human at times.  Maybe they don’t know they can’t hit lefties… so they go ahead and do it.  By the way, Pearce hit a HR in that next game too.

Doc needs to learn to ride that hot player.  Maybe Dozier would not have hit Verlander either – his track record was poor – but he was on a hot streak as a Dodger – why mess with it? I don’t like that.  Not even a little bit!There is no stat to measure momentum, but it is real.  If you have very played organized sports, you know of what I speak.  You can’t measure it, you can’t quantify it, there’s no stat for it, but when you just go by the stats, you ignore a powerful force.

Many people think Cody is starting to come out of his slump… so Doc sits him?  That is really dumb and several levels.

Maybe Doc left Maeda in the game too long to show him he belongs in the pen.  If he is, he is a genius… if it’s not, he is certified dumbass.  Even Ray Charles could see that Maeda was toast! Maeda needs to pitch out of the pen.  Maybe this is Doc’s way of showing him that (I don’t really think he is that smart, but maybe he is). Actually, I think his constant “lineup tinkering” has become a detriment to the Dodgers, but he thinks it’s an advantage.  Where do they go from here?

Today, I have to remind myself to always be humble and kind, but Doc is making it hard for me right about now.

I have been one of Doc’s biggest supporters, but it seems to me that he is starting to think he is smarter than the people who play the game and believes his press clippings makes him a genius.  NOT! Consider the stats and consider the matchups, but consider what kind of hot streak the player is on.

More Rants (no Raves)

  • I don’t want to see that “stupid little grin Maeda has when he gives up a bomb.  It ain’t funny – I want to see him snarling mad! I also want to see him in the bullpen.
  • Manny tries too hard to look so nonchalant.  If you are really cool, you don’t have to try and act like it.  Quit trying to be cool and just let your bat and glove speak.
  • John Axford looked like he did not want to be here when he took the mound. His body language wasn’t good – don’t let the door hit you on the way out…
  • Maybe the Dodger’s Depth is a detriment – no one can get enough AB’s to get a rhythm.
  • Finally, adjust and if you can’t hit it out, go the other way!  Some are doing just that. Most aren’t!
  • Kemp hurt his leg last night and he’s slumping – 10-day DL.  Call up Verdugo!
  • If the Dodgers don’t win today, this series will go down as the time the Astros Broke the Dodgers Spirit!

I believe that this team has more than enough talent to win – however, the talent has to be managed properly…

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  1. Ditto. Not like in ‘Ghost’s, though to Demi Moore yes ditto.
    You would think Roberts would be of mind that heart is the best weapon against the team that needs dethroning as he’s been there-done that.

  2. Doc is an idiot for that line up last night. Throw the dam stats out the window. Manage with your eyes and what you feel. We need some players who can hit the dam ball. I hate the way Dodger baseball is being played. This team needs some infusion. Bring up Toles and Verdugo. Right now Kemp, Taylor and Muncy need to sit. DL them for 10 days. If you are going to manage what Friedman sends down to you, a robot can manage. We do not Ned Doc. My son, who is a Dodger fan told me last night, “Dad this is how it is done these days.” I said “BS”. Doc you have a brain use it. It is very hard to watch Dodger baseball. You bring Dozier in. How about putting him in the lineup. It looks to me like Doc is trying to keep everybody happy instead of winning games. I am not happy.

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  3. Statistics do not need a coach but an administrator. Roberts is not a manager is a motivator is an expecto in human relations but not a strategist, He dont know how to handle the bullpen. inclusibe if Dodgers win the world serie I will continue thinking that Roberts is not a good one.

  4. Mercifully, I didn’t see last nights game.

    Kike’ starting at 1B over Bellinger is just dumb. If anything, that’s a downgrade defensively, and for the most part, Kike’ doesn’t hit righthanders. And throw in the fact that Cody has shown some signs of waking up at the plate, starting Kike’ was dumber than dumb.

    And Joc’s track record against righthsnders needed to be in the lineup. And the night before it made no sense to keep Dozier out of the lineup. From the little I’ve seen, even if he struggles against Verlander, he’s not the only one. And besides, he’s a defensive asset.

    From what I’ve seen, Verdugo has nothing more to learn at AAA. And he was hitting with the Dodgers when he was most recently sent down. Time to bring him back up and stick him in the lineup everyday.

    I don’t think last night or even this series has any chance of breaking the Dodgers spirit, but it’s not likely to help any.

    Axford was a worthless pickup. Even without seeing it, all he did last night was validate my previous opinion of him. Hopefully the Dodgers are planning an additional move or two on or before the August 31st waiver deadline.

  5. It’s about time someone in the Dodger’s cloud, called stupidity out when he repetitively sees it. The lineup last night was straight out of a Stephen King novel.
    Joc Pederson who, in the past I have even cursed in my dreams is beginning to get the idea of how a hitter becomes a great hitter and Roberts benches him. If only Joc’s fledgeling insights on hitting were contagious, others like Cody, Chris and maybe even Muncy would get the idea?
    As to pitching, please encourage management to stop looking for rehabs discarded by other teams and go with youngsters like Hubner, Urias, etc. That’s where the next CK will emerge from.

  6. good managers are in extinction because having their own criteria hinders statistics. for statistics only someone who obeys and keep the clubhouse in good environment is necessary. forget about the legendary managers

  7. The three that need to be let go are FAZ, And Roberts. I think that FAZ’S computer has been hacked.

    1. I don’t know how you can put this on FAZ:

      1. They got two of the best players at the trade deadline;
      2. They have the #8 farm system and are going for the Dodgers’ 6th straight NL title;
      3. They are so deep, it’s incredible; and
      4. This organization is the envy of most teams.

      It’s not on FAZ. Now, Roberts….

  8. While were all bashing how about Manny’s ineffectiveness as an offensive weapon so far. I only watch Dodger baseball so I seldom saw Manny play when he was with the Orioles but his numbers were impressive and I believed the baseball pundits when they said he was a superstar, top ten MLB player.

    I’ve been underwhelmed to this point. His defense looks good, but I’ve yet to see him come up big when the Dodgers need a big hit, even a sac fly , with the game on the line. I heard where he was not a swing and miss hitter and rarely struck out. I’ve seen too many strikeouts since he’s been here.

    I agree with most of what Mark has said and this team really needs a “bolt” of energy. Toles, Verdugo, anyone not named Kemp, Hernandez, Muncy right now. Muncy is what he’s always been….a utility guy. Hernandez is an all or nothing hitter, carries a big bat that’s got some juice but otherwise in near a mendoza BA and Kemp looks like the player that everyone speculated would be DFA’d in the off season. Axford? John “freaking” Axford was our BP piece acquired at the deadline? That has Matt Latos, Jim Johnson and Curtis Granderson written all over it.

    One more point how about Doc’s decision to run Barnes with Maeda up to bat. WTH was he thinking? Always wanted Sciosica to get the job and be a Dodger for life. Will it happen? Unlikely, but it might.

  9. By all accounts Dave Roberts is one hell of a nice guy. I hope he enjoys his next job with the team’s PR department.

  10. Ask any pitcher in baseball, and he’ll tell you that he would LOVE it if every batter he faced was from the same side. It helps get you into a rhythm when there’s nothing unique to face. Any idiot knows that, but I guess the computers say otherwise. Sending up constant righie after rightie is moronic, and I’d hope our smart folks would know better than that.

    I’m thoroughly unimpressed with Machado thus far. When the trade was made, I said “he might be the best player in the NL now that he’s here.” Boy was I wrong. His next clutch hit will be his first clutch hit. But go get it today and let’s get back to winning.
    Buehler can really prove who he is today by beating this team.

  11. Does anyone know how Urias looked last night? I saw he had 4 k in 1 2/3 innings, but how did he look? How hard did he throw? Was the ball popping? Was he hitting the corners with good stuff?

  12. Mark, agree with you on your rants. It’s just maddening with Robert’s lineup decisions. The front office wonks and Roberts seem to over think the lineup order. It’s just that not difficult to put a successful lineup together. If a player is hot then leave him in until he shows otherwise. A good hitter is successful against any pitcher, just as a good pitcher can get any hitter out. That’s what separates stars from the average. Platoon players aren’t consistently successful. That’s why they don’t play all the time. Seems simple to me. Benching Dozier because of bad numbers against Verlander is plain goofy. He’s hot right now. Play the man against everyone!

    You’re right about Manny. Too cool for his own good. Comes from a losing culture. Knows he probably won’t be here next year. I don’t think he likes hitting second. Not saying he isn’t trying, but I don’t see any determination to succeed.

    Kemp and Muncy needs some chill (DL) time. Bring up Verdugo. Verdugo, Peterson, and Puig….everyday for a couple of weeks at least. Nice outfield both offensive and defensive. Bellinger at first. Just play your best players at the time everyday…. every frickin’ day. I would think that players would want to know that they are going to have the opportunity to play the same position and hit in the same spot everyday. If I don’t hear another comment on how great the Dodger depth is would be OK with me. Depth is good for injuries, etc, but not a reason to feel the need to play them all the time to keep them sharp. The front office seems obsessed developing depth players. Why? They seem to think that having a lot of depth is the key to a championship. It makes no sense to me. They have a solid offensive and defensive team available to them. Just let them play everyday.

    Like maybe:

    Peterson CF (plus defense)
    Dozier 2B (gold glove)
    Machado SS (gold glove)
    Grandal C (plus defense)
    Turner 3B (gold glove ability)
    Verdugo LF / Kemp LF (plus defense, well maybe not Kemp)
    Bellinger 1B (gold glove ability)
    Puig RF (gold glove ability)

    I’ve been a Dodger fan since ’58. They have a very good players. Championship quality players. And it just saddens me to not see them on the field all the time in order to accommodate utility guys. Madness!!!

  13. It has been reported that Mike Scioscia will step down as Angels manager AFTER this season.

    How about the Dodgers trade Andrew Sopko as a PTBNL for Mike RIGHT now?

    It’s time for some drastic action and that would be drastic!

    It’s time to bring Mike Scioscia home!

  14. Honeycutt has a lot of work ahead of him, if he to fix Axford. I wonder what kind of lineup we will see today. I do not get the show after the game. What did Doc have to say about last nights game? Did anyone ask him about the lineup? I would like to know about his rationale for all right handed hitters against a right handed pitcher. This is insane. I do not blame FAZ except for Axford. Machado and Dozier are good additions. It is Roberts who makes out the line up.

  15. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but in Mattingly’s first season, I started championing for Don Mattingly to be fired. I posted a picture of Mattingly walking the plank on a pirate ship and put it up almost every day.

  16. 1 – Roberts manages the Dodgers the way that the Brainttrust want him to. He plays matchups based on stats which is what the ‘Trust wants. He’s a player’s manager and they like playing for him. The team won 104 last year doing the same things. Roberts isn’t going anywhere.
    2 – Scioscia isn’t going to manage the Dodgers. He’s an “old school” manager who doesn’t manage “by the numbers”. He and the former Angels’ GM (DiPoto) feuded over that and Scioscia got DiPoto fired.
    3 – I agree that Roberts platoons too much, doesn’t go with the hot hand often enough, doesn’t run the bullpen correctly, etc. But LA has been largely successful under his tenure and “old school” managers are out of vogue.
    4 – Kemp needs a rest. Bellinger needs an option to the minors to work things out. Muncy needs a rest or an option too. They could use a guy like Verdugo who puts the bat on the ball.
    5 – I would run a regular lineup out there down the stretch. I would platoon Joc in the OF.
    6 – I still say that the Dodgers’ biggest problem (the ‘pen) went unaddressed at the deadline. Apparently, the Braintrust has decided to bludgeon the Dodgers’ opponents to death, judging from the deadline moves that they made. So far it hasn’t worked out, but there are 2 months left to play.

  17. I’m still on board. We lost badly to a team we should have finished last year. We didn’t and the pain/memory lingers. I’d love to face them again in October. I back down to no one.

  18. There is no excuse for last night’s lineup. Bobby is absolutely correct in his statement that every pitcher would rather face a lineup with all RHH or LHH. They only need to pitch to one spot, and that spot can move more outside as the game goes. They do not have to be good on both sides of the plate. What happened to the theory of R-L-R-L-R-L….That went away with the over platooning. It used to be good hitters could hit both RHP and LHP. I keep going back to the MLB Tonight piece with Jim Thome and Sean Casey telling us that neither were good hitters against LHP, but the more they faced them the better they got. They taught themselves to go with the pitch until they were comfortable and could then drive a mistake. They both said if they were not allowed to fail in hitting LHP, they never would have able to hit them.
    Doc is the same manager he was last year when the team won 104 games. He is the same manager whose team put up 21 two days prior. He is who he is, a manager very well respected by his players who has a tendency to overmanage, and has never been a good bullpen manager. I believe in sabermetrics, but not to put a lineup together. It is a guide, not the Holy Grail.
    I know some do not like to continually push depth, but the top 7 starters for LAD have now been on the DL. If McCullers goes on the DL, he will be the first starter for Houston to do so this year. Without the depth at SP, LAD would be fighting the Pads for the cellar. Some are upset with Muncy, and I do not know why. He is who he is, a utility infielder who overachieved. Kemp should be the #4 OF, but without them as depth, again LAD would be fighting the Pads for the cellar. The depth did their job to keep the team in contention, now it is time for the “stars” to put up.
    I said before the trade deadline that LAD had two problems; a glut of OF and not enough quality relievers. Both remain a problem. Both Verdugo and Toles should be on the 25 man, but there is no room. Axford and Rosscup are both poor pitchers, and do not belong on a championship roster. Based on previous high leverage appearances neither does Baez. Jansen, Alexander, and Ferguson are the only pitchers who have been mostly reliable. This team is “hoping” that Urias, Cingrani, and Fields will be okay when they come back. The team is also “hoping” that Wood, and/or Maeda, and/or Stripling will accept going to the pen. All three will if asked ( or told), but not one will be happy about it.
    I understand venting. I have done it on multiple occasions this year. But the team needs to block out last night’s game, and play one game at a time. This does not look like a team that can go on an extensive winning streak. So it is going to be a bumpy ride to the end. The Dodgers are good enough to win the NL, but so are the DBacks, Rockies, Brewers, Cubs, Phillies, and Braves.

  19. I do not think FAZ wants Roberts to manage in a certain “way.” I think they give Doc a lot of info, but it’s up to him as to who he plays. Winning trumps all.

    Old school vs. new school may not be as far apart as you think.


    I am mad as hell… and I won’t take it anymore!

  20. Doc has never been good at filling out a line-up card. He way over-thinks it (possibly influenced by FAZ being in his ear).
    I have it on good authority that Mark is still venting.

  21. I don’t agree with everything Roberts does, but I’ve also never agreed with everything done by any manager. And besides, Doc doesn’t manage in a vacuum. I’m sure that much of what he does is run by his coaching staff. And I’m pretty sure that he’s not so hard-headed that he doesn’t take seriously any input he gets from them. So though I may not agree with him all the time, I am fully supportive of the positive atmosphere he’s created around this team, which I think is way more important than any individual decisions which I may disagree with, and upon which he has a very competent coaching staff to provide their input.

    As for Mike Scioscia, I used to be a big supporter. But quite frankly, I suspect his time has passed.

  22. Totally agree with you mark. I think Roberts has changed. He started out managing with urgency but now there are too many experimental throw away games. Last year at the end of the year he nearly created a crisis with no urgency to win. Even though we didn’t win the World Series I think home field was crucial for us getting there. He nearly pissed it away by seemingly giving games away. Joc and Dozier should have been in the lineup the past two days period. Axford should never have been acquired I would have rather had copping. Why did it take so long for him to report? He may get better but he isn’t championship caliber or he would have been in demand. I do think roberts is full of himself. He was interviewed in game the other night on tv and a guy hit a 3 run homer he wanted to keep laughing and carrying on. I just wish he would be the blue collar guy he started out to be. Finally, somebody needs to have the balls to plunk Reddick to shut his mouth.

  23. I kid around about the depth. But I recognize it’s there.

    I also recognize it took a billion to assemble it, and it doesn’t seem
    to add up to a championship. And the Ds had a genuine playoff roster
    before these guys showed up (assembled by the not-great-but-pretty-
    damned-good-under-the-circumstances Ned Colletti and Co).

    So I remain a front office disbeliever. And wait patiently for one of their
    everyday players from one of their drafts to show up on the field in LA and
    become a reliable, poised, well-schooled contributor. And for a billion,
    what-the-hell, maybe more than one!:-)

    1. Let’s not forget where the Dodgers have drafted since FAZ arrived: At the end of the first round. Buehler is starting today, but unless you are drafting in the Top 5, you aren’t going to see many players make it until 4 or 5 years. Lux, Ruiz, Smith and many others are on the way.

      1. Mark: They were not drafting that much higher before the hedge fund arrived.

        Right now, though never a big fan of Ned and Logan (but always giving them some
        extra room because of the difficult owners), I would choose their
        prospects over Andy and The Billion Dollar Boys’ – in a heartbeat:-).

        Nice, poised win today, under challenging circumstances, even if Stros lineup was
        crippled. Manny finally impacted in a good way. Maybe Walker can be that 2-win guy
        in a post-season series….

  24. Lineup:
    1. Pederson LF
    2. Manny 3B
    3. Grandal C
    4. Bellinger CF
    5. Dozier 2B
    6. Muncy 1B
    7. Taylor SS
    8. Kike RF
    9. Striker P

  25. And a word about Manny Machado. I’m not ready to criticize a player that I’ve only seen play only 16 games with the Dodgers. I’ve watched baseball for too long to not understand that he could suddenly take off on a hot streak that would change everyone’s perception of him in an instant.

    Mark, not sure why, but when I post on my iPhone (which is most of the time), I am seeing that my name and email address are no longer being remembered, and I’m forced to enter them. Is that a problem on your end, or is it IOS related?

    1. You need to log in on each device. Also make sure that you check remember me on both devices when you log in

    2. I mentioned that my response was to seeing him over the years.

      I seemed to catch all his worst games, and only a few of the bright-and-shinies.

      The 16 games run parallel to most of what I’ve seen from him. I took pains not
      to deny his gaudy stats, and I already congratulated him for important at-bats
      in today’s win. I remain from Missouri on him, and will be happy to exit that state
      as soon as he gives me reason.

  26. Wow!
    The biggest reason Doc has so many lineups is to let every player feel relevant and keep them sharp enough that that can have more success than they would if they rarely played. The Dodgers faced a string of righties and there were players like Kike that were not playing much. The pitcher was tougher against lefties than he was against righties. It was an opportunity to rest Bellinger and Muncy and Grandal. The hitters were not the ones that gave up 14 runs.

    1. Yes, McCullers has reverse splits, but I would venture to say that it is against a “mixed’ lineup of Leftys and Rightys. I wonder what his splits are when some dumbass uses only RH batter? As has been mentioned earlier, that makes it easy on the pitcher when he doesn’t have to adjust to both sides.

        1. Thought it was a bit extreme, but not troubling. I like managements that try
          things. It was a big fail, but not a lot bigger than Friday’s offense, or Sunday’s.

          This is a boom and bust operation, and it will often bust, righty or lefty, especially
          against this level of pitching. Give me Steve Sax in 1988!

  27. Per Dodgers’ Insider: “Matt Kemp will get a couple days off to rest a left ankle contusion suffered on a foul ball Saturday, while Yasiel Puig is dealing with oblique soreness and is also expected to be out at least a couple days.”

  28. 1- I’ve said many times on this site, I think Roberts is a very good communicator, but a poor game manager and he does nothing to make me believe any differently.
    2- I think Roberts is all about playing it safe, and will not deviate from the game plan of the day.
    3- Giving subs almost as much playing time as the so-called regulars are not putting the best team on the field.
    4- The bullpen is still a big issue and getting John Axford is not going to help.
    5- I said before this series started that these games with the Astro’s would tell a lot about the Dodgers starting pitching, bullpen, and the offense.

  29. After last nights dumpster fire, I am curious to see what kind of lineup Doc throws out there. Also, a real good piece in the LA Times this morning on Colleti and prospects. Can’t believe he only got burned once as far as trading a prospect away. For all of his faults, he did hang on to Kershaw, Seager, Bellinger, Stripling, Joc, etc. He kept the cupboard full for FAZ.

    1. FAZ kept most of those guys too. They were low level prospects when Ned was there (except for Clayton) . When FAZ arrived they were in demand!

      1. Agreed they have done a very nice job bringing Ned and Logan’s kids along.

        Just enough patience, just enough hurry. One of their better efforts on the whole…

  30. If Kemp and Puig are nicked up, DL them! Kemp has done so much for us this year that he deserves a nice 10 day vacation anyway. He’s struggled a lot lately, so time off will do him good and refresh him for the last 6 weeks. Clearly Verdugo and or Toles deserve to be up here and playing. Plus, they might be auditioning for new teams next season, so they will be going all out.

  31. I’m no medical expert, but from what I saw of Springer!s thumb that looked like a dislocation (at he very least) to me. Also, his slide was a lesson in why it’s not too wise to slide hands first.

    Is Manny getting comfortable? Two hits so far today are a good sign.

    Love it when Cody goes the other way.

  32. Wow, I did not know Gerrit Cole could get it up to 99mph! Glad Buehler is on his game today

  33. Good win today. Good pitching. Great relief pitching. Floro looks very good since we traded for him. Alexander has great stuff.

    Everyone deserves a day off tomorrow!

  34. Ultimately Doc fills out the lineup and in the past the lineup covered for some of his decisions. I agree though when someone says there has been a lack or urgency this year. We could see it in April. We could see it when they threw away a game vs Cubs when Buehler rehabbed out of the pen. We could see it when Kike was brought in to pitch in a tie game. This lack of urgency is why the Dodgers will be lucky to make the post season this year.
    While I agree with nearly everything Mark says about FAZ’s strength., anyone who thinks they don’t have a large say in suggesting lineups and wasting moves on an Axford are fooling themselves.
    Kemp is running out of gas. The lineup should be set now. Muncy has been hit with a dose of reality. Bellinger, Dozier, Machado, JT, Joc, Verdugo, and Puig should be playing every night vs righties.

    1. Hawkeye

      Check out the defensive metrics in center, with Toles and Verdugo.

      And check out batting averages in AAA after this game today.

      1. Put Toles in there then. I’m fine with it, but I think Verdugo can be a better .OBP and contact hitter which this offense lacks at times. I think Toles brings more speed and power. I prefer both to a slumping Kemp. Defensive metrics are often hooey to me. I would prefer Toles speed in CF, but I’m not convinced he’s better than Verdugo in CF. The numbers are out. Kemp is struggling mightily vs off-speed stuff and he needs a breather.

  35. Disable Puig, and don’t deactivate him until his oblique is fully healed. Not a player that the Dodgers should be taking any chances with. And to replace him bring up Verdugo, and play him everyday against RHP and LHP.

    If Kemp’s ankle is only bruised, then it may not make sense to DL him. But it does make sense to give him some time off. However, if 10 days will help to re-energize him, then maybe he too should be DL’d, and Toles brought up to replace him.

    And with a 4-game series looming in Coors starting on Thursday, it may be wise to consider adding an arm. That ballpark is murder on a pitching staff.

    1. Coors field is murder on outfielders too. I don’t want to see Kemp out there for four days running around that giant outfield

  36. I agree Hawkeye. And the lower oxygen content at altitude should also be considered. And if I have to choose between Verdugo and Toles, I take Verdugo everyday of the week, and twice on Sunday. I come from the generation that remembers Sunday doubleheader’s.

    I’m not sure Toles has more power than Verdugo. Between OKC and LA the 22 year old Verdugo has a total of 9 HR this year in 327 AB, and the more mature 26 year old Toles has 4 HR in 211 AB. Those numbers indicate that Verdugo has slightly more power, and given his age he still has considerably more to grow in that area.

    Also, Toles no doubt has more speed than Verdugo, but Verdugo is by no means slow. And whereas Toles has a good arm, it’s by no means the cannon that Verdugo has. And like Puig, it appears that Verdugo’s arm Is extremely accurate.

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