Chicken Strips and Chicken Bleep

  • Ross Stripling was not sharp last night, but he battled and did a credible job, however Baez owns him (he should never pitch to Baez again – just put him on); and I thought Ross was tiring, so I had no issues with Roberts taking him out. He might have done better… or it could have been worse.  Yasiel Puig took the blame for the loss… and rightfully so. He just loses concentration at times. I think that happened on the fly ball too. You can second guess all you want and you will never be wrong, because second guessers never are.  Well, dumb second-guessers are sometimes wrong!  😉
  • It was just a sloppy, bad game… move on, there’s nothing to see here folks.
  • Logan Forsythe has been a disaster – offensively and defensively, but there is still a lot of the season left. He could turn it around. They are not trading him unless he is just a balancing piece in a big deal… which is not likely.
  • What I don’t comprehend is suggesting that Cody Bellinger should be sent to the minors, Grandal traded and then replacing Grandal with Austin Barnes… who has hit like a little sister of the poor so far this year. That one made no sense.  Not only are the Dodgers not trading Grandal, but he will likely get a qualifying offer when he hits free agency.  Hopefully he has another hot streak coming up.
  • It looks like the Dodgers will go with a 6-man rotation when Striker Buehler comes back next week, barring any other injuries.
  • When are the Dodgers going to quit rolling Brock Stewart out there as a starter?  Stop it already!!!
  • Bradford Dolittle of ESPN.comhas a piece on Matt Kemp being the comeback player of the year. This is a very lengthy article, but here’s a few highlights. It’s a good read:

“We were candid with Matt that we made the trade for financial reasons,” Zaidi, the team’s general manager, told me during spring training. “But what he told us was that all he wanted was an opportunity. He loved being with the Dodgers before and he just wanted a chance to earn a spot on the team and earn playing time.”

Kemp took the offer seriously and, to their credit, the Dodgers gave him a bonafide chance at playing time during spring training. It didn’t hurt that he showed up 40 pounds lighter than he was last season in Atlanta, where after a fast start he battled hamstring issues, the latest in a string of injuries that gnawed away at his former MVP-level play.

It’s a cliché to make fun of that thing in spring training, when players show up and declare themselves to be in the best shape of their lives. For one thing, even when it’s true — and Kemp was so much leaner when he arrived at Camelback Ranch that it was eye-popping — being in better shape doesn’t necessarily translate to better production. It doesn’t hurt, but the problem is, often when a player makes such a concentrated effort to reform his nutrition and workout habits, it’s because his skills are on the wane. It’s a matter of desperation. At 33, it seemed likely that would be the case for Kemp.

“I was motivated no matter what the situation was, wherever I had landed,” Kemp said. “But of course I wanted to stay with the Dodgers when I found out I got traded again. But you never knew what was going to happen. Just worked out, got ready. I knew I had to come into spring training and show them what I could do. I felt like I did that and they liked what they saw, so they kept me on the team.”

Then again, these are the Dodgers, who have been as good as any organization in baseball when it comes to taking other teams’ lemons and turning them into sweet lemonade. Kemp isn’t even the best example of that on this year’s roster. That would be infielder Max Muncy who, before this season, had a career average of .195 with five home runs. This year, he has put up a .987 OPS, 15 homers and a WAR pace of 4.6. Tell me you saw that one coming.

The point is: The part of Kemp’s return that we were all overlooking was if there was one team’s culture and processes that could revive his career, it was probably that of the Dodgers.

“That goes to scouting and the front office, finding guys on the come,” Roberts said. “[Chris] Taylor last year did it for us, and you mentioned Muncy this year, guys getting opportunities. But I also think that it’s an environment. One where guys come in here, including young players like Cody Bellinger last year, come in and feel comfortable and have an opportunity to flourish. That speaks to the guys in the clubhouse and the coaches.”

When asked what it is about the Dodgers that leads to so many of these kinds of out-of-nowhere stories, Kemp said it’s less about analytics or technical tweaks, and more about attitude.

“It’s the culture of the clubhouse, knowing guys and getting to know guys,” Kemp said. “I don’t think they’d be willing to bring in anybody that didn’t want to be part of the culture or what we want to succeed by. That’s a winning culture and winning attitude. It’s all about playing together. We’ve had a lot of injuries so far, but we’ve had guys who’ve that have stepped up and put us in position to be successful.”



OKC – 5-4 Loss to Nashville Sounds (A’s)


Brock Stewart was breezing through 4 and then gets tagged hard in the 5th.  Sound familiar?  In the 5thStewart allowed a double, triple, and single to score 2.  JT Chargois with 1 out in the 5thcame in to relieve Stewart and promptly allowed a triple for run 3, and the runner later scored the 4thrun on a ground out.  Ariel Hernandez surrendered a lone single in his 1 inning, but Pat Venditte allowed a single and triple in the 9thfor the deciding run.

Offensively, Kyle Garlick went 2-4 with a double (10).  Edwin Rios hit his 8thdouble and Henry Ramos hit his 5thHR for the other offensive highlights.


Rancho Cucamonga – 6-0 Win over Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres)


The story for this game was that while he did not do much, Gavin Lux returned.  For the game, Isaac Anderson started and pitched 5 solid innings allowing 3 hits with 4 K’s.  Ryan Moseley, Nolan Long, and Jason Richman pitched the final 4 innings to complete the shutout.

The Quakes got 4 home runs led by Cristian Santana’s 2 HR (12), Logan Landon (8), and Cody Thomas (8 – 5thin 6 days).  Thomas went 2-4, Santana 2-5, and Zach McKinstry 2-2 for the game’s multi-hits.

Dustin Maygets the start today.


Great Lakes – 4-3 Loss to Dayton Dragons (Reds)


After getting a run scoring double by C Darrell Miller (2) in the top of the 10thto take a 3-2 lead, Yeison Cespedes gave up a pair of unearned runs in the bottom of the 10thto lose in a walk off.  2018 8thround draft choice 3B Luke Heyer went 2-5, Miller went 2-4, SS Moises Perez went 2-4 with his 11thdouble, and LF Brayan Morales went 2-4.  Josh McLain hit his 4thdouble, and Carlos Rincon hit his 6thHR.

20 year old 6’ 5” 190 pound RHSP Alfredo Tavarez from Santo Domingo, DR, started and was not scored on in 5.2 innings. He was relieved by Connor Strain with a runner on and 2 outs in the 6thwho gave up a triple to score the tieing run and blowing the save.  He did allow another run in the 7thgiving the Dragons the lead, which was quickly erased by Carlos Rincon’s 6thHR in the 8th.  Sven Schuller pitched a solid 2 innings in relief.  That is two outstanding back to back starts for Tavarez who just might be getting comfortable and confidant.  He is a big boy with plenty of room fill out and get stronger.


Ogden – 6-5 Win over Orem Owlz (Angels)


Ogden entered the bottom of the 9thbehind 5-2.  After two walks and a single, the Raptors loaded the bases. With 2 outs, 2B Jeremy Arocho banged a two run double, followed by another 2 run double CF Chris Roller for the walk off win.  Austin Hamilton pitched the final three innings without allowing a run to register the win.  The lone multi-hit game for the Raptors belonged to LF Daniel Robinson (2018 29thround draft choice from Central Michigan).


DSL Dodgers Guerrero – 7-1 Win over DSL Rays 2


18 year old Carlos Montilla went 5 innings allowing 1 unearned run on 4 hits and 4 K’s.  Reinaldo DePaula and Maykel Rabsatt pitched 2 scoreless innings each to preserve the win.

C Andres Noriega – 2-3

RF Andy Pages – double (3)

SS Jesus Valdez – double (6)

Edwin Mateo – triple (2)


DSL Dodgers (Robinson) – 6-1 Loss to DSL Royals 12


The lone run was provided by SS Yhostin Chirinos’ 1stHR.  The rest of the offense was 2 singles.

17 year old Jose Rodulfo took the loss but continues to show he might be someone to follow once he gets to the States.  In 5 games started, the Anaco, Venezuela native has 23.0 IP, a 1.17 ERA, 0.70 WHIP, .150 BAA, 19 K’s and 4 BB’s.



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  1. Puig had a terrible game but let’s not act like the bullpen was good. Yimi hasn’t looked right all year. Was anyone comfortable with Paredes vs Báez. The bullpen could have bailed out Puig like Puig has saved our pitchers with his defense many times and they didn’t.

    From the last thread I certainly don’t pine for a DH. If you’re a shitty defender it should be exposed or go play in a beer league. I do pine for an automated strike zone.

    Chris Camello who has been a good source has reported that the Dodgers are in on Blake Treinen.

    1. Hawkeye

      If that was the first running error by Puig this month, I would agree with what you said, but this has happened way to much with Puig, lately.

      And that is the only reason I get upset with Puig, when he doesn’t stick to the fundamentals of the game.

      Because you can’t make mistakes like that, against good teams, and especially good pitchers, especially when a runner is in scoring position.

      And if he isn’t practicing good fundamentals in all of our games, he isn’t going to do it, against good teams either.

      And I do like Puig, but I also expect a lot more from him, because he does know better!

      I was actually going to stick up for him, because I think some have been to hard on him, because he has actually had an OPS in the 900s, in the last couple months, even if his overall numbers, don’t look good.

      It is hard for Puig to be disciplined, so he needs to practice good fundamentals in every game, so something like what happen last night, will not happen again.

      1. And two weeks ago people were patting him on the back for taking 3rd in a risky play, then because of it scoring on a wild pitch a batter later. We’ve seen him hustle to take an extra base while others have been in run downs. You take the good with the bad when it comes with Puig. He knows he F’d up last night and was fully accountable. It’s how he responds that matters at this point.

        1. Hawkeye

          That is the problem, it hasn’t only been last night.

          And every player should practice and play the fundamentals of the game, because of those moments in games, including Puig.

          I don’t agree with you about taking the bad and good with Puig, because asking any player to practice the fundamentals of the game, is not to much to ask.

          And Puig is more then capable of doing that, but you have to expect more, to get more.

          And Puig is far from being stupid, you have to give him credit.

          1. We will agree to disagree a bit. The base running errors have been minimal the last few years. He made a mistake a week or two ago trying to stretch a bloop hit into a double. That’s what I mean about taking the good with the bad. He makes hustle plays on the bases at times. Sometimes, those hustle plays don’t work out. Last night sounded more like a mental error than a hustle play. As for loosing a ball in the lights, I’m not going to kill the guy for that.

  2. I’m fine with Forsythe getting AB’s vs lefties but no way should he be batting 5th. Inevitably the lefty will come out and there we are with Forsythe up in a big moment vs a righty. It’s stupid.

  3. Doc believing Garcia would fare better than Stripling in the 6th was nuts. You don’t bring in Garcia with a one-run lead against a team that is ready to explode offensively. And keeping Parades in to face Baez was also nuts. No second guessing by me and others – we saw the writing on the wall as it was being played out. Maybe those with rose-colored half-filled glasses did not. Doc remains an awful decision maker when it comes to pitching. Maybe the team needs co-managers.

    1. I had to listen on the radio last night because I was blacked out. I had a terrible feeling when Yimi came in and I was a Yimi fan. He’s just not right.

  4. +1 for the automatic strike zone. The umpires have proven to be clueless as to what the strike zone is compared to how they perceive it to be.

  5. Appreciate the prospect content here. Santana is a top 5 rh bat for us in the minors. Diaz, Peter’s, smith, santana, Bannon? Whatever happened to heredia? Is he flaming out?

    1. On top of the organizational depth at catcher, the Dodgers are expected to sign the top international catching prospect, Diego Cartaya, when the new signing period begins. He’s a 16 year old out of Venezuela.
      The Dodgers are also the Favorite to sign Jerming Rosario. A highly rated Dominican pitcher.

  6. I recommend people watch the highlight of manny machado’s double play in the 6th inning of last night’s game. He basically jogged to first and drew a few boos at home. Superstars on disaster teams usually dont end well. I could see a trade sooner than later.

        1. Intriguing to say the least. Nightengale’s sources say the Dodgers are the favorites to land Machado while Rosenthal’s sources say it is the DBacks. The Blake Treinen rumor sounds more like FAZ. I don’t know how the A’s view it, but I can see a Puig, Sborz, and Sheffield for Treinen.

          1. I know everyone is eager to trade Puig these days so Verdugo/Toles can play or just personal dislike but why would the A’s and other be after I guy with 1 year of control left. And that year being an arbitration year. That doesn’t fit the A’s MO to me.

  7. Last night the first 3 hitters (after Votto went out) in the Reds lineup:
    1. Schebler
    2. Peraza
    3. Dixon

    1. Hawkeye

      Even the players that looked so good, after the first half of June, are not doing that much at all, in the second part of June,

      And that is why I said, it might be to early to think about trading certain players, at this point, in the season.

      And I don’t see any moves, beyond help for the bullpen, like AC and others here, have said.

  8. Stripling gave us a chance to win. He is a good quality starter who has done a whale of a job this year but if everyone’s healthy he is a solid4-5 maybe 3 if consistent. Puig has taken a step back defensively and can’t hit lefties so time to platoon. Forsythe should not be a starter and never bat 5th. He came into the game 0-17 versus Lester so you bat him 5th. What a dumb… move. Barnes is not replacing Grandal unless there are unforeseen reasons like Barnes getting red hot. How likely is that? Either way both will play. Stewart is not even worth talking about. Nothing personal but he either got injured, is still injured, but he has lost velocity and is not an option. I feel bad for him because he would have been really good in the pen. Kemp is slumping and probably ends up with a .280 batting ave with solid hr. And rbi totals. We are going nowhere if Turner doesn’t improve. I totally agree with the USA article about acquiring Verlander. We are going to be like the braves and win a lot of division titles. Ownership is going to get under the tax while faz needs to improve the team.

      1. Oops. Sorry for the duplicate. Hindsight is still undefeated. Acquiring Verlander wouldn’t have gotten FAZ to their financial goals. Acquiring Darvish was the right move on paper. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out.

  9. The al central is garbage. There are only a precious few teams remotely in the mix for an al playoff spot. The Nl is wide open. Wash/chc/la all poised to advance. Could a team like Philadelphia go for Machado?

  10. I’m sure the Dodgers are in on just about every trade out there. but you have to be careful what you believe. Even if the Dodgers are not interested, they have to act interested, so that the price goes up for team like the D-Bags. I believe they are in on Blake Treinen, but at what cost? Billy Beane will ask for Verdugo, but might settle for Toles.

    A package of Sborz, Sheffield, Toles and Rios might get it done.

    So, when Nightengale writes that the Dodgers are the leaders for Manny, it may be that he has just been manipulated by FAZ. Who the hell knows? It could be Chicken Bleep

    1. Nightengale isn’t anywhere near Rosenthal’s league when it comes to reliability.

      Machado’s tough given the $, right?

      1. I’ve seen Rosenthal have to apologize multiple times the last couple of years for misreporting things including how Puig reacted to his demotion to AAA two years ago.

      2. I think the Dodgers would give a 10-year/$300 million deal to Manny, whuch would wrap him up to his age 36 season. The DL will be in place by then… Philadelphia and maybe the Yankees would pay more, but I would not want to give up the requisite players to get him without having a good chance of signing him. It it takes $340 million, so what? Do it. I would not pay that much for Harper.

    2. I do think the Dodgers need to trim a few blocked, stalled or DH types from the minors for something useful.

  11. Will you guys now let me trade for 3 months of Machado instead of waiting and signing him as a free agent next year?

    1. I think he fits better now than next year. If you get him, you get him as a rental pure and simple. For him, a chance to steal a ring.

  12. Would the O’s take Taylor, Verdugo, Peters, Santana, Forsythe (salary dump) and May for Machado? If they traded for Treinen and Machado, that would pretty well gut the farm. Huge loss of depth. Who would leadoff?

    1. That would be the fleece of the century! My god is that a haul.

      Taylor is off the table.

    2. Taylor is not going in any trade. The O’s are going to want prospects, but I think you are giving up waaaaay too much. Verdugo, Santana, Peters, and May are #1, #5, #6, and #10 in the Dodgers top 30 for a rental. The DBacks are not going to be getting Machado unless they give up their one and only top 100 prospect in RHSP Jon Duplantier and maybe 2 of 1B Pavin Smith, RHP Taylor Widener, and C Daulton Varsho, plus another mid tier prospect. That is what a rental is going to cost, so if the Dodgers want to keep Machado away from the DBacks they are going to have to beat that. I do not believe FAZ will do that. Machado has already clearly stated he is not at all interested in negotiating an extension, and he has also made it clear that he wants to be a NYY. I was for the Dodgers trading for Verlander last year, but I never saw coming what he did for Houston. I also did not see coming what JDM did for AZ.
      I do see them in for Treinen. Maybe Drew Steckenrider from the Fish, and maybe Craig Stamman or Kirby Yates from SD. If Kyle Barraclough is not too expensive, I would also target him. You cannot structure a starting pitching staff that is not going to be allowed to pitch 110-120 pitches (7-8 innings) without a strong bullpen, and the current Dodgers do not currently have a strong bullpen. With Treinen and Barraclough in the Dodgers pen and with Maeda and Wood there for the playoffs, the bullpen would be lights out. I would concentrate on Treinen and Barraclough and let the DBacks decimate their MLB 6th worst rated (BA) minor league system. I still believe LAD gets to the playoffs with key bullpen additions, and then anything can happen.

  13. A mini Minor League Report
    Today, Dustin May pitched 7.0 scoreless innings allowing 6 hits, 1 walk, and 7 strikeouts, and did not get the win. Zach Pop finished the final two shutout innings to get the win and record back to back shutouts over the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres). Pop got the win, because the Quakes scored all five of their runs in the top of the 9th. The inning started with walks to Cristian Santana and Jeren Kendall, followed by a Logan Landon single to load the bases for Jared Walker. Walker banged his first RC double scoring two runs. After a Hamlet Marte single scored a third run, there was a strikeout followed by a Zach McKinstry walk to once again load the bases. After the 2nd strikeout of the inning, Cody Thomas singled in two more runs giving the Quakes a 5-0 lead.
    Today’s pitching combo may be the best of the Quakes. May is arguably the Quakes best starter and Pop may be their best reliever. Although there are the Marshall Kasowski fans who might argue. For the RC season, Pop has appeared in 14 games and has allowed 1 run in 22.0 IP. He has compiled a 0.41 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, .153 BAA, 5 walks, and 19 strikeouts. He has registered 5 saves in 6 save opportunities. It is time to see what he can do at Tulsa, and let Kasowski get more opportunities to shine at RC.
    As a 20 year old, May is progressing very nicely at RC, lowering his ERA to 3.47 and his WHIP to 1.26. Not bad for a known hitters paradise in the California League.
    For the Lux followers, Gavin followed up an 0-2 night last night with a 1-2 and 1 walk day in a rare 11:05 start time.

  14. If you follow FAZ over the years, they always do something totally unexpected than what we are thinking. I’m thinking that Machado is a smoke screen for the real meat, Britton or Brach. We wont break the bank as much, or give up as many prospects, plus you just shortened the game by an inning, the 8th and 9th would be lights out. Don’t need Machado as much as we need a couple of lockdown relievers.

  15. Did you hear Juan Soto’s new nick name?

    Childish Bambino!! Pretty cool.

    In case you don’t know:

  16. I don’t care how the FO does it but please make Forsythe go away. Garbage, simply garbage and only at a cost of $9 million.

  17. Roberts says Kiké has no problems defensively so just start him at second when Taylor is ready. Let Forsythe start occasionally against lefties and put Kiké in right field. If they were all healthy and hitting they way they can rate the players offensively: 1. Turner 2. Kemp 3. Muncy(now) 4. Bellinger 5. Taylor 6 joc 7. Hernandez 8. Puig. 9. Utley 10. Grandal 11. Barnes 12. Forsythe and I am probably leaving somebody out. If the division depended on it I would want this order offensively.

  18. Hawkeye’s favorite writer, Jim Bowden (The Athletic) says this:

    L.A. Dodgers trade Alex Verdugo to the San Diego Padres for Brad Hand

    The Dodgers refused to include Alex Verdugo in a trade for Yu Darvish last July, so why would they include him now for Hand? Well, they’re probably not getting Hand if they don’t include him.

    The left-hander would be the perfect set-up man for closer Kenley Jansen and also could be used the way Josh Hader is by the Brewers and Andrew Miller is by the Indians — which basically means in every high-leverage situation. He has only given up three hits to left-handed batters in 50 plate appearances, a facet that could be important in the postseason with possible matchups against the likes of Freddie Freeman, Bryce Harper and Anthony Rizzo. Hand also has struck out 57 batters in 39.1 innings while compiling 22 saves.

    L.A. would control him through 2020 at a club-friendly contract that pays him just over $4 million this year and just over $7 million for both 2019 and 2020, with a club option in 2021 for $10 million.

    Meanwhile, the Padres would get a 22-year-old outfielder whom most evaluators think will end up having 15-20 home run power with a high on-base percentage and playing above-average defense. Verdugo has shown limited power so far, currently slashing .333/.377/.495 with six homers and 30 RBI in AAA for the Dodgers.

      1. Verdugo has to be in a Machado deal. I’m not offering a catcher because they are too valuable. Need a starter (white and may are close in value to me). Let’s give them a wild card in Rios and another arm. To la: manny Machado
        To balt: verdugo, white, Rios and abdullah

  19. I thought Puig needed a day off today to get his head right but with Kemp losing his appeal and serving his suspension today and Kike at SS there was really no other option. I thought Forsythe should get a day off as well and let Utley have some AB’s but he is in there too. I will say this-Doc gives his guys a lot of rope and shows confidence in his vets. It has paid off with Cody, Joc, Muncy, Kike and Stripling already this year, so it’s a good thing he is running things and not me. He could shorten the game by letting his starters pitch deeper though! Puig could either have a big bounce back game or he could back slide even further, I will be watching him closely as he has been pressing for at least a week trying so hard to make big plays and mostly failing.

  20. Rob ray back for dbacks 6 innings 0 runs. If dbacks get healthy an add somebody like machado the Dodgers better bring their A game. The dodgers have not fared well against ray but their pitching overall is very good. Go blue!

  21. Howard Cole of Forbes on Logan Forsythe:
    “Logan Forsythe has been a bitter disappointment. And the Dodgers need to upgrade at second base as soon as possible. Today, if it can be arranged. The numbers aren’t pretty. In 595 plate appearances in two seasons as a Dodger, Forsythe is hitting .223/.330/.327/.657, with 29 doubles, eight home runs, 47 RBIs and five stolen bases, with most of the heavy lifting accomplished in 2017. This season, he’s at .219/.272/.329/.601, with 10 doubles, two homers, 11 RBIs and two steals.”

    1. Machado would solve that problem.

      What about trading Gavin Lux and a pitcher like Sheffield for DJ LaMahieu? The Rocks have to take Forsythe for salary relief.

      1. I don’t think the Rocks, Snakes, Giants or Pads will do anything to help the Dodgers. Maybe the Pads but look how the Kemp deal turned out for them. Getting DJ in the off season as a FA is more likely (even though the team has yet to sign anyone with a QO attached) but I have seen few likely trade proposals so far anyway. Kind of like mock drafts-a fun exercise but never very accurate.

  22. So – last night Roberts pulled Stripling after 5 when he had only given up 1 run. Tonight, Wood is getting hit and has given up 3 runs in 5 but he stays in?

    1. Pitch count last night 84 had a 1 run lead didn’t know the pen was going to implode. I was just thinking who could he bring in. Can’t bring in Garcia, Paredes, goedell, hudson can’t trust. We might need 10 if we are going to win.

    1. How so same ole samo he already had his hit tonight. Between him , Puig, and Forsythe I might rather have wood up.

  23. Yeah, hopefully Kenley shuts this thing down, but leaving the bases loaded with Muncy and JT almost bit us in the butt (maybe it still will)

      1. Absolutely way to go bellinger! How about a guy hitting 230 swinging on 3-0? 3 games in a row.

  24. Logan needs to go to AAA to find some form.
    Does he have to accept that, or can we just send him as I guess he’s out of options?

  25. Bullpen stinks sometimes. I don’t trust any of them except Jansen and even he’s iffy. Alexander still doesn’t throw enough strikes and doesn’t have enough control to suit me.

    1. I totally agree with you. Everybody shaky. Great win though, wood was gutsy as well as kenley. With a clutch hit this would have been an easy win. We haven’t been getting clutch hits versus the cubs. Logan lost ball in tall weeds la is a long way from Tampa.

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