Double Whammy… Means Nothing!

So the Dodgers got swept yesterday?  Yawn!  Big Deal! We did get to see a whole bunch of players who will not be with the team in 2018…. maybe ever!

  • Logan Forsythe did nothing to dissuade anyone he is playing for a a contract and might have a career year.
  • Trayce Thompson is trying to hit his way onto the team.
  • Matt Beaty hit a Big Fly.
  • No one not named Stripling or Gonsolin could pitch a lick.
  • Kyle Farmer is seizing the day.
  • Edwin Rios looks like a hitter.
  • Max Muncy is making his case.

…. and it’s just a bunch of guys getting ready.  Even if Barnes is healthy, it appears that the Dodgers might keep Farmer since he can play other positions.  Time will tell.

Campy confirmed it and others have also told me:  Matt Kemp is the darling of Spring Training.   Barring injury, there is no doubt in my mind he is the starting leftfielder. Lots of other things have to be decided.  There could be a trade or two and I am waiting for that inevitable “Bad News.”

Game today at 3:10 EDT/12:10 PDT with Kershaw on the mound.  It is supposed to be on MLB.TV.

That’s all folks!

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  1. A cute little story from yesterday’s game that is all about baseball.
    There was a cute little girl,about 10-11, sitting with her dad in the first row down the right field line, right in front of us. She was really into it leading cheers for the Dodgers the entire game (“let’s go Dodgers”). Sometimes others in the section joined her but she was always the leader. She didn’t give up even when we were way behind. In the 8th inning the first base ump, who noticed her, grabbed a baseball, between innings, and walked about 80 yards to where she was sitting and gave her the ball. She was SO excited. It was a great gesture by the ump.

  2. Campy, I saw your comment on the last thread about Toles and how he was walking. Alana Rizzo was on the raadio Friday, and she mentioned, “that’s how he walks! He walks with a little bit of swag.” Nobody walks with a limp, but yet flies around the bases. Yesterday, as I was listening to the Royals game, Toles, according to the Royals announcers, made a great running and diving catch on a ball hit into the gap.

    I agree about Rios. Watching his at bats, you can see he knows how to hit. Since there’s no room for him here, I hope he has a great spring and becomes a solid trade bait for an AL team looking for a DH.

    1. The only precaution I have read about Toles is rustiness from not seeing live pitching for a year. Having options and some rustiness could make May his first month with the Dodgers. A good spring from Thompson will make all players with options nervous.
      Verdugo looks quite a bit leaner this spring. I hear he stopped eating Cheetos and Reeses Pieces this winter. And, Bellinger sounds like he has stopped eating gallons of ice cream. Wow, Kapler leaves and the Dodgers start eating better?

      1. I just don’t see a path for Thompson to make the team with Kemp on the roster. Toles will likely get squeezed to AAA unfortunately.

        1. Thompson and Kemp both want to be Dodgers and yet, both could be traded. I would hate to see a team claim one of them and the Dodgers wind up with nothing.

          1. AZ could be a better team with Kemp and Ryu instead of Greinke. Kemp would basically replace Martinez that left for free agency.

        2. Hawkeye

          I think that might be best for Toles, so he can get more comfortable on defense, with his knee.

          It is going to take a while for Toles, to not favor his knee.

          Because as you know, it is just natural for him, to want to protect his knee.

          And I think he won’t get enough innings in, in spring training on defense, to get there.

          I rather him go down to AAA, to play everyday, then sit on the bench, and be the fourth outfielder.

      2. Bum

        Toles missed an entire year, and he hit his way up from A ball, to the majors, in the next year.

        Any issues he might have, is with his knee.

        1. Exactly. He missed a year and started building his offense beginning in A ball and working his way up. This time he can start in AAA ball and join the Dodgers fairly quickly, if not out of spring training.

          1. Bum

            I don’t think it would be bad for Toles to play everyday in AAA, at the beginning.

            I don’t think sitting on the bench, is good for any player.

  3. Toles has as the brothers in Cali would say a “Slauson Shuffle”… I keep thinking of the the kid on the base paths for the Blue!!! Sweet… Oh well, I can hope!!!
    Quas, before I forget a belated b-day to you… I’m playing a lil Leonard Skynard right now in your honor…

  4. FRAZ has dropped a couple of clues: they may carry 6 OF’s, if so there would be a 5 man bench with Utley and Barnes, with Kike and Taylor also able to play IF and Barnes also able to play 2nd and Utley 1st, and Forsythe 3rd. They also said it’s likely they carry 8 RP’s, meaning a 4 man bench. In either scenario the bubble players with options remaining will probably not break camp with the big club. Thompson and Font have shown well so far and it’s way too early to speculate those decisions but it looks like one or the other to me, and both would likely be claimed if DFA’d, perhaps one could be traded instead. Every other player except Banuelos and Solano who are NRI to ST have options remaining and it’s doubtful either would be claimed when they are inevitably DFA’d. Beaty, Muncy and Peters look like solid players to me so far. Rios, Ibandel and Ramos can hit but have to prove they can field. Liberatore, Garcia, Paredes and Sierra will make the BP interesting. I think the depth and quality is pretty impressive this year and also bodes well for the future. A few young starters need to step forward in their development this year because it’s likely the 5 man rotation will have some injuries along the way.

  5. I watched Toles closely today and it looks to me that he is favoring his leg. I think he was limping… it’s didn’t look like he was in pain, but it appeared he was favoring his leg. Just my opinion…

  6. watch him in the 6th inning almost beat out a ground ball to SS, and listen to Joe Davis and Orel talking about how fast he got down the line.

    1. I saw that too, but when he walks he is favoring it. I am not saying he’s injured or anything, but he did not walk like that in the past. Just my opinion…and I am an Andrew Toles fan.

      1. Mark, saw the same thing, runs like the wind walks like he has blisters on his foot. As you mentioned, might be a mental thing that wil pass. The Dodgers are very careful with injured players. While Seager DH again today, I watched carefully and while everyone else played catch he stood around and didn’t throw at all, same as yesterday. Hope he is just resting and nothing more.
        My daughter had a great day today, got autographs from Seager, Turner and Kemp.

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