Dodger Chatter: Meet Marshall Kasowski

Right- hander Marshall Kasowski was selected by the Dodgers in the 13th round of the 2017 First-Year Player Draft out of West Texas A&M. The 23-year-old native of Conroe, Texas had transferred to the Division II college after two years with the Division I University of Houston Cougars.

His time with the Cougars was limited to  a total of 33 innings over two seasons. Kasowski was injured in a severe car accident in 2015 and spent much of the off season recovering. His accident was not only career threatening it was life threatening. His car had been rear-ended by a high speeding vehicle driving him across the medium strip and leaving his car in a position where he could easily have been  broad-sided by oncoming vehicles.

After intense off season rehabilitation, he returned to the field with the Cougars only to have his 2016 season cut short by the accident related gall bladder surgery.

Kasowski did play summer ball in 2015 and 2016 with the Lakeshore Chinooks of the Northwoods League. During two seasons with the Chinooks he posted a 7-1 record along with a 2.20 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP. Over 63.1 innings he struck out 87 and walked 22.

The collegiate summer league helped the 6’3”/215-pound right-hander gain playing time and experience at  a high level, time he had missed because of his accident.“I had a lot of fun last summer and wanted to come back again,” says Kasowski. “It feels a lot like professional baseball, from the schedule and level of competition to Kapco [Park] and the coaching staff.”

During the 2016 season , as a starter, Kasowski  was named the 2016 Northwoods League Pitcher of the Year. The award is voted on by Northwoods League managers and members of the media. He was also named to the Postseason All-Star team.

After a successful summer with the Chinooks and completely healthy, Kasowski  was able to pitch 93 innings with the West Texas A&M Buffaloes during the 2017 college season.  He posted a 2.22 ERA along with a 1.07 WHIP. He struck out an eye-popping 165 batters leading  the nation in strikeouts and also leading the nation in strikeouts per nine inning at 15.91. He did walk 50.

He was named  the 2017 Lone Star Conference Co-Male Athlete of the Year and also was a finalist for the 2017 Brett Tomko Award. The annual award is given to a college baseball pitcher whose on the field performance is deemed the most outstanding at the Division II level.

How did the Dodgers manage to have Kasowski available in the 13th round of last year’s draft? The Dodgers are never unwilling to select players passed over by other teams because a past injury or an impending surgery. He had gone from a Division I to a Division II school and had a bit of a control issue. It seems none of that deterred Billy Gasparino.

“He was one of our favorite pitchers this year, in terms of his performance,” said Dodgers amateur scouting director Billy Gasparino. “It was Division II, but I think he had the highest performance we’ve seen in the last 10 years. He has a unique deception to how he throws the baseball. He has an overhand motion that gives the fastball a lot of rise and creates deception on his secondary pitches. A lot of our guys [compared] him to Josh Collmenter.”

Kasowski began is professional carrier on July 19, 2017 with the Arizona League Dodgers pitching a scoreless inning with two strikeouts against the Arizona League Reds. He moved on to the Great Lakes Loons of the Midwest League on August 8 and in six innings struck out six but walked nine.

His 2018 season with the Loons started up much as it had finished during the 2017 season. In his first two appearances over three innings he struck out six but again walked nine.

After those two outings in very cold weather, Kasowski walked but nine hitters over his next 25 innings. On the season with the Loons he proceeded to strike out 49 in his total of 28 innings pitched while posting a 2.57 ERA along with a 1.11 WHIP.

Kasowski was promoted to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes of the California League on June 2. Over 5 appearances and 6.1 innings he has posted a 1.42 ERA along with a 0.47 WHIP. He has struck out 12 and walked one. In his last 10 appearances over 15.1 innings he has struck out 26 and walked three. On the season he has given up only 15 hits in 34.1 innings pitched.

As AC has mentioned,  Marshall Kasowski is one to watch. The following scouting report was forwarded to me by Chris Vosters, the Loons play-by-play announcer.

“Typically, he sits 88-94 with his fastball and mixes in a curveball around 73. He’s recently been throwing a changeup (maybe 86, but not too often) because hitters are realizing he is fastball dominant. Based on the in-game radar readings I’ve seen lately (which I always take with a grain of salt), his fastball has been a little hotter and has touched 96 and 97. Mechanically, he has a high-noon release that is so dramatic it looks like he’s pulling the ball from behind his ear. It’s my understanding that this makes it difficult for hitters to track along with the above-average spin rate on his heater.”

Kasowski is aware of his deceptive pitching motion.

I don’t know how I got to that point. I know I’m coming through my ear. I’ve been blessed with a funky motion,” Kasowski said.

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  1. There’s a new Marshall in town!!! Damn that’s so M.T. of me…
    Good article on Max Muncy today in the L.A. Times… At home with nothing to do and Zaidi makes the call… Sounds like Andrew Toles bagging groceries when cell goes off and the there’s CT, who knew ???
    Max an All Star??? HR Derby???

  2. Have you seen the stat line on Chris Davis this year?

    Through 57 games this season, Davis is hitting just .150 with four homers and 15 RBI while posting just a .227 on-base percentage. He’s struck out 86 times which is nearly triple the number of hits (31) that he’s collected this season. This type of performance is not what the O’s were expecting when they signed Davis to a seven-year, $161 million deal after the 2015 seson.

    Now that’s a bad contract.

  3. Dodgers and giants, 3 games home series starting tonight, and the Dodgers, need to win this series, before facing the Cubs next. Over the years I have come to dislike the giants like no other team in baseball, a loss to the giants hurts me like no other loss and losing series to them stays with me for weeks before I can let it go. I know the giants take great delight in beating the Dodgers ( something I don’t see in the Dodgers ) and this series will be no different. Bouchy will have the team ready, and Bumgarner, Posey, and( ” I love to beat the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium “) McCutchen will be ready to play,
    Let’s see what happens.

    1. I hate the Giants too, far more than any other team. I have been to games in SD, AZ and Coors and their fans like to THINK we have a rivalry but I explain that there is only one and it’s not them. Add Longoria to Belt, Cueto and Shark on the DL and a tough extra inning game yesterday plus travel and big edge to the Dodgers tonight with Strip. I would predict a sweep but MadBum against Wood gives me pause. It would be sweet to light up MadBum though, especially Puig. Caleb or whoever against Stratton Sun does not scare me-they lit him up last time and a day game means the balls will carry. The Snakes get the Mets and are playing well but the Rocks are not only in Philly but are in serious free fall. The Rocks have lost their home field edge and have always struggled on the road. The team could use a series win before heading out to Chicago.

      1. I,too, detest the hated ones and my feeling goes back to Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds. I dare say that’s longer than some of you have been on this earth.

        1. Richie

          Your right!

          And we really miss Vinny, because he is the one that really passed down that rivalry to all of us, that were not lucky enough, to know how that rivalry felt, in those two different neighborhoods in NY, at that time.

          1. Agreed MJ. But it was really 3 neighborhoods with the Yankees in the Bronx and even though they were(are) in the AL there were still arguments among the fans from the 3 NY Teams as to who had the best players per position like CF(Mays, Mantle, Snider.

          2. Wasn’t Vin a Giants fan before working for the Dodgers? I think he thinks Mays was the best player he ever saw. Vin recognized the rivalry but he himself didn’t participate. I like the Giants and Angels. I used to dislike the Reds and Joe Morgan. I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan while they were in Brooklyn and remember watching the 55 WS on TV. I loved waking up to the WS Gillette Blue Blade commercials.

  4. RC is primed with 3 quality relief prospects: Nolan Long, Zach Pop, and Marshall Kasowski. If you consider Tony a reliever (which I do) then they have four. Any or all of Long, Pop, or Kasowski could get called up to AA, and I think they would do just fine at that level.
    One other pitching game of note, Andy Sopko pitched his second consecutive outstanding game with AA Tulsa. It sure would appear that starting back at RC this year did him some good, or woke him up, and/or both. I am hopeful Sopko can continue his game and maybe get a look at AAA before the year is out.

    1. AC – I think Tony Gonsolin will also serve in a relief role down the road. Mostly like after the all-star break and with new draftees coming on line there will be quite a bit of minor league movement. Kasowski, Pop and Long will also advance to Tulsa.

      Dean Kremer leading the league in K’s may also be moved up at some point during the season.

      1. I still think Kremer is a reliever in the making as well, but he is looking very good so far this year as a starter. Tulsa can use a starter, and even if he is destined to the bullpen, there is nothing wrong with lengthening his game right now.
        I just saw the Ogden roster and I did not see either Marinen or Cooper. Marinen may start at AZL?? Maybe Cooper goes to RC after the AS break? But the infield at Ogden looks like it could be something to watch. Amaya, Arocho, Souffront, Grand Pre, and Heady. There are some good pitchers on that team as well. C Ramon Rodriguez may have been a bit overwhelmed at GL, so he is now at Ogden. I think Starling Heredia will also get moved down. I might try to sneak a weekend out to Ogden to see them.

  5. Just the worst news for all the Gavin Lux fans. Lux has been placed on the DL due to a hamstring issue. I do not know the severity, but the timing is bad. Lux was due to start in next week’s AS game, and you have to believe he was being considered for a promotion to Tulsa.

  6. Rudy asked earlier in the week when the Dodgers would be announcing their signings. They usually announce them in bulk but there are a couple of signings “announced” by Jim Callis.
    4th Round – HS RHP Braydon Fisher signed purportedly signed four $497,500, which is slightly above his slot value of $402,300. Fisher has a fastball that sits in the low 90’s and can touch 96. He has a good slider, but the Dodgers feel there is a lot of upside in him as a starter.
    5th Round – Louisville 2B Devin Mann. Purportedly signed for $272,500 slightly below a slot value of $300,600.
    8th Round – Senior Kentucky 3B/OF Luke Heyer. Luke purportedly signed for $47,500, well below his slot value of $155,300. Being a college senior, he did not have much leverage. Big power potential. Hit 18 HR’s this past spring with a 1.131 OPS. Strength and strong arm.
    17th Round – Hillsborough CC OF Aldrich De Jongh. Signed for $150,000. $25,000 will go against the overall bonus pool amount. For any pick after round 10, they have a slot value of $125K, so anything above $125K will be subtracted from the pool for Rounds 1-10.
    18th Round – Morehead State OF Niko Hulsizer. Signed for $125,000. I believe Niko was the first Dodger draft pick to sign.
    26th Round – Illinois Chicago C Aaron Ackerman. Power potential with good receiving skills and good arm. At 6’3″ 210 pounds, Aaron looks to remain at catcher.
    I would expect to hear more relatively soon as Ogden starts their season today, and AZL starts on Monday. I think the Dodgers will leverage the college senior status for picks 9 & 10, CF Josh McLain (NC State), and 2B Deacon Liput (Florida). Liput will have to wait as Florida is in the NCAA College World Series.

  7. Kemp suspended one week, Kemp appealing.
    In this case, “appealing” probably means “postponing until a more convenient time to serve this penalty that will not get reduced.”

      1. He already missed 6 innings after he was kicked out. Maybe his appeal should be to reduce the suspension from one game to three innings.
        Out of curiosity, is anybody taking this comment seriously?

  8. 1) Taylor-SS
    2) Kike—CF
    3) JT——3B
    4) Kemp-LF
    5) Max—1B
    6) Yaz—–C
    7) Puig—RF
    8) Logan-2B
    9) Strip—P
    Like the lineup: The 2 must play leftie killers are Kemp and Muncy. In theory all the righties should feast and Puig, Kike and Logan are certainly due. Yaz has not done much so far batting right but Barnes just had a rough game. Tomorrow it’s MadBum so do Joc and Belly sit again? I for one hope not.

    Crawford and Cutch are carrying the offense right now for the Giants although Pence was recently activated off the DL. He and Posey have given the Dodgers problems in the past.

    1. Among other things, this is the type of week that has taken Joc from hot to cold. Lefty, off day, lefty, off day, lefty, lefty.

      1. Agreed. How is he ever going to learn to hit lefties but not playing. In the past he has always tried to pull the outside pitch but now he’s going to LF a lot.

      2. Bum

        Last year Toles was out of the starting line up for five straight games, because we faced five lefties in a row last year, before we proved we could hit lefties.

        And his average got down to just above 200, but he was able to pull his average up to 271, after those five straight games.

        But those five straight games, did benefit Kike.

  9. Matt Kemp’s suspension is another B.S. example of the Posey Rule.
    Being a catcher for years, it’s clear he was blocking the plate.
    Roll over the dude. John Roseboro and Yeager just shaking their heads.

    1. Kemp wasn’t suspended for bulldozing the catcher. He was suspended for defending himself after the catcher started a fight after the play. What Kemp did was completely within the rules. Kemp’s only mistake was his slight hesitation right before the play. He should have hit him harder!


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today recalled catcher/infielder Kyle Farmer from the Triple-A Oklahoma City and placed right-handed pitcher Pedro Báez on the 10-day disabled list with right biceps tendinitis (retroactive to June 12).

    Farmer, 27, will make his second stint with the Dodgers this season after hitting .230 (14-for-61) with three doubles and six RBI in 30 games this season for the club. In 14 pinch-hit appearances this season, Farmer is hitting .357 (5-for-14) with a double and two RBI. Defensively, he has seen majority of his time at third base (19 games) this year for Los Angeles, but has also appeared in one game at catcher and made one start at first base. The Atlanta, Georgia native appeared in 22 games with the OKC Dodgers this season, hitting .281 (25-for-89) with 15 runs, five doubles, three home runs and 16 RBI along with a .340 on-base percentage.

    Báez, 30, has made 30 relief appearances for the Dodgers this season, going 3-3 with a 3.23 ERA (11 ER/30.2 IP) and has struck out 36 batters against 16 walks in 30.2 innings.

  11. I was at the stadium when the Jackie Clark collision took place. You could hear it all over the stadium and then you could hear a pin drop…
    We have been truly been blessed with great catchers. I really was sad when Campy couldn’t make the west coast move. He was my idol.

  12. Orioles have interviewed former Dodgers⁠ ⁠ GM Ned Colletti for an executive position, sources tell The Athletic. Team also believed to be interviewing others, but have not asked permission to speak with anyone currently working for a club. Colletti is an analyst for SportsNet LA.

  13. I like the way we are playing but we need our other troops back soon. I still believe we need another strong pen piece and bat to contend for th division. Our schedule is more daunting then the Dbacks, in fact the next 46 gam s provide only a few days off besides the all star break and no patsies on the docket. It is a daunting stretch, 7 versus Chicago over the next few weeks will tell a lot.

    I realize it is a pipe dream but if somehow we get six healthy starters back at the same time in a few weeks, who goes to the pen or do they go to the skip and start method? Or does Buehler get optioned to get the extra year of control? I realize the chances of all six being healthy at the same time is almost an impossibility but a man can dream.

    How about 7 with Ryu after the all star break. In that scenario Maeda and Wood to
    the pen. Wow, now that would be a formidable back end. We could play 5 to 6 inning games with our starters and use Wood, Maeda, Cingrani, Goeddel as the bridge to Kenley. Again one can dream. And while I am dreaming I will take Herrera from the Royals and an upgrade at 2nd base.

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