Dodgers at a Crossroads

The Dodgers are at somewhat of a crossroads at the break.  They are in 1stplace in the NL West and are 3.5 games behind the Cubs for supremacy in the NL.  They are 1.0 game behind the Brewers, .5 game behind the Phillies, and are virtually tied with the Braves in the very tight NL race.  There are 11 teams within 5.5 games of the Wild Card.

The AL is not as open.  There are 4 virtual locks; Boston, NYY, Cleveland, and Houston.  The Mariners and A’s are in for a fight for the final Wild Card and the right to play either Boston or NYY in a one game winner advances WC game.  Of course, Tampa and LAA can delude themselves into thinking they are in the WC hunt, but neither really has the team to hold on and contend much longer.

That is 17 teams that will be vying for what is considered to be a fairly weak group (in total) of players available for trade.  The prize being Manny Machado.  If you believe the rumor pages, or if you just like to read them and fantasize, the three favored teams for Machado bragging rights are the Phillies, Brewers, and Dodgers (and probably in that order).  NYY was considered to be very interested but not at the price of Gleybar Torres, Miguel Andujar, or Justus Sheffield.  With a full up infield why would NYY want to spend prospects on a rental even one as good as Machado when they need starting pitching?  The speculation is that NYY would then flip Andujar for a much needed starter (Michael Fulmer??).  Right now theoverwhelmingmoney is on the Phillies because they have what Baltimore desperately needs…pitching.  The Phillies are willing to include Adonis Medina while the Brewers are reluctant to include Corbin Burnes and the Dodgers are reluctant to include Dustin May.  But keep the rumor mills churning, because the O’s are going back to the Brewers and Dodgers one last time.

If NYY was considering (or even if it is simply speculated that they are) flipping Andujar, that is a hint at the level (or lack thereof) of interest in the available starting pitching.   Discounting the notion that Jacob deGrom and Thor are being considered in trades, the potential starters available are J.A. Happ, Matt Harvey, Cole Hamels, Jake Odorizzi, Ervin Santana (if he can prove in the next two weeks he is healthy), Lance Lynn, Tyson Ross, Dan Straily, and Bartolo Colon.  Zach Wheeler also looks to be moved.  Boston , NYY, and Seattle are all in on Wheeler.  Somebody will make a play at Michael Fulmer (NYY?), and if the Tigers pay most of the remaining contract, Jordan Zimmerman.  The Cardinals have hinted that Carlos Martinez could be available.  I do not see anybody making a play for Danny Duffy or James Shields.  I know I am leaving many out, because the ML is full of mediocre pitching.

There will be a ton of rumors about Chris Archer, and none of them will pan out.

Mike Moustakas is as good as gone from the Royals and Whit Merrifield is drawing considerable interest.  The Royals seem inclined to hold on to him right now.  The Braves/Phillies/Boston/St. Louis/NYY have all shown interest in Moose.  If a team wants to take a look at Lucas Duda, Dayton Moore will pick up the phone very quickly.

The Reds want to build around home town favorite Scooter Gennett, and I do not believe they really want to trade Raisel Iglesias.  But Matt Harvey will be relocating a 2ndtime this season.

Who knows who is available with the Fish.  Realmuto, Barraclough, Steckenrider, Conley, Straily, Ziegler, Castro…They would love to move Ziegler and Castro, but they are not likely unless the Fish pony up $$$, which they will not do.

If I were Preller of the Padres I would not consider trading Brad Hand unless there was a big time haul.  Hand will be under contract at the time the Pads will be contending.  I do think Kirby Yates and Craig Stamman could be moved. But if the Astros or Indians want to overpay for Brad Hand, Preller will bite.

NYY needs a starting pitcher, and will get one.  They are pretty locked in elsewhere.  They will take another reliever, especially if it keeps him away from the BoSox.

Boston could use a 3B and depending on how Eduardo Rodriguez’s ankle is, they will look at a starter.  They will also look for another high leverage reliever to set up Kimbrel.

Seattle needs a starting pitcher and have been tied to Zach Wheeler and Matt Harvey.  They could use a CF, but will not be desperate. If they can upgrade over Span they will but not for an overpay. They will also look at relievers.

Oakland will be looking for bargains.  Lance Lynn and Fernando Rodney are the type of players Beane will look at.

Cleveland will be looking at relief, relief, and more relief.  If they can find a 2B and move Kipnis to LF that would be a huge plus, but it is not critical.

DBacks need a SS and or 3B.  They do not have the prospects for Machado, but they will be in on Jose Iglesias and Eduardo Escobar (for 3B).  They will also try to beef up their bullpen.

The Rox will want to be sellers more than buyers.  They will move CarGo, and may look to move Wade Davis to one of the top contenders.  Adam Ottavino will assume closing and is doing just fine this year.  If they can get Lucas Duda cheaply enough, he would be a perfect platoon with Ian Desmond at 1B.

SF does not have much money to spend, and they do not have the farm to go get quality relief, so it is possible they stand pat, but I can see them going for some more middle relief.  They will certainly check in on Adam Conley.  One rumor I find hard to believe is Jeurys Familia.  Familia takes them over the luxury tax.  It will probably cost them Chris Shaw, something they do not want to do.  IMO, this is just sports writer’s speculation.

The Brewers need a SS which is why they are going big for Machado.  They are a huge surprise team (at least to me), and I am not sure that Stearns believes they can duplicate 2018 in 2019.  Their starting pitching is suspect and they would probably have to send Corbin Burnes as part of a package to Baltimore if they want Machado.  It would not make sense to trade a starting pitcher for Machado when your starting pitching is suspect.  They are not trading Hiura.  I am sure they are trying to make available Luis Ortiz (RHP), Freddy Peralta (RHP), Brett Phillips (OF), and maybe Lucas Erceg (3B).  Mix and Match.  But it is not the pitching the O’s need.

Cubs will be looking to find a legit 8thinning setup reliever for Morrow.

St. Louis has a great young pitching rotation that should flourish next year.  If they can get Moose at the right price they will look at that.  But they will not be big time buyers or sellers.

Braves and Phillies are a year early and they will look to upgrade but will not go crazy, except for the Phillies and Machado.   It is rumored that the Phillies are offering pitchers like  RHP Adonis Medina (Phillies #2), Franklyn Kilome (Phillies #7), and Cole Irvin (Phillies #22).  I am sure the O’s want all three for Machado, but I doubt the Phillies feel that generous.  Maybe the O’s will require 2 of them and one of SS Arquemedes Gamboa (Phillies #8) or OF Jhaylin Ortiz (Phillies #5).  Sixto Sanchez is about as untouchable as Walker Buehler. Bottom line the Phillies have the pitching and a middle infielder to make it happen if they want to.  The Phillies also believe they will outbid everyone for Machado in the off-season, so he will not be a rental, and are willing to go a little higher on the prospect cost.

The Braves will wait to look at Machado in the off-season, but not now.  They certainly have the pitchers to go for it, but they are not going to move them for a rental.  They could be in on Moose, Eduardo Escobar, or Asdrubal Cabrera for 3B.   They have no problem for a rental because Austin Riley should be ready to go in 2019.

Depending as to who you ask, the Dodgers need a big middle of the order bat and multiple relievers, orNOTHINGat all.  If the Dodgers do not want to include Dustin May they certainly are not about to include Buehler/Ferguson/Santana/White in a trade for Machado.  Nobody is going to want Alvarez except as a lottery ticket.  There is also no room luxury tax wise to make it happen.  Without Machado, there are not a lot of options out there.  I do not see Iglesias/Escobar/Cabrera/Galvis as upgrades.  Iglesias is a defensive upgrade, and I would certainly consider him but not at a big cost.

I do not believe they will outbid the Astros or Indians or Boston for Barraclough/Hand/Steckenrider.  I do think they will look at Adam Conley.  If the A’s make Lou Trevino available, the Dodgers may be able to work something out with them.

I see the Dodgers potentially more as sellers.  FAZ needs to make room for Verdugo to show what he can do the final two months of the season.  He needs to play every day, and can play LF, CF, or RF.  Once Verdugo is moved up, then Diaz can move to AAA.  But that means that either Joc, Toles, or Puig will need to be moved.  That is the only way to get Verdugo in the lineup.  I know some are not high on Alex, but the Dodgers are heavily invested in him, just by refusing to include him for players that can help this year.  The Dodgers need to let him put bat to ball and not worry about power.  They need baserunners for the big boppers to get a 2 run HR once in a while. More than anything,he needs Chase Utley in his ear.  Whether Verdugo listens will dictate how far he goes.

The other potential sell is my favorite, Alex Wood.  He is due to be a FA after 2019, and the Dodgers do not seem at all interested in extending him, and I do not blame them.  With NYY, Boston, and Seattle really wanting starting pitching, and Cleveland who may be looking for the next Andrew Miller, there are four AL teams that could use Alex Wood.  If FAZ told them Wood was available, there might be a decent return.  He certainly would be one of the prize starting pitchers at the deadline, and with one more year of control than the rentals.  Maybe Andrew can entice the Rays to look at him.  The Rays are also not shy on extending contracts, and have prospects the Dodgers may be able to use.  Quintana had more years of control, but something just lower than Q may be possible???  How much more would it take to get Lucius Fox (SS) and Nick Solak (2B).  You want speed?  Those two guys have it to burn, and they are positions of need.  Is Wood/Alvarez/Estevez a fair trade?  I would interchange Rios, but with a young Jake Bauers a LH 1B with the Rays, there is not the need.  The Rays need an outfielder badly.  Maybe Joc, Toles, or Puig can entice them.

Yesterday Mark alluded to the plethora of Dodgers relievers that could fit better on somebody else’s team, even if the return is a lottery pick.

Like Mark, I do not believe anything I read, but I do not expect the Dodgers to be overly active at the deadline.  They will kick the tires and make all sorts of inquiries, but they will end up with Adam Conley or Jared Hughes or David Hernandez, and they will keep almost all of their top 30 prospects, if not all.

Eric Clapton is my favorite living guitarist, second only to the immortal Jimi Hendrix, so maybe Mark can include a video of Eric’s Crossroads.

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  1. Last night on the farm –
    Brock Stewart continues to show that he needs to concentrate on relieving. He started and pitched a solid three innings allowing only a 2 out single in the 2nd and 3rd innings. But as is his pattern, he gives up that one big inning. He allowed 5 runs (3 earned) in the 4th inning. He went a total of 6.1 IP, allowing the 5 runs (3 earned) on 5 hits and 2 walks with 4 Ks.
    Tony Gonsolin won his 1st AA game in his AA debut. Overall Tony went 6.0 innings allowing 2 runs on 8 hits, while compiling 8 Ks.
    Gavin Lux went 1-3 with 2 walks, and is now tied for the league lead in batting average at .325.
    Uh Oh, don’t look now but the Great Lakes Loons have 3 consecutive shutout victories. Edwin Uceta pitched the 1st 7.0 innings allowing 3 hits, 0 walks, with 9 Ks. Melvin Jimenez pitched the final 2.0 innings allowing 1 hit with 2 Ks. That is 8 consecutive scoreless outings over 14.0 IP for Jimenez. In those 14.0 innings Melvin has allowed 6 hits and 3 walks, with 17 Ks. He is still 18 and pitching in a full season A league.
    Zach Pop got the promotion from RC to Tulsa.

    1. To me Ry Cooder is king of guitars. Or any other thing he plays. And I think I play the stereo better than anyone on earth.

  2. Don’t get the Brock Stewart starter/reliever thing.

    I am probably wrong, but I always thought his issue is control.

    Is it easier to maintain control throwing harder for shorter outings?

    AC, I ask with respect, can you break down Stewart a little more?

  3. Uceta and especially Jiminez are really young, aren’t they? Are they good “replacements” for May if May does get dealt?

    1. Uceta – 20
      Jimenez – Turns 19 next week
      Carrillo – Turns 20 in September
      All three are capable of developing. They are pitching well right now in a full season A Ball league, but I need to see what they can do at RC next year. May pitched okay at Great Lakes, but his last several outings have been very good. He is quickly developing into a good “pitcher” vs thrower.

      1. I’ve also heard chatter that jacob amaya could be a potential lux replacement if a trade occurs.

  4. AC – spot on with the guitarists!!! I’ve got Stevie Ray Vaughn a close 3rd…
    With 11 RBI’s for the last 2 games and a good season thus far, Does Jacob Scavuzzo have a chance with another franchise.

        1. Just like clyde drexlers best dunks were in the context of a game, David Gilmores best work occured within the context of a song.

  5. AC – hadn’t thought of the Chase Utley/Alex Verdugo angle. That’s why you write and I read!

  6. So is it safe to say a deal for machado would include a headliner, a secondary piece, and a wild card. If so, who would be in each tier?
    Headliners: verdugo, may, lux, Ruiz. Smith, diaz, white, ferguson
    Co-mains: Peter’s. Kendall, alvarez, kremer gonsolin.
    Wild cards: Rios. Heredia, wong, Bannon. Sheffield
    Using the above random machado trade generator, here are some possible packages–
    Verdugo, gonsolin, sheffield
    May. Kendall, wong
    Lux, kremer. Bannon

  7. This is why you have to take everything you read with a grain of salt.

    Heyman now reporting that the Dodgers are the leaders for Machado. and as noted above, Diaz is mentioned as possibly being a part of that deal.

    I won’t believe anything until I see it actually happen. I think that the Dodgers will only do this deal if they think they have a good shot a signing Machado long-term.

      1. This trade will have nothing to do with 2019. He’ll be a free agent just like Bryce harper. We gain no advantage getting him. He will take top dollar that his agent nets him. Bank on it.

    1. Its the best fit for him and it should be said once for all: the deal means NOTHING for 2019. His free agency will be total and complete. It will energize us for another world series after falling oh so close last year. I’m excited but know he’s not perfect. Also, I’m weary of what we included. If its Diaz and may that could set us back a bit. I think alvarez will be included and I’m always worried about the ptbnl. Not done yet but looking promising.

  8. If completed, I dont know if machado makes us better or increases our odds of winning the world series or hurts our organizational depth long term. I do know he will bring excitement, entertainment, and hope to the dugout and fanbase. I’m already mentally saying goodbye to 2-3 top ten prospects. Any trade had to hurt a little and this will be no exception. Hoping Diaz is th ed headliner and wondering about the big pitching prospect. Guessing one of may/alvarez/white and then another wild card or two. The devils in the details.

  9. Dont count out the phillies and beware the overpay. Two top prospects for two months if a player is an overpay.

    1. It is clearly an overpay UNLESS that player is a top 5 player in the game, and not a relief pitcher. In that case, it’s a calculated risk and you see if that risk panned out come October

  10. Diaz and verdugo are a lot alike. Both have excellent bat to ball skills, plate awareness and considerable polish. Both knocks are that they may not be able to play CF and the power hasn’t quite arrived yet. Maybe Diaz punched his ticket out of town homering twice for David ortiz in the world future game. Hard to keep them all. He could be a star or he could be a guy. Baltimore getting him would have to pleased. So much would depend on who the other names are. Baltimore needs pitching and always will.

  11. With the possibility of Kershaw opting out, the expiring contracts for Ryu, Utley, Forsythe and maybe others the Dodgers are well positioned to sign Manny long term. If that happens Seager can take his time coming back from TJ and very well
    Might be our 1B with Cody going full time to CF. If they can make this trade without White, May, Ruiz, Lux, Smith I’m good with it and added plus is if they can jettison Forsythe

  12. The Oriole board fans are reporting they’re hearing it’s Diaz, May, Kremer, Drew Jackson, and Forsythe (for salary

      1. Not wanting to jump the gun on the Dodgers losses, in the scenario above, the cost of adding Forsythe is probably Kremer. Diaz, May, and Jackson would have been the cost for Manny. The O’s will need Forsythe to play 3rd as Beckham moves back to SS.
        This is what FAZ does. Every one of those players is replaceable by someone already in the organization. There is no Seager, or Bellinger, or Urias this time. I think Verdugo/Smith/Ruiz/Lux are the irreplaceable right now. I hate losing Diaz and May, but if that is the cost for Machado then so be it. Knowing how much FAZ loves the HR, DJ Peters was probably the preferred AA OF over Diaz. May is somewhat the RH version of Caleb Ferguson. Both need to improve their command, but each has a ceiling of a mid rotation starter.

        If this in fact turns out to be the case, all of the criticism about FAZ not going for it at the deadline should cease. Nobody knows if this trade will put the Dodgers back in the WS, but FAZ cannot be faulted for not going for it.

    1. Bobby

      Our GM already said they were going to get their rental sooner this year, so they can get more time from the player or pitcher they get.

      And you know in the past, they have always waited until the very last half hour, or the last minutes that are left, so I am starting to believe this might be true.

      And this also makes sense if Turner might have to go out on the DL, for a while.

        1. Who knows who is all included in this deal. The only names I have heard are Manny, Diaz, and a high cost veteran (believed to be Forsythe) to even out the money a bit.

          1. AC

            Your right, I bet you could make up a pretty good list, for a trade with the Orioles and the Dodgers, eleven better then these rumors, these writers are sprouting out!

          2. Rudy,

            It’s not a cap, it’s a threshold.

            And I can say with 100% confidence that the Dodgers are staying under that budgetary threshold.

  13. I’m hopeful, but still mirror what Mark said.

    I remember seeing Diaz 2 years ago in a couple of spring training games, and liked him a lot. But if the trade goes down, I can truthfully say that I like Machado a lot better, especially since the Dodgers have other outfielders. As for Diaz not having power, I’m not so sure. The kid has flashed power on occasion, and remember at 21 there is probably more to come with maturity. It’s always said, and it’s mostly true, that power is usually the last thing to come to a hitter.

    But right now I’m doing my best to not get too excited. I need an official announcement to make me feel good about this. And if Machado and the Orioles don’t want it announced until after the All Star game, if there is a deal, it may not be announced until tomorrow at the earliest.

  14. MJ, that’s one of the problems with spellcheck. It doesn’t look at the word in context, so if “eleven” is spelled correctly, it’s not going to be flagged even if it’s the wrong word.

    If this deal is for real, then the Dodgers should probably give Turner extra time to heal. In his case, I would err on the side of caution. Muncy can go to 3B, and Kike’ and Taylor can go to 2B/CF. And assuming he’s not included in the deal, Verdugo could conceivably be called up at some point.

    But until (hopefully) there is an official announcement, just ignore everything I just said.

    1. Brooklyn

      Thanks, and I need all the help I can get, because after that minor stroke I had, my spelling is not as good, as it once was.

      I read an article that reminded me that Turner might go out, and everything you said about that, makes sense to me too.

      I think it would be a pretty good deal for the Dodgers, because they wouldn’t have to give Verdugo up, and especially, with Turner’s health concerns.

      But your right, we never know about these said deals.

  15. If the deal does indeed go down, could Chris Taylor be flipped for a high-leverage reliever?
    1. Verdugo RF
    2. Manny SS
    3. Muncy 2B
    4. Kemp LF
    5. Bellinger 1B
    6. Turner 3B
    7. Toles CF
    8. Grandal C

    Look at that balance!

    Trade Taylor for Bear Claw!

  16. I’m not at the lineup stage yet, but if the deal does go through I would consider hitting Manny 3rd or 4th. But like Mark just said, Manny hasn’t slipped on the Dodgers uni, so we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

    Meanwhile, I can’t believe how many times I’ve come back to this site today just to see what people are thinking.

    10 years later, and I can’t believe I’m thinking “Manny” again. Please be true.

  17. Tweet from Mike Petriello

    If one of the Dodger All-Stars — let’s say Kemp — doesn’t find his way to Machado and put an LA cap on him tonight just to mess with everyone, I’m not even sure why we have an All Star Game.

    1. I expect that to happen after Manny takes his 1 at bat, and then is taken out of the game. You know the game announcers will be all over this deal as well

  18. Speaking of guitarists, I like them all, but I especially enjoy this guys sound mix:
    Mark Knopfler

    If you haven’t seen it, you will be entertained.

    1. Saw him at the Hollywood bowl as an undercard for the corpse of Bob dylan. He was unbelievable. Lots of irish-influenced music. All top-notch.

  19. Latest rumor is only prospects going to baltimore. Process of elimination based on players appearing tonight leaves a prediction of Diaz, may, and kremer. I know nothing.

  20. Good post AC! I have such mixed feelings about this years team. I want to win the WS so badly, I can taste it, but I’m just not sure this is the team to do it. They are winning, the statistics, when viewed with the light shining in your eyes, state that they are doing well, but watching them can be rather agonizing. They just don’t “look” as good as they appear to be. On the other hand, I hope they catch lightning in a bottle and get her done. I’m on the fence, however, about whether or not a major trade (whether Machado, one of the relievers talked about or a starting pitcher) is what this team needs. On the offensive side, the keepers are: Bellinger, Turner, Kemp, and Muncy. The rest to me are just bleh. On the defensive side, the keepers are: Bellinger, Taylor, Hernandez and Turner, perhaps Grandal (though I truly think he has more value as a trade chip) The rest don’s excite me one way or the other. I know Puig is gifted, but I personally feel that the time has come for him to move on to another pasture.
    Starting pitching, the keepers are: Buehler, Stripling and Maeda. I’m on the fence on Kershaw. My heart says I want him to be a Dodger for his entire career. But at $35 million per (even though it isn’t my money) I don’t know if he’s sustainable. I still hold out hope for Urias and I like Ferguson and Wood, but I wouldn’t feel bad if they were replaced.
    Relief pitchers – the keepers are Alexander, Cingrani, and I’d like to see more of Floro. As with Kershaw, I’m on the fence with Kenley. Obviously we need to ride him this year and perhaps next, but, there are some indications of concern. The others are replaceable.
    Catchers – This is a tough call, Grandal, when good, is really good. Then he goes into an agonizingly long slump. Barnes is having a tough year, but I still like him. Maybe he’s struggling because he’s adjusting to married life. I like Farmer too, but probably more in an AJ Ellis sense in that he seems like a really good guy, but not necessarily a player to push you over the edge.

    These are just some I’m bored at work ramblings. As to guitar players, I love Mark Knopfler, but no list is complete without mentioning Eric Johnson and Tommy Emmanuel. Those guys can pick it!

  21. Ross Stripling was told the Dodgers may be acquiring a new shortstop.

    “Does his name rhyme with Fanny Fachado?” Stripling said.

    3:26 PM – Jul 17, 2018

    1. Bobby

      They have to wait until the Allstar game, because baseball would be upset, if they did this before the game is over, I believe.

      But us on the west coast, should be watching the news, nine or later.

      1. Don’t underestimate two things:
        1. The ability of the O’s to veto a trade based upon medicals (they are notorious for that); and
        2. The fact that Philly or Milwaukee will “one up” the Dodgers offer. They have very little to lose.

        Then, if the trade is made, you are going to see some more involving vets.

        At this juncture, it seems like an oddly constructed team…

        1. Assuming rumors are true, who gets sent down? Toles? Got to believe Forsythe days are numbered but that will take anther trade.

          1. I think there will be a trade or two. The Candidates are:
            1. Forsythe
            2. Puig
            3. Toles
            4. Taylor

  22. With the mic on Kemp in LF I got the impression Manny might be happy joining Kemp in LA.
    Mannywood all over again. All’s I can say is CHEERS!

  23. I dont know if I could name a member of their rotation, but the brewers have a nice team otherwise.

  24. Bottom of the seventh, 17 strikeouts, four solo homers, nine total hits. If you haven’t watched much baseball this season, now you’re caught up.

  25. As per Mike Petriello, and why we should value a constantly highly regarded farm system and hope it can continue despite high finishes and Int’l restrictions….

    Let’s say Machado -> LA happens. That’ll make the fourth year in a row LA will have made a huge July deal.
    15: Wood / Avilan / etc
    16: Hill / Reddick
    17: Darvish (also, Cingrani, Watson)
    18: Machado, prob a RP to come
    People will still say they never trade prospects.

  26. Michael Duarte from NBC LA says:
    Sources believe the deal agreed upon between #Dodgers and #Orioles is Yusniel Diaz, Dustin May, and Errol Robinson heading to Baltimore for Manny Machado and cash and possibly bonus pool $$. Again, not official as teams have yet to announce.

    1. If we do end up getting Machado tomorrow… can we turn around and trade him on Thursday for Jacob deGrom???

    2. If this is true, I would fully expect Gavin Lux to be promoted to be the Tulsa SS, replacing Robinson. IMO, Jackson is a better overall talent than Errol, but not by a lot. However, Robinson is a better SS and maybe that is what the O’s preferred. Overall if this is how it turns out, this is a very fair trade.

        1. Gonna get a burger and a beer… hopefully that helps.

          When Joe Buck said… and no one is even warming up in the bullpen. That was a little too real for me… I had to leave the room for a bit.

    1. No, latest rumor is:
      Machado deal to dodgers is agreed upon, tho could be still some medical/approval to go. Press conference slated for Wednesday or Thursday. Many prospects going to orioles (believed to be 5). No $ in deal (LA will remain under threshold anyway)

      1. This has been mentioned before, but the Dodgers have as many as 22 prospects who will be Rule 5-eligible for the first time this winter. Maybe that’s why there are 5 prospects reportedly heading to Baltimore for Manny Machado. Yusniel Diaz isn’t, but Yadier Alvarez, Drew Jackson and Edwin Rios (among others) are.

        1. Heyman
          seeing speculation top rhp pitching prospect dustin may may be in the machado deal. but I have heard the dodgers rejected that request early on. they wanted to keep both may and ss gavin lux. can think of no reason why that would change. diaz is the centerpiece for o’s.

  27. The Orioles are slowing the process due to their insistence of pouring through the medicals on each player. Why, because they are a class organization let by that scumbag Peter Angelos. There I feel much better!

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