Shakeup in the NL West

Some people will say “Wow.  The Dodgers have only won one of their last two games and they are six games under .500. OMG! The sky is falling.  The world is ending.  The Dodgers suck!”

I say: “The Dodgers have won five out of their last six games and are now only 4.5 games behind the first place Rockies.” I can’t tell you how to feel. I just know that a couple of weeks ago, the Dodgers were 9 games out behind the D-Bags and now the D-Bags have hit the skids and the Dodgers are playing better.

Five out of six games – four and half out of first.  Nice progress… unless you like wallowing in the negative,  If that’s the case, pick a new team, because these guys are winning the NL West.  Book it!

That said, there are a few changes that I think need to be make.  I think there are still wrong players are certain positions,  Max Muncy has proven he has a nice bat, but he’s no Cody Bellinger at 1B… maybe nobody is.  Cody is one of the elite defensive 1B in baseball.  Period!  Cody is the second best centerfielder on the Dodgers, behind Chris Taylor, who happens to be a very good shortstop too.

I just think it’s a mistake to play one of the best 1B in baseball and one of the best CF in baseball at other positions.  I think CT3 should go back to CF and Cody should go back to 1B.  That means Muncy goes to the bench and someone else has to play SS.  Kike has already shown he can handle the position.  Maybe not as good as CT3, but why weaken two other spot at the expense of another position? It doesn’t compute for me.

Donovan Solano is hitting .370 at OKC and has lots of experience at SS.  From 2012 to 2016 he amassed over 1,000 major league at-bats… a few as a shortstop. He has a .256 career BA in the majors and could be a late-bloomer.  He can be a backup at SS, but I believe the Dodgers are much better defensive team with Taylor in CF and Bellinger at 1B.  Moving them weakens the team in my opinion.

Other Thoughts

  • The Dodgers bullpen ERA is dropping – they are up to 19th. Believe it or not, the starters are up to 6th in MLB and Kershaw will be back in the next couple of weeks. To me, Ryu looks ahead of schedule – he was jumping and moving very well, in addition to throwing freely off of flat ground.
  • Grandal (down to .255) needs to hit at #5 or #6,  Matt Kemp needs to hit 3rd (.331).  I would love to see Puig (who is heating up) hit higher in the lineup, but I am not sure his psyche can handle that.
  • I’d like to see the Dodgers get a SS who can leadoff (Andrus?).
  • Brock Stewart would flourish in the bullpen. His fastball is 2-3 MPH faster as a reliever.  Just do it!
  • Chase Utley suddenly looks old and feeble.  Just my opinion.
  • OK, the Dodgers need to win this series and cut the lead to 3.5 today.

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  1. Bellinger back to 1B and Taylor back to CF are the right choices.
    Stewart doesn’t impress me.
    Solano at SS makes some sense. Bat him 8th.
    Sad about Utley but I agree. He looks worn down.
    Forsythe needs to be fined every time he feebly watches a 1st pitch strike zoom past him. What’s the matter with that guy?

  2. Agree that Cody should be at 1st. Should Solano move Taylor or should Verdugo move Cody? And who would you drop from the 25 man roster?

  3. I like Muncy but he is not a great 1st basemen especially short hop throws. Moving CT3 to SS has caused a defensive problem in CF: both Kike and Joc are lacking there. Kike is not a regular, he is a valuable super sub who hits LHP well. I see a few options:
    1) Call up LoCastro to play CF-he is tearing up AAA, plays other positions including SS and has speed.
    2) Let Muncy play 2B instead of Utley. Chase can be on the DL but also in the dugout and clubhouse.
    3) Call up Solano, move CT3 back to CF and Muncy to 2B.
    4) Bring back Verdugo and stick him in CF, but he has to hit LHP.
    Roster options: Put Chase on the DL for awhile or carry 1 less pitcher. Use the minor league shuttle with Liberatore, Paredes, Venditte etc. to effectively still have the extra arm. This addresses the 2 problem areas: 2B which has not produced and either CF or SS created by Seager’s injury. I assume that is why they picked up Solano before the season so why not use him? Also Verdugo and Joc are the same player except Verdugo can handle CF better. That’s why he was sent down, to get regular reps. I don’t want to see Joc put Puig on the bench either that is silly. I like Kemp’s bat in the lineup but he is not Puig in the OF.

    When Kershaw comes back let Stewart be the long man in the bullpen replacing Stripling and or Hudson. Chargois has filthy stuff but needs to work on his control, like the arm but needs better command. When Hill comes back he should go to the bullpen too where his stuff will play up and his blister issues minimized.

    The Dodgers gained ground on every team in the division yesterday. They really need to suck it up and win today’s game to take the series and keep lady mo going. Please Doc don’t give away a game with silly lineups and bad pitching moves. The off day Thursday should keep all of the arms fresh. Nobody that is hitting needs a day off!

      1. In the long term I agree, in the short term Verdugo needs to play every day and on the big club would be a backup OF who hits left. He may be the higher ranked prospect but LoCastro has outplayed him so far this year in AAA. Despite Joc’s resurgence lately if he can’t play CF to the teams liking then when he plays either Kemp or Puig sits which to me is a net minus.

        1. I agree with that. I also think, since Verdugo is a top prospect and now our top prospect, he needs to be given a longer leash up here. I liked what I saw when he was up earlier, except for his failing in pressure situations. I think with time, he’ll relax and succeed in those situations.

  4. Like your comments Mark. You should never make two moves to salve one problem. Move Cody back to first. If you believe Verdugo is a major league prospect, then put him in CF. give him a chance to play on a regular basis.

    Stripling and Beuhler certainly can be starters. Stripling can also pitch out of the pen. When they are all back healthy, I hope Kershaw, Wood, Maeda, Ryu and Beuhler are the starters. I have very little faith in Hill.

    Utley is starting to hurt the Dodgers on the field. I hate to see him go, but the time is coming. Forsythe certainly is not what we hoped for. I think there may be a better answer at AAA. I am just not sure who. Barnes is the one I would like to see at second on a full time basis, but what do we have for a back up catcher. Ruiz and Smith are at least one year away.

  5. Vegas

    Kemp is not a big liability on defense in the outfield, but every other outfielder on this team have been a liability with their bats, including Puig, until just recently.

    And Puig has not hit lefties at all, in the last couple years.

    But I would play Kemp and Puig everyday, and move Taylor to center.

    But that leaves us with two positions, without a bat.

    Because Kike is not hitting lefties well this year, or righties, but when Kike does get a hit, it is usually with power, unlike Forsythe.

    I would bring Solano up to see what he does, because I don’t think Muncy can play second, like some have suggested, and we don’t know what Muncy will do, once other teams start adjusting on him, anyways.

    1. Muncy did not look good in his AB’s last night. I think he’s better suited coming off the bench.

      1. Agreed, Muncy is no leadoff hitter and should not play every day. Agree on Forsythe too, he takes 1st pitch fastballs right down the middle almost every AB. Sit dead red and make them pay for that!

    2. They are not sitting Puig against LHP, they are sitting him for Joc against RHP and putting Kemp in RF. Kemp is not a bad RF just not as good as Puig.

      I like Solano getting a shot and moving CT3 back to CF and to leadoff. He does require a roster move onto the 40 man first. LoCastro is already on the 40 man and plays a good CF among other positions. Kind of agree on Muncy, they may figure him out but I like his scrappiness, he could take Utley’s AB’s from the left side. Barnes plays a decent 2B too but Grandal is starting to wear down and Austin needs to get more starts behind the plate. Forsythe really needs to get it going offensively. Just my thoughts but what do I know? The 3 fastest guys on the team were hitting 5-6-7 last night.

      1. Why did FAZ hire Roberts if they were not going to utilize his running skills? Makes no sense.

      2. I would bat Turner and Kemp, one after another, and fill in the rest of the line up.

        Because Turner will come around, but our fast guys, have to prove they can get on base, especially Taylor, so Roberts will move them up.

        I just get Leary with moving Puig up, because he hasn’t hit at the top of the line up, for sometime, but I am not against trying him, there.

        Because hitting second or in the lead off position, is a little different then hitting third or fourth, but Puig did struggle quite a bit, earlier this year, when he was hitting third.

        But your right about putting so many players out of position, to have both Joc and Kemp in the line up, is not a good idea.

        Because that takes a least two players out of their regular positions, that are gold glove type, defenders.

        1. Puig’s struggles had nothing to do with where he was in the lineup. He hit into tough luck for 2-3 weeks and then let it get to him. He was hitting a lot of line drives and had two HR’s pulled back. One for sure the second was iffy. The injury may have been a blessing in disguise. Grandal has no business hitting 3rd. Kemp has earned it at this point. Max Muncy is a nice story, but let’s give it a bit of a break. Bellinger belongs at 1st base. I’m good with Taylor at SS. Joc and Kike can handle CF well enough. Kemp and Puig should be playing every day. Well, at least as much as Kemp’s body can handle. Too bad Toles is hurt because this lineup could use him. The only way I want to see Bellinger in the OF on a regular basis is if they acquire Machado next year and need to move Turner to 1st Base. If Solano were to come up, I would prefer to see what he can do at 2B rather than SS.

          1. Hawkeye

            When Puig was moved up to fifth position last year, his numbers were not good, and he has not hit at the top of the order, for sometime.

            He had good at bats last night, but we don’t know that he would have been as patient, as he was last night, and hit as many HRs as he has hit, if he was hitting at the top of the line up.

            I already said, I would be open to move him up, but I am still Leary, about moving Puig up.

            But I do think it is worth a chance, because I know Puig can get a pitcher’s attention, more then anyone on this team, if he is standing on first, when someone is up to bat.

            About Joc, take a look at Joc’s defensive numbers in center this year.

            They are not much different, then his numbers were, last year.

            And look at what he is providing with his bat.

            I hope Toles gets heathy soon, so he can face some live pitching, and get some innings in, in the outfield, especially center.

            Because he has the speed to play center, and his issues with routes, are more because he hadn’t played a lot of innings, in the outfield, in the last couple years.

            He played center fine last year, when Joc went out, in fact, he had better numbers in center, then Joc.

            The problem with the line up, is the fact that Corey is not in this line up.

            And because Corey is not in this line up, we can’t afford to carry an all defensive player, like Forsythe.

            And if we rely on both Joc, and Kike in center, with Joc, we don’t have really good defense in center, and not much of a bat.

            And with Kike, we have a little better defense in center, on balls hit in front of the outfielders, and hit in the gaps.

            But Kike is not anymore of a consistent hitter, then Joc is, so that leaves us with another position, with no bat.

            I am glad to see your back, too!

            Because I was beginning to worry about you.

          2. I don’t know where the right position is for Puig in the lineup exactly, but absolutely at this point in his career don’t think where he hits in the batting order has much effect on his performance. His overall confidence is a greater factor. Having said that, I see guys hitting ahead of him which means they may get one more extra AB than Puig in games and some of those guys I would rather not see getting more AB’s than Puig. If the rest of the lineup is working, I’m fine with him down in the 8 hole, but our offense and bullpen have been terrible. I’m not a big fan of trying to shuffle the lineup around to try to catch a hot hand. By the time you do that, the law of averages says that player will cool off. Grandal should be hitting 6th or 7th in a good lineup. Kemp has earned his way to the 3 or 4 hole for now.

  6. I’m also good with Verdugo in CF if they think he’s ready. He could be a good #2 hitter.

      1. Up to my ears in my son’s baseball team lately. The way the Dodgers were playing I thought to myself, I better just take a breather and don’t say anything if I can’t say anything positive.

    1. Hawkeye

      That is exactly what I was thinking this last weekend, why are we giving some of these players more at bats, then other players?

      And then Puig came up in the eighth inning, on Saturday, and he swung at the first pitch.

      And luckily, Kemp came up to bat in the ninth, and hit in those two runs, to give us the lead.

      And then last night, Puig was patient, and took his walks, and hit another one out.

      And I understand your point, that this is not the same line up, we had, when Puig was hitting eighth, because Corey is gone, and Cody is struggling.

      I am glad your back.

  7. The Dodgers’ offense has been, well, offensive. That’s why Roberts is trying to get more bats in the lineup. That’s why Bellinger in CF, Taylor at SS and Muncy at 1B. Look at the numbers:

    Muncy – 90 PA ,10 R, 5 2B, 0 3B, 5 HR, 15 RBI, 13 BB, 25 K, .240 BA, .356 OBP, .507 SLG, .862 OPS (OPS is 2nd on team behind Kemp)
    Pederson – 131 PA, 15 R, 7 2B, 3 3B, 1 HR, 15 RBI, 17 BB, 20 K, .241 BA, .344 OBP, .384 SLG, .747 OPS
    Hernandez – 122 PA, 12 R, 3 2B, 1 3B, 6 HR, 14 RBI, 14 BB, 34 K, .208 BA, .295 OBP, .425 SLG, .720 OPS

    If you were Roberts and your choice was to play Taylor in CF, Kike at SS and Bellinger at 1B or play Taylor at SS, Bellinger at CF and Muncy at 1B, Muncy is more productive offensively. Similarly, if your choice was to play Taylor at SS, Bellinger at 1B and a platoon of Kike and Joc in CF or to play Taylor, Bellinger and Muncy, Muncy would again be the better choice. At least for right now, Roberts’ decision is totally defensible.

    Verdugo was exposed early and couldn’t hit with RISP to save his life.

  8. The good thing about having a deep farm system if you can trade prospects. Say what you will about the front office their recent track record in prospect traded is pretty good:
    Schebler: extremely empty 30HR season (100 wRC+)
    Peraza: 72 wRC+ in 1000 PAs
    Dixon: Called up today
    Montas: Combined ERA over 6 between MLB and MiLB last year
    Cotton: 130 bad innings and blew up his elbow
    Holmes: Hasn’t pitched this year due to rotator cuff injury
    Outside of Heaney, There’s a pretty good case that the best player this front office has traded away is Miguel Rojas
    A great look at another strong arm in the Dodgers system, Jesus Vargas:

  9. Definitely would like to see Verdugo back, and in the lineup everyday. Forget about what he did in his limited chances with RISP. The kid is a contact hitter who needs only to be given an extended opportunity to adjust to MLB, and get relaxed and comfortable in his new surroundings. Let’s not forget that he’s still just 22. Have any of us forgotten what it’s like to be that age? And I’m sure that we’re all familiar with MLB stars who opened their careers with slow starts.

    1. I agree… I’d love to see him come back soon and play as much as possible in CF/LF

      I thought he made a huge jump this year after seeing what he did in his short stint with the Dodgers last year. He looked overwhelmed and over matched last year.

      I think he made the right adjustments and looked extremely calm at the plate this year. He struggled with RISP, but so did everyone else during the first 6 weeks.

      The team desperately needs good contact hitters in the lineup and Verdugo is just that. At 22… with his talent and potential… I’m extremely ok with him working out some kinks and learning on the job a bit.

      And if that means you have to send Joc back down to work on his swing / mental focus… that sounds great to me. Send me the petition and I’ll sign it.

  10. Muncy does not have historical stats to indicate that he can keep this up. Doc gets criticized for not going with the hot hitter and now that he does with Muncy, he gets criticized. But, I agree, keep Muncy on the bench. He looks like a decent pinch hitter for now.
    I like Bellinger at first but he is not currently a clean up hitter. He is a #6 hitter at best right now.
    CT3 is playing great shortstop. He should stay there until Seager returns or the Dodgers trade for Machado.
    Kemp is being awesome but no need to start him more than 3 or 4 days in a row. He is making the plays in RF as well as LF..
    I agree, Joc’s defensive stats suck but he hasn’t done anything on defense that hasn’t passed my eye test. In fact, he has made a few good catches and has thrown out several runners with strong accurate throws. He needs to start hitting for power if he wants to be on the team next year.
    Verdugo should stay in OK for at least another month.
    Some players have better production with RISP than people realize.

  11. Donovan Solano was acquired because he could play SS in the place of Seager if needed. Solano is a SS who can play other positions rather than utility players who can play SS. I do not think you mess with defense up the middle, and you need consistency up the middle. The Dodgers are already platooning at 2B which I do not like, but that is just me.
    1. Move Bellinger back to 1B. He can play the CF, but he is not a CF. He is a potential GG 1B. If we acknowledge that defense is critical, then move your best 1B back and minimize the miscues from infield throws.
    2. I would have preferred to keep CT3 in CF and bring up Solano to play SS. That is what I opined when Seager went down, and I am still in favor of such a move. But…
    3. If the decision is to keep CT3 at SS, then bring up Locastro to play CF. Strong consideration should then be given to him batting leadoff. Because of the way Doc handles the bullpen, there is no way the team can reduce the number of relievers. So you cannot bring up both Locastro and Solano, and Muncy will have to be optioned, or somebody will need to go on the DL. I called for Muncy to be the LH hitting 2B before Chase was re-signed, but now that he is, he is going to stay on the 25 man, and Muncy would be the odd man out.
    4. An alternative to bringing up Locastro would be to platoon Joc and Kike in CF, and keep Muncy, which I would be fine with. But Muncy is not a leadoff hitter or 1B. Let him play 2B and 3B as a reserve. He should be able to shine in that role. Some have stated that Muncy may get solved by the pitchers, but then again maybe he won’t. Maybe he ca progress like Steven Souza did. Muncy is 17 months younger than Souza.
    Other comments:
    Brock Stewart needs to start until Kershaw comes back. When he does, Stewart needs to make a transition to relief. He could be a legit late inning high leverage reliever. Brock could stay and be the long man in relief, but that really is the best place for Baez right now. Keep Pedro away from the bullpen mounds after the 5th inning, except in mop up.
    Austin Barnes deserves more starts at catcher, and Grandal needs a break.
    Elvis Andrus is on the 60 day DL, but is slated to come off mid-June. Plus he is in the 4th year of an 8 year $120M contract. If the Dodgers are looking for a SS for the future then I would wait and go hard for Machado next year. Andrus is good, I am just not sure he is 4+ years of $15M luxury tax good. I would not be in favor of that contract.
    I am not sure that Verdugo was exposed as much as he is a 21/22 year old that may take a bit longer to relax with RISP. There is little doubt that Verdugo is wound a little tighter than Seager or Bellinger, but he needs the experience and the confidence to succeed. He has a great ability to put bat to ball, better than anyone in the current farm system. But the next time he does come up, it should be for good. So let him stay down and work at AAA until there is a need for a full time CF. That may come at the trade deadline when some ML players should be moved.

    1. AC

      I didn’t think Muncy could play second, because why is Roberts not just playing Muncy at second, instead of putting so many players out of their defensive, positions?

      All I can think, Roberts is just trying to help Forsythe start hitting, because we can carry a player like Forsythe, that is all defense.

      1. Muncy can play 2B, just not at the level of Forsythe. I would not advocate that Muncy be the everyday 2B, but right now he may be a better option than Chase. Muncy has at least earned the right to stay on the 25 as long as CT3 is the everyday SS.

        1. AC thanks!

          I think you have the right answers for short, and second, because I don’t think Forsythe is going to hit, like we need.

  12. Yasmani Grandal has helped to carry the team during most of the first 25% of the season. I would hate to see where the Dodgers would be without his start. Like he has in other seasons, he seems to go into prolonged slumps. I am not sure if that is because he has played in too many games or that is simply who he is, but he needs to rest more often, and give Austin Barnes more opportunities. One other potential benefit for Barnes playing more is that he is a logical leadoff potential. He has a .404 OBP, and has speed at the top of the order.
    With Barnes in lineup:
    Barnes – C
    JT – 3B
    Kemp – LF
    Bellinger – 1B
    CT3 – SS
    Puig – RF
    Kike – CF
    Forsythe/Utley/Muncy – 2B
    With Grandal in the game:
    Joc – CF
    JT – 3B
    Kemp – LF
    Bellinger – 1B
    CT3 – SS
    Puig – RF
    Grandal – C
    Muncy/Forsythe/Utley – 2B

  13. Holy heavens, AZ lost again. Now they know how we felt when we went like 1-17 last year.

    If we can win this series today, we’ll be 3.5 out. 2 game swing on this game, so let’s get it!

  14. Apparently Roberts has chosen Muncy over kike, Locastro, and others. While I think Muncy could be a bench player I don’t think he should be a regular. Without seager now is the time to give kike 500 at bats. His strikeout rate is high but Muncy has 25 strikeouts in 75 at bats. For some reason Roberts continues to say how valuable kike is but doesn’t play him. He has power, he seems to make great plays on defense when he is in there. Is he not capable defensively? The wrap is he can’t hit right handers but his minors history doesn’t really determine that. Afterwhat he did in the playoffs last year he deserves a shot. He may prove mediocre but why not find out. We don’t have anyone with his ceiling. I like this lineup: Barnes c, Turner 3b, kemp lf, bellinger 1b, Taylor ss, Puig rf, kike cf, Forsyth 2b, when Barnes is out I would have Taylor 1 and Grandal 6 with Puig 5.

    1. Kike is struggling to keep his head above the Mendoza line – his OBP is under .300. Why play him every day?

  15. OK, I have to get up at 3 AM to catch an early flight back to Indy. Great start of the game. The Dodgers should be 3.5 games back after tonight… if this holds.

  16. Big win tonight to get us back in the thick of things, BUT we still aren’t hitting like we should be. Only 6 hits, it would be nice to have a blowout once in a while.

  17. Maeda pitched a gem.
    Pen looking better.
    Rox flailing at everything.
    Az spiralling downwards.
    SF average.
    SD making up the numbers.
    The West is there to be won.

  18. It seems to be popular to downgrade Pederson, but following tonight’s game He has the 3rd highest average of all Dodgers that played in tonight’s game! Only Kemp & Turner have a higher average. Taylor, Barnes, Bellinger, Hernandez, Forsythe, Puig & Muncy all have averages lower than Joc.

    1. Joc had a great at bat against a lefty. His swing is more level and he is now looking to hit the ball up the middle and adjusting with the pitch to go to left center or to right center. Power will return. His K rate is well below everybody’s with a BB rate of 13% and a K rate of 15%.
      That said, his stats are mostly against righties while others besides Kike’ are against both righties and lefties. Joc’s WAR is now positive. He finished April with good stats. Lets see how those stats look at the end of May.

      1. Bum

        There was a reason Roberts put Joc up against that leftie pitcher, because he must see him better then other lefties, because he got two hits off of him, last year.

        It doesn’t mean he can hit lefties now, it means he can hit that certain leftie pitcher.

        I looked at that old article that you posted on Joc, and Schwarber.

        Schwarber already knows how to hit the other way, and hit with power, he is OPSing in the high 800s this year.

        You act like Joc is a rookie, but this is his fourth year in the majors.

        1. MJ, we all get it, you have given up on Joc. What I don’t get is your determination to keep pounding on him. BTW, was there a righty bat available on the bench to pinch hit for the pitcher? If not, maybe that was why Doc went with Joc. You harp on small sample sizes when it suits you and then you feel compelled to say Joc hit a lefty because he always hits this lefty. What was he one for three against him? Two for six?
          I try to ignore you MJ. You’ve changed. How is Toles working out for you? How about Alex Guerrero. You pimped them repeatedly and were wrong. Maybe, you are wrong about Joc. I await your long diatribe that you keep on your clipboard.

          1. Bum

            You post something about this guy, everyday.

            And your the one here, that is constantly making remarks about small sample sizes, like you did, today.

            Because more meaningful numbers, don’t make your agument, look good.

            Like your one remark, about what Joc did in one at bat, against that leftie.

            You already knew Joc had good numbers against that leftie, before that game last night, so you weren’t surprised, that Joc got a hit.

            Your just upset because I knew Joc had some of the best numbers on this team, against that leftie.

            So I knew it was not suprising, like you tried to make it out, that Joc got that hit.

            His issue was more about his contract, that didn’t allow the Dodgers to send him down to AAA, to learn how to play left.

            Because he can hit, and he is hitting well in Japan right now.

            And I wouldn’t make a remark because Toles being hurt, because every player has to deal with injuries at one time, including Joc.

          2. MJ said “Bum, You post something about this guy, everyday.”
            …That is not true. That makes you by definition a liar MJ.
            MJ, leave me alone. You are a stalker.

  19. Darn! Wasn’t just a week or so ago that the ship was listing and the band moved to the upper deck..
    Everyone is pitching in and the results are making me happy.
    Come on in Kersh when you’re ready and join the fun.

  20. CK allegedly had a great bullpen session yesterday. 54 pitches. I also hear Santana may be up sooner than later. I think he’s ready.

    1. Santana makes his 2nd AAA start today. Let’s see how he comes of this one. If it is comparable to his last start, he should be on the very very short list.

    1. I would not read, much less consider to be legitimate, anything on that site or by that writer.

      1. I am not familiar with him but he wrote succinctly and logically in this case. He alluded to this lineup:
        2B Taylor
        SS Machado
        3B Turner
        1B Bellinger
        LF Kemp
        CF Pederson/Hernandez
        RF Puig
        C Grandal/Barnes
        He offered Verdugo, Lux, and Dennis Santana for Machado while saying Verdugo would be lost as a future RFer, it would be a moot point if the Dodgers signed Harper. Right now it appears it would be better for the Dodgers if they kept Santana and maybe instead offered Alvarez.
        2018 woud have a strong righty hitting lineup and with Harper and Seager, 2019 would be a strong lefty hitting lineup.

        1. That’s a fair trade for a player like Machado’s caliber, and I’m sure it’ll take something like that to get him now. Come July, price may decrease as Baltimore realizes he’s leaving anyway. Then again, the competition for Machado in July might drive the price up.

          I don’t think I”d give up that much for a rental, and I don’t think our brass would either. But with our OF depth, Verdugo, as great as his prospect worth is, is expendable. Lux is a young wild card, and we’re kind of set in the middle infield with Seager and Machado, so he’s expendable in this scenario.

          It’s a fair trade for Machado. Don’t know if we’d pull the trigger though. Plus, I assume Balt would want one of Smith/Ruiz in a trade, perhaps instead of Lux

          1. It would pretty close to what is acceptable for both side. Throw in Forsythe and the Dodgers get a bullpen piece.

          2. The only thing I didn’t agree in that article, was the Dodgers would be more apt to sign Harper over Machado, because Machado is another infielder.

            Because the Dodgers need infielders, much more then outfielders, along with, really good right hand, bats.

          3. Bellinger could play OF if they decided re-signing Machado was worth moving Turner to 1B.

  21. The way Santana is pitching he is a possible # 2. Verdugo will be very good too. No way the Dodgers do that.

    1. Hawkeye

      Wouldn’t just be better to sign him in free agency, since he is still pretty young, and because we might know more about, Corey’s arm?

      1. If you’re giving up on this year then yes it would be. Does getting him in the clubhouse this year give the Dodgers a leg up on the rest of the league?

        1. Hawkeye

          That is so true, that was what I was thinking, after I asked that question.

          I hope Santana pitches well again, tonight.

  22. Maeda san showing much dedication to Dodger bushido. At least in the last 2 games. But 2 in a row nicely pitched games is a good start for him. Dodger pitching seems to be perking up…and with it the Dodgers chances to get lucky.

  23. I am in favor of getting a ss but not at that price.

    Elvis Andrus will allegedly play when the Dodgers play the Rangers in early June. He has 4 years left making his deal less appealing. How about Forsythe ( for luxury tax purposes) and a couple of lower tier prospects for him?

    Not a classic lead off hitter, but not bad.

  24. Mark, the other day you mentioned you were meeting with some Dodgers brass. Any scoops you can tell us?

  25. The really interesting reliever as starter experiment in Tampa continues:

    In this upcoming series the Rays are going with relievers to start all 3 games vs. Orioles:

  26. An already pretty darn good OKC Dodgers roster gets even better today, as Matt Beaty and Edwin Rios join the team. Both had been down with injuries to start the season.

  27. An already pretty darn good OKC Dodgers roster gets even better today, as Matt Beaty and Edwin Rios join the team. Both had been down with injuries to start the season.
    Beaty was the 2017 Texas League MVP after slashing .326/.378./.505 with Tulsa last season. He’s a .311 career hitter.
    Rios combined to slash .309/.362/.533 between Tulsa and OKC last year, hitting 24 home runs with 91 RBI.

  28. I would love to have machado but I would not offer much in a deadline deal. Sign him as a free agent for sure. I hope Santana has a huge game tonight. If so, I would give him a major league start soon. If it goes well tonight I would start him instead of Stewart the next time around. Dodgerrick I would start Kiké because we don’t know what he would do if he had everyday action. I just prefer him over Muncy.

  29. Santana didn’t have his best stuff, but after giving up 3 runs in the first inning, he pitched 4 more without giving up a run. He will likely get another start or two, but he gutted it out for 5 innings. That’s not a bad thing.

  30. I hope Joc succeeds, but this is what ticks me off about him. For three years he swung for the fences. It was either a HR or a strike out. He absolutely refused to adjust. He has to be the most stubborn person I know. He had an uppercut swing and never did adjust. This year it is starting to look like he may have figured it out. His swing is more level. He is trying to use all the field. This may actually help him hit left handlers. However, it does tell me a little about him. I think he is awfully self centered. I am not convinced he is what the Dodgers need. I think we can do better. However, there is something Joc and Baez must have on Doc and FAZ . Most clubs would of sent them back to AAA or traded them by now. I just cannot believe how many opportunities those two are getting.

    1. I honestly hope I don’t offend Bum and other Joc fans but I was turned off when he acted like such a buffoon while on 1st and Jon Lester was pitching. He would take these arrogant leads, taunting Lester, but never had the balls to try and actually steal a base. I lost all respect for him at that time. I just don’t like the way he plays the game. I think he’s an idiot. I would rather see him elsewhere.

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