It’s Only One Game

21-5 is nice, but it’s the same when the Dodgers win 1-0.  It only counts as one win. It’s the same when the Dodgers lose in the 16th inning because Kike is a horrible pitcher!  You can’t get too high when you win, or too low when you lose.  A win is a win and a loss is a loss – no more, no less! But damn, it is fun when they score 21 runs! Of course, winning is more fun. I think last night loosened the team up a lot.  Many players were obviously pressing because of slumps.  Hopefully, this is the start of something good.

Rants and Raves

  • Chris Taylor is not having as good of a year as he did last year, but he’s not as horrible as some make it out to be. He is hitting .254 (verses .288 last year).  His OB% is .330 verses .354 last year. His slugging is down about 75 points and his strikeouts are up somewhat, but it’s not like he has fallen off the face of the earth.  I expect his career path to be similar to last year.  Stuff happens! Look at Ender Inciarte – he has really fallen.  I still like CT3 and he could finish strong.
  • With everyone healthy (and even without Corey Seager), this is one of the most potent offenses in baseball with Dozier and Machado added. They should have at least 9 (maybe 10) players with 20+ Home Runs!
  • CT3 is #1 on the team in runs scored and Cody is #2… and no one else is close to them.
  • The Dodgers are 8 runs behind the Cubs for tHE #1 spot in Runs Scored.
  • The Dodgers are now #1 in Team ERA in the NL and #2 in baseball.
  • I keep hearing that Ryu will be back when the rosters expand.  I think he will be back in 2-3 weeks!
  • I hope the Dodgers mug Verlander and steal his girl tonight!

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  1. For me the frustrating part for Taylor has been the .OBP and how many times he’s looked at strike 3 this year. Hitting leadoff most of the year, I would expect him to lead the team in runs. I took think his career will be just fine, but at times like Cody, he’s been pressing. For the time being, he’s probably best used in a part-time role.

  2. I”m also quite frustrated with CT3, but stepping back and looking at him: last season was his first real season. This year, pitchers have found his weakness and exploited it. This season is basically CT3’s 2nd season, so I attribute some of this lack of success to a sophomore slump. Now, he and Bellinger both have gone thru this sophomore slump this season, but it’s been 4 months of this. If they can turn it around the last 6-8 weeks, we really become unstoppable.

    There’s so much less pressure on those 2 now, so keep batting them 6-7 when they’re playing. Along with Puig, that may be the greatest 6-7-8 in baseball!

    I’ll be at the Ravine tonight. An attorney buddy gave me some seats on 37 BL, Row 2. Look for the Indian guy eating bell peppers and a protein bar down the left field line just pass the infield dirt. I”ll be wearing my Jackie Robinson jersey

    1. I think Bobby’s middle paragraph resonates.
      Offensively speaking, so much of last year’s success was top four driven (Taylor, Turner, Bellinger and Seager.)
      This year there’s real depth in the lineup and bench.

  3. Wow, what a smack down last night. Even though it was a series split, it didn’t feel like one after last nights game. They really need to take the series from the Astro’s and begin the feeling in the dugout that this team can’t be beat. I wish I had a better feeling about the relief staff but maybe that works it’s self out once Cingrani, Urias, Fields and Ryu returns. We might have to just out slug the other teams until then. Go Blue

  4. Taylor and Barnes are the best base runners on this team. With Utley, there is clear separation between those two and everybody else. It’s more than just leading off so much; he gets to bases others do not and set himself for more scoring.
    Taylor takes strikes that are pitchers mistakes and swings and misses at strikes that are pitchers mistakes. And, yet, he drives in runs and scores runs. It’s magic.
    Last year Taylor seemed to get hits from bloopers and seeing eye ground balls more than anybody else. Haven’t looked up his BABIP but if it is good, it’s not only because he hits the ball hard.
    The Dodgers have quite a few players ob their 40 between age 22 and 27. Verdugo 22, Bellinger 23, Seager 24, Machado 26, Pederson 26, Muncy26, Hernandez 26, Toles 26, Taylor 27, Puig 27 and then it jumps with Grandal 29, Dozier 31, and Turner and Kemp at 33.
    Grandal and Dozier will be free agents after this year. Kemp and Puig free agents after 2019.
    Based on age and free agent status I prefer to build around those that are now 26 and below plus Taylor maybe. For next year though, perhaps Turner should be the DH next year and Muncy, Puig, and Kemp traded. I would not try to re-sign Dozier or Grandal and instead use that money first on signing Machado.
    C Smith and Barnes
    1B Bellinger
    2B Taylor
    3B Seager
    SS Machado
    LF Toles/Hernandez
    CF Pederson
    RF Verdugo
    DH Turner
    The outfielders can be mixed and matched as the season progresses

    1. Bobby

      I thought the same about Taylor striking out so much, but he hit in the most runs on this team in July, which was twenty runs.

      He hit 440 when runners were in scoring position in July, and that is one of this team’s biggest weakness’s.

      He also hit 333 in June, when runners are in scoring position, too.

      1. Yeah, those number stunned me! But then I recall he got some really big hits on that last 10 game road trip

    2. Taylor and Barnes are good baserunners, but I think Cody Bellinger is as good… maybe better because he is faster!

  5. Hey Bobby, I had season tickets a few years back in section 41. Row C. Not a bad place to watch a game. I have been getting tickets from my buddy on the executive level. I never knew they had seating in that section, I thought it was all suites. I got to talk with Don Newcombe on Tuesday. No waiting for concessions or restrooms. Have fun tonight…..

    1. I hadn’t been to Dodger Stadium since Kershaw’s rookie season and I was treated to a couple seats in a suite. Yep, plenty enough decent food and beverages and yes restrooms were near by. I should look up that connect soon and see if I still have that sorta juice with him.
      I think last night’s game was the team newly tuned up and now will run like a Kenyan Olympian starting bout now. Gentlemen, start your steam rollers!

  6. Ryu pitched four innings with the Quakes last night – 2 hits, no runs, 0 walks, 4 K’s. Rosscup had a perfect inning.

  7. This 3 game series with the Astro’s should tell a lot about the Dodgers, starting pitching, bullpen, and the offense. I hope the Dodgers can take 2 out of 3 while getting excellent production from the pen, let’s see what happens.

    1. ‘Stros will have no Correa, no Altuve and maybe no Springer. But the Dodgers will face Verlander tonight and Cole on Sunday. Should be fun.

      1. Verlander is surely a stud. Just look how long he’s been able to hold on to that beauty. He’s also a damn good pitcher!

  8. Ranks the Top 10 Farm systems after the Trade Deadline:

    #1 – Padres – Tanked
    #2 – Braves – Tanked
    #3 – White Sox – Tanked
    #4 – Rays – Tanked
    #5 – Blue Jays – Tanking
    #6 – Twins – Tanking
    #7 – Reds – Tanking
    #8 – Dodgers – Never Tanked
    #9 – Astros – Tanked
    #10 -Yankees – Never Really Tanked

    The Dodgers were rated #10 before the season and have moved up to #8. MLB said this:

    “Even after making Yusniel Diaz the centerpiece of the Manny Machado trade with the Orioles, the Dodgers have a deep stock of position players. That group begins with one of the best pure hitting prospects around (Verdugo) and baseball’s best pair of catching phenoms (Ruiz, Smith), then continues with shortstop/second baseman Gavin Lux and catcher Diego Cartaya, the top-rated international talent on the 2018-19 market. May is having a breakout year on the mound, and right-handers Dennis Santana, Mitchell White and Yadiel Alvarez all have made past Top 100s.”

    1. Debateable if Yankees tanked or not.

      When they traded off Andrew Miller, Beltran and Chapman they were definitely doing it for prospects.

  9. Last year Taylor was not initially respected to the extent others were. He was a guy the opposing team could get out without great command so they thought. I think he hit a couple of grand slams or at least one. He became a clutch performer because teams did not fear him as they do now. The opposition is pitching him much more carefully as they should. I think he will improve his strikeout rate as Javier Baez has but still be aggressive. He is a valuable asset to have for sure. In regards to last night I agree with mark a win is a win. However, I will repeat that Justin turner is soooo huge to the dodger lineup. You can argue that, but he brings leadership and confidence to the field. Even without his best game turner changes everything for us. With his best game look out we will be very difficult to beat. I watch the cards and they have tried forever to move carp from leadoff and argued if you can hit it doesn’t matter where you bat. My point is that the mental aspect of this game is vital even if you can’t measure it. After frustration after frustration they have finally realized that he is at his best at leadoff. Last night may have helped bellinger the most to relax him, we can only hope. I’m sorry to say that Grandal will come back to earth(great so far) but maybe earth can be competitive.

  10. With respect to Ryu, a pitcher on a minor league rehab assignment is limited to 30 days rehab (position player 20). Coincidentally (???) 30 days from last night takes Ryu up to September 1.
    I am wondering with all of the time off the last few years, whether FAZ will look to offer Ryu a one year incentive laden contract so he can repeat his walk year next year. He will not get a QO. They will not make that mistake again.

  11. urias, axford, ryu, fields, cingrani, and stripling. who goes to minors when these guys come back

    1. Awesome problems to have!

      Playoff Roster:

      1. Kershaw
      2. Buehler
      3. Hill
      4. Ryu


      1. No Ferguson. Floro. Hudson, goeddel or chargois. Too soon for me to rule those guys out. I will rule out fields and Baez though.

      2. That roster looks good. Depending on health and matchups I could see Maeda in the rotation or Floro in for Axford or urias. Who is hot and healthy and who is not will prevail. I wonder if they will take a flyer on the released cardinal , Rockies, Kansas City closer? I can’t remember his name. Holland I think.

  12. The bullpen makes me want to cry especially after seeing Alexander poop himself the other night. It seems like they’ll have an abundance of long men and match-up guys giving Roberts an excuse to make multiple pitching changes each inning turning 3 hours into 4. Dozier and Manny are huge adds, the lineup is so scary with a scary hitter forced to the bench each night, but that pen, while not bad, is far from ideal.

    1. The pen you see now… is not the pen you will see in the playoffs.

      I think it is all coming together. If Ferguson, Floro, Hudson, Goeddel or Chargois aren’t on that roster, it’s pretty damn strong! Never let one game cloud your vision.

    1. I just don’t see how you do not start dozier tonight. How about Puig 2 homers last night on the bench tonight.

      1. Dozier dismal against Verlander in 30 at bats. Puig 0-4 small sample so I see why Roberts would do it. It is just hard to take a hot bat out.

        1. Well, I guess that explains it from a statistical standpoint. But they are both so locked in right now… I think you have to throw the numbers out the window right now and go with the hot bats.

  13. I’m in agreement with M.T. except I might slip Maeda in as a starter.
    I got a good belly laugh when someone mentioned 2 starters each P.O. game but the more I thought, why not!??! The old ‘avoid the 3rd. time around the lineup” stuff.
    Do you think it’s a possibility or back to my belly laugh???
    I’m there tonite and have a perfect record… Of course my pre-game meal at Phillipes seals the W…

    1. Phillipes: I looked them up on the web and it seemed incredible!

      I have about 3 more years of Driving this business and then my son takes over and I start spending more time at RC, Tulsa, GL and OKC!

    2. Pete I’m reading your lyrical waxing in your homeland.
      Another 3 days in Galway – what a place – nobody ever goes to bed.

      Lets give FAZ some credit, they have made our offence really tough with the Manny &Dozier additions.
      To get Dozier for Forsythe plus a couple of minor leaguers was fantastic.

      Baseball is very streaky. We are certainly in the mix now.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today activated right-handed pitcher John Axford (#88) and placed right-handed pitcher Erik Goeddel on the 10-day disabled list with right lat inflammation.

    Axford, who was acquired from the Blue Jays at the trade deadline, has appeared in 45 games (one start) for the Blue Jays this season, going 4-1 with a 4.41 ERA (25 ER/51.0 IP) and has held hitters to a .234 average. Over 10 big league seasons, the 35-year-old has gone 38-34 with 144 saves and has posted a 3.78 ERA in 538 career games (one start) with the Brewers (2009-13), Cardinals (2013), Indians (2014), Pirates (2014), Rockies (2015), Athletics (2016-17) and Blue Jays (2018).

    Goeddel, 29, has a 3-0 record and has posted a 3.06 ERA (12 ER/35.1 IP) in 30 games of relief for Seattle and Los Angeles this season while limiting hitters to a .202 average and striking out 43 batters against 20 walks.

  15. If Verlander got to pitch against the Dodgers every time out, how many Ks would he end the season with?

  16. Watford my Man – I bet you’re throwing a few pounds at the ponies at the Galway Races!??!
    #3 in the 3rd…. Always my favorite…
    FYI – Race tracks are the only place where windows clean people!!!
    P.S. Verlander is a beast and his wife isn’t bad either…

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