The Sun Comes Out Today!

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone
The sun came out today
We’re born again, there’s new grass on the field
A-roundin’ third, and headed for home
It’s a brown-eyed handsome man
Anyone can understand the way I feel

Oh, put me in, Coach
‘m ready to play today
Put me in, Coach
I’m ready to play today
Look at me, I can be centerfield

Well, I spent some time in the Mudville Nine
Watchin’ it from the bench
You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Casey struck out
So say hey, Willie
Tell Ty Cobb and Joe DiMaggio
Don’t say it ain’t so
You know the time is now

Got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand-new pair of shoes
You know I think it’s time to give this game a ride
Just to hit the ball and touch ’em all
A moment in the sun
(pop) It’s-a gone
And you can tell that one goodbye!

Dodger Notes:

On the last thread, Hawkeye Dodger brought up an interesting point about whether or not the Dodgers would have signed Logan Forsythe (for about $9 Million)  if they knew then what they know now?  I have wondered the same thing and while we can’t answer that… yet, we can consider the possibilities.  Like Hawkeye, I think Logan will have a solid bounce-back year, if not a career year!  However, if Turner or Seager go down he is solid insurance, he can even play 1B and LF if necessary.

Right now, Logan Forsythe is the Dodgers’ 2B, but I hear Andrew Toles is stringer and more determined and is tearing the cover off the ball.  What if Kemp does well (and I expect him to) and Andrew imposes his will upon this team?  Doc is still giving Taylor infield reps, so it is possible that Toles could start in CF and Taylor could go to 2B.  If Seager goes down, Taylor goes to SS and Forsythe to 2B, and if Turner goes down, Logan goes to 3B.  Then, there is Kike!  This is amazing depth!   Let’s see how it shakes out! I think Matt Kemp and Andrew Toles are both going to be men possessed as they play for a spot on this team.  Even Trayce Thompson is in that category.  This should be fun.  Pu me in, Coach, I’m ready to play!

It’s almost game time!  We are born again!

Are you ready for some baseball?

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  1. Anything can happen. Taylor and Barnes forced Doc to play them more last year. That is what I love about Doc. He gives you a chance to play yourself on or off the team.

  2. Any chance the Dodgers sign Alex Cobb? I heard Kevin Mallar predict the Dodgers would be the favorites to sign him yesterday but I also know he’s dumb as they come. Any thoughts?

  3. Spitballing here, but if Kemp, Joc, Toles and Thompson have a great spring I think it’s possible they trade Forsythe and play CT3 at 2B. Toles to CF and a platoon of Kemp and Joc in LF and maybe a phantom DL for Thompson to start the season.

    Trading Forsythe provides a little salary relief and opens up the possibility of a FA signing for Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn.

    1. I mentioned something similar in the previous thread. Hindsight being 20/20 if those guys are all ready to produce the Dodgers may regret picking up Forsythe’s option. Not because of Forsythe, but just being a numbers game there is a logjam in the OF. However, considering Toles is coming off of an injury and he has at times taken suspect routes it seems like he would be a corner Outfielder. Joc would be more likely to move back to CF at least this season. I’m afraid Toles is going to get squeezed out initially because he still has options. I think he’s the most talented of them all though.

  4. John Fogerty, one of the greats. Born on the bayou brings up some memories. Favorite though is I ain’t no fortunate one, ya’ll.

  5. It’s only the first ST game, but Wilmer Font hasn’t done anything to hurt his chances.

    Nothing better than depth. Don’t know how things are going to play out, but it’s always great to have options, and the flexibility to make deals if the opportunities present themselves.

  6. That’s why Kemp is gonna get a shot at making the team.

    A 2 out, 3 run homer.
    If he can hit, he lengthens the lineup massively, and as MJ has said, gives Cody some protection.
    He should hit 5th behind Cody but before Puig.

    1. Watford

      It is good to hear from you!

      I was watching that today, and I had a feeling, that Kemp was going to hit that one out.

      1. MVP, MVP, MVP or trade him his value will never be higher. He should not hit ahead of Puig but he might pout if he doesn’t.

        1. I”d bat him 6th behind Puig, but really it’s all the same. A good LF will really lengthen our lineup.

  7. I think it will be obviouis who will bat where, but Kemp’s splits are not nearly as extreme as Puig’s were last season.

  8. If Puig and Kemp both hit, I prefer the speedier Puig hitting in front of Kemp. However, if they both hit, then it’s probably six of one and a half dozen of the other.

    I haven’t even considered lineups. Too early I think until final decisions are made. In general I’d like to see lefthanded hitters dispersed throughout the lineup. But if everyone is hitting, you could probably pull the names out of a hat.

  9. Check what Puig’s numbers were, when he hit fifth last year.

    And since Kemp didn’t hit fifth last year, look what Kemp did, hitting fourth.

    And it is even harder to hit fourth.

    Puig is not a better hitter, then Kemp, and that is just the truth.

        1. Not really. As I’ve pointed out before those numbers are skewed by when he was hitting higher in the order against lefties last season. Once the Dodgers moved him there permanently he performed just fine including the NL playoffs where he raked. Kemp has to show that he can get his .OBP at an acceptable level and not flail away at pitches outside the zone like he has the last three years. If he’s a Dodger than I hope he does., but I also prefer the speed and higher .OBP in the 5 hole ahead of Kemp. If Kemp can’t stay in the zone I wouldn’t be afraid to give him the Puig treatment and hit him 8th until he can. I worked for Yasiel.

    1. Puig is not a better hitter than the 2011 Kemp, but he’s a better hitter than Kemp the last 3 years which was HR, K, or a DP. Like someone else said if they’re both hitting it won’t matter other than Kemp will roll into even more DP’s than Puig did last year and that was a lot.

      1. Hawkeye

        You know I love you, but I have a good response for you.

        First, Puig has not played everyday for a full season, in the last three years.

        So your basing everything on what Puig did in one year, but your are holding Kemp responsible, for what he did on two bad teams, with weak lineups.

        Puig has been hitting in a much better line up, then Kemp has, and on a very good team.

        Kemp in the last two years, was on two teams that were not very good, in fact, the Braves are rebuilding.

        It is much harder, hitting in that type of a line up.

        Puig didn’t only hit fifth when he was facing a leftie, and most of Puig’s best numbers, are really when he was hitting eighth.

        And it shouldn’t matter if Puig is hitting against a leftie anyways, because Puig should hit lefties.

        And if you are going to bring up how well Puig hit in the National League Series, you have to also bring up what Puig did in the World Series too.

        Hitting fifth isn’t about speed, it is about hitting with power, and protecting the fourth hitter.

        And it isn’t like Kemp is Agone, when it comes to speed.

        Kemp has more experience then Puig, and a better resume then Puig, when it comes to hitting.

        And Kemp’s numbers, should be a lot better, hitting in this line up, because he did hit pretty well, in two much weaker line ups.

        And hopefully, both Puig and Kemp, will take the ball the other way more, because they both have very good power to the opposite side, and that will help them both, avoid hitting into double plays.

        I really like what I saw from Puig last year, because I was worried about him, at the beginning of the season.

        And I am talking about his total commitment, with Turner Ward.

        And I am really happy that Puig did well last year, but Kemp has some years on Puig, and that makes Kemp a better hitter.

        1. 3/4’s of the season Puig hit 8th vs righties and he was hitting up in the lineup vs lefties until they noticed how poorly he was hitting lefties. Once he was moved there permanently he hit well there including the playoffs. Puig’s numbers weren’t good in the WS, but unlike the kids, he had quality AB’s and wasn’t chasing balls out of the zone. Kemp has to show me that. He’s had zero discipline for the last 3 years. The fact that Kemp has years on Puig means nothing to me. You’re right it isn’t only about speed, but it is about moving the line and I will take the guy who is going to give the quality AB and take a walk if its there. Kemp hasn’t done that for 3 years. Good team or bad team I don’t’ care. Puig had to learn to do it. I hope Kemp does it. We disagree that he hit well the last three years. That’s okay though. I’ll take the 28 HR’s, the higher .oBP, and the speed 5th. Here’s the one thing that is bothering me about his new attitude. I listened to him interviewed and he said that he didn’t understand where the bad attitude and clubhouse cancer stuff came from. It bothers me that he doesn’t know. Especially when he put out an article in the Player’s Tribune telling everyone that he had turned over a new leaf when he was dealt to Atlanta. Hey, I hope he rakes so he either helps the Dodgers win or the can dump his contract.

  10. I see this year as one in which Puig will continue to build on what he did last year. I’d forget about the splits from last year, and how he hit in various spots in the order. I believe that the growth we saw in Puig’s maturity last year will continue into this year.

    If Puig continues to grow, then .300+ and 30-40 HRs would not surprise me, especially with the power in the lineup around him. If the Dodgers remain healthy, then I see a surge in power up and down the lineup.

    It was cold! I have never before been at Camelback when I wished that I had more cloths to put on.
    Kemp,Turner and Forsythe SMOKED their HRs. Kike just made it out. Seiger was robbed by an over the fence catch.
    Turner made a great catch on a pop up behind third near the stands. Bellinger made an error on an easy grounder and a mental error with a man on first,grounder hit to him two steps from first base. Instead of stepping on first and getting the runner in a rundown he threw to second and missed the runner at first. Thompson dropped an easy fly that cost two runs but did have two singles. Kemp had two hits.
    Vendetta, do you recognize the name, pitched right and left handed and got all his batters out.
    Fount looked good in his two innings. They couldn’t catch up to his high heat.
    Verdugo played center and had a long double and smoked one that hit the pitcher who threw him out.
    Locastro had a single and easily stole second.
    Our pitchers all looked good. 13runs, 14 hits, 2 errors.

  12. Clarification”……… Our pitchers all looked good but were hurt by errors. Our batters collected 13 runs on 14 hits. Toles didn’t play but seemed to be favoring his leg in batting practice. Giants tomorrow. Hope it is warmer.

  13. I didn’t even really get the chance to look for where to find a stream for the game today as a friend showed up just to day happy birthday. He’s sort of a high maintenance friend who’d get buttsore if I missed visiting him on his upcoming birthday. Guess it’s what 50 years+ friends are supposed to do. Like Yogi Berra said “you have to go to all your friends funerals or else they won’t go to yours”. I’ll take many more gifts in the way of victories like the one today gratefully even though today’s didn’t count. It did to me- happy birthday to me. CHEERS!!!

  14. The Dodgers vs the White Sox yesterday, baseball is back, but at 4:30 in the morning I’m shoveling 7 inches of snow to get out of my drive and off to the office. Late today, the forecast is calling for another 9 inches, but a planned day of snowmobiling for today and tomorrow will be great.
    Nice to read a box score again, the competition is on.

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