Just Ride Out the Storm

A lot of Dodger fans mocked and ridiculed Farhan Zaidi for saying three weeks ago that the Dodgers needed to hit more Homeruns?


That’s stupid!

Shows what he knows…

Here we are, three weeks later… and the Dodgers were leading the NL is homeruns and were on a 16-5 streak…. well, after last night they are 16-6 and 2nd in HR.   Maybe Farhan should say “How do you like me now?” Actually, with all the injuries to the pitching staff, it is my hope that the Dodgers can hover around .500 or a little above until the All-Star Game, a month from now.

Maeda and Hill will be back by next week… barring setbacks.  Hill threw a 60-pitch simulated game on Saturday and Maeda will throw a bullpen today.  Roberts will probably have to hold them to 3 or 4 innings in the beginning, but they can get stretched out quickly.  Buehler could be back sooner, but if he spends two or three weeks on the DL he can probably pitch the rest of the season, so that may be a blessing in disguise.

When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago, I observed Ryu throwing and moving well.  In fact, he jumped pretty high to catch an errant throw.  I think he will be back around the All-Star break.  We know he has been able to throw. I look for him back in mid-July. He could give the team a huge boost.  He looked to be in great condition.

Then, let’s not forget Julio Urias (remember him?), who is now throwing off the mound. Dave Roberts has said that Julio could be ready to pitch by the end of July.  I would only expect a couple of innings in the beginning, but he could be in the rotation by September. He will likely be on the OKC Shuttle for a while.

Tom Koehler threw a bullpen session on Thursday and may get a rehab assignment by next weekend.  Finally, Clayton Kershaw has resumed playing catch, which is a good sign, but the Dodgers will be cautious with him. We could see him back before the All-Star break.

Alex Wood has not been as bad as his record shows, although his last 3 outings were bad.  Players go through bad streaks.. in case you are a novice and have never seen the game played.  Wood still has a decent 1.19 WHIP.  His fastball velocity was 91 MPH consistently last night, so I think he is just going through some mechanical stuff.

The team just has to stay afloat until the troops return.  Maybe not all will return successfully, but most will and it will make a difference. Andrew Toles led off at OKC last night and had a hit (2B).  Verdugo is hot and went 3-4.  Andrew Sopki pitched 6 string innings at Tulsa and I have a sneaking feeling Sborz could be sighted in LA.

It’s always darkest before the storm.  The storm has hit.  They will ride it out and move on.  Never fear! The best we have – Ross Stripling goes today! The news on Justin Turner who has missed the past three game is that his wrist pain could last weeks or months. Players who have had the same injury say the pain persists… so we really have no clue if or when he will be able to return to form.

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  1. I’ll keep beating the drum until it happens, but they’ve got to find a taker for Forsythe. He’s horrible and now the only good part of his game (defense) now sucks. His offense has sucked since he’s been a Dodger sans last year’s post season. Second and third last night with one out, a timely hit scores two and the Dodgers are back in the game. Logan hits a slow roller that scores one on a fielder’s choice. I really dislike his game and he’s costing only $9 million.

    Play Valera but please get Logan out of the everyday line-up.

    1. The fact that Forsythe was coming up made me agree with and appreciate Puig taking 3rd on that grounder by Kike. Yes, it was a dangerous play, but it’s very likely Forsythe was going to strand Puig at 2b anyway. But by taking 3b, Puig set himself up for a freak play to score on; and sure enough, a wild pitch got him in.

      I think the guy w should target a 2b is Brian Dozier

      1. For a 2B, I am with AC on DJ LeMahieu. Dozier will be 32 next season while DJ will be 30. Dozier has a career OB% of .327 while LeMahieu’s is .355. Dozier is likely to decline in his mid-30’s. Of course, Machado could change all that.

        1. oh, i meant for immediate trade option for this season, as Dozier will be a FA after 2018. Long term I think LeMahieu is better as well.

    2. Totally agree, try anybody just put him on the dL which is where he will end up anyway. Maeda has been on the dL since may 30 so now we play this game again whether he should have a rehab. He won’t but I guarantee if he starts he won’t be sharp and if he can make it 5 innings and is sharp Roberts will take him out. Put hill in and let him pitch. What is the difference between him going 2 pitches and Santana no pitches and Ferguson 1 inning plus. Put Banuelos, defratus, Corcino whoever in to pitch they can’t be any worse. Or, just keep playing bullpen games until the all star break at least that formula has been a winner. It just amazes me that the cardinals can call up a 22 year old and throw 120 pitches and we are scared to throw our brittle starting pitchers 80. Something needs to change on our medical staff, faz evaluation of staff, our use of staff, I don’t know but as they say that is why they are paid the big bucks. The organization has to take a long look at what they are doing whenever you go from a World Series berth to you can’t field a starting 5.

      1. Just curious, who was the 22 year-old the Cards called up who threw 120 pitches?

        Oh, I think you must be talking about Jack Flaherty. He’s not a hard thrower and has not had TJ. They have built him up since he was drafted from 95, to 135 to 148 innings last year in the minors, so he’s ready for an occasional 120 pitch outing. I could point out that Waca, Martinez and Wainwright have all had arm surgery in the past couple of years and their best starting prospect (Reyes) is currently on the DL. This stuff happens all over baseball. A lot is simply bad luck.

        1. Flaherty yes. You are right about injuries all over. I can only imagine that everyone has to be asking the same questions. How do you go from guys like smoltz glavine, Valenzuela , Maddox, colon, throwing 7 innings per to guys that can’t throw 5 without getting hurt. It is what it is but why? Some is bad luck like Buehler getting hit with a line drive but there seems to be a systemic problem throughout baseball. Right now I would think it would be bad business to sign any starting pitcher to a long term contract. In junior high baseball most are limiting pitch counts. Very frustrating but no answers at this point.

          1. You are right, which is why FAZ has shied away from the big deals. The ones left have been blind, crippled and crazy but it was not for a long time or big money. I think you just have to grow and groom your own.

            Maybe this starts when the kids are 11 or 12 with the year round play and travel teams, etc.

        1. Bums, I was going to bring up Wacha as well. How about super phenom Alex Reyes who is missing his 2nd consecutive year due to injuries? How about Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainright, Trevor Rosenthal? Did the Cardinals hurt Shelby Miller when they had him and maybe overpriced him? Yeah, the Cards have never had pitchers that got injured????

          1. Well wacha must have gotten over it he is 7-1 or 8-1. Wainwright has thrown 200 or more innings 7 out of the last 10 years. Martinez is pitching today, but yes the cardinals have pitching injuries but they also have tremendous young pitching depth. I am not making an argument that they have a better organizational plan to preserve arms. I am just saying they let them pitch they don’t baby them every game etc. and right now they don’t have an entire rotation on the dL. For all the caution we show they are still all on the dL plus urias and Santana. How about bud Norris? With the Dodgers always hurt but now he has saved 12 out of 14 for the cards. Could we use bud Norris right now? Oh know watching cards game and Martinez tries to score on a base hit and clutching his side. DL in the making lol! If he is hurt they have quality depth to replace him.furthermore you can’t really depend on urias, Kershaw, ryu, hill, etc to get healthy when they are on the dL every year.

  2. Sometimes doors open and we walk through them and the rest is history. Sometimes doors open and we don’t walk through them and we are history. Bellinger, Buehler, Seager, Muncy, Lou Johnson walked through and so far Stewart, Santana, Ferguson, Toles, Verdugo, have not.
    Thought you guys would get a kick out of the mention of Sweet Lou.

    1. I would say Toles definitely walked through the door then had an unfortunate injury.

      1. Bum

        Toles has taken advantage of every little chance he has been given, unlike some, who have been given three plus, years!

        And this season is far, from being over!

        And remember injuries can happen, to every player.

        And Toles has got a hit in every game he has played in, since he got back.

      2. Hawkeye

        Your right, but Toles has walked through that door twice, in 2016, and in 2017, when he was given a chance.

  3. Some poster on this site change their position on players on a regular basis, while others don’t change regardless of results. Earlier some were wanting to get rid of Muncy, Kemp & Joc for a bag of used baseballs. Now they are all doing much better. Some have wanted to send Belly to OKC. Wood was one of the best last year and is having a rough time now. Is it because he in injured, or has he forgotten how to pitch? I have read Whit Merrifield mentioned for 2B. I remember him as a winner on the South Carolina Gamecocks National Champions a few year back, but he was mainly an outfielder. How good is he at 2B?

    1. Some fans are just not happy unless you have a 25 man roster with 25 All Stars. Some cannot understand why FAZ cannot replace 80% of a starting rotation with future CY award winners immediately. What’s wrong with them? I am convinced that there are people on this site who are happy that Wood is pitching poorly right now, so they can say I told you so. Wood has never been the Ace, and yet he is the one still pitching even if it is clear he is not 100%. He could have gone 6 last night if he had defensive support. It seems other pitchers get great defensive plays behind them, but Wood continually gets average to poor defense and has players not being able to make plays on bleeders. He has a 1.18 WHIP, 66 K, 13 BB in 69 IP. That is a 5 to 1 K/BB ratio. Yet he is a bum and deserves to be DFA’d??
      Sure everyone loves Stripling now, but it wasn’t that long ago that he was a bum that needed to be dropped. The same is said about Stewart, except he has never been able to just be a starter or reliever (he should be). But that is irrelevant to many. He should just be able to go out, pitch a shutout on his two pitches. What is wrong with him. Sometimes you just cannot be perfect even if that is what is expected. Andrew Miller was a bum until Terry Francona told him to go to the bullpen fulltime. Maybe that is what someone should do for Stewart.
      It is tough to make some fans happy when perfection is the standard they expect.
      Okay done venting.

      1. AC

        What people are forgetting about Wood’s performance last night, is that fact that Forsythe made an error, that accounted for, two unearned runs.

        And there was also a pop up in the outfield, that should have been caught too.

        And he was also unlucky, because a grounder that would normally go to the second baseman, got through the shift.

        The biggest postive to me last night, was the fact that Wood pitched throughout that game, with his good velocity, that was missing in his starts, before.

        1. MJ, he did pitch better than the score would indicate. He wasn’t dominating like he did a lot of last year, and early this season (without the wins). But he did pitch well enough to get into at least the 6th. He has had those fielding miscues and non-plays behind him all season long. His velocity is starting to stay consistent longer in his outings which indicates that whatever has been bothering him just might be healing. If the other 4 starters had not gone on the DL, Wood certainly would have. And I agree, I do get defensive when it comes to Alex Wood.

      2. And not to mention the many negative things several spoke of the best pitcher on the planet who is certainly HOF 1st opportunity. I’m glad I won’t be called to battle with an enemy having those on my side. I’ll go to battle with my military ally across the pond from watford

      3. Well put. Most have a what have you done for me lately attitude and will turn on a player at a drop of a hat. #22 comes to mind.

    2. Whit Merrifield is a good not great 2B. He is probably more along the line of Ben Zobrist which actually makes him an ideal FAZ player. In 2018, he has started 43 games at 2B, 6 in CF, 5 at 1B, and 4 in RF. He makes all of the even, likely, and routine plays. He is a very reliable glove at 2B, but is not a GG. I would not look at Merrifield by himself, but would be excited to see him included in a package with Herrera. Right now he has two more years of team control than does Kike’.

  4. Dodgers aren’t going to get DJ LeMahieu until after the season and that would only be a maybe. Forsythe is trying but he has been a major disappointment since joining the Dodgers, only now the team can’t afford his lack of production, so either move Muncy to second and see what he can do or if his defense becomes a problem then give Valera a shot at playing every day, whichever but bench Forsythe.

    If the Mets put DeGrom on the market and the Dodgers are willing to overpay( that is the only way they or any other team will get him) he could be a huge help. Kershaw, Buehler, DeGrom, Stripling, and Ryu.
    Maeda, Hill, and Wood ( if he is not used in a trade) all to the pen.

  5. Roberts is doing what he can with the hand he is dealt, until the rotation gets healthy it will be up to the offense and bullpen to win games. Luckily the schedule and health look like it’s about to turn the corner.

    Forsythe is not going to win or lose many games himself but is a weak link right now. He has virtually no trade value and is a sunk cost so he is not going anywhere. He won’t start against many righties so Valera gets those at bats until Utley is back or perhaps Muncy gets some run there.

    Grandal is getting run into the ground with so much usage, Barnes needs to start a couple games a week. Yaz is not hitting at all from the right side either.

    Is it time to see if Joc can handle LHP? They have given Muncy some starts against lefties and Cody. To me Kike is just not a very good CF option. Joc is streaky as we know, try to ride this one. Puig is a difference maker when he gets on base and plays wild horse. The team needs a better mix of big and small ball with more clutch hits.

    If there is a starter out there worth overpaying for it’s DeGrom but I just don’t see it. I think they will ride it out to closer to the deadline then see if they will be buyers at the deadline. In this division 4 of the 5 teams are likely to be buyers and the Pads 50/50 to be sellers (but not buyers)

    1. Vegas

      Forsythe has made errors on routine plays, in the last two series, that not only cost the team, two runs, it cost the team, two wins.

      I looked at Muncy’s defensive metrics at second, when he played 159 innings at second, when he was with the A’s.

      And his defensive numbers are not bad, he is more then an adequate, at second.

      Forsythe probably has more range at second, but what good is that, if Forsythe is making errors, on routine plays?

      And once again this year, Forsythe is letting good pitches go by, early in the count.

      He ranks 395 in all of baseball, in taking first pitch, pitches, so he is not only giving pitchers a free strike, he is behind on the count, at the onset of his at bats.

      And because of this, his offensive numbers are not even as good, as his offensive numbers were last year, and he didn’t have good offensive numbers last year, except against lefties.

      And he doesn’t have good numbers against lefties this year, and his OPS is in the 500s.

      1. MJ:
        It does not matter what you or I think, Forsythe will be out there half the time, deal with it. I respectfully disagree that Logan cost the team either one of those games by himself, there were plenty of other opportunities to make up for it. He is a weak link but still a link and important part of this team.

        1. Vegas

          I was just making an observation.

          For a player that is mainly only playing, because of his defense, he has to make those routine plays.

          Because he doesn’t provide enough offense.

          The team took advantage of almost every opportunity they had, and provided plenty of offense, in those games.

          And that is why he has to make those plays!

          And if he can’t play third because of his arm, I don’t know how important he really is, at this point.

          And Vegas, I was only thinking about you, because you don’t like, when Cody plays center, because that means either Joc or Puig, will sit.

  6. There are 98 games left. I suspect that Logan will be given another 20+ games to see where he is.

    Forsythe leads the team in errors with 7 in 129 Total Chances.


    Is he like Reddick and can’t play near Hollywood?

    I want to know. If so, he has to go.

    I’m a freaking Poet!

    1. Well he made several of those errors at third base when Turner was out. He was then placed on the dL with shoulder problems I think. So he is not an option for third anymore even though guys like Matt carpenter move from third, second,first etc with no problems. I don’t think he wants to play third or can handle the bright lights just an opinion. The facts are he has underperformed with the Dodgers but the dodgers don’t want to eat his salary, need him as a depth piece, and still think he can be the player they were expecting.

      1. Therealten

        He has made four errors at third, and three at second, so that is pretty evenly..

        1. I think he made 3 errors in one game at 3rd. His defense will be fine but he needs to at least hit .250 or hit lefties like he did last season.

          1. Sorry to repeat the 3 errors I didn’t see your post before I posted. Still true though lol

        2. Yeah I think he made 3 of those errors at third in one game. The problem with the errors at second is they have maybe cost us the game like last night.

  7. I just about bought this yesterday, but could not justify paying that much money:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

        1. That’s exactly why I did not do it!

          I bought my wife a new Outback for her birthday but it was at 0% interest. I can do that.

          BTW, I am incredibly impressed with the Outback. We took it to Chicago last week and it was a joy to drive. Mind you, I do not like cars – I drive a F-150, but I was really impressed.

  8. By the end of the season, if everyone is healthy, this is the way the staff looks:

    1. Kershaw
    2. Buehler
    3. Stripling
    4. Ryu
    5. Hill


    If the Dodgers can get healthy before the playoffs, that could be a KILLER pitching staff!

    1. I noticed that Mark. 24 pitches after 3 innings!!! If he continues like this, he’ll have a 72 pitch perfect game. What’s the record for the least amount of pitches in a complete game anyway? Beauty of it is he’s giving the relief staff a day off.

      1. Addie Joss (Cleveland Naps) holds the record for fewest pitches in a perfect MLB game.

        74 pitches 10/02/1908

        With the win, Joss recorded a perfect game, the second in American League history. He accomplished the feat with just 74 pitches, the lowest known pitch count ever achieved in a perfect game.

        1. Thanks Mark but I’m sorry I mentioned it.
          Is it too early to start hawking Muncy for ROY?

          1. Muncy has been a find but he has too many AB’s to be considered a rookie this year.

    1. Bobby

      I caught that!

      Good things happen on first pitches, especially if a hitter rarely swings, at first pitches.

  9. Puig or Bellinger had to get a big hit last inning. That would have changed everything.

    1. Puig still had a 9 pitch AB, fouled off a couple 3-2 pitches and forced him to throw strikes which he just missed. He broke his bat over his knee after swinging at strike 3, showing he wanted it at least as much as you did. Cody not so much in his AB.

  10. This is the same thing that plagues Clayton: Keeping doing what you have done. Change it up, you morons! You are too predictable. That’s a Honeycutt Thing!

  11. Stopping by to eat some crow. Forsythe with two hits one today one being a HR on a first swing AB. Keep it going Logan…..this team needs your offensive production.

  12. Max freaking Muncy!! Who knew? Well I will tell you faz, roberts, ac, and mark what an amazing run he is on. Nobody can keep this pace up but he is having great at bats versus lefties and righties. He is allowing turner to mend. He has definitely earned his way into the lineup. He may take a dive because he doesn’t have a history but for now ride the wave!!

  13. Excellent series. We took 2 of 3 from a very good team. AZ won, but who cares. All that matters to me is that we’re playing well. The standings will take care of themselves.

    On the radio, the announcers were mentioning how Goeddel throws a split finger fastball, a pitch that isn’t used that much by anyone nowadays; it’s definitely giving him the advantage. Granted it’s not good for his arm, but so far it’s good for our bullpen.

    1. Bobby

      I know you never waned, when the team was not doing well, at the beginning of the season.

      You said they would still be there at the end of the year, for the post season.

      1. I mean we still have 60% of the season left! We’ve begun to wake up, and I can’t even count how many guys are on the DL. We also have at top farm and the ability to add someone in July (DeGrom/Syndegaard??????)

        It’s gona be a lot more fun and intense this season than it was last season, when we were counting our home field advantage tickets by August .

  14. So, it appears that Kenta Maeda will be the starting pitcher on Wednesday and that Rich Hill will probably start over the weekend.

  15. AGon has been released by the Mets. “He hasn’t hit the ball in the air too much lately. For a guy that can’t run, that’s kind of a tough deal,” Mets hitting coach Pat Roessler said before Sunday’s game. “He knows what he’s doing. Like the rest of us, he’s in a funk.” Ouch. Nice comments on the way out the door.

  16. Stuck in Fresno with theTheralten Blues again!!!
    Just about ready yo hit the road back to SoCal…
    AC… Verdugo = 7 for 12 , 0K, 2W. I watched and he seemed be in the present… This kid can flat out rake!!! Maybe it’s his IQ rather than attitude!??! I use to say that Puig’s problem was he had the IQ of a fencepost and still believe it, but he learned to let his God given ability take over and he started following directions…
    Again, Verdugo is something to watch at the dish…

    1. I am glad to hear that he played better in front of you than he did when I saw him last week. It is a long season in the minors as well, so maybe he just had a bad night. I have never doubted his ability to hit or defend. He is only 22 and maybe I just expected more out of him…attitude wise.

  17. What to do about Edwin Rios. He is just a hit machine with power. But he is a DH for a team in a league without a DH. He went 4-5 yesterday against Fresno with 2 HRs (3) and a double (5). In 52 ABs he is slashing .365/.411/.635/1.045. It may be a small sample size, but he just continues to improve. Last year at OKC in 169 ABs, he slashed .296/.368/.533/.901, and in 475 AB’s combined with his AA production he slashed .309/.362/.533/.895.
    Before the Dodgers consider trading for Jose Abreu, I would want to give Rios at least a shot. He has earned that. He will never be a GG, but he can hit. Now that AGon is without a team, maybe he can be a defensive mentor for Rios at 1B. He is still getting his $20+M.

  18. I’m going to the game in Fresno tonight with a couple of buddies. I’m excited to see Verdugo and Rios both. I am very interested to see Ferguson pitch. Should be a great night.

  19. I would love to see Rios get a shot… especially now with JT still hurting. At the very worst, he ‘s not ready. At the very best he is and could play or be traded.

    1. I watched Rios take grounders at third during ST with Roberts and several other coaches watching. Obviously they were thinking about the possibility of using him there back then. He fielded everything they hit him and appeared to have a good arm too. He definitely can hit.

  20. Starting Rios’ clock now is not an insignificant factor in “giving him a shot.”

    Would any reasonable GM add him to the 40 and bring all that entails simply because Turner has a sore wrist. What happens if the impossible happens and Rios hits and fields well? He still goes back down when Turner can play regularly and now the team has to deal with tougher arb.

    The upside could be a downside.

    1. Super Two status is a two edged sword. We are past the Super two deadline for 2018, so even if Rios were called up tomorrow and stayed with the team for the remainder of the year, the team would not lose the extra year of team control, but would have 4 years of arbitration instead of 3. However, my point was before FAZ consider trading for Jose Abreu, they may want to let Rios have a shot. I am not advocating that he be called up now, and staying up for the year.
      By the way, I do think there are teams that would put him on their 40 man now, just like the Rangers put Willie Calhoun on the 40 man last year for a September callup.

      1. Totally agree that some teams would.
        Do not agree that means the Dodgers should or would ever.
        Whether Super two or not, his arb clock would be starting. Right? I may be wrong, but I thought that’s how it works.

        1. Yes, his arbitration clock would start as soon as he was called up. One other point is that I am almost certain that Rios is going to need to be added to the 40 man in November or risk exposing him to the Rule 5 draft. So it is possible that he will get added to the roster and called up in September.

          1. I get so confused about Rule 5 eligibility, but I’d be surprised if that were the case.

            When they changed the rules recently, it seems like good prospects are never in jeopardy.

    1. Brooklyn

      Thanks for posting that!

      I had already heard that, but I never got the chance to read that.

  21. Brooklyn – I’ve ran into alot of high IQ kids in my job over the years that had the common sense of a toad stool… I wouldn’t bet on the gene pool…
    Computer skills, great… I taught after retirement in a continuation school and 90% of the kids had computer skills well beyond my comprehension, but they had just little or no use for regular schools and that’s OK…
    P.S. I like Puig and I’m he turned it around…

    1. Peter, Peter, Peter. You said you are a teacher. You said something negative about kids and hinted that that negative applied to Puig. Yet you said you have “ran” instead of you have “run” and you used a non-existent word (alot) in that same sentence. Also, what exactly is a toad stool? Is it a tall lily pad?
      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I expect to get push back from most everybody here. I apologize in advance.

  22. Rumor is that Manuel Banuelos will be called up and start tomorrow. I”m glad he’s getting his shot as well. Hopefully he takes it and runs with it

  23. I would love to see Rios get a chance also. He can flat out hit. Right now though I think we have to make sure joc and Muncy get at bats while they are hot. What would that look like? If bellinger was in center and Rios at first who is out? Against a lefty kemp could play right with bellinger and Hernandez center and left with Muncy at second which would leave joc , Puig,and Forsythe on the bench. For defense late bring Forsyth and puig in. Against righties bellinger, puig, and joc in the outfield with Muncy at second. That would mean kemp, Forsyth on the bench. Would you really bench a guy leading the nl in hitting? Rios just doesn’t seem a fit at the moment.

      1. Is it possible Rios could play third? Everything that I read says he can’t ,but I know he did play third, but defense is not a strong suit. I figure Turner will probably be on the dl and in that case Muncy will probably play third.

        1. Muncy, Kike’, Forsythe…Utley can play there once (if) he comes off the DL.
          Rios is not a 3B. He played there because he does have a good arm, but zero range, and not great hands. Defensively he is limited to 1B. I know he has played LF, but he does not have the speed for the OF. He is a DH first and 1B second.

    1. Rios is not a fit at the moment, and he will not be until September. I only brought it up because some have thought that the addition of Jose Abreu should be considered at the trade deadline. My only thought was do you keep Rios at the trade deadline because he can flat out hit, or do you move him to an AL team that can use him as a DH. Secondarily my thought was why go out and trade valuable prospects for Jose Abreu when you may have a similar bat in Rios. I guess my original question should have been… keep him or trade him (as FAZ did with Calhoun). I am for keeping him.

  24. Rios is a lefty hitter and the Dodgers could use a backup righty bat at first base. They already have a lefty bat in Muncy. Rios has slow bat speed and a long swing. He muscles home runs mostly with strong hands. His best shot at a MLB salary is as a DH. Do him favor and trade him to the AL.

    1. Unlike Calhoun who has a quick bat, it is not a given that Rios can hit MLB pitching. I think the only way you can trade him for value is to play him… and the risk there is that he might not hit, in which case he has no value… or maybe you can get some AL team to bite.

      How about Diaz, Rios and Sheffield for Moustakas and Hererra?

      1. Sometimes the right thing to do has to be done. Rios should be traded to an American League team. If he is part of a package or sold and the Dodgers get anything back or not, it is still the right thing to do for Rios. Know your values and act accordingly.

    2. Bum you are saying Rios muscles home runs,would that be consider the same as wrist strength,is what Hank Aaron had.

  25. OK, here’s my final offer:

    Forsythe (to balance salary)

    To KC for:


    KC re-stocks the farm.

    Moose plays 3B until Turner comes back… he can also play 1B!

    Merrifield plays 2B and leads off

    Hererra is setup man.

    The price is steep!

    1. Okay. Do it.
      Lineup against lefties:
      2B Merrifield
      3B Muncy
      RF Kemp
      1B Moose
      C Barnes
      LF Hernandez
      SS Taylor
      CF Pick your poison

  26. I haven’t checked the won lost record against lefty starters but few Dodger righty bats are hitting for much of an average against them. Pederson is platooned against lefties and Bellinger is getting close to being in the same category. The Dodgers could use Machado. They have players that can hit righties and that includes righty bats like Puig and Taylor, both of who are not hitting lefties.

    1. I was surprised when I saw this, but Bellinger is OPSing a hundred points higher then Puig against lefties this year.

  27. Doc just announced Caleb Ferguson will be starting tomorrow. I’ll be going, so looking forward to seeing him get his first career win!

    Oh, and I want to see what kind of reaction Beltre gets now (14 years after leaving us)

    1. Bobby

      I just saw that!

      I am glad he is getting this second start, at Dodger Stadium.

      I think he will do better.

      His mannerisms reminded me of Kershaw for some reason.

  28. Lost in all the injuries is the fact that in the midst of a battle for the division the team gets early looks at the kids. Buehler and Muncy got earlier call ups than planned and they have seen Santana, Ferguson, Valera, Corcino, LoCastro and Verdugo already. The move to claim Goeddel has paid off big time as well. Solano and Banuelos will be called up at some point as well and perhaps Rios.

    They don’t need Kershaw to be a Cy Young candidate this year, just healthy for the stretch run and playoffs. How well might he pitch without all the wear and tear he usually has on his arm and back in October?

  29. Way too early playoff rotation:
    1) Kershaw
    2) Buehler
    3) Stripling
    4) Pick one: Maeda, Hill, Ryu, Wood
    The rest can go to the bullpen with Jansen, Fields, Cingrani, Goeddel and Baez.
    With the way the team has been hitting, I like their chances.

  30. Be nice if Kershaw could come back and just eat some innings. If Maeda and Ryu could come back and do as well as they were doing when they were injured….. Hey, maybe Zaidi should come out and say the pitchers need to throw more shutouts.

    1. Earlier today on Roggin and Rodney Ned Colletti was on and said it was possible Turner would go on the DL and it would e retroactive to the last game he played. That way he’s only out 5 or 6 more days.

      1. Oh, I was listening to Dodger Talk earlier. They interviewed Doc and that’s where he announced that Ferguson and Maeda will be starting vs. Texas

  31. I had a feeling Caleb was going to get the start on Tuesday, which is why I put quotes around “scheduled” to start tonight for OKC.
    Poor OKC. They have had more bullpen games than the ML team. Chad Girodo has started 2 of the last 3 games and 3 since June 3. He is a middle reliever. That is what happens when both the ML and AAA teams run out of starters, and Yadier Alvarez is not showing any potential to move up whenever he is pitching. And Mitchell White started the season on the DL. Alvarez has not pitched since May 5.

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