Rant & Rave Sunday

I am headed to LA at 6:00 AM Sunday.  I will be staying at the Sheraton in San Gabriel until Thursday.

I’ll be at the Ravine Monday and Tuesday.  The Dodgers are giving the wife and I the Grand Tour Monday at 4 PM.  I am very much looking forward to it.

I’ll be looking for you… E-mail me.  mark@uswatersystems.com

  • The lead in the NL West is shrinking!
  • Rich Hill will likely be out 4-6 weeks – Hopefully Clayton will be back soon.
  • Ross Stripling is truly a starter. Very nice job!
  • Cingrani looks like he is still hurt.
  • Give El Gasolino some props.
  • Anyone still want to disrespect Max Muncy now?
  • Matt “Freaking” Kemp!  What did I tell you?
  • Ginger Jesus has changed everything!
  • Any questions as to why Forsythe is playing?  Watch and learn.
  • Kenley Jansen is truly back! Two saves in one day!
  • This team has come back to life! A come from behind win and a doubleheader sweep.
  • Shut up you Negative Nellies! 😉
  • Will Dennis Santana take Rich Hill’s place?  His AAA debut was outstanding:  6 shutout innings 11 K’s.  I’m saying yes! You will see him next week!

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  1. Mark, if I could somehow get this Kemp jersey to you in the time you’re in town you think you could get Kemp to sign it then send it back to me? Well ya can’t blame me for trying. lol

      1. I think I know most of it and I’d say both of you had changed. But I was just kidding even though Matt would probably sign a jersey that had his name stitched on the shoulder rocker.

  2. Wow – the Dodgers win 3 games. 7 under .500, 4th place, 4th worst record in the NL. Everything is WONDERFUL!

    Great wins tonight, especially in game 2. But really, aren’t you just a little early with the jubilation?

    1. It’s all how you view the glass – half full or half empty!

      The fact is: They are 6 games out of first place. They don’t have to win 15 in a row.

      They just have to make up ground every month…

      Winning is contagious to players who have won before.

      Watch and see what happens.

  3. I’ll be “all in” when they reel off 9 wins out of ten or 12 out of 15, but with 3/5’s of your starting pitchers on the DL it is probably too much to ask. Having said that I do like the fight they’re showing……maybe JT is the catalyst for great things to happen.

  4. Great wins today but let’s temper things like NorCal said, we need to put together a streak like the ones mentioned above to really be back in this thing.
    We are still only a couple of games out of dead last in NL.

    The pen scares me to death, only 2 reliable arms and Kenley and Alexander are still not as good as they were last year. We need to improve somehow with internal moves what can be done??

  5. I’m driving this bandwagon – feel free to jump on when you want!

    Are Tommy and I the last True Believers?

    1. Mark – I don’t think you and Tommy have the sole claim to being True Believers. When you have been on board as long as I have (66 years) you tend to just relax and enjoy the ride each season wherever it takes you. I live by the Atlantic Ocean and the tide goes out but it has never failed to come back in.

      The same with the Dodgers. Every game has something good that happens even though a “W” may not be recorded at the end of the day. All it takes to turn that tide is – well who knows for sure – but maybe a double header comeback against the Nationals, a significant hit, Kershaw back, Max and Matt, etc. Six games out is not all that daunting when you were nine out a while back. Also six games left with the D’Backs late in the schedule. and we aren’t even into June yet. Two games gained in a month does the trick.

      I don’t think the Dodgers have to run rough shod over everyone, just played inspired good baseball. That looks like it is starting to fall into place.

    2. I said I’d put up $ on Dodgers vs the field for the division. Anyone here I doubt would take that bet but it’s a real place.

  6. Two very nice wins and a great game by Stripling, now if Wood can get his first win today that could be the start.

  7. I’m on the train. I think the dodgers had hit rock bottom so the only way is up! Generally speaking no major league team is going to continue at a .400 win percentage for the year and certainly not the dodgers. Analyze it anyway you want but Turner is the glue. Taylor and Puig are starting to snap out of it, kemp loves la, bellinger heating up, strip just what we needed, bring Stewart or Santana up. Our bullpen did a fantastic job and will end up a strength I predict. A doubleheader sweep in Washington appeared almost impossible 3 days ago. We need to get to .500 quickly, get Kershaw back, and yeah the worm has turned.

  8. It’s necessary to be 9 deep in starters and while it is early to lose two (Hill and Ryu) and maybe three (Kershaw), I like a rotation of Buehler, Wood, Stripling, Maeda, and Stewart.
    I would leave Santana at AAA for two more starts before deciding to bring him up.
    Alexander looks like he has found his control and that combined with his stuff makes him a very capable set up guy.
    Bellinger hasn’t yet adjusted to the way pitchers are pitching to him which is more high fastballs. Its not that he can’t hit them and more that he is swinging at ones above the strike zone. He will fix that.

    1. Nice games for Joc yesterday! He rewarded your and Doc’s faith in him. It takes all 25 and in the Dodgers case all 40.
      I think he may have turned a corner using the whole field. Nice throw to nail Kendrick (who I hope is ok after being carted off the field the next inning)

  9. I wouldn’t count Santana out. He seems to rise to the occasion whether that is pitching in minor league playoffs or stepping up to triple a. He seems to want the challenge. He must have dominating stuff when he is at his best.

    1. Stewart being recalled today would have him pitching out of the pen. That leaves Santana (who pitched today) when Hill’s spot comes around. I see what you did there.

        1. I said I had a sense of impending doom when they did not put Hill on the DL after his previous start. He left the team in a bad spot on the road, facing Sherzer in a DH nightcap throwing a bullpen game and they pulled it out! That’s not a blind squirrel finding a nut that’s a team digging deep to grind out a win! I think Stewart is the next man up in the rotation and when Kershaw comes back (before Hill) he becomes the long man. Urias is waiting in the wings as well, would be nice to see him contribute soon. I think Hill may need to go to the bullpen until his finger toughens up-this is 3 straight years with blister issues.

  10. Lets not forget that Turner did not start the second game and was not involved in the win. Like Vegas just said, the Dodgers have been a 25 man team for several years now and it works for them. But every team needs a glue guy or the straw that stirs the drink and Turner is again that guy.

  11. I think Hill will go on the DL for quite some time. I hear that it is an ugly tear.

    I have been saying for two years that Stewart is not a starter but could be a high leverage reliever. I stand by that. I thought Santana could go either way but he has really improved this year. I think he’s ready to be rushed.

    Hill may have to go to the pen for the blister. If Kershaw comes back soon, I think the Starting staff is ok but they still need another bat. I have 2 ideas but don’t know how to fit them in under the Luxury Tax: Jose Abreu and Adrian Beltre.

    Abreu would play 1B with Cody playing CF. Next to CT3, he’s the best CF on the team. Or…. J.T. goes to 1B and Adrian Beltre ends his career as a Dodger if he would concent to a trade!


    LOS ANGELES– The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed left-handed starter Rich Hill on the 10-day disabled list with a blister on his left middle finger and recalled ambidextrous reliever Pat Venditte from Triple-A Oklahoma City. The Dodgers also optioned right-handed reliever Yimi Garcia to Triple-A Oklahoma City following last night’s game, after being added as the 26th man prior to game two of yesterday’s doubleheader.

    Hill, who made his sixth start of the season in the night cap of yesterday’s doubleheader, left the game after throwing two pitches due to the blister. The veteran southpaw, who will be making his second stint on the disabled list this year, has gone 1-2 with a 6.20 ERA (17 ER/24.2 IP) and has struck out 25 batters in 24.2 innings.

    Venditte, 32, returns to the big league club for his second stint after being optioned to Triple-A OKC prior to yesterday’s contests. The switch-handed pitcher has allowed two runs in 2.2 innings (6.75 ERA) and struck out two without issuing a walk in three relief appearances with Los Angeles.

    Garcia, 27, threw in the second game of the doubleheader last night, allowing one run on one hit with one strikeout in 1.1 innings of relief. In five appearances with the Dodgers, he has gone 0-1 with a 7.71 ERA (4 ER/4.2 IP) and has struck out three against one walk.

  13. Well Maeda pitched very well, and so did Stripling, and I can see Wood doing the same today, and we need that today, after the bullpen game in that second game, yesterday.

    And Wood is a fighter, so I think Wood will pitch another good game today, like our other starters have, lately.

    Our next three series, besides the Rockie series, is a good time to make up some more games, because we will be playing the Padres and the Phillies, after this Colorado Series.

    But our guys must try to just win one game at a time.

    Non of the other teams in the Western division, has took charge in this division, so we are still in this, but like I already said, we must try to just win one game at a time, and make sure we win these next three series, but today’s focus, must be on winning this game today.

    About Bellinger, he only had one strike out in that second game, and he took that fastball up the middle over the centerfield wall, so I think Bellinger is turning the corner, already.

    Like Colletti said, Bellinger knows how to adjust better then any player he has seen, so don’t assume he hasn’t adjusted, because that could be a big mistake.

    And Barnes had a couple hits to the right side, and a very gusty at bat in the top of the ninth, so I think he is turning the corner now too.

    But it is hard to do, when a player isn’t getting consistent at bats, like Barnes isn’t, but I wouldn’t count him out, either.

  14. 1) Muncy…1B
    2) Cody…….CF
    3) JT………….3B
    4) Yas………..C
    5) Kemp…..LF
    6) Puig……..RF
    7) Logan….2B
    8) Kike…….SS
    9) Wood….P
    Muncy forcing his way into the lineup. Kike gives CT3 a blow and hits 8th. JT, Yas and Kemp have hit Strasberg in the past, Joc has struggled so he sits. Meanwhile Buchholtz called up from AAA to face Syndegaard for the Snakes and Ty Blach faces Tyler Anderson for the Rocks. This NL West race is tightening up in a hurry.

  15. I thought the team was back a couple of times already this season. Think I’ll just wait for more evidence. Good wins lately though. See if Woody responds today.

  16. Kike!!! I’m telling you put the guy in the lineup he would hit 20 homers. He can’t hit right handers don’t tell Strasburg. He just needs a fair shot to play.

  17. 4 game sweep by the Reds, now about to sweep the Nationals

    Why do they do this to us?

    1. Truth

      Remember, nothing comes easy for the the Dodgers, but that is why they are such a draw.

  18. Great series!!! Hopefully pitching can hold up and hopefully Wood is not out? Was fields actually hitting 97 on the radar? I was watching on iPad and that was what it was showing.

  19. Great series win against a very decent team, and CK not far away from returning.
    Things are looking up.

  20. Check out the box score today, alot of different guys with 1 hit, or a couple of walks. This is how we are going to do this, a team thing, not just one or two guys.

  21. Great team win and team sweep! Looking ahead the Rockies have a losing record at home and have only Arrenado hitting, Blackmon is below .270, and Desmond and Cargo are killing them. DBags have lost 4 in a row and 9 of 10 and cling to a half game lead. Peralta is the only regular over .250!

    Brewers and Braves still lead their divisions, Phillies have the 1st WC by 1 game and the Cubs, Cards and Bucs are tied for the 2nd with the Mets a game back. This is going to be a wild race in all divisions but I would be surprised if a WC comes out of the west.

    In the AL the Yanks and Bosox are percentage points apart but up by 9 games (4.5 WC) and the Stros barely lead Seattle and the Halos. Cleve is atop their division at 22-22. This year there will be teams left out of the WC with better records than a division winner. But if you make the post season anything is possible.

  22. Ten game home stand coming up. Rockies, Padres and the Phillies. Must win 7 or 8 out of those ten games and get back in this thing. SP is going to be a significant challenge with CK, Hill, Ryu on the DL but it’s not time for Buehler, Stewart, Stripling to lay claim to the “future is now” and show they’ve got what it takes. Buehler and Striping have had some positive things happen….can Stewart do the same, how about Santana?

    It’s time for the Dodgers to prove the “naysayers” wrong (me included) who wrote them off. Big home stand!!!

  23. I know he’s not the hitter he once was, but FAZ could do worse than sign Chase Headley to a Minor League Contract, now he is officially a Free Agent.
    He’s owed $13m this season, but now we can get him for the league minimum.
    He would be a good back up for the infield IMO.
    Although he has been DFA’d for a reason, last year he hit
    .273/.352/.406 for NY in 586 At Bats.
    12 homers, 30 Doubles & a triple, and he has done well at Dodger Stadium.
    I can remember worse pick ups, and I think he still has a bit of gas in the tank, as well as a bit of Veteran experience.
    Bit of a no lose situation to me.

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