This Team is Built for the Playoffs

Maybe this is what happens at the trade deadline:

RotoworldInjury Updates

  • Hyun-Jin Ryu (groin) pitched two innings in a simulated game on Wednesday. Next up is a three-inning simulated appearance Saturday in Los Angeles. The left-hander will likely begin a minor league rehab assignment after that.
  • Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts said Friday that Julio Urias (shoulder) is a serious candidate to work out of the club’s bullpen down the stretch. Urias excelled in that role as a rookie during the 2016 season and could be a major weapon for Roberts in his quest for a division title in the National League West. He continues to inch closer to a minor league rehab assignment.

Do the Dodgers really need to add a bullpen piece if Ryu and Urias come back healthy? The Dodgers are taking their time with them, but both are progressing nicely.  Ryu was the Dodgers best starter when he went down.  He cannot pitch out of the pen, so someone else will go there… Stripling, Wood, Maeda, thus strengthening the pen.  Julio Urias could be scary good out of the pen,  He’s still only 21, but when he was 19 he was very, very good. The rehab and work he has had to do certainly has helped him mature. I’m excited that Doc thinks he can be a piece in the pen.

In the playoffs, when only 3 or 4 starters are employed, suddenly the Dodgers’ staff looks different.  Starters (in my opinion) are Kershaw (he is looking like an Ace again), Hill, Buehler, Ryu. The relievers are Alexander, Hudson, Floro, Urias, Chicken Strip, Wood, Maeda and Jansen… or whoever else they want among Goddel, Baez, Chargois, Cingrani, Ferguson, Fields, Stewart and Santana. With 4 starters and 5 or 6 pitchers who are capable of going multiple innings, this 2018 Dodger team will not win 104 regular season games, but it just might be built to win ONE MORE in the playoffs!

I started writing this article before I found a similar article byKen Gurnick at Dodgers.comwhere he wrote:

The Dodgers will likely pick up a relief arm before Tuesday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline, because that’s what they do at trade deadlines.

But with so many injured pitchers in the process of returning, as well as the current surplus of starting pitchers, manager Dave Roberts said there is less of an urgency for reinforcements than there was a month ago.

Roberts on Friday was especially excited about the possibility of Julio Urias pitching out of the bullpen, as well as Dennis Santana. Urias has been out a year after shoulder surgery but will be in Los Angeles next week to pitch a simulated game. There isn’t time to build him up to start, Roberts said, so Urias will be a reliever if he returns this year. Santana has been sidelined since early June with a rotator cuff strain.

“If there’s a deal to be had, I’m sure our guys will be on it,” Roberts said. “With what we have, to go outside and do something just to do something, it’s got to really make sense because there’s a lot of good arms here that we know and we trust internally.”

The Dodgers opted not to overspend for recently traded relievers Brad Hand, Jeurys Familia or Zach Britton. With the current six-man rotation, Roberts said one starter will be moved to the bullpen. He didn’t say which one, but Ross StriplingKenta Maeda and Alex Wood have been successful in that role in the past.

Pedro Baez has already returned to the bullpen, and Roberts said Josh Fields and Tony Cingrani, in that order, aren’t far away from returning from shoulder issues.

Easily the most intriguing bullpen candidate is Urias.

“We don’t know what we’re going to get,” Roberts said of Urias, “but I will say that in the postseason of ’16, and his first taste of the big leagues and what he did — the heartbeat, the stuff — to get him back in a short stint is something we feel comfortable we can bet on. We’re all excited for this.”

Roberts said the reports on Urias in recent weeks have all been favorable. He said Hyun-Jin Ryu, recovering from a serious groin strain, will also throw a simulated game in Los Angeles next week. Ryu is not being considered for the bullpen.

He’s probably right – the Dodgers may very well make a trade, but it likely won’t be Bear Claw or some of the other notables, simply due to the price.

Andy McCullough  also writes about Jurio Urias return atThe LA Times.

Other Dodger News

  • Roberts says Puig will be back today.  Who do you keep – Forsythe or Verdugo?  My money is on Verdugo. GoodbyeLogan– yourRunis over!
  • Kenley Jansen looked very Jansen-esque last night with his cutter and hitting 95 MPH.  Maybe it was just a mechanical thing…
  • Gavin Lux remains on fire (.916 OPS) – Move him up!
  • There has been a Yadier Alvarez sighting: 3 IP/2 H/0 R/1 BB/0 K – Would you trade him straight up for Bear Claw?
  • Mitch White went 5 and allowed 7 hits with 2 Runs.
  • Toles remains hot (2-4/.339) and Liberatore finally pitched.

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Logan’s Run:

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  1. I read somewhere yesterday that Verdugo will be sent out to make room for Puig. No one is taking Forsythe off our hands so they should just peel the band-aid off and DFA him. Call me crazy but I like our BP pieces but a strong #2 SP would like nice in a playoff series. I don’t know why but Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, Buehler kind of make me feel uneasy about a playoff series. I would feel a lot better with Kershaw, deGrom, Hill, Buehler and Maeda in the BP.

    I would not at all be surprised to read next week that Puig is traded for us to acquire pitching (relief or starting).

    1. If FAZ / Doc would pair up pitchers with both going 4 innings regardless of how well they are doing, the Dodgers are set.
      Kershaw and Buehler
      Ryu and Maeda
      Hill and Stripling
      and if they need a 4 starter then go with:
      Wood and Fergusson
      Urias and Jansen would be the setup and closers.
      We can’t all be pragmatic all the time. Can’t use imaginations if we were.

  2. Verdugo was told last night that he was going down. I thought I posted that.
    Familia was given away for 2 non-prospects and $1 million in international spending money.
    Urias could be a weapon or he could look like a 21 year old guy who hasn’t pitched in a year because he had shoulder surgery. Ryu could look like he did early in the season or like someone who is in spring training because he hasn’t pitched forever or somewhere in between. He’s notoriously bad against Colorado.
    I get the feeling that Stripling is going revert to a bit closer to the pitcher he’s been. His HRs/9 is extremely high and he may be running out of gas.
    If the Dodgers strengthen their pen with Maeda and Wood then I don’t know who’s starting in the playoffs other than Kershaw and Hill
    They must have JT clicking down the stretch.

  3. I too think we’re better built for the playoffs if we use all of our arms correctly. However, my biggest fear is the lack of an ace. Yeah Kersh looked good yesterday, but I’ve seen October Kersh too many times to expect anything different this October. Anyone expecting otherwise: see Charlie Brown trying to kick the football while Lucy holds it.

    If we go far this October, it will have to because our bullpen is ready to go 4-5ip almost every game, and our offense with Manny and a healthy JT carry us.

    1. I would put Kershaw in a room with FAZ and Doc, maybe add Koufax and Hershiser, and tell Kershaw to accept that in the playoffs he will only go 5 innings max, regardless of pitch count. Okay, maybe 6. Kershaw is his worst enemy.

  4. I wonder if the Nationals would allow Harper to talk to the Dodgers about a contract extension before a trade were made.
    This would blow our minds if Manny and Bryce agreed to contract extensions with the Dodgers. Would they take 9 year $300M contracts with opt out clauses at age 30? Knee jerk reaction would be “hell no”. But, jerks aside, would the Dodgers do that? Who would go to the Nationals assuming Bryce agreed to extend? I assume the Dodgers would be willing to offer more if true.
    I would start with Puig and Verdugo and Stripling. The Nationals don’t have to know that Bryce agreed to extend. Old grumpy people need not reply.

    1. I’m only Grinch like, not grumpy 😉

      Player opt outs are usually included to lower the dollar figure. I can’t see any reason why a player wouldn’t agree to a player opt out. Club opt outs are another story.

    2. I am neither old nor grumpy, but there is no chance Harper or Machado will sign before free agency. The upside is too high. What would the Dodgers offer?

      Borass has suggested $400 million. However, depending upon who is interested, he may only get $250 million (only)! The Dodgers would be incredibly dumb to offer more than $250 million and Borass would not take less than $350 million right about now. No way

      1. The whole Dodgers checked in on Harper report has been deemed bogus. I too don’t see him getting anywhere near the 10/$400 million that was thrown around. I can’t blame Boras for telling Washington that’s the number it would take to keep him from testing the market. A year ago I would have been a lot more interested in Harper than Machado. Not so much these days. Then again, if Turner Ward could fix Joc’s swing imagine what he could do with Harper’s. Philadelphia will overpay big time for one of those two.
        MLBTradeRumors saying the Dodgers are in on Archer which I find a bit confusing. He’s had an ERA over 4 for 3 straight years now. I guess the Sabremetric guys think the Dodgers can fix him or get the most out of him.

  5. I am with Hawkeye. I do not share Mark’s enthusiasm for Urias to be able to come back and pitch in a high leverage role. If it is not high leverage, why take out Ferguson who has been the best multiple inning reliever the Dodgers have. In 7 relief appearances he has 18.0 IP, allowing 2 earned runs (1.00 ERA), 12 hits, 2 BB, 1 HBP, 24 K, and 1 HR allowed. Urias has a higher ceiling, but right now I trust Ferguson more as a reliever than a pitcher who has not pitched in more than a year after a significant shoulder surgery.
    We know that one of the relievers Doc trusts is Baez. If FAZ does not take away that choice, Doc is going to bring him in a high leverage situation and hope he is right. With a rotator cuff sprain, you really expect Santana to be effective in a pennant race? With all of 3.1 not very effective IP at the MLB level? You are ready to say that Fields and Cingrani will stay healthy?
    Buehler and Ryu cannot relieve, leaving Kershaw, Hill, Buehler, and Ryu as the post season pitchers. Yes that would move Maeda, Wood, and Stripling to the pen. When was the last time Ryu has stayed healthy over an extended period of time? Same goes for Buehler who is still on an innings watch.
    Irrespective of last night’s game, when was the last time Kershaw has been dominant over an extended period of time? When was the last time (first time) Kersh has been dominant over an entire post season?
    Other than Ferguson (and Jansen) here are the metrics for the current bullpen:
    Alexander – 47.0 IP, 3.26 ERA, 3.31 FIP, 1.123 WHIP
    Hudson – 38.2 IP, 4.42 ERA, 4.40 FIP, 1.397 WHIP
    Goeddel – 24.0 IP, 3.00 ERA, 4.12 FIP, 1.333 WHIP
    Chargois – 23.1 IP, 3.86 ERA, 3.85 FIP, 1.329 WHIP
    Baez – 32.2 IP, 3.31 ERA, 3.28 FIP, 1.500 WHIP
    Other than Goeddel, the FIP scores indicate that the ERA is appropriate. Goeddel’s FIP shows that his ERA is not sustainable. Not one ERA under 3.00, and only 1 WHIP under 1.329.
    Okay maybe Barraclough will be too costly. How about:
    Jared Hughes – 53.2 IP, 1.51 ERA, 3.14 FIP, 1.137 WHIP
    David Hernandez – 39.1 IP, 1.83 ERA, 3.09 FIP, 0.932 WHIP
    Jose Leclerc – 36.2 IP, 2.45 ERA, 2.34 FIP, 1.036 WHIP
    Keone Kela – 35.2 IP, 3.28 ERA, 2.85 FIP, 1.093 WHIP
    Everyone of them has a better FIP and WHIP than the 5 Dodger relievers.
    FAZ can hide their collective heads in the sand and hope that the pitchers will stay healthy, or they can be proactive and go out and get pitching before the championship window begins to close. If they get a couple of better pitchers and everyone else comes back and stays healthy, then there will be some tough choices to make. But that is why they make the big bucks.

    1. The biggest difference between the 2017 Dodgers and the previous groups led by Kershaw is that they could hand the ball off to a trustworthy pen. In the playoffs the rotation of Kershaw, Hill, Wood, and Darvish could hand the ball to Maeda, MORROW, and Jansen not Baez, Blanton, and Co. Yes, Clayton has not been dominant throughout an entire run, but he’s also pitched very good in games to have Baez not be able to get one out when needed and then get charged with the runners he left on base. Last year the Dodgers won all 3 Game 1’s. With this year’s Wood not looking like last year’s version, I’m not sure they can pull Maeda out of the rotation. I think it would be great if they could. Maybe that’s why they’re looking at Archer, but I’m not sure that’s the guy I would overpay for so that you can send Maeda to the pen in the post-season.


  7. They may be finding the price tag so high on the relief pitchers who make sense that the plan is to grab Archer and put Wood and Maeda in the pen.

  8. Agree with AC and Hawkeye. I can’t trust that a bunch of guys coming off the DL (especially the 21 year old Urias, who hasn’t pitched in over a year) can be counted on down the stretch and into the playoffs. Maybe some of them, but not all. If they exceed expectations, wonderful. But I prefer to buy some insurance.

    1. I hope Urias comes back and catches lightning in a bottle. I think we’re all fans, but it’s a lot to count on. Even if the Dodgers get Archer, I don’t think they can move Maeda to the pen immediately. He’s been too damn good this year with the improved change-up. I would try to deal Stripling as part of this deal. Sell high on Ross. He’s done a great job, but I can just picture him nibbling at the corners against good teams, falling behind and then boom, gives up too many dingers.

  9. Just a wild guess, given that I’ve seen very little of Archer, but is there any chance that the Dodgers might think that he could adapt quickly to the pen, and be more effective there?

      1. The Padres are also rumored to be in. They have something like 15 top prospects so they have not only a bright future but even more kids to offer than the Dodgers.

    1. Got to tip your cap to the work that Joc has put in since his demotion. He hasn’t complained about playing LF either. He had a nice AB against a lefty last night too. I hope he continues throughout the year. I like Toles, Puig, and Joc maybe that’s why it has taken me a bit to warm to Verdugo, but there’s no doubt about Verdugo’s talent. Unfortunately, someone will most likely get moved from that crowded outfield.

    2. Bum

      First I haven’t said much about Joc lately, because of you.

      But for Dodger Nation to have to write an article on why people love Joc, shows the fact I am far from the only one, that didn’t have faith in Joc!

      And what has happened in the previous three years to change that?

      I would just enjoy the season because the season, is not over yet.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today reinstated outfielder Yasiel Puig from the 10-day disabled list (right oblique strain) and optioned outfielder Alex Verdugo to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

    Puig, 27, returns to the club after missing 15 games due to a right oblique strain and appearing in three rehab contests with Triple-A Oklahoma City going 2-for-9 (.222) with two runs, an RBI and a walk. In 76 games for Los Angeles this season, the Cuba native is batting .265 with 38 runs, 17 doubles, 11 home runs, 35 RBI and seven stolen bases.

    Verdugo, 22, has hit .280 (14-for-50) with seven runs, five doubles, one home run and three RBI along with a .345 on-base percentage in 14 games with the Dodgers this season.

  11. I am going to stick to my guns and say that between now and Tuesday night FAZ is going to pull the trigger on a deal that will sting both teams a bit. We have way too many good outfielders who are all playing well, plus Puig just came back. Also, we still have all of our big time minor league pieces. FAZ has been real quiet the last 4 or 5 days, reminds me of when they landed Darvish at the last moment. They also have a reputation for being very secretive, which drives us fans crazy. Just seems like something is brewin’…..

  12. Tonight’s Dodger lineup at Braves:
    Taylor SS
    Machado 3B
    Kemp LF
    Hernández CF
    Bellinger 1B
    Forsythe 2B
    Puig RF
    Barnes C
    Wood P

    Welcome back Puig!

      1. Forsythe blows my mind
        Ok, fine, Grandal might need a rest, Barnes ok
        Kike? I mean, he might walk us off tonight

        But, Forsythe?????

        Come on!!!!

  13. Just for fun chris archer trade prediction: Dustin may, DJ Peter’s, and conor wong.

          1. If you include Forsythe, there will need to be other prospects. The Rays are not going to take a dead contract for free.

      1. I assume you mean Gonsolin. I would substitute Wong for Gonsolin. Otherwise, it seems fair.

        1. I did. LOL. I knew I spelled it wrong. I gave them more to take Forsythe. If anyone would take him maybe Tampa would welcome him home.

  14. I just do not see how the Dodgers can keep Forsythe and option Verdugo. I think the Dodgers look much better with Verdugo in the line up. Something has to break in the outfield. I believe the best outfield we could put on the field is Kemp, Verdugo and Toles. I just think the Dodgers will not part with Joc. So Puig and Toles are the ones to be traded. Sad. I do not know if Puig, Toles and one more farm kid like Wong will get us Archer. I would sure try. I would throw in Forsythe just to open up a place on the team and pay his salary.

    1. The only explanation I can give is that the Dodgers are working on a deal where Forsythe is “dead money” taken on by some other team. Otherwise, it makes no sense… He is still owed about $3.5 million and as close as the Dodgers are to the Luxury Tax they would lose $3.5 mil if they don’t trade him.

      1. If forsythe remains with the team until the deadline then possible DFA shortly after.

        The 3.5M is almost all dead money, but if he is picked up for ML minimum that should help a little with the Luxury Tax calculations. 35% rough remaining games x ML minimum is about 175K.

        Not much but could see this front office making that calculation if he is not traded.

        Is he worth $175K to any team?

    2. The Dodgers value depth and they will continue to stash depth away at AAA until September 1st call ups or until there’s a trade. Forsythe should be gone but the Dodgers are holding his contact with the hope of including him in a deal if it’s necessary to make the money work. Between the trade deadline and the return of J.T. the clock is ticking on his time with the Dodgers. Since May 1st no one has better numbers on the Dodgers than Puig.

      1. Agreed, and you have been on a roll lately. I think the team missed Puig while he was out and he had just homered in back to back games before his injury. Muncy needed a day off to clear his head, they have put a lot of pressure on him. Hate the lineup today with Kike at cleanup and Forsythe ahead of Puig. Is it time to see if Joc can hit LHP? The key is taking the ball the other way if they pound him outside and he has been doing that. He can still turn on a pitch on the inner half.

        1. I will say when Joc comes up against lefties I no longer feel like it’s an automatic out. I know the numbers aren’t there yet but the quality of AB’s have looked better. I know Doc tends to pick Kike vs a righty over Joc vs a lefty but I’m not so sure that should be the case 100% of the time.

          1. Joc in CF and Kike at 2B would work too. It’s even harder to hit lefties if you never get to face them.

      2. The one thing I can say about Puig, is that we know what we have in Puig, but we can’t say the same, about everyone else.

        But Puig just may come back and hit with more power against lefties, because I think Turner Ward, helped Puig turn the corner against lefties, just before he got hurt.

        1. It seemed like a different stance. He’s been tinkering all year against lefties. Trying to figure out why he’s get jammed by lefties. I miss seeing Speed guys in the lineup who can take an extra base like Puig and Toles.

  15. I agree with Mark regarding Forsythe. I was writing a post earlier on my phone when my finger accidentally flipped it away. Too busy at the time to re-write it. It makes no sense to me that the Dodgers would just DFA Forsythe with only a few days left in the non-waiver trading period. Why not wait, and take a chance that you may be able to move at least a part of his remaining $3+million? You never know what other teams think of a player, and what they’re willing to do. Every dollar the Dodgers save towards keeping themselves below the CBT threshhold, is that much more flexibility to enable them to take on contracts. Verdugo has options, and can be brought back at any time after the dust clears. And if Forsythe can’t be moved, he can be DFA’d at any time.

  16. I do hope the only reason, Verdugo is going back to OKC is that F&Z are working on a deal that will include Forsythe and maybe Puig also.

  17. I agree with Vegas about Jocy, it’s time to give him a little rope against left handed pitching. He put good wood on the ball last night against a lefty and lined out to left field. If he uses that approach, he should be fine. Quit platooning him and let his confidence build up. He has to learn sometime, why not now?

    By the way, tonights lineup doesn’t impress me, especially when Logi Bear and Barnes are in at the same time. Uhhh..

  18. Bums like to trade every player other than Joc, but with the NYY looking for someone to fill the OF spot left open because of Judge’s injury I would propose a Joc to NYY for Chad Green. NYY wants a legit #4 OF once Judge returns, and they have a boatload of relievers. NYY wants a left hand hitting OF. Maybe FAZ can include Baez to replace Green. Green would be the legit 8th inning setup bridge for Jansen. The trade would open a spot for Verdugo who FAZ obviously covets because they will not trade him.

    1. AC

      That sounds good to me!

      He would be a good platoon bat for the Yankees, after Judge is back.

    2. Joc could rake with that short porch there. The Dodgers continually choosing Joc over Toles makes me think Toles is more likely to get dealt.

      1. I do not believe Toles gets you Chad Green, and I am not sure Joc would. But Joc would be a better chance. And yes, Joc could go off in NYY with that short porch. NYY has been looking for a power hitting lefty. With all of there other thoroughbreds in the bullpen, they could easily survive without Green.

        1. If we do trade Joc to NY (or anywhere for that matter), does Bum have to go with him, or can he still stay here??

        2. You’re probably right AC. I think Toles would be a hell of a 4th outfielder for most teams if given the chance.

          1. Hawkeye

            AC isn’t proposing Toles, he proposing Joc, because of his power.

            I would think Toles would be a better everyday player, because he hits consistently.

            And he hits both lefties and righties too.

          2. I get it. Sorry, if I worded it funny. I agree that Joc would return more. I was poorly stating Toles just needs an opportunity.

        3. AC

          I couldn’t believe when I heard the Yankees got Britton, it felt like my head exploded, after hearing that.

          Your so right about all the thoroughbreds they have in that pen.

          And I think that is a good idea, because I remember Green pitching in the post season, last year.

          And I believe he pitched more then just one inning at a time, when I saw him.

      2. Hawkeye

        I hope not, because that could be a big mistake, because even with Joc right now, we still don’t know what we have.

        But neither Toles, or Verdugo, is in the line up tonight.

        And unlike Joc, both of these other two guys are not streaky in a since, because they tend to hit more consistently.

    1. Next 0-8 the haters will be trading him. A Puig having fun could be a nice mix with a Machado who likes to have fun. Nice outing by Wood so far.

      1. Hawkeye

        I got that!

        But what about Puig, talk about he man, on a mission!

        He has been looking toward this game today, for quite a while.

    1. ya man, this guy is legit. He’s becoming my favorite Dodger pitcher to watch. Next season, and for the next 10 years, he can be a fixture in that rotation. I see his mannerisms like Kershaw, but his stuff like Bumgarner (without that wide pitching motion Bum has)

      1. I can’t see him as a starter unless he gets another pitch… but I love him in the pen!

      2. Bobby

        We think a like, because that is the first thing I thought when I saw Fergie.

        And I can see the Bumgarner comparison too.

  19. Chip Carey and Joe Simpson blasting the Dodgers for being unprofessional because they wore t-shirts during batting practice and not jerseys. Simpson said Dodgers fans should be embarrassed. Called out Utley too for not wearing socks.

    1. That falls under the category of “Who gives a rats ass?”

      I dislike listening to them.

      1. Yeah. I can’t stand guys like them and Bob Brenly. Someone posted the audii and video on twitter. Simpson claimed he came up with the Dodgers where he was taught the right way and this was an embarrassment. Fans wouldn’t know who they were watching because they didn’t have their jerseys on. Completely stupid.

  20. Would someone please remove the cement buckets Bellinger has his feet planted in whenever he swings? He looks absolutely atrocious .
    Regarding Puig – I haven’t heard Bum pipe in.

    1. His top and lower half haven’t been in sync for weeks now. I absolutlely despise Forsythe’s offensive game and Bellinger is nearing the same frustration level for me. He’s always 0-2 or 1-2 and you just know the next pitch will be a K.

  21. Pay Machado and let him play Short if he so desires or just pay him SS money. I would love to see him and Seager hitting 2nd and 3rd next year.

  22. Just an all around pleasure watching today’s game. Logan too made a couple XLNT plays! I’m rooting for him. But then I’m rooting all of em!

  23. Like I said guys, we are all posturing and speculating, but I bet my bottom dollar that FAZ is going to blow our minds between now and Tuesday. Fasten your seat belts, it might get turbulent.

  24. Regarding Bellinger’s stance at the plate, I posted the other day the comments made by Nomar, in which he said that Cody had abandoned the bend at the knees he adopted on the advice of Matt Kemp. He’s standing straight up as he’s done in the past, with markedly poor results. Unless Cody makes some adjustments, he’s going to become a liability in the lineup. With all his talent, Cody has weaknesses that he needs to focus on. And when he finds something that works, he needs to stick with it. Maybe he’ll make some fixes going forward this season, or perhaps it will take a full off-season and spring training next year to lock in a fix.

    No sense in speculating what the Dodgers will do between now and Tuesday’s trade deadline. It will come soon enough.

    1. I thought he had good AB’s yesterday, but looked lost again today. I almost wonder if it was too much tinkering. Too me his biggest problem was chasing balls down and in that wind up in the dirt. He lost control of the strike zone and let it affect his confidence rather than focus on fixing that particular problem. A lot of his hits have been do to his ability to get down the first base line. When I imagine lineups, I always find a spot for Cody, but if he doesn’t start putting together some consistent AB’s and some Bellibombs, he could become a defensive replacement for Muncy.

  25. I meant Chad Green last night.

    13 games above .500… and climbing.

    Cody does look lost. I think he needs to sit a couple of games – just work on his approach.

    I thought about a AAA stint, but he will mash AAA pitching. He just needs to adjust to what they are doing now. He’s not having much fun…

  26. I might add, that I have not lost any confidence in Cody. He will pull through this.

  27. Bryce Harper on J.T. Realmuto’s walk-off single: “If that guy was on our side, that wouldn’t have happened.”

    Yeah, Bryce: You are a little Punk who needs punched in the face like Papelbon did it. Also, if you hit more than .210 maybe it wouldn’t have happened either. What a prima donna! Maybe when you grow up in 10 years, you can play for the Dodgers – now, go back and play in your sandbox.

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